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[ Deck 01 | Captain's Ready Room | USS Theurgy ]

Sipping his whiskey, Jien listened to his XO with interest, coming to understand the underlying reasons for the choice regarding the Deputy's fate. It seemed one of Edena's former hosts had taken a liking to the Andorian, and judging from what the Deputy had offered to do for Edena, it seemed the feelings that were taking for could be mutual. As for the misunderstanding, Jien supposed it was hard to tell who's fault that had been, and it did not matter either. The Andorian's assumption that the XO was taking advantage of her had been rectified, and so it seemed there was only one thing left to address.

The notion of Edena being drawn to the idea of being depicted in nothing but her skin made for an awkward topic between the Commander and Captain, yet since Edena seemed comfortable with sharing her personal thoughts on the matter, Jien would - of course - respectfully adjust to it. The explanation had taken them beyond the Alpha shift's hours, so they were now officially off duty. Not about to let the idle thoughts about Edena without her uniform take control of his mind, as it certainly would quite easily given how attractive the First Officer was, Captain Ives posed the obvious question.

"So have you decided if you will let her draw you?" he asked, sipping his whiskey, "I'm thinking it might, given how she is a professional and has a few commissioned paintings of Admirals hanging in Starfleet Academy, be a good way for her to come to terms with her mistake - to socialise with you - speak with you and learn that your intentions are honest. The painting would not require you to remove your clothes, for that matter, but the time spent with the Deputy will be fortunate in the long run, given the circumstances."

After his comment, Jien did come to consider said drawing, and he found it regrettable that Edena would probably never show it to anyone.

[ Deck 05 | Corridors | USS Theurgy ]

Thea listened intently to the SCO's suggestion, and she came to fold her arms underneath her breasts as she did so, cocking a hip in 'thought' - or the resemblance thereof. The flatter did not pass her by, and she smiled and nodded in response to it, even though she processed his statement like repetition of facts. She knew he was being kind from his choice of words, and she had come to know that it was the intentions behind the words that mattered in the socialising with organics. Alas, there was the trouble of discerning what those intention were that proved more difficult, since no organic was the other alike.

"Agreed," she said after the socially acceptable delay, actually only having needed 3,294 milliseconds in order to make the decision. "I am off duty, actually, for the moment, but if you just specify the number of different scenarios you need, I will provide you with an array of possible combat situations in line with what you have described. They will be awaiting in your computer console before your shift starts on the morrow."

Shifting her stance to lean on her other leg, Thea brushed a hand along her jaw in thought - a part of her developed and mimicked mannerisms. "I will of course provide for the enemy fire and ships on the Holo-deck, and I do not see any problems with assisting in the War Games either. All of these things would not directly require my projection to be present - my AI having the capacity to control the opposition without this body and these eyes having to be there... and quite possibly be in the way for you Wolves. It is to early to tell, though, since I have not processed the requirements of yours and filed the combat scenarios in the Holo-deck's memory just yet."

Straightening, Thea smiled and let her hands hang by her sides. "Was there anything else you needed from me?"

[ Clinic | Paradise City | Nimbus III ]

Oh, how Eve's actions tugged at his feeble restraint, and how she made him just want to cease their little game and find out if there was any truth to her claim regarding her underwear. Knowing Eve from before, he could not see why she might make such a lie, and in fact, he felt her dampness through their layers of clothing - a sign that he was not the only one enjoying this game immensely.

"Oh, how you tempt me..." he said and grinned, releasing a shuddering breath as she stroked herself against his arousal. His own movements added to hers, making their hips surge like the tide in their stillful yet heated challenge. She was already nibbling at his lips, so technically, she had been the first to breach that barrier to the past. For that was what this was: the reminiscing and the breaking of the time between then and now. Her tone, the way she said things, it was in her Deltan blood to drive him mad. The beasts were dumbfounded in desire as well, not so much as a sound from them about hurting Eve now that she was appealing to his desires so strongly. How odd to not hear them chanting for violence and bloodlust in such a situation...

Hi tattooed hands were upon her hips already so he felt her skirt riding low when she adjusted herself just so - trapping him against her wet and warm sex. Almost innocently, his fingers skimmed underneath the hem of the skirt - pushing them down further. He cupped her bottom without any cloth in the way for his palms, and he leaned down to lay his warm mouth against her neck - burrowing his tongue into her flesh. His hips never ceased moving, and at that point, his arousal was the only thing keeping her skirt from falling down her legs. He raised his mouth eventually to speak with his heated words against her ear. "Either us us have to pull away in order to go forward, else we will be in this impasse forever - or at least until the morning when your colleagues here intrude upon us."

Then he placed her earlobe inside his mouth - tongue touching it before his teeth lightly scraped against the sensitive skin. "How else might I properly welcome you back into Starfleet, than to let you remember something good from those bygone days?"

One of his hands reached further down her skirt - spanning the curve of her buttocks - and not only did he feel his own clothed and damp head surging against her... but his fingertips reached so far that her moist heat encompassed two of his fingertips.

[ Rihen Neyah's Hide-away | Paradise City | Nimbus III ]

Rihen chuckled deep down in her throat, a husky sound so breathless for the feeling of the man-meat inside her that it could barely be called a chuckle. "You bold young m-man," she said, gasping when he slid all the way home once more, and she remained seated so that she could feel all of him at once, "so confident, so sure... so... b-big, so eager to prove yourself... No need, just enjoy y-yourself, and I will d-do.. nnng... the same."

Seated, with him inside her, she bit her lip lightly and raked her hands all over him - through his hair and over his neck. Her hands came lower and tugged at the hem of his upper clothes - working to get it off him so that she might slide her hands all over his bare chest and shoulders. Yet this was only secondary, yes, for she had begun to thrust her hips forwards and backwards as she sat in his lap - undulating her hips to milk his manhood with her tight love channel - the slippery and rough friction making her groan hard and long at the feeling of him.

"Off with your clothes, let me lick and kiss your skin. I want to taste you when jamaharon coems to an end... as it does multiple times. With you... so very many times... judging by your virile and... nnghhh... so very hard horga'hn."

Right then, Rihen's eyes widened, lips pursed and voice hoarse. "My first ending draws near a-already..." she cried, and she leaned back on her hands in order to thrust her hips up and down - her breasts jiggling from the impacts they made as the came together. Leaning back, she created even more friction - making Kae's cock squirm its way up into her at an angle and making her go mad. "Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahh!"

The Risian climaxed upon the young engineer's cock so hard she feared she might fracture him in the process.

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[ Deck 07 | Armoury | USS Theurgy ]

Marija's eyes quickly glued to the table as he came closer, body tensing again despite how her back straightened and hands primly folded on the table before her. She seemed to be expecting the eventual inspection, barely able to hold back the sigh that tried to escape as he went about examining the weapons that she had worked on. She barely watched his actions form the corner of her eye, feeling very much like the child with her hand caught in the cookie jar. The mental use of such an idiom made her feel the need to try and justify her actions, "I know these re-calibrations aren't required since I was the one that just performed them last and yes, it was just recently. But if it doesn't hurt anyone and it helps me relax, I don't see what the problem is sir." The very mention of being unfit for duty made her lips form a thin line. She couldn't be unfit for duty. She wouldn't be able to handle so much time to herself..Yet she was dutiful enough to answer, "If a member is found unfit, they should be relieved of duty."

She still didn't meet his eyes, in fact she had no intention of doing so until the startling act he took. She was too surprised to stop the mildly intimate contact as his finger came to her chin, tilting her face to force her eyes to meet his own. She swallowed, trying to keep her heart from racing with both anticipation and excitement at even such small motions that showed true concern. It eased her enough to let her voice actually leak a little emotion into it, attempting to let him hear the confidence in the statement, "It's just a small case of insomnia. I've dealt with it before and I am certain I don't need the medical bay to know about it. Please sir, there's no need for concern. I'll be fine."

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Adam watched her reaction calmly for a few moments and then smiled as she was honest with him. "Ensign, I want you to put these phasers and rifles away...and then you will follow me down to med bay and we will set you up with an appointment with Lieutenent Garen Nelis, if you disobey these polite and off the record instructions, then I'll have no choice but to report you to Lt. Commander Grayson, on the suspicion of being unfit for duty, on account for sleep deprivation and possible PTSD symptoms.  This may seem harsh Marija but lets say your wrong, your insomnia keeps up and your sleep trouble gets worse.  We both know you've been through a lot lately, so this goes untreated.  A few weeks down the line, one of your assaulters is one of the people who you have to break up a fight with, and you freeze up.  He dies because you couldn't stop his attacker who by all accounts would have a legit reason to be pissed off at him. From striking out in fury.  Now you'd have a dead Starfleet officer on your hands, a victim who will likely be facing court marshal for assault and murder of a Starfleet officer, and your fitness for duty is brought into question, as well as your motive for why you didn't stop the attack.  I think we can both see, that you checking yourself in for an evaluation is the better option here don't you think? Just talk to him, and let him make the decision okay?  Thats all I ask as a friend and coworker." Adam did his best to make his advise sound sincere and from the heart.  The fact that he might later get rewarded for this and the fact that it looked good for him were more motivation for him then making sure she was actually okay though. 

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[ Clinic | Paradise City | Nimbus III ]

Eve was enjoying things immensely, watching the lust burning in his eyes as they teased each other through cloth and she didn't mind being the first to breach the barrier.  She wasn't normally a competitive person, not like Lucan anyway, and it was her intent to keep it somewhat a game yet a definite and steady progression to something that would satisfy both of them.

"Then I haven't lost my touch," she replied in response that she was tempting him and her hands at his shoulders began to touch him.  Feather light her fingernails glided along the well-formed shoulders and neck where she turned the direction to follow along his jaw to his chin.  Their breathing filled the quiet section of the clinic, deeper yet still not rushing though a soft sigh made the rhythm of her own pause as he reached under the material and kneaded her backside and his lips and tongue felt her pulse quicken.

When his lips reached her ear, her head tilted slightly to accept the breath and she shivered as her fingers coursed through his hair.  "Feeling you even this way makes it difficult to pull back," she admitted with a husky voice as he teased her earlobe and then a sultry chuckle slowly bubbled forth followed by a moan as his hands started to delve lower.  "I do believe Starfleet is getting much better at welcoming people."

Her head eased back, baring her throat to him as her breasts pressed against him and that pert ass tilted further out allowing his fingers to delve inside of her just a little further.  "Just when I was about to break the impass ... you bring me to somewhat of a halt," came her whispered words as she squeezed her thighs a little harder to apply more pressure all around his cock, continuing to glide back and forth feeling the rigidity against her clitoris and the teasing of two fingers brushing along her slickened walls.

Pulling his face to hers, she finally devoured his lips and sucked on his tongue as she reluctantly yet strongly pulled her lower body back from him.  The skirt floated to the floor and her hands untied the wrap around blouse, peeling it back off her shoulders and letting it join its mate.  Stepping back, breaking the kiss, she crooked her finger for him to follow and with a sinuous grace turned to walk to her room glancing back once to see him drinking in her nude form.

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[ Clinic | Paradise City | Nimbus III ]

The teasing came to an end in a searing kiss that Dr. Nicander partook in fully whilst two fingers were rubbing in and out of Eve - cock aching and chafing to split the damnable cloth that lay in its way.

The taste of her was to re-experience the past, from a time when he was merely Câroon and not so much more. She stated like before, and he was just as insistent as her - matching her fervour step by step. Whilst they kissed, he sawed his fingertips into her from behind, and he panted hoarsely when their mouths came apart. When she stepped way, the beasts finally shrieked in protest and to punish her, yet he was too startled to have any inclinations of any kind. No, his tattooed hands fell to his sides, and his smile slowly awakened when he saw her shed her garments and beckon for him to follow.

Oh, that body. Outer-worldly in allure and flawless in the dim and caressing light. The sway of her hips tugged him into motion, and he followed her - unlacing his damp and blood-stained breeches as he stalked her towards her humble abode. There was no room for questions in such a simple gesture that she'd given him, and there was no answers but to follow her - his confident stride given an emphasis  by the way he shamelessly unlaced himself for her.

Once they were in her room, he left the door open so that they might hear Skye Carver's running diagnostics program if it warned for sudden internal bleeding. At that point, he did not care one whit about her or her fate, so blinded by the need to have this woman of the past once more. He left the door open because he had to, for the sake of his act and the façade he kept up. True, he might want to claim the fighter pilot one day, but it all depended on too many factors that he did not have the presence of mind to list right then. He could, but now his mind was devoted to a single priority. His two fingers were still damp from her nectar, so he knew she was more than ready for him. She knew hos much she had teased him, and they both knew what came next. It was the rehearsal of things not forgotten - of actions that they had shared in before. It was the repetition of the medicinal library.

He took her wrist and turned her around, pushed her playfully into the bare wall and ceased her with arms and hands. He smothered her breasts against the hard planes of his chest as he lifted her up. He split her mouth open with his own and pried his tongue past her teeth. His arousal was as hard as only she might make it, and he barely gave her any time to catch her breath before he lowered her down unto him. A harsh grunt signalled the completion felt, and he looked into her eyes as he began to move - his thrusts forceful and uncompromising. His kisses did not allow for debate either, arms arching her back so that he might scrape his teeth and burrow his tongue into her breasts. His lips sucked at her teats hard, and he licked her from the nape of her neck to her ear - a savageness born from memory as well as new promises.

"Welcome aboard..." he said with bared teeth, his cock grinding all the way to its hilt inside her, "the USS Theurgy..."

Promises of time together - of duty mixed with pleasure. Of obligations in perfect blend with freedom for exploits.

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[ Deck 02 | CTO Quarters | USS Theurgy ] by Taguiera & Acutor Lucan

"Where and how would you prefer me?  Entirely nude?  Would you prefer the lights up brighter?  You are the artist, consider me your model."

With slow and deliberate movements, she began undressing, sitting in her chair for a moment to remove one sock, then the other.  Standing once more, she undid her pants and slid them down her long, slender legs before stepping out of them.  She picked them up and folded them neatly, turning and laying them over the back of her chair.  Turning back to Ida, she hesitated, waiting for the Andorian to decide her own desires in art.

Having replicated canvas and easel, brushes and paint, Ida was setting things up properly - laying the things not in her hands on a table. A consummate professional, she made no unnecessary movements in the preparations, only deftly sorting the brushes the oil paint the way she always kept them. By the time the Vulcan had spoken, Ida was ready and simply hiked up the sleeves of her golden undershirt - the collar still opened to the middle of her chest because of the warmth in the CTO's quarters. Smiling as her midnight blue eyes wandered her model for the afternoon, Ida pulled out a black hair ribbon that she used to tie back her pristine white hair. Her antennae moved as she considered what she needed to practice.

"Computer, dim the lights to sixty percent," she said, and dropped her hands to her sides, tilting her head in thought, "If you are comfortable with it, my technique would merit from drawing you without clothes. If I give too much instructions about your pose, it won't be natural, so just sit or lie down in the couch, or stand, leaning against it, as long as you are relaxed and... you feel confident about the way you bare yourself. Consider that... the one seeing the drawing, the person standing in my place behind the canvas, is a lover or someone you would not feel awkward exposing yourself to in such a manner. Once you get that far, I can help with the minor adjustments."

Already, Ida had begun to mix the oil-based paints on a palette, rapid strokes blending the hues the way she liked them. She kept stealing glances towards the Vulcan's preparations though, smiling quietly in the comfort of being about to exercise her long surviving talents in artistry. This opposed to the violence and duties she always had to resort herself to in order to exorcise her demons.

It had not been her intention to think of Ida as the woman suggested, a lover.  She had had very few opportunities over the years to have a lover, but never had actually taken one.  Her pon farr had come and gone many times, but always without her able to do anything about them.  The damage to her mind had eased the level of need a pon farr brought, which was something to be thankful for, she'd always thought, since, as her emotional state had been difficult enough to control, the hungers of the pon farr would probably have been enough to leave her in a feral state from which she might never have recovered.  It was a challenging enough time in a Vulcans life, but added to the troubles she already had, it might have been enough to break her completely.  It was one of the reasons she'd feared the Nigan virus, the lack of control reminding her so much of the normal 7-year Vulcan cycle.

Now, though, if she thought of Ida as one she was willing to share her body with, it would be only be her own choice, not due to any sort of bodily imbalance, be it the pon farr or the infection.  And, think of it she did, her eyes taking in the beautiful Andorian, at the way she seemed more at ease with herself now that she had the paints in her hands, her antennae twitching in anticipation of her work ahead.  As she did, she couldn't help but think, were she to partake of sex with Ida, it would be pleasant.  Pulling her shirt over her head, revealing her firm, full breasts, which even at near the end of her early adulthood still showed no sign of sag, she raised an eyebrow, "Will you be joining me in a state of undress?  It would be logical if, as you suggest, I should think of you as a lover."

Blinking at that logic, Ida opened her mouth to protest.

However, the thought - somehow - intrigued her, and it actually was logical to help T'Less with the immersion. Andorians were not prone to dedicate themselves completely to logic, but it made sense in a strange way. Ida had just not expected the request from the Vulcan.

"Well, if it helps you modelling," she said after a second, chuckling a little at the embarrassment - either for the hesitation or the fact of what she was about to do. "It is not like I have not painted in complete bareness before, though I am usually alone when I do so." And it was not like she had the company of a Vulcan so aesthetically pleasing as T'Less before. Her focus had been on her, and not herself anywhere in the equation. Opening the undershirt the rest of the way, she tossed it next to the easel, Feeling light embarrassment, even though she took pride in her body and considered it nothing to feel shame for, she opened her uniform trousers too and slid them down. Smiling, she removed her white underwear too, panties and bra, tossing the undergarments on top of the small pile.

"There," she said and chuckled again, "I suppose it will help with your immersion into the role you play in the drawing. So, consider me the lover, and make yourself comfortable." She picked up the palette again, watching the Vulcan with attentive interest.

Try as she might, T'Less couldn't help but take in Ida's naked form, of her blue skin and pale hair, still doing as Ida suggested.  Imagining a lover did not come difficultly for her, especially with such rich material to work with as the lovely Andorian before her.  She let her mind wander as she looked around her quarters, thinking how best to position herself, while equally wondering how Ida's skin would feel beneath her lips.  While not unfamiliar with homosexual tendencies, Vulcans were unaccustomed to anything even approaching desire, it being illogical to do anything simply because one desired to do so.  While there was an entire lack of logic for a woman to have intimate relations with another woman, the purpose of any such liaison being purely pleasure and not bearing any fruit of womb, very few Vulcans, and none that T'Less was even aware of, had experienced such a situation.  Now, however, T'Less had only a flimsy constraint against attempting it, the lack of the naturally logical parts of her brain leaving her with her desires versus her will.

As the thoughts ran through her head, she took up a short, wooden stool, a gift from someone whose life she'd saved aboard the Exeter, and moved it to under a now-dimmed light.  Straddling the stool, she propped her feet up on the lowest run, her legs spread wide and positioned her hands between them on the top of the stool, effectively hiding her denuded sex, while her upper arms framed and seemed to offer up her firm breasts to her lover, to Ida in particular.  Remaining impassive, she wondered if she should attempt a smile, knowing it would be an unfamiliar gesture on her face, and, indeed, on any Vulcans.  She would leave it to Ida, who, if observant, might notice a softening in T'Less's eyes as she gazed on the Andorian.

"Oh, that is very, very god, now keep still... Just like that.." said Ida, practically throwing herself at the new project. Only... she found herself looking more than drawing, yet she told herself that it was because of how she had to take the lighting in - the way the dim setting caressed T'Less shoulders and face, and the way it cast her nipples in stark contrast to her breasts with the overhead direction across them. She made the outline, the general sketch, with a pen, and then picked up the palette.

As Ida's brush feathered out T'Less body on the canvas, and paid minuscule attention to the Vulcan's offered chest and full lips - which so delicately hinted at ruefulness that it took her a few tries to get the eyes and the mouth right - the Andorian noticed that the heat in the room made her perspire a bit. Only... It couldn't be just that. She found herself more and more embarrassed about her nakedness in front of the Vulcan's gaze - that look in the CTO's eye very convincing in terms of what the ambition was for her to relay.

"You must certainly have modelled before," she said idly, smears of paint having come to decorate her blue skin - haphazard lines of lighter colors crossing the swell of her breasts and her forearms. She swallowed, and rubbed her thighs together where she stood, and her eyes again contemplated more than activated the hand that held the brush.

T'Less almost did smile at Ida's compliment and took notice of the woman's attentions.  She found she wanted more of the Andorian's heated gazes and felt her own eyes returning them.  As sweat began to make path down along Ida's skin, T'Less's regard trailed each bead with desirous want.  Her passion grew, but was tempered by curiosity, so she held still and watched.  Unlike Ida's, her own skin remained dry, Vulcans having evolved without sweat glands.  Instead, as evidence of Ida's own effect upon her, her skin gained a greenish tint as her blood flowed quicker within her, her veins near the surface of her skin expanding to expel the increased heat Ida's presence was inducing.  Yet, still she remained unmoved.

Attempting to turn her thoughts from their strange and unaccustomed path, she pondered the contradiction that was Ida.  A woman torn between the desires of her people, to be a warrior, a fighter without parallel, and an artist, whose touch is gentle yet steady, as evidenced by her brush strokes.  She studied the economy with which the woman moved, each muscle to sure and creative purpose, her blue, firm breasts quivering as she shifted and dealt her strokes upon the canvas.  Ida's dark blue nipples captivated her and she wished to taste them, to feel Ida's hard points beneath her tongue.  Further down, she could only barely glimpse a hairless sex, shadowed as it was between the cleft of Ida's thighs, something else her desires told her would be worth tasting and enjoying.

Said sex was a concern for Ida, because the more she immersed herself into the painting of T'Less, the more the subject of her drawing's gaze and body beckoned for Ida's base emotions. It did not help at all that she had not been able to satisfy herself in the shower at her quarters before heading to the XO's quarters followed by the duties that led her to the Vulcan's rooms.

She tried, in vain, to keep her thighs together, but she fidgeted as she worked on her painting, she tried to lean out from the canvas, tried to come up with some kind of topic for conversation, yet she kept returning to taking those awkward steps to and fro while studying T'Less, choosing a brush, choosing a paint on the palette, and adding the details to each section of the drawing. Again, and again, her thighs rubbing together, her breasts taught and nipples so hard they ached and hurt for want of touch. The greatest difficulty was the heat, and how it made sweat pearl on her blue skin and glisten in need to be rubbed by her fingers. They tickled as they ran down her skin, and she brushed herself with a paint-covered hand - leaving small smears from her fingers in different nuances.

Those small smears tallied up, and with each smudge came the risk of idly touching herself in an unseemly way. So focused on the drawing, it was hard to maintain propriety in the absurd situation. Why had she agreed to be naked as well? The CTO had to think her deranged, most certainly by Vulcan standards, to be so aroused from what she did. Yet it had always been a part of Ida's artistry: the release of the passions that stormed inside her. When making a piece of art like the one she worked on right then had always stirred her desires.

Something that was quite plain after a while, when her breathing was so heavy and her eyes so slitted, when her legs spread for another step and her nectar made strings between her thighs - something evidently not perspiration - and she happened to brush her palm against a bead of sweat that tickled her aching nipple. The small sound in her throat could not be denied, but she barged on with her project nonetheless - fully dedicated to what she did despite how hard it had become to deny the same passions that drove her to capture T'Less on the canvas.

The room, though neither of them spoke, was hardly silent.  T'Less could hear a wide array of sounds, the air as it flowed through the vent to keep the temperature, the hum of the various electronics in the room, the stool as it creaked occasionally as she subtly moved a muscle to maintain balance.  Adding to it was the more personal audio, Ida's breathing, more rapid now and as such louder, the gentle swish of leg against leg as the artist moved back and forth, the soft, liquid scratch of the brush as it slid across the canvas.  Closing her eyes for a moment, she could almost hear Ida's heart beating, which, if her breathing was any indication, was faster than it had been when she started her task.  All of them, however, were dim in comparison to her own heartbeat, her own deep breaths.  While in control of herself and her body, for the moment, she hoped Ida would finish soon, as certain portions of her body were making themselves known, along with needs she'd never dealt with before.

She had no idea how long she'd been sitting on the stool, holding herself still while waiting on her... she'd almost thought lover, recovering herself at the last moment, reminding herself this was all for the sake of Ida's painting.  Her eyes shot to Ida, however, as she heard the moan, concern making her rise and approach.  Reaching out, she placed her hand on Ida's hip, meaning to offer comfort, despite the sensuality of her touch, "Are you all right, Lieutenant?"

[To be continued...]

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[Edena Rez - Captain's Ready Room]

It would have been a lie to say she hadn't been giving it a great deal of serious thought.  The way that Ida had so painstakingly described how she would have completed the drawing made Rez sure that the woman was quite serious about her work.  She wasn't going to perform halfheartedly, nor would she allow anything but a perfect piece of be considered done.  There was something gratifying about having that kind of attention paid to one's body, but for Edena, she was never the type to enjoy that kinds of attention.  That was a trait she might have inherited from Illya if not for the imperfect joining of herself and the Rez symbiont. 

"I am . . . open to the idea, but I don't know if I could really do it personally.  Illya keeps saying that if I let her take control of the body, she would do it on my behalf, and I can honestly say . . . I'm considering that offer.  I don't mind the idea of the drawing, so long as it remains private, but it's the modelling that worries me.  I'm sure even if I did try, I would end up  calling out Illya to take my place."  Maybe it would be best to leave it to her more daring host, the one who would have walked around the whole ship without a strip of clothing on if it wasn't for strict regulations and three other personas holding her back from it.

"Have you ever considered it?"  Maybe she was starting to feel a little vulnerable, having the conversation about her naked body being captured on canvas.  Maybe it would feel better to place Jien in a similar hot seat.  "I mean, you have two forms you call your own, both of which are . . . I suppose from your perspective, works of art of their own.  Maybe you'd like to see another's take on it."  Jien had shaped the physical form of both male and female, creating two unique appearances that could be shifted back and forth between.  It was an interesting gift, given that there was no restrictions.  Born with an eye color one didn't like, not an issue for Jien.  Putting on a few pounds,. Captain Ives could maintain the ideal figure.with a bit of concentration.

[Lin Kae - Rihen's Hide-away]

Maybe he had gotten in over his head by accepting Rihen's offer.  She was a purely sexual being, to the point that he often wondered how Risians got anything else done at all!  They were so easily moved by others, and surrounded by a planet full of beautiful people and exotic vacationing species.  With sex drives as large as theirs, it could have been a breeze to fuck away an entire day.

As requested of him, he stripped away what clothes he had left covering his body, revealing what resulted in a very plain looking figure.  He didn't have the strong muscles or the washboard stomach of many of Theurgy's officers.  The most he had was some minor definition on an otherwise skinny frame.  He never lifted anything heavier then fifty pounds while on duty, and nothing less then ten when he was off.  With males like those in the Tactical CONN or Security, he wasn't going to be winning any contests for the best body among the female crew members.   For Rihen, it seemed to be more then enough.  She was accepting of his appearance, not seeing any need to compare it to any past lovers she might have had.

She found a new angle she liked, and he found his breath catching a little as the intensity rose.  She climaxed not long after it's discovery,  the new angle and the clenching of her love channel edging him onto an orgasm of his own.  His chest rose and fell swiftly as he looked at her, knowing she had much more planned for him, though he was left to question if he could even survive what it took to fully satisfy this woman!

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[ Deck 01 | Captain's Ready Room | USS Theurgy ]

Sipping his drink, Jien considered the question - in a way also relieved that the topic had shifted from the subject of Edena's nakedness and the depiction thereof. Hazed memories of her bareness from the Brig had surfaced behind his eyes, and even though it he would not admit or show it - shamed by the circumstances under which he had been granted those glimpses - he had difficulty shaking them off. His male human anatomy had a precarious way of reacting to arousal, so the Captain was relieved that he remained seated behind his desk. Still, it was no longer comfortable to be sitting leaned back in his chair, so he pushed his chair forward to rest his elbows on the desktop.

"It is true that I have taken a great deal of time to achieve the level of dual humanity that I currently possess," he said, clearing his throat, "painstakingly making the resemblance be functional down to almost a cellular level. However, biological changes like those I undergo when shifting between my two Chosen Forms comes natural to a fully grown Chameloid like myself. In case you didn't know, one of my own species made a rare occurrence in Starfleet Records decades ago when Captain Kirk - I think you might have come across that name - was sent to a penal asteroid of Rura Penthe. This Chameloid, Martia, could accurately mimic the Captain's appearance after only so much time spent together with him - fooling even the Captain's crew and the present Klingons that the Chameloid was him. Consider, on those grounds, how I have spent forty-six years amongst humans, and the accuracy of my enduring toils to become one of them."

Looking away, Jien continued. "So why two forms, you might be thinking. Consider what you would choose if you had my ability, and grew up in a society like ours; undergoing extensive social studies and realising that both genders makes one whole species." He looked back to Edena and shrugged with one shoulder. "Would you not try to be complete as well?"

A small smile entered his features, and he addressed the question posed. "So would I care to see another person's view on my forms? Well, yes, but given the details with which I work and my brush is my mind - my body the piece of art in the sense of biology instead of paints - I might find the rendering a bit... two-dimensional. Lacking in the priorities that I make for what is functional underneath my - by comparison - rather easy rendering for the benefit of the eye. The surface you see is naught more than for the benefit of others, while the biology underneath the surface if my own way of identifying myself with the human race."

Pausing, Jien chuckled and sipped his drink again. "I am more keen on the idea to have my two forms captured in medical holographic scans - for the sense of depth - than to let have a two-dimensional drawing made of my two forms of nakedness - both of which I am proud of... but share only in intimacy. Well, you have too, but that was not the kind of intimacy I was referring to."

The events in the Brig - whatever happened in the details he couldn't remember - was a gross misconception of intimacy. Febrile madness. No thought. Just primal need. Animal desire. Bestial brutality. As soon as he made a reference to what had happened between them, he regretted it, feeling that he had instantly ruined whatever progress they had made away from those minutes in the crisis. Looking down into his green whiskey, he frowned and gritted his teeth, angered with himself. "Pardon, I... I should not have said that."

[ Rihen Neyah's Hide-away | Paradise City | Nimbus III ]

Her climax having torn cries of pleasure from her throat, Rihen continued to bob her hips up and down in Kae's lap - her wet and tight grotto effectively, greedily, milking his seed out of him. Ragged gasps followed, during which she siphoned the last of his cum out of his Human-Bajoran genitals. She was equally satisfied to have had her own orgasm as she was to have given Kae his first one - generous as her species were - and made sure to continue moving against him to make the most of his aftermath quivers.

Her grinding movements made sure to make him experience every last millisecond of his physical pleasure. Mentally, she affected him by showing herself off; performing in her undulating movements for his eyes content. Her body moved in junction with the sensations he felt - an intimate dance. Perhaps the oldest form of dance know to all species in the Galaxy.

Only when she had made sure to draw the last droplet of cum from him did she lean forward to kiss the young man - to rake her fingers and nails across his skin and to let him taste her tongue. She let him remain inside her all the while - the minute movements of their kissing still holding her vagina clutched about his phallus. "Mmmhh.... I think I will let you replicate two items of your choosing," she said mischievously, not letting the man know if she was serious or not, "one item for each time your desires eclipse, and one item for every time you make me feel the same. If you have a lot of things you need... then we have only gotten started."

Caressing his cheeks as she looked into his eyes - rubbing her hips forward and backward to tease his semi-hardness - she grinned to him. "I suppose... there is the matter of fixing it first, though, so perhaps my saviour is content for now? Perhaps only two items will suffice? It all depends on you..."

She chuckled and licked his neck then, toying with his priorities - his pragmatic material needs opposed to what his body craved. She had no idea she toyed with an innocent mind that might not appreciate the game she played. "So what do you want, my saviour? Is the price, not to mention the tools, worth your time?"

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Eve knew her body was pleasing even if it wasn't overly abundant in some areas and the look in his eyes as she stepped back and beckoned was exhilarating.  One thing she did appreciate was that he didn't run after her, instead she could hear his confident stride and hear the tugging of fabric so she wasn't surprised when they reached the room that was not much more than a closet that he was completely nude.  Her own expression flared with passion as she saw just how much she had affected him.

She didn't question the door being left open, something she never did anyway but she did question if she had teased him too much given his reaction.  It started playful but turned almost violent though she couldn't deny she was glad they didn't draw things out more.  Her breath drew in and held as he lifted her then exploded out in a lustful grunt as suddenly he filled her aching and needful channel.  A mirthful chuckle erupted as she wrapped her legs around his waist and one arm over his shoulder while she pushed her hair out of her face.

Her skin rapidly flushed and her kisses were just as uncompromising but when he moved to her breasts, she moaned deeply.  By now she would be connected to the mind of her lover but there was only the blissful silence, his mind not melding with hers and she clamped down on his cock with her muscles in joy.  Her eyes took on that hazy look, her lusty sounds echoing as she buried her hands in his hair and clenched a bit roughly.  "It is truly ... a pleasure," she growled acceptance of the welcome.

For now his pace was frenetic and savage, both of them fulfilling the primal lust that dwelled within them.  Once this round was over, however, she was quite looking forward to revisting his body in the more sensual ways.  Her body rippled as he slammed into her, absorbing the shocks of both his thrusts and the resulting banging against the wall but she curled down to bring his lips to hers again for another taste.  "Like a fine wine, you only get better," she almost whimpered and let her head fall back as she felt herself quaking around him, clamping down and milking him as her own climax began.

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[Edena Rez - Captain's Quarters]

The conversation had been going well.  Edena felt as though she were coming to understand the shape-shifting Captain a little better, to understand what his life had been like, what his people were like.  Kiya was deeply interested in hearing more about his physiology, having never had the opportunity to diagnose a being capable of altering it's appearance like Jien.  In her time, the Changelings hadn't yet been discovered.  She was the first host of the Rez Symbiont, living in a time before even the legendary Captain Kirk had made the first acquaintance of a Chameloid.  She had so many questions about him that even Edena wasn't sure about all the complex medical terminology that was being listed off meant.  If she had her way, Kiya would have convinced Jien to submit to a full medical examination, if for nothing more then her own personal sense of discovery.

Kiya grew quiet, as did all the hosts, when the talk shifted to the mention of their encounter in the brig.  They knew better then to speak up when Edena was flashing through memories of that incident.  At the time, she had been fighting for her life, and hadn't had the time to think of the shame of being stripped, of being manhandled by the powerful male form that was now in front of her.  Since then, those thoughts were far too vivid for her own personal taste.  She didn't blame himn, but the reminder was a bit difficult for her, yet she also understood from his side.

"You don't remember it all as clearly as I do.  That entire fight was engraved upon my brain.  Like the others who retain the memory of all that happened during the outbreak, I don't know who is worse off.  Those who remember or those haunted by the possibilities of what occurred while their memory was lost.  Which do you prefer, Captain?  Would you rather know for sure, or would you wish to remain in the dark, asking questions of yourself?"  Depending on the answer, maybe she would tell him everything, settle those unanswered questions for him.  What had happened, how she felt during the incident, whatever he wanted to know.

[Lin Kae - Rihen's Hide-away]

Two items.

He went over his own personal checklist of items, knowing that the Engineering department alone had requested well over twenty items themselves.  Lieutenant Commander Nicander no doubt had an extensive list for medical as well, as well as possibly having a list from the Captain of what Command and Tactical CONN required.  At Rihen's price of an orgasm per item, Kae was fairly certain he would be dead of exhaustion and fluid loss before he even got halfway done on such a shopping list.  He swallowed hard, as Rihen would easily see he wasn't getting her joke, that he actually thought she was serious.

"I've got a lot of items that need replicating.  My ship is crippled with a lot of damage.  We're surviving, but those repairs are extremely important to the continuation of our work."  He couldn't give the details.  He couldn't tell her they were a Federation vessel, that their mission was to save Starfleet from an aggressive alien life form taking over the command structure of their most highest authorities.  All he could do was make it sound like his livlihood, maybe even his life, hung in the balance of the Replicator's use.  He didn't have the strength, nor the time, to earn every piece of equipment he needed to replicate.

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[ Deck 05 | Corridors | USS Theurgy ]

Miles looked to the hologram very hapially. He was glad to hear she was more than willing to help him out.  He held out his hand offering it in a shake as he looked to her. "Than you very much and nothing official.  I was about to head to my old quarters to prepare myself something to eat before beginning on the move to the new room.  If you are as unoccupied as you seem to be I would love to get to know you a little better.  I have never had a chance to actually get to know a ummm..."  He paused searching for the right words to use before settling on continuing with, "a photonic being such as yourself."

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[ Deck 01 | Captain's Ready Room | USS Theurgy ]

Hearing the words of the XO, Captain Ives thought for some time upon whether or not clear his doubts or live in blissful ignorance of that part of his time as an infected during the Niga incident. In the end, he decided that if he was to work in transparency and confidence with Edena Rez in completing their ultimate mission, then he would have to know. He told her as much.

"I do not wish to think, at all times, that I have done more than I actually did. And if I did, I would still need to know, lest I would not know what lay between us. Our duties, as commanding officers of this ship and given the import of what we have to accomplish together, we cannot afford the luxury of choosing blissful ignorance over the truth."

Finishing his whiskey, Jien set the glass down on his desk. "Furthermore," he said, "I have enough resolve to carry on with this mission, and bridging the truth of my deranged actions in order to work with you. Damage done can heal, if not through the passing of time, through the focus on thwarting our unknown enemy."

Having said this, Jien would respect Edena's decision to keep the truth to herself and excuse herself. "Regardless of my wishes, and given that you were the victim, I'd say it is your choice... should you feel like sharing the truth with me."

[ Deck 05 | Corridors | USS Theurgy ]

When being proposed a social evening by the SCO, Thea smiled in genuine delight of being considered in such a way by the Vulpinian pilot. Up to that point, she had thought the man uncomfortable with her nature, this feeling strengthened by what she had access to in regards to 'Cmdr. Renards species in her Federation database.

"Thank you for the proposal, 'Commander," she said and courtesied to him, as in accordance with some holo-novels she had been studying for these kind of social scenarios. "While I am very flattered, I have a previous engagement for later this evening. I have agreed to assist Engineering during the end of Beta-shift since Lt. Kae is on the away-mission to Nimbus III. Up until then, I have an hour to myself where I will practice coping with my freedom and my personal life. Something which I aim to do in my quarters in accordance with Lt. Nelis recommendations."

The Chief Counsellor had been adamant in his preference that she processed her new situation under strict boundaries. While an evening of company with a high-ranking officer on board was not forbidden, it was preferable that she worked out her situation along the check-list provided by the Betazoid.

"I would love to take you up on you offer some other evening, though." Thea smiled to the man and inclined her head. "Thank you, 'Commander."

Then, she vanished... returning to her quarters in order to resume her studies.

[ Clinic | Paradise City | Nimbus III ]

The culmination of that first surge of their passions came hard - it breakers washing over their heated flesh.

Lucan came as soon as Eve clutched down on their joining, his seed roping her insides while they moved together. His tattooed hands held on to her, his lips gasped for hers.

"Likewise," he said eventually, when he got his breath back, and on weakened legs he carried her to her bed - to reap the rest of what exploits the night held for them.

Bare and celebratory, they continued tough the night - lovemaking interchangeable with reminiscing their past.

On the morrow, their work would begin.

[ Rihen Neyah's Hide-away | Paradise City | Nimbus III ]

Chuckling throatily in her embrace with the young man, Rihen smoothed his hair back with her hands and lay her lips to his flesh.

"Silly man, I jest," she confessed at long last, and she rose to her feet smoothly - his manhood coming free long, glistening and swaying where it stood in his lap.

"Do you want to start working," she asked with a smile as she turned on her heel and headed towards her bed, "or do you want to join me for a while longer?"

The grin she gave him over her shoulder broke no nonsense in how she expected him to pleasure her a great deal more, even if the exchange ratio for the replications he would be allowed was not numbered with hers and his orgasms. "We have plenty of time, my saviour..."

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Deck 5 Corridors
He smiled softly hearing her statements and nodded, "You're welcome Miss Thea."

5 minutes later Deck 7 Miles Renard Personal quarters

With that he walked to his quarters and sat down in his chair. With a sigh of relief, he looked around the room for a moment before deciding he may as well prep his items for transport to the new quarters.   He sighed thinking about the prospect.  The one thing he disliked about the prospect of the advance in rank was moving.  He always hated moving there was just something about it that aggravated him and just put him at a general level of unease.  Still he knew there was a job to be done and he set to work doing it.

Approx 1.25 hrs later [Deck 02: Senior officers quarters: SCO personal quarters]

Miles Smiled softly to himself as looked over his new quarters.  there were a few things he had yet to move from the cargo bay to here, but that could wait for a later day.  For now he was content as he laid back in his new bed. Tomorrow he would begin his new duties.  For now though he could finally rest.

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[Edena Rez | Captain's Ready Room]

Edena's hands were rested on her lap.  As she thought back to her memories of the outbreak, they tensed, balling into fists that grabbed at the material covering her thighs.  "I was there.  I was at the console that would have given me control over the ship.  I was seconds away when a site-to-site transports pulled me away.  It was like the last candle in the darkness had gone out, and I was left with no hope."  That cruel moment had served to crush her spirit, to leave her in agony well before she ever saw Jien show up.

"After I had finished recording the log and encrypting it . . . you showed up.  You were naked, and you had a look I had already seen before.  Bill Regal had it when he was in my quarters.  I knew what you wanted, and that my opinion didn't matter.  All I knew was . . . I didn't want to feel that vulnerable, that defeated again.  I fought with everything.  Jona and Illya gave me everything they had too, to keep me from being a victim again.  We fought and fought, and you kept stripping me.  I could feel eyes crawling over my body with every piece that came off.  That's as far as it went though . . . you didn't violate me, Captain.  It was affected much more psychologically then physically.  I'll endure those feelings, and remind myself every day that the man who attacked me in the brig is not the honorable CO of the one vessel I admire most in the entire Quadrant.  You should feel the same, sir, that it wasn't the real you."

[Lin Kae | Rihen's Hide-away]

"I think . . . business before pleasure."  That was the decision he had to stand by.

After getting dressed again, Kae got to work on the replicator, first by stripping away all the parts he deemed obsolete.  Damaged parts, necessary components, and the entirely of the energy storage and production system was removed.  From there, he rewired what he could before new parts were added, starting with what was available on hand while Rihen secured the rest while he was toiling away on his project.  It was during her absence that he had to install a fail-safe in the system.  The Prime Directive beckoned he not alter the balance of power by giving her a replicator far too powerful.  With the power transfer system he was putting in place, she could produce anything as long as she had a ship with power to transfer energy from.  That was far too dangerous to leave in anyone's hands.  Instead, he designed a sub-system to limit the input to a standard industrial replicator after they were gone.  It would still be enough for Rihen to consider their partnership a good one.

It took him a couple days to get everything finished, which gave Skye the time she needed to recover from her injury.  The replicator fully repaired, Kae used the device to acquire everything they had needed, in addition to a few other components he decided to add to the list.  They were limited parts which could have proved invaluable while they were on their extended mission.  It was all gathered in a neat pile in the corner of Rihen's shop, the space being provided to him as a private storage area for his rewards.  "Lieutenant Lin to Lieutenant Commander Nicander," he would speak after tapping his hidden combadge.  "I've got everything we need.  It's far too much to carry back by hand to the shuttle, but I think I know a way we can transport it.  I'll need you and Ensign Carver to come here though, and bring your combadges with you."

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[ Natalie Stark's Quarters | Deck 02 ]

She watched the doors close behind the captain, and let herself wander over to the replicator. There was a lot to think about, and frankly, Natalie was of the firm belief that any form of strenuous thinking required a hot drink. Tonight, it was apple cider. She punched in the commands on the replicator, not really trusting her own voice at the moment. The lights shimmered, forming a larges much full of the steaming liquid. Floating on the top was a dollop of whipped cream and caramel drizzle.

Taking the warm mug firmly in hand, she waddles over to one of the chairs and sinks into it, starring out at the stars floating by. THe haze of warp drive was always a calming sensation for the troubled chief of Operations. She let her mind drift for a while, tugging at the hem of her robe, which had hitched up her legs slightly. She fiddled and pondered, running over the conversation, trying to stay detached as she wondered just exactly what she got herself into.

Natalie didn't know when it happened, but, one moment, she was sitting in the chair, sipping her cider. The next, her morning alarm was going off, and she had curled up into the chair, the mug on the end table, half consumed, cold as stone. She glanced at the clock. It was an hour earlier then she remembered setting the alarm. Had she made a change last night, to reflect her promise to go to the gym? Had someone else?

Regardless, she pulled her stiff body from the chair, and padded off into her bedroom. Grumbling, rubbing sleep out of her eyes, and trying to stretch out cramps, the young woman pulled on a set of off duty regulation gym clothes. She was more then a little self conscious in them, since they fit rather snuggly now. With a gulp, she headed to the gym, for a regiment she hoped would get her into better shape by the time they reached the Nimbus system

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Skye's eyes fluttered open, blinking hard a few times until she realized it was truly dark outside.  Soft moans drifted from another area only to become louder and accompanied by the bumping of something against the wall.  Though she tried to focus on the voices, the sedative effects took over again and she drifted back to sleep.  Later she went through the same process and this time could hear sweet murmurings, definitely Lucan and she believed the nurse.

"Huh," she muttered and hissed as she eased into a sitting position.  That was still a bit tender.  "Of course I have to get gutted on a planet with substandard equipment ... still better than being left to bleed out.  Computer ambient lighting," she said and then just sat there trying to ignore the sounds from the other room.  Her mind drifted to Scosche and she wondered how he was doing, if he was okay and making more friends.  A giggle and gasp from the other room made her groan.  "Awww hell, are they ever going to go to sleep?" she whispered.

When morning finally dawned, Eve went out to check on the patient and found Skye laying on her side rolled up in the blanket.  "Good morning," she said with that light British accent as she scanned the medical tricorder over Skye's body.

"What's so good about it?" Skye grumbled and blinked bleary eyes.  "Still tender if you're wondering but I'd like to get a bath and get dressed."  When she saw Lucan come out, she asked about Kae immediately and when he told her the engineer hadn't returned she looked like she was ready to kill something.  "I guess we just have to wait for him to call in then?"

Eve could sense Skye's unease and palpable worry about the young man who had come with them.  "He's trained by Starfleet," she reminded the pilot.  "Just relax and I'll get us all some breakfast.  If you'd like, a bit later we can go shopping.  I bet you'd look really good in colors other than black.  I'm afraid the shirt is pretty much a rag now."

Skye's eyes narrowed at that last comment.  "It was my favorite top too."

As that day passed, she did acquire a couple of outfits with Eve's advice though she didn't know when the hell she'd wear them.  Her quarters were hardly luxurious for the flowing garments.  She wouldn't admit it but she actually liked the way they made her feel sexy and feminine, the latter not something she was used to as she was typically just one of the guys.

It had taken her mind off of Kae for a little bit at least but by nightfall she was starting to pace like a caged tiger.  "Why haven't we heard from him yet?  Who knows what that woman's done to him ..." she fretted.  Again it was Eve who calmed her by threatening another sedative.  When it was time to sleep, she almost found a hypospray and put herself out of her misery as Lucan and Eve made several repeat performances that had her crossing her legs and covering her head with the pillow.

Finally Lin Kae contacted them the next day and she breathed a sigh of relief.  "It's about time!  Hope you got stuff to fix the holodecks," she groaned.  The quiet of her bunk on ship was a bit appealing now and she was determined to find a place to sleep that night where she wouldn't have to listen to Lucan's throaty sounds that were making her silently fly solo just to keep herself from getting too pent up and distracted.  Gathering her things, including her combadge, she nodded to Lucan she was ready to go.  Eve was ready as well and waved Lucan to lead the way.

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[Lin Kae | Nimbus III]

When Skye, Lucan and Eve arrived, Kae had a pile of supplies almost as tall as he was, and much wider then that.  He had everything on their list, as well as a few extra procurements he thought would be worthwhile while they had access to the Industrial Replicator.  Golden opportunities like that didn't come around often, so he had to make good use of it.  Through the use of transportation tools around the planet, he had managed to get their supplies to a secluded area where they could safely transport it, but he was still in need of two key components.

"I need your comm badges," he asked, holding a hand out towards both Skye and Lucan.  They all wore one, though had been them hidden from plain sight.  Once he had both of them in hand, he went about explaining his actions as he performed it.  "There's too much interference in the atmosphere to get a proper lock on all these crates, and there is no way he can fit it all in the shuttle.  What I'm going to do is use the comm badges to triangulate a signal for the Theurgy to work by."  The badges were placed in the shape of a triangle, making certain that the invisible lines drawn between them didn't leave any of the crates outside.  He was use them like pattern enhancers in a way, but it was more just to locate rather then strengthen the signal.

Pressing down on one of the badges, he spoke to the ship above.  "Theurgy, this is Lieutenant Lin down on the planet.  I need you to transport all solid objects found in the space between the com signals of myself, Ensign Carver and Lieutenant Commander Nicander."  Just as simple as that, the supplies were beamed aboard, leaving them with nothing to do but get in the shuttle and return to the ship. 

Picking up the badges, he handed them back to their rightful owners before finally taking notice of Eve Jenkins.  "You're the nurse from the hospital, right?" he asked, before looking in Akye's direction to note her good health.  "Thank you for taking care of Ensign Carver.  We're in your debt."

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[ Deck 01 | Captain's Ready Room | USS Theurgy ]

Hearing the words of his First Officer, Captain Ives sat silent for the duration of the short tale. When she was finished, he could not help but feel that he just had been let off easy, as if there was more to what transpired but Edena had chosen to omit for the sake of their working relationship.

For her tale helped him remember as well, and the reason why he felt that way was that, through the fog of the virus-induced mind he'd had, Jien now remembered being on top of Edena, and that - while she had been biting his arm - he had managed to tear off her panties. The vividness of the imminent penetration, perhaps even the very vague feeling of the head of his penis sinking into the apex of her legs before... Well, before he was stopped by the Temporal Agents of the Relativity. Did he penetrate her before it happened? If so, how long was he inside her, how many times did he thrust himself inside her? Did he even ejaculate in her sheath? Oh, and he did remember touching her, if not specifically, or how long, besides the way his eyes had lingered upon her body. She admitted to the fact hat they had fought, and that he had looked, but Jien was certain that there was more to it than that. Through the mire of his bygone insanity, the feeling of her had dispersed the fog - if ever so briefly a time recollected - because of that crucial moment.

So the question was, should he pursue the truth, or should he be gentle, and let the truth be... for both their sakes?

Oh, and the memories, for all the terrible implications of his actions, did cause him to harden further beneath the desk - something he was shamed to admit to himself. Then again, the beauty of the Trill on the other side of the desk was hard to deny, and the memories of her that now surfaced even harder to repress.

Shifting uncomfortably, despite his ability for self-control, Jien folded his hands upon the desktop. "Thank you for your kind words, Number One," he said first in reply to her reference to him and their ship. he attempted a strangled smile. "There are degrees in which one might violate another, but as much as you tell me, it seems you came off lightly in comparison to what might have happened. Am I to understand that... between us, there is an innocence in regards to sexual actions that could have been forced upon you?"

[ Clinic to Rihen's Hide-away | Paradise City | Nimbus III ]

The two days at the clinic flew by in a haze of sex and the reminiscing with Eve, and for once, Lucan's mind was not fully upon genocide and manipulation.

No, he actually indulged himself in bygone times as well as the carnal compatibility between him and the half-blood Deltan. He caught himself being more at ease with himself, the beasts inside falling more silent, and with the removal of the Theurgy underneath his bare feet and the replacement of sand and wood, the man he had been before - well, before he became his new self - gradually resurfaced. Eve proved to be a balm for his itching need for blood and defilement of everything humanly considered pure. The need for more of Eve even surpassed the boiling irritation that Ensign Carver was there to impede his progress with his old acquaintance from Starfleet Medical.

Progress, he came to think as he writhed and tumbled in her sheets, as he came upon her and inside her, as he got the full range of her expertise and she received as much in return, Progress... towards what?

Of Lt. Kae's adventures with Rihen Neya, little was known at first, but they were eventually called upon when his work had been completed. Lucan had not intended for him to do it all by himself, but it seemed the Lieutenant had managed quite nicely when they arrived to the Risian reject's hide-away. Lucan lead the way inside followed by Ensign Carver and Eve. Of the female engineer, there was no sign, probably sent away by Lin Kae for the sake of the meeting.

So well timed, too, because it was the very window of time which the Theurgy would pass above Paradise City and be prepared to beam out the supplies. Lucan admitted, to the extent that his Starfleet persona/facade allowed, that he had been worried that Lin Kae would fail, but he was pleased - as far as he actually cared - that the Lieutenant had proved why he had been promoted at such early age. Also, his actions would prove to make up for his shortcomings in setting the Ship AI free. As much Lucan could foresee.

"It would seem as you struck quite and agreement with the woman in the bar," said Lucan with a smile to the young man and clapped him on the shoulder in camraderie (a gesture well practised if altogether false). For the first time in a few hours, and image surfaced... of him bashing the whelp's face in with his inked fist. It seemed that with the return to the Theurgy imminent, the balm of Eve's attentions had soaked in and dispersed in his mind. A loss, and perhaps an incentive for more... since the past two days had felt so blissful.

The Engineer proceeded to beam the supplies up to their base ship and after that, it was time to introduce their new female company.

"Indeed, yet this is actually Lieutenant Jenkins of Starfleet Medical, stranded here because of personal reasons that she may provide you with at a later time," said Lucan with a smile and folded his tattooed hands behind his back. "She will returning to the Theurgy in our shuttle, and if Captain Ives clears her for duty aboard, she will be a valuable asset in Sickbay. Since Head Nurse Jovela is in stasis, and I desperately need help with running Medical, I can but thank the winds that we happened upon each other in this forsaken part of the Quadrant."

After he had finished speaking, the door opened and Rihen Neyah entered the large room, barely wearing her overalls closed as she walked towards Lin Kae. Yet when she saw that her saviour had company, her heterochromatic eyes went wide and she closed the zipper rather quickly - if not as fully shut as a human might under the same circumstances.

"Oh," she said, taking in the present company and the implications of the supplies being gone, "I would assume you will be leaving then?"

Lucan answered the civilian engineer. "Indeed," he said and smiled briefly, "thank you for helping out our companion, and I am sure you will find merit and fortune now that the replicator is repaired. Hopefully, you might sell your services to the proper authorities here on Nimbus III, and assist in the reconstruction of the city. Also, you have the sense and good heart to set your prices at a decent level, hmm?"

"Oh, I just might," she said with a cheeky grin to Lucan and walked up to Lin Kae, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him full on the lips in front of everyone. She pressed herself against him during the kiss and made the gesture count as a thorough farewell.

"Thank you for everything these past days, my saviour," she said eventually and looked into his eyes with her own - both equal in honesty and delight as she felt him against herself. "Let me know if you are in town. You might want more things replicated at some point... I promise that I will let the current prices remain just as they are for you..."

Chuckling a little good-naturedly, Lucan set his step towards the exit. "Let's go, and good-bye Rihen Neyah. May the winds guide your path."

Once outside, they made their way towards the clinc so that Eve could pick up her belongings. Eventually, they walked the desert towards their hidden shuttle outside of the city, and as they walked, Lucan glanced furtively towards Eve a few times, yet then asked them all, "I would think we could call the mission a success on many accounts, wouldn't you say? We got a bit more than we bargained for, yet despite the proverb, I'd say it was in a good way, didn't we?"

Lucan's winning smile remained for quite some smile... even if the abhorrent stain inside him made it false.

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[Edena Rez - Captain's Ready Room]

"It was more violence then sex, sir.  I'm sure if not for the years of training and experience my former hosts provided, and the ease at which they have gotten used to controlling my body seamlessly, I would have been overpowered by your own skill and power.  I am quite thankful for all that Jona and Illya have given me, as it saved me from that feeling again, from the infection taking hold like it had in my quarters.  The most I suffered was when I had to bite you, your blood carrying the infection into me again.  Thankfully, the crew of the Relativity intervened on our behalf and inoculated me before any symptoms could begin to take hold.  I fear what effects might have taken place in a twice-infected organism."  Edena cross her arms to hide the swell of her bosom, questioning if they would have become even more engorged by a second infection.  They ached enough already, straining to get out of her brassiere.  How she wished she could have just gone without it, but alas it was considered part of the uniform, and she couldn't be wasting replicator rations on making a larger size she would never use again after the effects wore off.  She would just have to grin and bear it.

"There were far worse acts committed on board this ship then the ones you performed on me, and all of those have been absolved.  This crew needs to forget them as much as possible, needs to stop dwelling on them or the bonds of trust will never fully recover.  If we had enough skilled telepaths on board, I would almost recommend trying to erase the memories, but that would be both a violation of people's minds as well as a potential photon torpedo waiting to implode if a sudden rush of memories brings it all back at once.  Better everyone slowly deal with it, try to recover memories only as fast as they can.  I know the counseling staff has their hands full, so I will volunteer to work with some of the others using the training I have.  My alias might have been discovered, but the knowledge I have of psychology and therapy is real, and could help lift some burdens off our medical staff."

[Lin Kae - Nimbus III]

With their supplies beamed aboard, all that remained was to head back to their shuttle and return to the Theurgy.  Kae said his goodbyes to Rihen, displaying nothing more then a professionalism expected of him.  It wasn't like he wanted to advertise to his companions just what he and Rihen had been up to over the past couple days.  For one, it was a private matter and secondly it didn't sound like a terribly good idea to speak of sexual exploits with a pair of lovely ladies around.  That was just plain rude.

On the return trip to the shuttle, Kae noted a case of good news and bad news to Lucan, as the superior officer.  It would go into his report later, but he felt the need to bring it up.  "Sir, there may have been a  . . . slight bending of the Prime Directive."  That was a serious matter to speak of, but Kae explained himself fully.  "To get the replicator powered, I altered it to accept energy from a ship's engine.  It allows for a far greater level of energy production then a standard Industrial Replicator can accomplish.  It's the sort of thing that can alter the balance of power here on Nimbus III, or even the whole sector of space.  What I did do was place a kill switch, however.  Once we leave orbit, the Replicator will not be capable of sustaining any greater power then a standard model.  The alteration would have been a violation of the prime Directive, but I made sure to undo the damage once we were done with it."

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[Nimbus III]

To say that Eve had enjoyed these past couple of days would be quite an understatement.  Every chance she had found her hands touching Lucan in some sensual way and her gaze was always warm and welcoming to him.  She knew they were creating discomfort for Skye but she couldn't help herself.  With Lucan she could let herself go completely and she did so without keeping count.

She'd observed Lucan relaxing more and more in her presence, understanding their previous plight had taken a toll on his psyche.  Still she noticed a hint of falseness when he clapped Lin Kae's shoulder and worried that going back to the ship was going to dredge up those memories and tensions.  Hopefully the captain would allow her to stay and perhaps she would be able to help him readjust.

Skye had tapped Lin Kae's shoulder with her fist, a congratulatory gesture along with a smile full of sisterly pride.  "Never doubted him for a minute," she stated in support of him.  Eve started to smile, a soft expression of affection forming as she shook the engineer's hand.  "It's a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to working with you, if I'm accepted," she greeted the young man warmly.

The door opened to reveal, in more ways than one, Rihen Neyah and the other two women had drastically different ways of greeting her.  Eve of course knew her somewhat from treating her more than a few times and simply smiled in welcome then stepped out of the way when Rihen boldly gave her goodbye to the young engineer.  "Perhaps you could help the clinic with some better working items, help them treat you better when you go in next," she suggested with humor.

Skye on the other hand looked ready to vaporize the Risan reject, with her eyes alone if possible.  Those eyes had narrowed and she watched the woman suspiciously.  Lin Kae was an adult but he seemed young and naïve which brought out that protective streak in her.  She didn't say anything but Rihen would likely understand the intent behind the glare ... 'stay away from my little brother'.

Eve didn't have much, having escaped with bare essentials and most of what she had collected she left behind for her friends.  Just a pack with her more favorite clothes and a couple of things to remind her of her time on Nimbus would be going with her along with a few medical supplies.  "I definitely think your trip here was beneficial," she stated.  "You gained what you needed for the ship and then some it seems.  Hopefully you all found some rest and are recharged."

Skye had taken point and glanced back, lips pursed into a bit of a frown.  "Oh sure, the clinic was really quiet and comfortable," she replied sarcastically.  "And one of my charges stayed close and in frequent contact where I could do my job as security," she added with a soft rebuke to Lin Kae though there was no real anger toward him.  Just my luck, everyone has a great time but me.  Couldn't even do my job properly.  Maybe Scosche will be glad to see me, she thought grumpily.

On the shuttle, Skye seemed a little better.  Getting in the cockpit and flying almost always put her at ease.  Lin Kae's confession brought her head around for a moment, a look showing she was clearly impressed with what he'd done and how he was covering his tracks so to speak.  Eve also looked approvingly at the engineer though her attention turned to Lucan.  She didn't say anything but he could see the support and care in her expression, that she was there for him.

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::Valkyrie Mk. II; Designation: Wolf 01  In patrol around U.S.S. Theurgy.  Current flight element of 2; on wing: Wolf 03::

Miles relaxed in the cockpit of his fighter as he watched the scanners for any new contacts as he continued about his patrol route.  Before he had fully entered in the next way-point on the ships autonav he noticed a new blip on the radar showing friendly designation and by its transponder codes it appeared to be the shuttle that carried his crewmates.  "Tower, this is Wolf lead, I have eyes on our shuttle.  Please launch O'four to join O'three in  patrol.  Get the main shuttle bay cleared for their return,  And I'm gonna go bring our buddies home, Over."

The person on Radio duty on the Thergy answered back confirming the information and radioed Miles back. "Roger that Fox, Launching Wolf Four. Go ahead and make contact with the Shuttle and lead her in."

Miles nodded to himself as he disengaged from the formation allowing Wolf 4 to slide alongside 3 onto their wing.  Miles switched from his standard com with Theurgy to his hailing frequency and opened a channel to the shuttle.  "Theurgy shuttle this is Wolf lead. I've got your wing.  Just follow me in and you'll be home in no time." 

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[ Deck 01 | Captain's Ready Room | USS Theurgy ]

Whilst listening to Edena, Jien ended up nodding somewhat in agreement.

"Perhaps that might be good, as long as you have the time to provide for such duties. You have to consider yourself and your own well-being, now that so many rely upon you. Especially since you were hardly unaffected by the ordeal." Just barely did Jien prevent his eyes from dropping to Edena's chest as he said it - keeping his kind-hearted statement to be ruined by more... base feelings.

"In due time, I am sure that we can make this crew wholesome again. Perhaps, another way to deal with it all is to focus on our mission at hand. For personally," said the Captain and leaned back a little, "I find the thought of what lies ahead to be the most sobering factor to count on - the need placed upon us in order to preserve the Galaxy."

In the lingering silence after that statement, sobriety did settle, and Jien raised his chin with a faint smile.

"Dismissed, Number One. Thank you for your insight."

[ Shuttle | Paradise City | Nimbus III ]

While they all boarded the shuttle, Lucan addressed the concerns of Lin Kae's precautions - such as they were. The young man seemed to have thought of everything.

"Given the pressing needs related to our mission, I think the... bending of the Prime Directive is of little concern," said Lucan with his easy smile and settled in the chair next to the one designated for the pilot, "Since you thought of correcting the long-term impact of our actions on Nimbus III, I deem it a prerequisite for a mission accomplished."

Lucan glanced to the younger man and spread his hands in a comforting gesture. "Should it be that Captain Ives frowns upon it, make sure to note in your report that I condone of your choices made these past few days." He turned back to the controls and helped lighting up the systems. "Your expertise enabled the outcome without leaving the planet in a worse shape than before. True, one functioning ordinary replicator more than earlier, yet with a society in sore need for the assistance. An accomplished reparation that someone - if not Rihen Neyah had succeeded eventually - would make in due time."

As they took off, Lucan considered this unforeseen outcome of the away-mission. When he had left the Theurgy together with Lt. Kae and Ens. Carver, he had planned to kill them and be gone - off to rejoin his kin. He would have killed them in the best way possible, leaving them in the lawless back-streets of Paradise City and vanished in the shadows. He might even have had a bit of fun with them first, one at the time, ordering Skye away and singling Kae out. Then he would have ambushed the Tactical Conn officer once she returned. It would have had to be a facility with a shower, just because he knew how messy things would have become.

Turning his pale grey eyes to Eve while they left the atmosphere of Nimbus III, he smiled and looked upon the ultimate reason why he had changed his mind.

One side of him hoped, rather strangely, that she might make the noises and screams in his soul quieten. The other, however, saw her as a key to reach her father - to find an escape in a far more rewarding manner. A way to redeem his standing among his kin, idle as he had been forced to be on board the Theurgy. The charade ha its benefits, but it was just what it was... a charade.

And they all danced in his play.

[Theurgy shuttle this is Wolf lead. I've got your wing.  Just follow me in and you'll be home in no time.]

The helmeted face of the pilot appeared on the view-screen after a quick tap on the control panel, and Lucan greeted Miles Renard with an inclination of his head, "Understood, Wolf lead. Thank you for the escort."


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[ Deck 02 | CTO Quarters | USS Theurgy ]

She had no idea how long she'd been sitting on the stool, holding herself still while waiting on her... she'd almost thought lover, recovering herself at the last moment, reminding herself this was all for the sake of Ida's painting.  Her eyes shot to Ida, however, as she heard the moan, concern making her rise and approach.  Reaching out, she placed her hand on Ida's hip, meaning to offer comfort, despite the sensuality of her touch, "Are you all right, Lieutenant?"

All manner of protests and explanations made Ida's mouth work silently when the Vulcan rose from her stool and approached her by the easel. She tried to prompt the woman to remain where she was since the shading was not perfected yet, but the sight of T'Less hidden sex made her just stare and gape. Only when the Vulcan spoke did her eyes rise to hers and she swallowed - the touch making the artist startle but also break out of focus on her project.

Left in her mind, when the priority of the drawing vanished, was the desires unmet.

"More than well," she replied after a second, her own nudity and the intimate presence of the Vulcan's firm breasts so close to her own making her breathing remain ragged - the brush in her hand and the palette in the other forgotten. "Not only have you let me practice... but you have been a very good model too... The intention of the work of art and the meant effect upon the viewer has not been lost to me... for imagined you as my lover I have."

Her antennae shifting as she said this, Ida's eyes were slitted in need - blue skin beaded with sweat across her toned body. "I have been so lonely since Niga... So pent up with emotions. I may not have romantic feelings, but the feelings I have now are nonetheless real - repressed and contained." She put her brush behind one of the fingers of her other hand, and she could then lay a freed hand upon T'Less'. She took a step closer, lips pursed, antennae lifting a little. "Would it be illogical to address these emotions?"

"Logic has little to do with emotions," T'Less answered, her skin taking on a deeper greenish hue as Ida moved closer.  A tilt of her head and she was intimately aware of just how close the Andorian's body was to her own, the heated, buried, green hunger of a Vulcan and a cool, passionate, blue of a race that had once been their sworn enemies, making her want to close the gap, much as their wildly different planets had grown together.  At least, that was the weak logic she applied to cover her desires.  In reality, she simply found the Andorian attractive and, never having had a lover and having spent the last while thinking of Ida as such, wanted to explore the unfed portion of her psyche and body.  Lifting her eyes back to Ida's, she did her best to maintain her dispassionate Vulcan gaze, though there was, if one was looking for it, a definite need.  Her Vulcan mind wouldn't allow her to simply throw her composure to the wind, to give in to her wants, but want she did nonetheless.

Continuing her thought, she spoke quietly, "Unlike Vulcans, however, most species would benefit little from repression and containment of emotions.  Your art, for instance, is an extension of your mind, and you fill it with your imagination, your wants and needs, your desires.  It is one aspect of life Vulcan art fails to grasp, I believe and, perhaps, a reason most Vulcan art is of landscapes.  It is beautiful, certainly, but logically so.  It is rationally perfect, but emotionally empty."

"And yet you possess the capacity to look upon art..." ...or my body, Ida thought as she paused, and she tilted her own head in reflection of the Vulcan's movement, her blue lips drifting closer to her model's, " a way not altogether void of emotion. You do not lack the capacity to appreciate what you see, but contain yourself - restrain your needs the way I have been forced to do."

Ida realized her lips were pursed, and yet she smiled as he midnight blue eyes wandered T'Less' face. "I wonder... if I vent my passions upon a canvas when I am in need, does a Vulcan vent her passions when given the opportunity, despite how she might repress her own needs?"

Their lips did not touch first, but their bodies did, the small step making their flesh brush together with a feathery touch. What am I doing? I don't care.[/ If she did not want this, Ida would be shamefaced but still leave with her head high, for logically, as T'Less might say, Ida had gotten her training, and the Chief Tactical Officer would be given the painting.

"Most Vulcans do not," T'Less replied, her voice nearly inaudible, a sign of the stress Ida's warm body against her own caused.  While she wanted nothing more than to complete their contact, to feel the Andorian's lips on her own, she still resisted, holding back with the strongest will she could.  Much more and she would give in, for the first time in all her relatively long life that she would bed a lover.  That it was Ida was not a thought that bothered her, though that didn't mean there wasn't something causing her worry.  Far from it.  As a Vulcan, she knew she should leave, should refuse the Andorian's obvious passion and keep her own buried, hidden and unspoken, but she couldn't bring herself to do so.  Neither, though, could she seem to bring herself to bridge the gap between them, to fully embrace her emotions and let them free, even for a short time.

She could hardly bare the heat of Ida's gaze and her body trembled with the barest touch of flesh against flesh.  With a sigh, she closed her eyes languidly.  Her hand, still on Ida's waist, squeezed gently, aware of the Andorian's silken naked skin, even though she had blocked off her sight.  Another sigh, followed by a deeper breath, causing her hardened nipples to shift across Ida's skin, pleasure pushing into her thoughts as she tried to maintain control.  Indecision was not her usual response to anything, and seemed excruciating now.  "Vulcans only vent what stirs below with their pon farr partners, those they have chosen to mate with.  It is the way of Vulcan culture for thousands of years, since the times of Surak."

Despite the words, Ida, felt the evidence that contradicted the Vulcan doctrine. Heard and felt the proof of T'Less hidden needs. Felt her fingers and breasts against her own blue skin.

"I see," she whispered huskily, the debate throaty and suggestive now, "rules set to be kept. Means to ward against your own nature. The former I understand, the latter I do not. Lor'Vela taught my people to exert everything, as long as it is done correctly... like the ushaan... the ritualistic duel that was reformed from its early practices in order to bring an end to the clan wars upon Andoria. We do not deny our nature, but we exert ourselves in a... civilized manner."

Ida arched her back a little, and her nipples scraped against T'Less' - the electrifying feeling making her breath catch before she could continue. "You do not need pon farr, since I am a woman you cannot mate with me. Only keep me company like Surak never knew how... and get as much satisfaction from me as you feel satisfactory. You might even consider it an experiment, since I doubt our species has been intimate too often."

Ida stepped back then, the brush falling from her fingers. She set her hands against the edge of the table and leaned back a little - her body cast into light. "A unique experience..." she said, her heart beating fast even though her eyes were steady upon the Vulcan's, "unless you only want the painting from me? Some other Pinkskin on board might take pity upon my loneliness, and you may uphold the standards of your kin."

The painting stood upon the easel, and Ida stood by the table. Which would it be? Ida hoped for more than she dared with a Vulcan, and steeled herself to become disappointed. It seemed unlikely even to her, who felt so frustrated and needed so much in the wake of it all. Her legs were a bit parted where she stood, and the invitation plain. Question was what the Vulcan wanted, or what she denied herself. "Does your logic dictate that there is reason to deny yourself your own needs, when they are already so plainly visible?"

Ida smiled as she waited, her white hair brilliant in the light - antennae moving in time with her deep breaths.

"A mate is not always about producing offspring," T'Less murmured, then blinked her eyes open as she felt Ida pull back.  Her eyes, ordinarily impassive, calm, collected, hungrily drank in what Ida offered, but still she held back, though her body swayed as though wanting to follow, to regain the intimate touches.  Slowly, sinuously, she knelt and retrieved the fallen brush, using it as a way to distract herself from Ida's erotic pose for a moment, allowing the growing arousal to clear somewhat.  Instead of pushing forward, however, she picked up a paint, something light in color, nearly as white as her hair.  Only then did she move back into contact with Ida, sliding her left thigh between Ida's leg, stopping just short of pushing against the Andorian's blue, hairless nether lips.  She had not, as of yet, given in, at least, not in her own mind, but to anyone else, her next actions would show her lusts.  Face still as unemotional as she could make it, she dipped the brush in the paint and drew a line at an angle down Ida's chest, from just below the cleft of her breasts to her left hip, whispering as she did, "Infinite diversity."

Dipping the brush again, she painted a second line to match the first, with the same starting point but to her right hip this time.  The brush moved slowly, like a lover's fingers over Ida's blue skin and T'Less's gaze followed its movements intently.  With the second line drawn, she murmured, "in infinite combinations."

She added a third line from the ends of the first two, the paint moving directly over Ida's denuded mound.  As she did, she quivered, her breasts trembling as she finished the line.  In a way, it felt as though she were marking Ida, claiming the Andorian as she might a mated pon farr, except it was her decision and not something entirely, uncontrollably biological.  Lifting her eyes to Ida's, she breathed out, "A mate is not always about what is similar, but about what is diverse.  IDIC is bound to our logic, as we are to it, and shouldn't our mates be the same?"

It didn't quite occur to her that her logic would indicate multiple partners in multiple combinations.  For the moment, she only meant it to apply to Ida and herself, a means of allowing her logic to fall in line with her desires.

"Indeed," whispered Ida, her blue skin tingling with the touch of T'Less brush, eyes slitted and breath heavy with the implications of both her words and presence. When the cool brush passed above her burning sex, it made her shiver and draw a hissing breath through her teeth. "Infinite possibilities... for diverse needs... I want you, Vulcan."

I there was some kind of last admission, Ida silenced it with a kiss. So slight was the distance that she merely had to push away from the table and run her fingers into T'Less' hair. Her painted abdomen, tight with ardent need, grazed against the CTO's in the brief struggle of balance. A primal sound, quivering and slight, escaped Ida as she sought breath. The intimate commotion of their lips finally joining had forced her hands to move - to roam over Vulcan flesh in needy exploration.

[Lieutenant zh'Wann,] said Thea over the intercom, [Lieutenant Commander Grayson requests your presence in his quarters]

Eyes widening, Ida's hands - which had sought to cup T'Less breasts and knead against the hardened peaks - froze in her hot and heavy movements. "Wh-What?" she gasped, head reeling from the implications - both in relation to the interruption and what T'Less might make of the intercom's statement. Unhelpfully, Thea merely repeated the announcement in her deadpan voice.

[Lieutenant Commander Grayson requests your presence in his quarters,] she said, without humour.

"I heard!" she said angrily in hasted movements and lost balance, almost falling before she could right herself - flustered and dark of skin, "what time is it?"

[1900 hrs.]

"By Lor'Vela!" she cursed and gritted her teeth, moving to dress and gather her drawing utensils at the same time, rendering somewhat lacking results, "I agreed to meet with my superior and discuss... how we might work better together, considering his promotion and that I now report to him instead of the other way around. I am sorry, I... I need to go. I lost track of time whilst painting you. I... I... I want to stay, yet... I..."

She shoved her legs down her uniform trousers and turned to face T'Less - paint smeared over her skin. Her undershirt and jacket was still to be found. "I want to see you again," she said, attempting a quick smile, "to address the topic of needs and diversity anew... If you would so let me."

T'Less bit back a cry of frustration, pushing the emotion as deep down as she could manage before answering.  It had been the most pleasurable of sensations, having Ida's hands roam freely, to give in to the passions she'd held in check.  Her entire body burned as she'd returned the favor, fingers deftly exploring Ida's back and sides, brushing her upper body back and forth as their lips met and tongues dueled, causing her hard nipples to pulse against Ida's blue skin and breasts.  Then, the intercom went off and she jerked back to herself, all of her shields dropping back in place.  Taking a step back, she couldn't suppress her eyes as they roamed Ida's womanly form, from her firm breasts down her flat stomach and to her paint-smudged sex and arousal-coated inner thighs.  Duty called again from the intercom and she took another step, breathing deeply to further calm her roiling emotions, not the least of which was anger at the interruptions.

Watching Ida dress was no less sensual than had been watching her remove her clothing and T'Less turned away, moving her stool back to its previous position in the room.  She said nothing as Ida spoke, instead focusing on the mundane task of clearing their dishes from the table.  When Ida added wanting to see T'Less again, T'Less paused, then turned to face her.  As empty of emotion as she could manage, she said, "Perhaps after your meeting.  You will need to return for your paints and easel, after all."

"Yes, I suppose I will," said Ida, eyebrows raised in realisation that the Vulcan was right, and she added a mirthful sound, "unless the meeting becomes an extensive one, I will make sure to come back tonight. If not tonight, I hope I am welcome at the first best opportunity."

The Andorian pulled on her undershirt and walked up to T'Less, whom was still in her bare skin. She ran her arm behind her waist and cupped her chin with her other hand. The searing an passionate kiss she gave her unexpected model-candidate was altogether in conflict with Vulcan nature - an expressive affirmation of what Ida felt about the afternoon they'd spent together. "Until we can finish what we started..." she said after catching her breath, the grin as white as her eyes in the dim light, "and thank you for letting this Andorian feel less lonely."

Then Ida picked up her uniform jacket and ambled for the door, about to meet with the Chief of Security.

A meeting that, as far as she was concerned, would be far less interesting as the one she just had.

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