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Day 20 [0600 hrs] Of Seers and Soldiers

[PO2 Kino Jeen | Brig | Deck 07 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
She didn’t want to be here. Of all duty assignments, this was perhaps the one Kino loathed the most. It wasn’t the hours of relative silence, fighting boredom, or the irritating constant hum of active force-fields. It wasn’t even the subject of her post, the man in the cell, nor the reasons he was in there. The reason she hated brig duty was the sense of being stuck there – unable to maneuver – caught at the end of a hallway in a fixed position. She'd never spoken of it; it wasn’t really a valid complaint, anyway…but it nagged at her, every time she rotated in. Her mood would sour as the hours passed, and by the end she would feel bitter, as if she was somehow sharing the man’s fate, stalking to chow or the gym without a word in her haste to put the day behind her.

She walked to the desk sat before his cell, a tray in one hand, a steaming cup of coffee in the other, her face impassive. The type-2 phaser pistol holstered on her left thigh jiggled with her stride, as mismatched eyes caught the look of sheer relief on her change-out's face. The man stood, throwing her a nod. “Good to see you, Kino,” he smiled half-heartedly. She couldn’t remember his name, oddly, but knew his face, and was reasonably sure they didn’t mesh well. Strange, what sticks with you and what doesn’t, she reflected; a curt nod returned the greeting. “Let’s hear it.”

“No change really,” her brother-in-arms shrugged. “He eats, sleeps, shits, reads. Log’s updated,” he answered, then paused, looking her over. “You good,” he asked, taking the wristband off his forearm, holding it out for her. The field nullifier would sync to her bio-readings, allowing passage between the cell fields without dropping them. It hit her synthetic skin with a small slap, flexing snug around her wrist.

Every change of guard accompanied a report on the prisoner, or prisoners. Privacy was a luxury to the incarcerated; a fact of life, one that prisoners were forced to accept. The man in the cell was a special case, however. For all his sins, all the damnable evidence of his actions, (direct or otherwise), in a way, he chose this fate. In a way, he stood sentinel over the true prisoner as much as Kino did. That knowledge always gave her pause, every time.

“Yeah,” Kino nodded her head to the cell, the field shimmering opaque blue, holding her wrist out for him to slap the band in place. “He up,” she asked, lifting the food tray slightly.

“Not sure,” the man grunted dismissively, obviously unconcerned. Kino couldn’t blame him, but the indifferent apathy he projected made her teeth clench regardless. Her eyes flicked from his face to the cell field, looking for shadowed movement within. Nothing. “Alright, all set. Later, Taer,” the man grinned at her, happily stepping off to anywhere else.
Kino sat the coffee mug down at the desk, turning toward the cell. She didn’t watch him go, or look in his direction. “It’s Jeen now,” she corrected, “asshole,” she muttered under her breath, walking up to the field. Pausing to take a breath, the non-com rotated the tension from her neck. “Ready for some chow, Doc,” she spoke up, leaving the opacity setting in place in case the prisoner was indisposed.

She waited for his response before murmuring the voice command for field transparency, face set in absolute neutrality as she entered the spartan cell, mismatched eyes absorbing the scene in a glance. The tray was set upon the desk between PaDDs after a curt nod in greeting. Nicander looked…well…Kino didn’t trust her eyes; not when it concerned this man, but that didn’t stop her from speaking her mind, either.

“You look like shit,” she told him, without humor or rancor, simply matter-of-fact.

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[ Doctor Lucan cin Nicander | Brig | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Dumedion  
Oh, Lucan couldn't agree more with the silver-haired Trill that entered his cell. The comment made the corner of his mouth tweak.

"By the winds, isn't that the truth?" he said in his faded Câroon accent, sitting cross-legged on top of his bunkbed with a PADD in hand. He glanced her way with a smirk, before resuming his reading on matter-energy conversion mathematics and the application thereof in the phase discriminators of transporter systems. "Though if you were in here for two months straight, I wager you wouldn't look much better, Petty Officer."

He had woken up early, unable to sleep because of the nightmares that visited him through the parasite, so he had occupied his mind with studies that he hoped - someday - might help alleviate him of his... condition. Yet he as a Doctor, not an engineer, and certainly not able to find a solution in which the parasite could be isolated with an anyonic phase variance. Even if he found a way to do that, there was also the challenge of separating the isolated out-of-phase matter into a secondary containment beam. So, he studied, hoping to solve the problem on his own since the science department aboard seemed unwilling or unable to help him after Vael Keris had been killed in action. He would think the mission would benefit from finding a way to free the Infested hosts from their parasites, but apparently, other matters seemed more pressing. Like shore-leave, I suppose...

He was still in pyjama trousers, barefoot and bare-chested, and his hair was as unkempt as his short beard. He had yet to shave or leave the bed, but now that breakfast had been served, he knew he ought to get on his feet and start another day. He tossed the PADD aside after a few seconds and got up, scratching his chest while looking at the tray the Petty Officer had brought him. "My gratitude," he said, the smile in contrast to his bloodshot eyes, and he recalled how she - this Trill named... Kino? - had helped bring his message to Wenn Cinn back in the Azure Nebula. "How are you today?"

Despite the night terrors and his mood, he sought to be kind to the woman, because he knew it wouldn't benefit him the least to make more enemies in Security. They still wouldn't forget what he'd done when the parasite reclaimed control in his first holding cell, and killed those three guards.

Listening to Kino, he put his hands on the edge of the desk and yawned, trying to decide between washing his face or eating first.

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Brig | Deck 07 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
She’d taken a few steps back after placing the food tray on his desk, watching him with a calm demeanor; nervous guards bred nervous prisoners, so the saying went. Observing the man’s movements  and tone revealed much to Kino. He was exhausted, but holding his wits, somehow – the various PaDDs scattered around the cell spoke to a valiant attempt to use time in some form of productivity, rather than languishing at the hand fate had dealt. She respected that.

It had been some time since she’d stood in his presence. Seems like another lifetime, she couldn’t help thinking, tinted with melancholy. Things were different then; she was different. Once, her feelings toward this man and what he’d done were calcified into vengeful anger – regardless how he ‘fought’ to control himself, or deny the darkness within, or the aid he offered. Back then, Kino would have just as soon drop-kicked him out of an airlock than look at him. The blood on his hands – people she’d known, people she’d respected – demanded nothing less.

Time changed things, it seemed. Time and perspective, Kino’s brow twitched at the thought. Behind her, mounted on a dull gray tripod, the massive cannon in the corner of his cell purred as it panned to track Nicander’s every move. It was the only thing stopping the thing inside him from ripping her limb from limb. When Eliska had first told her what she’d seen and heard of that darkness, Kino foolishly believed she could take it down easily enough. She’d faced down the worst the galaxy had thrown at her before, after all; but now she had Jeen.

Her life wasn’t just her own to lose anymore. A troubling thought, one that she’d have to address, soon, before the shit hit the fan again. Focus, Kino growled at herself, blinking at her charge.

She nodded her silver head to him, hands clasped at the small of her back, while fighting the urge to smirk at his reply. His sense of humor was intact; another good sign. “Well enough, Doc,” she answered quietly, then took a quick breath. Might as well get on with it, she droned to herself, assuming her duty-bound professional guise; shoulders squared, head raised, eyes ahead. “Per regulations, as of 0600 hrs I have assumed watch over this prisoner. Should the prisoner have any grievances or needs that are not being met, the prisoner may state them at this time. It shall be noted in the log and forwarded up the chain of command for review.” She didn’t enjoy this duty. Far from it. But she’d see it done, regardless. How many times had he heard that? Twice a day, for two months strait? Did he even believe it anymore?

Kino watched and listened, keeping her face impassive.

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[ Doctor Lucan cin Nicander | Brig | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Dumedion  
When Kino stonewalled him by going off on the procedural tangent in accordance to her duties, Lucan rolled his eyes and decided to leave the tray of food to wash his face instead - letting the Petty Officer preform her little charade behind his back. He could but chalk it up as an ill attempt of hiding her sentiment behind protocol.

"By the winds, 'the prisoner' is delighted by his accommodations," he said in mocking exaggeration, tapping the bulkhead and thus opening the hidden compartment with the wash stand. A low whirring noise had the basin protrude and a hand-gesture activated the water. "It is certainly just too much to ask for a sonic shower or a long mountain walk in a holodeck program, instead of wiping myself clean every day and doing all body weight exercises known to man. Yet I shan't complain, really, since I know there is a cost to the sweet mercy of keeping me alive instead of 'suiciding' me... for things I never did on my own volition."

Clenching his jaw, he took a deep breath and pushed the acerbic commentary from his mind. This was as much a choice of his own as it was the solution Security was most comfortable with. He cupped his hands, one tattooed and the other grafted in non-inked synth flesh, and washed the poor sleep out of his face with the cold water. Given the attitudes shown towards him over the first couple of weeks of his imprisonment, there was only so much exaggeration in his words, but given that overall sentiment towards him was improving, he could but assume that the realisation that he was an innocent victim of circumstance was gradually settling in. Moreover, it was not productive to lament his fate. They had a mission, and an enemy to thwart by any means possible.

Me being one of them, and the cost of my liberty a small price to pay to keep the crew safe.

When drying his face with the white towel, he spoke up to the officer behind him. "My apologies, Kino. I am well aware that I cannot leave the cell because of that thing out there," he said, not making a thing about remembering her name, and obviously referring to the transphasic light cannon, which had recently been upgraded to have an automatic targeting system installed, which meant he had to listen to the thing moving as it kept is muzzle towards him at all times. The brig officer's station, further down the hallway, could fire the thing from the cosole without the guard even having to approach the cell. It was the upgrade he liked the least, but he did appreciate how the forcefield emitter now had a photonic sub-component that allowed him a modicum of privacy. Still, in regard to the size and features inside his cell, it remained the same.

"It is unfair of me to be sarcastic about protocol," he said and turned to face her, tossing the towel back inside the hidden cabinet and closing it again. "You didn't write them. Thank you for bringing my breakfast, and I have no complaints to make. Would you join me?"

Small hope of that, for as much as he would enjoy the company, he doubted the feeling was mutual.

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Brig | Deck 07 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
Her posture and demeanor remained unchanged during the Doctor’s sarcastic reply – hands clasped behind her back, face neutral – she didn’t even look in his direction. The only reaction Kino allowed was a slight twitch of one eyebrow, after hearing her name. It seemed the good Doctor remembered her, after all. Not surprising, Kino quickly reasoned, given the short list of visitors.

She drew a calming breath into her nose before turning to face him again, remaining where she was: well outside the line of fire from the massive cannon – its servos filled the air with a droning buzz as it tracked him. Hesitation seized her for a moment, as duty conflicted with her own personal values. Clearly, without doubt, this man was dangerous – yet he was also just a man. Was indefinite confinement really the only option? Her head swiveled to the cannon, locking mismatched eyes on the beast of a weapon.

Transphasic weaponry  – an artificial simulacrum of the natural abilities of the light energy emitted by the Radiant species, the thought fired through her brain in a voice that was and wasn’t hers. Memories followed – she’d spent hours peering into a terminal screen, studying schematics, phase variant theory, biological data...filled with a grudging respect for the genius of a blue-haired woman, whom also was a world-class bitch by all accounts…obsessed with...something, some...idea...

The Doctor’s final question dragged Kino back, blinking rapidly. What the fuck, Kaylon, she narrowed her eyes at the sudden rush of recollections, head snapping back to Nicander. “I don’t have any pressing engagements,” Kino answered him levelly, but remained where she was, letting her eyes wander over the cell. In her mind, she was seeing structural plans, eps conduits, reinforced bulkheads and force-field emitters, taking the spartan room apart, layer by layer. “I’m not the best company, though,” she added, inattentively.

It was incredibly odd, seeing the world with another persons eyes as your own.

Kino nodded to herself, then met Nicander’s haunted eyes, focusing on him intently. “Doctor – you’re not just a prisoner here. You’re the only link we have to the real enemy. Sure,” she shrugged, “at one time, not very long ago, I’d have launched your sorry ass out the nearest torpedo tube; but that’s why I’m not in charge, isn’t it,” she cocked her head at him, allowing a brief injection of spite into her tone. He knew what she spoke of – there was no need to toss his crimes in his face. After another inhale, Kino continued, her voice once again neutral. “It shouldn’t be too difficult to install a shower for you, or a limited network of holo-emitters. Audio/visual only, at least,” she nodded to the walls. “These cells weren't designed for indefinite incarceration,” she lifted a shoulder, moving her eyes from his. “I think some have forgotten that fact,” she murmured, pursing her lips for a second as she inhaled again. "I'll pass it up the chain. See what can be done."

What other options do we have? We need him, but we can’t trust him. Not with that thing still inside.

“The reality is simple, Lucan,” Kino told him, using his name as a petty riposte for his earlier use of hers,  meeting his eyes again. “We need you alive, and right now its my duty to keep you alive,” she lifted a shoulder then, blinking at him. “You’re not sleeping. That much is obvious, even to someone whose medical expertise consists of patching holes,” she let her eyebrows rise at him. “So, as a medical expert, how about we discuss some options to make life more manageable for you in here,” she suggested, leaving the obvious truth to settle in the air between them; something they both knew perfectly well...

Unless something changed, he’d spend the rest of his life in there.


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[ Doctor Lucan cin Nicander | Brig | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Dumedion  
When the Petty Officer agreed to stay for company, Lucan was fairly surprised - thinking she might have taken the earliest excuse to leave.

Then again, he did recall how she agreed to take his message to Wenn Cinn that fateful day in the Azure Nebula, so unlike most of the others in Security, she might actually not be entirely blinded by what his alternate self had done the day before that. Three of her colleagues wearing exosuits, one of them thinking Doctor Maya was conspiring with him and struck her down. He had been in the middle of using his Farsight, and seeing that, he lost control - the parasite taking over. They were dead within seconds. When Lucan came to, he had taken Maya's body into his arms and seen the aftermath around him. The security guards had been like eggs. Suits cracked. Yolk everywhere.

That Kino would take his message despite of that spoke of her character, and he hadn't forgotten it.

He listened while she actually spoke of improving upon his living conditions in the cell, having seated himself by the fold-out table and eating his breakfast. Reminding him about Kino's dead colleagues, there were three salted eggs on the platter and a side of toasted bread, along with a pitcher of water. It was his usual fare. He didn't eat all the yolks, since aside from his daily training regimen, he was quite sedentary. What Kino spoke of sounded just like things he'd thought of himself, but hadn't held any illusions about actually getting.

"My gratitude," he said in his faded accent, looking at her with curiosity while he slowly chewed, for a moment thinking that she wasn't being earnest about her offer. "By the winds, to actually experience something else than these walls and the research on my PADDs would certainly be an improvement. My sleeping has become inferior because I have trouble sticking to the same sleeping hours - the studies I do keeping me up longer than I should. Yet I know that it may be mitigated by move movement, which would tire me to the extent that I may sleep better. Problem is..."

Having finished an egg, he continued, gesturing a little with the bread as he spoke. "Audio and visual would not let me walk longer distances. I know that installing a forcefield emitter that might simulate a moving floor would be a breach against all security protocols, since a matter emitter could be manipulated given the right conditions. Therefore, while I am grateful for your suggestion, to have an actual experience of climbing a rockface or walking the serpentine roads of my home world would be what I long for the most. If they listen, I will take what I get, of course, but you understand my meaning? The problem isn't so much the cell, in that specific regard..."

He gestured towards the cannon. "...but the size of that thing, and the challenge of also bringing that to a proper holodeck."

Lucan continued eating his breakfast, curious about the Petty Officer and the way she differed from the other guards. There was something... different about her as well, when he thought about her demeanour last they spoke. He couldn't quite pinpoint it, but something wasn't the same about her. He tried to keep himself from staring, however, lest she might be intimidated or get different ideas about why he was looking at her. He focused on his breakfast instead, even though she drew his pale grey eyes from time to time.

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Brig | Deck 07 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
As the Doctor spoke, the silver haired Trill set her lips in a thin line, avoiding his gaze but listening to the words he chose to use. He seemed cautiously optimistic; yet the eagerness to experience anything beyond the cold sterility of his cell couldn’t be missed. Can’t blame him for that, Kino thought, turning her attention on the cell, and how she would submit his quality of life improvements to zh'Wann. Whether or not those improvements came to fruition was above her purview, but what really interested her was a curious pull to find out if any such requests had ever been submitted in the first place. Highly doubtful – but why? Yeah, the shower would take some work, maybe cause some manpower to be shifted around, but it wasn't unreasonable.

Then her mismatched eyes found pale gray ones, and she fought the urge to scowl. Unfamiliarity combined with a healthy dose of wariness for the Doctor prompted her to remind him of her purpose there. “You don’t need to thank me. I’m doing my duty, no more, no less,” she told him flatly. “If you’ve voiced these requests before and those were never submitted for review, then I have something else to look into as well,” she nodded curtly at him, before turning her attention to the cannon.

Understanding the operational requirements and mechanical needs of a full scale holodeck left her shaking her head – there was no way in hell the brass would allow anyone to install one in the cell – so the Doctor’s logic was sound. Her eyes poured over the dimensions of the weapon, judging it far to bulky and unwieldy for personal use even as snippets of Kaylon's memories bubbled to the surface of her mind. “You realize this is the scaled down version of what was originally large enough to mount on a warp fighter,” she told him over her shoulder. “Even if it could be scaled down further – which I’m not sure is even possible – you’d need the brass to authorize your request for holodeck use first,” her silver head tilted slightly, considering. By all accounts…shoot outs and hand to hand against these monsters is brutal, her mind recalled the reports she’d read, and the testimony from the few souls in Security that had faced them.

“But…with this…,” she whispered to herself. Was this what you were obsessed with Kaylon?

“Excuse me,” Kino murmured aloud, marching from the cell without another word – down the short hall to the duty desk and her coffee cup. After taking a sip and grimacing at the cooled liquid, her first priority was to check the logs for any noted grievances by the prisoner. Her fingers tapped out a rapid series of notes on the console, eyes flicking across scrolling data as the query processed. Nothin’. Either he’d never complained, or no one had bothered to listen. Kino scowled, shaking her head. Her eyes flashed over the adjacent screen, showing the visitor’s log. Huh, she grunted, eyes flicking from dates and times rapidly. Something else to look into. Kino blinked then, refocusing on the task at hand.

The tips of her fingers danced across the console as she submitted a formal notification to Deputy zh’Wann regarding the quality of life changes for Nicander’s cell, the suggested adaptations, as well as the Doctor’s request for holodeck use…provided the cannon could be properly re-designed for ease of use. Beyond that, she included the potential tactical advantages from such an endeavor; an ace in the hole, against future encounters with Infested – without killing the host. Theoretically. A footnote also requested access to all research and development data regarding the weapon as well as a theoretical list of equipment needed, most of which was already in the Armory. As far as Kaylon’ notes…well, she already knew where those were. Shit, she shook her head, guess I’m digging up his crap out of storage anyway, Kino smirked, thinking of the conversation she’d had with Azrin.

Finishing off the request with her name, Kino paused to review it before hitting the execute function. This is probably going to raise a lot of eyebrows and antennas, she thought, considering the potential shift in the way her superiors might view her. Crazy, daft? Her eyes lifted to the end of the hall, at Nicander’s cell. A sympathetic fool? Kino’s brow knitted as her jaw set, then her finger jabbed the send button. Scooping up the cup of lukewarm coffee before she set off back to the only occupied cell, the silver haired non-com eyed the cannon with renewed interest - a puzzle waiting to be torn apart and put back together again. A smirk dawned on her pale features at the challenge, before turning to re-enter Nicander’s cell.

“I’ve sent your requests. We’ll see what the brass has to say,” she lifted a dark brow at him, gesturing with her mug at the nearly empty food tray. "Bout done with that?"

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[ Doctor Lucan cin Nicander | Brig | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Dumedion  
When Kino had pointed out that the cannon used to be even larger in its first iteration, Lucan had merely nodded. Of course he'd seen it. It had been mounted outside his cell after all. He continued his breakfast, and while he thought the Petty Officer would remain, she didn't, instead excusing herself and going to the brig officer station.

While she was gone, he considered what she'd said about there being no need to thank her, and he found it not that surprising. The Petty Officer wished to keep him at arms length, more than likely because she found him a liability and wasn't prepared to let her guard down around him. Which, of course, he deemed wise, and however jaded he had become by the unfriendly demeanour towards him in Security's regard, he could understand their standpoint. He wondered, if the problem with the cannon could be solved, if anyone of the higher ranking officers would authorise him to use a holodeck. Having a visual change to his environment with a photon emitter would be good on its own, but to actually go for a run? For a long walk? To climb? It's been months since he properly moved. At least he'd been given a large directory of physical exercises that he could preform in his cell, but there were only so many variations to master...

Of course it has been his own fault that no actions to improve upon his cell had been made, because he felt that if he were to start making demands or requests, it would have undermined the gradual improvement of the trust the crew began to show towards him. He was proving his worth with good deeds, with the merit to the mission that his abilities were, but if he were to start being difficult, it may have prolonged the time it would take for people to see him as a person afflicted with a condition rather than a representative of the Infested. Some still didn't believe the cannon was doing anything, and that he was manipulating people into trusting him. So, to them, any requests for his own benefit would have been seen as him manipulating Security to lower their guard.

Kino, however, had taken the initiative to rectify this, and for that he would be grateful - regardless what she thought about it.

By the time she returned, he had left the table and the two yolks he'd left uneaten. He had finished the water and removed his pyjama trousers, changed to fresh underwear and pulled on a pair of uniform trousers. He wasn't about to don any footwear since he loathed any of the kind, but he turned to face her with a teal undershirt in hand. "Aye, thank you," he said with a quick smile creasing the corners of his pale grey eyes. "And while you think it is your duty, I thank you nonetheless for sending the requests. Since the trust towards me has been so low, I have been humble about making any demands that would benefit my personal situation. While I might be wrong, I believe the majority of your fellow officers in Security would think I was manipulative - further solidifying their conviction that the cannon out there isn't anything more than a flashlight."

Lucan then pulled on his undershirt and hiked up his sleeves. Whilst he did, he peered at her. "If you don't mind me asking, Petty Officer, what has happened to you? You seem rather different compared to the Trill that brought Lieutenant Rawley's message," he said, and just when he did, it struck him. Trill... "Have you been joined?"

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Brig | Deck 07 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
She’d gathered his tray for the recycler, keeping her mismatched eyes on him as she moved. Resisting a sigh, the Trill tilted her head at his words, then shook her silver head subtly. While she held no insights into the opinion of her superiors concerning the Doctor, to her mind, the facts as they were proved he was – at the least – operating in full control of himself thanks to the impressive feat of engineering outside.

Trust was a feeble thing; easily broken, slow to heal.

She had every reason to keep him at arms length, in accordance to her duty to protect herself and the crew – yet where did one draw that line? Was he dangerous? Potentially. Would he ever be allowed free reign, as he enjoyed it before his condition was revealed? Unlikely. Did he deserve a life-sentence of hostility and confinement? Maybe.

To Kino, the fact of the matter was simple: none of it was her call to make.

Her lips thinned at him, following the question about her joining. It was personal, yet obvious to anyone who had known her when she was just Kino Taer. She didn’t begrudge his curiosity, but didn’t really want to talk about it either. I’m supposed to be the curious one, she smirked ruefully, lifting a shoulder in a slight shrug as she turned to face him in profile.

“We didn’t really know each other well back then Doctor,” Kino murmured, but nodded. “Kaylon was wounded by the Klingons. We found him in engineering, managed a transport to medical and saved me. The symbiote, I mean. I’m Kino Jeen now,” she explained briefly, frowning at the painful memories brought forth in her mind. It was odd; sometimes, depending on who was around her, she could talk about it like the miracle it was – other times, like now, only the pain bubbled up to the surface. “I’m still adjusting,” she breathed, then turned to take his tray out.

She paused near the force-field, turning to speak over her shoulder at him. “As far as I’m concerned – based on the simple fact that ever since that cannon was installed, there hasn’t been a single incident out of you – I think it would be in our best interests to keep you as mentally and physically sound as possible. The Dominion kicked our asses because we didn’t know or understand them, on top of a whole lot of other reasons. I wouldn’t wish your affliction on any soul, Doctor; but until we can figure out how to cure it and hold that thing inside you by itself, properly, you’re all we have. Anyone foolish enough to ignore those facts is a fucking idiot.”

She sighed then, lifting a shoulder. “Maybe you’re being manipulative. Maybe you’re just playing nice, biding your time, waiting. Maybe you’re an unwilling victim, trying to do the right thing, to fight the monster inside you. I don’t know. I deal with what I can see, Doc. That’s all.” That said, Kino nodded curtly and carried his tray out to the recycle receptacle. “I’ll let you know soon as I hear anything,” she called from beyond the shimmering screen.

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[ Doctor Lucan cin Nicander | Brig | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Dumedion  
Lucan offered no comment before the Petty Officer left, clearly not interested in conversation beyond that point.

As for what she'd said, he didn't know Kaylon Jeen, and he held little illusions about Kino's attitude towards him. His expectations had been low to begin with, pleasantly surprised as he was that she was amendable to take initiatives pertaining to his health and comfort in his incarceration. That it came from her, and not himself, might serve both in the capacity to have the amenities installed, and also keep those initiatives from undermining the trust he was gradually building among the crew that didn't believe in him.

As it were, he would just have to wait for an answer in regard to the suggestions Kino had put forth.

Until then, he had his research to return to, since he had yet to hear any development from the science department in regard to a method in which the parasite could be extracted from him. In theory, it could be done, but the secondary containment beam of a transport sequence wasn't so easily calibrated for multiphasic locks. One lock for himself, and the other, for the anyonic phase variance of the parasite. If he could just find a way for the technology to be adapted that way, he might one day be free.

With a sigh, he pulled out his stand-alone PADDs, and resumed his research where he had left it late last night.


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