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Day 07 [1025 hrs.] Positronic Shenanigans

[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Primary Computer Core | Deck 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Auctor Lucan, @Brutus

There were moments in Alistair's career when, despite his best efforts, he had (as an exasperated colleague had once described) gone Max Nerd. The first time that he'd sat at the Ops station onboard the Pioneer had been one such moment. His first day in the DTI office on Vulcan had been another. Now, faced with the prospect of working with an actual AI, Alistair could feel that excited headiness that made him feel like a boy again, instead of the 38-year old man that he was.

Still, whatever he was feeling, Alistair was also a professional. Thus, after dealing with some other work that morning, he took a couple of minutes to replicate some coffee and center himself, reminding himself that Thea likely wouldn't appreciate wild enthusiasm. It was only a check-up, to be sure, but it was still serious business, every bit as much as when Sarah had examined him the week prior. As Alistair headed up to Deck 2, he thought about how Sarah had treated him, noting her mannerisms, her professional demeanour, and how she'd eased his concerns. It was a good example to follow.

One unexpected side effect of thinking about Sarah, however: by the time Alistair reached the Primary Computer Core, he was smiling like a lovesick puppy. Only realising how dumb he must look as he arrived outside the room, Alistair coughed before taking a sip of his coffee.

"Good morning Thea," he said, apparently to nobody. Alistair eyed the door curiously; unlike most doors onboard the Theurgy, it was heavily secured and firmly locked to protect what lay within. "How are you today?"

Main Computer Core:

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