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Day 08 [0200 hrs.] Operation Remnant Vengeance


STARDATE 57675.95
APRIL 27, 2381
0200 HRS

[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Lower Level | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88

Yawning loudly, Kate blankly watched as the last of the requested aid cargo was loaded up the ramp into the hold aboard the shuttlecraft behind her. In one hand she held unto an emergency surgery kit she’d packed herself, in the other, a silver tumbler with the Starfleet Medical sigil emblazoned on its side.

“Someone has an odd sense of humor.” She commented before bringing the tumbler to her lips, taking another deep sip of Cardassian Red Leaf tea, desperate for its highly caffeinated effects to take ahold of her this morning. She’d been awoken just an hour after she’d managed to finally pass-out by a priority one message, requesting her immediate participation in some sort of an away mission. Prior to coming to Theurgy, Kate hadn’t been on an away mission in almost two-years; since, she’d now been assigned to two of them in the course of just three days. What bothered her, was that the briefing attached to his mission was even less detailed than the one from just two-days earlier. All she knew, was that she’d be overseeing the distribution of medical supplies among a desperate population, and that she’d be providing emergency surgical assistance to a number of injured persons. She hadn’t even been told who those persons were, or what kind of an anatomical makeup they necessarily consisted of.

Still, an order was an order, and despite how annoyed she was about it, and her insistence to file a complaint with Lieutenant Kobol once she was back, regarding whoever it was that had selected her for this mission, she would perform her duty as best she could. At least, she would if she could drag herself away from the edge of exhausted which still beleaguered her.

“That’s everything, Lieutenant. Safe journey.” Explained a deckhand as he descended the ramp, not affording Kate any measure of an opportunity to ask a question regarding what he might’ve known about the mission, as he hastily trotted off for some other business he needed to attend to. Sighing with frustration, she glanced about the shuttlebay, wondering who would be accompanying her on this random trek she’d been assigned to, and hoping it wouldn’t just be her and whoever had commissioned it. Taking another sip of her tea, she pushed off from where she’d been leant against the starboard nacelle housing and approached the loading ramp. “Better not be alone on this one. I swear to, God!” She complained, ascending the ramp, passing by the EVA suit lockers, remembering how she’d been confined to one of them on her last away mission, and dreading the possibility she’d don one again so soon.

[ Aft Compartment | Type-11 Shuttlecraft | Rosalind Franklin ]

The cargo containers, each of which bore a Starfleet Medical Sigil on their exterior, were piled in stacks of two along the port interior of the aft compartment. Six in total. Nestle atop one of the containers was a PADD; no doubt a manifest of what was within, and Kate took a grasp of it to peruse out of curiosity while she waited for someone else to arrive.

“Pretty standard stuff.” She said aloud after setting the PADD back down.

Plopping down into one of the chairs situated at a table, Kate set her surgical kit down onto carpeted decking beside her, then crossed one slender thigh over the other as she tried to relax a little. “No way Scruffy or Tessa are up yet.” She said to herself, having considered raising one of the two of them to help pass the time as she waited. Grinning as she recalled the events of their ‘misadventure’ on the holodeck, she sighed as she wondered if she’d have a chance to spend any time with them today, now that she’d be away on whatever mission lay ahead of her. With a shrug however, she figured that they’d at least be able to have some fun together even if she wasn’t around to partake in it with them. Grinning broader, she was glad that Scruffy would be around to keep Tessa from getting into too much trouble, since her fellow blonde had a knack for it.

“Ugh... Computer, what time is it?” she asked abruptly.

[The time is Oh-One-Fifty-Nine] it answered.

Cursing herself for having arrived early for the first time in her life, she started swaying from side-to-side in her chair at the table, growing increasingly impatient about knowing next to nothing about this away mission. Worse still, no one else had yet arrived, though she hoped that would change soon enough, given the assembly time was just a minute from now.

“There better not being any Klingons on this mission. Only just got that stench out of my nostrils.” She absently commented.

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