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Nerina was in a daze, right now, the fact that she was his commanding officer, second in command on the ship, none of that mattered, as he roamed across her body, his hands and mouth exploring her. She was silent, except for moaning and soft sighs, as she responded to his attention, his touch, his presense. Her mouth opened for him, her tongue running along his, exploring his mouth, her own hands on his rear, gently pulling him inwards at the same time he pulled her.

But then he dropped to his knees, and she sighed, looking down as he removed her panties. Beneath the leather was smooth slightly bronzed skin, Nerina keeping herself hairless below the neck, all over, including her sex. As he knelt there, her sex was clearly engorged, plump and wet, begging to be touched. She waited, and then moaned softly, pleading with him, before he touched her, his tongue sending a bolt of electricty up her spine, a loud moan filling the cramped turbolift. She leant back against the wall, her head rolling to the side, her eyes closed, as she focused on the pleasure.

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[ Captain's Ready Room | Deck 01 ]

When Garen interposed himself between her and the viewport, Jien raised her eyes to meet his... though her brows didn't.

The scowl was unmistakable in the blue light. Her dark brown orbs did not shift a fraction; the impulse speed of the ship merely making the light from the nebula skim across her orbs. Floating spectres cast upon the fortifications of her soul, never finding a crack to slip into. Her stance had not shifted. Rather the opposite. She had become immovable. Like a statue. To the trained eye, imminent brutal movements was carefully being disregarded - even though the promise of such remained.

"As you said," came the quiet reply after a few moments, "for the benefit of the crew..."

Slowly, she turned away - walking back to her desk.

After a few moments, deciding to amend her greatly diminished sense of manners, she added as she sat down, "I will discuss my personal feelings with you during my next counselling session, for which I will make an appointment as soon as we have initiated repairs at Niga. Tonight, however, I have several other promotions and reassignments to make in order to preserve this ship's chain of command. Something which I find a priority over the cause to discuss feelings which many more than I feel at this moment inside the hull of this poor vessel."

She folded her hands upon her desk and looked to Garen one last time. "Forgive me for my lack of time to reminisce, yet I think you have plenty of things to attend to as well. Dismissed, 'Lieutenant. I will get back to you within a couple of days to make my appointment. If you would like to set aside time for me, you may freely consult my Yeoman to find out whether I am available."

Jien scolded herself for being unable to comply with Garen's wishes to speak with her, but the sound of the crying children - the spouses of the hundreds of Federation parents - was still crying in her ears at night... when she was alone with her thoughts.

In her dreams... she apologised to them all. One at the time.

Some of which she knew.

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It was hard to describe just how she tasted, but it was well suited to her.  Strong, yet delicate in some ways, much like she had displayed herself to be.  More then anything, her taste acted as motivation; it made him want to keep going, until he had primed her for more.  His tongue lashed against her outer lips several more times, running along the labia and stimulating it, before moving to the engorged clitoris.  There, he gave it similar treatment to a nipple, as his lips moved around her sensitive region, and he began to softly suck, along with the random flick of his tongue's tip against it.  His fingers rubbed against her slick mound, soaking the fingers with her own wetness, before plunging them inside her, and adding another dimension to his sexual attack upon her defenses.  "How's this for par'Mach?"  He spoke a Klingon word, which was roughly translated to "love" though the pronunciation noted it as not something romantic, but something with aggressive undertones, which seemed to describe their act well.

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Nerina's eyes had been closed tight as she focused on his touch, her body focused solely on the pleasure his tongue and fingers were giving her, his every touch a small jolt of electricity through her body. But as he slid his fingers inside her sex, where her warm, wet passage immedatly squeezed down on them, she opened her eyes and looked down at him. Her breath was heavy, her face a mask of lust, but she spoke Klingon to him, her head cocked slightly to one side.

"You are a worthy warrior, and have earnt your rewards. Take me, and make me yours." she replied, the harsh, gutterial tones falling like raindrops from her lips. It was a traditional phrase, said by whichever warrior took the defeated or submissive role in a new relationship. True, the average Klingon 'submissive' was more akin to a human dominate, but the point still stood. Her tone was, however, a lighter than usual tone, indicating that while she believed in what she was saying, for no true Klingon ever spoke something they did not believe, it was not meant to be taken as an oath. Of course, her saying it was due to the lust and pleasure he was giving her. For all she knew, he might not understand her, or perhaps not grasp the inflection...

But right now, as her hips thrust against his probing fingers and tongue, she did not care.

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He recognized most of the Klingon she spoke; he became familiar with the language during his cargo running days, since their people were some of the most dangerous to run into at the time.  Learning their language was seen as a sign of respect, which served to lessen the mighty tempers of Klingon captains and their Birds of Prey.  The words Nerina spoke, however, were much different from the ones heard in conversation on a ship's bridge.

With her offer to give herself over to him, Nathan looked up from her wet sex, to see the submission in her eyes.  Rising back to his feet, his hands went to his pants, pulling them down as far as needed for function, ending up somewhere along his kneecaps.  His underwear followed suit, showing off the erection he had gained from seeing her naked body, and from touching it in such a sexual manner.  He stood stiff and thick, and as one hand gripped the base to guide it in, he moved forward, pressing the head to her entrance.  With one swift motion, he was inside her, and his hands moved to her hips again, where he could more easily move to the next phase, his hips making the motions inward and out that plunged him deeply inside her, only to withdraw and begin again.

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"Forgive me for my lack of time to reminisce, yet I think you have plenty of things to attend to as well. Dismissed, 'Lieutenant. I will get back to you within a couple of days to make my appointment. If you would like to set aside time for me, you may freely consult my Yeoman to find out whether I am available."

Garen nodded half-heartedly. Though he wanted to say more, he knew it would do him no good. Not right now, anyway. "I understand completely, Captain. There's too much going on right now. Too much to do, and...too many people to say goodbye to."

The counselor sighed, wishing he could do or say something to help his captain, but he knew Jien wouldn't listen to him, not yet. So, after one final look out at the nebula beyond, Garen glanced down at Jien and gave her a small, sad smile. "I look forward to hearing from you, soon."

He turned and made his way for the exit. The door hissed open, but a thought struck him before he stepped through it. He turned back around, looking across the room at Jien. "Just try to remember that this crew will need their captain, before this is all over," he told her. "This, right's not who you are. Not completely. You've been through a lot, and it's going to take time to find your way again. Believe me, I know how that feels. But I'll be there to help you do so, when you're ready."

Garen paused for a moment, noting how alone Jien looked in that moment, then sighed and turned toward the exit again. "Just think about what I said, Captain. And...take care of yourself."

With that, the ship's new Chief Counselor stepped through the open doorway, which slid closed behind him with barely a whisper.

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Nerina watched, slightly dazed, as he removed his pants, or at least pulled them down. But when he entered her, she suddenly let out a long, loud moan of pure pleasure, her eyes shut tight as she almost screamed. Her hands found his neck, intertwining with each other as he began to piston his hips. They began to pull him in, and try and hold him there. "For the honor of Kahless, harder! HARDER! Fuck me with all your strength, fuck..." she growled, her voice dipping into the lower registers, almost being spat out, as her sex gripped his shaft, not wanting it to leave her, even for a moment. Her legs wrapped around him, her weight against the back wall, as she pulled him into her, her strength focused on helping him drive into her harder and deeper. Soon, every breath brought another word, be if 'Harder!' or 'Fuck!' or 'Yes'...

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Nathaniel considered any number of jokes he could have made, to the way she used the name of her people's god-king, to the tease that the ship's avatar, Thea, might have been able to see and hear everything they were doing.  None of that mattered, though; all he wanted to do was have his way with Nerina, and make them both feel better then they had in a long time.  The knowledge that her body could take more then a typical human allowed him to hold her stronger, and thrust his hips into hers with a bit more abandon then he normally would; his half-Vulcan strength was a well suited match to her Klingon side in terms of physical ability, letting them play a bit rough.  The legs intertwining behind him, gripping him as tightly as her lower lips held his shaft, made everything all the satisfying, as she stopped just sliding, but was pushing up and down by his strength, gaining much more range of motion, as well as burying his face in her breasts.  "You want me to play with your tits while I fuck you?"  He spoke, giving her some dirty talk, as well as offering to stimulate her even further with everything he had to offer.

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"Oh... Fuck, yes, good, just don't stop... Fuck you're good...." she moaned, her voice clearly surprised as well as lustful, as she marveled at his strength, looking down at how he supported her weight. She grabbed his head and pulled it into her chest, burying his face between her soft breasts, holding him closer as he filled her. The added stimulation was both a blessing and a curse, as she found herself becoming overwhealmed with pleasure, and her slit began to clamp down, harder and harder, as she felt herself nearing the point of orgasm.

"Oh god, I'm so close... Come with me... Come with me, you wonderful man, harder! Harder!" she screamed, her body tensing up, as it reached to the very brink of orgasm, her body ready for him, her moans loud and constant as she begged for release.

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She only grew more intense with each passing second, both in terms of how her inner walls clenched him tight, and in the way she drew him in.  His mouth was quick to return to teasing her breasts when she forced him in with a firm hand.  The act of stimulating her breasts was just another weight added to the scale on her side, designed to make her reach her limit, and receive her payout for the act.  Just hearing her say she was close made Nathaniel beginning to edge ever closer himself, looking to keep pace with her to give her just what she wanted, and climax alongside Nerina.

With a final thrust, he expelled his seed within her, his knees feeling as if they would buckle for a second, before regaining his composure.  His eyes moved to hers, making sure she was looking his way before he flashed her a suggestive smile; something to thank her for a memorable night.  "You're quite a woman, Commander."

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Nerina said nothing for several seconds, still coming down from her orgasm. But then her eyes met his, and he spoke. She smiled at first, but then realisation struck her, and she looked more hurried, frightened. She coughed, and picked up her clothes, pulling them on quickly. "Um... Well, thank you but... I.... Look, please don't mention this to anyone, will you? I don't... I mean.... I'm sorry." she said, as she quickly zipped her uniform up, pressing the turbolift to resume it's movement. "I just... You... Just give me some time and space to work out... This." she said, trying to sound professional, and merely sounding embarrised.

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[Below Decks | Deck 07 - 0130 hrs] Attn: Lucan

What remained of the crowd seemed to part before him as if they knew he was on a mission. A few glanced his way, noting his haggard, slightly disheveled look, despite his attempts to clean himself up a little bit. None were surprised when he neglected to make eye contact with any of them, however; after everything they'd all just been through, everyone deserved a little leeway.

He barely registered the sound of music playing in the background, the guarded but relieved laughter surrounding him as people tried to forget about the last few days. He had only one thing on his mind right now, and he hoped he would be able to get through it with a minimum of agitation. Considering whom he was looking for, however, and their current mood, he had a feeling that this conversation was not going to be a particularly pleasant one.

When he finally spotted his quarry, he took a breath and made his way toward her. The crewmen surrounding her, their uniforms just as ragged as his own, all noticed him first, and at first they regarded him with confusion before understanding finally dawned in their eyes. He greeted them all with a short, brief nod.

"Gentlemen, I'd like a word with Lieutenant zh'Wann, if you wouldn't mind," he told them. He waited until the security officers all backed off enough to give the pair some semblance of privacy.

"Another drink, Ida?" asked Lieutenant Commander David Grayson, the ship's new Chief of Security, as he walked up to stand beside his deputy. He offered Ida a small, friendly smile as he held up the bottle of vodka he had snagged from the bar--with Mr. Regal's permission, of course. "We should probably talk."

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Ida had noticed the shift in the immediate crowd around her, and she raised her midnight blue eyes to stare straight ahead - her antennae angling forward. She suspected she knew who had come. In fact, she had counted on it. However, she had hoped he wouldn't. In all things, to hope was better than to despair.

When he spoke, having the insolence to try an bridge the great chasm that had parted them inside Captain Ives' ready room, Ida turned her head to look upon the Pinkskin. The first thing she noticed was that he was already wearing his new pip - that black dot lined with gold that made all the difference to her current fate. Now, she was destined to adhere to the command of that black little bloody pip, even though at present, she would never consider herself to adhere to the word of the man who wore it.

Tact was the means of making a point without making an enemy, that much she knew. Moreover, she was a former guardsman of the Imperial Guard on Andoria. She would wear her disgrace as best she possibly could, despite how she knew that everyone on board their lonely vessel would gossip and ask why she was not picked instead. The man, whom she turned her eyes to look upon, was the embodiment and breathing flyer that everyone would see.

She would have asked to be commissioned upon another ship, had she had the opportunity. Yet now? All she could do was to swallow her pride and bear this as best she might. "No thank you, Lt. Commander," she said quietly, and she did not smile. She folded her arms underneath her damaged uniform chest and cocked a hip, "I will be retiring to my quarters soon. What was it you wished to speak about? Can it wait for the morrow when we are at the Security Centre instead?"

To see him was to have salt poured into her blue blood...

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Nerina was suddenly back to being the same woman from the bar.  She was reserved and in control again, as if their act had cast out some strange being possessing her.  While she was hurriedly redressing, Nathan slowly pulled his pants and briefs back up, able to take his time, given how much more she had to put on.  He also enjoyed the show of seeing her naked body, even as she was counteracting that tremendous visual.  "Don't worry, Commander.  I am very discreet.  It wasn't like I was expecting something permanent between us when this happened.  We're both adults, and we both have needs.  We took care of those needs."  He tried to make everything sound perfectly natural, to ease any apprehensions in her mind.  There was no need for embarrassment or worries as far as he was concerned; it was just some fantastic, casual sex.

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[Below Decks]

David barely managed to keep from scowling at Ida. He knew she wasn't going to make this easy on him.

"No, I think it's best that we get this out of the way now," he told her, setting the bottle of vodka down. "Listen, I know you're angry about being passed over, and I'm sorry it had to go down the way it did, but Captain Ives had his reasons for doing so. Pardon my bluntness, but he needs a Security Chief that won't buckle under pressure."

David frowned, immediately regretting his choice of words. Ida was a fine security officer, and under normal circumstances she likely would have made a fine Chief of Security. But when the time came for her to step up, instead she'd fallen apart and almost got herself and a lot of other good people killed.

"I need you on my side, Ida," he continued a moment later. "You're still my Deputy, and right now this ship can't afford its crew letting their personal grudges getting in the way of their duty. There's too much work to be done, especially now with this M-class planet Isley discovered."

He took a breath and held out his hand to Ida, hoping she would take it. "Can I count on you, Lieutenant?"

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Nerina paused, her arms over her head as she was halfway through pulling on her shirt, listening to his words. She coughed, pulling the uniform top down. "I... Yes, well... It was enjoyable, by all means... Thank you, Isley. I just... Look, once the ship has surveyed the planet, regained some supplies... I'll comm you, arrange a dinner in my quarters. Normally it's the other way around, but I do... Well... All right?" she finally managed, her calm demenor thrown by his own calmness as he stood there. The turbolift arrived at her level and she got off. "After we deal with the planet..." she said, before turning on her heel and heading towards her quarters, trying to stifle the blush and bite marks across her face and neck.

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"Well . . . good to know you'll still respect me in the morning."  She said with a grin, referring to feelings often associated with women who had been used and dumped by men looking for one thing.  It was more then he had expected from her; he figured they were just having some kind of one-night stand, though after such an act, there was more then one part of him interested in another round with the female Commander.  "Take care . . . have a good night."  He spoke, saying his parting words to her, before it was time for him to move on to his own quarters, satisfied with the way the night had ended, even if it did just leave him feeling hungry for more.

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[ Below Decks ]

Ida was mortified in hearing him bespeak the past events so openly, considered it a direct insult upon her pride. Moreover, the Pinkskin extended his hand in a Terran gesture to... what? Recognise his position, or as in a mawkish sign that he forgave her, as if he was in the position to judge her after what had happened? The damnable human had not only taken her place, but now sought to rub it in her face? How dared he!

She grit her teeth, antennae curling forward like cobras about to strike. She looked at the hand again, trying to raise herself above his words for the sake of duty. A strangled sound came out her throat, pent up rage making her words a sharp whisper.

"You are not making this very easy for me, 'Commander," she said truthfully - the very least of what she had a mind to say to him. Unwittingly, she had mirrored his thoughts with her words.

She snagged up the bottle of Terran vodka, not taking his hand yet. She took it to her lips and heaved it up, her ruined uniform slipping down her shoulder again, and with her arm raised, the underside of her bosom became quite plain in the artificial light because of the rift across the front of her jacket and shirt... yet it was far remote from her mind. She cared not for propriety when she was at such turmoil inside. She had to numb herself to her own feelings a bit, else they would have a brawl right there in the ship lounge. After several mouthfuls, she slammed the bottle down and resettled her stare upon Grayson.

"I suppose," she said tightly, clearing her throat, "that I ought to be grateful that you would want me as your Deputy, despite how you recognise my feelings about serving you. Moreover, since you witnessed me at my least finest hour. Yet you should not ask me whether or not you may count on me. You ought to know that you can if you have made the decision to keep me already."

She folded her hands behind her back formally, and raised her chin. "I... I need just quell the fresh feelings of anger I hold. That was why I asked for respite this night, and to wait until the morrow before we held this conversation."

Ida took a deep breath, unable to lash out in any fashion - to expel the anger. She sorely needed to take her aggressions out on something, but she was denied both respite and a fight. Only a demeaning handshake was left to her, and it was the last thing she wanted. With reluctance, she finally did as expected of her as a Starfleet officer, and took his hand, whether or not she had lowered it already during her explanation. "Give me some brief time, and I will come to terms with it, but please don't ask me for more tonight, 'Commander."

Her handshake was firm, despite it all.

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[Below Decks]

"That's all I'm asking for, Lieutenant," David agreed, nodding as he shook the Andorian's hand.

With that out of the way, he let go of Ida's hand and turned to face the group surrounding them. His blue eyes carefully scanned the assorted security officers, regarding them carefully as their new chief nodded. "Listen, I understand you've been through a lot," he told them. "We all have. But now is the time when the security department has to step up its game. We're out in the middle of nowhere with the biggest target imaginable on our backs. There's a lot of work to be done, and not a lot of time in which to do it."

Grayson glanced back at Ida, though continued to address everyone as he spoke. "What's past is past. We all miss Commander Sorik, but it's up to us to continue where he left off. We can't lose our focus now, not when this crew needs us more than ever. I know I'm not the one you were expecting to be taking orders from, but I promise that I won't let you down."

He turned back to the group and smiled at them, even if on the inside he didn't feel particularly happy right now. "Enjoy yourselves tonight, and make sure you get some sleep. We've got a lot of work ahead of us tomorrow."

David turned back to face Idea and took the bottle of vodka she'd slammed back onto the table, lifting it to his lips and took a long swig, his eyes never leaving Ida's. When he finished, he nodded to the Andorian and handed the bottle to her. "That goes double for you, Lieutenant. Blow off all the steam you need to tonight, but tomorrow I want you focused and ready to go to work." With that, Grayson turned and started to walk away, ready to leave Ida to her devices.

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Ida found David Grayson's promise to not let them all down bold, and she favoured it the most among the claims he made in his short speech. She did not miss the double meaning in his statement to let the past be what it may, and look ahead, much less how he practically asked her to wash all her frustration away with the vodka - yet still wanting her to be on her toes on the morrow.

As she watched him leave, she considered how there were alternative ways to forget the present than to infuse nerve-poison labelled with pretty names.

"I'll be leaving," she told those in her shift, "I'll see you all tomorrow. Behave." The Deputy then left the ship lounge, heading for her quarters. It had been a long time since she indulged in her passions...

...for the arts.

The turmoil of her emotions were more than sufficient fodder for making a canvas come to life. Already, she was picturing the result with her inner eye, selecting methods and paints. The motif was quite clear already, for she would draw both the Captain and David Greyson in one canvas. One portrait of them both, and she would rinse her feelings about them both in every minuscule detail. They would both be staring at the onlooker, with the Bridge in the backdrop - both austere and demanding. She would come to terms with her superiors, by familiarising herself with every little shade upon their brows.

Yet first, she would be ridding herself of her clothes and take a long needed shower. She used the time it took her to reach her quarters to remove her jacket, which could not be saved at that point. With her torn undershirt barely preserving her modesty, she walked past the Ship AI Hologram, whom seemed to have materialised just recently before the Assistant Chief of Operations. It was probably duty-related...

"Yes, Lt?" asked the hologram, wearing Operation department colours. Ida did not listen any longer, but walked them both by.

Attn: Brutus, in case you wanted a prologue thing and had not already written something in that regard. I'll follow your lead on this!

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[ Main Sickbay | The CMO Office ]
Seated behind his desk, Dr. Lucan cin Nicander was re-scheduling the appointments and routines for the Alpha shift to come - by then long accustomed to the administrative side of his duties. He imagined he might be weary of the tasks at hand given time, yet up till then, he was quite content with the mundane and pleasantly challenging side of it.

It was, after all, not as stressful as leading a double life and planning the genocide of a race, whilst still juggling a successful career on board an outlawed Tactical Strike Cruiser of a changing Federation - neither the former Officials nor the Symbiotic replacements looking too kindly upon his egotistical endeavours. Not to mention how the ship he was upon was hunted by his own, and he would have to compete with his own kin in order to have the ship serve in his grand scheme, instead of being swatted like a fly with the meaty fist of the collective Fleet. Moreover, considering the last battle and the burden he had to pull in Sickbay for the last couple of days...

No, administrative duties were decidedly a relief, sometimes, from both his own as well as his dissolved symbiont's clandestine plans.
Hearing a chirp from his door, his dark grey eyes snapped towards it - almost like his gaze pierced through the plastic and steel to skewer the person on the other side. "Enter," he called though, and reasserted a more pleasant expression on his face.

Upon seeing his visitor, Lucan rose to his feet and walked up to meet him. "Ah, Lt. Nelis. Captain Ives informed me about your promotion," he said to the half-blood Betazoid and smiled. He extended a tattooed hand from his lab coat sleeve to shook his, "Thank you for coming in. I had planned to visit you myself, but it seems you beat me to it."
Whilst he spoke, his friendly yet still discreetly seized him up - adjoining his physical appearance with his well-studied personnel file. This meeting was decidedly a welcome distraction, and even more so due to the fact that Betazoid's could not read Caroôn minds. A fact that Lucan owned a lot of gratitude for over the years, considering...

The symbiont merely chuckled at the back of his mind - the demon always present.

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[Main Sickbay - CMO's Office]

Garen offered Lucan a friendly smile as he shook the Chief Medical Officer's hand. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything, sir. I just thought it might be best if we got together as soon as possible." He hadn't even been Chief Counselor for a day yet, but with circumstances the way they were it made sense to him to jump right in.

He had to admit to some trepidation leading up to this moment. While he was not a full Betazoid, Garen still possessed some latent telepathy and a powerful sense of empathy, which had served him well over the years. He was usually able to get a read on pretty much everyone he met. But Lucan Nicander was not one of them. Garen had read up on the Caroôn when he joined the Theurgy's medical department, so he'd known ahead of time that he wouldn't be able to read Lucan, but it was a sensation he was unaccustomed to. It was both disconcerting and...strangely pleasant.

"I know I wasn't originally who you were expecting to work with, Doctor, but I hope you won't hold my lack of experience against me," Garen added with a friendly smile.


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"Not at all," said Lucan immediately and gestured for Garen to take a seat before his desk, "with the alternatives being someone dead or a traitor straight out of the Brig, I find your promotion quite timely." A joke in layers, the bottom one not confrontational as much as it was truthful. After all, Lucan was supposed to little to nothing about the man. Seating himself, the CMO's smile still presided in his exotic features. He moved on to practical matters straight away.

"I view Counselling and Medical to be two sides of the same coin, merely differing in the aspect of the health that we are treating. I foresee a lot of interaction between our two Departments, and I want to just make sure we are both on the same page so that we can keep things as smooth as possible with that interaction. I do believe it is better to get expectations out in the open early so as to avoid stepping on any toes."

Folding his hands on top of his desk, having to push aside a PADD or two, the Doctor continued. "As Chief Medical Officer, I will recommend patients to you in every case that I think there is a need for them to get counseling. However I must request that any and all medications that you want to give your patients on a psychological level must be given through my medical staff. I do not know if that is what they teach a the Academy these days, but situations in the past have made me make sure I get that point out of the way. The conflict of different medications and what repercussions that may bring are increased exponentially with the number of different species and biological compositions that our crew consists of."

The CMO paused, considering for a brief moment what Garen's face might look like when Lucan's manufactured virus were int he final stages - where each facial orifice gushed with blood. Further, what it might feel like to have blood as lubricant for a much... lower orifice. His gaze never changed, however much the mental image made his penis stiffen underneath his desk. The Lt. might just have his uses before the Theurgy was destroyed...

"Do you have any requests of your own, given how you might be looking forward to a... - what's the expression? - a butt-load or work to do, all things considered?"

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