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DAY 02: Finding Strength [1800 hrs.]

DAY 02: Finding Strength [1800 hrs.]

[ Mess Hall | Deck 09 ] Attn: All

After yesterdays' memorial service, followed by the onset of the drills that were taking place in the holodecks to prepare the crew for the mission to SB84, the crew of the Theurgy was understandably sombre. Captain Ives noted this as he looked around the mess hall, the time of 1800 hrs. being when the majority of the Alpha-shift chose to dine there. As dire as the times had been for them, they still had a mission, and they would have to work through it. For now, they had to carry on, getting on with the act of living and put their hearts into what might be the last battle they'd had to fight. Stepping out into the seated people, Jien looked around, oaken eyes settling on a few of his junior officers. He had an idea, but he needed some help. "What say we all hit the gymnasium on Deck 07, work up a sweat."

Not exactly an order, the nine junior officers seated at the table would not dare let themselves be shown up by a more senior officer, especially their Commanding Officer. Some of them might already be sore from the drills that Wenn Cinn and Carrigan Trent had put them through, but Jien was pleased when the vast bulk of them decided to join him. He looked around to the others in the mess hall. "What say you? Surely there are more of you ready to join?"

In the end, a lot of people were  trailing in Jien's wake when, and with quiet word to Thea, more people that weren't on duty soon learned what was going on. All too soon, the gymnasium were filled with people, grunting and sweating as they worked out together. Jien was there alongside them, and few spoke, a silent bond of shipborne kinship enabling an almost psychic communication between them. It was as if they all knew that the last few days might be their last, but if they were to die, it would be fighting for what was right - that they were indeed the guiding light that Jien has said they were.

It did not last, that moment, for as Ives watched, he could see that though everyone was working out steadily, their hearts faltered. From memories, or in thoughts of their loved ones on their home planets, he did not know. It was due time, he knew, so he stepped away from the sand bag he was at. He managed to discreetly have a quiet word with Lt. zh'Wann, the Deputy Chief Security officer. She looked at him at first in confusion, then she understood and gave him a wry grin and a nod.

As he returned to the sand bag he watched as zh'Wann spoke with two men from security, and then, only a minute later, the two men choreographed a perfect set of accidents that led to them starting a shouting match. The kind that looked to break out into blows at any moment. Ives stormed across the room in mock anger. "Belay all this!" He then looked around after giving faint smile to the two that had pretended to have an argument. "Seems this could best be settled in the ring!"

When everyone caught on to what was happening, a cry came up from the gym, as by now all had stopped what they were doing to watch the goings on. Someone began to talk to Thea, eager to use the hologrid turn on the 'ring' setting. Ives stopped him. "Never mind all that, we have all we need here. Everyone, grab a sandbag!"

A minute later, two large circles had been constructed in the middle of the gym out of the sandbags. Jien stepped into the closest one, still wearing loose and black gym trousers and a white tanktop since this hardly called for a change into uniform. He turned as he spoke, facing them all. "The usual rules should suffice. After you two are done, I think I will have a round against any challenger. In fact, Deputy zh'wann," he nodded to a nearby Andorian "sign up all challengers, make it a tournament.

Faces which had been sad and sombre an hour earlier were beginning to show life, as all manner of people on his crew raced to sign up, or place wagers on the outcomes. Inside the ring, the two fighters were limbering up and stretching, dropping the pretence since the event had been orchestrated. Stepping past Lieutenant zh'Wann, she gave Jien a nod of approval, and he settled to watch and wait for his first challenger. The Andorian also announced that she'd take any challenger, and whoever was approached first might just as well take the second ring.

Watching, Jien was pleased to have done what he could for crew morale. He would make sure the Beta and Gamma shifts could partake in their own tournaments, and he would try to come up with some kind of prize for the winners.

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[ Eun Sae Ji | Gymnasium | Deck 07 ] Attn: All

Eun Sae was more than a little bit caught off guard when members of her team had come to fetch her from the hangar. To be fair she was just getting off from her shift when they'd shown up but it wasn't every day her co-workers showed up to drag her by the arms to the gym. When they finally arrived she found out why they had been so eager to drag her up here. She felt a hard slap hit right between her shoulder blades "You can do it Ji do some of that awesome kicking stuff you do on the holo-deck!" He heard from one of the deck crew. Eun Sae was about to refuse but one look at the others who had accompanied them managed to persuade her. She could see the excitement shining in their eyes and part of her couldn't bear to extinguish that excitement by refusing.

"Fine...But don't be all dissapointed when I lose in the 1st round." Eun Sae muttered rubbing the back of her neck. She wished she'd at least had a moment to change into something a bit more fitting for the occasion. She sighed before unzipping the front of her jumpsuit slipping her arms from the sleeves and winding the sleeves around her waist through the belt loops turning it into a makeshift belt before tying it into a knot. Before she could move to even sign up one of her companions broke from the group to inform Deputy Chief zh'Wann that Eun Sae would be participating in the tournament. "I don't get why you guys are so hyped up for this..." Eun Sae muttered blushing faintly as a few of the more overzealous members of her group began to cheer her on even before she'd even begun to participate.

Eun Sae looked between the two possible choices for her first opponent the 1st was the Captain himself Jien Ives, The second was Deputy Security Chief zh'Wann. From what she knew both of them were seasoned fighters. "Here goes..." Eun Sae muttered as she removed her boots and socks and set them aside before approaching Captain Ives. She took a deep breath through her nose and let it out through her mouth. "Captain I'd like to challenge you to a match." Eun Sae said. Did Eun Sae think she could win? Not really but that didn't mean she wasn't going to not try at her choice in first opponent she heard a few whoops of excitement from her companions causing her cheeks to flush once more. "Do you accept sir?" Eun Sae asked.


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Standing with his arms crossed, Jien watched the development of the tournament from where he stood - so far the only match being between the two enisted that Ida had asked to help out in instigating the sparring contest.

Before the spar came to an end, Jien noticed how a woman of Asian heritage - much like his own two Chosen Forms - stepped up to him. He smiled faintly and turned to face her, and she offered her challenge to a spar in a very respectful way. He inclined his head to her, almost as if bowing to her, before he spoke. He knew her, of course, since she had been with them since the onset of the Valkyrie program, well before the entire crew became outlaws. "I accept your challenge, Petty Officer Ji. Let's use the second ring."

Moving there, the crowd cheered when they saw that a second fight would begin, and that it was the Captain that would be fighting a challenger. Jien had, admittedly, not as good a grasp on the hearsay about fighting prowess, but he had come to understand that Petty Officer Ji was a fighter, and that the challenge was an earnest one. Turning to face her, Jien rolled his shoulders and let his morphogenic matrix prepare him for the battle - increasing the blood-flow in his veins and limbering up his musculature. A subtle change of his form that wasn't visible to the naked eye, unless someone wad directing a medical tricorder towards him. He spoke to her, and did so while spreading his fingers, another change to his form at first making his hands tied in white cloth, and then fitted with slim Starfleet issue boxing gloves. His bare feet became similarly bedecked by slim padding.

"I have heard about your feats during the battle," he told her, his friendly yet faint smile remaining, "and I know that it was thanks to you that the Lone Wolves could launch in time. You have my personal gratitude, for stepping up to the task when needed. It is with officers like you that I believe we have a chance to accomplish our mission."

While he spoke, Ida had fetched fighting gear for Eun Sae and she threw it out into the ring one piece at the time so that the Petty Officer could get ready. Once both combatants were all set, Ida blew the whistle that she had brought with the events fighting gear. The first signal was for preparation, and then, she blew it a second time, and the spar began. Jien began to circle Eun Sae, letting her deal the preliminary strikes first.

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Eun Sae smiled as Jien accepted her challenge and followed him to the second ring moving to her side. Standing at her side of the ring were various members of the deck crew who apparently had pushed their way to the front of the crowd to cheer her on. She began to warm up performing a few stretches to warm up and limber up her muscles. As Jien spoke to her she looked up toward him as she continued to stretch. She gave the man a warm smile as she finally straightened up. "I just did my job Captain that's all." Eun Sae said rubbing the back of her neck refraining.

As Ives spoke Deputy Security Chief zh'Wann began toss protective fighting gear into the ring consisting of a pair of padded Starfleet issue boxing gloves along with shin and guards for her feet. As each piece came Eun Sae put it on making sure everything was properly fitted before the Ida blew the whistle. As the first whistle blew brought brought her feet apart raising her fists up to level with her shoulders. As the second whistle blew she matched Jien's movements keeping a sharp eye on his movements as she was sure he was doing the same to her.

As they continued to circle one another Eun Sae bit her lip debating on if she should wait for Jien to make the first move or go on the offensive. The choice was made quickly as Eun Sae moving forward toward Jien taking swift short steps keeping her feet close to the ground before quickly firing off three rapid side kicks from her leading foot towards the left side of her opponent's rib cage.

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Watching the Petty Officer, Jien was prepared for her when she closed the distance with a series of quick steps. With his rear foot leading, he stepped away from the direction of her mid-level kicks, bringing up both his forearms to block the consecutive attacks.

And as the last one was issued against his guard, he made his own move. The counter was as simple as it was tough to deal with unless you saw it coming. With his guard raised and facing Ji's kicks, he stepped in, putting his foot behind the foot she still had planted on the floor, and he dealt an open hand strike against her midriff. Either it would drive the air out of her lungs, or he would sent her falling - or rolling - away from him. Either that, or she had a counter in store for him in case he got up close to her. With his experience and quick feet, it was a calculated risk, but not so much calculated as it was fighter instinct. The thoughtless kind of decision derived from decades of practice.

If he would get her on her back, he would be a gentleman and let her get up again. Then, he would take the initiative, and he would come at her with with a series of left and right hooks, followed by changing his form to his smaller one... and she would seamlessly crouch down to sweep Ji's legs out with her leg.

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Each of Eun Sae's kicks were stopped by the wall that her opponent had put up and before she had time to think the man had stepped in closer into her guard. She quickly brought her leading foot back down behind her planted one and struck out with her forearm batting away the opened palmed strike at her center of gravity. Rather than retreating Eun Sae's hands shot out her palms striking out at Jien's solar plexus to hopefully knock him back to create some breathing space for herself.

If successful she'd quickly attempt to capitalize on her brief moment to get her bearings and once more set out on another offensive shifting into a standard Taekwondo Beom Seogi stance keeping the knee of her leading leg bent with the heel of her leading foot off the ground before sending another volley of kicks toward Jien's right side each kick rising with each possible impact starting at the knee up to his side and finally rising to strike at his shoulder.

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The Petty Officer was quick, and she managed to maintain her balance and defend herself against his strike, her counter being a two-handed strike meant to gain her some breathing-space and solidly re-establish her balance again. Jien grunted and absorbed the attack against his torso by willingly stepping backwards, not taking the brunt of the force, and then he reasserted his guard stance - two open hands poised for interception and assault.

Next, Ji was right at it again, her fighting style of kicks becoming more and more plain. A series of attacks, powerful and perfectly dealt, came at him from his right side. In order to lessen the blows, he circled around her as he blocked the strikes with his crossed forearms or by raising his chin - deflecting it with his leg and trying to keep his balance doing so. He bided his time on the defensive until the altitude of her attacks increased, which was when she was the most unbalanced if her centre of gravity was challenged. His forearms were hurting a bit despite the padding, but in the end, it was his turn.

When the kick at the height of his shoulder came, he changed... to her female form, and she ducked a little to make the kick pass by above her head. When one delivered an attack, it was not meant to strike the surface of the target area, but a point well beyond it, which was the very momentum that might make Eun Sae's side and perhaps even her back exposed. Jien's female form was quicker too, if not as powerful, so she struck like a viper against the opening. A kick straight into the bend of the Petty Officer's knee while she only had one foot on the floor, followed by a left and a right hook into her ribcage. Those two strikes might just hit Eun Sae in the head if she went down on one knee from Jien's kick. If she could follow through, the third swing was meant to floor her - a piercing cry dealt with the strike.

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Once more Eun Sae felt each of her strikes land against the solid guard of her opponent. The last kick however hit nothing but air flying over Jien's head the moment she felt her kick go wide her eyes widened. She quickly moved as quickly as possible to bring her kicking leg back down but a quick kick straight to the back of her knee brought her down to one knee. One fist landed her right in the cheek snapping her head to the left she brought her arms up quickly and felt another punch crash into her forearm. Even through the padding designed to protect her she felt the force of the hit hard.

She quickly snapped back to her feet stumbling a few steps back regaining her footing and bringing a hand up to rub her cheek opening her mouth to move her jaw a bit to ensure it was still set properly. "C'mon Ji get in there!!" One of the members of her team called from the sidelines. Eun Sae took a deep breath before retaking her stance wincing as she felt a slight pain in her knee. She chose to ignore it however as she once more rushed forward wasting no time in launching forward into another assault raising her knee and quickly firing off a combo of fast paced kicks the first kick aimed at Jien's knee her leg bending slightly before snapping forward again the strike out again at her opponent's chest before planting her leading foot back onto the ground and moving her body into a side stance before bringing her back leg up and rotating her body and launching a spinning back heel kick at the side of Jien's head.

As soon as the combo was finished she would revert back to a forward stance her fists raised to defend herself.

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[Nathaniel "Maverick" Isley | Gymnasium | Deck 07 ] Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann,

To say that Nathan needed a work out was an understatement, so when Thea had informed him about something going down in the gymnasium and that those off duty would be welcome to join he was more then excited. It hadn't been a long time since he had been involved in a fist fight, but it had been a much needed thing to get into.

Entering the gymnasium he swallowed slightly feeling the excitement of the crowd as he watched Ives enter into a match with Eun Sae, and she wasn't doing that badly from what he could see. It brought back one small and happy memory that was rather amusing, especially when her body shifted to the female form. It was a little hard to keep up with pronouns that Nathan should use with the captain.

Stepping up to the ring of sandbags it seems Ida had yet to have a challenger of her own. The andorian was still taking notes for people to set up their own fights. "I'll take you on Ida, stop writing down names, and step into the ring." He said stepping forward. After all the somberness that had taken place over the last two days, with the ceremonies and everything else he was feeling the emotional fatigue if nothing else a match like this would help to clear his head.

Really how hard could Ida hit? It wasn't that she was a woman it was more that he had full confidence in his half Vulcan blood. And compared to his strength that of an Andorran? well actually he was more than excited to see how her strength would hold up. Deputy security cheif wasn't a rank they just handed out after all.

"Don't worry I will try and scale back my strength for you." He said giving her a bit of a cocky grin as he stepped into the ring. He doubted that he would be able to live up to that kind of boast, he would probably need of all of his strength for this fight.

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[ Starboard Sparring Ring ] Attn: RosariaRosette

Jien quickly raked back her dark hair from her face when her opponent retreated. She showed good form by not exploiting the moment of pursuing Ji, her recovering after she sustained a hit to her face. The spar had more or less just begun after all. Focused, Jien kept her female form and waited for the Petty Officer to stand ready. She had meant to take the incentive and launch into a combo of her own, but the determined Petty Officer stole that incentive from Jien without batting an eye.

Eun Sae was already closing the distance, and Jien entered a defensive stance - oaken eyes locked on the opponent. The first kick came low, so Jien changed her leading foot by stepping sideways with her rear foot - avoiding the kick. Yet the second one seamlessly followed the first, and Jien had not moved far enough. Eun Sae's straight kick struck solidly into the Captain's abdomen, and the minor way in which she managed to compensate for the blow was to step backwards as quickly as she could and with as much balance and focus as she could muster - breath all but lost to her. Jien detected the high spinning kick through her experience-gained deduction rather than actually seeing it come at her with her eyes until it was already on it's way.

She was too late to mirror the spinning motion and crouching down, sweeping out Ji's leg from underneath her mid-spin. Instead, Jien ducked low again, and let the kick pass by overhead, then she changed... into his male form. And with the power and momentum of his larger bodily frame and snap of his hip, Jien gave the Petty officer a jab with his left, to the face, to disorient her. Then, he followed through with body blow with his read fist, dealt against her ribcage. Lastly, he stepped forward with his rear foot and with the step, he sought to ram a straight kick into her torso and send her off her feet.

[ Outside the Ring > Port Sparring Ring ] Attn: Kaligos

When one of the Lone Wolves spoke to her, the Junior Lieutenant pinkskin named Isley, Ida looked up just as her antennae rose in acknowledgement. He was very informal with her, boldly telling her what to do, which was something she noted but did not act upon since they were off duty. The pinkskin had transferred aboard the ship before they fled Earth, and since then, he seemed to have have made somewhat of a name for himself. His efforts during the Niga Incident had earned him an award, and even if she had no recollection of what had happened between them, Ida knew the rumours about him boarding the Yacht and taking it from her while she was infected with the Niga virus. She knew not what had happened besides the Chief CONN Officer - Lawrence O. Lance - died from a phaser rifle cutting off this leg, and the report had stated 'self-defence' and 'accident'. She could not remember anything about it, much less what she and Lance had been doing on the Yacht.

Then again... there had been this dream a couple of weeks back, where Isley had figured...

Frowning, she could not bring it to mind, and the pinkskin was already heading for the ring. Ida gave her PADD to one of the present security guards and he resumed what Ida had been doing seamlessly. Picking up two sets of the protective gear, Ida tossed one set to the halfblood Vulcan, then calmly began to bind her blue, calloused hands. The comment from the man made Ida chuckle confidently.

"You do whatever you want to, pinkskin," she said and her antennae were angled forth like twin snakes ready to strike. Her faint smile did, however, lessen the edge to her words. "I will certainly not be pulling any punches."

Dressed in black gym shorts and a white tank top, Ida raised her guard after the issued gloves and shin-guards were on. The security guard blew the whistle, and the moments stretched out before the second signal came. When it did, Ida advanced against Isley with her fists raised, and then launched into a combination of successive strikes. Five rapid attacks, three with her fists and two kicks to finish him off. This was, of course, unless he countered her mid-way, which would force her to adapt.

Still, as the fight ensued, she could not quite remember the dream...

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[Nathaniel "Maverick" Isley | Port Sparing Ring] Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann,

Nathan put up his guard as soon as the whistle was blown to mark the start of a match, twisting under the first blow he brought his forearm up to test the andorian's strength. If he were a pure human it would have hurt a lot more then it did, but even his half Vulcan side didn't really absorb all the damage. He slid back on his feet slightly with her first blow and rolled into the second.

Isley was wearing a black muscle shirt, and boxing shorts. the only form of actual protective gear were combat gloves, and shin guard that were handed out to contestants. He had been wearing slippers, but had taken them off on stepping into the ring his bare feet allowing him to hold ground against the smooth gymnasium floor.

As the Andorian made her first kick he made his move. His left arm wrapping around her knee and locking it against his side absorbing some of the damage and holding her into place as he allowed himself to pull closer and throw his full power and weight into Ida. His right arm braced against her stomach so as he threw himself to the ground he would attempt to land the majority of his weight against her gut hopefully winding while throwing them both to the ground.

Once she hit the ground he would simply try to roll off of her and get to his feet as quickly as possible not going for any kind of pin just yet. He wanted to pay Ida back for how she had held him at gunpoint during the outbreak even if she did not remember doing so. Than again... he had seen Ida nude, and she wasn't bad looking at all. Those are not thoughts that will help you win here.


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[  ThanIda  zh'Wann | Port Sparring Ring ] Attn: Kaligos

The Lone-Wolf appeared to be a well-rounded fighter judging by both his physique and his technique, able to defend himself as he was when she unleashed her barrage of attacks.

He blocked or evaded Ida's strikes until she meant to kick him in the ribs, where he instead seized her and tried to break her balance - meaning to bring her down to a prone position. Instinct bred from experience made her realise that he was about to land on top of her, so she twisted with the fall, and like he pushed her, she pushed him at the shoulder to turn them around in the fall. It made them both fall on their side, driving a grunt out of her throat, but Ida got up on her knees as quickly as possible since she expected the spar to develop into grappling - her teachings in Hleshvalath at the forefront of her mind

Yet the Lone-Wolf was retreating... and that was when it happened. Something about the way he rolled and get back on his feet sprung a memory out of her antidote-induced oblivion. Something she had seen before. She could not quite grasp the moment, but she remembered what had led up to it.

The bold jests that Ida had traded with Lt. Lance on the way to the yacht had turned into full-throttle intercourse as soon as they had entered the small bridge of the Captain's Yacht. Ida was riding the Chief CONN Officer with complete abandon, scratching the Pinkskin's chest with her nails and tossing her white hair back and forth. Her breasts heaved and her sweat glistened in the artificial light. She pleaded for more and gave him everything he desired in return. She knew she ought to have set the yacht in motion by then but could not help herself when the Lieutenant had insisted upon tasting her Andodrian sex anew.

Thus, she rode him until they came together, and she felt his cum dribble out between their joined bodies. Only then did she rise and stretch, and Lt. Lance seated himself by the controls - leaning his assault rifle against the pilot's chair before powering up the vessel. "Initiating full system analysis," he said in an almost drugged state of mind while Ida lazily strolled the small deck, "Short-range comm system fully operational. Dampeners and structural integrity field are online... so are shields and sensors. Weapons and navigational systems are fully operational. Take-off procedures completed... all systems online and functioning properly."

"Take us off," said Ida with a content smile, raising her phaser pistol to cool her forehead with the metal - the lovemaking still having her heart flutter. Yet suddenly, her antennae rose, and as sensitive as they were, they had picked up on something inside the craft... the hiss of sliding doors in another compartment so faint in the humm of the engines.

"Docking latches released... Wait..." the Chief CONN Officer frowned with an amused smile, "The internal sensors says there is someone else on board. Should I still take off?"

Ida raised her phaser with a playful smile - pointing it towards the rear of the compartments with her other hand on her cocked hip. "I noticed.. and yes, detach and take us away." She tilted her chin back a little and spoke up. "Hey! Whoever you are, step forward and show yourself! I want to see hands without any phaser in them."

Remaining where she stood - with her back to the front window and phaser raised - Ida let Lt. Lance take them out of Niga's orbit.

Blinking, Ida remembered it, but she was experienced enough to overcome momentary distraction. She was on her feet, facing Nathaniel Isley again, just like she had come face to face with him on the Captain's Yacht. With the memory, she hoped nothing more would come to mind, since she did not need to recall that incident. Her actions still haunted her enough every day with its inherent shame, even if she couldn't remember what she had done. She had heard enough about it afterwards.

Baring her teeth, she closed the distance again. She led her advance with a left hook followed by a right uppercut, which she meant to lead into a straight kick to his solar plexus. She was keen to finish the fight, and avoid letting the pinkskin remind her about the Niga Incident.

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[Nathaniel "Maverick" Isley | Port Sparing Ring] Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann,

Nathan didn't want to enter an extended grapple with Ida, fearing that her training as a security officer would lead to a much faster loss on his side. Keeping himself in neutral was the better way to fight as it allowed him to respond to her blows. His own training told him that it was better to respond, and not be too aggressive that was the way with Vulcan martial arts, always trying to dictate the terms of combat on logical grounds, but as of late he had found that center to be much more difficult to grasp.

As Ida moved to get up he was brought back to the last time they had fought inside the captains yacht, but had to shake off those feelings. He had already dealt with the fact that he had.. well okay maybe he hadn't dealt with the fact that he had killed Lance, even if it was the only way out of that situation he hated the fact that he had to result to using a weapon. For now his mind had to stay focused on the Andorian and it wasn't like she wasn't giving him plenty to work with.

Nathan swiveled on his heels twisting his entire body to avoid her uppercut, and snapped himself back into position by bringing about a powerful open palm jab towards her own sternum now that she had closed the distance, he stepped in closer cutting off her attempt at a kick by getting into her personal space and putting his left side in front of her. He had her where he wanted her and this time he wasn't going to let her leave so easily.

With his left side braced towards her he once again through his weight into his right side for a powerful punch this time aimed at the deputy security chief's face.

The close quarter combat brought with it a moment where he was able to gather some of her scent, the smell of sweat and gymnasium, bringing him back to an uncomfortable realization that none of the Niga incident would have happened if he hadn't been the one to break flight formation with the wolves in the first place.

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[  ThanIda  zh'Wann | Port Sparring Ring ] Attn: Kaligos

Instinct ruled her in the exchange of blows, and Ida saw the large frame of the pinkskin snap back to deliver a blow right in the wake of her rising strike. There was virtually no time for high-level thinking, just the first idea coming to her that dictated her response.

She chose to dig in her heel, and in-part absorb the blow while she turned her torso and deflected with her lower arm. Her Andorian physique was compartmentalised and protected her from the worst of the blow, even if she knew the Lone-Wolf had Vulcan blood. Still, while she had braced herself from the bite, the impact was harder than anticipated. She did not weigh enough, and the turning motion of her torso got out of hand. She stumbled a couple of steps. Next she knew, a heavy strike came for her face.

The clarity of that moment of imminent pain, mixed with the scent of his close proximity, it triggered the very things she wanted to keep out of her mind.

When the stowaway revealed himself in the doorway to the yacht's bridge, Ida could not help the chuckle that escaped her lips.

"Oh, Mr. Isley... We really must stop seeing each other like this," she said to the pinkskin, biting her lower lip a little while appraising him for the second time at gunpoint that day. She noted places of possibly hidden or tucked away weapons and the bulging pockets filled with the crude syringes she had been shown through Thea's eyes during the Staff Meeting, but most of all, she noticed the fine contours of his uniform, and remembered what he had looked without it - his body so appealing without even getting the fine benefits that their blessing held in store for him.

"Were you feeling lonely and decided to take up my offer after all? There was not too many left of you was it?" She took a step forward but remembered how he had tricked her last; how she had woken up with sexual frustration and a sore neck. She raised her phaser an inch again, remaining where she stood - the vista of space turning with the motion of the yacht. Her profession still showed through the light haze of her primal hunger. "Step forward, away from the door frame, then turn around a full turn so that I can see what you have tucked behind the hem of your trousers. Then, you will put down and kick your weapons and all of your nasty little syringes to the right side of the bridge."

While having her phaser trained at him, she could not help running her fingers over her breasts while she spoke, the complete control over the situation turning her on. Her fingers skimmed across her nipples and then down her flat abdomen and into the folds of her sex. She stroked herself slowly as she continued her list of demands.

"Then... you will remove your clothing for me, one garment at the time, and this time, I will let Mr. Lance here cuff your quick little hands behind your back. Only then will I be able to give you a proper welcome aboard..."

The strike passed over her antennae, and afterwards, she would not remember the minute decision being made. She was already underway with it. Using the force of Isley's strike against him, and using the turn he had sent her into, she crouched down and seized his extended wrist with both her hands in an iron grip, and as she let out a ferocious cry, she threw him across her shoulder.

Having his body momentarily pressed up against her back did not help the situation at all, a sick mix of revulsion about her actions and yet the effect of those infected ideas threatening to impede her fighting prowess, but she would not allow it to. No, never.

She left the Lone-Wolf no breathing room, stepping after him and brutally kicking him sideways, hopefully even before he was anywhere close to back on his feet. Her ferocity was the expression of her irritation about what he represented for her.

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[Nathaniel "Maverick" Isley | Port Sparing Ring] Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann,

Nathan made a sound akin to a squeak as he registered he error he had made in missing Ida's face and registered the fact that he was being picked up a moment too late to actually react to it. The best thing he managed to do was coushin his fall as he thrown twisting around in the air trying to land on his side, but in doing so he had opened his stomach to the oncoming kick which he hadn't predicted.

His body was hit hard, and he was thrown towards the edge of the ring. Ida's foot catching him before he had even hit the ground causing him to roll across the ground after the kick. He struggled to breath as his hand went to his stomach registering the pain as he was shaken, but not defeated. He scrambled back up to his feet for a second time though time he had certainly taken some damage. He was staggered and his breath was slow as he recovered his head spinning from the kick to his gut.

Still he wasn't down or out of the ring just yet. He rotated his shoulders for a moment trying to get his wind back as he looked at the deputy security chief. As he watched her he was starting to notice her fury and how it was directed. She was overtly emotional, and he decided that he was going to do his best to draw that out in her.

"What's the matter?" He was still slightly winded from the kick as he spoke. "You look like your attention is on something else?" He smiled for a moment as he was finally able to gather his legs and wits about him.

"Trying to day dream about me? Envisioning me without my clothing again? Trying to wonder how I beat your ass before?" As he spoke he rushed in against her, wanting to get in close, wanting to make her mess up, this time he was on the offensive and attempted to deliver a flurry of strikes against her. aiming for her sides with his fists he went in for a quick succession of jabs to her stomach with the full intention of making each blow as quick and powerful as possible finishing off the flurry of blows would be a quick kick to her lower left shin, wanting to knock her off of her feet or make her kneel before him.

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[ ThanIda  zh'Wann | Port Sparring Ring ] Attn: Kaligos

Her knuckles white at her sides, Ida stalked her half of the ring while she let Isley get back on his feet. Her tactic had worked, the crowd had drawn its collective breath as if they felt the Lone-Wolf's pain, and she had expected him to surrender the sparring match to her. She was mistaken, however, for as the cheers of the crew built around the ring, Isley raised his guard anew. His words to her were private, and did not reach the onlookers because of the noise they made.

The damn pinkskin was trying to get under her skin, and even if she knew this, Ida bared her teeth at him when he brought up the Niga Incident. He had no right, and worst of it was that he was undermining her resolve by tearing the stitches of her wounds from that day - making her bleed after spending weeks to try and put it all behind her. She hated him for it. He had no idea what she had been through. The shame of betraying the very crew she had sworn to protect, and to earn their scorn and hate when she had been the victim of that virus. She had been raped down on that planet, by a damn plant. The humiliation of the whole thing was arguably worse than the violation itself.

"I don't know what you are babbling about, pinkskin," she said in a low, dangerous voice, and she leaned on the well-known fact that the victims of the Niga flora did not remember their times under its influence. She raised her guard in answer to his pending attack. "Yet I dare you spit salt in my wounds."

No more had she said it than he had closed the distance, and his proximity intruded the memories upon her again, just when the first strike landed against her side.

Lance was dead and the Yacht had been ordered to attack Wolf-03. Isley's hands were bound before him but he was still holding his own in the fight. Having been pushed back, Ida rebounded against the controls with a sexually frustrated groan. Undeterred, Ida set after the man - catching up to him just as he grabbed something tube-like from the deck plates. A syringe that held the antidote.

With a laugh, Ida stomped upon the out-stretched hand with her foot. Had she been wearing boots, she would have fractured the hand, but as it was, it only broke the syringe inside Nathaniel's hand - stinging him with the ruptured thin metal alloy and glass shards. She would have followed up with grabbing the wrist of the aforementioned hand and seated herself on his face - rubbing her wet sex over his face...

...yet that was the time when Kestrel's photon torpedoes connected with the Captain's Yacht. Once, then twice.

Not only was Ida thrown completely off Isley, the limp body of Lt. Lance was cast up unto the control panel, but everything not nailed to the deck was thrown into the air. The noise of the buckled hull screamed, the sound so much more frightening when sensed through Ida's antennae. The computer's voice rose over the din of the fizzling plasma conduits. [Shields at 3%,] said the apathetic voice, while Ida bumped her head against... the ceiling? The intercom chirped again. [Warning: Artificial gravity generator damaged. Graviton stabilizer off-line. Artificial gravity currently at 0 %.]

Yet that was not enough. Not only had Ida got her easy cruise together with Lt. Lance ruined by a stowaway, she had been forced to fight when all she wanted to do was fuck. No, Wolf-03 was smiting her yacht with phaser fire too, and as the sparks and smoke flared inside the Allegiant, the computer added, [Warning: Shields at 0 %. Warp Core breach imminent. Ejection system off-line. Abandon ship.]

What could Ida do at that point but to laugh at it all? It was all so hilarious. In zero-gravity, she laughed with her white hair streaming around her head like medusa's snakes. Her blue eyes were upon Nathaniel Isley, determined to get what she wanted from him before she was done for. All that mattered was her hunger for him at that point - to feel a cock inside herself one last time.

"Pinkskin," she said, and pushed away from the ceiling in order to slowly - sensually - drift towards him. The loss of gravity had turned the tables. Strength only got you so far without gravity to place weight behind each blow. "Why not celebrate before we die? Come here... Let me help you out of those clothes... I can see how hard you are."

Ida growled while she fought to deflect the blows Isley was dealing unto her raised guard. He had no right to remind her about her failure as a security officer, as a soldier fighting to protect the crew. She parried as best as she could. She was jarred by two more hits against her well-protected torso - her endoskeleton absorbing the padded blows even if it would bruise her. She could taste her blue blood in her mouth. Shortness of breath. Tunnel vision. Her antennae compensated where her eyes failed to see, and she sensed the low kick when it came for shin.

She slid back on her rear foot, placed her whole body weight there and raised the leg Isley had meant to kick out from underneath her. Instead, she dealt a kick straight into Isley's powerful frame - sent into him just when his kick was supposed to have hit her leg. Hoping that the power of her attack would unbalance him, since he was only standing on one foot while he tried to kick her, Ida followed through by stepping after his stumbling path.

The strike fell down unto his head at an angle, and then she reversed the path - dealing him a rising backhand blow and crying out forcefully in part defiance... and in part release of energy with when executing the attack.

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[Nathaniel "Maverick" Isley | Port Sparing Ring] Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann,

Nathan winced as the first blow caused him to drop to a knee. His foot sliding out from under him as she kicked him. His own leg managing to catch himself but only after he dropped down to a disadvantage. Wincing in pain as he had underestimated the andorian's strength and had managed to piss her off. He was no longer sure if that second part was a good thing.

As her second blow reigned down his arms moved up instinctively using his forearm to block the blow to his head. He grunted as he felt the strike burrow in against his forarm. He was going to have bruises for this, but as she came back with her third strike this time he was able to stop her by grabbing her wrist as she went with a back hand towards his face. He breathed for a moment catching himself as he looked up at ThanIda. "I will spit whatever I damn well please."

"Anyone ever tell you that you are hot when you are angry." In for a penny in for a pound. Isley had already decided that he was going to provoke Ida, and he wasn't going to back down just because it was working. If anything he understood the pain that he was using against her. While he had never been infected during the Niga incident he had most certainly been affected by it, and with all the things that had happened after that, he more than understood the thought of regret, pain and anger.

"You know I kinda regret not taking you up on your offers back in the shuttle." As he spoke he simultaneously pulled down on Ida's arm while also using that momentum to get himself back on her feet, though he could feel the damage that was being done to his body. Ida hit like a tank, and he wasn't sure how much more he was going to be able to take as he jumped up.

He brought his elbow down on Ida's back attempting to knock her down to the ground as he rose upwards. But even as he stood he struggled to keep his feet her kick to his stomach showing that it had done more damage than previous thought. "Maybe after I kick your ass again." He wiped green blood from his lips and managed to regain a firm placing on the ground.

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[ ThanIda  zh'Wann | Port Sparring Ring ] Attn: Kaligos

Even the crowd would have seen Ida's eyes go wide in indignant fury when Junior Lieutenant Isley caught her wrist and complimented her, uttering damn lie - obviously - about how she was compelling to him. She meant to cut him with her sharp tongue in reply, but then he said... He bespoke what had happened on the Yacht, and her words escaped her - the memories coming to life out of the oblivion.

Ida had succeeded in beating him to the manual ejection system.

[Warning: Warp Core breach in one minute.]

"Get down here," Ida said to Isley where she floated by the only control panel that would release the core, "or I will not insert the command." With the imminent breach, they had reached an accord to manually release the clamps together, and her terms had been that he would give in... that he would remove his clothes first, and that he would have sex with her afterwards. Looking at the naked pinkskin pilot through eyes slitted with pleasure, she was fondling her voluptuous body in the pulsing red light. She watch him knowingly. She had him now. She waited for his move - her free hand clear off the input commands in the control panel behind her.

"Come here, stick that thing inside me..." Weightless, the blossoming detonations in conduits all around them forced her to pause. She moaned and bucked her hips, all the more excited by the danger. She turned her back to him, arching her back to let him see where to put it. "...and we'll release the core together..."

[Warning: Warp Core breach in forty seconds.]

Pushing off, he finally worked his way down to Ida, and soon he was pressing up against her from behind. Ida felt his hands upon her, caressing her hip from behind. Weightless, with her hands upon the emergency control, Ida leaned her head back against his shoulder, her body melting against his - eyes fluttering. She wanted more of him. She raised an arm to grasp the back of his neck - to have his breath close.  He brought one of his hands to her face, his fingers extended for her to suck on them.  And she did, as if she had his cock in his mouth.

Her breathing overrode the noise of the damaged speakers on the Bridge - the static scramble of a plea from Wolf-03's. She did not make out the words from that distance, not under those circumstances. Her other hand also left the control panel, forgetting the ejection of the core, and she reached low - around his lower back - keeping his lower body against her own with fingernails digging into his buttocks. Her spread legs worked to ensnare his, and when she undulated her hips in response to his presence, she felt his hardness...

The memory might just have imbalanced her more than both his words and the brutal tug on her outstretched arm. Just barely she was able to keep her footing even if she was bent over, just like she had bent over the control panel. Her attacks might have gotten the better of him, but the memories he had triggered and brought to the surface made just as much difference for her. Unchallenged, he was able to drive his elbow down into her back, and she was knocked straight down into the floor.

[Warning: Warp Core breach in twenty seconds.]

...she felt his rigid length between her legs. It had yet to visit her aching and wet sex - the top-side of the length nestled between her hungry nether lips. With hands reaching backwards to keep the fighter pilot against her body, with her mouth open and tongue licking his fingers, she rocked her weightless hips along his length - the elusive yet so wonderful head slithering along her heated crevice. Their sweat mixed between their moving bodies, and Ida's muscles flexed as she moved against him - entry so imminent she could imagine the feeling already. All she had to do was lean forward a little... arc her back just so... and he would traverse her sheath inch by inch in that blissful first thrust.

At that moment, the lights in the Warp Core compartment died, then flickered to life again. The emergency batteries had kicked in. There was an odd metallic taste in her mouth, yet she reckoned it was from the hazardous environment they were about to have sex in.

[Warning: Warp Core breach in fifteen seconds.]

It was hard to keep focused, and she bit into the pilot's finger - tongue stroking it. Fifteen seconds? A part of her screamed for Mr. Isley's cock a that point, but raw self-preservation made its voice heard. Moaning hard, Ida released the back of the pilot's head and bent forward - fingertips sliding across the touch screen''s surface. Leaning forward as she did, Isley's next thrust would easily slip inside her, and she managed to power up the release mechanism manually with the movements of her fingertips. She bit her lower lip, head swimming. Odd, given how she had become used to her own heights of arousal...

[Warning: Warp Core breach in ten, nine, eight...]

....her fingertip reached for the pulsing red button on the display, heralding an alarm going off that told of the fact that the Warp Core was about to be ejected. Face gone limp, Ida was still reaching. Her blue fingers brushed towards the red metallic surface of the button... but she could not feel it. Nor could she sense if Isley had entered her - forcing his great length inside her... Vertigo. Ignorance. Oblivion. Her midnight blue eyes rolled backwards, and her fingers...

..left the button untouched.

[, six, five...]

On the floor of the ring, Ida raised her head, breath ragged from the fighting as well as her artist's imagination of those past events. Through the haze, she knew why she had fallen unconscious on the Yacht.

The hand Isley had put against her mouth was the one she had stomped on, resulting in the antidote inside the syringe covering his hand with it's residue.  Since the antidote was laced with a sedative, she had not woken up in the Theurgy's sickbay until it was all over, when the timeship Relativity had come to the crew's rescue. One of the reasons that Captain Ducane and the Relativity had found them in the timestream had been the detonation of that warp core Isley had released after Ida fell unconscious, the personal log that Edena Rez had compiled and left to the after world being the other.

"Maybe after I kick your ass again..."

Baring her teeth, Ida tried to snap out of it, and acted with the ire he raised in her. Tossing her white hair out of her eyes as she looked up at him, she kicked out with her closest leg - sweeping out his feet from underneath him without forewarning. He was already unbalanced from the hits he had sustained, perhaps just as much as she. The complete surprise of her attack raised a cheer from the crew around them, all of them likely having thought Isley had already won.

After he went down, Ida scrambled to climb on top of him, hissing through her front teeth as she applied her forearm against his windpipe, forcing his head back and suffocating him at the same time. She fought to keep any flailing arms down and to keep him from getting on top of her. He was bloody strong, but she was bloody furious. Not just about his lack of respect...

...but because she now wanted precisely what he was ridiculing her for.

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[ Starboard Sparring Ring ]

Eun Sae brought her kicking leg back down quickly reestablishing her footing. Near seconds after regaining her stance her eyes caught sight of the incoming assault Jien was mounting. His first left jab was dodged by a tilt of her head sending his punch over her shoulder the next however was not taken as well as she felt Jien's fist impact her ribs. She stumbled back one hand falling to her ribs the next hit coming in the form of a straight kick aimed directly at her chest. She quickly brought her arms up. She felt his foot impact her forearms she winced as pain exploded through her arms but without missing a beat she quickly stepped forward throwing two quick left jabs toward Jien's face before launching a low right hook aimed at Jien's side.

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[ Starboard Sparring Ring ] Attn: Eun Sae Ji

It was a testament to Eun Sae's skill and experience to be able to block Jien's kick - taking the blow against her arms - even though Jien had held back a bit in his attack. The Petty Officer swayed back with the force, but with the recoil, she got up and close. She managed to deal a jab to Jien's face, followed by a second one that he had no time to counter either after getting his bearing after the first one. She struck hard, even when she jabbed, and definitely harder than what her bodily frame suggested. Obviously she had begun practising martial arts at a very young age.

Jien whole image flickered, his morphogenic matrix rebuilding the form he wore. The hook to his side came, and he deflected it to the side with his forearm. With the block, he spun, and being in such close quarters, he spun to deal her a sideways elbow-strike. He was not going for her head or neck since it might be lethal, but lay the powerful blow in height of her torso.

The body blow was meant to disorient and unbalance, and so was the knee he launched towards her with the spin. It was only the third blow that was meant to end the fight - the spin ending with devastating strike to the head with his padded first.

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[Nathaniel "Maverick" Isley | Port Sparing Ring] Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann,

Ida was strong enough to pin him down, and Nathan struggled as he felt her forarm press down against his throat, he could feel his wind pipe being cut off as he was brought face to face with the Andorian he had been intentionally pissing off for the last while. He struggled feeling his arms trying to flial as he initially kicked into a panic, but as the moment continued and he felt his neck being squished the panic fadded.

and was replaced with a powerful anger of his own. His legs kicked out for a moment before he managed to find a footing, placing his feet flat to the ground. At the same time he reached up and grabbed her shoulder, and kicked the ground throwing his entire lower body strength to throw Ida off of his body but more than that. He couldn't roll Ida was making all of that too difficult, so as he pushed up with his legs he pulled forward on Ida with his arms, and did his best to throw her.

In their current position it was a sloppy attack at best, but if he was doing this correctly he would literally throw Ida off of him, and use that force to flip their positions getting on top of Ida, at which point he punched down at the Andorian's face, and coughed viciously trying to regain the breaths he had lost while being choked. His throat and mouth had gone dry due to the strangulation and he was pretty sure that the Andorian deputy had just tried to kill him. "I don't go down that easy. You want it you gotta earn it."

He wasn't even sure what he was talking about anymore, victory? there was that, but also this fight had enthralled him, and now he wanted the Andorian he had been mocking for the majority of the fight. As he straddled her she would notice something rather hard poking towards her stomach.

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[ ThanIda  zh'Wann | Port Sparring Ring ] Attn: Kaligos

Ending up on her back, Ida snarled ferociously, but no more had she landed than Isley were on top of her - delivering a savage blow to her face that left her in vertigo - half of her face aching and without any sense of orientation. She was out of commission for the time being, even if she retained her senses - eyes trying to find focus on the shape that straddled her. She was not quite sure, but she thought he was rather worse for wear as well - leaning over her and recovering from how she had almost managed to choke him out.

Then he spoke to her, and for a moment, she did not make the connection, until she shifted and tried to shimmy out from under him. That was when she felt his rigid tumescence, and her eyes went wide. Was he saying..? Not just did it anger her that he had the gall to ask her to sevice him, but they were surrounded by the crew, and the damn Captain was in the ring next to theirs. True, below the layer of resentment she held for him, she wanted nothing rather than to make new memories - unsullied by the virus - but not that way. Not at the cost of more shame, not when she had suffered her share of that already.

"You should know by now," she grated and struck him into his ribs as hard as she might from her awkward position, "that nor do I!" THe double meaning might have been plain to them both, but not the crowd, but they saw her deal the second strike towards Isley's face - with more momentum gained and using the floor below her for support when she launched it. The Vulcan halfblood would not shame her publicly. If anything, he could very well live with the shame of having his desire manifest before the entire crowd, at least that was not a concern she'd share with the man.

She would keep striking from her prone position until he fell away, or he ended the spar by striking her out.

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[Nathaniel "Maverick" Isley | Port Sparing Ring] Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann,

The first punch hit Nathan hard enough that his entire body lurched on the strike, but also caused something else. there was no audable crack but he could feel it break in his side. The pain rushed through his body and the second strike caused him to fall back. He clutched his side feeling what felt like pure agony. Every breath he took was ragged and caused a fresh wave of hell that caused his side to spasm which only caused it to hurt that much more. He shuddered for a moment before slapping the ground for end of match treatment there was no way he could continue.

"Sickbay." The word escaped his mouth, but his voice was dry and cracked, any doctor who examined him would notice that two of Isley's middle ribs had fractured by her punch. Even with his reinforced Skeletal structure she had used all of her force on a weak point in Isley's body. He groaned for a moment getting his breathing under control trying to reduce the spasms in his side. It was some of the worst pain that the pilot had been in within resent memory and it caused him to shudder a little, but once his old meditative tricks were able to take over he was able to control his reactions.

"Damn." He supposed that meant that Ida had won this round. Considering their previous match it meant they were currently at a draw, and he hated that. At the same time however he had a new found respect for the Andorian woman. He retreated to the edge of the arena still clutching his burning and broken side waiting on a doctor to examine him, but his eyes were pretty much locked on Ida, if he had wanted her before, she was definitely at the top of his list now. He shuddered for a moment though kept himself solid despite the fact that every breath brushed his injuries making them that much more raw and painful.

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[ ThanIda zh'Wann | Port Sparring Ring ] Attn: Kaligos + Any challenger

When the fighter pilot fell off her - no longer straddling her and keeping her pinned down - Ida threw her legs up and rolled backwards to get some distance between herself and her opponent. She stumbled as she straightened herself, balance almost lost after the strike she had taken against her face - no doubt bruised and bleeding from her eyebrow judging by the translucent blueness that clouded her vision. She got her guard up, even if she was in no good state to continue the fight - still on her feet due to pure will.

And yet her opponent was not there to trade blows with her, and she saw him still clutching his side. She blinked, realising that she had actually managed to fracture his ribcage. A sudden feeling of remorsefulness washed over her, and she dropped her guard, looking out over the crowd. "Medic!" she called, looking for the face of a medical officer, but when she didn't find one, she said, "Thea, activate EMH Mk I."

Nathaniel was getting out of the ring on his own, albeit slowly, and Ida watched him from where she stood - padded fists at her sides and breathing hard - glistening sweat running down her skin. The medical emergency hologram had materialised, and after sating his trademark query, he spotted the pilot and walked over there to scan him with a medical tricorder. The bald projection shook his head and made an acerbic remark about the practice of unarmed fighting as an uncultivated bloodsport. Ida did not hear it, still looking into Nathaniel's eyes while the crowd cheered for her. The bets that had been placed were traded, and since Isley had been the slightly more obvious victor given his physique and Vulcan blood, some crewmen earned a fair share of replicator rations.

In the look she and Nathaniel traded, there was a tension that was truly overdue to address, and Ida couldn't wait to find him alone, so that she could confront him for all the vile things he had said to her... and to replace those memories he had sparked.

"Do we have a new challenger?" she proclaimed eventually when she had regained her breath, and broke eye-contact with Nathaniel - searching the crowd for her next opponent.

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[Nathaniel "Maverick" Isley | Port Sparing Ring] Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann,

Nathan rolled his eyes as he was lectured by the EMH giving him a roll of his eyes. "Tell you what, Why don't you step into the ring with Ida, and tell me that you wouldn't get a little uncultured?"

Nathan couldn't help but smile at the thought of a medical program having to get into a fist fight. Sure the one from voyager might actually do it, but this thing wasn't even close to a person. Thea was in many respects far more fun and interesting than the EMH mark one. "Weren't you replaced by a guy with hair?"

He taunted for a moment as he walked away from the gym.

As he was being scanned he winced feeling the pain caused by his own breathing. He was going to need treatment that the sickbay had better qualities for. He turned and looked at Ida, giving her a pained smile as he left the room. He wanted her, there was no way he couldn't admit that, but considering his current condition he wasn't exactly ready or able to perform. If anything he was in an uncomfortable amount of pain that prevented him from doing what he really wanted too, which was take Ida right there in the gym.

[Nathan exits]

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