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It took several seconds before William even realised that the blue skinned woman had spoken. His entire mind, body and soul was focused on one thing and one thing only, and that was the feeling of his cock, throbbing and pulsing, buried inside the warm, wet, tight hole of the woman before him. The last time he had been with a woman was right before he got arrested and stuck with this crew, but that didn't explain it. As he began to slowly pull out and then force his shaft inside her waiting slit, the sensation was more intense than any other feeling he'd ever experienced.

But her words eventually got through to him, and dragged him back from wherever it was that he had gone inside his head. He laughed softly as he felt her fingers now scratching at their union, which also helped jerk him back to being able to speak. "There will be plenty of time for others, my little bluebell, but for now, I'm going to focus on pounding this hot little cunt raw." he said, his hands moving from her hips to her rear, slapping them as his hips began to speed up, his shaft now sliding back and forth inside her passage with a strong, steady and increasing speed. "But... fuck... You won't have long to wait for my cum, my dear." he added, his breath becoming more and more harsh as the sounds of their hips meeting began to fill the small turbolift.

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|Jaru's Quarters

It was no secret that Jaru wasn't a creature of social interaction. The fact that almost all of his spare time was either on his fighter on in the very chair he found himself in. Rum had helped him relax into the fine leather that Jaru found to be a rather excellent place to be when one wanted to lay their troubles down for a spell. He even found himself drifting to sleep dreaming of cigars, of dogfights and of a woman long lost. Then the door chimed and Jaru was violently ripped from the edges of a REM cycle. That put a dampener on the mood.

Scowling he wondered who it could be. The captain? Doubtful since she'd just summon him. Besides wasn't it her 'alone time' in the gym or something? He couldn't tell and was loathe to find out the time for such a trivial question. Maybe someone from TAC CONN? A pilot with time to kill? Someone from the maintenance crew with a PADD waiting for his signature? Surely there was someone else available. The duty roster would clearly state that he was off duty at the present time. Who would want to visit him off hours for no reason at all? He didn't have any friends he knew of.

There was only one way to find out. "Come in." sighed Jaru gently, placing his glass on the table beside the chair which faced the door. It was a handy position there was no doubt about that. Unless it was someone with more rank pips than him he wasn't about to get up just for courtesy. If they wanted to invade his personal time then they'd take what they got and be glad of it.

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[Turbolift 02]

ThanIda found herself yelping with delight and chuckling when Mr. Regal slapped her behind, which she somwhere deep down knew was quite contradictory to what she would normally have done. Yet she was not herself any more, her mind and body bent upon the sole need to spread herself, or at least spread the feelings she had to others so that they might sympathise with this rare affliction she suffered - this constant hunger that would never abate.

"Yesss... Do it, fill me up, Pinkskin," she whimpered breathlessly and slapped her hands against the wall of the turbolift - pressing her cheek and her bare breasts against it too. The sensitivity of her skin made the cold wall send a shiver through her spine, and she marvelled at how Mr. Regal's thrusts made her nipples rub against the wall. With her throat parched and her legs spread for him, her eyes fluttered close when she felt her own imminent release - to finally cum upon a man's cock instead of her own petty fingers. She knew that with her new body and liberated mind, she would never have to stimulate herself any more. She could make any man aboard stick his meat inside her... Mr. regal had happened to be the first one, that's all.

"I'm... I'm.. Oh... Oh. Oh! Oooh!" Finally, the climax hit her like an exploding plasma conduit, and her body convulsed upon William's cock - her pussy tightening up like a vice. The shudder extended down her legs, and she wobbled - her mind obliterated in the storm. The wall, William's hands, William's pumping member all supported her lest she'd fall, and her scream was of raw and joyful ecstasy.

She was a creature lost to the carnal delights, and in moments, so would Mr. Regal be. She knew that his body would change like hers, yet she could not explain how. She knew that she had contaminated him - doomed him to become both less... and so much more.  Bracing herself against the wall during her aftershocks, she would siphon the restraint from him with her hips... along with his hot semen.

[Jaru's Quarters]

Hearing his admission to her entry, Thea's programming allowed her to step through the sliding doors and into the dim light of the SCO's quarters.

This situation was rare to her, just like many other situations she might face when not performing duties aboard. She had experience by then, having been activated since the Theurgy - the starship - was commissioned into service, but visiting someone like this without a clear invitation? Not too often, no. Still. though he had spoken of holo-suites that were inoperative given the energy crisis, she supposed that she still should have come. The human seemed a bit depressed, and perhaps she might be able to cheer him up? To her recollection, that was a common social convention.

"Hello, Jaru." she said, since one did not use titles when off duty. It felt strange to speak to him thus, yet she still smiled from a spot halfway towards him. "As I recall, you had time off... and while you did not exactly make a request... I..."

Admittedly, Thea had no idea what her purpose was but to socialise, so she could not explain her initiative. So she shrugged at that point before continuing. "I wish to say that I found you a bit depressed, but I fear I would be a bit presumptuous in saying so," she took a breath - or at least she mimicked it as a part of her behavioural code. "Though if that is the case, I wonder if it is because you are not cleared for flying your Valkyrie yet? I know about the injury in the last battle..."

Her memory search ended up with a final line that she thought fitting. Stopping her rambling, since she was not prone to indulge in indecisiveness, she folded her arms underneath her breasts and gave him an inquiring look. "Do you want to talk? I can stay until I am needed elsewhere."

To punctuate her request, a power fluctuation from the repairs made her holographic matrix flicker a bit, before immediately stabilising.

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|Jaru's Quarters

"Thea." said Jaru warmly. He sat forward and clasped his hands in front of him. The visit was a surprise but a pleasant one. While Jaru would never admit it right now he needed some company and the holographic woman was perfect in that respect. After all they seemed to get on well in the professional sense so maybe it was time he reached out for a friend? It couldn't hurt. Much. "Sit down if you want. Just because your rear is made out of photons doesn't mean you can park it in a seat, right?" asked the pilot gesturing to the sofa to his right. "Another thing; next time you want to  talk to me just appear. No need to do the whole door chime thing. If you catch me at a...bad time...then well, so be it. We're both professionals."

Giving a small sigh he relaxed back into his chair when she mentioned about him being depressed. Is that what he was? Not pissed off? Angry? Scared? No, just straight to the point depressed. His manner was fitting evidence to Thea's theory and Jaru  didn't have the heart to argue with her. Despite his cold mood towards people apart from odd occasions of warmth Thea made him smile because she cared. Beyond making sure the crew remained at 100%? He couldn't tell.

"Depressed? I thought maybe irate or broody even. Sorry if I gave off the wrong impression I'm just...thoughtful." Jaru didn't feel depressed, tired maybe but then that was to be expected. Running from everyone including other Federation starships didn't help. Of course he could go to a councillor but he thought of them as another doctor, his least favourite type of person. "I've been injured and put off the flight roster before Thea that's nothing new. I guess it's just this situation we're in. Alone, battered and looking for a solution that just seems out of reach. You're my only friend, since you are more or less a friend. I mean I can't think of anyone else coming to make sure I'm ok. Though I'm curious as to why...and no 'for the sake of the ship' as an answer, that bugs me."

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Smiling as she was indeed welcome and accepting his offer for her to herself, Thea walked over to the couch and adjusted her dress over her thighs before she sat down - crossing her legs and leaning back comfortably.

While he spoke, she looked at him where he sat in the chair and folded her fine-boned hands on top of her knee. He argued that he suffered from lonesomeness, and that their situation - as renegades in the eyes of the Fleet - was a further detriment to his morale. She was gladdened, however, that the human considered her to be a friend; a remarkable progress for herself since she had the sore ambition to develop in line with the sentient being that she was designed to be. An errant thought in her programming made her consider how pleased the admirals and specialists in Starfleet would be with her after their numerous sessions with her... had it not been that she was now an enemy to them instead.

Was that what they called irony? It was a strange concept of humour - however bitter-sweet in this case.

...Though I'm curious as to why... and no 'for the sake of the ship' as an answer, that bugs me.

"Then I do not know what to say..." she admitted after a couple of seconds, unsure about what what words to pick given the SCO's adamant standpoint about how he would like her to answer him, "...since I would like to say that it is for my own sake, but... I am the ship in many senses, Jaru. I regret to hear you would not accept my reasons as an answer, but I cannot give you any others but my own."

He was contradicting himself, so she was not sure whether there was some misunderstanding at play - his smile as she entered and his words about friendship not adding up with his resolute demand for another reply than what she had in mind. "I... told you in the hangar earlier today," she said and looked down, running some errant strands of hair behind her ear. "For the sake of my own interests, I approve of you, since you are an interesting human to learn from... and to share my thoughts with."

He had asked her to sit down, so Thea remained, hoping that she was making some sense with her answer. To be asked up front what her reasons were to be there felt more like an interrogation than anything else, but she would abide it if that was the SCO's wish. Perhaps it was not his fault, being as irate and broody as he made himself out to be...

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William was already well on the way to becoming single minded when he stepped into the turbolift. He'd always been greedy, always wanted everything, never really cared about other people apart from what he could take from them or what they could do for him. But this was different, as he drove his throbbing shaft into the azure skinned woman's willing slit, as he grunted with every stroke, his mind became less and less complex. He stopped thinking about anything but sex, and about having it with as many women as possible on board. Every woman, up to and including Miss Indecisive that had bossed him around when he came on board, the Captain, he'd fuck them all, and they'd love it.

But his thoughts focused yet again on the woman in front of him as she began to moan, the familiar sounds of a woman reaching her peak, the moans music to Bill's ears. He found a faster speed, his hips thrusting into her as fast as he could, driving her forward into the cold wall of the turbolift with every thrust. But he found himself unable to stop himself coming when she did, as her wet, warm slit clamping down on his cock was far too much for him to take. He came, harder than he could remember ever coming before, his body empting into her, his seed bursting forth with a loud groan of pure pleasure from him as she milked him dry.

He stood there, frozen in pleasure, for several seconds before he pulled out, and leant against the wall. And then he slid down it, out cold as he hit the floor.

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All Jaru did was scoff lightly. "Of all the role models to pick on the ship you pick me. Tell me Thea what can I possibly teach you? What lessons can I give? What question do you think I can answer?" At that he gave a small sigh and sank right back into the chair with a wave of his hand. It didn't help that his social skills were nil in the first place. For a moment he paused as his thoughts swam about in his mind. Jaru really didn't know what to say or offer to lighten the mood.

"I'm sorry, alright? This whole situation is hard enough and the last thing I want to do is offend you. You of all people...yeah, you're a person in my eyes. You can think for yourself and you have feelings, opinions, thoughts. If that isn't the textbook definition of sentience then I don't know what is." Again Jaru paused as he considered his thoughts. Here sat Thea, a beautiful woman, a hologram but a woman nonetheless. In his younger years Jaru wouldn't baulk at the opportunity to bed an AI simply for the tactile feeling. Now he was much older and had a deep sense of respect for Thea.

"I just feel useless at times alright?" declared Jaru softly. "I mean here you are thinking I'm this interesting human when all I am is me. I'm not a doctor or an engineer. I kill people Thea...anyone can spin off the 'grey area' stuff but I'm a murderer. Hell I've shot down other Federation pilots on our escape. How you can see anything in a man like me I'll never know. I try to make friends and all with the crew but it doesn't always pan out right. Though knowing I've helped you does give me a boost. So tell me; what can I help you with. Anything, anything at all."

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[Turbolift 02]

Her sweat-glistening chest still heaving, Ida purred and straightened from the wall that she had rested her head against, and she turned just in time to see Mr. Regal sink down against the opposite wall.

Leisurely, she cocked a hip and chuckled to the Pinkskin whilst his eyes fell shut. When he was out cold and beginning the slow progress of developing into his new self, Ida reached down to slide a finger along her raw slit in her sudden lonesomeness - raising it up to lick off the excess semen. She groaned as she revelled in his taste - the both sweet and bitter tang of accomplishment. She continued to feast for a while... before she went to work. There were some precautions to make in order to make the most of this chance she had.

Opening the hatch in the roof was no problem, yet to hold on to Mr. Regal's arm while climbing up there herself was harder - not to mention pulling him up after herself. She also had to collect their strewn garments from the floor before closing the hatch - leaving the turbolift empty.

Yet on top of the lift she lay down next to the Pinkskin. She would caress his evolving body, stroke his growing size and muscles. Betimes she would offer him her ripe breasts to suck on like a new-born during his semi-concious moments. She would look up into the darkness along the maintenance ladder that would take them to the next deck, and she made plans for what the two of them ought to do next.

At one point, when Mr. Regal opened his eyes - lips wet with her silvery milk - she would stroke his brow and kiss him, and she said, "It has started for you, haven't it? You are almost ready..." She reached down to draw her fingernails across the ventral side of his evolved cock - this proud member that would never tire, and never be sated no matter the hours of satisfaction it would gain. Regardless of the many women he would fill with his delicious seed.

"Don't worry... I have someone in mind for you," she whispered huskily.

A certain traitorous spy that needs a lesson... before she becomes one of us.

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Thea was silent for a few moments, but she accepted Jaru's apology and smiled to him passingly as she rasied her head. Her tone was quite serious when she spoke, though. "You have just touched upon one thing that does interest me," she said and rested an elbow upon the back of the couch - her fingers running through her hair while she explained, "how you bear the cost of your allotted duty - or rather - your chosen path."

It was a perplexing observation she had made, and not easily explained. She frowned while she spoke - looking at nothing in particular.

"You say you are useless, or feel useless, at times," she said, and she got to her feet and paced slowly while she explained. "However, the usefulness of a man so committed to his duty to Starfleet that he would kill his own in order to set the records straight... such a man is a rare boon to the commanding officer he or she is fighting for. The usefulness of a mere man murdering for the mere sake of following orders is also useful, but to have a tool of murder with loyalty - that selflessly know how the means to achieve the goal will chip away shards of one's soul... and still does it? Someone who knows the cost of duty, and still bears it with dedication... such be a man that I find interesting to learn from. For make no mistake, Jaru, I often question my own role as a Tactical Assault Cruiser. What righteous goals merits my capacities, and my instant and programmed willingness to abide to the commands given to me?"

She came to a stop, and folded her arms underneath her breasts - looking him in the eye with her queries painted upon her face.

"While I have no choice to obey, no room for debate before I empty my payloads of torpedoes into the face of the enemies of the Federations - even the Federation itself after the Chief of Operations made such a thing possible - you possess that kind of chance. The choice to not harm life... and still does it, taking it upon your conscience to further the goals of the Federation. If I were to learn your motivations for your actions... then I would be more at ease with my own. To be hand-tied and executing each command at the behest of the Bridge officers, and still not know how to cope with the cost, it has been a increasing... concern for me. The Lone Wolves fly the Valkyries that possess no sentience, so therefore, they are more directly responsible for their actions... or at least it seems that way to me."

She knew that the Commanding Officer of the Theurgy was chief responsible, but she sometimes felt used... dirtied by the actions she carried out.

"Please help me understand how you can do what you do, Jaru?" she asked him with her face animated in conflicted emotions, "let me learn how to bear the cost?"

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Adam slowly made his way back to his quarters giving a concerned look after the turbolift.  Once there he entered his quarters and made his way to the showers to wash away the grime and sweat of his long day's work.  It didn't help that he was frustrated and that Ida had looked so tempting, well in all honesty after almost a year without shore leave, most of the women on the ship looked delicious.

By the end of his shower he was lost in his thoughts, imagining several of the crew gracing his quarters, allowing him to please them as he saw fit.  The idea only going to stiffen his member which slowly swelled at he made his way to his quarters.  Laying back onto his bed he began to lightly stroke his member idly to hopefully relieve his tension.  It wasn't the same but it did offer some relief in its own way. 

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Being the Deputy, Ida was well aware of her subordinates' duty shifts, and she had unfinished business with one of them in particular.

In the beginning of the night, the Andorian walked the empty corridors. She had finally set Mr. Regal free to roam the ship however he wished, knowing that even if he might not be able to reach Edena Rez, he was bound to make other women he chanced upon very happy. Like her, she was a roaming vector for the delight she wished to impart upon others, and were the chances optimal, she seized them with whatever man she could. Yet she had chosen to leave from the maintenance ladder of turbolift two, and it was only logical that she would follow the evidence of a very willing victim of her desires.

Adam Kingston, to whom she deeply regretted having not given more than a mere treat to the eye before she had escaped into the turbolift. Why-ever had she done that anyway? Foolishness.

She sauntered down the corridor in naught but her bare blue skin, a smile of expectation on her lips. She did pass a woman by - a Fighter Pilot she did not recall the name of - and while she was awarded an incredulous wide-eyed stare, Ida merely gave the woman a coy wink in return. Adam's door was but around the bend, and while she enjoyed women, she found herself more hungry for man flesh at the moment. She left the perplexed Tac/Conn Officer behind without a word, knowing that she would sooner or later be exposed to the delightful state she was in herself...

"Computer, open this door. Secuity Clearence zh'Wann-Epsi..." she trailed off as she stood there in front of Adam's door, her grin widening. "Oh, just ignore that, Computer." Instead of breaking in, she chose to merely press the chime and wait for Adam in the corridor - folding her hands behind the small of her back. Containing a chuckle, she bit her lower lip. She reckoned that she had never been so bold earlier in her life, and it was so utterly liberating to do whatever came to mind.

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Hearing the chime of the doorbell Adam gave a slight sigh and quickly slid on some briefs and uniform pants.  It took him a few minutes to reach the door most of which was spent trying to think of what the visit could be for.  It wasn't exactly as if anyone should have needed him at this hour in fact he'd made sure to ask before he went to bed.  Arriving at the door he frowned as he noticed how evident his erection still was in his pants.  "it'll have to do I guess" he said reluctantly before opening the door.

"Yeah?  Oh, Ida, what brings you here this evening? Feeling better any better?" He asks nervously staring at her form a little as he did.  It didn't help his erection any and it definitely made things more awkward.  This was very unusual in his opinion, usually the Andorian didn't visit him off hours, much less when he was suppose to be sleeping or in the nude.  "What did sickbay have to say?"

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When Adam appeared in the doorway, Ida let out a delighted little sound at the sight of his bare chest - a wide smile on her lips. She held back while he spoke, taking the time to ignore his words so that she might size him up fully; the tattoos and the smooth Pinkskin expanse of streamlined muscle and sinew tapering down to a taut abdomen, the solid wall of strength that was his chest, the muscles that rippled down his arms, his magnificent rampant body on the whole, and for last, the blatant evidence of his arousal that strained for freedom against the front of his uniform trousers. This will be too easy...

"They found nothing wrong with me," she said, tasting the lie on her tongue. She ran it over her upper lip as she continued to inspect her subordinate. "They said I had to find out through Counselling, yet then I came to a realisation; that I have been containing myself from expressing my heart's desires. And my desires are for you..."

Right then, she pushed him back into his rooms. Her hands remaining on his chest during her advance, her nails grazed against his skin as they progressed into his dark quarters. The doors slid shut behind her with a sound of finality. She looked into his eyes when she spoke. "I am sorry for treating you as I have, and especially when you showed such concern for me earlier today. I have been denying myself for too long, and I cannot stand it any more. I must have you, Pinskin. Else I will go mad..."

She supposed that, in the eyes of the unenlightened, she already was. Yet she knew better.

Deftly, her hands had come to a stop at the hem of his trousers, and she yanked him towards her a little - tilting her head up against him as she whispered. "Please, don't throw me out... Adam. It took a lot of courage to come here like this. Don't take advantage of this weakness that I show as your Deputy... Just let me have what I need from you, and you can make your mind up afterwards."

To punctuate her fierce request, she popped his trousers open - though her fingers remained curled around the hem. She angled her head the other way, and her antennae followed suit - her intoxicating breath drawing his lips down to her own. Her eyes were large with lust, and she arched her blue breasts slightly up against him in the sharp light emanating form the back of his rooms.

"Oh," she said, and her eyes looked down between their bare upper bodies, a grin re-emerging, "it is more than I could even have imagined it..." She faked a nervous laugh, tossing her hair back from her eyes a little. "If you had any of me, would you tell me if I live up to your expectations..?"

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Adam couldn't help but stare at her form as his erection swelled further in his boxers.  "Are you sure you want to do this?  You could" he started talking but somehow the closer she got the harder it got to focus.  As she spoke to him his eyes started to dilate, 'what was going on here?' a part of him asked as he took a step back hesitantly.  As her breath began to influence his mind he found it harder and harder to listen to her words.  His lips were drawn to hers and into an intense passionate kiss. 

"What...did you just say?" he asks clearly having some difficulty with organizing his thoughts as he stared down into her eyes.  His erection threatening to rip itself fully out of his boxers.  "Expectations?  I can't really say I feel I'd be disappointed"  he leaned in for a another kiss sucking in the sweet intoxicating taste of her breath and beginning to loose himself even more within it. 

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Whilst ravenously sharing in their kiss, giving him her cerulean tongue and her most devoted attention, Ida made him know how much she had longed for his taste through the sounds she made. Her antennae swayed to and fro as she delivered her saliva into his mouth with her own. She had to breathe through her nose, gently gasping for air whenever she could. Her heart raced in expectation just as much as his, and not only for reasons beyond what was about to transpire within the confines of the Security Officer's quarters. She would relish Adam Kingston in his ignorance, as well as in his enlightenment. Not just then and there, but long after the ship was theirs.

It was simple. The conflict of interests between her own needs and the regulations of Starfleet dictated the measures she and those like her needed to take. Moreover, they would be much happier if they just dropped their impossible mission; chose to let go of all their worries about their future.

"Kiss me, Adam," she moaned against his hungry mouth, "Kiss me everywhere..." She slid her blue fingers down behind the hem of his boxers, wrapped them firmly around his burgeoning arousal. She stroked him insistently to emphasise her request. "Lick me. I want to feel your mouth all over me."

With great agility, she wrapped one of her legs around his hips and pulled him forward with her grip around his cock. While she supported herself against him with a hand on his shoulder, she stroked the head of his member along her crevice through the fabric of his boxers. She would be patient, and not impale herself upon him quite yet. She would make him think he was in control. She would have to sway him further. She undulated her hips against her grip upon him, and she panted into his ear. "I want you to suck on my tits, and lap my juices from my clit... then I want you inside me..."

She made her moaning desperate with need, not altogether feigned. "I want you to cum inside me too, Adam..."

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Adam gladly complied with her wishes kissing deeply and passionately with his tongue his mind seeming to begin to lose itself as he did so.  Then slowly he began to move down her neck kissing and teasing it slowly with his tongue as he moved to her nipples sucking gently on the small tips quite surprised by the sudden burst of milk.  He looked at her curiously as he sucked on them happily swirling his tongue around it.  Soon he began to loose himself in the haze of lust and passion.  Soon he began to move forward pushing her back toward his bed eagerly.  The sweat taste of the nectar ran into his mouth at with an almost intoxicating taste of sugar and something else.  Attempting to identify the other taste he took another sip from her other nipple drinking it in slowly with the suckle and allowing it to tingle and linger on his tongue as he tried to sample more.  It didn't help only making his mind more and more fogged. 

" happening?" he tried to say but it was losing meaning even as he spoke it.  All he wanted was Ida right then, and then all the other women on the Theurgy.  His arousal swelling in response to the thoughts he had.  Quite eager to bury itself deep within the Andorian. It twitched slightly as he pulled the boxers down further and moved his hips up to meet hers.  Gently rubbing the length of his shaft against her clit idly grinding into her. 


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When she lay down on Adam's bed, she rewarded him by wrapping her legs around his waist ad stroking his face with her hands, soothing him in his persistent worries - hushing him as if he was about to go to sleep. His old self would, and a new man would awaken. "I cannot believe it either, I have wanted this for so long..." she said, playing the horny fool with her reply.

Then she felt him pressing against her, sliding along her vaginal lips. They were wet - of course - and would stay wet for him forever. She chuckled in delight, and gasped when he squirmed his thick member inside her - stretching her so that she might accommodate his fat girth. Oh, she obliged him fully, bucking and raising up on her elbows so that she might put leverage into her own thrusts. Once, twice, she forced herself down along his length, and then began to rock against him in fervour. "By Andoria but you are big, Pinksin... Give me all of it... Adam, please, nugh, don't you dare stop..."

And nor would she. She would continue on through the whole night, along with Mr. Regal. She suspected that others than her would have come to know the delights of Niga, and she suspected them to not sleep this night either. No, she would sadly have to leave Adam or a while whilst he underwent his change, and knock on the next door she knew held a sleeping man, and then the next, and the next...

All the men would leave their quarters after more or less an hour, and spread their blessing however they might. So while she tossed her head and cried out in her pleasure underneath the weight of Adam Kingston, whilst she ran her nails across his back and bit his shoulder, a part of her mind was upon the imminent future - already upon the next step of her carnal crusade.

Oh, but the Theurgy was in for a night of celebration; the onset of an altogether different mission.

To spread their delight galaxy-wide.

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