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USS Theurgy: What If...? A Winter Wonderland


This is an open thread to anyone who wants to drop in. The concept was stolen, again, but too good to refuse. This is very likely to be an NSFW thread, however there is enough to this concept to do a lot of adventuring that isn't about sex. As always this is not to be considered canon in any way shape or form the main RP storyline. It's just all-around fun for anyone, official Theurgy canon characters or not, that wanted to drop into it.

This thread is for fun. As it's not part of the main storyline in any form, just mucking around, the 7 day max doesn't really apply here. Remember to focus on all your actual story posts first and foremost

The Premise
No ship can function without routine maintenance, not even the Theurgy. Theta Sigma is an isolated enough system and completely void of intelligent life, though it's 6th planet does have wide range of flora and fauna. While the ship undergoes a routine maintenance cycle the crew is permitted to take shore leave in shifts on the planet below. Camping supplies and basic ammienties have already been beamed down and the crew has been issued shifts in which to visit the planet and get some much needed down time.

The Planet:
Theta Sigma 6 is a colder planet, however, it is still very much a gorgeous M-class world. For much of the year much of it's surface is covered in a blanket of snow. Though the weather is mild enough for a short shore-leave. It has a variety of natural features and after detailed scans several campsites were selected.

The Campsites
Campsite Alpha
Set near a dense snowy forest, this campsite offers scenic views of the mountains while still being near enough to the forest for hiking. Without a nearby natural water source a water storage unit and reprocessing unit were beamed down. A number of easy to put up cold weather tents and heaters are available as well as enough standard-issue blankets and pillows to keep anyone warm. It is the perfect campsite for a little bit of more rough living for those who enjoy it.

Campsite Beta
Set deeper into a snowy old-growth forest near a slow-moving river this campsite offers the privacy and quiet only snow-covered forest can offer. It's a good place to go for a hike, it's an even better place to stay inside and enjoy the peace and serenity. Due to the nearby water source a water reprocessing unit and pumping system were beamed down. A number of large storage containers have been retrofitted as heated mini cabins complete with a two-person cot and small cooking stove. Additional heaters as well as plenty of standard-issue blankets and pillows are available.

Campsite Gamma
Set higher up in the mountain range, in a small valley, this campsite offers the unique feature of a number of secluded hot water mineral water springs. Hot water is pushed up from deep within the planet through natural springs and has carved out a number of secluded pools. Nearby a number of the same storage containers from Campsite Beta have been set up. Due to the nearby water source a water reprocessing unit and pumping system were beamed down.

Final Thought and Purpose
The idea of this thread is to go an an adventure. Grab a writing partner and go out of the ordinary in a fun way. It can be as friends or something romantic, it's a futuristic camping trip in a place that's actually safe. It may be cold out, but there are plenty of ways to stay warm, even if it does come down to sharing body heat...

[ Petty Officer Artimis Saugn & Petty Officer Anthea Saugn | Transporter Room #3 | Deck 12 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @tongieboi @Juzzie

The transporter room was already crowded when Artimis and Anthea Saugn arrived. Of course it would be, with a ship the size of the Theurgy it was all but guaranteed that it's handful of transporter rooms would be crowded on the day when shore leave was announced. Everyone wanted to go down so it was plotted to be taken in shifts. Shifts we assigned, then promptly traded with others to ensure people went down with who they wanted to, and then campsites were selected so that supplies for the correct number of people would be sent down.

As Artimis looked around the room she noted a few faces who she was all but certain were not assigned to her group. More than likely they were attempting to slip down undetected in all the commotion.

"Are you sure this is the right place to be?" Anthea asked her sister leaning in to try and not have to yell over the sound of everyone else talking.

"Transporter Room 3, this is the place?" Artimis said holding up a slip with their departure time and transporter room number.

"We are beaming down soon, yes?" Anthea asked as she looked around and edged toward the wall, trying to avoid the crowd. While Artimis was meant to be more outgoing and bold, Anthea had been designed to be far more reserved.

"We're a few minutes early," Artimis replied grimly as she moved toward the wall as well to hopefully wait not overly long for their turn.

Though neither of them had been on the ship long, it had been some time since either had gotten any real sunshine, even if it was a snowy world and was set to be quite chilly, there would be hours upon hours of day light for all three of the days they were getting planetside. It was a truly exciting thing and they were both more than happy to get assigned a time slot to go down and get the perfect campsite. Both of them were looking forward to spending some time in real gravity.

"See anyone you recognize?" Artimis asked looking around for any familiar faces.

"Yes, but I've seen all of their crew files, so of course I would," Anthea replied smartly.

Artimis gave her a look. "You... I meant, anyone we might talk to?"

"Why?" Anthea asked with a sigh. She wanted to avoid the crowd and people she didn't know. She liked to do her work by herself and was trained to work best that way. What annoyed her was she often felt lonely despite herself.

"I don't know about you, but I don't intend to not be social on this little adventure," Artimis replied with a broad smile. She looked around the transporter room again and looked for anyone looking at them. "Now, who should we talk to?"

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[ Ens. Joseph Adams | Transporter Room #3 | Deck 12 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @AbsintheDeux @Juzzie ]

Joe had never seen so many people in the transporter room. He was almost grateful that his shift was nearly over and he wouldn't have to deal with the worst of the crowd. Energising the transporter for another six  crewmen, he glanced up and tried to spot his replacement at the door. No luck. At least not yet.

"Alright, next six?"

Preparing the transporter for another use, he brought his gaze back up to the crowds again, energising without even sparing the console a glance. He'd practically memorised the layout of the thing by now, and it would be good to get a break from it for a change. This shore leave promised that much, at least. He'd packed for the colder weather accordingly, something to light a campfire, a tent (in case he didn't feel like sleeping in one of the cabins), a torch and a few isolinear chips, containing libraries of entertainment he'd prepared in advance, mainly books.

The most prominent of his luggage however, was his guitar, which he'd decided to bring to finally fit some practice in. He'd barely picked the thing up since he'd been brought out of sickbay!

He was wearing nice warm apparel, including a jumper and a large coat he'd replicated in advance, and winter boots. His combadge was attached to the jumper he was wearing, the furry winter coat laid strewn over the console. He wasn't going to put it on whilst he was in somewhere with Air Conditioning after all...

He'd made sure that the jumper, like his usual uniform, was yellow. He just hoped nobody would be upset if he'd changed for the planet in advance.

His gaze once again swept around the room and he started grinning when finally, he spotted his replacement.

Without even waiting for them to reach the console, Joe had already picked up his bag, slung it over his shoulder, done the same with his winter coat, and speedwalked to join the throngs of people waiting for transport. Somewhere between a pair of magenta and turqoise haired women and several Engineering crewmen. At least he assumed they were engineers, based solely on the fact one of them seemed to be talking about Impulse Manifolds.


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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Transporter Room #3 | Deck 12 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @AbsintheDeux @tongieboi

Rhys had checked and double checked and triple checked everything he had. Some basic rations, including a bar of Kendal mint cake. It was a compressed sugar based confection flavoured with peppermint that was favoured by Hikers and climbers in Britain. It was quite an old fashioned thing, Starfleet had designed more efficient items to boost energy, but Rhys was a fan old fashioned confectionary.

In his, pack he had a torch, a heater, his tent, changes of clothing, a book he had been meaning to read for a while and a variety of other things. He was excited, but that did not stop him checking he had everything a fourth time. It seemed an unusual shore leave choice for some, but Rhys had never been a warm weather person. There was something appealing to him about the cold. Maybe growing up in Wales had something to do with it, though where they were landing would be far colder than his home of Angelsey.

When Rhys arrived at the transporter room, he had found it cramped and awkward. Everyone was naturally bundled up and it meant most people took up twice the normal room. He found himself jostled and nudged around but he chose not to say anything. He ended practically falling into a group of people. Two women with brightly coloured hair and a young man with a guitar on his back. It was then that Rhys could have kicked himself. “Shit… sorry I forgot my Guit….” His voice was cut off by the transporter beam.

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