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Day 9 [2222hrs.] 50 Shades of Garbage

[ Ens. Via "DixeBee" Wix | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @EllenFitz

Via had a really simple routine she developed since coming aboard the Theurgy. Wake up, do whatever flight tasks she had to do for the day, then wind down. All of her in processing done, her name on the flight roster and everything finally settling down, it was only a matter of time before she started to feel at home on the ship. The freedom she had was incredibly fulfilling to her considering technically the Theurgy was her first posting where she wasn't in training. Via couldn't believe she finally wasn't being yelled at constantly to fold her underwear properly or to stand at attention when addressing all officers- she was an officer now and a pilot. Now after a long day, instead of studying she could kick back, crack a cold one, and rip into romance novels that she might've illegally downloaded off of the public network. It was one of the few guilt pleasures she had. Growing up, if she had been caught reading girly teen dramas she would've been bullied by all her friends until the end of time, and she could not afford to lose her street rep over that. So typically it was a once every so often venture, but Via never read them because she found them good. In fact, she hated teen dramas and romance- found them to be enjoyably stupid and filled with flaws. They were so bad that she found enjoyment in laughing at everything about them. Of course in her mind she thought no one would understand that was the case so even present day she kept it a secret.

At around 2222 Hours ship time Via entered the Below Decks Lounge as usual wearing her Wolves sweat shirt unzipped, sweat pants, and a white crop top. She ordered a bottle of tequila at the bar, walked over to one of the couches with the bottle and her personal PADD in hand, and sat down, laid back, cracked a cold one, and started scrolling. That evening the title of the book was Prophets My Boyfriend Is a Cardassian Spy? authored by a Betazoid. She hadn't read that one before but already she had to stifle her laughter just from looking at the cover page. The first chapter left her feeling like she was going to explode if she didn't let a bout out. The pilot was flushed and rolling around on the couch smiling like a little school girl. To anyone else it would probably seem like she was really enjoying herself, insane, or about to have a heart attack. Two of those hypothetical observations were probably true.

Look at this dumbass!! I can't anymore, my ass is goin' dead ass laugh!! This shit is too funny! The woman said in her head.

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[Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @ob2lander961

The holodeck doors swished open, and any patrons remaining in the lounge would hear her entrance before they saw her. The rusting of starched petticoats over a cage crinoline reaching out to a modest two meters instead of the period-preferred three was hard to ignore, especially when accompanied by the occasional chuckle and off-handed apology as the wearer left the holoprogram depicting 19th century Earth and moved back onto the 24th century Theurgy without bothering to change out of costume.

Wearing a three-tiered flounced white cotton skirt with violet silk ribbon and white lace adorning each tier, with a black boned and quilted corset decorated with black lace and violet stitching over the top of her white cotton chemisette that sported bell-sleeves and lace collars with a bright violet bow tying it together in the center, Enyd found no reason to change. The costume was ridiculous and required her to wear violet-colored pantalettes beneath it all to maintain her modesty should the crinoline decide to tip up, and her entire undercarriage was flashed to a poor passerby. But with her hair pulled back and pinned with two golden hair combs, showing off her subtly pointed ears, Enyd felt beautiful, if a little overdressed and out of time.

Although until this evening, she’d primarily used the holodeck for training purposes, meeting up with friends like Zark, and attending larger events like the dance or the fight night the week before, Enyd had decided for a solo jaunt this evening. Combining thematic elements from a number of her favorite period novels, she’d concocted a mystery romantic drama that held promise to make even Zark swoon. It had required her present outfit, and liking it so much, Enyd had decided to keep it. Likely Victor would come up with some other holoprogram adventure where it could come in handy.

Removing her white lace gloves and tucking them into the violent reticule secured to her wrist with a simple white ribbon, Enyd stopped by the bar to order a mint julep. It also seemed fitting. Enyd’s eyes traveled over the sparsely populated lounge as she waited for her order. She recognized a few colleagues and gave them a friendly smile when they made eye contact. Drink finally in hand, Enyd shifted in her violet silk slippers, curious for the perfect spot to accommodate the immensity of her skirt without the whole thing flipping up into her face.

She noticed the couches, figuring perching on the edge of one of those would be the best option, around the same time she heard the casually dressed woman lounging on one of them suppress what sounded like a squeal as she clutched a PADD in her hands and wriggled around on the couch. Not recognizing the woman, and curious about what was making her squirm, Enyd approached.

"Mind if I join you?" Enyd interrupted the woman’s solitude with her question, a single eyebrow rising as she waited for the woman’s reply.

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[ Ens. Via "DixeBee" Wix | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @EllenFitz

"Shit, what you want?" Via pouted in suspicion. She looked up when she heard the woman's voice and immediately hugged her PADD to her chest hiding the pages of the novel and title from view. The pilot wasn't too keen on letting others join in on her private activity, only a few people knew about it anyway, but that suspicion slowly turned into amusement as she eyed the newcomer's rather elaborate dress. Via had only ever seen dresses like the woman was wearing in Entertainment Vids and Holo movies, in particular comedy. So her reaction to the sight was quite on par with the course for her.

"Hey, I ain't want to be findin' out what is under all of that...shit did you buy out the entire clothes store? Damn!! I can fit my whole ass fighter under there!! Wait...look my ass needs my clothes! Go find someone else to steal!" Via started giggling while eying the dress. Some of it did look a weird goofy way which Via liked since she honestly would've worn something similar as a joke. "I mean...I ain't gonna like its kinda nice lookin'...You know what? Yeah, your ass can join."  She said after she sat upright on the couch and took a swig from her bottle.

"Before I tell you shit, your ass better start tellin' me what's up with all...that." Via said now sitting cross-legged on the couch and leaving a lot of space for the woman to sit. Suddenly a memory of training hit her. Back in the academy when they were doing First Contact scenarios in the holodeck, Via failed the assessment several times due to her inability to be very eccentric and foolhardy when dealing with people. Eventually, she passed after being told to essentially write an essay on how to properly communicate with new species. It was 10,000 words, but she remembered what not to do...mostly.  "Shit...this is a xeno culture shit thing ain't it. Fuck I knew I shoulda paid more attention in that class. I ain't be meanin' to disrespect your culture and name is Via, whats yours?"


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[Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @ob2lander961

Her single eyebrow was joined with a second as she watched the woman in casual attire curl around the PADD as if guarding Starfleet secrets. Enyd took that as a signal to NOT question what she was reading, at least not unless she wanted a barrage of foul language and potential violence thrown at her. She’d already checked. She couldn’t run fast or far in this getup.

As the woman responded to Enyd’s question in her own jilting, self-interrupting fashion, Enyd remained standing, neutral expression on her features, as she waited for the affirmative signal to either sit down or enjoy her drink standing up, elsewhere. As, at first, the woman had made it quite clear she was uninterested in having company. But Enyd had quietly watched the myriad thoughts rush over the woman’s face before she convinced herself that Enyd’s company was tolerable, even tolerable enough for an introduction.

“Enyd,” she moved forward to set the cup and saucer down on the table before arranging her skirts in such a way that she could sit without subjecting Via to what was under all her “shit.” “And not to worry about disrespecting my culture. I’m from Earth and this is from ancient Earth, and as a member of the diplomatic corps, I had to learn long ago how to take a verbal punch without flinching.” Properly situated, Enyd took up her drink again and gave Via a quick salute with it. “And it does feel like I bought the whole store and decided to wear it all, in all honesty. But that’s part of the fun of the holoprograms. Dressing the part. I don’t always veer towards this era or garb, but for tonight, given some of the…shit I’ve had to live through recently, I needed something ostentatious and ridiculous. And given your enthusiastic response,” Enyd winked at Via, “I believe I hit my mark.”

Enyd had a habit of reflecting the speech patterns of those she was around not out of a placating fashion but more so in a mirroring maneuver, letting the other know she was on the same level and felt no superiority.

“Now what shit were you expecting me to demand of you?” Enyd asked after taking a sip of her drink, the single eyebrow rising again. “Last I checked, this wasn’t an interrogation. Though, with this outfit, I have plenty of material to use for ropes if I needed to secure you.” She gave another playful wink before resuming her slow sipping.

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