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Main OOC Board / Re: Main OOC Thread
Last post by Auctor Lucan -


Hi there! As requested when we did the Character Survey, and some site suggestions came up, I've created our Scuttlebutt Page!

Scuttlebutt Page

Have at it and add the juicy tattle that you know of, and if you are quick about it, the new entries will be included in the upcoming newsletter. This resource is meant for fun and immersion aboard the ship, as well as help for writers with characters new to the ship, and who doesn't know the rich history of past Episodes.

If you add an entry, you can announce it here, in this new thread:

Scuttlebutt Announcements!

That way, those who want to implement rumours in their writing aboard the Theurgy will know when new ones are available. :)


Auctor Lucan
Main OOC Board / Scuttlebutt Announcements!
Last post by Auctor Lucan -


Hear ye! Hear ye! Here you announce (or whisper behind your hand) the rumours you add to our Scuttlebutt Page. :)


That way, those who want to implement rumours in their writing aboard the Theurgy will know when new ones are available.


Auctor Lucan
[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02] attn: @P.C. Haring @Tae @Lathaniel @Swift

Enyd turned to greet the newcomer, Kate, and noted that her outfit looked more akin to most of the others already in the holodeck. When Kate raised her beer in salute, Enyd grinned and nodded in return, her hands presently empty of any beverage. A lieutenant Morgan came in next, his body language and vocal tones all over the place, reminding Enyd of a younger Victor when she'd first met him on Vulcan. Her thoughts straying to her former fiance, Enyd glanced over in time to catch his explanation of the lack of railcar memorabilia. Enyd laughed at her own silliness. She still had no intention of changing her outfit to fit with the correct time period as she felt comfortable and confident in her present outfit, but it was good to note the difference in case there was a repeat concert in the future.

"Heavens me, they would be song titles, wouldn't they?" Still chuckling, she added, "I'll take one of those Bajoran ales, actually. I like the heavy spices. Thank you, Victor." Enyd returned her attention to the jovial host. "Pleased to meet you all. I am only previously acquainted with Victor, so thank you for sharing names, though I agree that rank should stay at the door. I am Enyd, diplomatic corps and recent transfer to the ship." Enyd looked around the holodeck again, letting out another husky chuckle. "And poor interpreter of the definition of 'rock'n'roll' apparently." She gestured to her outfit when her roaming eyes returned to the small group. "I wrongfully assumed a few decades prior, when the term was first coined, and obviously the style was quite different. But, I'm excited to experience the music and styles of this evening's program."

When Victor returned with her drink, Enyd thanked him by way of lightly squeezing his forearm with her other hand, dropping it back to her side immediately after. After taking a tentative first sip, her eyes widened in delight, and she took an almost unladylike gulp.

"Very refreshing," Enyd added as she raised the glass in Kate's direction, a belated return salute. "Will there be dancing here as well, or purely concert-style?"
[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @stardust @Number6 @Brutus  @Nesota Kynnovan

Enyd tipped her head to the side as she listened to L'Nari's vitriol-laden response. Despite the surprise of L'Nari's content, she maintained an open expression as she listened, fascinated that the Caitian had come this far in Starfleet, likely experiencing much more of life on a starship than herself, and yet she could still cling to naïve notions of holding hands, singing songs, and signing bountiful peace accords in situations like what they'd just experienced. In some ways, Enyd was amused with the extent of animosity rolling off the diplomatic attaché, though she was trained enough in masking emotions that none at the table would see anything more than her blinks and polite head nods as she used her body language to encourage L'Nari to share more. Enyd could also see part of herself, pre-Cardassia, in the dashed hopes and expectations one could infer from the woman's words. The world was not operating according to the logic the Caitian expected, and that was not fair, nor right, and Enyd had been in that seat feeling those things while Jikain bled to death in her arms.

She did not feel offended by L'Nari's words nor angered and again only partially amused. Mostly, Enyd felt pity for the young woman, sympathy really, for Enyd knew personally that if L'Nari was going to get through this posting alive and with her sanity and soul intact, she was going to have to walk through the refining fire of making the hard decisions in the heat of the moment. Enyd had literally walked through fire in the Forge to get her proverbial shit together, though she knew she was far from fully refined into the state of a polished diamond. Enyd also knew without having to ask that the Caitian would refuse any and all efforts for help and encouragement in her growth, especially from the likes of Enyd. Yet that didn't stop Enyd from feeling the pull to be the support to L'Nari that Anderson had been to her.

When L'Nari finished, Rutherford spoke up, pulling Enyd's still neutral expression and full attention. When her department head spoke of a private meeting after the full report, Enyd nodded in agreement, and she also nodded in agreement with fellow diplomat Foval when he spoke up after Rutherford. When the room fell momentarily silent once more, Enyd pulled various "files" from her memory,  in an effort to encourage L'Nari to see the reality of diplomacy under fire.

"Starfleet values are not inert nor mere dogma to be blindly followed regardless of context. They were intentionally worded and weighed to be interpreted and implemented in the best possible way, no matter the context one might find themselves in. They train all Starfleet members to make the most difficult ethical choices when no easy solutions are found. For example, though on a diplomatic mission, we were beaming into a potentially hostile area under known hostilities. Thus Procedure Q applies to us diplomats as much as to Security or Science departments: a landing party is to beam down fully armed and ready for any kind of trouble. The inference from this procedure that was drilled throughout training was that all Starfleet personnel are to maintain their phaser training not just for offensive purposes but also for defensive purposes. There are times where the best defense is a good offense, and they do not excuse diplomats from receiving this very same basic Starfleet training." When Enyd spoke, her eyes traveled intentionally from one individual to another within the room, not resting overly long on any, so they did not feel targeted or maligned.

"We are all presently operating under Directive 217, which states 'When an alien force, organism or people of demonstrated unfriendly intentions and unknown capabilities attempts to take control of a major Federation starship, or Starfleet itself, prevention of such takeover assumes precedence over all else - including the wellbeing of any Federation citizen or group thereof.' Furthermore, article 14, section 31, adds that Starfleet personnel are permitted the use of 'extraordinary measures' in times of dire emergency. Our mission was operating during a time of emergency. All our days onboard this ship, presently, until the Infested are dealt with, could be defined as a time of emergency. I need not line out all the many missions that were simultaneously occurring at the time of our own, how we were operating within a very narrow window of opportunity, or how if we had failed on any front the loss of life felt for Theurgy, the Klingons, and the Federation Could be astronomically higher. We all know of those missions and will know more of them and become more acquainted with how lucky we are that things went as well as they did in the coming days." Enyd paused and shook her head. "Though, I use the word 'luck' loosely, for the successes of these missions were because of imperfect, fallible individuals who overcame their differences and worked together for the goal of restoring Starfleet and protecting the Federation from an alien force that has demonstrated nothing but the desire of our complete destruction."

While previously, Enyd had been speaking to all members in the room, for the remaining, Enyd returned her attention fully to L'Nari and spoke with even, open tones, also keeping her body language muted.

"It is for that ability that I commend you and all others onboard this ship, as I not only as a superior officer but also as a fellow member of this crew, do have a right to do. Just as you have the right to acknowledge it, or dismiss it, though the method in which you do so will either bring you merit or not." Enyd added a measured nod. "To answer your question directly, Ensign, I would have made the same order if it had been any member of this crew, including the captain. I trusted McArthur's training and his ability to maintain his training, which we have all been subjected to before our assignment here, and the training that we are under orders to maintain. If I had noted any reason prior to the attack to doubt his training and ability," Enyd shook her head, "I still would have made that call, and I would have written the letter to his family conveying my condolences for their loss as well. We had far more people waiting on our successful completion, and there was no way of knowing at the time if the shuttle was going to be overrun. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one, Ensign, and we had many waiting on our success to ensure their own."

Enyd returned her gaze to Rutherford briefly then back to L'Nari and on to Foval, "I appreciate the openness of communication and sharing of perspectives. It is the only way to ensure that we are always aligned in the end goal of protecting Starfleet and restoring the Federation, even if our individual opinions differ." She nodded again to L'Nari and again kept her tones neutral alongside her neutral expression, "I never claimed to be the reason for the success of our mission, and I do not in any way relish combat." She pulled a sleeve back from her wrist and held it up for the Caitian to see. She'd intentionally kept the scars on her wrists and ankles from the manacles the Cardassians had used. "I know what it means to be helpless, and at the mercy of a violent force, Ensign, and I would encourage you to ask more questions and make fewer assumptions in the future, just as I will continue to grow in my leadership utilizing your feedback," she lowered her arm and looked once more at the other occupants in the room, "as well as the feedback of the other members in our department."
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 03 [19:30] I Wanna Rock-n-Roll All Nite...
Last post by Tae -
Lt. Arven Leux |Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02] @P.C. Haring @Ellen Fitz @Lathaniel  @Swift

Arven took the Bajoran ale from Victor with a smile given to the man. He just thought that Victor had style at the moment before the ale touched his lips. The moment it did, the heaviness of the drink, combined with the array of spices in it, and to him, the spiciness of the beverage made it entirely and wholly unpalatable.  It was all Arven could do not violently to expel the noxious fluid from his mouth. And yet Reggie and Victor were sipping it? How was that possible? Arven was quite nearly offended that anyone could drink such a thing, the waves of offense and disgust rolling off him like thick heavy waves in a roiling storm. Arven discreetly spits the sip back into the bottle instead of any showy actions that could give a wrong impression.

Before he can do anything about it, Kate and Enyd walk in. The two dressed so drastically different than it was amusing to him. Enyd looked dressed for a wholly different event, and that was puzzling to him.  His distraction is palpable as he shakes Kate's hand. "Good to finally see you outside of a work setting. I've been meaning to say hello to you and chat. However, if you'll excuse me..." He smiles politely, nodding to the growing group.

With a trained doctor's consummate professionalism, he smiles and bows his head to Arven and Reggie. "Love the clothing. And thank you for the drink, but It's not quite what I prefer. You'll understand if I get something else." That being said, Arven makes his way to the bar, with an urgent need to get the overpowering flavors out of his mouth. He gets something more suited to his sensibilities, something light and bubbly, fruity. Something that wasn't quite a Seltzer, but a human might consider as such.

Arven stands at the bar watching the others slowly trickle in, sipping his seltzer to get the taste of the Bajoran ale out of his mouth.  He gave a cheery wave to everyone that made their way in, spotting Sorek come in with his RIO, which made him smile. And he calls out to the man. "Hey, I see that you haven't gotten your ass shot off Chaos! Come have a drink, and bring your back seat too!"  A cheerful smile is given to the pair.

CPO Victor vanVinter |Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02]

Victor was about to say something to add to the conversation, immensely enjoying the aroma and flavor of his beer. While he was being polite and was certainly regretful of the poor impression they'd started training off with, this was just Victor being Victor.  The very least he could do as one of the first arrivals was to get a drink for the hostess of the evening.

And then in walks Enyd, dressed like it was the 1950's almost. The poodle skirt really set off her whole ensemble, and her being so anachronistically old-fashioned... no, there was amusement there. It seemed that no one had gotten the same interpretation of the unstated dress code. Prominent in Victor's mind was amusement with the varied attire and a deep-seated sense of love and admiration directed towards Enyd. There was something else mixed in with that, a sense of loss and regret, maybe?

He favors the diminutive woman with a loving smile and chuckles. "I think those are song names, my dearest Enyd. Though I'm not quite sure." he looks to Reggie for confirmation, hoping that he'd get it. He wasn't quite sure about much of the period's music, and it had taken some database searches to come up with an outfit. So most of this was new to Victor as well, but he'd seen Poodle skirts and had imagined that Enyd would have worn something so adorable. If they had coordinated, then he might've gone with 'Greaser,' but they hadn't, so he didn't.

"Anything I can I can get you to drink Enyd?" His tone of voice is light and cheerful then, and he looks to the others; spotting Kate, he waves with the freshly replaced new Cybernetic hand.

"Good to see you, Miss foster. Sorry that you had to replace this thing twice in as many weeks. Sorry, I wasn't awake for the first time, but whatever you had to do to bring me back was no doubt a heroic story all of its own. Still, I do apologize for trashing the arm on Qo'nos. I tried to keep it intact, but that sniper had other ideas." He had a cheerful tone to his voice, but it was clear that he was trying to make light of a far more severe situation with his humor. There was apparent emotional pain, but he'd been given a new lease on life and wasn't going to argue against that.

He Nods politely to Sorek and chuckles at the man. "Mister Morgan, this is a party; let's not hear any ranks here, yeah? Call me Victor, if you want. You're one of the wolves right, pretty sure I've seen you around. and This lovely woman in the Poodle skirt is Enyd Madsen." Victor seemed about to say more, very nearly adding 'my fiancee' to the end there, but he caught himself just in time. They hadn't worked that particular issue out just yet.

To Reggie, he smiles and chuckles. "Might not be a bad idea. This stuff is pretty potent, with lots of spices and herbs. Bajoran cuisine isn't for everyone, but you seem to enjoy yours, though yes?"
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Day 02 [0800 hrs.] All Nightmares End
Last post by Griff -
[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Counselling Offices| Deck 09 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Juzzie


There was only so much time that Alistair could spend "convalescing". His physical injuries had been healed, while the last of the mystery ​drug given to him by the Relativity doctors had finally left his system. More important, the Theurgy's medical staff had confirmed that there were no traces of nanoprobes or indications of a parasite implantation. The next step after that (and after some fitful sleep) was inevitable, and it was a step that Alistair had taken before, but it wasn't something he looked forward to regardless. He begrudgingly sat down at his desk in his quarters to send in the request, and was surprised within minutes when confirmation came through, along with a name, date and location.

Lieutenant Rhys Williams
Deck 09 - Counsellors' Offices
0800 hrs.

"The heck?" Alistair said, frowning at his monitor. "That was quick."

Nevertheless, he could hardly complain. Thus (with a degree of reluctance), when the next morning came, Alistair got up, showered, put on his uniform and set out to find the offices. He deliberately left early and took his time, taking the opportunity to look around the ship as he went. The corridors were bustling with crew passing to and fro, while on occasion, Alistair passed by a repair crew working on some systems. He even passed by a few doors which were sealed, the rooms they led to still decompressed. The Theurgy had clearly taken one hell of a beating lately, but it was a tough ship. Here and there people gave him odd looks, but Alistair ignored them through long habit. Either they were suspicious of the new face, or more likely, rumours had spread about him. Alistair was past caring, anyway. It had been exactly the same on the Eclipse, especially after...


Finally Alistair reached the offices. He sighed, briefly closing his eyes, before finding his resolve and tapping the chime.
[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Tae @SaraKnight @Lathaniel @Aharon

Without relent the day continued to stretch onward, and despite all she had seen and been through, Kate Foster refused to turn in and allow it to finally come to a true and complete close. Her shift in sickbay had long since ended, and to no small degree had she earned a peaceful and restorative reprieve, but still she had persisted in her presence there. Sure, there was so much more that needed doing if the Medical Department was ever going to get caught up on the backlog of care they had to provide, not to mention the dozens of new patients now in their stead thanks to the battle Theurgy had just survived. The truth hidden behind her weary tangerine eyes though, was that Kate was trying to occupy herself so that she wouldn't have an opportunity to face the reality of it all. So many people had failed to survive the events of the day, some of which she had come to know and appreciate; others had come very close to death, a trauma which had nearly revealed the steadily broadening cracks Kate was trying to hide from everyone. A feat she might've actually been able to accomplish, hadn't her brother poisoned her mind with nightmarish overtones of death and despair.

Were it not for the steady support of a few key individuals, and enough caffeine to kill a man twice her size, the slender blonde Chief of Surgery might well have collapsed from the stress of it all.

A possibility, or perhaps even an inevitability at this point.

Leaning against a stanchion which had been thoroughly scorched by disruptor fire during said siege of sickbay, Kate's arms were clasped across her midsection, a new duty jacket finally having been replicated and resting draped over her shoulders. In one hand, a silver tumbler with the Starfleet emblem on it's exterior; was it her sixth or seventh cup of Red Leaf Tea? Kate had lost count on how many of the spiced Cardassian beverages she'd consumed since the alarm klaxons had faded into recent memory, of which she swore she could still hear ringing in the hollows of her ear canal. Before her, Lieutenant Leux, a replacement from a new ally to Theurgy, the USS Oneida, was addressing the assembled Medical Staff, many of whom were themselves still dealing with injury or emotional distress in the wake of the battle waged. Like her, they defiantly refused to abandon their shifts and or post until the situation in sickbay was truly back to a state of normality, a process which had only just begun, and which would take many days and or weeks to achieve.

She'd had yet to official meet the man, whom she'd assumed might step in as a more permanent addition to the crew, given the losses sustained. But that was what happened in the service, she tried to remind herself. People died, and while you could mourn their loss, you couldn't afford to let such a mourning handicap your ability to provide care to those who needed it. At some point, Kate and the others would find said time to mourn the loss of their fallen comrades, but that time hadn't yet availed itself to them. "There's a small backlog of non-crucial procedures that we still have to get through too, but for the most part I think we've managed to stabilize those who are in need of close observation, and more invasive care." She piped up when Leux seemed to afford them a chance to add to his commentary. Indeed, over the course of the last week, Kate had been lending a hand working extra shifts to try and catch up on that backlog. A sacrifice of time and energy which was now amplified by the direness of the general situation Theurgy's medical staff was mired in.

"Thea's surprisingly sturdy." Kate complimented after his comment about still being star bound, despite it all.

The moment passed, and everyone began to go about their duty. Kate however remained leant against the stanchion, sipping at her tea for a few minutes until the trill Lieutenant went to treat someone. Unable or unwilling to move, she just stood there, a blank stare settling into the distant bulkhead as all around her the repair crews were going like busy little bees in their efforts to patch together all that had been torn apart.

"Hmm? What?" snapping back from her thousand-yard stare, Kate realized that Ensign Janteel had been asking her a question. The handsome Bajoran surgeon, whom she had worked with closely since coming to Theurgy, and who could very well have been promoted to her position hadn't she been chosen by Lieutenant Kobol instead. He raised an inquisitive and clearly concerned eyebrow, and Kate tried to search the periphery of her memory banks for an idea as to what he had said to her. "I'm sorry Daran, I... I was somewhere else for a moment." Blushing at her evident lack of awareness, she pushed off of the stanchion she had called home for the last quarter-hour or so. "I umm... I should go check on some patients. Excuse me." Hastily she made a retreat, hoping that her wherewithal might come back to her sooner, rather than later. Otherwise someone might catch wind to just how utterly and completely exhausted she was and officially order her to call a merciful end to her shift.

Stumbling backward into the recovery ward, Kate nearly bumped into an occupied bio-bed as she spun about, trying not to draw anyone's direct attention. What she saw, aside from the confused looks of a few other nurses and patients, was her friend and reliable co-worker Vinata tending to the care of another trill, this one in a state of some distress, however it appeared as though the Ovri nurse were helping to calm her. Swallowing audibly, Kate passed the pair of them, a sweet yet very clearly strained expression evident in her face as she closed and then opened distance. "Ensign." She said softly, not wanting to intrude on what very well could have been a private moment between them. Nearing a console on the wall, she punched up a rundown of the procedures that she herself hadn't been personally involved with, a sharp eyebrow raising higher than the other at the mention of an emergency symbiont transplantation. Kate remembered having performed a similar procedure some years earlier, and how difficult a process it could be for a new host to come to grips with the addition of new personalities and memories to their consciousness.

"Commander Fisher. Internal injuries. Foreign Chemical Analysis needed." She said aloud to herself, reviewing another patient and the notes left by another member of the Medical Staff. "I shou--" caught in a yawn mid-sentence, Kate brought a hand to her gaping mouth out of habit. "--ld check in on him when I get a chance too."

Sipping at the last of her tea, Kate considered going for another cup, casting a longing glance at the nearby replicator housing.

CPO Victor van Vinter | Deck 8: Holodeck 01 | USS Theurgy | Attn: @Ellen Fitz

Victor's efforts finally bore fruit, with a triumphal fanfare of horns blasting through the air. The obelisk that he was working to topple gives way. The heavy stone edifice tumbling down through the air to great musical fanfare and crushes one of the zombies beneath its weight. A cloud of dust and sand flying up through the air and creating a dense cloud, obscuring the area.  Victor pumps his fist triumphantly in the air with the defeat of the zombie. As the cloud of dust clears, the final zombie is bearing down on Enyd, its shield and spear at the ready. With widening eyes, Victor hears the music becoming more tense and quicker as it advances on Enyd.

Looking around nearby for any way down, Victor spots it, a  rope barely attached to a nearby brazier. There wasn't much time. Victor grabbed the rotting rope and, with a heave, ripped it away from where it was tied up, the weight of the brazier yanking him forward as it fell to the ground. Physics takes over then, and he swings wide over the head of Enyd and the approaching Zombie warrior. Losing control and with the rope tearing apart under his hands, Victor had one last chance. Shifting his weight after impacting on another pillar of the temple, he swings towards Enyd and the zombie. Nearly there, he needed to hold on for just a fraction of a second longer!

But no, it was not to be. The rope gives with a tearing shredding sound. Falling free, the lanky gentleman finds himself tumbling through the air and on a direct course for the undead medjay.

Victor called out sharply, with a nearly panicked voice with barely a second to spare! "Watch out, Enyd!" and with scarcely a second pause, Victor crashes into the fallen shattered obelisk and bounces off of it in a manner impossible save for the safety protocols on in the Holodeck. His flailing body was arcing just high enough to clear his diminutive companion,  hitting the ground, and he rolled, trying to kill his momentum, careening right into the zombie. The sound of snapping and shattering bone pierces the air, with the sharp popping noises that could only come from the zombie.

Out of breath and on the ground, his body was racked with pain and fatigue. Victor would be off his feet for a good few seconds. But so was the zombie quite literally in its case--the prone position of the creature giving Enyd a perfect opportunity to finish it off. Right now, though, Victor needed a minute. He wasn't sure if he'd sprained something, but it certainly felt like he had.
Episode 01: Advent of War / Re: EPI: S [D03|2100] A most furtive debrief
Last post by Number6 -
[ Lt. JG Foval| Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] @stardust @Ellen Fitz @Nesota Kynnovan

One of the more painful aspects of being a Vulcan that was more in touch with their emotional side was the pain and heartbreak of loss.  

His chess game had been a bitter pill to swallow.   Zy carefully let him down, telling him that as Martok's liaison, she might not be on the ship as much, if not at all.   Just as he was daring to be a living person again, the rug was pulled out from under his feet.  Even synthahol wasn't enough to dull the pain.   Still that was life for you.  

He was about to share his part of the mission, when the bickering started between the two officers of the team.   He had been that fresh faced ensign once, "no Man behind" was the Human platitude that was used to express the importance of ensuring that the entire team survives.   But there was also the no win scenario, that was the subject of a legendary test that Foval, like many cadets had taken.   Both are sterile, and do little to prepare you for the real life of a space adventurer.   One day he had gone to his quarters to meditate, the next time he was in control, he was alone on an alien jungle moon. 

After Rutherford had encouraged them to get it together, he decided to weigh in his own thoughts.  
"We are one ship, perhaps not fully alone, but we are isolated from the support network that we have been trained to use, and the aforementioned network is under the influence of a terrible power that is tricking those who aren't complicit into believing that we are traitors.    Many of the best Starfleet officers, the finest recruits the academy have ever produced, have had days where there are no good options.   In situations like ours, that number is considerably higher.   We cannot turn our back on the idealism and philosophies of the Starfleet Uniform, that is why the Captain rebelled in the first place.   But we have to face our bad days too."

He sat down, his relationship with Rutherford was still burgeoning, and he didn't want to think that he had overstepped a line.     
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 01 [1300 hrs.] New Course
Last post by Hope -
[ Lt Sabrina Lail | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce  
Sabrina didn't mind the rambling as she needed the conversation too. She may have appeared to have her composure but she had in reality just beamed aboard the Theurgy seven hours earlier and accepted the position of Chief CONN Officer a mere five hours previous. Lail was a new fixture to the crew and apart from Captain Ives whom she had met on the Oneida, she was still meeting this crew that would become her colleagues and friends for the first time.

"At ease Lauren before you sprain something; it's not crunch time yet," Sabrina stated noticing Lauren's nerves and continued stringent formality. "You can call me Sabrina if you would like. In fact, I much prefer you did," Lail added. "I'll let you know when it's crunch time," she continued.

Lail grabbed a PADD containing the updated duty roster and submitted the roster changes while grasping for her coffee mug and taking another sip of coffee. It was at that moment Sabrina's mind connected the dots on why Lauren looked familiar.

"The Enterprise," Sabrina exclaimed. She wasn't intentionally trying to ignore Lauren's question, in fact, she intended to get to it but this was something that was gnawing in her stomach. "We served on the Enterprise together all those years ago; that's why you have such familiarity about you. Somehow, all those years ago you managed to leave a lasting impression," Sabrina said satisfied.

Brown eyes met with brown hues as Lail contemplated how to respond to Lauren's question. "When I was an ensign, I served aboard the Enterprise-D. It had saucer separation capabilities and while not entirely the same as Multi-Vector Assault Mode it's the closest I came. I've only served on three starships: the Enterprise-D and E as well as the Oneida. Theurgy will be my fourth ship and only one equipped with Multi-Vector Assault Mode," Sabrina confessed.

Placing her work on the table, Sabrina decided to give her full attention to Lauren. "You haven't piloted a starship since before the Dominion War. Are you certain you're up for this? In the event that Theurgy has to separate for an extended period of time, you will essentially be the ranking CONN officer for Vector Three," Lail stated. "If you need to reacquaint yourself with flying a starship, we can schedule time on the holodeck even if it's just for Multi-Vector Assault Mode," Sabrina continued.

"Beyond that, tell me, how did you end up on the Theurgy?" Sabrina asked. "And this Tessa Lance you spoke of, is she onboard too?" She leaned forward inquisitively while folding her arms on the table.