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CHAPTER 02: Unusual Courting [Second Day]

CHAPTER 02: "Unusual Courting - Part 1"
Joint-Post by Auctor Lucan, Ravenvess & Doctor Maya

[ USS Theurgy | Fighter Assault Bay | 1915 hrs. | 2 Days Post Mortem Arcorn Neotin ]

It was the second day of their week of rest on Theta Eridani IV for the whole crew, though Tessa had chosen to spend it working on her Valkyrie. Tessa had a long day of working on it and the attack fighter was being mean and not letting her open a bot to check what was stopping it from really reaching the speeds that it should hold. She was sure that it was just a wire or something loose.

She was hoping that it would bring hope back among the crew and even herself as she didn't want to stop and think of the fact that they were marked as outlaws to the very people that serviced and had protected them as children.  The very thought made Tessa's stomach twist into thick knots. This was one of the very reasons she threw herself into working on the attack fighter, it was to not think of the bad or even the good.

It was to just let go of everything and be with her ship. The one thing that seemed to understand her or maybe she understood it better than the things around her.  "Come on baby loosen up for Mama!" she yelled as she grunted forcing the tool to move. As she thought she was breaking it loose, her hand slip and cracked her knuckles on the side of metal making her scream out. "Ow!" she yelled as she drew back from the bot and held her hand.

She looked at her hand. It had a small cut, making her gasp lightly as she pulled her knees to her chest for a moment. She was nearly sitting under the hood of the Valkyrie.  She started to tear up, not from the pain in her hand but the pain from everything else.  "Aw,"  she moaned before she flinched and hit her head.   "OW!" she shouted as she grabbed her injured scalp.  "That hurts..."  As she climbed out from under the hood and down the ladder, wiping her eyes from tears, she left a long grease trail from her forehead over her cheek.

She chose to call it a night and headed back to her modular shelter for a shower. She was covered in grease and sweat, as she was thinking that she would grab a drink somewhere after her shower. Her brown hair had streaks of black here and there from the grease from the attack fighter.  Her beautiful hands now clearly looked like those of a working woman's, not the soft and delicate things they had been when she had first joined the Lone Wolves less than a year ago.

[ Theta Eridani IV | Modular Shelters ]

Zaraq missed eating replicated Targ.

Its succulent flesh was a far cry from what he was currently eating, seated as he was on a moss-covered rock outside the camp of modular shelters. He found the taste... as bland as anything could possibly be. The items in Starfleet's field rations were standard nutritions made to appear like Terran food and the meal came in a small clear plastic pack. The food swelled in one's stomach, so you felt full only after a couple of minutes. The eating experience was therefore joyless and short, leaving you to think of meat that you might wash down with bloodwine or bahgol.

It was just one of the reasons some in the two crews were on edge; the lack of rest and being deprived of proper food getting to them. On the other hand, other were getting far too comfortable being outside the bulkheads of their ship, regulations and dress-code being neglected for sake of the Thermal Springs, since that was the closest place in the terrain to take a bath, and the hard work made people go there immediately after their shifts. In some cases, they quit making repairs and went there even before their shifts ended. It had led to the fact that Security had to survey the crews at the beginning and ends of each shift. It was frustrating for everyone involved. Zaraq might be the new Master-at-Arms on the Theurgy, yet he could not carry out his duties if he was to watch people all the time.

Yet as he chewed on his last bite, he espied one of the Theurgy's fighter pilots approach along the path to the shelters. Her white uniform jacket was soiled from hard labour, and her face was dirtied too, but it was clear she belonged to those Lone Wolves he had heard about on the Harbinger. He pushed aside the emptied food pack and stood up, his full height towering next to the path.

"Greetings. I am Zaraq," he said in his gruff tone of voice, his security uniform not quite as dirtied as hers, yet still showing clear signs of the long day. A phaser was by his hip, but his stance was non-threatening. Just weary from doing mundane inquiries.

"Ooh!" Tessa jumped as the burly Klingon's voice pulled her out of her thoughts.  Laughing self-consciously, she blushed and looked over at him as she tried to cover. "Oh, hi there, I'm Tessa," She chirped as she tried to hide her embarrassment.  "You can call me 'Goldeneye'.  I guess you caught me sneaking back from my repairs."
"What shift and what kind of repairs?"

Her greenish golden eyes blinked in confusion.  "Shift?  We're supposed to be relaxing," she said with a laugh as it seemed she was not the only one that was not resting on this week of break.  "Loose components, a few parts had seemed to have burned up in the last battle. It can still fly but I'll be crossing my fingers and praying for luck," she giggled.

Zaraq blinked. The human seemed to think the repairs she was doing was shore-leave.

Her knuckles were still bleeding from hitting the metal of the ship and her head still ached. She didn't know fully what made this man stop and talk to her. She knew that she hadn't seen him before but then again it wasn't like she knew everybody. "I was just going to grab some clothes since I am calling it a night and getting cleaned up, then maybe grab a drink. Care to join me?" she asked him with a smile.  As it was one of the things she liked to do other than being with her ship was to get to know people.   "Come on, Chief, I don't bite!" she teased as she graced him with a large smile.

Zaraq grunted. The course of his enquiry had been derailed by the openness of the human's invitation. He knew how humans might behave, but besides forgetting to ask if she was on the Beta shift or not, her words left him confused. Did she desire to have him join her while she was getting 'cleaned up' before drinking? He was quite certain human females tended to groom themselves in private. Why would she want him in her shelter unless...?

"Join you?" he asked in his deep voice, his dark eyebrows drawing down for a moment, thinking that she mocked him. Yet there was not a hint of disrespect in her eyes. She seemed, for a human, genuine. A Klingon woman would have been more direct. Biting him, or throwing a stone against his head. Humans tended to be cloyingly respectful in their courting. To the best of his knowledge, she either wanted him to mate with her in her modular shelter, or drink in his company at the Thermal Springs Lounge.

Tessa looked at him with a smile she never thought was getting her into something that would make things twisted. "Yes, please join me?" she asked again with a smile.  "Come on, what do you say?"

"I... would be honoured to join you," he said, trying a gruff smile. His resentment towards his current duties made him deviate. Yet not only that. The human female, this Tessa, made his loins stir as he gazed upon her from under his browridge.

It was time to let things go for a bit to forget their troubles. "Thank you," she said lightly to him as he said that he would be honored to join her.  She never had a chance to just talk to a Klingon. It would be nice to do so. All the things she could learn from him about his people and their ways.  "With all the strange things that have been going on it's nice to have company.  Isn't it strange how long we've served onboard this ship without hardly meeting?" she asked him.  "We must have met, like I don't know, all of six times or something?   This is chance to actually get to know each other!"

This chance to learn something new was exciting her. Tessa didn't want him to think she was treating him like some test subject that she wanted to toy with until she learned everything she could from him. The only thing she knew fully about Klingons was that they were a proud race.

When was the last time she went all the way or just touched someone? It had been too long than she cared to remember.  She rubbed her head for a moment as she was still dealing with the memory gaps which was making her wonder what she had done in those times.  She had a little bit of blood dripped down on to her nose as she rubbed her forehead making her leave grease marks of her fingers moving over her brow. 

Walking alongside her, Zaraq did not notice her injury to begin with. It was only then she rubbed her brow that he caught it in his peripheral vision. "You are bleeding," he said, and since Klingon lovemaking was more brutal than the human, soft way, with drawing of blood often a part of the act, it gave him a premonition. An idea that refused to stay away.   At the forefront of his mind as he looked at her from the corner of his eye.

"What?" Tessa she looked at her hands as she shook her head at the deep red color of her blood.  "Oh wow!  You are so right, Chief!  I didn't even notice it!   I guess for us 'brave warriors' bleeding is way of life isn't it?  These days it's hard to think straight, we're luck we're not all crazy." So much has been floating on her mind as she looked up at his brown eyes that were still looking straight ahead. They would reach her shelter soon.

He did not know how far they had to walk before reaching her modular shelter, but the sooner he learned what her true intentions were - if it was mating with him or not - the better. He was not used to small talk. Especially not with strangers. Even less with human females. He was of a singular mind when it came to them. He tried, nonetheless. "If your Valkyrie makes you bleed, you are a poor mechanic. Perhaps you should stay in the cockpit, where you are the one that makes people bleed instead."

She couldn't help but laugh at his comment about her being a poor mechanic. It was not far from the truth but still she needed something to keep herself busy. "You got that right," she laughed, "but I gotta do something to keep myself busy!  Besides my baby was crying out for some love that so I saw it as a perfect way to get to know the attack fighter better...  Oops," she blushed as she smiled bashfully.  "That came out kind of dirty.  I guess we're all crying out for some love, aren't we?"   

She was still looking at her hands as the broken skin was still red and black from the muck that cover her nearly head to toe.  "Maybe you are right, I should just let someone else work on her but my old flight instructor always said that to truly be in tune with a ship is to know her inside and out.  As if she was a woman, to know what makes her shiver and purr with each movement of your hand," she said with a smile as she thought of her Valkyrie.   "This is my Valkyrie, there are many like it but this is mine," she quoted. 

Working his jaw, he rolled his shoulders - stiff from sitting. From doing naught more than speak and watch. "I hear you Lone Wolves are great warriors. Provided you are in your ships."

"Why thank you!  I wouldn't say great... Well it's great when you come back and your enemy is the one who dies..." she said lightly to him as she moved past him a little bit opening her door to her shelter,  "Well I suppose if your death let you save the universe that would be one thing, but ordinarily it's a real downer, you know what I mean?" she continued as they went inside.  "You can come in I'll just be a few moments.  I'm really sorry about what I said about death not being a great thing.  I forgot how important death and honor is sometimes.  Sorry about that.  There's nothing like being shot at and missed right?  Now where was I?  Oh yeah, my old instructor said that you have to treat your fighter like a woman.  You can't really appreciate her until you strip her naked and see what makes her tick."

Zaraq's mind remained upon what the human had said about her attack fighter, the words triggers for his lust. Images of the female came to him, where she was shivering and purring as he copulated with her.

Once inside, he stood in the doorway, looking around from underneath his browridge as she continued to speak, suppressing primal urges in his massive body. She spoke nonsense about death not being a great thing, as if being a great warrior and vanquishing your sworn enemies was anything else than glory. "Curious human," he muttered, the words reverberating in his chest, "you belittle your fortitude as a warrior, and yet you remain one all the same. Why saying one thing and do the other? Be true to your nature. You serve a purpose in your cockpit. When you follow orders, put on your helmet, you are an instrument of murder. Why deny who you really are?"

"Murder?  Holy cow, murder??" She repeated as she went to look for some clothes to change into after her shower. She looked over her shoulder to see that he had followed her. Part of this made her shiver wondering what was on his mind yet the other parted already knew what was on his mind because in back of her mind it was there too. They both wanted to get down and dirty. 

"I don't murder, I kill the bad guys!" She said looking at him, "Murder?  Gosh that's harsh!  If they're shooting back at you it's self-defense!  Murder?  Holy cow, Zaraq, what's wrong with you?  I never shot down an enemy unless I had to!  Murder!  Jeepers creepers!  I never thought about it like that... Maybe you're right," Tessa sighed.  "Maybe after everything I'm not sure who I should be or what I am..." she said as she looked at Zaraq as she moved toward him for a moment, part of her wanted to touch his strong chest as the other part was now wanting to be alone to cry over her own thoughts.  She didn't want to be the pity party person. She wanted to be the life of the party, someone that had a smile on her face even though deep down she felt broken.  
She pulled out her green leather jacket, white shirt and jeans. She smiled at the outfit as she headed to the bathroom.   "Pardon the mess, never had a chance to clean up in here," she declared brightly with a cheerful smile that was amazingly convincing.   "It's not like I'm a slob or anything," she lied.  No matter where she lived, her quarters tended to be compared to the great dung heaps of the galaxy.

Stepping further into the modular shelter, Zaraq put his forearm against the doorframe to the bathroom, leaning there in wait... in ignorance of knowing if she desired him to follow or not. Her contradictory words made no sense, and all the talking seemed a waste of time if she wanted to mate with him. Only Starfleet doctrine kept him from taking what he wanted. What she wanted yet did not deign voice on her own. At least, he hoped he had not misread her intentions, because then he had abandoned his duties needlessly.

Out of habit she left the door open to the bathroom as she bent over and she started to turn on the sonic shower and let it adjust to her liking. She didn't turn around to look at him after she spoke. She knew nothing of his people's ways. She didn't want to seem rude or too straight forward so she decided to keep things casual. "So do you want to grab something to eat while we're out?  What do Klingons eat anyway?" she called over her shoulder as she placed her hand in the vibration field, pulling it back as the sonic pulses was a little on the cold side for her. She turned, warmed by setting the vibrations' pitch down a little bit as she waited. She couldn't help but feel his dark brown eyes looking at her from the door frame.

Zaraq did not know what to make of the development. The female human had left the door open for him, so she seemed to wish for him to follow her, and the promise of her body made him quicken. Yet the damnable silence was not in line with her acting out her desire to mate with him, so he was left in doubt. If it had been a Klingon female, she had made it known that she desired him. This human turned it into a frustrating guessing game for him, so he had to try and remember what females of her species considered commonplace in terms of courting. He had an inkling that she might want him to take the initiative. So in hopes it was the right thing to do, he spoke up.

"I do not mind the dirt. You need not shower," he said in his deep voice, and he tried a small smile that he hoped did not come off as menacing. He was still leaning against the doorframe. "I prefer your female scent. If you want to mate with me, I want you to smell like a true woman."

Tessa stopped for a moment and looked at him oddly as she pulled back her hand that was already clean of any sighs of muck. She had always thought the showers were rather odd how the air around her would vibrate from the sonic waves that made the air into a light mist. It shook the dirty and other things right off one's body.   "Whoa!" she gasped.  "Why Zaraq!  You are a bold one, aren't you?"

She giggled girlishly and put her dirty hands over her blushing cheeks. "Oh Chief, you must be joking!  Huh?"   It was the straight face he wore that made her realize that he was not joking. But of course, he was a Klingon and they really don't really seem to tell jokes, but then again this was the first time she was able to be around one to really know such a thing.

"You... want to be... with me?" she asked, nearly taken back by the idea. It was not that she didn't like the idea but she wanted to make sure she heard right. She turned off the shower and looked back as she slowly stood up.  She was once more looking at him oddly as she slowly moved closer to him but staying back, feeling that her actions was not right, more like wrong. She looked at him more, looking at his strong frame, taking in everything about him. She put her hands over her dirty and blushing cheeks.  "But I'm just a scrawny human!  I'm sure to Klingons I'm nothing to look at.  But if you really..."

"No," said Zaraq, irritably confused. He was already with her, right there in her shelter. She had invited him. Had he been unclear? Despite all her actions and obscure innuendoes, she had yet to voice her own desires. He might as well voice his own. "I want to mate with you, like a man does when spreading the legs of the female and sheathing his mighty phallus into her warm and wet sheath. If you do not desire this, I will take my leave."

He turned around to walk away. Humans had too strange ways of courting. Too many unsaid things.

"Huh?" Tessa looked at him as he spoke, it made her blush. She said nothing before he turned to leave. "No wait!  Please Zaraq, don't go!" She exclaimed as she headed over to him, touching his arm but quickly moved it, not wanting to do something that would be rude. "You have no idea what an honor this is for me!" she gushed.  "I mean, for you, of all people, to pick me!  I had no idea you were even interested!  Okay then!" she clenched her fist as she smiled bravely.  "Let's do this!"

Yes, she was agreeing to have sex with him, to mate with him though she was not sure how this would work. Would he have nothing do with her after the mating session? All this seemed to dance in her head but she shook the thoughts away for now. She could ask about what follows once it was over. She couldn't help but wonder what kind of acts would take place in such mating with a Klingon.

She slowly unzipped her jacket to her uniform to show him that she was agreeing to mate with him as her mind slowly wondered more about him and his race. Maybe later she could find out more about him and his people.  "Now I have to warn you that I have no idea how your people do it," she warned him.  "But I'm willing to try!  Wow who knew this would happen?  I was totally expecting something else!"

Finally, a sign of clear intent, thought Zaraq as he had been stopped and came to watch Tessa May Lance remove her uniform jacket. He turned to face her, seeing how the artificial light in the shelter played over her dirtied white undershirt - accentuating her female form. The sight made him quicken further, his phallus hardening in preparation for what was to come.

"What... 'else' you may have wanted me for is beyond me," he murmured thickly as he faced her fully, his breathing already deepening - making the fabric of his uniform tighten around his chest. He reached out with his strong arm and lay his hand behind her waist - yanking her forth so that her chest was pressed against him. He held her eye regardless of the forceful motion. "And I have no doubt that this will be 'good' for you, woman."

[ To be continued.... ]


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"Unusual Courting - Part 2"
Joint-Post by Auctor Lucan, RavenVess & Doctor Maya

[ Theta Eridani IV | Modular Shelters ]

"What... 'else' you may have wanted me for is beyond me," he murmured thickly as he faced her fully, his breathing already deepening - making the fabric of his uniform tighten around his chest. He reached out with his strong arm and lay his hand behind her waist - yanking her forth so that her chest was pressed against him. He held her eye regardless of the forceful motion. "And I have no doubt that this will be 'good' for you, woman."

Zaraq punctuated his bold statement by kissing her. It was not the chaste, careful kiss of a human male trying to romance one of his own species. No, the rough way in which Zaraq slanted his lips across Tessa's was a demanding, possessive and almost brutal declaration of his loins' need for her. He grunted with appreciation as he slid his thick and rough tongue in to seek out hers - the sweet taste of her soft mouth intoxicating his mind. He raised his free hand to cup it over one of her breasts, palming it, exploring the proffered mound with his calloused fingers through the fabric of her undershirt and her bra.

She squeaked as she looked back at him with her green eyes, not sure that she was about to do this with someone she just had met but she couldn't help but shiver as he moved closer to her.  Zaraq had an odd glow in the low lights of the shelter; she couldn't really see all of his strong frame.  His intents and lust-filled brown eyes seemed to be taking in her form. His thick voice made her shiver more as she bit her lips for a moment as he spoke. "Well for yo--eep!" she gasped as he pulled her toward him. Her hand moved to his chest as she blushed at his words.  His strong hands held her there as she trembled, as her greenish gold eyes were now bright with excitement and her own lust.

Tessa looked up at him as his lips trapped hers.  This made her shiver a bit as she parted her lips, wanting to taste his alien taste.  Her tongue danced and fought its way into his mouth to get a better taste of him as he pressed her body to his strong chest, she couldn't help but touch his chest, letting her fingers dance along his body, feeling how his muscles formed around his bones, taking in the sound of his breathing and sloppy sounds they made as they kissed. 

Zaraq was not like most of the males she had been with in the past even though there was a gap that she couldn't fully remember.  He was becoming more animalist as they kissed; the dominance of a strong male was there inside the very kiss they were sharing. Tessa's cheeks started to turn a bright shade of red. As her heart was starting to race, she pressed into his strong muscular form. She couldn't help but wanting to be rushed away with him. She couldn't help but gasp out more as his hand come up and found her breast, as she closed her eyes, as she blushed deeper, as she could feel her heart starting to pound inside of her chest.

Roughly, Zaraq lifted up the female in his arms and set her down on a white side-table that stood against a wall. With her feet clear from the floor, he brutally yanked at her clothes - first ripping the undershirt. He thus exposed more of her skin, her bra catching the dim light, and even as he ripped the front buttons of her uniform trousers open, he did not relent in kissing her. His mouth did not leave hers, demanding more of her succulent taste. As a Klingon, he may have wanted for her to be more forthright in her needs for him, to not be so pliant and submissive to his yearnings, yet he expected nothing of the human in this regard. She had agreed to mate with him, and the soft sounds she made sounded like the sounds of other human females he had conquered. She wanted this, despite her lack of response.

As he lifted her up onto the side-table it made her shiver and give a light gasp from his tight grip onto her flesh.  Tessa's tongue danced around with his demanding tongue that seemed to thrust deeper into her mouth as she wanting to give him everything in every moment.  She wrapped her arms around him scared the table wouldn't hold her even though she was not that heavy. She knew if he started to thrust into her it would cause the table to shift and shake against the hard wall. Tessa's back was placed against the wall as her green eyes were looking into his brown eyes, as she had to trust him not to drop her. She loved how her body seemed to match a little bit with his Klingon's body.  "Woo!" Tessa gasped out as he pulled at her shirt from her chest, popping the zipper of her shirt open. She shivered slightly as he could see her sliver bra that trapped her breast from springing free for him. Tessa hand was wrapped around to his back as she dug her nails into his uniform, as she tried to pull at it, wanting her flesh to touch his hardened flesh.

He raked a hand up her exposed front and tore the bra up - making it catch underneath her armpits. Her breasts spilled free in the light. Zaraq's breathing was heavy as he parted his mouth from hers to look upon her teats, and while he had already ripped her trousers open, he left them on for the time being so that he may apply his teeth and lips against her neck, her collarbone, and then her achingly firm breasts. His teeth merely scraped her skin as his mouth savaged her body, and he sucked hard upon a puckered bud. She had gotten his jacket open at this point, his undershirt opened as well. With one arm around her waist, he took the moment to tug his uniform trousers open too, wrenching out his rigid phallus out of its confines between their bodies.

Unlike a human cock, his weapon was corrugated - ridges running across the thick shaft like those that adorned his proud species' heads and backs. He snatched one of her hands and put it around his throbbing manhood, making her feel what was going to come inside her.

Tessa closed her eyes as he pulled away from her lips making her whimper lightly, as she wanted to keep kissing him, as if it was the only way she could breathe within this moment. He bit at her neck, collarbone. She gave out soft moans as she tilted her head to the right allowing him range over her neck. He was so rough and direct, it was like a rape fantasy gone real.  His rough lips wrapped around her nipples and he started to suck on him made her moan louder.  She reached up with one of her hand that was pulling at his shirt still to grip his shoulder before she lost her balance.

She moved away a little bit as his hand moved between them to open his pants to her. He reached up and brought her hand to his cock. She shivered, feeling the rough ridges. Her eyes opened at the feeling of his throbbing member. "Oh, wow... Zaraq..." she panted out to him.   "I don't believe it!  It's ribbed for her pleasure!"

Zaraq merely grunted in reply, resuming to savage her skin and puckered nipples with his mouth - letting her familiarise herself with his mating instrument. He really did not care about her opinion about his thick organ but it was fortunate that she did not object to the size. He was not inclined to suffer the disciplinary repercussions of mating with the human against her will. Then again, he had never had any objections once his weapon was sheathed inside them, for it had always made them feel good. Humans liked the ridges of Klingon cock, it seemed. Or perhaps it was just their males that were inferior in terms of mating skills. Too frail and weak. Not the kind of pelvic thrusts that would please their women properly.

"Ooh," she cooed as she licked the palm of her hand before running it up and down his ridged member.  Just feeling it in her hands was amazing; it didn't feel real, but it was.  She could feel the heat and the blood pulsing through it as she ran her palm along it, savoring the texture.   She had intended to delicately fondle it but before she knew it her hand was stroking him up and down as if she was a child who had found a new toy.  She laughed at her own impatience and kissed him on the nose before she returned her attention to rubbing his manhood.  God, it was so big, to Zaraq it must feel like a little kid was feeling him up or something.  It didn't matter; one look at his face and she could tell she had awoken the sleeping giant.

His lips pursing in contentment to the ministrations of her small female hand, Zaraq breathed heavily against her soft skin. She teased the bestial blood of his ancestors as she stroked him, and after a while, he grunted, not going to abide mere teasing any longer. He pushed her upper body against the wall with a massive fist wrapped around her lower jaw and her neck. Holding her there, his thumb pushed past her breathless lips. With his free hand, he yanked at her pants and undergarment with hard fingers, tearing the latter. In the heaving motion of getting her lower body undressed, he had to raise both her long and fine legs in order to get rid of the dirty clothes - tearing the cloth free from her while still keeping her on top of the small table. Perhaps she would sympathize with their shared desire and not object to the haste in which he bared her human body.

Tessa shrieked when he tore her pants off but at least she was still smiling.  Her pale skin flushed with excitement as she felt his muscular legs and ridged masculinity up against her bare skin.  "This is gonna hurt so... good..." she burbled before attempting to kiss him again.

Zaraq let her, and he pressed his tongue past her lips to meet hers.  His breath heavy against her lips, he wrapped one brawny arm behind her lower back while she still sat on the side table, and while Tessa stroked his hardened length, he slid his calloused hand down her lower abdomen and to the heat betwixt her legs. His fingers found her slick warmth, and with rough strokes, he spread her nectar over her sex to prepare her for his imminent entry. Yet when he found her wet enough, he could not help but probe her with a finger as well, meanwhile grunting in response to her ministrations.

"Ooh!" Tessa squealed as greenish gold eyes bulged open and she pursed her lips.  "Zaraq," she giggled as she licked her palm before stroking him once more.  "You're certainly a hands on kind of... Oh yes!" she chirped as her voice raised an octave.  "Right there!   Mmph, mmph, mmph, mmph!"  she grunted with her full pouty lips clamped tightly shut.

Hearing her response, Zaraq could not help the victorious grin that touched his lips. She was more than ready for him, and he did not wish to postpone mating with her a moment longer than he needed to. He stepped closer, pressing her against the wall with his strong chest. He could feel her teats scraping against his skin, and he reached down to guide his bulbous head to her wet grotto, and he pushed right away - grunting in satisfaction when the head slid into her. "Ahh," he growled deep down in his throat, and he wrapped both his strong hands around her waist - holding her in place as he began to rock against her. The side table wiggled with his movements, but ridge by ridge, his cock squirmed into her by each new rocking motion. He could feel her swollen clit tease across his corrugated length, and he grinned down at her. "You tight little female, I will make you scream..."

"Ungh!" Tessa groaned.  "Oh my G--!" Her words were cut off as her mouth made strange gulping noises as she rolled her eyes.  "Guh!" she shivered as one of her legs raised up to rest her thigh on his calloused hand in an attempt to grant him easier access to her.  "Oh m--!" she gasped before she grit her teeth and grimaced as her body shuddered as the massive Klingon worked his way into her.  Her face was flushed and one of her topaz eyes squinted as the other bulged open.  The gurgling nonsensical sounds she made didn't qualify as words as her fingertips tried to press their way into his back.

Zaraq did not just accommodate her raising one leg to rest on top of his forearm, but he also hoisted the other leg up in the same fashion, which aligned her warm passage better with the increasingly deep thrusts he made into her. Even though he used his encompassing grip on her waist for leverage, he had no desire to hurt her on purpose, if nothing else because he might chafe his own cock in her tight sheath. When her vaginal juices did not quite suffice any longer, his cock only two thirds into her, he pulled out far enough to spit down unto the joining of their bodies... and he could soon embed his whole length inside her.

He sawed his ridged length into her, and her clitoris danced upon the passing of the ridged ventral side of his instrument. As he mated with her, the warmth of the planet and the modular shelter was getting to him. Therefore, he released her waist one hand at the time as he pealed back his opened uniform jacket and undershirt. Soon, cock still working in and out of her lovely sheath, he had managed to bare his upper body. This was the point where he hoisted her legs up on top of his forearms again, seizing her waist once more. And with that very grip, he could lift her from the side table and the wall, supporting her body with his own as he  fucked her in his embrace - her feet off the floor. Her nipples teased across the rough skin of his chest as they moved together, and Zaraq carried her off.


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