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INTERREGNUM EP 02-03: Spreading Symptoms [Stark/Nicander]

INTERREGNUM EP 02-03: Spreading Symptoms

OOC: These scenes transpire on the night after the Ishtar Incident and in the early morning after. This being the same day which will later hold the scheduled Senior Staff Meeting. Should anyone wish to partake in these events, please contact either Brutus or me beforehand.

[ Junior Officers Quarters | Deck 05 | 0300 hrs. ]

Rolling to the side, Lucan's laboured breathing had naught to do with any medical condition. Despite how the sweat made his hair cling to his forehead and how his whole body ached after hours of seizures and strain, even though the sheets were wrapped and coiled upon the expanse of the bed, there was no syndrome that caused his affliction. It was merely the nightmare that had seized him.

Then again, certain key individuals were affiliated with a particular virus, as if Lucan was spreading a carnal contamination through the ship; creating vectors of influence that would help his dreams be realised. In a way, they were - all so very willing - the initial symptoms of his vengeance.

Chuckling languorously, the Doctor turned his head to one of these vectors and addressed this severe condition that had him bedridden for the whole night. "I have to do house calls more often," he rasped with a smile, swallowing a little. "Are you satisfied with my treatment?"

It might be the case that, one of his vectors had contaminated him in kind with her own intoxicating allure, but Eve Jenkins was the last one on his mind right then. No, for after yesterday's escapades, it was the recollections of the incident with Natalie Stark that had him revisit another old acquaintance of his, or rather, she whom had happened to come by Sickbay and check if he had the time to do a private physical examination.

Nightmare propped herself up on an elbow, and ran a hand through her sweaty hair. Her characteristic smirk was firmly in place, "Treatment." She shook her head, "Doctor, I think you need to get another tag line." Her tone was light, and the laughter mere teasing, "Am I satisfied? For now. If you are anything like me in this arena, then I suspect you know how it goes... sated for a few hours, but roarin' to go if the chance popped up."

Folding his hands behind his head where he lay, Lucan chuckled and looked towards the ceiling. "Indeed," he said and lied, because he would be satisfied by neither women nor men. Only genocide. It was an idle curiosity, though, what Hannah von Slaverton said. He looked back to her, turning to help her comb back her hair from her forehead. "I take it you must know exactly what you want and when, given how familiar you are with your needs. Have you decided what you never want?"

Idly tracing a finger between Lucan's pecs and admiring his form, her smirk only grew, "Oh...there aren't too many things in this arena I'd say no to. Suggestions are welcome always." There was a huskyness to her voice that dripped with sensuality. "Back to the 'Are you satisfied question,' well..." Nightmare barely hesitated as she pushed the Doctor to his back, using her momentum to carry her on top of him.

She sat up, sweat making her body gleam in the dim light. She was grinning, looking down into his pale eyes of his. "Oh..." she said, eyes going wide in mock-surprise , "it feels like I'm not the only one ready to see what further mischief we can get into. You sure are frisky tonight."

Lucan may have smiled but his words were teasing. "Perhaps, yet what if I would deny you, m'dear?"

Leaning down, his breath upon her skin, the mischief was evident in Nightmare's gaze, "No games tonight, dear Lucan. Just give me raw, uncensored fun between two adults who happen to see eye to eye on these matters." She spoke slowly, in that soft, husky voice of hers. By the time she finished the sentence, their lips were almost touching. Instead of the desired kiss, though, she nipped at his lower lip before moving to an ear lobe, and then a nib turned bite on the man's neck. "Game?" she asked in an almost shakey voice.

Though Lucan was a manipulative man, used to being control in all situations, he did find merit and relief in moments where he could stop thinking - just for once. He found forgiveness too, in the arms of all those willing men and women, for the dead one he had failed to cure. Responding to Nightmare's incitement, Lucan slid a hand up to grab a fistful of hair, forcing her back for a kiss of hunger. "Always."

[ 0630 hrs ]

Leaving the sonic shower, Lucan returned to Nightmare in order to collect his clothes. He dressed while watching her sleep, yet instead of recollecting the twists and turns of the night, he was callously contemplating her various uses in his schemes. In case she pretended to sleep, he smiled and leaned down to kiss her temple - just as he made the decision that she was ultimately expendable.

After leaving Nightmare's quarters, Lucan descended the corridor without looking around - adjusting the sleeves of his uniform whilst thinking about the day to come. He was due for Sickbay soon enough, yet he had a feeling that the hour presented an opportunity he did not care to miss. The very reason why he had acquiesced to Hannah's request yesterday. What seemed like an itch in the back of his mind.

"Computer, where is Lieutenant Commander Stark?"

[Lieutenant Commander Stark is in Jefferies tube One-Beta-Four, adjacent to Transporter Room 1.]

"What is she doing?" he asked, picking the correct corridor that would bring him there.

[Lieutenant Commander Stark is running a Level 3 Diagnostic on the Transporter systems.]

"I see," he said and thought for a moment, "Nicander to Sickbay. I am doing a follow-up on the recovery of a patient that wishes to be anonymous because of the sensitive nature of her medical condition. Please inform Alpha shift that I will arrive a tad late and that Eve Jenkins has the honour of beginning to plan the afternoon's rounds. I shan't be long."

As Lucan entered the Transporter room, it was unmanned - much to his satisfaction - and the hatch that led to the aforementioned Jefferies tube was open, just as if he might be expected. It was all too easy. He walked up to the hatch and leaned forward - his pale eyes catching the feet and legs of his prey as they shifted a couple of yards beyond the opening. Silently, he tilted his head and crept inside - trying to be as silent as he could. He had to glance behind himself to pull the hatch closed, yet his gaze barely left the Chief of Operations.

He saw her lying on her side and sweating with her arms and tools reaching deep into a control panel. Her golden undershirt had become a bit dark in some areas because of the warmth in the close confines, and her uniform jacket was lying above her head. He was crawling up behind her back when he spoke, having tried to be as silent as he could until he was almost right behind her. "You are hard to find for being a Department Head, Commander Stark," he said with an easy-going chuckle, and propped his head up on his with his elbow to look across her shoulder. "Though I am glad I could speak with you in private now that I finally did. What are you doing?"

Many might think he had no idea what Natalie was doing in that control panel, yet Lucan actually had rather good idea. The diagnostic she was running involved verification of key mechanics and systems readings. She was at the last phase, where she was running tests on the routines connecting the Library Computer Access and Retrieval System - the control interface used for accessing the main computer systems on board all Federation Starships - to the autosequencer. This, being a subsystem of a transporter that controlled the actual transport process. Moreover, it had to synchronise with the biofilters in place for the personnel, cargo and emergency Transporters that the ship possessed.

In layman terms, the LCARS had to play in tune with both the virus- and contamination-firewall that was embedded with the Transporter subroutines. Lucan knew this... because the biofilters were another obstacle to take care of in his scheme.

"I wanted to check up on you," he said eventually in a more serious voice, his body remaining close behind her where she lay. Just like he thought he had approached her in their shared alternate reality. "You know, because of what happened to us. Have you decided if you are going to speak with someone about it?"

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[Jefferies tube One-Beta-Four, adjacent to Transporter Room 1 | Deck 05]

Her hair was, indeed, plastered back against her head, the heat from the thrumming ODN conduits coursing through the jefferies tube having slicked her hair back, made her undershirt stick in ways most unbecoming an officer. Then again, the job she was doing wasn't exactly becoming her rank and status on the ship, either. True, recalibrating a autosequencer took a delicate hand. But even then, it didn't require the personal touch of the chief of Operations. Any of the midlevel members of her department could have handled the job. especially at such an early hour of the day. Her shift hadn't been scheduled to start for another hour at least, but she'd been working for the past 3.

It was good advice Natalie thought to herself, reflecting on the conversation from the previous evening.Focus on work was what she had latched on. after all, the young woman's ideas of fun and work seemed to synch up fairly close. Her current holo-interface project was on hold at this point, so work was the best bet for losing her self for a while. And, biofilters, autosequencer's and the various other bits and pieces that made a transporter work were certainly distracting. The added privacy of the jefferies tube was a nice touch, of course.

Not that her privacy was going to last much longer.For all that her thoughts had been on the previous day, even tho she was engrossed in her work, Natalie had certainly not expected to run into the other party involved in the events that had lead to her serious lack of (peaceful) sleep that day, and most assuredly not in the jefferies tube behind her. Letting out a most undignified squeaking sound, and rolling onto her back, Natalie was forced to stare down her body into the pleasant, if intense, gaze of one Dr. Lucan Nicander.

Taking a moment to catch her breath and slow her rapidly beating heart, Lt.Cmdr. Stark managed to stammer out a quick, "Transporter Recalibrations, doctor," gulping. She had not been this close, nor this...alone, with the doctor since the two had been transported from the ships Gymnasium to a perfect replica of the Niga planet. And while she was wearing far more then that last encounter, she found herself feeling particularly vulnerable none the less. "The autosequencer is out of alignment. This transporter room has been offline for some time, and as we have down time now that we are in the Homri cluster..." Her voice trailed off, and she shrugged, slightly. What in the name of God is he doing here? she thought.

However, before she could ask that question, (perhaps, she thought, he had seen it in her eyes), Dr. Nicander provided the answer, in the form of his own question. She propped herself up on her elbows, still on her back, mostly, looking out at the other officer. She smiled, softy, embarrassed, by both her shock, and by his question. They had both shared the trauma from the day before, not that either had spoken of it. She bit her full, bottom lip, her white teeth peeking out, before she sighed softly, and answered.

"I...had not made a decision, Doctor. Beyond the decision to, as you suggested, focus on my work as a distraction," her left hand came up, and made a small, circular gesture, "Which is why I'm here in the Jefferies tube, at," she glanced at her chronometer, "06:40 hours" a slightly self deprecating smile flashed over her features, tho the blush stayed in place. "After yesterday...well, I couldn't sleep." And not just from fear, either. Some of those memories... Her heart beat a bit faster at the thoughts, embarrassing, almost shameful, that had plagued her through the night, competing with the terror in her dreams. She could only hope that Lucan would attribute the flushed cheeks to the warmth of the Jefferies tube, and not the heat of her thoughts. "I...appreciate that you took the time to come ask me in person, Doctor." Perhaps he was a bit intense, but the gesture was kind, and did put her a bit more at ease.

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Having startled her, Lucan had made a cursory apology, even if their conversation had moved on to the traumatic events of the day before and what Natalie had done to cope with them. He might have been spotted by her as he appeared below her feet in the tube, yet now he had climbed up to lay next to her - propped up on his elbow and listening to her with a impassive mien until she thanked him.

"Given the nature of the events," he said with a small and private smile just for her, their breaths mingling, "it would not have been very kind to you to send a middle-man. Furthermore, I was highly involved too, so I would not only be the best physician to check up on you because of my medical experience, nor because I developed the antidote for the infection, but because of having experienced the event myself. There is no need for you to delve into the details of the experience with me, since I was there. Oh, and as reassuring as this might be for you, it is obviously in my own interest that the incident does not become hearsay either, so I felt that it was the best solution for both of us."

Pausing, Lucan let his eyes wander over the expanse of her body - the hunger hidden behind his comforting professionalism. For while his ocular diagnosis of her was a detached and professional one in appearance, the beast inside wanted to rip her clothes from her skin and savage her until she bled to death. Yet no, there would be none of that. Hardly productive. The Chief of Operations served an ultimate purpose for him, even if she did not know it yet.

"I have personally not experienced that any of the secondary traits of the infection carried over into this reality," he said and cleared his throat with an easy-going smile, not putting in detail that he meant the abnormal increase of muscle definition and enlargement of his penis. "Yet looking at you, I am concerned... Does your body truly feel normal to you? Pardon if this might seem awkward coming from me, but my memory fails me from yesterday. I also lack any kind of reference from this reality on what your undressed physique should look like. What I do see does concern me though, in that some traits seem to have survived the... dream, if you will."

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She squirmed a bit, rolling to lean on her right side now, instead of her left, facing the doctor square on. The confines of the jefferies tube had Natalie almost as close to Dr. Nicander as she was on the jungle floor from the day prior. It certainly didn't help relax Natalie, by any means, but it wasn't as fear inducing as she would have expected. After all, as Lucan was saying, the two of them had been through a very...traumatic encounter with flora that was, to say the least, rude. She was making jokes in her head, that was a start.

There was a pause in the conversation, and she felt a need to fill it, to not let there be any silence lingering between the two. The cramped confines, the closeness it felt like something was encroaching. She couldn't let that silence bear down on her, so she smiled again, a weak one, with a soft, slow nod, "I can respect not wanting our...ordeal to become public knowledge. Despite the fact that the entire ship has suffered similar encounters before...this time it seems more...focused. Only we two," she paused, voice hitching, then finished "Only the two of us were sent back to that place, again."

He was right, of course. discretion aside, if there was anyone that she might remotely feel comfortable talking to, it would have to be the only other person with the same experience as her. That he was also an intense presence - oh, charming and professional to be sure - but there was a weight to his gaze that stirred something inside of her. A reaction to their ordeal, she assumed, and what had come after. And speaking of said ordeal...Swallowing, she glanced down between the two of them, and bit her lip, eyes wide. Was she different now? She hadn't thought so, but her eyes weren't exactly medically trained. She ran over her body, mentally wondering. A flush filled her cheeks. Oh, there were some changes, but she assumed it was all in her head; the increased...desires, the impulses, the up tic in ...need. Need was a good word.

"I...that is," she said softly, stammering for a moment. He was a professional, she reminded herself. He's here because he is concerned. He suffered through the same...dream as you, and he is worried about any ramifications. Deep breath, be honest, that's it Natalie. She had to coach herself into admitting, "I haven't...I don't much look at myself, doctor. My uniform has felt a little tight, but I assumed that was mind, you understand? Playing tricks?" she gulped, softly, then added, "And I assumed that any increased...arousal was also my head." A head that sported a beet red face. She was amazed she'd said anything, and her breath was running short now.

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Feigning to grow more concerned as she spoke, Lucan was chuckling inside, thinking that the ploy to make her feel things not real has worked flawlessly. Moreover, he had drawn benefit in hearing that she felt aroused, and it proved to him that he had rather good chance to get what he wanted out of this physical examination - to scratch that bloody itch she had left him with yesterday. Oh, and of course, to tie her closer... to wrap his tattooed hands around her will and mould it into any shape he desired. All in wait for that pending day.

That faithful day when the beast would become ever silent.

"I see," he said in that tone that would set any patient on edge, concerned about that might be her ailment, "perhaps I am affected too, because I also experience some kind of hormonal effect, just now that I am close to you. This is exceedingly difficult to judge, for then again, you are a beautiful woman to begin with, and all pleasantries and being a gentleman aside, it would be a lie to say else than that I am still a mere man of flesh and blood, so it might just be my natural reaction."

He said this whilst he let the concern recede in degree with the increase of his charismatic humour, and he used his winning smile to take the edge of any embarrassment or awkwardness in pointing this out. He did not even lie. Truth wielded in untruth, for his rigid arousal had become a fact, even if it might be hard to see for her when lying that close in front of him. Nevertheless, he did not stay on the issue of their shared state of arousal, for just like that, he fluently slipped back into his professional coat-of-arms and addressed the other symptom in the problematic diagnosis.

"If you would not mind, I think I should examine you if you feel like your clothes do not fit like they did yesterday. Problem is, given Eve Jenkin's diagnosis, I had not thought it needed... so I did not bring a med kit. Normally, I would use a medical tricorder in combination of my hands, yet now I only have the latter. So... I'd say its your choice. Either you pull up your undershirt a little bit and  let me check for signs of lactation and bloatedness, or we head back to Sickbay and do it where we have more equipment. We might loose the privacy, though. Whatever would make you more comfortable, Commander."

His hypnotic gaze remained on Natalie's eyes while he spoke, yet his voice instilled the fact that he was a doctor and that he had seen everything when it came to the female anatomy. The trustworthiness of his character even overshadowed how he had just confessed to be of flesh and blood. It was her health on the line here. Perhaps even his own.

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Delicate features scrunched up a bit, a look of genuine concern passing over Natalie's face. Having been a somewhat bookish student back at the Academy, Natalie's experience with flirting So it was hard to tell how much of what the Doctor was saying was simply being polite, flirting, or genuine medical interest. But she was concerned that perhaps they both were infected by their encounter: that perhaps those heightened moments of arousal were more then just, in her head.

Biting her lip for a moment, Natalie glanced down at Lucan's hands, inadvertently. The thought of a physical examination...Still, his charm was undeniable; he was trying to put her at ease, she could tell, and make what could be a very awkward situation much less so. She appreciated the effort the doctor was putting in for her, and returned his smile, despite the ever present blush on her cheeks. "Well, doctor," she said softly, looking around the cramped jefferies tube, "You do have to admit that...that this is probably as private an examination as I could ask for."

Pushing her hair back again, Natalie pointedly ignored the little spark deep in the pit of her stomach that was simply thrilled at the idea of the doctors hands running over her body. Chalking it up to potential effects of a lingering infection, the smile slipped a bit on Natalie's face. She drew a slow, steadying breath through her nose, her eyes half closing, before she let the smile return. "I think that...given what we both went through...I would not be comfortable doing an examination with a large group." she said, using far more words then necessary, stalling just a little bit while she worked herself up.

Telling herself that Lucan Nicander was a professional, concerned after both his health, and hers, and that, as a doctor it was his duty to follow up on those concerns, Natalie squirmed a bit, and hooked her fingers under the orange/yellow shirt, arms crossed over her chest. "Um, how far off do you need me to take this, doctor?" she asked him, her voice shaky.

Complying with his request, the brunette pulled the shirt up, over her head. She was blushing more. It had been a long while since she had willingly taken her shirt off in such close quarters with anyone, tho she reminded herself of that fact that Lucan had already seen everything under her clothes, in far less friendly circumstances then this, and that this didn't count in any case: despite the unorthodox location, this was just a check up. So with that in mind, she hugged herself around the middle, her standard Starfleet sports bra on display.

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"This examination requires that you are adequately exposed, this being from the thorax to the abdomen, so please pull up your bra for me as well," he replied to her cursory question about her garments. Like clockwork, Lucan was leading her on. Perchance into something they both wanted at some level, yet the social obstacles were cut away with the precision of his sharp wits. In a matter of a minute or two, he had managed to make her remove her golden shirt - the artificial dim light making her bared skin glow with her perspiration.

"If at any time you feel any discomfort or would prefer me to stop, just say so. If you have any questions, please do ask me. I will proceed with a common breast examination, checking for erythamatous tissue changes and discharges from the nipple by palpation, along with any signs of lingering infection to the best of my ability. Can you please lay on your back and raise your arms and put your hands behind your head? Thank you. I will proceed now."

One elbow grounded, he leaned in over her and reached out with his right hand, proceeding according to medical praxis. The breasts were academically divided in four quadrants and a central portion - the areolar area - and he gently probed her left breast in a gentle and through pattern - rubbing each quadrant. The outer sides of the quadrants came first, followed by the inner ones. As he did this, he watched her facial reactions - biding his time and changing from one breast to the other. Once he had done this quite thoroughly, he then stroked the peri-areolar area - his palm gently crossing over both the pink buds each in kind. Next, his fingers coursed down... framing the heavy mounds one at the time so that he might raise the breast and massage the infra-mammary fold (just under breast). At this point, she was bound to feel his hardness against her thigh if she shifted her leg a bit, yet he made no comment.

"No sign of lactation despite stimulation. I will now examine the axillary lymph nodes," he said instead in a low and intimate voice where he hovered above her, palpating the medial, lateral, anterior and posterior walls, added with the arch of her armpits. Eventually, after his sensual and yet somehow professional touch had roamed her entirely, he spoke whilst his hand still continued its movement - looking down into her eyes. "On the positive side, I cannot find any lumps or signs that they are more bloated than when... normally aroused." He said this and cleared his throat with a small smile just for her, signifying that what they did was special and not something altogether platonic.

"Will you let me make the pelvic examination as well?" he asked her, pretending that the obviousness of her desires were not so plain. His dark hair was framing his face above hers, their faces having come to drift a hand's breath apart. The reasons why he might suggest the second examination medically was obvious since the breasts were not the only areas that were affected by the symptoms of the Niga virus, "It is performed to collect information about the lower abdomen, including internal and external genitalia. If you allow me to proceed, you need to give me the access I require to reach down between your legs."

OOC: I wrote this too late last night so I have now proofread and corrected it a bit.

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It seemed, Natalie thought, that if she were going to have a full frontal examination, at least it was well and truly in private. Blushing but nodding, Natalie tugged the sports bra off in turn, revealing the plump breasts that the fabric had restricted. They gave a good bounce, and then, as requested, the chief of Operations raised her head slowly above her head, hands locked together, and drew in a slow, steady breath. In other circumstances this would have been, well, who knows. but again, she kept reminding herself, he was a professional.

"Like this, doctor?" She asks, then, trying to relax as he worked his hands slowly over her. Light touches made her squirm, just a bit, her hips swaying from side to side. A soft, light gasp as his fingers focused in. She couldn't help it, as her nipples stiffened from the stimulation. Her teeth dug into her bottom lip, sucking it into her mouth to stifle the noise that accompanied the test Dr. Nicander was administering. She couldn't help it tho; despite how...clinical all of it felt, the examination had taken on an intimate, sensual tone.

A second, much sharper gasp accompanied a shift in her legs, and that small little look the doctor was giving her sent her cheeks into flaming red territory. Still, she could tell him to stop, at anytime. Given that she felt a familiar hardness pressing down against her leg, perhaps she should have him stop. It would certainly be the wisest course of action...but. She said nothing, nothing at all, just nodded in time with the doctors prognosis. Her breathing was much shorter then before, her nipples pert, taut and on display.

"If you Think its for the best, doctor," she said in a breathless tone, mentally chastising her self for sounding so...needy. She was a Starfleet officer, and he was her doctor. He was being professional, and the Lt. Cmdr knew that she should be to. And yet, with those eyes starring down at her, so close, her own, wide ones starring back...she couldn't help but want more. How fucked up am I? she thought, her words as coarse as the less then professional thoughts running around behind those wide eyes. "Best to be safe..."

Her hands squeezed down between their bodies, as she shifted her hips lower, causing Natalie to become intimately aware of just how close the two had come. Her thumbs slipped under her waist band, and she gave a firm tug, popping the clasp, but causing the back of her right hand to brush directly against that heavy bulge in the doctors pants. She gulped; there was no way she could hide that she'd felt him, and yet, she pretended otherwise. slowly working her pants down, as far as she could, taking the standard issue panties with her.

The young woman had taken to shaving herself, after the events on the planet from the previous day. She couldn't say why, exactly, but she had, leaving her bare below the waist. And now, that bald sex was on full display, should the doctor just glance down; there would be no hiding the aroused state the examination had left Natalie in, and her cheeks grew, if possible, a deeper crimson then before. Her lips were flush with arousal, and there was a glistening sheen coating her folds, faint, but visible. "I um," she stammered, breathlessly, about to apologize. Instead, she continued, "I can't push them down any more with out help, Doctor. Are they far enough out of your way?" Just an exam, just and exam, that all this is, just being safe

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Oh, how pliant she was underneath him. So willing to re-experience him more lucidly. Then again, he felt exactly the same way, only with a hidden agenda besides the obvious first layer of his ambitions. The pretence between them was wearing thin, and yet they kept up their common act of this being a physical examination. Why? Lucan knew that it was for both their sakes yet in different ways. For should either one of them have a change of hearts, they could do so while fastidiously claiming that everything was according to regulations - the truth only what they made it out to be together.

When she happened to brush her hand against him, he signalled to her that it was perfectly aright with a deep breath and a pause before answering. "I think I can assist you with your clothing," he said quietly and bent his knee, hooking the pants and undergarments with his shoe - pushing them slowly down her legs until they hooked at her ankles and her own shoes. The sight of her wetness made him smile to her in his charming and dismantling way. "You should be able to kick them off your feet now. Oh, there is no need for you to have your hands behind your head anymore, so you can rest your head against my upper arm instead and lower your hands."

Thus, he ran his left arm behind her head and embraced her with it, letting her lie comfortably against his bicep - his warm breaths now closer to her ear. The hand that had slid around her came to rest upon her left breast, idly happening to caress the nipple with its palm with their every minute movement. Yet he did not ask her to put her hands on him in turn. For when he spoke, it was with a low and deep voice that thrummed against her. "Could you please bend your knees and set your feet wide? You will feel me pressing down upon areas of your lower abdomen from the outside with the heel of my hand and my thumb, and I will be inserting my middle and index fingers." His tattooed hand came to rest upon her middle and slid downwards. "Yet first, I will examine the external genitalia, including the vulva - containing the Mons pubis - and the labia major. Then the labia minor... followed by the clitoral hood."

Sensually, and yet somehow perfectly professional about it, Lucan reached her heat and kneaded the lowest part of her abdomen while stroking his fingers across her outer labia - his fingers soaked by her nectar right away. If she shifted, his other hand rubbed her left breast - her nipple scraping against his palm. For a minute or so, he let two of his fingers rub the outside of her wet folds, while his middle finger teased the clitoris and her entrance.

"Traditionally," he said eventually with deep breathing against her ear, "I should take a plastic spatula and - with the use of a speculum - take a Pap smear sample of cells from your cervix. However, a sample of fluid can also taken from the vagina to test for infection." Thus said, he removed his hand from her womanly heat and raised his glistening fingers up to their faces, where they could both see the results of her arousal. Yet more importantly for their pretence, they could smell her. "The sweet scent of the flora is something that I can still remember, and your secretions does not contain any such smell, so that is fortunate... yet I still think we should complete the examination."

To perform a bimanual exam, which was done with his fingers, yet...

"I need to check the orientation, length and width of the vagina," he whispered into her ear as he returned his fingers to her slick heat - stroking her anew.  He raised his head a bit so that she could meet his intoxicating stare, see the corners of his eyes crease in a rueful smile. "I will isolate the cervix, testing for cervical motion tenderness. Yet I have trouble reaching... so if you would allow it, I think we both want me to use another instrument to complete this physical."

Only then did he kiss her.

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Natalie was hiding her need behind regulations and concern for her medical well being, but the truth of the matter was, by the time her pants were down and her most intimate of places on full display, the Operations Chief wanted more, and she wanted it badly. The thing was, she couldn't figure out why? Was it simply the animal magnetism that seemed to radiate off of Dr. Lucan Nicander? Was it a product of the close quarters, or something more sinister, a more...viral need? So maybe her medical concerns were real...but just not enough of a concern for her to try and ignore how good this was starting to feel.

Not that she could ignore it if she wanted to. He was skilled, she noted, almost analytically, and out of character for the situation, as she felt him push her clothing down. Hard to ignore a man that was so...dexterous with his feet of all things. Silently, she nodded, not trusting her voice, as she did just that: kicking her pants off, causing bare legs to brush against the fabric of his trousers, and resting her head in his arms, again, the fabric keeping the contact...professional, or as professional as it could be, with her head nestled against him, her nose breathing in his scent, antiseptic with a hint of something earthy, she thought.

She listened with rapt attention, drawing short breaths, as he described what was about to happen. Idly she wondered if he realized what his fingers were doing. Again, she could call him out...but why would she do that when the taut nipple felt so good, with his skilled fingers brushing against it. "I understand, doctor," she finally said, softly, as she pulled her knees up, one flanking either side of the dark haired man. When was the last time she willingly exposed herself like this to someone? Probably her last trip to a gynecologist, if she were being truthful. This was certainly not like that exam at all.

Delicate fingers worked a soft pattern around her mound, and despite her best efforts, Natalie gasped. The last person to touch her there intimately, without any outside influence was a boy at the academy, years ago, and he was not at all skilled. The doctor, however, seemed to know just how to tease those folds, for that what was going on, despite her minds protests otherwise, that this was simply a medical examination: the man was working her up, and while she hid behind the rapidly disintegrating lie of professionalism, her body was responding. A fact made intimately, embarrassingly evident by the glistening fingers thrust between the two of them.

Blushing hard again, her heart pounding under her breasts, something she was sure the doctor could feel, Natalie started to say something. She realized, just before he bent down, exactly what Lucan was purposing for examining just how...deep Natalie's not quite virginal canal went. Her words, any slim protest that she might have made, were swallowed against the doctors lips however as they came crashing down on hers. Protest? She thought, weakly, Why in Gods name would I protest!?

Her lips sucked on his, unskilled, but making up for it with enthusiasm. Her fingers reached out, curling against the fabric of his uniform, digging in, tugging, as her body reacted with a will of its own. Perhaps it was muscle memory from the day prior, but her hips arched, pressing her chest against his hand, warm breasts smashed slightly by the action, her pelvis rocking under him. Her legs squeezed in against his hips, and a low, needy whimper slipped out from between their lips.

With eyes half shut, and her body shifting back and forth under Lucan, Natalie surrendered into the kiss. She held out for as long as she could, but finally her head tilted back, into the crook of his arm and she drew in a sharp gasp of air. "Don't..." she stammered, "Don't stop," the words, rushed out before she could even think them through, accompanied the growing ache between her legs, the need for something more. He'd teased her lips, brushed against that sensitive nub of nerves, but she craved something she'd felt only once before, and was trying, desperately, to feel it again, judging by the way her hips pressed up against his, sure to leave a wet stain on his black trousers.

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"I won't..." Lucan had no intention of stopping. Oh, no, he had every intention of reliving the residual dreams of the earlier day, minus the virus, of course. Natalie Stark had woken an appetite for her, and now was the time to make the dreams come true.

Fingers churning into the human's vaginal passage, and his tongue seeking hers, Lucan finally felt her fingers grasp in neediness at his erection just as his own fingers stroked the roused peak of her left breast. It was a close and intimate embrace, warm mouths and hot breaths narrowing down the world to the imminent. He had set her aflame with need, just as he ached for the same thing - straining against his restricting clothing in order to throb in her fumbling hand. Below, she was thrusting her hips against his hand and his thigh respectively, and she felt very wet and inviting. Her words were unnecessary to him, for her need for him to continue was more than evident.

Remembering the Garden of Eden, and those moments of madness when Cir'Cie had infected him in the final moments before the USS Relativity arrived, Lucan suspected her to be innocent. That plant might have taken her virginity, given how she fumbled with his male organ through the trousers, for all he knew. It was rather fetching, actually. The beast cried to savage her innocence, yet his higher brain functions forbade instincts to rule - her being important for other things. He had nothing to gain by her demise or injury. Rather the opposite.

He helped her, removing his hand from her heated sex in order to open up his uniform trousers. He hooked the hem of his undergarments with his thumb and pushed down - baring himself to the air of their close confines. Never did his mouth leave hers, nor his hand her breasts, until he rolled onto his back and pulled her along with him - helping her so that she faced him fully and set her legs wide. With her straddling him as she lay on top of his chest, his hands roamed her backside while he savoured her mouth fully - his penis a warm thickness against her lower abdomen.

One of his tattooed hands hurriedly unzipped his own uniform jacket and undershirt for her, allowing himself to feel her firm and heavy breasts against his own chest as they struggled in the needs they shared. At the times he could while they wrestled for more, he took her nipples into his mouth - each in turn - and twirled his tongue around them.

His tumescence awaited her, not wishing to force his length inside her without her control of the situation. He could have, yet at the same time, he believed he might hurt her if he did so without her deciding the pace and depth of entry. Hurting her would be a set-back, all things considered, despite his wish to do so.

While they kissed hungrily, he had fallen silent, yet he indicated that she might continue the diagnosis whenever she wanted... by reaching down between them and grabbing the base of his arousal - raising it up against her wet outer labia. "Doctor-patient confidentiality..." he whispered breathlessly, "show me what you want. Take what it is you need..."

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Maybe it was simply the heat of the moment, or maybe it was a lingering effect of the viral infection from the pervious day, but regardless of why, the what of the situation had Natalie gasping against Lucan's lips. There was so much sensation, all over her body. She could smell him, taste his lips, his tongue, and god above she could feel him. If only she could free him! But her fingers kept fumbling, not used to trying to undo a zipper from the other side. Trembling, her hand pressed against his girth, trapped in his pants, and she whimpered in frustration.

Not that she could really focus on that anyway's, not with the way he teased her breast, the way his body pressed to hers. A hand moved away, she made a soft noise of longing, but it was fast replaced by a moan of excitement. That hand was between them, that zipper was coming undone...yes! she thought, feeling him slip from his pants, the way the Doctors hips shimmied against hers. She reached out to cup him, but ended up letting out a startled "Meep!" instead, as Dr. Nicander deftly twisted them about in the cramped Jefferies tube.

Still, he had her lips trapped, sucking the very breath from her lungs in that searing kiss. She ground her hips against him, more on instinct, then any skill or practice that she'd had. Perhaps no longer a virgin, but grossly inexperienced, Natalie contented herself for a moment with the feeling of skin on sweet, muscular skin. She could feel his heart pounding under her breasts, could taste his lips, his sweat, and that glorious heat trapped against her stomach! That she particularly liked. Being on top, however, being on charge, sent her cheeks back into flaming red territory.

Any embarrassment faded when those lips closed over her nipples, one after the other. This time, she could feel what he was doing, without the haze of infection. She was completely aware of each and every overpowering sensation, and that sucking sent a jolt from her nipples all the way to her already wet sex, which seemed to clench in need. "Ohhhhhhhh~" she whimpered out, toes quite literally curling as her fingers scrambled to gain purchase somewhere on his body, slipping over his shoulders and pressing down on the decking below them.

When he finally pulled away, when he spoke those words, she shivered, from head to toe, then jolted up when he brushed against her folds. He wants....he wants...he wants[/i] she couldn't quite form the thought properly in her head; the feeling of that thick, throbbing warmth pressed right against her pussy lips was just too much; her thoughts short circuited. Instead, she bit her lip, blushing hard, looking down at the doctor, her hair falling over her shoulders. With a whimper, she rocked her hips back, slowly at first. Her lips closed over his cock head, then slid back off as she let out a delicious little moan.

"Oh..." she murmured, rocking back down again, slowly taking him just a bit deeper. Her entrance began to stretch around his cockhead, teasing it, squeezing and sliding off, again, and again, as if she wasn't sure she were ready to take him in properly. Finally though, she rocked back, and her sex clenched, then relaxed, and she slide down his prick, taking the head, and an inch or two into her, her eyes going wide. Natalie swore she could feel Lucan stretching her open wider, Her hands found his chest, and she sat up, as best she could in the cramped confines, and let her fingers dig into his skin, shuddering over him, clenching his tip "Ohhhh yes"

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If any single act was ever equated with sex, it was the act of penetration - the consummation of all the previous social manoeuvrings. Of all conversation and dating and kissing and whatever other precursors there might have been. The point of no return. Theirs had been a strange path to that point, yet nonetheless satisfactory when it came along.

Gradually, she accepted him - eased herself down unto him. She had sat up as best as she could in order to get a better angle, and Lucan let her experiment - the moment a rarity that he was content to observe rather passively. Despite how she enticed the crown of his manhood with her careful approach, he merely ran his tattooed hands over her skin - letting them stroke up her sides and run along the sides of her neck. His pale eyes roamed her, for she framed her breasts for him when she had her hands on his chest, yet it did not give him immediate access beyond the fact that she was a ravishing human and the display of them made him harder further. The inches embedded inside her vaginal passage flexing in anticipation for what was to come.

Eventually, he reclaimed the initiative a bit, even if she was the one that could dictate the forthwith pace. Caressing her, his breaths deep and focused, his inked hands came to rest upon her hips. With his hold, he eased himself further into her. A driving thrust that glided upward, deeper. Finding her previous rhythm, he lifted her a bit - feeling her confines tug at his girth - then guided himself slowly, inch by incredible inch, inside her anew. And as his hot flesh slid into her, his lips pursed and let out a sound deep down in his throat. She might have lowered herself gingerly upon him at first, but as her sheath expanded and came to encompass his thickness more easily, he pulled her down with his hands... made her sink herself more fully unto him. Again. And again.

"The dream is no match to the reality," he said in his deep voice, eyes looking into hers - the vowels thicker now as she had roused him a great deal with her innocence. She had not even managed to sheath him completely inside her yet. Breath catching in the heated air of the jefferies tube, Lucan adjusted his grip and pulled her down more, easing further into her depths. He wanted to make her slide down until she enveloped him fully. The hymen was long gone, and there was naught to stop their bodies from joining completely. "During arousal... and subsequent sexual intercourse... there are physiological changes in both the male and the female," he murmured in a low voice, the pretence still appearing to be tantalising for her. "Breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure... nnghhh... are the systems most commonly measured, although there are certainly other indicators. Of all the changes that occur during coitus... ahh... the breathing rate is the most obvious."

His grip begged her to answer his languidly thrusting hips, beginning the primal rhythm in truth. He delved deeper into her with each rhythmic push. A measured, insistent and yet hypnotic pace that was a mental challenge for him to uphold, who craved so much more.  "Breathing may be irregular... shallow... or unsteady. Other indicators would require... instruments other than your ear to detect. Everything seems to me perfectly normal... with no influence of infection. No unseemly amount of vaginal secretions to lubricate me. Your vaginal passage is... tight... warm... and it expands for me... which is as it should be."

Without voluntary choice, the rhythm had increased, and he rocked her hips to his sensual rhythm - his turgid length squirming its way fully into her at last. Slick warmth surrounded him completely, tugged at him every time from the hilt to the crown. In the end, he had to release her hips and prop himself up on his arms while she rode him, so that he might suck upon those breasts and lash his tongue against the hardened peaks within the warm confines of his mouth. They were too irresistible to just watch whilst they bounced to their pagan dance.

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Even the simple contact of his hands on her skin was enough to send shivers down her spine, let alone the sweet sensation of that heat sinking slowly into her. Natalie experimented with a few different angles, trying to find the best one, given the tight space. She leaned into his hands as he caressed her neck, her head tilting to press her lips to a thumb, then shuddering, falling back as the tip of his cock again brushed her deep inside. But before she could truly settle on what was her favorite position, Lucan's hands had moved south, and gripped her firmly about the waist.

"OHhhh~GOD!" the operations officer gasped out, eyes going wide as he speared her, pushing her folds wider apart and thrusting up deeper inside of her almost virgin tight canal. Natalie would swear that she could feel every quarter inch of Lucan's shaft stretching her core, filling her with that firm, velvet heat. Her muscles clenched down on him, and she found herself whimpering, her head falling forward with strands of brown hair obscuring her view of Lucan, rocking up beneath her. Her hands pressed down against his chest, trying to push her hips up, to ease herself a bit, but his hands guided her down, and she moaned and whimpered, noises rising up unhindered from her throat.

A fierce blush flashed across her face as Lucan sweet talked her, the small admission from the doctor, not only that he dreamed about her (she had done the same, tho she might have been more prone to call the heated, foggy dreams nightmares, considering that they left her shaking when she woke), but that she was outshining those dreams? The poor young woman couldn't wrap her mind around it, but then she didn't have long to do so. Something about his insistence on explaining, in explicit detail, the 'test' he was running cut though Natalie's embarrassment. Or maybe it was the simple fact that the pleasure just kept building and building inside of her, and it was short circuiting her ability to care about how embarrassed she should be, and focusing more on how good she felt.

Her eyes shot open wide again, however, when she felt clit brush against the taut skin of the doctors pelvis. She tossed her head back and ground herself against him, squeezing every perfect inch of the cock buried inside her slick, wet pussy. The pace picked up, and she went with it, surrendering that little bit of control. Sure, she was on top. Sure, she could probably force the issue if she wanted...but she didn't want to. Natalie wanted him deep inside of her, because each thrust up, every time her hips left the floor just a bit, and squeezed against his shaft, sent another wave of heat bubbling up from between her legs.

She was gasping his name, when his lips closed over her breasts. One arm shot out to grab onto the wall for support, the other, looping around behind Lucan's neck. Her hips rolled in a serpentine motion, instinct and desire taking over, short circuting what was left of her control. It was a heated, animalistic passion that took over, fingers caressing Lucan's hair, slipping in as he sucked her nipples, each one a hard pebble, sensitive and aching. "Yes, yes yesmmmmmyesLucan" her words were starting to run together, her breath coming in shorter and shorter gasps her hear beating faster and faster. She wasn't sure what was going on, not any more, just that she wanted more.

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She tasted like sweat and woman, Lucan decided as he licked and sucked upon those heaving breasts of hers - her sheath siphoning on his rigid cock.

"No sign... of lactation," he said distractedly for sake of the comfort she took in the pretence. Her nigh virgin walls were milking him in alarming tightness - breaking down his restraints by the moment. Deciding that he wanted to savour this woman a bit longer, he suddenly raised her waist higher - slipping free of her glorious confines. With consummate experience, he helped lay her down on her back in the Jefferies tube - his pale yes catching the damp petals of her womanhood exposed and waiting. They seemed to be hoping - begging - to be impaled by his hot bulging shaft again.

At this point, he said nothing. Lucan moved over Natalie. Even on her back, those breasts were beautifully formed and rose with every heaving breath. He positioned himself over her, kneeling between her knees with his head bent forward because of the restricting height of the tube. He did not keep her waiting. He leaned forward and settled his entire weight on her writhing body. As he kissed her, tattooed hands raking through her thick hair, he pressed his member to her passion-moistened depths, and slowly, carefully eased himself inside her anew.

Oh, but the warm fist of her cunt clenched and shuddered. Moving, he made them both heave in passion. He could feel her pulsating -- contracting and releasing his erection at the times where she accepted his full length. Her body language said a great deal to him, knowing just how to play a woman like an instrument. Bucking, arching and colliding in well-practiced rhythm. With every withdrawal, he never left her body wanting - his driving need grinding into her again with short notice - over and over. He set the rhythm that Natalie seemed to enjoy the most and maintained it relentlessly. Their breathing was in gasps - the air like a furnace around them. He drove his member to its hilt with each thrust at a increasing pace. His mouth was against her neck.

He could no longer resist the increasing sensations, her sweaty and pliant body wriggling against him, her noises. Soon she would feel his seed spill into her moist depths, feel the warm gush fill her. At that point, he would have to keep the beast from taking him over - forbid it to break her neck and watch the orgasm make a dead body writhe. It would not be very constructive. The toil of cleaning up the mess risky as well - his cover blown just because of a momentary whim? No, he would remain the perfect lover for her.

A consummate lover that relentlessly sought her climax before his own.

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Part of Natalie should have been relieved to hear the continued diagnosis from Dr Nicander; after all it was good news. Judging by everything he'd managed to say - impressively, considering that she was riding his shaft there in the jefferies tube - it appeared that whatever encounter she had endured the previous day under the machinations of the being who called herself Ishtar had left no permanent impact. And yet, she couldn't care. Not as she felt that glorious heat burning inside of her, the rising need that had been building steadily along her pelvis. A throbbing ache, a heat that threatened to boil over, all from that hard shaft of flesh filling her up.

But then it was Gone! She whimpered and gasped, eyes going wide, glancing down between them, just catching a glimpse of his glistening cockhead, free of her now empty pussy. She looked back up to Lucan, only to have her vision swim again, as he once more repositioned her, now flat on her back. Her chest rose in fell, with deep, rapid gasps of the hot, sticky air between them. It smelled of cordite, plasma and sex, and it made her whimper more, biting down on her swollen lips and looking up with pleading eyes.

Before Natalie could beg, Lucan had lowered himself down atop her once again, and slid back in, tearing relieved cry from her lips, the bottom one flush with the marks of her teeth. Her head rolled back, exposing the curve of her neck as she shivered, feeling his hands tugging into her hair. She was losing control, of the situation, of the rhythm, and of herself. It was exciting, it was enticing, and it seemed it override any conscious train of thought.

She let herself become lost in the heat of the moment, just letting herself go. Her hips rocked with Lucan's, matching the pace, shifting under him on instinct, no hint nor trace of skill, just desire. He hilted again and again, each time causing her to mewl and clench along his shaft. Her hips worked faster, her body coated in thin sheen of sweat. arms circled around his neck, as the heated, aching built faster and faster. "L-lu-lucan," she stammered out his name, all pretense gone on her end. No playing around at an examination now, just the need, the aching burning need. Her lips danced across his ear as she held him tightly, her feet pressing down, slipping on the floor, then looping around Lucan's waist, one foot resting on the swell of an ass cheek, the other crossed over her ankle.

"Oh oh oh oh ohohohohohoohohhhhhhhhyyeeee!" It was an embarrassing noise, a moan  and a plea all mixed in one.It came crashing down on her, he body burning as she shouted. She rocked up against him as her canal began to ripple and squeeze, over and over, along his shaft, drawing him in deep, and holding him there as best she could. Her body convulsed under him, twisting and bucking, nails clawing at his back, her breath short, gasping. Her face scrunched up, eyes shut tightly, mouth hanging open in a now silent 'o', the breath ripped right from her body. It was easily the strongest climax she'd had, that she could remember at the very least, catching her off guard, robbing her of all sense, leaving her twitching beneath Lucan, milking his shaft for all she was worth.

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The Chief of Operations welcomed Lucan's thrusts with desperate sounds, and he forced the breaths out of her lungs with his movements. He also fought for more oxygen in short, sharp gasps. Her legs soon encompassed him, her crossed heels digging into him, drawing him in. Her fingers clawed at him underneath his opened undershirt - slipping over his rippling muscles of his firm, smooth back. He supported himself on his strong arms, and managed to form words against her swollen lips before she came.

"You seem in perfect health..." he rasped with teeth bared in a grin, finishing his diagnosis. Yet he obliged her all the same, not about to leave her wanting. Of that there was no risk, however, for then came the shuddering in breaths of gasping completion.Until the end, Lucan was caught up in the heat and the sensual grind, the sheet thrill of it - dark purposes nigh forgotten. For there was nothing but obliterating sensation as Natalie contorted, until the quake of inward rapture seized his steely tumescence.

With the last shreds of his self-control, he held on until he felt more tremors shake her body - cramping around his plenipotentiary instrument. He found himself gripping her shoulders and head and bucking in rictus - beside himself - and a strange animal noise escaped whilst the mounting crescendo overtook them both. Her cry of deliverance echoed down both ends of their heated confines, the fiery culmination that set her on fire also igniting him. For he gave her his embalming injection. Felt his hot seed spill into her.

Oh, but he flooded himself into her as he continued to move, the glorious waves of splendour making him groan long and low. Between them were such a frenzy in the wake of their simultaneous explosions - marked by staccato spasms. He allowed his molten juices to intermingle with hers, the aftershock thrusts making him light-headed since she made him so sensitive. Such Bliss, to not have to fight the beast and to just be himself... until the feeling subsided.

Throat parched and yet his thirst slaked, he found himself still sheathed within her when everything fell into place - Natalie having the same ragged breathing as his own. He raised a hand and raked back some loose hair from her eyes and smiled. Now, how could he pull back, and not let her start governing romantic feelings for him? He had a feeling she might, if he gave her no cause but to think that he pursued her out of such interests. How might he make her feel awkward, and yet stay on her good side? To have her desire him, since he was the first 'real' man to claim her.

"Usually," he said intimately, chuckling inside at his plot, yet only a mischievous smile allowed to animate his predatory features, "a pelvic exam includes your rectum, if you would allow me to do an anal examination." He might just be wrong, but he suspected that it was an easy  deal-breaker he had just voiced. Key was to remain her friend, though ending any romantic notions in her pliant and young mind. In the wake of his words, he shifted his hips back - his glistening meat escaping her twitching confines at long last.

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She could barely hear a word that Lucan said as she convulsed under him. Seeing anything was a feat in its own right, focus, impossible. All she knew was that the burning heat had broken across her body, infusing every pore with pleasure.Her hips kept grinding against the doctor, her legs, her core, squeezing in a rhythm she had no control over. Were her nails longer, they might have drawn blood, but as it was, they raked his back, under that shirt.

Natalie's eyes shot open wide when she felt that first pulse of liquid heat inside of her. She still couldn't vocalize her pleasure, her need, as she felt spurt after spurt pulse within, soaking her further, coating her core and splashing against the back of her sex. She felt full, so full, and it was glorious. The way he still rolled his hips. Those short, jerky thrusts that dragged his spasming cock across the top of her canal, coating and twitching. And the strained noises of release were music to her ears


Finally, he lay there, atop her, the two struggling to catch their breath, to find a peaceful place in the afterglow. She smiled up at Lucan, a soft, happy little look. She felt too good to be embarrassed just yet, feeling him nestled between her legs, which had finally stopped twitching. He raked his hair back and flashed her a grin, and Natalie felt a thump in her chest. This was what it felt like, to have someone give attention to her, to work her body like a finely tuned instrument. She knew she'd want more.

"Usually," he said intimately, chuckling inside at his plot, yet only a mischievous smile allowed to animate his predatory features, "a pelvic exam includes your rectum, if you would allow me to do an anal examination."

And with that just a bit of the warm fuzzy feeling died, and the embarrassment hit full on. Bright red, her cheeks went again, and her eyes darted left and right, "Um," she murmured, biting her lip, then shaking her head, slowly. She remembered the plants had violated her there, too, and she remembered liking it, at the time, to her shame. Now tho, she was most assuredly not ready to try that again.

"I thank you for your um...diligence, doctor," she said finally. She wouldn't make this awkward, she told her self, not after the fun they had just had. "But I think that we've...determined there is no infection," it was time to hide behind the medical examination falsehood the two had told each other. "While you're bedside manner is...divinely wicked," Divinely wicked? really? Really Nat?, "I don't think I can take much more today." She gave him a nervous smile, looking up at him, soaked in sweat and (between her legs) other fluids, there on the floor of the Jefferies Tube.

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After she spoke the expected answer, Lucan's chuckle was of the easy-going kind that was meant to put her at ease. "Another day then, should you feel so inclined. My thanks for complimenting my bedside manner, as unorthodox as it might have seemed today."

The tattooed hand which he had used to rake away hair from her lips and eyes continued to stroke her - brushing long, dark hair from her face and feeling the soft strands flow between his fingers. He caught himself remembering doing that with Kisane in another lifetime, as another man. He shook off the notion as quickly as it came, irrelevant as it was during this moment. He smiled to the Chief of Operations, and thought the woman's mouth could be put to good use in other ways than puns about his bedside manner. With her legs still around him and their warm genitalia barely separated - he gave her another kiss of significance. He wanted her to truly believe she had not disappointed him in denying any further advances in their examination.

Only when he had tasted her lips thoroughly and put all the residual energy between them into the exchange, the hard planes of his chest pressed against her aching breasts and his semi-erect base pressed into her folds... did he part from her with a rueful smile. "I don't think I have performed such a pleasant examination before."

Lucan lowered himself to her side anew, unable to keep himself from casting his glance across the sweat-glimmering expanse of her body in the dim light. "In truth, its was a balm..." he said in his deep voice, pale eyes returning to hers. His words were quite serious despite his small smile, "It has soothed the sharper edges of the memories we share. Therapeutic, I believe is the term Counsellor Nelis would chose. Thank you for seeing the same merits that I did."

Having this conversation while his undershirt lay open and his glistening length was bared to her did not strike him as odd in the least. The lighting favoured them both with its mysterious glamour to their skin, as if they were in a dream still. "As I said, I have not found any evidence that I hold lingering infection," he said and paused, "not that I expect you to remember my bodily appearance from when I lay next to you in that Garden. Nevertheless, ahem, my point is that I hope that my intentions - innocent as they were when I came here first - are not in question. I could loose my medical licence over this, had we still been a part of Starfleet."

A pinch of worry. A dusting of shame. His facial expression was part the handsome and charming doctor, and a mere man at the same time. The right recipe for the moment, had he not asked her to examine him as well with those full lips of hers. Not this woman, no, not this innocent. She would never seek more from him on her own, would she? No, he had to give her the righteous and professional front, not to exploit her just yet.

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Natalie had worried that, despite the initial medical reasoning behind their coupling, her denial of anything.., raunchier was the word that came to mind, had upset the good doctor. But the gentle touch of those oh so strong, tattooed hands, on her cheek, her lips, put her at ease, and the press of his lips to hers, the sensual, breath stealing nature of it truly put her mind at ease. She blinked her eyes a few times, and blushed, almost bashful, when he spoke again,

"Agreed, Doctor," The operations head said softly, a breathless quality to her words once again, "I can safely say no house call, or any other visit, has been quiet this...extensive, or enjoyable." She was babbling. The usually quiet woman was babbling. Is this what sex does to people, she thought, leave them barely coherent and running their mouths like they've been moonstruck?

He slipped from atop her, and from her body, stretching out, next to her in the cramped confines of the Jefferies tube. She rolled a bit, tucking a bare arm under her sticky cheeks, so that she wasn't resting on the metal grating, and watched as he spoke. Her bright eyes traveled along the toned muscle displayed by the opening in his shirt, and she resisted the utterly outrageous urge to purr.

Still, when he finished, she had to nod, and she reached out, tentative, at first. Hands far more used to working on ODN conduits and tinkering with wires and chips traced his jaw, before she pulled her fingers back, blushing, "I'd never question your intentions, Doctor," she said, her voice a whisper. She may have moaned his given name earlier, but now, at least, she was struggling to wrap herself in the cloak of professionalism once again.

Smiling still, she rolled onto her side, gulped and smiled, "I shall keep the specifics of this examination to myself," Still babbling, "and trust you to do the same. I am truly relieved that neither of us seem to have any lasting effects from our encounter," She'd said it before, but it bore repeating, in her mind, "As for...therapeutic. Yes, I suppose that would be a good way to put it. I don't feel any...shock, or horror or - oh god, I'm sorry," she smiles, flushing, "I just meant was enjoyable, and I'm not...scared of it? sorry, babbling" her face was red with embarrassment.

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His winning smile lighting up his features in the dim light, Lucan chuckled good-naturedly at her babbling. "Thank you for understanding, yet I do think we are both a little bit shocked, at least," he said ruefully, his pale eyes wandering the glistening expanse of her body quite openly since she so freely gazed upon him. The touch of her fingers on his face had made him smile, for now it was his turn to touch her. And he did, while he spoke in a hypnotising tone of voice.

"On my end, I remain surprised that you wanted to be intimate with me, considering the circumstances we have been in before." As he spoke, she would be feeling his touch connect and slide from her shoulder down to her waist, a single fingertip sliding across her skin all the way down. Then came his palm, scooping around her hip and dragging fingers back up her side. Then, it slid downwards again, across her stomach, and finally glided upwards again over her bellybutton... all the way up her abdomen. "I had thought that my presence would cause trauma... rather than entice you so." Eventually, his hand reached its destination and cupped her sensitive breast in a tentative squeeze.

"I am, however, immeasurably glad that you wanted to indulge yourself, just like I did when you responded to my presence." He kneaded and squeezed her firm breast , even if he was taunting her in her arousal. For he suspected that she wanted him him to stimulate the centre of her breast, that most pleasurable spot that he had thus far ignored - her hardened nipple. He sought to tantalize her. Taunted and play, just out of reach of Natalie's delicate areola. "The way your body is responding to me again, I would say."

Every time, his fingers would deliberately brush just barely on the outer edge of it, meaning to send a sliver of tingles through her body, but never enough to satisfy her. The seconds wore on as his hand continued to have its way with her, tightly gripping her generous breast at the base and sliding up and down to create a sickeningly pleasing sensation. But every time he got to the crest, his fingers would manage to just... barely... brush... over it.

"Alas," he said and removed his hand, sighing and smiling in a tight-lipped way - the playful regret quite plain his is face, "I fear that we might be caught if we continue this. There is no telling if one of your junior officers might be looking for you with some inquiry right now. Perhaps, if you want, you could come see me when we are both off duty and not breaking regulations? I can but imagine the disappointment in Captain Ives' eyes if you, as his.. or her... new and promising Chief of Operations, was caught doing this. Yet I'd imagine that the Captain would be thinking me the culprit though, so perhaps he would let you off easy."

Despite his controlled ploy to entice her and leave her wanting, there was no denying the touch of her had made him hard again - his manhood a glistening arch that throbbed with excitement in the dim light. Yet he made no comment or motion, watching her innocent actions just to see what she might do. He was toying with her, of course, but it was an experiment where he left some variables open for the subject to explore on her own. He suspected that she might be too shy to do anything further, and his comment about the Chameloid would fluster her, yet there was no telling just how far he could entice her before denying her anything more.

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It wasn't something she often thought of, but she could see how a girl could get lost in his smile; she was, after all, dangerously close to doing so herself. So she took a slow, steadying breath, as the doctor chuckled and replied. Yes, she was observant enough to pick up on the fact that his eyes were roving over her, and, in post coital bliss, she found she liked it, even as it brought a soft, gentle blush to her cheeks. His voice was soothing, gentle, and amused, she could tell.

Biting her lip for a moment, she pondered his words there. She was shocked by it all. A few days before, she would have never considered what had happened as a possibility, and certainly, not with the Doctor. He had, up until this point, intimidated her somewhat. Not that she admitted that little tid bit out loud. Perhaps it was their shard ordeals that had allowed her to let her guard down, and...culminate the sudden desire that had sprung up. It never once crossed her mind that Lucan may have had this goal from the very beginning.

Oh! those teasing fingers of his. The short circuited any further train of thought, as she sucked in a deep, startled gasp. Sure enough, her body was responding. "I can only assume, doctor that...mmm" a blush, "that I feel calm and ...willing with you because of our shared...mmm experiences" she shifted, she squirmed and ended up nestled closer to him, as her nipples once again grew taut. That man, she thought, will get me in trouble. Sex...oh god. He just wouldn't connect!

But then it was gone, and she sensed a shift in his demeanor. The dynamic had changed, and her eyes fluttered back open once more. Natalie needed a moment to focus back in on what he was saying, to process his words, and again, she flushed red. He's going to worry you have a fever at this rate, Nat, she chastised herself, biting that plump bottom lip. "Oh God, I hadn't even thought of the Captain," she stammered, heart rate kicking up a notch. She certainly didn't want Lucan to get in trouble with Jien because of her!

Her eyes flicked down over him, as she sat up, starting to cover herself, as if just the mere suggestion that a junior officer might need her would summon said person into being, right there in the already quite crowded Jefferies tube. She reached for her shirt, but stopped, eyes going just a bit wide. He was hard again. Was he hard, because of her? Her eyes left that long, silken rock of flesh, and crawled back up to the good Doctors face. "I, um...that is," a heated glance back down. Did she want that, again? Maybe..."Perhaps a...follow duty, would continue to be, therapeutic?" She suggested, innocently. "Not that I just want therapy of course," she added hastily, pulling hr shirt on over her head to hide her embarrassment. Her bra, well, she'd take care of that, after a much needed cold shower.

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Watching her get dressed in a hurry, Lucan did not look away from her - his smile lingering.

"Nor I, and I most certainly think that a follow-up can be done off duty at our earliest convenience. Perhaps we even might have time for one after the Senior Staff meeting tonight." In his carefree demeanour, he reached down and handed her both panties and the lower half of her uniform. He took the opportunity to fetch his own garments as well - the pile a jumble of twisted textile below their feet. The cramped space did not make for the best conditions when getting dressed hastily, so he placidly took his time. He also took the time to study the subject of his little experiment as she tried to restore her modesty as quickly as possible.

"Actually," he said and laid back against the floor while he pulled up his underwear - half of his rigid length ending up still being visible above the waist line, "you could simply contact me when you feel ready to have your follow-up. I will let you decide where and when we should meet, since I want you to feel comfortable and we both might have to make sure we can have some privacy from prying eyes."

Pants and shoes on, undershirt and jacket closed, Lucan raked his tattooed hand through his hair and gave her a final smile. "Looking forward to hearing from you, and I will do my outmost to not let anyone know about this little examination." Clearing his throat, he reached down to adjust his aroused member in a more comfortable position. Curious how she had such a strong effect upon him. "I'll see you at the meeting tonight, and I suppose its crucial that we act as if nothing has happened. I bid you a pleasant day, Commander."

That said, he slid back towards the hatch and opened it - re-emerging into the Transporter room. Warm and wrinkled, the CMO smiled in a lopsided way towards a surveillance device mounted by the edge of the ceiling - adjusting both collar and sleeves. Thea would be watching, as always, yet he doubted that it mattered any. If he wanted to, he could blind her to his activities, even erase her records, yet this little escapade did not merit such a drastic measure. No, he rather suspected that Commander Stark and him were not the only ones fraternising in the wake of the Ishtar incident...

...even if he might be the only one with an ulterior motive.

Tugging his uniform straight, Lucan whistled an Envon tune while he headed for Sickbay, even if his mind remained in the Jefferies tube. Perhaps Eve is on duty? I think I might need some assistance in the medical supplies storage this afternoon...


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Natalie found herself pausing while trying to dress, her head sticking up from the yellow shirt, half zipped up in turn, her bust  still very much on display, and bare below the hips. The site of that rod of his, still poking out from the waist band. She averted her eyes quickly, lest she become the same shade as a ripe tomato. Hastily she tugged the zipper up, nodding at his words, the clear invitation to revisit their...antics at a late date, this evening, and the small suggestion that they maintain pretenses.

"I...look forward to it, Doctor," she said with a smile, twisting around to grab her pants."I will, ah, call you at my earliest convenience, after the meeting, of course," she added. When she turned around again, she got to see his smile, before he  slipped away. The doors shut behind the doctor, leaving Natalie half dressed in the relative privacy of the Jefferies tube. With no desire to stay in the cramped confines longer then necessary, she tugged her pants over her hips and prayed that there wouldn't be any stains from their coupling. She didn't bother with her underwear at all, beyond scrambling about to gather it all up.

That plump lip of hers trapped firmly between her teeth, she opened the doors, after waiting a good (she thought) 5 minutes. No one was in the transporter room, and hopefully, no one would notice that both she and the Doctor left the Transporter room at such a short interval. Then again, perhaps she was just being paranoid. With one final glance back at the doors to the Jefferies tube, she slipped out of the room, her under clothes shoved into the tool bag she'd had with her.

There was a secretive little smile on her face as she headed to the turbolift. A shower was in order. A long shower. A very, very, long shower.

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