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Having the medical knowledge from basic training, hyperventilation was something that Cameron could spot without being part of a medical team. Even in her brief history as counselor she had patients succumb to it as well. Of course, none of her patients were kissed like she did with Jien now. No the trick was simple really, yet performing a kiss of life so to speak to Jien did feel like the right thing to do. Yet instead of breathing in oxygenous air Cameron prevented Ives from getting in more air. By doing so she would nullify the effect of his (pseudo)hyperventilating attack.

She knew Ives had returned from his deep thoughts as he tilted his head and his lips kissed her back. Even more so when he deepened the kiss into her. The yeoman's lips parting to grant him access and her own tongue meeting his halfway as they commenced an old familiar struggle. Her hands softly squeezed in Jien's broad shoulders, signaling him to act or say something that would at least inform her that he was more then okay once more. Her body still rested against his, her modest chest pressed against his mimicked uniform.

It was only when Jien placed his hands against her face that she could tell how cold his fingers were.  A shiver running down her spine as he moved those cold fingers over to her neck and further down her uniform. She wondered where they would stop, yet she didn't need to wait long for that answer. With his hands now resting against her hips and his kissing becoming more clear and intense, she could feel the lower abdominal activity of Jien press against her flat abdomen.

When she felt it more profoundly she broke the kiss by pulling her head back slowly, her nose softly rubbing against his, almost like a lovers mark. Her eyes still closed as she ran her hands down from his shoulders over his chest and down to his abdomen, gently brushing over the tumescence before her hands stopped at his own hips. Her eyes finally opened as she sought out his own "Captain..." she started before she paused and changed her mind "Jien, I have the feeling that you're in dire need of relaxation." she whispered "A work out that would take off physical tension and free your mind of the troubles they are adrift in now. It doesn't need to be long, but it needs to happen before we embark on this mission." she counseled him. "For the  sake of the crew and the mission at hand." she condluded as she raised one hand to cup his face, her fingers and palm warm, not overly warm, yet warmer than his touch was.

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Cameron had caught him, and held Jien in the present. She whispered to him, telling him to shed the pent up tension and free himself from the yoke of command. For sake of crew and mission. For the galaxy as a whole, perhaps, depending on how far the enemy had come in their plans already. She needn't argue her case, however, for as soon as her lips had found his, his thoughts were no longer upon what may have been lost, or what death he might cause. As she kissed him, and touched him, every thought slowly found it's way to her instead.

"I t-think you are right," he managed, hardly recognising his own voice. They had been intimate three times, and again, it was Henshaw who took the initiative. She looked after him, kept him grounded, and he accepted the help she offered. Her warm hand against his face made him look into her eyes, this following how she had touched his hardness - this human reaction he had come to imitate. He lived fully through his two chosen forms, lest he would not have felt alive at all. He recognised her desire to help him, and she foresaw his need for her, so he kissed her anew, and his hands grew more bold, cupping her derriere and lifting her up against his human frame.

He carried her thus, her suspended upon his hands and his hard bulge, with her legs around his waist, until he reached the thick, transparent aluminium window that faced the future. Once there, her back against the cool glass, the familiar progress of shedding her clothes began - the both of them partaking in the process. This time, it was almost a too hurried progress, more so than when her rank pin had ended up in the ceiling in his office. Fuelled by some kind of desperation, her uniform jacket and red undershirt were opened, her bare breasts there for his warm mouth. She tasted like he remembered her from the last time. Smelled the same.

At some point, he had made the decision to make his clothing fade away, and the bare skin of his chest touched her abdomen while his mouth wandered boldly over her body. He did not, however, have the presence of mind to ask Thea to lock the door - too caught in the present.

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Jien acknowledged her words it seemed as he looked back into his eyes. Her brown eyes fixed on his as she felt his hands reach around her before cupping her rear. Her eyes drifted shut once more as their lips met each other and a oft squeal could not be suppressed as Jien lifted her off the ground. She leaned more against him now, her legs closing tightly around his waist to keep her balance as her groin now pressed against his hardness. She opened her eyes once more as Jien started to walk them over to the window. Each and every step allowed for friction between them, his hard bulge rubbing against her heating core.

The cold window felt like pure bliss for Cameron as Jien placed her back against it. Jien seemed to be hurried in his movements as her uniform jacket got opened. The buttons nearly popping out of place and almost being scattered across the room as Jien quickly made his way under the remaining layer of clothing. Her perky breasts were revealed once more to the captain as he greeted them with his warm mouth. A soft moan escaped from Cam's lips as a moan followed. Her hands rushing through his hair as her nipples hardened against the feeling of his lips and tongue.

She wanted to help Jien out of his clothes as well yet only realized his clothing had faded away as she looked down and felt his muscular chest against her abdomen. "Oh..." she mouthed as the lips of Jien ventured further, roaming over her body as her moistened breasts swayed a little while she moved against the window and the man in front of her. Her nipples were rock hard and the heat radiating from her uniform pants indicated that Henshaw was very much open to the interactions of the captain. Underneath the uniform pants hid a heated glistening body part.

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Once he had found his anchor, Jien did not let go. Making his way down Cam's body, Jien opened her uniform trousers for her, and hooked his thumbs behind her waistline. While no time had been shed on pulling off her opened uniform jacket and undershirt, both still hanging loosely and askew from her arms, there was no way around the removal of her lower garments. Crouching down, his face was level with her sex when she was bared to him, the scent of her filling his nose. Since his mouth had already been travelling down her silky nakedness, there was no pause before his tongue parted and slid between her nether lips.

She would see the rippling muscles of his back as he made his sweet invasion - tongue making swirling motions inside her. He lifted one of her legs for sake of better access, letting it rest on one of his broad shoulders. Cam tasted like she'd tasted the first time she invited him to be intimate with her. This time, given how weary he felt and how he'd lashed out in his vertigo of realisation, her healing touch and company had never been more important, and he let her take away the dread and helplessness. The present became more important; a focal point for his mind. And in this present, he realised where they were, pausing only for a moment in his urgency.

"Thea," he murmured, his warm breath against her dewy lips, oaken eyes looking up at her, "lock the doors."

Thea merely chirped in answer, void of any emotional inflection. With the security surveillance system destroyed, Jien was not even sure she knew what the Yeoman and he were up to. Regardless, Jien did not pause for much longer than that, instead resuming his cunnilingus and letting the taste and scent of her permeate his senses. He let her lean against the glass, seeing the lights from the stars stream across her - whisking by outside the subspace warp field. Little time passed before one of his calloused hands ascended her body and cupped a firm breast - palming the hard peak. His other hand stole up her inner thigh, and soon, she would feel his middle finger squirming its way inside her - traversing her depths with kneading motions. When she met his knuckles, his finger was working in tandem with his tongue - now flicking across the pink bean of her clitoris.

With Cam as the focal point, the future and past both seemed irrelevant.

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The way Jien had revealed her body was somewhat hurried as the passion for her seemed raw. Her partly exposed torso being teased by the lips of the Chameloid officer as he made his way further down. Her skin turning into goosebumps against the cold window as her nipples had turned hard indeed. They were poking against the fabric of her undershirt. They were clearly visible for Jien should he look up at them as Cameron's gasps and soft whimpers started to fill the room. A louder gasp was sent through the empty room as Jien had bared her womanhood to him, his mouth level with it and quick enough to dispatch his tongue between her nether regions.

The warm wet muscle invaded her sex easily and with Jiens strong hands raising her lean leg over his shoulder, Cam as in no position to counter or refuse the things her captain did to her. She could feel her arousal growing quickly now as she was stimulated and her body reacted as her sweet nectar started to form and seep into Jien's mouth. Her lower garments were pooled just below Jien as she raised her other leg over his shoulder, straddling it somewhat for a bit more comfort against the cold window. Her hips eagerly pushing up against Jien's face as her eyes rolled shut and the gasps and whimpers turned into low soft moans.

Cam felt her cheeks flush as Jien gave the order to lock the door, the chance of being caught now out of the way as she looked down at him with her brown eyes. The treatment started again and Cameron now moaned louder as it felt so good. Jien soon enough used his hands to add to her pleasure, one hand reaching under her undershirt to palm her bare breast. The other using a finger to invade her, her walls tightening around it as she was drawing near to a climax already. The stimulation of her pink bean only causing her to moan out his name "Jien... Oh... God..." Her fingers traveled through his hair as she tugged at it and bit her lower lip in ecstasy, her lean body grinding against his fingers and face as she felt herself warm up more and more.

Her legs starts to pull together, causing for a more restricted air flow for Jien as she was ever so close. Her nails scraped along his scalp as she moaned out in pleasure and felt her mouth go dry.

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Feeling how Cameron was getting close, Jien had no reason to deny himself the same any longer. He continued only long enough to get both her feet back on the ground until he straightened, meeting her eye before he slanted his lips across hers - kissing her and pressing her against the thick glass screen. His hardness pressed against her abdomen until he ran his calloused hands down to her derriere and lifted her up.... then lowered her down unto himself.

"I a-am sorry..." he said, the words coming out of nowhere, even as he felt himself being encompassed by her - and he gasped at the feeling - he could not stop himself from saying what needed to be said. "I should not h-have... lost control. I shouldn't have... I..."

Words failed him, the apology for how he'd lost control, but even as he failed to articulate himself, he did not stop once he was inside her. Jien was no religious man, but he felt blessed by Henshaw for her reaching out to him in the greatest time of need. As he began the ancient dance, thrusting into her and making them both forget about everything else than the pleasure their actions granted, he tried to show her just how grateful he was for her. Soon, her got her already opened undershirt and jacket off her, and he could feel her body moving against his own, passionately kissing her and her neck as he did. The streaming starlight whisked across their heaving bodies and the overturned table, and while he knew her climax was already imminent, he tried to take as much time as he could accepting the help she was giving him, lasting for more than a minute...

...until he also came. Unlike Changelings, his Chameloid physique was not restricted to being an approximation of an organic, and he'd had a lifetime to become as human as he was in both his Chosen Forms. So, he was certain that the euphoria he felt as he came inside her was the same as humans felt, the warm semen he filled her with being a product of his body just like theirs - like the sweat that had come to bead his brow. He thrust deep and hard into her as the pleasure seared through him, many times after he shed his seed, and he looked into her eyes in the direct aftermath.

He hoped to see her look at him the way she did before his outburt... hoping that she did not think less of him.


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Feeling stability under her feet again Cameron opened her eyes as Jien straightened himself before her. Her body ached for the release and her eyes looked hungrily at his as he slanted a kiss against her lips. She moaned into the kiss, tasting herself which caused her to flush pink while she felt the erection brush against her soft skin. She deepened the kiss when Jien lifted her up and positioned her perfectly to slide onto his girth. Her moans intensifying in his mouth as she felt her slick walls stretch a little by him, taking him deep inside of her.

She heard his apology in bits and pieces as she rested her hands on his shoulders, raking her nails against his skin as she shook her head slowly, she couldn't bring an answer back to him as all she felt was his hardness inside of her. Jien stopped and moved his hips finally as Cameron had writhed and moved her own hips in a circular way while being staked so to speak. Helping her captain remove the final bits of her clothes, her hard nipples and perky breasts now on display as he pushed her against the thick window once more.

Henshaw couldn't take it much longer as Jien filled her with pleasure and delight, the stars whizzing past the window only serving as a reminder where they were. Yet nothing could hold her back now, not anymore. With a loud needy scream Cameron felt herself climax on top of Jiens moving hips. Her walls contracting and urging him to release as well as her body ached for the warm feeling. Not much later she felt the sensation of cum being spewed inside her loins,  her lips forming an Oh as she gasped and moaned joyfully as he unloaded inside of her. Jien continued to ride himself out in her as Cameron felt her body heat up and glow in the after light of the sex.

When Jien looked at her she still had her eyes closed, yet when she opened them up once more, all he could see that all had been forgiven. She had done what she thought was right for her captain and the crew, if she needed to guide him back into the light, than this was he job after all as a Yeoman.


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