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Miles Nodded when the Captain made her decision, "No offense taken on the denial of the request.   All I could ask is that the suggestion be listened to nothing more nothing less.  I thank you fully for allowing me to voice the my thoughts openly."  He said very graciously with a soft smile on his face. He was not at all disappointed by the Captain's reaction. He was just happy that the Captain had listened to it rather than just brushed him off for even considering such ideas.

When the Commander entered he saluted her quickly and spoke up.  "By the way I looked over that duty roster you suggested. Thank you very much!  The amount of preparation you put into this will probably cut my time spent doing The backlog of S. C. O. paperwork in half.  I have only two minor modifications.  I wish to be removed from flight duty for the next few days in order to fully catch up on the paperwork that is waiting for me.  Secondly I have not been medically cleared for flight as of yet.  This brings me to the second modification.  I would like to schedule all of the Wolves for a full medical evaluation, the once every 6 months detailed physical type.  In light of the recent recovery from the viralant outbreak I feel it would be better to be safe regarding my department.  I would prefer to schedule my flight clearance screening during this same time period as well.  However these scheduling issues can be easily be figured out over a just a few desktop panel to ready room display file transfers when I start my new duty hours."

He then looked around for a moment.  He had seemingly switched on his more professional demeanor again.  Gone was the looseness he was showing for the moment.  His back strait again, his posture and expression that of a consummate professional.  "As for the real reason I needed to speak with the two of you both...  I wanted to present you with a recommended rearrangement of the squadron itself and a few recommendations for field promotions and/or awards and one case of a potential disciplinary issue."

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[ Deck 01 | Captain's Ready Room | USS Theurgy ]

After having offered Commander Rez to sit, Jien seated herself in her own chair, listening impassively to what the SCO had in mind. As for medical exams, she had no objections, but she would let Edena decide how to best manage that since she was more familiar with the details in the daily deployment of the remaining Tactical Conn Officers. As for the SCO's own duties, Jien made no comment either, since Miles Renard reported to Edena Rez first. Yet since Jien did not offer any objections, Edena would surely understand that she had none and would allow either 'yea' or 'nay'.

When it came to squadron organisation, promotions and disciplinary actions, however, Jien folded her hands on her desk and leaned forward, raising her brows a little. "Let's hear it."

[ Clinic | Paradise City | Nimbus III ]

The innuendo did not go Lucan amiss before Ensign Carver woke up on the surgical bed; the promise that Eve felt safe around him. That she wanted to be with him for as much time as she might have the chance to. That what they had together in their Academy years remained just as they remained the same people that they were. Which is quite ironic... since he wasn't. He smiled darkly to her retreating back during the hubbub, when she rushed to her patient with the blanket and with her reassurances. The darkness inside him bared its fangs, and images flashed before his eyes were he picked up the exoscalpel on the tray and slit both their throats. He would fuck their orifices while they were still warm - their blood his lubricant.

Shaking his head minutely, ridding himself from the tendencies and thoughts of the symbiont, Lucan followed Eve a few steps. Despite the smile, he felt a bit ill. Which was odd, since the dark daydreams he suffered normally did not cause him such discomfort. Why was his stomach churning now, at the thought of butchering these particular women? They were the same mindless cattle as the rest of them, weren't they? Only means to an end. The end of all.

Still the nausea, like some stark disinclination, lingered even though he did not let it on... and the thing crawling within had grown eerily silent.

"Listen to your physician, Ensign," he said with an easy smile, yet it did not linger because of what he had to tell her next, "you have had major abdominal surgery, and one of your ovaries could not be saved. There are means to preserve your means to bear children in the future, so there is no greater cause for concern, though you should consider yourself fortunate that you live, and that there were such competent people here in the City that could tend to you after such significant blood-loss."

Turning his pale grey eyes to Eve, his smile returned as he folded his tattooed hands behind his back. "We have not found lodging yet, so if you are prepared to show me and Lt. Kae hospitality too - besides your patient - we would be much obliged. I have to wait here for him to return, regardless. He went outside for a little while together with that woman from the Tavern." He did not specify where or why just yet, just to keep the pilot from jumping down from where she lay and run into the night to find the Engineer. It had saved Lucan from the awkwardness of having to speak with Eve and keep the blonde woman from making advances and sabotaging what has reoccurring between them.

Idly, Lucan hoped the youth had not taken on too much by accompanying the woman they had found in the tavern to her hide-away...

[ Rihen Neyah's Hide-away | Paradise City | Nimbus III ]

Normally, women would take affront by being denied in their attempts to seduction, but not Rihen Neyah. No, she found that it only heightened her own desires to play cat and mouse - far too secure of her own capacities when it came to temptation. To entice and snare the awkward and make them experience things they'd never dreamed of. The youth reeked of innocence.

"Oh, but when you say it like that," she said, and pulled the zipper further down, advancing upon him still, "I think I might have to set some conditions for you to replicate things. The way I see it, fixing it merits us both, but for you to use it afterwards... Oh, I think the price of that has just gone up."

The mischievous wink in her mismatched eyes - framed by a face more than pretty enough to be Risan - did not say whether or not she was being serious about her standpoint. What was seriously blatant was her skin now - her overalls opened all the way down to her lower abdomen. As she walked, a neat little triangle of blonde hair could be hinted where her long legs joined, and her seductive gait almost made the nipples of her high, firm breasts show. Her spiky blonde hair might once have been long and luxurious, yet the new haircut complimented her high cheek-bones and pink lips. "Play with me... and you get to play with my parts... If you get me going... You can get the replicator going too..."

So, with no underwear to get in their way, Rihen reached for the young man with the Bajoran nose - meaning to let him have a long and deep kiss. Little did she know it might become his first 'real' one. Little did she know when she'd reach for his groin that this was altogether new for him.

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[Edena Rez - Captain's Ready Room]

Edena took the seat that was offered, and heard out Miles Renard and his requests from her.  "Removal from Flight Duty will require a bit of adjustment with the duty roster, as well as any training you wish to request.  It's unfortunate, but the squadron of sixteen has been reduced to only thirteen.  Wolf-01 is in stasis, Wolf-05 and his Valkyrie were KIA, and Wolf-15 and his Valkryies are MIA, while your original Valkryie was also destroyed, Lieutenant Commander.  Add to that the damaged condition of Wolf-07's own fighter, and your squad is understaffed.  Any changes you require to the schedule will have to be made while keeping in mind that we want at least two of your squadron on-standby at any given time in case immediate launching is necessary."

It was a standard policy; have a couple wolves ready to attack while the others were called in to duty to assist if necessary.  With that system it meant that what used to be a three hour time period of being on stand-by in addition to their duties on-board the ship had become a four hour period.  Not just them but all departments were seeing longer shifts with less crew at a time, in order to spread their staff resources well enough to maintain the ship.

"So long as your wolves will agree to work around the current duty roster for any extra training time, I can sign off on it when you have a revised roster.  If that's all for that topic, I'm ready to hear about your recommendations for the squadron arrangements, as well as the promotions and disciplinary actions you spoke of."

[Lin Kae - Rihen's hideaway]

Was she serious about that extra payment?  It was hard to tell when it came to a Risan.  They were a bunch who had a sense of humor, but they also enjoyed sexual contact enough that they would make such an arrangement to get it.  With her zipper lower, there wasn't much left to the imagination, from the barely contained breasts to the small triangular tuft of blond curls on her pubic zone.  When she stole a kiss from him, his first thought was that it wasn't all that different from a hologram.  They were designed with great realism in mind, from the texture of their skin to the warmth provided.  As he felt her warm saliva enter his mouth through the deepening of the kiss, he was suddenly reminded of another reason photonic women were preferable to organic.  They were sterile, no worries of infections or germs for the guy who spent fourteen years of his life without an immune system to speak of.  No risk of disease, not of pregnancy.  Both of those were things to consider with Rihen, but how did he express those concerns without being rude?

"Are you . . . safe?"  The question would have meant if there was risk of pregnancy from their act, or if she took contraceptive measures.  It also left it open to discuss any potential sexually transmitted diseases.  Not to be racially discriminate, but Risans did enjoy free love, which left them open to a great deal of trouble if they didn't take precautions.

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[ Clinic | Paradise City | Nimbus III ]

Having a superior officer tell you to listen to the doc was definitely an effective means of quieting someone but when his smile left and he told her of the surgery and the 'loss', Skye truly went quiet.  She was still in her wild stage and hadn't considered having children yet but this certainly halted her in her tracks.  Sure one day she wanted one or two but now it seemed she might have to try a little harder, maybe even start a little sooner than she had planned.

"I ... it'll be fine, Sir," she stated after the momentary confusion then indecision then understanding and acceptance ran the gamut in her expressions.  "Might need to rethink a few things but it'll be alright."  Her head swam a little but it was the blood loss, she told herself.  Gut wounds were nasty business but she smiled at Eve to acknowledge what she'd done for her while Lucan brought up lodging and then made the mistake of saying Kae had gone somewhere.

It took a moment in the fogginess she was still suffering to get the words out but she'd gone rigid again.  "What do you mean Kae left with that woman?" she said with wild eyes.  "He shouldn't be going anywhere alone ... he's like a lamb trotting out among the wolves," she sputtered and tried to stand which totally made her head spin and she grabbed Lucan's shoulders to stay upright.

"You're determined to make me sedate you aren't you?" Eve stated calmly and gathered the blanket at Skye's back so she kept her modesty then gently tugged back so her butt was back on the table.  For her part, Skye winced and tucked in her left arm as if guarding that side.  "He's Starfleet trained and can handle himself," she tried to reassure the pilot.

"He's different from other guys ... innocent," Skye protested but Eve's firm hand on her shoulder was encouraging her to lay back down.  "Sir, you have to find him and make sure he's okay.  I would if I could ... dammit," she grumbled the last word.  Of all the times to get stabbed in the gut and while she knew they had been trained in self-defense, she was their guardian and it felt like she failed.

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[ Deck 01 | Captain's Ready Room | USS Theurgy ]

Miles sat as well when prompted by the other two opting to observe the Earth custom of ladies first, not just because they were female but more importantly, because they were superior officers and he would let them sit before he even considered the less formal position.  HE nodded hearing their request to hear his ideas,  "First off, At any point that I am requesting to be removed from flight I will remain on alert to imediately get to my fighter so you can count on me as on standby at any point before I begin regular Patrols again.  If I was previously scheduled to be out there, the Alert to scramble takes precedence over paperwork of course. As I was planning on doing most of my paperwork in conjunction with my bridge duties at the Mission ops desk.  As such you can count on me to be ready to immediately take the turbolift to the hangar bay or even initiate a site to site teleport, if time is critical and the should the need arise. 

As for the Squadron arrangement,  The way I would suggest handeling the 12 fighters 13 pilots situation is taking our least experienced Wolfs and assigning them to slots, 11, 12, and 13, and keeping them on a rotating schedule until it can be determined which one makes the most suitable element leader and who works best with them as wing.   The 13th slot will be placed as still on Patrol rotations but in full squadron combat will not be engaged in combatand will act as ground control from the mission ops desk on the bridge. They will also function as a reserve in the case that one of the main 12 is placed on sick-leave or grounded for any other reason.

My organizational setup will be myself as SCO with the rank of Lieutenant Commander as the flight leader Designation Wolf 01 or Wolf Leader.

I am recommending Ensign Skye Carver as my personal choice for Wingman as Wolf 02.  I would also like to note that I would like to put her in for promotion to Junior Grade Lieutenant based on her actions to get back to the us and her actions in the Niga crisis which earned her the Star Cross. 

In slots 3 and 7 I would prefer to see no lower than one of the J.G.'s in that position with their wing being from the pool of Ensign and Warrant officer pilots.

My recommendation for Wolf 05 and Lead of Flight Group 2 is Khorin Douglas.  My review on the circumstances of his injury's show that his craft was damaged when maintaining flight in formation. He also is shown to have maintained formation despite being under heavy fire where many pilots would balk.  Secondly instead of simply ejecting he got his ship into the hangar quite safely leaving it able to be repaired.  A brave pilot would have emergency ejected and would be though of no less, but he showed a level of courage exemplary to any division of Starfleet. As such, I am recommending him for the Starfleet Decoration of Gallantry based on his showing of extreme bravery in the line of duty.  In addition, I am requesting him to be given the field promotion to full Lieutenant, and as mentioned be given the group lead position.   As of currently he of course will be out of flight circulation per his recovery which brings me to his wing.

In the 6th slot I would like to place Ensign Rawley, though I am tempted to submit her for further disciplinary action and near permanent grounding based on her history of alcoholism and her previous cracking under pressure.  However, since she is undergoing recovery with Douglas, I think he could be an ideal role model for her.  Once they are both recovered they could make a very effective flight element.  Still, she worries me more than any other member of the squadron.  I can see she does have talent, if she could just stop looking for courage in the bottle and look for it in herself instead.

As for 09 I think it best to keep Isley where he is.  I see promise in him, but he needs a bit of polish.  Currently he seems to not understand the importance of rules and regulations. So I am proposing we let him lead that flight group.  Based on his ability and performance record, I can't deny his being eligible to be promoted to Lieutenant as well.  I think in seeing the difficulties group command can cause, he may start seeing for himself the consequences that he has been causing his flight group lead, SCO, and other officers.  He has talent and he has a natural affinity for the stick.  Maybe leadership will polish his understanding of rules.  Further, I was thinking about making him squadron disciplinary officer in order to further his understanding of the need for said protocol.  After all, as disciplinary officer, if a member of the squadron should slip up he is the first to feel the consequences of it.  I can see within him is a great officer.  I just think he needs to have a more practical understanding of how the rules aren't shackles but more like a safety harness for repelling.  Sure it may inhibit you a little, but when you slip and start to fall you are glad it's there.

The wingmate and wolf 10 I think would work best with him is Ensign Hannah Slaverton.  She seems to be a lot like Isley.  Bit insubordinate, Kinda fiery. You know, likely to plague Isley with the same problems he has given others.  I have noticed her record however is exemplary.  I think the two could benefit greatly from working together.  Also, If she continues to serve as she has been doing, I will soon be recommending her for promotion to Lieutenant J.G. as well, but I will have to see how she preforms as Isley's wing first.

As for the chain of command of the squadron, I have selected that should any Flight group lead, or any ship in the 4 ship group go down their wing will join the other two to form a three ship element.  In the cases of Group 1 Carver will take Group lead in the case that I am shot down.  While Douglas will become SCO for the remainder of the sortie.  Should Douglas be shot down, the Group lead will be The Lieutenant JG selected for Position 7.  In the case that Isley is shot down Slaverton will become Group 3 lead.  The reason for this is so just in case the worst happens the squadron has a plan for what to do and as such there is less confusion in those worst case scenarios.

As such the chain of command  within the squadron will be myself, Followed by Douglass whom Will act as a sort of Lieutenant Squadron Commanding Officer. Next will be Isley as Disciplinary Officer.  After them the Reserve Flight group leaders and any others ranked Lt. J.G.  Below them it goes strictly by rank.  Based on my current Roster idea and should those I recommend be promoted this would be a chain of 01, 05, and 09, then 02, 07, 03, and 10, Then 06, 04, 08, 11, 12, 13. In that order.   Do either of the two of you have any thoughts on my recommendations or further questions?"  The explanation and set of recommendations was long and drawn out  and finishing the monologue of sorts he breathed a sigh of relief having finally spoken it.  As such he had prepared his PADD with the details he has spoken of and handed it over to the XO.  The information was divided into a series of tables showing the roster, then recommendations for commendation, then recommendations on promotions, and finally detailed reasoning for each and every one of his suggestions.  

The PADD was very organized and had been thought out since he had returned. Many of the saved previous drafts suggested he would have been turning it in as a suggestion as the ranking officer in the squadron had the XO chosen to forgo designating a replacement SCO and would have been made merely as a higher ranking officer speaking very highly of the other members of his squadron.  Still, for him to have prepared this in such advance made it clear that since the day he had been grounded he had been aware that there was the possibility that he could be being considered for the position.  The act was one that some could see as over reaching or even arrogant.  In his case it was not arrogance but simple preparation for a possible scenario that guided his hand.  Besides, There wasn't much else he could do when not on maintenance duty during that time.

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[ Deck 01 | Captain's Ready Room | USS Theurgy ]

While not reviewing the PADD given to the XO, and to allow her some time to browse it and make her call, Captain Ives spoke up in regards to the disciplinary actions against Evelyn Rawley and the recommendation for the Decoration of Gallantry - where she could immediately make a ruling.

"If we were to punish our Starfleet Officers further - as in, consecutively - for their past history of addictions, then we are not just, and we punish ourselves in the long run instead. This is also true for our NCO ranks, and we cannot afford tendencies towards such... 'tyranny', in lack of a better word, at the highly probable risk of mutiny. I need not remind you that there are just so many Officers, and that many more crew members. No, this ship will have a firm command structure, but I will not allow undue punishment of such severity as the permanent grounding of a - as you said - highly talented fighter pilot. Junior Lieutenant Rawley has what it takes when it counts, more than making up for her personal shortcomings, yet I do not see her in a position as a Flight Element Leader. If she makes new transgressions whilst on duty, I hope that you will not hesitate to discipline her, but you should never do so for past transgressions without consulting either of us first. Which in this case, you have, and I will not allow it unless presented with new information."

Shifting her seat, crossing her legs behind her chair, Jien frowned as she thought about the suggestion of decorating the half-blood Klingon pilot.

"The Starfleet Decoration of Gallantry is an medal with long traditions... and I would not sully the memory of those whom have earned it in combat situations. For in my opinion, it is not a gallant enough act to endanger your own life for the sake of a piece of machinery - prototype or not. An admirable one, yet only so long as it is successful. If he would have failed - crashed and died upon the deck of the Fighter Assault Bay - we would needlessly have lost a fine officer along with prototype machinery. The Valkyries can be tractored if unmanned, and the Emergency Transport of of Khorin from his cock-pit would have simply reduced the gallantry to a simple mid-flight salvage of the spacecraft. In comparison to the 'extreme bravery in the line of duty' that others have earned it for, 'needless endangerment of one's life for the sake of a single spacefighter' is not even close."

Still frowning and looking down upon the surface of her desk, she continued after another second of thought.

"I can see the merits in promoting both Douglas and Isley to Lieutenants for the sake of the new squadron arrangement you are suggesting, yet is that all that it takes to become full Lieutenants nowadays? I feel that with the loss of all our personnel up to this point, we are throwing pips around us like they are confetti. In the end, there is inflation, and loss of respect towards the meaning of the rank. Nothing personal in relation to you two, of course, but I hope you understand the surviving problem of these kind of field-promotions. I have always firmly believed... that if it takes another pip in your collar to make people listen and do as you tell them to in the line of duty, then you are not quite ready to be given that promotion. The same holds true in regard to Ensign Carver, whom you wish to recommend for Lt.JG rank. In the case of all three of them, I will not be promoting them now. Not until they have proven themselves in the positions they have gotten in the new squadron organisation. Their appointed positions should be enough, and if it takes more effort for them to get their will across, then it is their shortcomings as leaders that hold them back, your shortcomings notwithstanding; to make your squadron adhere to the squadron arrangements you've personally made."

Still frowning, Jien looked up into 'Commander Miles eyes - unblinking as she spoke. "An SDO," she said quietly, "so you would delegate the responsibility of your squadron's discipline - naming a Squadron Disciplinary Officer - instead of doing it yourself? You would even place faith in one of your pilots that don't understand the importance of rules and regulations to do so? Would that not be to invite the risk that the rest of the squadron might conduct themselves in Isley's manner? He might come around, yes, being an unpolished gem, but can we afford taking the chance of the squadron not unquestioningly jumping to it when they are given orders? In our current state, can we afford such risks? Let me put it to you this way, 'Commander... You are the Wolf Leader, and you will lead your pack because you are the alpha male now, and by nature, you alone have the responsibility to do so. The obligation as Starfleet Officers to uphold discipline befalls everyone, but you are the utmost responsible to make sure they do."

Glancing towards Edena Rez briefly to see if she had finished reading the PADD, Jien took a deep breath and brushed back some hair behind her air. "I am not an unreasonable woman, so while I have stated what I think, I am willing to hear you both out. I have yet to say my final word on this, so - for instance - are you of another opinion in these matters, Number One?"

[ Clinic | Paradise City | Nimbus III ]

When Skye Carver rose to implore him, to beseech him to find the errant young Engineer, Lucan merely helped Eve ease the patient back upon the table - hands not going anywhere inappropriate. Oh, he had not minded filling his tattooed hands with the human's bosom, but it would certainly not be seemly in the situation - or the company, for that matter. With a concerned frown, he let his hand linger on the pilot's shoulder once she lay down again.

"Ensign, your concerns are unfounded, and I will not go looking for Lieutenant Kae unless I deem he is unseemly late in carrying out our mission. He did not go outside to take a stroll in the moonlight with the woman from the Tavern, if it is his... innocence that you are concerned with. Lieutenant Kae has located the industrial replicator we are looking for and is making a damage estimate and calculation at how much spare parts and time he needs for the repairs."

Looking to to Eve, his addendum was still directed to the pilot lying before the low waistline of his breeches, "Since you cannot be trusted with lying still and preventing that you bleed to death from inside or suffer infection from your recently cut intestines, I would suggest that Eve here does sedate you. You have had major surgery, after all, and you are of no use to either me or Lt. Kae if you kill yourself needlessly," he said firmly, even though his smile was not far away, "Please, accept the sedative so that you might rest and not trouble yourself with things you cannot do anything about any more. Let me worry about the mission and Lt. Kae while you accept the treatment from... Lieutenant... Jenkins here."

The rank was stated in a half-query, since he was merely guessing as to what rank Eve had ended up at since last they met. It would serve to make the pilot adhere to Eve's word as well. Once certain that the Ensign was not about to rise, he removed his hand from her bare shoulder. He stepped around the surgical bed and gave Eve his full attention again. "Once our mission down here is complete, and since you both know what's at stake and why something needs to be done, I do have a vacancy in Sickbay that might suit you. It depends on if you are willing to take orders from me, and feel that you are prepared for personnel responsibilities... as the Head Nurse of Medical aboard. Junior Lieutenant Jovela has been put in stasis after suffering grievous injuries, in case you are familiar with her, and my team of seven NCO nurses now serve me directly instead - which is more than I have time for to manage properly."

Pausing, Lucan shrugged his wide shoulders. "I realise I may be offering you a disservice by recruiting you, as we might all be in danger of dying the minute we are found and overpowered by Starfleet, yet should you feel that you are prepared to fight for the truth and to learn what happened to your father... I will vouch for you. At least think about it, that's all I can ask. In the meantime, can you show me where I can sleep for the night?"

[ Rihen Neyah's Hide-away | Paradise City | Nimbus III ]

In answer to the youth's question, Rihen kissed him again - firmly pushing his back up against the industrial replicator.

She let her tongue twirl around his, and her gloved hands insistently brush all over his torso and arms. Him trapped against the cool metal, she undid his belt eventually and tugged his smooth cock free from its confines - stroking it in her fist expertly. Doing so, she pressed her chest up against his and looked into his eyes. She was grinning, biting his lower lip lightly before addressing his unease. "Hush, hush boy... All you need to worry about... is to give me a good time... and let me celebrate in our trade of services."

Right then, she was servicing him in enticing rhythm - long strokes from the base and to the tip - before she descended upon him. She rubbed the exposed skin of her front against his chest and abdomen while she crouched down - eyes still locked upon his. Once on her knees, she made a delighted purring sound when coming face-to-face with his one-eyed snake.

"To me, this is your horga'hn," she said and squeezed his hardness with a mischievous smile, "and I will now let you participate in jamaharon - the sexual rite of my people." Her words were uttered quietly and with eye-contact - brushing her nose against the swelling length. Without using any hands, she kissed the side of it - nibbled the swaying length - before closing her full lips around the head. She groaned loudly at the salty taste of him, and she reached down to finger herself in the darkness inside her opened overalls. The other hand stroked his abdomen and chest underneath his civilian apparel - nails and fingertips curling against his flawless skin. Her mismatched eyes -  blue and yellow - opened to look into his while she twirled her tongue around his head, the bulbous gland still inside her warm mouth.

She sucked hard upon it and made a wet, popping sound when she pulled away her lips, talking to him again. "Do you like it?" she asked coyly, and finally let her overalls slide back along her arms - her jutting breasts finally bared to the engineer. She rose up on her knees and squeezed her breasts around his erection, gloved hands framing her twin mammaries while rubbing him. "Do you like your jamaharon?"

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[ Clinic | Paradise City | Nimbus III ]

Skye didn't like feeling helpless one damn bit but she knew she had to listen to Lucan and this doctor who'd just yanked out a piece of her.  That little fact still had her a bit unsettled but as she lay back she set her jaw in determination.  Everything Lucan was saying was perfectly reasonable though it still rankled and felt like he was patronizing her.

"I'm not worried about his innocence in that regard because I doubt he is," she did retort.  "It's his ... aura ... he's sweet and screams pushover and there are people who will take advantage of that and if he doesn't have what they want, they'll beat him to death."

Eve placed a hand on Skye's other shoulder.  "You feel responsible for him, like an older sister willing to take on the bullies of the playground for her weaker little brother," she said in a gentle tone.  "Quite admirable and sweet yourself," she added which brought a bit of a scowl to Skye's features.

"Protecting is what Wolves do," Skye said with obvious pride in her part of the pack.  She stopped then as Lucan spoke again, not quite demanding she accept a sedative but then he had to pull rank on her with the woman.  Lieutenant ... superior officer ... fuck me!, Skye screamed in her mind.  Again she gritted her teeth a moment and looked to Eve who felt the distaste and even fear of being sedated, of not having control of herself, and yet she nodded.  "Fine.  It's the only way I'll stay down for a bit," she agreed.

Eve moved to the cabinet and picked up the hypospray, setting it to the proper dosage and returned to the table.  "Rest is the best thing for you and I know Lucan will keep an eye out for your friend.  In the morning, I'll make sure you have something good to eat and you'll feel a lot better," she promised and pressed the canister to Skye's neck before she could say anything else, the brown eyes fighting for a few seconds before finally closing.

"Fiesty that one," she chuckled and looked up to regard Lucan.  The more he said, the more she felt pulled and not just because of the man for whom she had feelings.  There was a need on his ship, a position she had always strove for yet was always denied, and most of all a chance to find out what was going on with the man who raised her and others in Starfleet.  Her fingertips grazed along the instrument in her hand as she considered things, an unconsciously graceful and sensual gesture.

"There are three rooms, one for each of us who have been working the clinic so we can take naps.  Toq is away for a day or two," she stated with a little smile.  No doubt a little one will be made if he has his way, she thought.  "Dhivael will be in her home or that of her current recipient of her affections.  So ... Ensign Carver will remain here in the medical section and you and your other crewman can stay in one of the rooms if that's acceptable to you."

As she spoke, she found herself gazing into those gorgeous eyes and her mind drifted to that one night they'd shared.  Yes she wanted to accept his offer because it was the right thing to do but also because she couldn't help wanting as many of those nights as he was willing.  "I wouldn't have any issues taking orders from you because I know you're an excellent physician," she stated mostly professionally.  "You know I will never give less than my best as well.  If your captain will have me, I accept your offer."

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[Edena Rez - Captain's Ready Room]

"I am inclined to agree with the Captain on the matter of promotions.  I have always found the will of Wolves to be strong, as well as the tight knitted nature of the group.  I don't believe Ranks as as prudent among your squadron, that you actions speak louder then titles.  As department heads, both you and I have received promotions to ranks according to our positions, but your flight crew do not need such promotions in order to do their jobs properly.  I would also agree on the commendation.  Khorin Douglas did show bravery in his flight, but his efforts put his life at risk unnecessarily.  To award him a commendation for it would imply that what he did was the right thing, and we would never want people to think that they should be placing themselves in danger over a piece of equipment.  Machines can be rebuilt, but a life is irreplaceable."

"The reasoning for your choice of leaders and wingmen are acceptable to me, though I would worry about Isley and Rawley as a pair.  As you suggest, perhaps Isley would learn from that, but it's also just as likely that they could be a bad influence on one another.  Given that the two of them have some difficulty with rules, I would surmise that there needs to be some kind of stabilizing force to keep them both in check, so if you plan on keeping them paired, I would suggest you keep on them.  Their similar personalities might make an incredible flight team possibly, but you will need to reign them in if they start acting outside protocol."

Edena took a moment, to think if there was anything further she could suggest to him, and only one thing came to mind.  It was more a concern, a warning to Miles of something he needed to be prepared for.  "I would suggest that you and your Squadron train to combat other Valkyries.  If the enemy comes in pursuit of us, I have no doubt it will have fighters ready to combat our own.  They'll likely be coming up with counter-strategies to the ones you all have trained in, so I would suggest you start considering how you can alter your Squad's flight formations to keep the enemy off balance.  Train to expose weaknesses in the enemy Valkyries and if possible to disable without destroying them.  They're still Starfleet officers.  If you find flaws to take advantage of, work out ways to cover them for your squad, either by strategy or engineering."

[Lin Kae - Rihen's Hide-Away]

Leave it to the Risians.  They hadn't found a sexual technique they didn't like.  They cared so much about pleasure that they would have done anything, and with almost anyone.  Sure, it was easy to say that, but some races weren't as pretty as others, like Rihen's Naussican friends from back at the bar.  The Species Native to Risa looked very much human, save for the small mark on their foreheads.  Kae looked very much human too, except for the ridges on his nose.  Others didn't look quite so human, yet the Risians tolerated such differences, celebrated them even, with techniques undoubtedly collected from every race they ever had relations with.

Rihen had taken to using Terran fellatio, a wonderful experience Kae had felt before.  The first time was with an Orion girl who had been his first girlfriend.  The fact that she was holographic meant nothing to him.  If one wanted to get technical though, Rihen was the first women he had been with to be an organic.  As a woman with a rich sexual history, she had far more talent then any hologram he had encountered, her motions focused and performing without wasted effort.  By the time she was wrapping her ample bosom around him, he was already breathing deeply.  "It . ..  it's feels good," he said, nearly breathless from her expert working of his manhood by the many skilled body parts of the woman from Risa.

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"Actuially I have already been coming up with anti Valkyrie standoff tactics as well as tactics in facing a fellow MVAM ship with a Flight of Valks, a Soverign class with Valks, or a Defiant class flight group with an escort of Valks.  Most importantly I have also been considering the potential weaknesses in our own vessels and how we may strategically overcome them in our ships and how to take advantage of them in enemy ships, specifically how to effectively disable a valk without injury to the pilot."  He paused for a second, "as for the idea of teaming up Isley with Slaverton. I had plans to keep a close eye on the both of them.  Regarding training, one thing will be very advantageous to execute the appropriate training of the squadron.  We will need some form of access to holo-sims.  The easiest means would be if we could get at least one of the holodecks back to running for training and testing purposes rather than for recreational use as that would be the most effective means of conducting squadron training in new tactics."  he said responding to their advice. He wasn't going to respond to the other things that were discussed. Based on their statements, those issues were closed and not open for further discussion, and with each of them spoken he had nodded in response to their recommendations taking note of them and going with the senior officers more experienced wisdom.  He had been a commander before in this sense. But, it was in a completely different military with different rules.  The promotion to this rank was a whole new experience for him and he knew he had a lot to learn.  Still, he was eager to embrace the challenges and knew that he had many great officers to learn from on this ship and two of them were standing in front of him. 

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[ Deck 02 | CTO Quarters | USS Theurgy ]

Approaching the door, T'Less draped her jacket over the back of her desk chair.  Wearing her pants and an undershirt, she tapped on the control to open the door, allowing Ida entrance as she turned and approached the small table near the couch.  Lighting a candle, she glanced at the lieutenant, "It is agreeable to see you, lieutenant.  I apologize for the change in schedule, but, as we all have been, matters have over taken me.  We were to have a meeting to discuss Tactical and Security, given the way so many of our duties intertwine, if you will recall."

She walked to the small dining table of her quarters, where she'd arranged two place settings, "I had planned to eat alone, but, as I mentioned, time would not permit.  I arranged a plate for you, a Vulcan salad.  Will you join me?"

Taking a seat, she worked on removing her boots as she waited for Ida to join or decline.  While designed for long term comfort, the boots were not entirely comfortable and she relished the feeling of having her dainty feet free of their confines.  Though she didn't sigh or show any sign of pleasure, she flexed her toes, wriggling them back and forth.  All in all, she'd done everything she could to relax in the environment of her quarters, the gravity higher than Earth norm and the temperature several degrees above the rest of the ship.  Though, thankfully, there was very little humidity on Vulcan, which meant very little reminder of the swampy origins of Niga.

Entering and listening, Ida chided herself for not remembering the appointment. True, it had been scheduled before the Niga incident, but she still had a mind to not neglect things like that. She was glad the Chief Tactical Officer had remembered and nodded in understanding. A sound reason, to mix work and food, Vulcan's being logical if not the most dynamically efficient of people. Ida followed to the sitting area and opened the collar of her undershirt down to the middle of her chest - usually preferring colder temperatures in her own quarters. She decided to drop the jacket too in short order and hiked up her sleeves.

"My thanks, Lieutenant, time-constraints or not, I most definitely would," Ida  said and seated herself by her plate with a smile, trying to remember the lessons from her keth on how to behave courteously with a Vulcan. They were both Starfleet Officers, so she hoped she'd be forgiven as long as she followed protocol. They might be of the same rank, but T'Less had the more distinguished position as CTO for her Department. "My gratitude for the food, and the salad is perfectly satisfactory."

She was to eat dinner in a few hours with David Grayson, so she had a replicator ration with her to get the needed canvas and charcoal to practice her art. If this meeting lasted too long, she would have to ask T'Less to use her replicator before she headed to the CSec. She looked around the Vulcan's rooms to locate it where it usually was in the Senior Staff quarters.

"So, what items on the agenda should we deal with first?" said Ida and smiled a little, leaning forward to take her first bite of the meal.

Hours later, T'Less put down the final pad and sat back in her chair.  On any other ship, their combined duties would have probably been assigned to a single person, but with the Theurgy's unique capabilities, the redundancy became necessary, especially should the ship ever regain its ability to split in trine.  The CTO would command Tactical aboard the primary, while the CSO and the assistant CSO or CTO would command Tactical aboard the other two.  It meant there would likely always be the possibility of a backup should any of the others be disabled in some way, such as being unable to get to the designated post.

T'Less took a sip of her water and felt a moderate amount of relief.  Their last topic, discussion of security concerns while the crew recovered from the effects of the virus, had been stressful, a reminder of what had happened and how close she'd come to losing what she'd spent one hundred years fighting to get back.  At several points in the conversation, she'd paled and hesitated for a moment or two, the Vulcan equivalent of falling silent.  Still, it was over and done, with T'Less having a list of items to monitor for the next week or two.

Her eyes fell on the Andorian and recalled the history of their people, how they'd fought wars back and forth, but become allies, united by the intervention of the humans.  And, now, decades later, they sat side by side, helping each other, no suspicion or rancor on either's part.  It was a testament to the strength of peace, that whatever animosity had existed in the past was no more.  Rising to refill their water glasses, T'Less probed gently, knowing it likely invited inquisitiveness in return, "And, you, personally?  How are you managing the fallout of the virus?"

The meeting had fared well in the Andorian's regard as well, and while she was feeling slight discomfort with the moderately heated confines of the room, it had not been too bad either. Yet when the question came about how she was managing in the aftermath of the Niga incident, it made the Andorian's antennae drop a little, her mouth becoming a thin line.

"Well," she said while the Vulcan brought new water for them, "as you can imagine, people seem to remember me as someone else than I am now, and little times goes by each day without me being reminded about what I did after I was... violated down on the planet."

It felt too odd admitting to that word - raped - when speaking with the CTO. It was as if it was too private, even though she was the victim. Aye, indeed, she was a victim of brutal alien abuse, yet her Imperial Guard standpoint would not admit such bitter and humiliated defeat so freely. It had nothing to do with that the CTO was Vulcan and she was Andorian, but nevertheless it was a word she did not chose to use in the same way she had when she met the XO earlier that day.

"I do manage... yet I admit that this Andorian feels... left out, alienated, feared... as if I still carried the virus. The Captain's edict protects me, but the looks are still there, always judging whatever I do. It is growing quite bothersome, I admit."

More than 'quite', yet she would not pour out her grief to the Vulcan - to bore her logical mind with sentimentalities. She accepted her glass of water with a thankful nod. "Our new XO told me that it will just require time for everything to settle down, but at this point, I am not so sure."

T'Less watched Ida for a moment, listening to her words and understanding more than the security officer might guess.  She retook her seat and remained silent for a moment longer, before commenting, "Were you aware most Vulcans aboard Starfleet vessels are treated similarly?  Our lack of emotions, the fact that most human, or other species, humor is lost upon us.  These things set us apart, make us different.  There is always a period of adjustment before humans trust us enough to call us friends.  They do not trust that which they don't understand and, often, seek to punish, to find blame where none should be placed.  It is logical to understand that you were not in control of your own actions, but humans are not ruled by logic, as Vulcans are."

It felt odd, to be the one dispensing advice.  Ordinarily, it would be Garen telling her these sort of things.  Instead, she reached out and touched Ida's shoulder, "I do not blame you, nor should anyone else.  If you had not been the first, then it would have been someone else.  We were without evidence that Niga was dangerous.  If anyone should bear some blame, it should be the science officers, myself included.  And, yet, even I was not suspicious of a lush, green uninhabited planet.  Ultimately, the blame goes where it should, to those who planted the seeds the bloomed such vicious monstrosities, our as yet unnamed adversary from the future.  My hope is you will remember this when you feel abandoned by the crew.  Seek to remind yourself, and them, that there is an enemy who made monsters of us all.  Remember that you are of a race of warriors and your enemy is still out there.  Prove yourself worthy of your ancestors."

"Thank you for gracing my ancestors and my abilities as warrior. I am capable when it counts, pariah or not. I'm just so damnable unfortunate - suffering the ugly side of chance all the time," she said quietly, still too proud to acknowledge the Vulcan's touch but appreciating it nonetheless - not moving away. "All my endeavours to be the person I want rebounds right into my face, and I am left shamefaced and without honor. I am supposed to be a dignified officer - an Andorian warrior preserving the goals of the Federation. Instead, I am deemed unfit by the Captain to be the Chief of Security, the honour instead falling upon 'Commander Grayson."

Looking down, folding her arms beneath her chest, she found that once she had begun speaking, there was no way to stop - despite how the Vulcan was not the one she would normally confide in. "Oft, I find I am unable to express myself properly, and I lose control over my emotions - eliciting the weakness you are just now witnessing."

Reassured by Ida's acceptance of her touch, T'Less moved to stand behind the woman, her hands smoothing along the Andorian's shoulders, massaging the tense and stubborn muscles.  As she listened to the outpouring from Ida, she began understanding how much stress the woman was under, not just from the crew around her, but from her own inner struggles.  T'Less continued her ministrations, "It is often difficult to become what one strives for most.  I assume, as most senior officers should, that you are aware of my own past, the incident aboard the Exeter that ended with me back on Vulcan for the past one hundred years.  Imagine, if you will, being the only Vulcan on Vulcan who, with the exception of the very young and the very old, has no grasp on their emotions.  There were many times where I felt so entirely isolated, not just by what I perceived to be disgust and derision from my fellow Vulcans, but by my own hatred, if you'll pardon my use of an emotional context, of my weakness and mental impairment.  Certainly there were times when ending it seemed like an almost logical choice, the only clear solution to the problems I faced."

Oh, Ida could sympathize with that, and while she had nothing to say in regards to being different from her own people, she understood the concept of the need to adjust oneself. When the Vulcan began to rub her shoulders, she smiled over her shoulder in thanks, before the topic in question stole the smile away.

"I," said Ida, hesitant. "I was r-raised to be someone - an Imperial Guard - and that person has become a part of me, but I am in conflict with the person I know I am, and yet again with the one I wish to be. The passion I have for life and freedom is restricted by the honour that I deem I should uphold, making me substitute my emotions through the channels of velour in combat and duty, and through the craftsmanship of my artwork. Should I not be able to express my passions, I do not know what to do with myself."

For years now, Ida had tried to accommodate all sides of herself, yet only managed for brief periods of time. She knew when those times where, and the reason thereof. "At times," she confessed, looking away in shame, yet with fists clenched in her lap, "I have indeed found that harmony. At those times, I had not been... alone."

Oh, by Lor'Vela, what are you saying? Save it for the Counsellor. Swallowing, Ida braved to continue, gaze nailed into the deck plates. T'Less' nimble fingers urged her on to speak. "My artistry and my duties demands passion, yet my... heart requires company in order to be at peace. Whenever I am not alone, I do not need to draw, or to use strife and the assertion of protocol and doctrine to let myself feel alive. As it stands, after the Niga incident... I am very much alone."

She felt a connection to the Andorian, something she had not felt in a long while.  Here was a woman who, like herself, struggled to find an identity that satisfied both her inner wants and desires and those of everyone around her.  On Vulcan, she had been an oddity, something to be hidden away and observed from afar, a curiosity but never anything more.  She had been constantly reminded that she was Vulcan, that logic and a clear head were the solutions Vulcans used to solve any problem, which did nothing but tear at her when she'd been unable to do so.  Aboard the Theurgy, at least, she was amongst those who lived with their emotions daily, but even then, it was a struggle to be herself, to be the Vulcan she had once been and, with all her heart, wanted to be again.  Out of most aboard, Ida was, she considered, one of the few who might understand.

Frowning, Ida glanced towards the replicator again. "Speaking of drawing, I need to practice for a commissioning. Would you mind if I used your replicator? It would be more expedient to get it now instead of later since I am not heading back to my quarters yet."

Pulling away, she nodded, "Of course, Lieutenant.  It is powered down at the moment, but it should take only a minute or two for it to be ready for use."

"Thank you," said Ida and rose to her feet. She smiled faintly to the Chief Tactical Officer whom had allowed her to vent her pain and share her own stories with her. Looking at her across the couch, the Andorian tilted her head a little - her antennae lifting. "Computer, what is the time?"

[The time is 1645 hours] said Thea's voice in the intercom, and Ida moved to power up the replicator. Her artistic eye came to rest upon T'Less again, and she made a decision.

"The commissioning I may get involves me painting a woman aboard," she told the Vulcan brushed her blue fingers along her lips in thought - her mind already picking out the shades and fine angles in that face and neck, "and given how I am now a pariah, I have had little opportunity to practice live drawings. Unless you have previous engagements, would you mind modelling for me? It won't take too much of your time and you get to keep the drawing afterwards. I merely need to get back into it after... all that has happened." Indeed, to paint a woman would be far better than practising on painting David Grayson preparing dinner or something like that. No, if T'Less would agree, she would be far better prepared.

"The only thing is," she said and chuckled, realizing that she had forgotten something, " would have to be a croquis of you without clothing, but like I said, it will be yours afterwards so no one have to see it."

T'Less's eyes widened slightly and she watched Ida for a moment, surprised at the request.  Modesty, the absence of conceit or vanity, was a belief held by Vulcans, a lacking of emotion, of pride, and yet, T'Less still found some pride in her body that someone, anyone, should want to paint it, nude or otherwise.  As the replicator beeped its readiness behind Ida, T'Less pondered whether it was a truly Vulcan thing to do, to have ones portrait drawn in such a manner.  There were very few art pieces on Vulcan in which a person was painted or drawn, not through a lack of artistic talent, but because of the publicly held logic that to do so betrayed the emotion of pride or of lust, or some other such emotion.

And, yet, as she watched the woman, she couldn't help but recall the connection she'd felt before, which combined with a desire to see herself on paper, led her to nod.  She eyed the room around her, then turned back to Ida, "Where and how would you prefer me?  Entirely nude?  Would you prefer the lights up brighter?  You are the artist, consider me your model."

With slow and deliberate movements, she began undressing, sitting in her chair for a moment to remove one sock, then the other.  Standing once more, she undid her pants and slid them down her long, slender legs before stepping out of them.  She picked them up and folded them neatly, turning and laying them over the back of her chair.  Turning back to Ida, she hesitated, waiting for the Andorian to decide her own desires in art.

[To be continued...]

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[ Deck 01 | Captain's Ready Room | USS Theurgy ]

Nodding, Jien could see the sense in re-routing enough power to keep one holo-deck running in schedule with the practice of the Lone-Wolf squadron. Now hat they were in the clear, for the time being, such moderate luxury as flight simulations would be beneficial to let the newly re-arranged squadron practice combat situation. Especially in the manner that Edena had suggested and Miles had already thought of.

"Granted, take it up with Ops with my blessing. They will make sure power is re-routed for the times when you practice flight and combat situations. They know where to pull the energy from."

Standing up, Jien considered the meeting adjourned. "THe rearrangement of the squadron is approved, with the condition that you pay close attention to the development of Isley and Slaverton. Dismissed, and best of luck. It might be one of the hardest things to do, career-wise in this fleet, to become the Commander of your former comrades. Make sure they realise the difference, else they will not respect your judgement above their own."

[ Clinic | Paradise City | Nimbus III ]

Gratified that Eve had decided right away what she wanted to do, Lucan held out his tattooed hand to shake hers. "Agreed then. Hopefully, since the Captain seems to trust my judgement, you will have no trouble coming aboard."

Holding her hand, Lucan gently pulled her forward a step - pale grey eyes locked on hers.

"So... this only leaves one question unanswered," he said, eyes roaming her face while he smiled. He looked at her lips, yet made no motion to kiss her. He played with her, to see if she'd make the first move. "The question of which room you will be sleeping in."

[ Rihen Neyah's Hide-away | Paradise City | Nimbus III ]

Pressing her breasts together around the young man, Rihen smiled and bit her lower lip playfully as she rubbed him - hearing on his breathing how much he was enjoying himself.

"I can tell it does... but this is just the beginning, can you imagine?" she said and chuckled, moaning herself at the feeling of his rigid length and what it was due to feel like squirmed into her love channel. She ceased after a while so that she might pinch her fingers around the base of him, milking him with her hand and her warm mouth once more. She licked along the ventral side, then used both her hands upon him, a tongue darting out to lick the head from time to time.

When she was satisfied that she had urged him far enough without making him cum in her face, Rihen let go of him and stood up. The motion made the overalls slide to the floor - her hips and lower body bare save for the fallen cloth and the boots that trapped her in place. "Well, do you like what you see? You can touch me if you want..."

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[Edena Rez - Captain's Ready Room]

"Sir, if I may suggest, I think i know one way we can re-route some power."  Edena had been considering the idea, but now seemed a good time to bring it up.  "Our holo-grid uses up more power then usual due to the holo-emitters stations throughout the entire ship, as a means of allowing the EMH and Thea to move freely about.  As a result, the power needed to sustain that function leaves a significant drain that has been optimized for efficiency, yet there is still something we can do to further it, with the help of our new Holographic Specialist.  I would recommend he reconfigure the Holo-emitters to shut off when there are no assets, that is to say holograms, currently using them.  As such, they would turn on and off when not in use, and save additional power in the holo-grid to help run Holodeck one."

If they were still a friendly vessel to the Federation, it wouldn't have been such an issue.  Stop at a space station to resupply and repair, but now they didn't have that advantage.  They had to find better way to manage their resources, improve efficiency, and make what they had last as long as possible.  Eliminating frivolous usage of power on-board would go a long way towards accomplishing that goal.

[Lin Kae - Rihen's Hide-Away]

It was impossible to say that Rihen wasn't an attractive woman from head to toe, a marvel of Risian physiology.  They were always so attractive, which of course played well into their home world being a place for shore-leave, and their kind among the most sexual beings in the known Galaxy.  At her suggestion, his hand came forward, touching first along her outer thigh, letting his hand drift upward along her skin, to her hip, then her side, before sweeping in to smooth along her breast and down her stomach.  Each contact was fleeting, never concentrating on any specific part of her over another.  That stopped when his hand smoothed over her love passage, felt the heat emanating from her mound, and his eyes finally met hers, feeling a small portion of his shyness finally begin to recede.  His heart pounding, his hand slipped inward with more purpose, fingers curling inward to press into Rihen's sex, to try and provide her some measure of repayment for the wonderful feelings she had given him.

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Miles listened intently to the two's suggestions and smiled hearing the approval of the main holodeck for training.  "I have another question. It involves Miss Thea.  From my understanding she is to be considered a member of the crew who has training in all four divisions and as such has a very flexible range of duties she can preform as a member of the crew.  If it is an acceptable proposition, is within her schedule,  and if she does not mind, then I would like to request her to be available to assist in some the training regiments of the squadron.  I see her as the ideal person on this ship to aide me in the Wolves' new training.  Her mind is quite possibly unmatched in the Federation and, as such, I could use a mind as sharp as hers in devising tactics and scenarios, but I will leave you to decide that at a later time"

Miles smiled slightly then saluted her the two. "God-sped to all of us." he said throwing a quick salute up and giving them both a quick nod before turning on his heels and exiting the room.

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[ Clinic | Paradise City | Nimbus III ]

There really wasn't much of a choice in the matter of Eve leaving with them to join the search for truth.  Eventually someone else would come along and find her and it could prove harmful to Dhivael and Toq as well as any other innocents who might be around.  It was better to be with people who knew the risks.  Again, the major justification for her departing Nimbus III covering the more personal, lustful reason.

"I look forward to meeting your captain though I'm certain there will be many questions.  I will be completely honest, you know, even about our past."  And present, she thought as he pulled her a bit closer.  He was always confident but as she gazed into those grey eyes she noticed something different.  The pain she always saw was there as was the anger but there was something a little more ... dangerous.

Perhaps it was just the current situation with his ship and crew, the fact that one of his crew lay there on a table healing from an injury that could have ended her life in a slow and very painful way.  "I will of course be resting in my cubby," she replied continuing the little dance.  Instant gratification was something she would have indulged in years ago but now she appreciated prolonging sexual tension.

Leaning forward enough so her nipples lightly touched his bare chest, her lips were only a centimeter or two away and her eyes sparkled as she smiled at him with every bit of promise.  "I wouldn't want to distract you from your crewman out there somewhere, after all ... not to mention that Ensign Carver may require assistance and there's sadly no one else to care for her at the moment."

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[ Deck 01 | Captain's Ready Room | USS Theurgy ]

The suggestion to recalibrate the entire holo-emitter network aboard surely constituted a lot of extra work for their Holographic Specialist, and the concern was that Thea would gain less time from Lt. Kae to develop in other regards.

Captain Jien Ives nodded to Edena's suggestion, and when Miles asked if Thea might assist in the training exercises before he parted, Jien gave him the short reply. "I will not forbid it, but our Ship AI's projection has a mind of her own now, so you might have to ask her if she would be interested in joining you."

Once they were alone, Jien crossed her arms underneath her breasts and took a deep breath. She started to tell her XO what Miles Renard had suggested in regard to dealing with the post-infection morale of the crew. She said it all in relatively free words, not expecting to upset Edena in any way. All she wanted by narrating the suggestion, was a second opinion than her own ruling. Even if it was too late to make that decision, given the firmly spoken words to the new SCO, she could not help but wonder...

"Did I make the right call?" she asked, fairly sure she had, but still much welcoming towards the wisdom of the committee that consulted her every day. "I would reckon the crew has had enough sex at this point to last them a while...." She snorted at that. She would have to arrange another staff meeting before arriving to Nimbus III, but the First Officer hid several people behind those beautiful eyes of hers that Jien suspected knew a lot of things that Edena Lal - as she once had been named - could only guess at.

[ Clinic | Paradise City | Nimbus III ]

Standing so close, his hand still around Eve'ss and her nipples hardening through her damp clothes - scraping lightly against his skin - Lucan just barely desisted from closing those couple of inches it would take to taste her once more. Her lips beckoned for him, and her intimate closeness made him harden - slowly stretching his wet and loose breeches. Deltan or not, the suggestive way in which she denied him was unparalleled by any sudden acquiescence. And of course, she knew this. She would not have to look down to know the effect she had on him. Even now, after the years that had come between them. Not to mention his metamorphosis...

"Then again... You said it yourself. Lieutenant Kae can take care of himself, Starfleet trained and all, and it was his suggestion to leave for the sake of the mission. And Ensign Carver? Unless you did not calibrate that hypospray for the right dosage, she won't be bothering us for some time." His free hand came to span around the side of her waist, and held her behind her lower back towards his own body. Not hard or forcefully, but like a lover might. He tilted his head a little, but that was all he did - still keeping himself from giving her that elusive kiss - their warm breaths mingling in their faces. His pale grey eyes smiled to her, and his lips were pursed. "If we need to keep an eye on her condition, I would think there is plenty of space for us to use in order to get... reacquainted."

Oh, he realised the merits with sexual tension building until a point of long anticipated release, but he asked himself if he had the tolerance and patience to endure such a game. Yet more important was the question if she did, and if there was a prospect of winning their little unvoiced challenge. Both his hands came to rub her back slowly; to cup her posterior in his grip and then hold her to his own hardness - something that was no use in trying to deny at this point.

Lucan had great expectations of Eve, so the question was of she, or him, would surrender so prematurely. He let his lips hover but a finger's breath from hers....

[ Rihen Neyah's Hide-away | Paradise City | Nimbus III ]

Then, the engineer she had stumbled upon curled his fingers just so into her dewy folds - spreading them and entering her so boldly. Rihen gasped and set her gloved hands on either side of his head - leaning forward against the industrial replicator.

"Oh, m-my..." she said and shuddered, her tongue wetting her lips and her eyes fluttering closed, "is that where you want to go? Is there where you want to fill me with your compensation? Hmm? With your big boy here..." She reached down and wrapped her gloved hand around his throbbing phallus again - this time with a milking grip descending down upon the length from above. With the pleasure he was giving her, she would not only retaliate with the massage of his rigid arousal. No, she leaned close and kissed 'Kae', her tongue slipping out to battle his. She wrapped her free hand behind his neck - holding his mouth to her own and still doing so with her eyes closed.

"I want you inside m-me," she said against his lips with another shudder, appreciating his touch thoroughly. She stroked that cock hard, and had he not appeared more innocent, she would have reached around him and pressed a finger into his sphincter. "Bend your knees.. Sit down... Let me just dance in your lap for a little while... "

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[Edena Rez - Captain's Ready Room]

Edena sort of phased out for a while, her eyes fluttering about in a way that described how deep in thought she was.  No doubt she was discussing everything between herself and her former hosts, each bringing their own experience to the table.  Kiya, as a doctor, cited the factors of stress on the body's ability to perform and how brain chemistry could play a factor in the Crew's performance.  Illya, with her talent for psychology, spoke on a number of mental issues that could develop from suppressed feelings like the ones the crew were going through.  Jona, ever the stickler for protocol, cited Starfleet Regulation, acting as the anchor to their issues.

"The crew doesn't need to hear this from us.  Bringing it up is only going to make them think longer and harder on the events they can't remember, and if those mental barriers break down, we don't know if they will be able to handle it.  Maybe the Lieutenant Commander is correct that some people need it from a therapeutic standpoint, not to mention the relief of tension that they are currently being denied.  Holodecks are down, and everyone is working longer shifts to make up for the lack of crew.  Stress is going to get them them, and giving them the option of relieving that could be valuable to them, yet we can't just up and say it's fine."

Then there was protocol to take into account.  "There is also an issue of rank playing a part.  For example, as the commanding officer on this ship, it might be seen as an abuse of power if you were involved with a crewman, sir.  It's one thing for people to do this in secret.  Don't ask, don't tell could certainly play a part in that.  But to get on the Comm channels and all but declare free love over the ship's systems?  I can't say it would be a good idea.  I would simply suggest . . . we overlook it if the crew decide to get involved.  No formal inquiry means they can act as they wish, unless one of them personally reports it as a breach of protocol."  An impartial stance.  It might have been the best one to take.

[Lin Kae - Rihen's Hide-away]

How funny it was that the Captain and Commander were discussing the issue of crewmen having sex, right at the same time that Kae was about to engage a woman from Nimbus III, a Risian native.  She was the kind of woman who couldn't truly be ignored, not with that strong will and a need to satisfy others.  He knew as soon as she started coming onto him that she wasn't the type to take no for an answer.  The glove hand gripping him added an extra something that the silken touch of female skin didn't have.  It was rougher, untamed in a sense, though he did find himself missing the more comforting touches he had known in the past.  How he wondered what Thea's touch might have been like if it was her doing this.  An inappropriate thought, both out of respect for the hologram herself, as well as for his current partner, so eager to pleasure him.

At her request, lowered himself, sitting down so that she might dance in his lap, as she called it.  From his lower point of view, her breasts appeared larger, her sex all the more wet and inviting.  It was enough to get his heart beating heavily, wondering just what she had planned.  Well, it was rather obvious what she was going to do, but the mechanics of how would be what was interesting.  There were so many ways to enjoy each other, and she was likely well versed in many of them.

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[ Clinic | Paradise City | Nimbus III ]

Though raised by her human family, Eve had never been able to deny the part of her that was Deltan.  She relished indulging in things that were pleasurable yet also was adept at denying gratification long enough to appreciate the fulfillment even more.  With most people, she had to curb herself especially in intimate encounters because sometimes it could be overwhelming when their minds would meld in the heat of passion.  If she were full Deltan she wouldn't be able to indulge at all.

Lucan was different though, her abilities unable to penetrate his psyche.  With him it had been like what she saw other people had in relationships, the ability to just let go without worry.  He continued to tease back, building more heat between them and bringing a sultry smile to her lips which parted ever so slightly as he took a cheek in each hand and drew her against him.  Her breath rushed along his face a little stronger, a sign of her own growing arousal as he held himself mostly in check.  All he said was true so it was down to just their little game.

"I definitely gave her enough to keep her down for hours," she replied emphasizing the time denominator as her hips and shoulders shifted from side to side in a serpentine manner, lightly rubbing her pubic region against the hardness pressed between them and her nipples entangled with his own.  "The only thing really would be his barging in and seeing us ... not that that concerns me."  Reaching up she brushed his hair back from his forehead and then ran her finger along his jaw, her own head tilting in welcome.  "Which means there's no reason we can't get ... reacquainted," she purred.

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[ Deck 01 | Captain's Ready Room | USS Theurgy ]

Nodding slowly, Jien made a small movement with her hand, as if pushing the issue aside. "Agreed. It is not too far from how these things are handled normally. Formal inquiries are usually not made unless there is a report on some occurrence, difference being now that it might be in our interest to down-prioritise third-party reports on said occurrences." That was, if someone not involved in the fraternisation made a report - and there was no evident abuse or harassment involved - they could had plenty of other crisis aboard the ship that naturally would take precedence.

Pausing, Jien smiled faintly to her First Officer. "My gratitude. Few Commanding Officers has the luxury to have a group of councillors at their side. One thing, though, and its a pretty silly thing given my abilities," she said and folded her hands on her desk, shrugging a little to indicate her current appearance, "When I'm in this form, please try to address me as 'ma'am' instead of 'sir'. I will not in any way take offence if you forget, but given my dual nature, I would encourage if for my own ease of mind. Sometimes, I might actually forget which form I am currently in."

Walking over to her replicator, Jien tugged her uniform straight checked a wall panel for a chronometer. Alpha shift was due to end in a couple of minutes, so she glanced over her shoulder to Edena and stretched her shoulders - the movement adjoined with her... changing to his male form. "Can I offer you anything to take the edge of the day?" he asked her in his deep voice, before turning to the replicator. "Whiskey, Aldebaran."

Taking his glass of green liquid back to the desk along with whatever Edena might order, Jien would pause to hand it to her before seating himself again. He nursed the small glass in his calloused hands. "So I would presume you spoke with the Deputy?" he asked her quietly, taking up a topic he found unresolved. Not out of mistrust, but of genuine curiosity. "How did she take the news about her being let off the hook?"

[ Deck 05 | Corridors | USS Theurgy ]

Intercepting the new SCO on his way through the ship, Thea materialised in front of him - standing with her hands folded behind her back and wearing her white chameleon body suit.

"'Commander Renard," she said and smiled faintly, inclining her head, "I happened to pick up on a verbal request that indirectly bespoke me. To what use would you find my presence during holographic combat practice in Holo deck 01?"

Thea had been in her own quarters on Deck 02 when she happened to pick up on the conversation. She had been wearing garments from her small wardrobe of genuinely replicated clothes, relaxing - in a sense - on top of a divan in her sitting area. Before that, she had not worn any garments, and enjoyed a bath in her Senior Officer styled bathroom. Stored memories of her time being puppeteered by the infected kept resurfacing, and she had found herself indulging herself in masturbation - something she might have done before but never with any memories like that attached to the act. Afterwards, she had been trying her patience with using her optic sensors to read PADDs from various departments. She did have infinite patience if the infected had not deleted the sub-routines that let her switch off her emotional ship - something on Lt. Kae's long list of repairs he was about to make - but she ha been so.. bored that she actually jumped on the opportunity to investigate what Tactical Conn might need of her.

Vanishing from the divan, the PADD had landed on top of her empty garments. Now, she stood before the Vulpinian, a smile on her face and eyebrows raised in query.

[ Clinic | Paradise City | Nimbus III ]

Chuckling deep down in his throat as she teased him, they both would feel his hardness respond to her insistent pressure - throbbing almost in rhythm with his heartbeat. His hands left her impeccable derrière to lay on her hips instead, encouraging her minute movements against him - his own hips rolling slightly to push his tumescence against the apex of her legs.

"He is older than he might appear," he commented quietly against her mouth - the heat that her oral cavity radiating and making his own lips tingle with need, "so I would think he might survive seeing... whatever he might see... if he just walked in like he owned the place. Hopefully, he will have the manners to knock or announce his arrival. Yet I suppose neither of us were a stickler to modesty and propriety. At least... not back then."

Memories, quite warm and making the darkness recoil in disgust, surfaced in Lucan's mind. His upper lip drew a feathery touch against her bottom one, and his arousal pressed through their garments and against her nether lips - parting them with its firmness despite the restrictions that kept them apart. "Do you remember before that night," he asked her, feeling strangely... nostalgic, "in the medicinal archives? This... reminds me of the same kind of predicament we now suffer..."

He longed to raise his hands and lay them over her breasts, to cup her in his palms and to knead her lightly to bliss.

[ Rihen Neyah's Hide-away | Paradise City | Nimbus III ]

Nibbling her lower lip in anticipation, Rihen used the small amount of time provided with Kae seating himself to free her feet from her boots and her overalls. Whereas a human would have made an ungainly and awkward spectacle out of the affair, Kae so close and looking up against her, Rihen actually managed to do it as if she was performing for an audience. Still supporting herself with one hand against the industrial replicator, she pushed her last garments away with her foot - eyes still upon his. "Oh, I can't wait to feel your big horga'hn inside me..."

Looking down at him, she smiled as she lowered herself more against him than down into his lap. She brushed her entire frame against his front where he sat - her full breasts running down his cheeks and his chest. Her hard nipples scratching at his skin as she settled herself - his arousal resting against his lower abdomen and pushed firmly there by the heat of her sex. Chuckling at feeling him trapped between their bodies, she wrapped her arms around his neck and brushed her nose against his - the fact of her undulating hips made plain by the hoarse breaths she made against his mouth.

"Your jamaharon will last for as long as you ngh... want," she said, the fact of his bulbous hard head almost entering her making her stammer, "You can enjoy release, and still be able to continue... for I will not leave. Not tonight... not for you, whom is my benefactor. I will never forget what you will do for me.... No amount of riches will ever make me... ahhh!"

Then... Kae was inside her, and she felt her wet inner walls squeeze him mercilessly as she descended along his length a couple of inches. She clutched him so hard she had to raise her hips again and drive herself down harder the second time - the warmth and the wetness around him just barely accommodating him. Not until she undulated her hips forward did he slide home all the way, and she shuddered in delight. "I will never forget you, my saviour," she said at long last, and grinned - her hips beginning to dance against his in earnest. Slow, deliberate, forceful movements that sheathed him fully, and tugged at him when she pulled away for a new push.

"How d-do you... nnnghh... like my parts?" she asked him breathlessly, offering her breasts to his mouth, fingers nestling into his hair. The other one tugged at the clothing on his upper body, "You think you... can service them like you can service.... my replicator?"

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[ Clinic | Paradise City | Nimbus III ]

His chuckle vibrated throughout his body and the pulsing heat of his phallus beginning to quest thrilled her, warming her expression even more as his hands shifted to almost guide her motions.  "I have a feeling he is quite a mannerly young man," she replied barely above a whisper.  "Modesty I've never had and propriety only when necessary.  Who knows," she smiled with a wicked glint in her eyes.  "Maybe if he did barge in he would join us."

Her head shifted slightly, just enough for her bottom lip to graze his upper in the ghost of a touch that promised more in time though her head fell back slightly and her lips parted further as she felt the thick head separate her other lips and brush against her pleasure node.  The flowing skirt that hung past her knees drew downward almost slipping off her hips as she rose on the balls of her feet to press her hips forward then back, starting to stroke his length with her sex through their clothing.

"I could never forget that night," she murmured as her lips came perilously close to sealing with his but continued the light dancing caress.  "We both tried to deny it for too long, knowing our paths would part but still I wanted you."  He could feel the dampness through the material as she continued to tease his length and see the desire burning in her eyes as she placed her hands lightly on his shoulders for a bit of balance.  "We didn't suffer nearly as long that night as we are this though," she chuckled richly.

"Books went every direction," she continued in that mesmerizingly slow and seductive tone.  "I'd be willing to bet my panties are still on top of that shelf and oooohhh the power you displayed ripping them off of me," she growled and then nipped his bottom lip.  "Then you pressed me to the wall and had your way with me.  Of course later I had my way with you as was only fair," she said with a light shrug that teased his chest with her nipples again.  "The main difference now, besides us being a bit older, is I'm not wearing panties."

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[Edena Rez - Captain's Ready Room]

"My apologies.  I suppose that's the Starfleet training, commanding officers are referred to as sir, whether they are male or female.  Admiral Janeway wasn't much for air, either, but she also said that ma'am only worked in a pinch.  She prefered to just stick with the title of Captain," Rez excused herself.  She had met with the woman a few times in her still young career as a Starfleet officer, but she counted her as one of the more exceptional people she had ever met, especially when factoring in the trials of the Voyager crew.

With the drinks being replicated, there was an excited voice in Edena's head.  "Oooh, let's have a Saurian Brandy!" Illya piped in, unable to remember the last time they really enjoyed a good drink.  It might have been back when Edena graduated from the Academy, and was celebrating with her fellow officers.  She inbibed a bit too much and Illya ended up taking the steering wheel of her body into the quarters of one of her fellow graduates.  Edena woke up the next morning to a man her body had slept with but she didn't remember.

"Need I remind you that you're still on duty?"  Jona, ever the protocol man, rauised a valid point, but one that was quickly squashed by Illya's iron clad logic.

"Need I remind you that you don't turn down a drink from your commanding officer?"  In the end, Edena agreed to have some of the same drink as Jien, knowing just how far back the Saurian Brandy would knock her on her ass.

"I did speak with the Deputy, as did Illya.  It created a bit of . . . confusion for a moment."  Edena told the story of what had went on.  She explained Illya's interest in the Andorian woman, and how it led Ida to think for a moment that Edena was suggesting that she sleep with the Executive officer in order to make her problem go away, a matter she quickly cleaned up before it caused any trouble.  She didn't know why she was so forthcoming, but she even told Jien about Ida's offer to draw her.  Maybe that was too personal, but in her experiencing the CO and XO often were close, as a result of the time they spent working together.  Maybe that made her more honest with the shape-shifting Captain.

[Lin Kae - Rihen's Hide-away]

Rihen had proven herself a woman who took what she wanted.  It wasn't long after he was seated that she was on top of him, her breasts rubbing against his face, down onto his chest, as she brought him inside of her.  Such a simple process, like a shuttlecraft entering a hangar bay, yet it communicated so much.  The feeling of her slick inner walls wrapping around him was a feeling hard to top.  The warmth, the wetness, even the scent.  The scent was the big difference, with most of the holograms he knew not possessing any sort of scent, especially one related to sex.  As such, it was foreign to him, even if the act they performed wasn't.

"I think . ..  serving your parts will be easier.  No extra tools necessary," he replied, meaning to be serious.  The replicator had parts they needed to acquire, while they had everything they needed.  He almost seemed to fail the realization that his words implied a double entendre of using sex toys, and how that he was showing confidence that they weren't needed to get the job done on Rihen.  With the room he had, he rose his hips upward to meet her, not content to let her do all the work.  If he was servicing her, that meant he couldn't just sit back and do nothing while she was the one grinding against him.  He had to do his share of the leg work.

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[ Deck 05 | Corridors | USS Theurgy ]

Miles couldn't help but smile seeing the hologram appear in front of him. "Yes I did make that request Of course the final decision is yours."  He said gently understanding that the hologram was not just some tool but she was a young lady. She was a person with needs, emotions, wants, and desires.  Perhaps she didn't share those same enthusiasms as himself, or perhaps she wanted to aid however she could.  Either way he knew it was her choice, but he was extremely happy to see she had taken an interest in the request. "You are skilled in all four divisions of Starfleet.  Your calculations per second and memory are phenomenal due to you being and having access to all the Capibility's of the Theurgy's computer core. Paired with that you are human in terms of emotion and self realization.  You have the quirks and for good or bad the flaws of any other organic being on this ship.  Holographic combat simulations have always been lacking.  They are limited by computer like thought they lack the instinct and decision making a living person has. They lack the ability to bypass the logic and technique and do something unpredictable.  For simulations we will need an enemy that is like ourselves.  Unpredictable, intelligent, wily, smart, and who knows every trick in the Starfleet manual and capable of coming up with a few of her own.  I would like you to help me in designing a few scenarios for one.  These scenarios need to include us facing off against anything we may come against including Valk 3s. Launched from Any class of Federation ship up to and including Promethius classes with MVAM, and Soverign class ships.  Secondly Given the scenarios I need to construct preferably with your aide. I will need someone to command the enemy ships.  Those flaws and quirks are what make a real captain in combat far more formidable than any simulation.  In essence I need you to command the enemies we will be facing.   THirdly I have a few scenarios of Wargames 6 on 6 engagements of half the squad verses the other half I have 13 pilots so the left out pilot will act as "Tower control" for team Alpha and I would prefer you to act in these wargames as "tower" for team Bravo coordinating actions relaying positions etc."  He paused for a moment after having explained his request. "You are quite possibly the most qualified person on this ship to assist me. That is why I would request You."

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[ Deck 07 | Armoury | USS Theurgy ]

For the past 22 hours, Marija hadn't slept. What little sleep she had managed to catch here and there had come in small bouts of two to four hours, leaving the woman quite literally restless. Insomnia, one of the many after effects she had dealt with after the trauma she had endured for the umpteenth time. And of course with the one instance of rape the others came flooding back in an instant, that slow, steady stream of memories she had carefully contained now flooding to the foreground with every passing second. Upon waking she had spent only ten minutes pacing in her quarters before she decided to do something about it.

The woman dressed in one of her only off duty outfits, a top that was little more than an ebony sports bra and some tight shorts to fit the ensemble. Ready for the gym, she had even taken a small jog down to the area before the doors whisked open to reveal something she wasn't too pleased to see. She spent only ten seconds in the gym before promptly turning around and walking back out. Crowds. Oh, how she hated them. Apparently she wasn't the only one who had thought to physically work out the stress.

She wandered randomly down the corridors for a few minutes, trying to decide what else she might manage to do to wile away the sleepless hours. Her room was more like a sterile med bay than anything else. She didn't decorate, didn't bother with re-arranging furniture. Other than clothing and some novels on a few PADDs strewn about her room, she had nothing of interest there.

Instead she decided on somewhere far more comforting to her tastes; the Armoury. She had logged far too many hours there as of late. The woman was luckily, just barely, slipping under the radar with her prolonged hours. Since they were needed at this crucial time, barely anyone paid attention to someone staying an extra hour or two at their post. But Marija was staying an extra three or four, then showing up an extra two or three hours early. At 0200 she had a better chance of slipping in unnoticed.

But she hadn't bothered to go back to change. Or, rather, she found herself incapable of doing so. Going back to that sterile room where her mind could flood with unwanted images, even for as short a time as changing clothes, was just too much for her to handle. So onward she went to the Armoury, ignoring any that might stop her before reaching the weapons lockers.

For yet another time she pulled out an assortment of phasers and rifles, laying them out strategically on the table and grabbing the nearest PADD that had all of the specs she needed. Then she was on to re-calibrating them once more. Since the time she had done it not eight hours ago there was no real change, but tweaking each one helped calm her nerves until her mind wandered once more to those terrible moments. Then those calm, methodic movements came with a little more force. By the end of it she was slamming each weapon down as she finished. With hair mussed, body sweating and nerves fraying, she looked none the better for wear throughout her own little exercised attempts at 'peace'.

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[Deck 7 | Armoury | USS Theurgy]
Adam Kingston made his way along the hallways of deck seven.  This whole post infection matter was really starting to wear down on him, normally he could expect one or two incidents of minor arguments or violence a month on the theurgy.  The past three days had seen more outright fights and confrontations then he'd seen in his entire career with the Federation.  He knew it was something he'd have to expect for a while part of the healing process even.  Confronting your fears and attackers, but most of them were going about it in the wrong way.  It made matters worse when coworkers who had previously been friends, enjoying shifts together were not distanced by the events following Nija.

He was deep in thought on the matter, so much so that he almost overlooked the armoury on his route.  His thoughts however were cleared as he heard several loud bangs from inside the armory of weapons being slammed down.   "great...whats going on now" he mumbled to himself as he turned and made his way inside reaching down to grab his phaser in case someone was actually raiding the armoury for whatever reason.  As he entered however he found himself facing Marija who was vigorously making adjustments to the rifles and phasers in the weapons lockers.  A faint blush, a slight spike in his heart rate, and a slight stiffness in his pants were his first reaction.  He vaguely remembered some encounters during his infected state with Marija but like so much it was vague and distorted. "Ensign, would you care to tell me why you have half our weapons lined up as if expecting a full blown assault, why your out of uniform yet at a station, and lastly, why you look like you haven't slept in a week?" he asks calmly but firmly.

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Marija closed her eyes the moment she heard the door slipping open. It took everything in her power to gather up her anger and keep it from boiling over the brim, but by the time she opened her eyes and looked to the visitor, her face was the very essence of the phrase 'deadpan'. At least at first until the recognition began to sink in. Her nostrils flared, her jaw clenched and she found herself forcibly removing her hand from the rifle she had been working on. She had willingly given herself to this one, she knew that much to be true. Yet still the hazy memory of his rock hard body rolling against her own had caused a tornado of unbidden and mixed emotions. Arousal came first, her body stiffening everywhere as a familiar tingle began between her legs, but it was quickly followed by anger, guilt, remorse; the usual that she had been coping with.

Which made it all the easier for her to push it all aside, despite the fact that her eyes visibly lingered on the hardening flesh in his pants. But soon enough her eyes were on his own, tilting her chin upward almost defiantly as she answered in a cold tone, "Not lined up for an assault, for a re-calibration, which I am currently in the middle of doing. I tried to go to the gym, but it was crowded. To get my mind off of things I decided to continue some work in my spare time. There was.." She stopped, clearing her throat. That last sentence was the most she had managed to say in the past week. Plus she still didn't have a good explanation for being out of uniform, so it gave her the few seconds she needed to conjure it up, "It seemed pointless to go all the way back to my quarters to change since I was already here, especially since I am technically off duty. As for my appearance, am I required to look 'well rested' in my off time, sir?" Despite her cool tone, there was still an obvious bite in her words. And despite acting as if she didn't care for her appearance, her hands were already at her hair, trying to streak it down to make it at least a little more presentable.

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Adam slowly made his way around the room glancing over the weapons as he passed them and glancing at her.  The look initially in her eyes was of interest, then hatred.  He picked up one of the uncalibrated weapons and glanced at the calibration settings it currently had and then continued down the line as he listened. "These weapons are all well within battlefield standards Ensign, if anything I'd say their almost to well calibrated, I rarely have seen a phaser calibrated to within .0003% of recommended maximum yield efficiency.  Based off the number of these that seemed to be within that range...I'm guessing someone has been in here within the last six hours doing maintenance on them already..." he stated calmly as if doing an investigation, he glances at her form again trying to avoid letting his eyes linger or allowing himself to get much more worked up. "If a Starfleet officer feels that a member of their department is unfit for duty what is their obligation Ensign?" he asks politely as he walked to stand next to her now looking down at the rifle she was working on. 

"More importantly, when was the last time you got a full nights sleep, and do you have any idea what that will do to your ability to judge situations well your on duty?"  The last bit was said with genuine concern, as he tried to meet her gaze despite being taller then her.  He reached down to try to gently lift her chin to look into her eyes closer and then with a frown. "Marija when was the last time you had a full night's sleep and have you talked to med-bay about this?"

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