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Re: Day 03 [1230 hrs.] Routine Procedures

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[ Lt. JG Derik Veradin | Sickbay, CMO Office | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
Derik half chuckled, half gasped at the situation. Here they were, making jokes, while Lucan was railing him from behind. He’d never taken something so long, and even though the last little bit didn’t reach make it inside, but he’d held out and every tiny movement was a new sensation, filling much of his body.

Time both flew and stood still as his doctor worked that long organ in and out of him. It was like being impaled and filled with the most pleasant girth at the same time. The poor Trill had no idea which took priority and he didn’t care. He barely felt the hand on his own girth or the one on his hip. The sensations from within his body took over everything.

Just when he thought he couldn’t take any more, Nicander’s thrusts became more urgent. I like a condom of old, Veradin’s body stretched over the entire length as the good doctor tipped over the edge. The flood that came forth felt like fire radiating out from inside him, filling his body with a familiar yet far more intense than usual warmth. Breath heavily labored, he looked down at himself, his own manhood having spilled yet another load. A tattooed hand slipped onto it, causing him to jump a little from how sensitive he was. Warm lips touched his back, again making him jump from the suddenness of the new tingles.

“Pretty sure that was the most intense examination I’ve ever had.” Regaining his composure was a slow process. Eventually he wiggled his hips a little to signal he was ready for the Câroon to pull out.

Veradin felt the Câroon’s pointed phallus slip free from his abused entrance slowly, his ring complaining and singing with the oversensitive sensations. His insides sloshed with the seed deep inside him as he turned around, and to his happy surprise, it didn’t spill all over the deck as soon after Lucan slipped free. He turned around, trying to clench so as to keep as much in as he could. It was less…. than easy.

Dear lord, I feel so empty.

The CONN officer reached out and grabbed the back of the CMO’s head, pulling him into a rough yet passionate kiss. It only lasted a few moments but it was more than enough. Derik stepped around his doctor, moving to where his clothes lay. He started to dress, slowly, letting Lucan enjoy the view for a few extra seconds. He silently prayed that his uniform wouldn’t get soiled before he made it back to his quarters.

“Hate to cut and run Doc, but if we stay locked up in here much longer, your staff is going to talk, and then the whole ship is going to talk.” Derik smiled, showing no malice or insinuation in the comment. “Though your services are definitely going to be required again. I can assure you of that.”

Little did the Trill know that in a few short hours his whole world would be turned upside down.


Re: Day 03 [1230 hrs.] Routine Procedures

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[ Dr. Nicander | CMO Office | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Argyros
Oh, but the kiss was quite welcome, even if vacating the Trill felt regrettable. Most of all, Lucan was pleased that he had not lost control over the situation, and he was able to enjoy himself fully without any fear of lashing out against this lover. It did seem, in the end, that Heather's light had restored him to a point where he actually could control his impulses.

The first joke had been welcome, and Lucan had wrapped his arms low around the man's waist in the immediate aftermath, his tongue finding the helmsman's and teasing it in the warmth shared between their lips. Soon enough, however, Derik Veradin pulled away, and made to dress himself.

His words rang true. Of course. As much as he wished to make the Trill enjoy himself once more, there was hardly any time for further frivolities. It was in the middle of alpha shift, and they had plenty of duties to attend to. The promise the Chief CONN Officer made, however, was more than welcome.

"I believe I can make some time for a house call or two," he replied in a mockery of aloofness, leaning against the edge of the desk in an almost decadent way. He watched the Trill dress and raked a tattooed hand through his own hair, his heart yet to stop beating loudly in his ears. "I will make sure to tell you when I have an opening in my schedule."

Soon, he was due to review the performance of the LHM, and speak with the new Chief Counselor - Ejek - from the Resolve.

Dressing, yes, that might be appropriate...

Though the LMH might not mind, the Cardassian might.


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