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Day 08 [1830 hrs.] Operation Vigilant Sigil Pt.1


STARDATE 57677.68
APRIL 27, 2381
1830 HRS

[ Lt. Cmdr. Andrew Fisher | Fore Compartment | Type-11 Shuttlecraft | Rosalind Franklin ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @RyeTanker @BipSpoon @jreeves1701 @GroundPetrel

Ives had left.

His parting words, a well-wishing of ‘Good Luck’ lingered in the air long after he’d dematerialized atop the dual transporter pad of the shuttlecraft, Rosalind Franklin. Now what lay ahead of Fisher, and his comrades standing round the fore compartment, each with a unique yet wholly understandable look of confusion and or concern, was a mission that would be off the books, but not due to a traditional sense of clandestine operational procedures. No, Fisher would’ve been fine with that. As a spy, he’d coordinated a number of missions that had never seen any sort of official recording. It was part and parcel for the service. But he’d never before participated in an operation that had been deliberately left off of the books, due to potential temporal implications. Naturally, he was as well read on the matters of time travel and past incursions involving Starfleet as any other officer, but innately, the fundamentals gave him something of a migraine any time he tried to make sense of it all.

“Wonderful.” He quipped sarcastically as he cast a glance across the compartment to Lieutenant Dantius.

They’d only just embarked upon this affair, and his head was already swimming with forethoughts, concerns, and considerations regarding the passage of time, both now, past, and future tense. Though, with a shake of his head, he’d made some affirmative decision that he’d operate according to his dictates regardless of the ramifications.

“I guess first things first, we need to find this... B’etath... if we’re going to stop his assassination.” Pushing off of the console from which he had been leant against, Fisher nodded to Dantius before continuing. “If you’d be so kind as to establish a secure channel with Klingon Councilor K’Tal.” It’d been some time since he’d had any sort of contact with a representative of the Klingon Intelligence Services, or at least any contact that wasn’t of the strictly illicit nature, but if they were going to track down their target prior to his murder, they’d need an inside hand on the matter. “Hopefully Admiral Anderson’s name still has some weight we can leverage to our benefit.” He remarked, stepping over to the Tactical station to ensure that no internal sensors were actively recording the affair. Even if they weren’t under strict orders to operate with zero data logging, he’d likely still have opted to ensure the security of the cabin for such a communication.

“Someone want to take the CONN, and move us further away from Theurgy? Maybe put us into mid-orbit over Qo'noS.” He asked.

Once the cabin was verified secure, thus ensuring no record of the mission nor any happenings aboard the shuttlecraft would be logged, he nodded in affirmation to Dantius a second time, as though to say she could access the communication grid without hindrance. With a step away from the console, he then approached the starboard side equipment locker and opened it. “No sense in pretending otherwise.” He explained as he began retrieving a number of Type-II Phasers to disperse among the team. “We’ll need to be armed for this. Never know when someone is going to pop into our dimension from some other timeline, or some such craziness.” The flippancy of his tone of voice belied the minor annoyance he felt at having been plucked for this mission, seemingly at random. He hadn’t been given any explanation as to why, but he imagined it has something to do with the structure of the timeline.

“Standing orders are to shoot any intruders on-sight. We ask questions after.” He wasn’t in the business of playing games anymore. He’d already been on the receiving end of personal pangs during his time aboard Theurgy. Twice in fact. And he wasn’t about to see any of the members of this team, since they were technically under his command, end up in any kind of a Klingon interrogation chamber, or worse. After all, the threat of the Infested was very real on this mission. In fact, there was a damned good chance they’d end up in some sort of a fight with one or more at some point in the very near future, and that alone caused the ache in his still recovering body to intensify a factor. Thankfully, he knew the people who were along with him for this one and could vouch for each any every one of them and their individual ability to hold their own. He wouldn’t necessarily have to hold the line alone on this one.

“Should’ve brought a deck of cards.” He commented absently as the seconds seemed to pass, and any hails made to raise K’Tal went temporarily unanswered by the Klingon Intelligence Agency. He knew of course, it would only be a matter of minutes, if that, before their call was taken.

OOC: Alright, figured it’d likely help for us to have a shuttlecraft along for this mission. It can serve as a base of operations for our characters as they attempt to track down the location of B’etath, and then perhaps in a support role afterward. This is the starter thread for the Story Prompt ‘The Retro-assassination of B’etath | Tempus Sigillum’.

Posting order is as follows: @Swift @RyeTanker @GroundPetrel @jreeves1701 @BipSpoon

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