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"Just because there was Borg technology doesn't mean it can't be adapted for use by Starfleet.  Not only that, but that future technology they had might have been locked up, but that doesn't mean whoever saw it might not have been . . . inspired."  They could have been working on their own version of Ablative Armor or Transphasic Torpedoes, using knowledge from the current timeline.It was Isley's belief that whenever something more advanced came along, there were always others working on top of it.  "On Earth, there was something called Moore's Law, which said that processing power in computers doubled every year.  The Theurgy-class was originally designed in the mid 2370's.  It's 2381 now, and you don't think they have more tricks up their sleeve since then?  Especially when there was been interference from the future?  Who knows what kind of effect that will have on how Starfleet and the Federation develop technologically."

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This was the time when Skye became quiet, sipping her drink and letting the men begin the debate.  There were good points on both sides but she was more inclined to agree with Isley.  Just because something was from the future didn't mean it wasn't developed right in their current timeline.  Seeing something or imagining it then bringing it to fruition was just how things worked.

Skye wanted more speed, more power, more maneuverability ... yeah, she was a woman and wanted it all damn it.  There were species out there that could vaporize them in an instant and quibbling about ethics, especially when it was already Federation property, wasn't high on her list.  She did have to admit there had to be a limit though or things could run amok quite quickly.

All this brought a bit of amusement to Skye even though it was quite a serious topic.  Perhaps it was not the right time but it brought to mind an old earth quote from a movie she quite enjoyed.  According to Captain Barbosa, the Code is more what you call guidelines than actual rules.  Of course he was a pirate which was sort of the point Miles was trying to make.  "Arrrrgh," she muttered and smirked as she knocked back another.

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"Oh sorry i think you misunderstood why i brought up the borg tech on the Voyager.  I brought it up is because i think thats the stuff we could get ahold of the info on.  You see since its enemy tech not future tech its probably a bit less classified.  Even if you are looking for Gold, don't ignore a vein of Iron."  He said clarifying that he thought they should use the Borg tech not that they shouldn't. 

"As for the ethics of using future tech.  Frankly, I think the present is ours.  That future of theirs is but one possibility.  All I am saying Is, If you are saved by a dragon,  don't steal its treasure.  You might end up making a powerful enemy.  Or, in other words, the time-police are watching our every move at the moment; let's do our best to not even get a parking ticket."  he said explaining his reasoning for his caution.

"One important thing to always remember is that rules are there for a reason. Just because we are being chased through space like a group of common pirates doesn't mean we should start acting like them."  he then added, "But in many cases always remember. Those directives are meant as a guiding hand not a forceful push."  he then smirked and added, "For instance did you know that my people's discovery of the Federation was a violation of the prime-directive, as we had not yet obtained warp flight and was interference in a civil war between my people."

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"Part of me has always wondered if there was ever some time traveller from the future who went back in time and dropped something on the ground that led to all this.  Left behind a tricorder that led to the development of the first Warp engine, that led to Zephram Cochrane building the first interstellar ship.  There's been a history of Predestination paradoxes before.  The crew of the Enterprise dealt with such cases, which makes me wonder if the Temporal Prime Directive will cause a problem one day.  We'll be prevented from making something happen that should have happened."  It was talk that went beyond his training as a Fighter Pilot.  As quick as it entered, it was gone again, washed underneath another shot glass of Jack.  "I should just leave the thinking to the thinkers, and stick to the flying.  I'll get the most out of the Valkryie I can and then start telling the Engineers where it needs to be better."

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he laughed, "Oh you think that's bad We know about the more famous recorded cases of time travel. I mean...Hell! remember when they found out that Quark From DS9 and a few buddies with a Ferengi trade shuttle turned out to be the famous Terran 1950's Roswell Incident."  He then took another sip and sighed, "Here's the funny part, the 29th century Federation does what it has to to protect itself from being unmade. They do this under a blanket term of the Temporal prime directive.  They say that they try and stop any time meddling, but yet some examples of time travel they purposefully do prevent from happening.  For instance everyone knows that in in the late 20th century to early 21st century Transparent aluminum was invented after Montgomery Scott traded the tech for transparent aluminum from the future In order to get their whale cage built.  Funny thing is the personal mobile computers of those who stole that Bird of Prey including Captain James Kirk show that transparent aluminum was invented during the late years of the Eugenics wars instead thus that unchanged computer exists as an artifact proving that they changed history and exists as a tangible object from the alternate timeline that they came from originally."

He continued taking another sip as he raised a finger, "Now, If Kirk had not interfered with history that probe could have destroyed much of the earth's population, potentially spelling doom for the Federation's structure as we know it.   Therefore if the relativity truly exists to not cause history to be meddled with, then they would have went back and prevented the changes from the timeline from happening. However, they did not they let that happen and let time be changed so that their future can come to pass.  Clearly they do not uphold the current model of the Temporal Prime Directive, but instead uphold a variant that says they will ensure that nothing happens to threaten the future as they recognize it.  Not that i am complaining about their help but don't you think its funny that they choose to not interfere with acts of time travel that help make their future a reality. but prevent those that change their future. Clearly they are not acting in a neutral way to preserve the time-stream as it naturally would flow, but to preserve their time-stream and make sure it occurs." he then shrugged, "Or at least that's how it looks from a casual observer."

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"I think I understand now why Admiral Janeway gets so frustrated with Temporal Paradox.  I saw her give a speech on her encounters with time travel, and just trying to explain it seemed to give her a colossal migraine.  Apparently, the 29th Century actually referred to inadvertent interference by Starfleet officers as the Janeway factor, after so many run-ins with the Voyager crew.  She wasn't particularly flattered by the title, knowing how much the Timeship officers viewed her with annoyance for her temporal incursions."  Was there voyage to be the same?  The Relativity had already been involved in their affairs once, responding to trouble from another temporal agent meddling with the past.  How many more times would they deal with time travel during their lengthy voyage to save the Federation from an insidious invader?

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"To serve under Captain Janeway was one of my biggest daydreams when I was a teenager," Skye stated with obvious admiration of the woman.  "She was one who did whatever it took to keep her crew safe and bring them home.  I don't think there's ever been anyone with as much determination and fire as her.  Sometimes there are situations that call for something not in Starfleet's books but you have to take that action for the benefit of others.  Sort of like you, Miles," she stated with a rueful expression.

"I know you're okay with what happened ... being grounded ... but I still think it's not fair.  None of us would be alive if you hadn't acted the way you did."  She was silent a moment then and raised her refilled shot glass.  "It is an honor serving with you and a privilege to call you friend," she saluted him and then slowly drank the contents.  "I think in addition to thinking of what we can do to improve our ships, we should think about ways to improve how we work as a team so maybe something like what happened to you won't happen again."

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"Time," Miles said with a smirk as he began to speak in his best english style accent which was really good in fact his voice sounded like one that should have been speaking in one instead of the US like accent he had.  "People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but *actually* from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint - it's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly... time-y wimey... stuff." He said quoting the very character who's actor he had chosen the appearance of for his human form.  "Ya know I think those Brits may have been onto something in back in the 21st century."

After taking a sip and listening to Skye he added, "It isn't as simple as that Skye.  But thank you for the kind words,  Janeway is quite the captain and to be compared to her in any way is an honor.  However, my actions could have ended horribly. The SCO had to put the squadron into a different formation than usual and the results could have thrown the squadron into disarray.  I broke formation in a way that could have left my wingman vulnerable.  Upon thinking back on the events, a better tactic would have been a change of actions upon discovery of the two Defiant types  I will stand by my call to scramble as that would not be a real breach of protocol.  I saw a danger that no-one else could see literally, and I issued a scramble command as an emergency tactic.  After that though I should have suggested to the SCO that we fall back to the Theurgy advised the Captain as a squadron that the best tactic would be to work as a 19 ship wing with 5 to 6 valks escorting each Vector of the Theurgy in MVA mode.  This tactic would have been much safer and would have probably resulted in no ships lost."  he said plainly speaking with the tone of not just some young fighter pilot but in the way a squad commander would. 

His calmness was eerie.  That same kind of calmness that a commander had to have when ordering a crewman to their death.  It was clear in his eyes and in the way he talked and carried himself that he had a past.  It wasn't just a past like most Federation pilots had.  It wasn't a past of peacetime talks and war that was to protect.  It wasn't that comfortable kind of combat where you could lie in bed and know you were in the right.  He had been in real war.  He woke up some nights wondering how many kits had been left without a father or mother thanks to his skills in the cockpit.  He understood the moral conundrum they were in.  He had been there before and he knew that when he had to pull the trigger he would.  He knew more would be without their parents.  He knew blood would be on his hands.

"Also, There is a reason that I acted as I did in accepting the punishment.  I failed in restraining my command instincts." He said the term command instincts like it meant a lot more than a human would think it to mean.  The words were said like they were a shoddy translation for something much more personal to his race.  He quickly finished the remaining scotch in his glass and sighed as he refilled the glass and smiled. "If only the holo-decks were working right.  The two of you might enjoy some of the simulations I have put together."

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"Hindsight is 20/20," Isley replied.  Sure, Miles could talk about what he should have done, but that was because the crisis was over.  There was time to consider tactics and choose the best one.  That wasn't always a possibility when one was thrust into the middle of a battle.  "Skye and I know what it's like to be in the cockpit of one of those fighters.  Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, you only get a split second to make a decision, and you have to ask yourself whether you take action into your own hands and save lives, or you continue as you are and risk everyone.  There isn't time to create a dozen scenarios and choose the most effective one.  The fact that so many pilots made it out alive was because of you, breach of protocol or not.  No pilot would ever blame you for your actions, even if command might.  They don't know what it's like to be at the conn of one of those ships, where reflex and instinct take precedent during a life-or-death struggle.  You deserve recognition for the lives saved, and the fact that you owned your mistakes too simply proves that you are deserving."

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"Aye and I'll drink to that," Skye said saluting Miles with another drink.  Isley put into words much better than she could have and it covered her feelings as well.  "I realize we're part of Starfleet but in a way we're separate from them too.  We all face life and death each day but our asses are on the line every time we launch while we try to keep the den protected.  I don't know that a separate code could be made, one that blended us better, but yeah ... we have a lot to thank you for."

There was a distant look in her eyes for a moment, again a bit of a frown forming.  "I would love to try out some of those simulations when we can get things going again and maybe if some of the others were to try them, they would have a little more idea of what you faced that day ... what we all face in a dog fight."  She knew some of them wouldn't want to try the simulations but you never really knew what someone else thought or felt until you walked in their shoes.

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He smirked, "The funny part is those sims will never be Starfleet approved.  They are more holonovel adaptations of Terran fictional franchises."  He said taking a few drinks more as he smiled, "I rather like Starfleet's rigidity.  It serves as a nice calm in comparison to all the chaos.  Sure the regulations can be a bit stifling and hard to follow with them being our pursuers.  Still without that calm that structure to fall back on can you imagine the chaos we could devolve to.  And given the chaos we are in the middle of the last thing we need is a lack of structure.  It's that structure that may serve to keep us all alive, or at the very least sane in the hour of our deaths."  He said in a somber way. before getting up.  "Well I think I will get back to my quarters and leave you two to each others company.  I have a maintenance shift to be ready for in o-eight-hundred hours and I would like to catch a bit of a proper nap before heading to work."  He said getting up and leaving the bottles.  "By the way those are you two's.  Think of it as my present to you two in celebration for those medals.  Consider them gifts given in the SCO's stead."

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"I definitely agree there needs to be structure and we all benefit from it, just maybe allow for a little more adaptability in certain circumstances," she replied.  There was a very fine line between the order in the chaos and an attempt to completely stifle one's abilities in dire situations.  His instincts and experiences were far better and wider than hers and his attitude about it all was more than admirable.

Standing when Miles did, she reached out to stop him.  "Hey ... thanks for the drinks and for what you did," she said and then gave him a quick hug before wagging her finger at him.  "And don't bury yourself in work, take some more time out with your friends," she grinned and gave him the little salute.  Ironic she was telling him not to do exactly what she'd been doing.  At least it helped her sleep.

Watching him leave, she shook her head.  "You'd think all this time in the transporter buffer he wouldn't need a nap.  That's gotta be damn weird hanging in limbo for a couple of months."  In a way it had to be a blessing though, not realizing you were all alone all that time.  Chewing on her bottom lip, she reached for the shot glass and murmured "to homecomings," pausing a moment then knocking it back.

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"Hey, what we do in our leisure time should be up to us.  If I'm off duty, why should it matter if I want to run 'Vulcan Love Slave' in the Holodeck?"  The amused look on his face left it uncertain if he was joking or not about whether he had ever perused that particular holonovel, popular among space stations for some rather adult material with a heroine not quite so into her role, but not exactly denying of what was requested of her.

Once Miles had departed, leaving just Nathan and Skye together, Isley forwent the use of glasses and just grabbed his bottle directly, taking a swig straight from it.  It still burned going down, though he had grown more adjusted to it over the time spent in the bar with the two fellow pilots.  "Rock climbing holodeck programs I am guessing for you, Carver?"  If nothing else, Skye had shown herself to be an adventurous woman, and with the mention of her mother being a rock climber, it wasn't too far of a stretch to think that her daughter had inherited that same hobby.

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Vulcan Love Slave ... she'd thought it was a joke when she'd heard something like that before but perhaps there really was a program titled as such.  There was definitely a twist of her lips and an effort not to snerk.  "There's usually something for everyone," she muttered and turned to reach for her bottle.  Seeing he took a swig sans glass she did the same and then stoppered it to keep for later.

"I do have some rock climbing programs I enjoy along with some work out routines.  Bit of kick boxing and if I'm feeling particularly pissed just beat the shit out of the hologuy," she grinned.  "There's also Chez Sandrine that Tom Paris wrote and is still around.  Play a bit of pool now and then to keep up the skill and fun."  Not to mention the fun of bantering with the gigolo but that was pure silliness.

"So what kind of programs do you typically run?" she asked out of curiosity.  This was the first bit of real downtime she'd had and decided to learn more about her fellow Wolf.  Not having been around enough, she didn't know how well each knew the other but she fully intended to get to know all of them better.  Josh had been the only one she had a chance to get to know but he was gone now.

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"All the programs I run are the same kind of thing," he said, keeping it vague so she was left wondering just what he was talking about.  Leaving her guessing for a bit was a bit amusing, especially with the joke about an erotic holonovel coming just before.  When finally he let her stew enough, he finally told her.  "Flight simulations.  Asteroid fields, combat simulations of major battles in Federation history, everything.  You'd be amazed how intense Wolf 359 could be when you add fighters to the simulation.  Of course, Borg don't really have fighters so I had to invent one to keep things interesting.  Based on all their other designs, Cubes and Spheres, I designed what was basically a triangular prism of comparable shield strength and weaponry to a Borg ship of that size."

He took another drink from his bottle, before a nostalgic look overcame him.  "Some of the best simulations though are low atmosphere fly-overs.  Earth, Vulcan, even a hand full of colonies.  They look gorgeous flying at low altitude.  When you're in the cockpit of a Valkyrie, it's impossible not to feel at least a little bit free.  Life makes more sense when you're flying fast and taking in everything you can along the way."

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The corner of Skye's mouth twitched as he left her hanging for a bit on his choice of holo programs but she had a feeling it wasn't anything her mother would call naughty.  When he finally said it was simulations, a big grin swept across her face.  "What is it with us and flight simulations?" she laughed.  "You'd think as much time as we spend out there flying we'd not spend our off-duty time doing more."

Taking her seat again, she toyed with the shot glass.  "Your program sounds excellent and I have to admit most of my holo time has been some of the standard Starfleet simulations just to keep pounding into my head what they deem proper maneuvers.  Sure they're tried and true most of the time but the enemy isn't always going to act like the programmers think.  Miles sort of proved that point."

Her lips pursed a moment and then there was a soft sigh.  "I have to agree that flying fast is one of the best feelings but ... recently I learned that sometimes you have to slow down because there's so much you can miss."  You can tear each other's clothes off and, as you would say, go at it like rabid bunnies, and sure it is satisfying but let's try something.  The memory of that lesson wouldn't dim anytime soon!

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"Spent most of my life living on a single colony, watching ships rise up into the sky for worlds I could only read about.  When I finally got out in space, I knew I wouldn't settle for just being a passenger.  I learned to pilot cargo ships first, before going to the Academy for the express purpose of getting into a fighter.  To me, it's the only thing that makes sense in the universe."  That was his reason for always piloting, even on his downtime.  If he wasn't flying, either in practical use or on the holodeck, he was tuning his spacecraft or studying flight logs for new maneuvers.  The only thing he ever found that could tear his attention away from a flight was a beautiful woman, which Skye just happened to be.

"So Carver, it seems we have a bit of a problem.  There's some . . . unresolved sexual tension between us, right?  What are we gonna do about that?"  If he were a strict Vulcan, he would have commented about what logic dictated, which in their case would have been to get rid of the sexual tension through spending the night together.  From someone who thought with emotions as much as his logic, it would have been far too crass a way to put it.  They both had a fair bit to drink, and could always excuse their actions on inebriation if things didn't look so good in the morning.  Their fellow pilot had no issue seeing the tension between them, an obvious attraction.  Would it have been an issue if they left it festering?

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"My father was a pilot and whenever he'd come for a visit, he'd take me up in a small shuttle," Skye said with a winsome expression.  "When I was eight he actually let me fly it myself.  Mom said she always knew I'd be like him and want to fly ... which is why she named me Skye.  Sometimes I wonder what life would have been like on a starship, if I'd been less enamored," she chuckled.

Again she thought she'd steered clear of a certain topic but it seemed she wasn't going to be able to avoid it and felt warmth rising to her face.  "Well, like I said earlier you are an attractive man and I tend to be a bit physical, obviously more so than I realized until Miles pointed out my ... interest."  A light chuckle erupted and she cut her eyes to the side to look at him, feeling that flutter.

Standing up, she stepped closer and leaned close enough they could feel each other's breath on their lips.  "If you are interested, I'll prove beyond a shadow of a doubt I'm not one of the guys," she whispered and straightened up, dragging the bottle across the table as she backed up a step and turned to face the door.  Looking over her shoulder, a lopsided pursing smile formed and she winked.  "You comin'?"

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No matter how much she was a rough-and-tough kind of woman, there was no mistaking Skye as just one of the guys, not with a body like hers.  Strong and sexy, a warrior woman like their Valkyries had been named for.  When she grew closer, the smell of her booze breathed into his face, it didn't nothing to make her less appealing.  Somehow, she had a harsh liquor smell sweet when it came past her lips and into his nose.  When she asked if he was coming, only a grin overtook his face.  Not yet, but I'm willing to bet I will be by the end of the night!

He stood up and followed in her path, which would have led them to the crew quarters.  Both Tactical CONN, their rooms would be close together, making it appear more like they were just accompanying each other back, when really there was only one question left for them to answer.  "My place or yours?"

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Skye half expected him to call for a rain check or outright decline but as soon as he stood, her lips pursed and then she smiled as her steps turned deliberate for the trek through Below Decks making her hips sway slowly while she swirled the whiskey inside the bottle.  This was more normal for her, confidence in herself and her abilities.

Her breaths were slow and measured as they traveled through the halls, her imagination already starting to go wild with anticipation.  Given the small size of her quarters, there was only one answer.  "As big as you are, I'd say your quarters so we have plenty of room to move," she replied after a backward and downward glance with a quirk of an eyebrow.

When the door opened, she stepped inside without batting an eye and set the bottle down on the nearest flat surface and turned to face him.  Her eyes focused on the beard and his lips as she strode to him, gaze predatory as she reached up and pulled his face to her.  The kiss was full of passion and heat, her tongue licking off the remnants of his drink as her fingers drew through the beard along his jaw.

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When she suggested his place, Isley took the lead, showing her the way to his own quarters.  Inside, she was greeted by an unkempt mess.  His clothes were tossed about without much care, but his bed was left clean and ready.  He often found himself too consumed with other things to bother with keeping his room a shining example of Vulcan anal-retentiveness, instead choosing to leave things where they lie until it became necessary to wash clothes and sort things out.  "You'll have to excuse the mess," he said, turning towards Skye just in time to see her observe him with a focused gaze.  She studied him for only a few seconds  before their lips met rather intensely.  Like a warrior woman, her kiss was hard, like a lesser man would have been hurt by it, but he was far from a lesser man.  Indeed he couldn't wait to find out of she rode as hard as she kissed.

His hands settled on her sides for a few seconds before he tarted working on pulling up her shirt, breaking the kiss long enough to slip it over her head and toss it to the floor before they resumed, Nathan's hands firmly feeling up her bare back as the kissing resumed.  The back would enjoy enjoy that contact for a time, before he went lower, taking firm grasp of her buttocks through the tight pair of pants that complimented her rear oh so well.

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After who knew how long, Skye pulled back a moment and smiled wickedly.  "I don't mind messy," she replied and lifted her arms so he could pull off the shirt and she reached for his right after.  "I've dreamed of those shoulders every night since I got back," she murmured and kneaded them as their lips locked again.  Her lips would venture off occasionally and tease along his neck and upper chest and in a moment of overwhelming need, she bit down on his flesh just enough to leave a mark.  Slowly releasing that part of him, she licked and then kissed over the area.

When his hands reached lower and grabbed her cheeks, her response was to hop up and wrap her legs around his hips.  To be enlightened or a rabid bunny was a difficult choice but for the moment, bunny was winning.  There would be time for the softer side once their current needs were met.  Going back to the bite mark, she licked it again and blew lightly almost as if apologizing yet not seeming exactly contrite either.  "We are wearing entirely too much clothing," she groaned and ran her fingers through his hair as she fought to control herself.

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When Skye latched onto him, legs wrapping around his waist and strong arms holding her against him, Isley carried her to his bed, laying her down and letting his own lips travel along her neck, her collarbone.  Her bite had certainly been a playful one, and with all the attention she was showing it afterward, he certainly didn't mind.  "Got a little Klingon in you, I think," Nathan teased, noting how a bite was often seen as a mating ritual for that race, a sort of mark to tell other potential mates a stake was already claimed.  At her suggestion that there was too much clothing, he pulled back, stripping off his shirt and giving her a look at the strong frame she had only glimpsed during the outbreak.

The outbreak had been far too frustrating.  All those gorgeous women walking around bare as the day they were born, copulating freely.  He had been teased beyond what a man should ever have to endure, and since the infection was cured, everyone had been too subdued.  Skye was finally providing him a sense of relief, a chance for release.  Working on the button of her pants, he tugged them off her, leaving the woman in her underwear.  Standing up for a moment, he pulled his own pants down, discarded to the floor without a care of ever seeing them again.  With just his boxer briefs and her panties between them, it was much easier to feel their bodies tightly pressed together, as their lips enjoyed another round of play with each other.

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Normally Skye would have shucked off her pants and underwear herself but she'd been too caught up in taking in his physique.  She had always enjoyed a larger man, especially one who knew exactly how to control his strength which Isley certain did as evidenced by the way he almost gently lay her on his bed rather than dumping her there.

"No Klingon blood but admire a few of their customs," she replied and welcomed him with open arms when he removed her pants.  Her breasts weren't huge but were more than enough to please and she reveled in the way he pressed against her.  "And damn if you don't have something ... everything ... that brings out the more primal urges in me."

Kissing was definitely a favorite of Skye's and each time it would get too heated, she would ease back into a softer embrace and tease his lips with tiny nips and licks while her hands coursed over every line and plane of muscle along his upper body.  When she could stand it no more, she slipped her hands inside his boxers and gripped his ass.

The more she kneaded, the further the material slipped downward until she had his backside completely uncovered and then she surged upward and to the side to roll him onto his back and the front pulled away as well.  There was undeniable hunger as she gazed at his engorged manhood, shifting to pull the material completely down and to the floor.

Again she started to nip at him, along his inner thigh and up to the line where his legs connected into his hips while her nails dragged up from his navel to his chest.  He wouldn't be left unattended too long though as she licked him from base to tip and then pursed her lips to blow a focused jet of cool air along the moisture trail, releasing a groan of pleasure as she reached the tip.

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He didn't mind letting her take control for a bit.  The way she grabbed his rear so intently, and then how she rolled him over and attended to every inch of skin she could get her mouth on, culminating in a tongue across his length . . . damn, she knew what she was doing, and that aggressive nature in which she took it was not only well suited to her, but left him craving more.  Her cool breath against the underside of his manhood felt oh so teasing, making him crave so much more from the wild woman.

"I sure hope you aren't a cock tease, Carver," he said with a grin, noting just just how literal that term applied.  What she was doing to his member could certainly be called teasing.  Reaching out, he grabbed a hand full of hair, and pushed her head down against his erection.  He was sure Skye needed no instruction on what to do to please a man, but their night together had been aggressive so far, he felt that it was a good way to keep things going.  "Whatever you do for me, Carver . . . I'll be sure to return it."  If she used her mouth to pleasure him, he could do the same for her, showing her a talent that drove many women before her to ecstasy.

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