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Parallel Universes - "What if?" / Doppelgangers and Cookies
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Department of Temporal Investigations: Temporal Incident Log

[Stardate: 57722 | Deck 9 | USS Theurgy (NX-79854) | Qo'nos]
[Stardate: 67365 | Deck 11 | USS Pandora (NCC-80114) | Inconnu Corridor]

It was a rare quiet day aboard the USS Theurgy. Orbiting Qo’nos and protected by a dozen Klingon warships, the renegade dreadnought and her crew were experiencing a rare moment of security, safe from the ever-present threat of Starfleet. While many of the crew took the opportunity for some shoreleave, yet others (mostly those who had taken their shoreleave on Aldea) took the opportunity to do some non mission-critical work.

Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt was one of them. He had taken some time off to recover from his nightmarish trip to the future, but he couldn’t stay restful for long. Eventually, inevitably, he was drawn back to the job; more specifically, to the Theurgy’s temporal lab. The place was one of the most mysterious and exciting rooms on the entire starship, and while Alistair tempered his excitement, he was very much like a kid in a candy shop.

The focus of his efforts that day was a large circular pad laid out in the center of the room. It looked very much like a transporter pad, and apparently, it was. One day, quite randomly, Captain Ducane had appeared on the Bridge, talked briefly with Captain Ives, and dropped off some futuristic technology before promptly vanishing with little explanation. Alistair had been given the job of figuring the device out. In theory, it would allow stable transport between the Relativity and the Theurgy despite the numerous centuries between the two vessels.

In theory.

In practice, Alistair was flummoxed. He was reluctant to bring in an engineer, knowing how overworked they were fixing the Theurgy’s battle damage, and just a little, Alistair was downright annoyed. Would it have been so hard to include an instruction manual?

…Okay, it would’ve been a technical violation of the Temporal Prime Directive, but still!

“Hang on,” Alistair muttered to himself as he worked a console. “That’s…that’s a sensor! I knew it! Yes! So…uh…okay, now, begin test cycle.” The transporter pad lit up, and Alistair did a quick fist pump of celebration. “Oh hell yes! Now, uh, what-”

Before he could say anything else, the console lit up, the computer giving Alistair a long list of complex technical terms that flashed by too fast for him to comprehend. “Shit shit shit!” he swore, frantically trying to stop whatever was happening as the transporter pad began making  loud buzzing noise, and Alistair’s hands flew over the console with wild abandon, desperately trying to find the right control. “Shitting fucking shit fuck fuck FUCKKKKKK!”

The buzz grew to its crescendo, and with a yelp, Alistair ducked behind his console…only to feel like a complete idiot as the buzz changed into the very familiar hum of a transporter beam. Alistair stood back up to see a figure begin to materialise on the pad…no, two figures, one much smaller than the other.

Then the beam finished its cycle, and the new arrival looked around with obvious confusion, as did the small person next to him. Alistair, for his part, just stared, mouth open.

“Oh shit,” he said with a wince.

The other person, a man, heard the curse and fixed Alistair with a hard glare. The glare rapidly turned to shock, then a few moments later, back to an even more intense glare.

“What the hell is happening here?” the man said sternly, his voice as hard as his eyes.

Alistair winced as, in that moment, he looked upon someone who, for all intents and purposes, was his double. They had the same face, the eyes, the same sharp jaw, the same height, even a similar build. The other man wore a Starfleet uniform as well, although his collar bore the extra hollow pip of a lieutenant commander.

The child next to him couldn’t be more than five years old. She clung to the man’s hand, as if using him for support, her fox-like ears twitching nervously and her bushy tail curled in defensively. She looked between the two duplicates, equally mystified, and so said the first thing that came to mind.

“Oh shit,” she squeaked, hiding behind the man’s legs.

Even despite the severity of the situation, Alistair couldn’t help but laugh, although his mirth was quickly doused by the lethal glare from his doppelganger. They weren’t identical; Alistair’s scalp was shaved, but the other man had short black hair, and the difference was enough for Alistair to quail slightly.

The man crouched down to the child, and his tone entirely changed. “Eva,” he said softly, “that’s a bad word, and I know you know that’s a bad word. I don’t want to hear it again, okay?” Eva looked somewhat annoyed, pouting as she pointed at Alistair. “Yes little one, I know he did it too. That’s because he’s a dumb dumb. He shouldn’t have said it, and neither should you, okay?”

Eva considered for a moment before reluctantly nodding, and the man picked her up, turning to look back at Alistair. “I’m Lieutenant Commander Cailus Griffin,” he said sternly, his voice carrying the bark of command. “Explain. Now.”

“Yeah, okay,” Alistair said hesitantly. “Erm…okay, this is awkward. So, uh…sorry Commander, I made a slight mistake while adjusting the temporal transporter that you’re on.”

“Slight?” Callus repeated in askance, his eyebrow raised in the Vulcan fashion.

Alistair laughed nervously. “Uh…yeah, fair enough. More than slight. I’m Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt, and you’re onboard the USS Theurgy.”

Callus rolled his eyes, stepping off the pad and walking towards Alistair, a baffled Eva still cradled comfortably in one of his arms. “Since I’ve never heard of a starship by that name, we’re wearing the same uniform and we look so alike, I’m guessing that you just yanked me into an alternate timeline.”

Alistair shrugged helplessly. “Well, from my perspective, I just yanked you from an alternate timeline.” At the unimpressed reaction from Cailus, Alistair sighed. “Sorry. It was a complete accident, I’m afraid.”

Cailus frowned. “You can get us back, right? I was walking right next to my wife and son when you pulled us out.”

“Oh yeah,” Alistair said with far more confidence than he felt, refocusing on the pad. “It’ll…uh…take a few minutes for the capacitor to recharge, though. Sorry, not much I can do about that.”

“Hmph,” Callus grunted irritably. He glanced around the lab before refocusing his penetrating glare on Alistair, who winced and looked away. Before either man could say anything else, a voice sounded from Alistair’s combadge.

“Bridge to Temporal Lab,” a woman’s voice said. “We’ve detected an abnormal temporal signature in your location and we’re seeing two additional lifesigns. What’s your status?”

Alistair facepalmed before answering. “Bridge, Leavitt. We had a minor malfunction, but everything’s perfectly alright now,  we’re fine, we’re all fine here now…how are you?” He paled at that. “No, sorry, cancel my last. I’ll write a full report later, Commander, sorry for the mix-up. The additional lifesigns are people I accidentally beamed aboard, but they should be headed home soon. In a few minutes.”

A few moments of silence passed, Callus rolling his eyes while Eva giggled at Alistair’s plight. She was used to seeing her Papa being serious, loving or (when it was just her, Mama and Eoin) cheerful, but she’d never seen her Papa (or someone who looked like Papa) be so embarrassed.

“Acknowledged Mister Leavitt,” came the weary reply. “Report to the Bridge directly as soon as the problem is rectified, and call immediately if you require assistance. Bridge out.”

Alistair sighed. “I am in such deep-” He was stopped by Cailus’s sharp grunt and pointed look at Eva. “-uh, trouble,” Alistair finished lamely. “So. Kids, huh? And a wife? I haven’t done that yet.”

Finally, Callus’s harsh facade seemed to relax, if only fractionally. “I gather that there are many differences between us. My wife is the scientist, not me, so I don’t know much about temporal mechanics, but…” He frowned, thinking. “Mars. Harriet. Churchill. Victoire. Menelax. 87 year stasis. Shae. Aoife.  Eva. Eoin.” Callus glanced at Eva with amusement. “Cookies.”

The little girl’s eyes lit up, tail whishing happily, and she looked between her Papa and Alistair expectantly. Fortunately, Alistair was quick on the draw, and he promptly headed to a replicator. Moments later, he returned with a plate of warm cookies. He had barely stepped into range before Eva grabbed one, beginning a merciless assault.

“She’s cute,” Alistair said, grinning as he watched her. “So, uh, none of that rings a bell. I was born on Khajit colony thirty eight years ago. No long spells in stasis for me, no wife, no…” He paused. “Those names you recited…?”

Callus raised an eyebrow. “Shae is my second wife,” he said evenly, “and I’ve had four children. Five if you count pocket universes.”

Alistair exhaled at length. “Wow. I mean, I’ve done some insane stuff, to be sure. Time travel into the apocalyptic future, see the fall of the Federation to the Borg, fight evil extra-dimensional monsters, stage an insurrection against Starfleet Command, all that. Having kids, though…that’s a whole different level.”

Callus, for his part, just stared in shock as Eva nibbled her cookie, blissfully unaware. “Are you serious? The fall of the Federation? Extra-dimensional monsters? A blasted insurrection?”

“Well, when you put it like that,” Alistair said awkwardly. “It, uh, makes more sense in our timeline. I’m sure that you won’t experience anything like that in your timeline. Probably.” At Cailus’ threatening stare, he rapidly backtracked. “Definitely. The extreme differences between us suggest enormous differences between our timelines. There’s probably a genetic link somewhere, like…I don’t know, we share great-grandparents, but in this timeline, they migrated to Khajit instead of staying on Mars.”

“Hm,” Callus grumbled, shifting Eva’s weight in his arms. “And you chose a different path to me, clearly.” He looked Alistair up and down before nodding gruffly. “Engineering?”

“Operations,” Alistair said, standing a little straighter and meeting Cailus’s hard brown eyes with his own resolve. “Department of Temporal Investigations. That’s why I was trusted with…uh, that.” He gestured limply at the temporal transporter pad.

Callus looked Alistair up and down before nodding gruffly. “Then you’re making something of your life. Building, adding to the universe. That’s commendable. People like me are the barbarians, necessary though we might be, but people like you make the future.”

It was Alistair’s turn to stare in shock. “Uh…I didn’t see that coming. I never expected to get complimented by my own doppelganger.”

A moment of silence hung between the two men, broken only by the sound of Eva’s chewing. Before either could say anything else, the silence was broken by the abrupt wail of alarms, red lights starting to flash around the lab. Alistair wasted no time, rushing to his console and working it fast.

“It’s Starfleet,” he said worriedly. “The Archeron has found us.” The deck shuddered under the unmistakable impact of weapons fire. “Shit, I need to get you both out of here. Uh, maybe if I…uh…we’re at red alert, so if I could siphon the extra power from the EPS…”

As Alistair worked, Callus simply waited patiently, holding Eva close. She was no stranger to the sound of alarms and flashing red lights, having experienced it often enough on the Pandora, and she clung to her Papa tightly. The deck shuddered again, and Cailus quietly moved closer to the console. It was still a standard primary control unit for the lab, no matter what timeline it was, and like all such control units, it had a tiny type-1 phaser stuck underneath. It was a weak weapon with only a few shots, and it could only stun, but Cailus had done more with less. He refused to be defenceless if the Theurgy was boarded, especially with Eva.

His caution proved unnecessary, though, as Alistair abruptly fist-pumped in triumph. “Okay, got it! Go, get on the pad!” Callus wasted no time, rushing directly there, Alistair working the console, the deck shuddering with increasing frequency. “Okay, ready for transport!” Alistair looked up from the console to Cailus, grinning. “It’s been a pleasure, Callus. An educational pleasure.”

Callus merely nodded back, although he allowed the tiniest of smiles as the transporter beam began to take hold. The beam was not quite fast enough, however, to stop Eva’s loud shout of “shit!”, nor was the beam fast enough to conceal Cailus’s subsequent murderous glare at Alistair.

Nevertheless, after a few moments, both Cailus and Eva were gone, The deck shuddered again, but Alistair gave himself a moment. He smirked.

“Well, that was fun,” he said merrily before jogging out of the lab, alert sirens still blaring.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 03 [0830 hrs.] Contact and Negotiation
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[ CM3 Samala & PO3 Lorad | Turbolift | Conference Lounge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @stardust @Auctor Lucan @Brutus @Swift @BipSpoon @Lathaniel @Griff @Number6

Samala’s blood seethed at the disdain she could see on the hologram’s face, the Romulan making no effort at all to try and be polite about what he thought of their presence. His visage and tone were matched by the Romulan Starfleet security officer that was using a knife to consume an apple. It might not have been the sharpest blade she had ever held but the pilot was sure that she could get the job done if she felt the need to spill green blood. Beside her, Lorad glanced across at Cameron Henshaw, noting her furrowed brows and reading the apology on them before the Ensign went back to trying to disappear behind her console.

<So formal and naive,> Samala mused to her brother. <To think that they could trust a Romulan of the Tal Shiar to keep their word. Every time I think that we have a chance at making your dream for Remans come true, something like this happens to shatter it.>

<It has not been shattered yet, sister,> Lorad reminded her. <Nor shall we do anything to help break it. Only through showing our strength against adversity will others see us for what we truly are and not how others have presented us.>

“I am Lorad, and this, despite her appearance, is my sister Samala,” Lorad said in Standard, introducing himself and his sister. “As much as many would deny it, she is proof that our species can cooperate. Her parents, my father, had a dream. Let today be another step toward that dream.” It was the most eloquent in the language that Lorad could remember being, but he hoped it had carried across as he had meant it too. True, most of it was copied from other works he had read or listened to, but he hoped the impact would be the same. 

“Trust is in deeds, not words,” Samala pointed out calmly, her voice cold. “I may look like my mother, but I have my father’s blood in my veins. Remember that Remans will be affected by this as well. Or there is no point for my brother and I to be here.”
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 05 [1600 hrs.] Good Shepherd
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[ CM3 Samala | Docking Bay Lounge | Deck 19 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy | Qo’nos ] Attn: @Hope @Pierce @Griff @redshift316 @jreeves1701

Sitting there, Samala wondered why everyone had so much to say about themselves. She had always been taught to show, not to tell. Anyone could make a promise, but it was the deeds that came afterward that made the promise what it was supposed to be. And sure, listening to everyone speak about what they had done in the past allowed you to gage what they might be capable of now, but if you didn’t constantly test yourself, try to better yourself, then you would fall behind.

“I was born in the Reman underground and I have never seen either of my parent’s homeworlds,” Samala began. “I was trained to fight, fix and fly in that order. And I think I have done that pretty well so far. Lillee has cleared me on all the shuttle classes this ship has, and I know the Apache better than the back of my hand,” Samala went on.

“I don’t know what else you can do for me. I’m a Crewman Third Class, and only that because of prior experience. I am still taking courses that have been assigned to me for things that someone else thinks I need to know,” Samala pointed out evenly. “Besides, with everyone else here it's not like they are going to let me drive anything bigger than a shuttle even if I wanted to.”
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 03 [1930 hrs.] I Wanna Rock-n-Roll All Nite...
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[ Lt. T'Less & CPO Mickayla MacGregor | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy | Orbiting Qo’noS ] Attn: @P.C. Haring
“I almost didn’t,” T’Less admitted, not wanting to lie to Reggie, even if the truth might hurt. “But so far I am satisfied that I did,” she added, careful to choose neutral words. Her emotional state was in flux, and she had to force herself to keep it under control. As a Betazoid, Reggie would be able to easily tell if T’Less lost control and that was not something that the Vulcan wanted to happen. The two of them needed to find time to sit down and discuss themselves, but until then, T’Less was not willing to reveal just how much she had changed and how badly it was affecting her.

“I take it you two know each other then,” Mickayla observed with a smile, stating the obvious before taking a sip of her drink.

“From a long time ago,” T’Less confirmed, turning to look at the Klingon, feeling her hair being dragged across her bare shoulders, still unused to the new sensation. “When we were both different people.”

“Must be great to get the chance to catch up then,” Mickayla mused, suddenly introspective about how much she had changed in only the past few months compared to a decade ago. Trying to break her train of thought, she raised her glass at the Betazoid. “Thanks for organising tonight.”


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Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 03 [1930 hrs.] I Wanna Rock-n-Roll All Nite...
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[CPO 1 Scruffy LeBlanc | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] @Swift   @Pierce  @Tae

Scruffy breathed a sigh of relief as Kate accepted his apology, only for that breath to get caught in his throat as she turned and swayed her hips to the music, the lines of her torso on showcased by her dress despite the jacket she wore.  He was glad for the interruption of Tessa and Lauren, even if it did prompt further teasing by Kate.

Scruffy looked over at the brunette who walked up to their little group and introduced herself, his eyes sliding up as she mentioned his hair, as if he would be able to see what was on top of his head.  “Yeah, I tried to get it a little more in order than usual,” he said, completely misinterpreting her remark.  “Nice to meet you, Nara.  My friends call me ‘Scruffy.’  So does everyone else, unless I’m in trouble with the brass.  I’m in Engineering, Kate here is in medical and Tessa is one of our fighter pilots.  If you’ll excuse me, it looks like I’ve got some socializing demanded of me,” he said with a chuckle, as Kate pulled him further down the bar.

As the four of them made a fairly intimate circle, a necessity given the loudness of the event, Scruffy briefly noticed Lauren checking him out with a touch of pride, but it was the looks from Kate and Tessa, and the comments between Tessa and Lauren, that only encouraged the blush on his cheeks.  As Kate doubled-down on Tessa’s implications of drawing Lauren into their developing dynamics, the drink he was drinking nearly made him choke, although he kept it covered.  When Kate’s gaze dragged oh-so-slowly up his form, he shot her a look that said, ‘don’t push things too far in front of the newbie.’  He downed another drink as Tessa brought what turned out to be another Pierce over to their group, who, after a tense exchange, dropped one hell of a bombshell on their little group.  The energy and surrealness of the situation put his mind in a spin, or was that the synthehol, so he just stood there as Lauren and Alana walking off to their own reunion.

When Kate had been introduced to Alana, Scruffy couldn’t help but notice the way she seemed to almost jump back into him at the mention of her brother.  He reached one hand up to her right shoulder to give it a reassuring squeeze when he realized how tense she was, and was relieved, and more than a little pleased, when she responded by wrapping an arm around his waist, accepting his support.  He made a mental note of it, but knew it wasn’t a good time to bring up the issue.  “Sounds like someone’s got a lot of ground to cover.”

He felt Kate pull away from him after locking eyes, and smiled back at her as she turned to face both him and Tessa.  He accepted the next shot from Kate with a bit of surprise, but quickly swallowed it as he watched Kate brazenly tease Tessa, beginning to let the music fill them as Kate dragged them toward the dance floor.  “If that means I get to spend more of this night with two lovely ladies, by all means.”
Director's Cut / Re: [2373] USS Renegade: It's a working holiday challorn, anything can happen
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[Cadet XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Cadet Zark) | USS Renegade interior]

To those that were paying attention, there was a strange sense of double vision as two relatively identical Andorian women walked down the corridors.  It was an intensely distracting sight as most passing crewman were town between the urge to check out the younger more casually dressed woman and the who was clearly the ship's executive officer.  Commander Threross generally kept one ear open and commenting when necessary as she led her daughter towards her quarters, steadily cataloguing the number of things that she was going to have to discuss with her exuberant daughter.  Long practice allowed her to compile her list as she filed each tidbit and bit of information on how XamotZark was doing on her first year out of the academy.  Given how much she appeared to want to talk at the moment, the older Andorian thought her daughter would have become a counsellor or a diplomat, but she sounded like she was steadily drifting towards Security.  The XO nodded to someone she was more familiar with as they passed. Still, it was nice to hear her voice in person, though she didn't quite remember her child having this much energy.  XamotZark must have chosen correctly when she decided to go to the academy.  Sighing, the elder Zhen decided that she must have done something right.

Cadet zh’Ptrell continued to babble on, but her keen eye picked up on the sigh her Zhavey had put out and wondered if it was anything troublesome.  On the other hand, it couldn't be that bad since her 'mother' as the pink skins called them was smiling.  Her thoughts and babbling came to an end at a set of doors and Commander Threross pushed the admittance button.  As the button whooshed open, her Zhavey gestured in to the small room.  it's not bad, at least I have the room to myself.  I do like Carter, but she is a bit of a slob. The younger Zhen thought to herself as she took in the room.  It wasn't much, a bed, a desk, a table with a couple of chairs, and a bathroom unit.  Cozy enough.  Cadet zh’Ptrell placed her bags on the bed and took off her jacket before placing it in the closet.

Commander Threross took note of the muscles developing on her Zhei and once again idly wondered where that little squalling baby had gone.  Shaking her head, she gestured to the table with a pair of chairs and sat in one while XamotZark took the other.  There was a brief pause as the Commander martialed her thoughts.

"Zhei, it is good to see you, and to hear that you're doing well at the Academy, and as much as I'd like to treat you like a ten year old and let you run around the ship, the only way I really got the Captain to agree to you visiting was that this is part of your Starfleet education."  XamotZark's eyebrows raised at this admission from her Zhavey, but it was not exactly unexpected.  Most students stayed on Earth, or went home for the holidays, but that was harder since her Zhavey was a serving officer and frequently not home.  "It also helps that you were effectively raised on the ship, so Captain Albrahani knows you and is looking forward to seeing you again.  Though he did ask that you try not to treat his liquor cabinet as a toy chest this time."  The elder Andorian smiled as her Zhei blushed and smiled demurly when she had opened the aforementioned drinks cabinet and began playing knights with the bottles.  "Now, I know you're on vacation, so I don't want to see you dressed like that on duty, yes I said on duty. Commander Threross raised a hand to forestall any argument.  "This is a working vacation challorn and since your chosen track is security, so you'll be reporting to Lieutenant Niyoda, he's our security chief.  Before I go on, how aware are you of the galactic situation?"

Zark had to think of it for a moment as she pulled the information from various sources.  "Generally not the best from what I understand.  The situation out by Bajor is tense with the Dominion on the other side of the wormhole, and Starfleet is expanding it's war fighting capability quickly."  The Zhavey nodded at this.  "Good.  One thing that the humans and most of the Federation now realize is that the galaxy is much more hostile than we believed between the Khitomer Peace and the Enterprise encountering the Borg.  Even Andoria forgot that momentarily, but we were better prepared to accept this eventuality.  Lieutenant Niyoda won't go easy on you, but at the same time, he will mentor you in what he thinks you'll need for the coming times."

Zark was shocked, surely her Zhavey didn't mean war was coming, and the unspoken was naked in her eyes.  That familiar smile formed on her Zhavey's face once more, when she worked to re-assure her child was completely absent.  "We do hope the diplomats manage to sort this all out, but Starfleet is the main line of defence for the Federation, so we have to be ready."  Holding her zhei's eyes for a moment, the smile eventually returned.   "I wouldn't worry about it at the moment though, because in the meantime, we get ourselves a good old exploration mission, so change into something less revealing, and let's make our way to the mess hall where I can give you the details on what's going to happen to this merry ship!"
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 01 [0145 hrs.] Attack of the Coffee Zombies.
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[Ensign Sarah Bjørge| Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Tae

Sarah watched with some amusement as he blew into his chai and quickly, perhaps even a tad too quickly, took a heavy sip of the still very hot liquid and swished it around his mouth. Sarah had enough sense to not make fun of his plight, so she simply ducked her head a bit lower and hid her amusement with the rim of the teacup, taking small, careful sips. At his quip, however, she shrugged softly, taking her thumb and lightly wiping where her mouth had just been, not wanting the pink of her gloss to ruin the chai. She liked Arven fine, he was definitely a close friend and someone she admired professionally..but he had a sharp mouth sometimes and she didn’t always approve of it.

“A little harsh, no? Everyone is useful, it is only finding ways to apply it that can prove challenging. But I believe in the innate good of all people deep down, and people want to be helpful. Perhaps because they do not fit the round-peg-round-hole version that you claim as competence does not mean it cannot be found in another angle. Respectfully, of course.” She gleaned, giving the Trill a slight bow of her head to show that she was not intentionally trying to argue an obtuse point. Really it didn’t matter in the end to her if he found someone ‘useless’ or not, but she was always a tender, empathetic soul.

“You are too kind for saying so Arven, but practicality is arguably the first line of any Nurses’ resumé.” She replied with a small smile, brushing off the compliment awkwardly. It always felt so embarrassing to take thanks for the bare minimum decency in helping someone not die, but far be it from her to try and change minds, especially someone like the ACMO. She nodded diligently as Arven spoke about his dreams, though a curve of amusement altered her features into a one-sided smile at his take of being a race car driver. Interesting, she hadn’t pegged him for the type to live out a 'live fast, drive fast' mentality.. But then again as a medical doctor maybe he got a kick out of the adrenaline much the same as car speedsters did.

“So?” She gave a pause before starting again. “Did you ever get a car like Mr. Chong’s? You cannot leave me hanging like that!” She cried gently, bringing her teacup back up to her mouth for another sip. “Did you leave it behind? Is that what you did on shore leave- speed around in your vintage Bugatti?”
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 04 [0745 hrs] Welcome to Valhalla.
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[Ens. Talia Al-Ibrahim | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Tae

She didn’t know how to feel, as she stood just inside the entrance —where it all happened.

The entire morning it had been in the back of her mind; like a splinter, a painful irritant swept aside in order to concentrate on things that mattered: the gym, her workout, Nara. Now those distractions were gone, and the thorn in her mind held her transfixed when she should be moving. She had things to do – duties to fulfill.

And yet.

This is where I died, the realization pinned her in place, eyes wide as she took it all in; the fighters in their births, the maintenance crews as they went about their duties, the aft launch doors, sealed against the cold void beyond. Half-remembered shades flitted in her mind then; bodies strewn across the deck, as phantom fires raged. The pulsing crimson of alarms, of her own blood. The tightness in her throat where her neck had...

Talia forced herself to blink the images and feelings away as she balled her hands into fists, fingernails digging into her skin. Enough, she growled to herself as she breathed deeply. This was her arena, like the gym – fear had no place here.

She took her first steps in after squaring her shoulders, tossing the thick rope of tightly braided hair over her shoulder. She had no idea, in that moment, how she resembled the highly prized horses of her homeland – poised, confidant, graceful. She wore her mask of calm well, dark eyes narrowed as she searched the bay. Once she found the object of her desire, she marched towards it without hesitation.

It sat in a corner of the bay, waiting for her on safety jacks, utterly immobile. She could practically hear the machine’s soul crying out to her; enraged at the indignity of its current state. Here was a weapon; a warrior – brought low, unused. Tame me and we shall ride the stars to victory, it promised, fail, and die again, in fire or the cold embrace of the void.

She approached under the port wing, reaching up to trace her fingers along the hull. The metal was cool under her touch; she moved under the cockpit, past the deflector array, around to the starboard fuselage. The Valkyrie was bereft of weapons, idling under minimal power, yet she could feel the barest hum within. She stood for a moment, taking in every scratch, every elegantly designed curve, every scorch mark awaiting repair.

I will master you as I’ve mastered myself, she promised it, or die trying.

Movement caught her eye from the cockpit then, and she watched a figure in wrinkled yellow coveralls slide down the ladder to the deck. She watched impassively as he turned, revealing a terribly scarred visage bearing a Bajoran heritage. She never dropped her gaze, even as the man grinned, winking at her as he extended a cybernetic limb in greeting. She gripped his hand without hesitation as he introduced himself.

"Welcome to Valhalla wolf, I would suppose that this will be your sword and shield to ride into glorious battle answering the call of the Einherjar," he spoke with a hint of humor, but she allowed him to continue uninterrupted. "Chief vanVinter, but you can call me Victor or just 'chief' if you'd like. I'm easy like that. Anyway, if this is to be yours, hop on in, and we'll get you fitted and run through the ground test list."

Talia nodded as she released his hand, clasping her own behind her back as she regarded him coolly. “Einherjar—the blood-sworn of Odin All-Father, yes? His chosen elite; those that would charge with him into battle at Ragnarok, if I remember correctly,” she tilted her head as she spoke. Valhalla, the halls of the afterlife where all noble souls fallen in battle feast at Odin’s side, she mused. Her eyes fell upon the squadron iconography painted under the canopy; The Lone Wolves.

She lifted her chin then, dark eyes half-lidded as they regarded his. I wonder if he realizes how dark a good natured joke can turn.

She blinked the thought away as she remembered her manners. “Ensign Talia Al-Ibrahim,” she nodded to Chief VanVinter as she spoke, “or Shadow, if you like.” Her dark eyes roamed the Valkyrie once again. She knew there was much to be done before she could take it out into the stars, and these first critical steps were necessary to that end.

And yet she wanted nothing more than to suit up, and feel her way into this beautiful weapon. Patience, she chided herself. You’re not ready yet.

She took a breath, then returned her dark eyes to the Chief’s scarred face. “This one is assigned to me. I haven’t flown the 409s yet,” she paused, as more than a hint of embarrassment laced her tone, “despite 300 hours in the simulator,” she added under her breath. “But that was before I died and was put on ice,” she deadpanned as she walked by him towards the cockpit. “I’d appreciate any assistance you can offer, if your duties allow.”

As she climbed the ladder into the cockpit, she felt her pulse quicken. Time to get to work.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 05 [14:00] Logical Strategy
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[Lt. Cmdr. Hathev | Arboretum | Deck 20 | Vector 03 | U.S.S. Theurgy] Attn: @UltimaImperatrixia‍ 

Hathev took the tea offered to her.  “Thank you, Ensign, though it was not necessary to serve me.”

Despite the sincerity of her words, Hathev appreciated the gesture and took a sip of the drink before setting it to her side and turning her attention to the board.  Cir’Cie’s logic regarding the care of others was sound, and the elder Vulcan had begun to sense that herself.  With her recent time off from full duty, she had found more time to herself, to think, reflect, and come to a similar conclusion.  She had welcomed the solitude, and the visits from Mr. Cross, and in that time she had found a sense of rejuvenation she had not allowed herself to realize she needed.

“Under normal circumstances,” she said by way of response.  “Those in our positions would be able to find needed respite and self care while at port.  Unfortunately given our unique situation, friendly ports are few and far between.  I too, have been looking forward to this time and I expect I will enjoy it as well.”

Hathev noticed the smile of her opponent.  Unaccustomed though she was to seeing expressions on her fellow Vulcans, it did not seem out of place to her.  Hathev even had to acknowledge that with her own state of emotional awareness, she might be giving those around her very similar unaccustomed looks.  Yes.  This would be a very interesting game, indeed.

“I yield the opening move to you, Ensign.”

Hathev took another sip of her tea and waited for the first move.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 03 [1930 hrs.] I Wanna Rock-n-Roll All Nite...
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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @P.C. Haring @Tae @Lathaniel @Ellen Fitz @Stegro88 @RyeTanker @Juzzie @Scavenger01 @Brutus @Griffinsummoner @Pierce @redshift316

Kate caught glimpse of that slight blush in Scruffy’s face as he reacted to her flirtatiously playful teasing, knowing well which chords to pull on to elicit such a response from a man. It would be the first of many she’d hoped to coax out of him throughout the night, genuinely infatuated with his handsomeness already, but finding herself increasingly enraptured by the cuter aspects he’d thus far espoused.

“It’s fine... I won’t hold it against you.” She answered his apology for being late, a pair of her slenderly long fingers held up as she sought to visually order a refill from the bartender. “Or maybe I will?” she teased, swaying her hips once more as she turned her back to him, hoping to emphasize the shapeliness of her toned behind through the black skirt she wore. When an instant later Tessa and Lauren had both arrived, eliciting the combined attention of both Kate and Scruffy, Kate made grand mention of just how incredible the pair of them looked, a little more taken by Tessa’s choice in apparel than Lauren, though she knew the redhead would garner more than her fair share of affection from the concert goers tonight. Grinning as Scruffy made similar open compliment of the two ladies, Kate glanced out of the corner of her eye at him, a playful elbow finding his side as she retrieved a few more shots of Jim Beam from where they’d been deposited on the bar counter behind her, handing him one. Her impromptu toast made, Kate giggled wildly at the absurdity of it all, while thoroughly enjoying the chance to just unwind and have fun with her friends.

Behind her, another set of shots had already been poured, the bartender having pre-emptively figured to offer up a refill to the energetic blonde who had already garnered a healthy amount of his time. Once the shots were all once more poured, the tender then left the bottle settled on the counter nearby, his own non-verbal hint that Kate was more than welcome to start helping herself. After all, he had other customers to attend to, both real, and holodeck imitations of them, and he could already tell that Kate was of the sort to likely need a constant supply all night long. “C’mon! You’ve got some catching up to do!” she shouted out at Tessa and Lauren, fetching up three of the shot glasses to give to them, all the while Slash was in the midst of an elongated guitar solo on the stage, drawing the cheers of the simulated crowd as they reacted accordingly. With a gentle finger poke to his abdomen, Kate hinted to the lucky lone gentleman surrounded by these three ladies to fetch a shot of his own from where it rested on the bar counter.

Without delay, Kate threw back the shot. “Wooooo!” She cried out as the familiar burn ran down her esophagus, the magic that was intoxication by synthehol already starting to gradually touch at the edges of her nerves with an enjoyable buzz.

Giggling loudly as Tessa teased her friend about the oddity of the chemistry developing between herself, Tessa, and Scruffy, Kate once more sought to turn things around on him. “You think he could handle the three of us?” she looked him up and down, over-emphasizing the manner in which her exotically colored eyes trailed past his midsection, then back up to the level of his eyes. “Could be fun to find out.” She commented, playfully sticking out her tongue at him prior to letting another giggle escape. Her gaze finding Lauren again, she was about to yell something at the red-haired girl, about daring her to tease him instead, but before she could, the girl’s attention had shifted after Tessa who’d gone to spark up a conversation with another crimson-haired woman a little further down the bar. Tilting her head, Kate wasn’t sure what to make of it, but she tried to listen in, catching bits and pieces here and there over the loudness of the show still unfolding in the background.

Glancing back at Scruffy as Tessa came back, the other woman in tow, she didn’t know what to expect or make of it, stepping closer to his side so that she could feel the warmth of him in close proximity.

“Hey! It’s umm... nice to meet you!” Kate extended a hand, though there was a momentary recoil on her part at the mention of her step-brother, a million synapses of unpleasant memories and emotions surging throughout her consciousness in an instant. His name had honestly jolted her, causing the smile on her face to noticeably dimmer, though she shook the woman’s hand as greeting. Internally, she screamed at herself for letting Stellan have an effect on her, regardless of whether or not he was even there in person. Instinctively, she wanted to run and hide, but instead stonewalled herself to the reflexive response, deciding to find strength in the company of her friends as a hand slipped around Scruffy’s waist, coming to a rest on the left side of his abdomen as she leant into him a little more. “Umm, yeah that’s great! It’s... it’s a great party. Lieutenant-- erm, Reggie did a great job putting it together!” she explained.

Declining to introduce herself, lest her relation to Stellan be brought up, Kate smiled to the woman as way of apologizing for not being more directly open. Her intention not to seem standoffish while she tried to wipe any thoughts of her brother from her mind. Thankfully, the revelation of a possible relation didn’t occur with regard to her, but rather with Lauren and this other woman. Pierce, had been their shared surname, eliciting something of a deeper introspection as the two women took a more active role in the conversation as it was ongoing. Tessa had tried to alleviate whatever awkwardness had quickly transpired due to Alana’s persistence on the coincidence of their name, but the latter woman hadn’t given it any credence, trying to refocus Lauren into an answer. When it came, Kate found her gaze going back and forth between the two red-heads as they had a bit of a discovery of one another, though over the loudness of their environment it made it difficult to discern with any clarity.

“What do you think that was all about?” Kate whispered to Scruffy as the two red-heads seemed to head off on their own, the parlance taking a more serious and hushed tone without the two of them to intrude upon. Quickly though, Tessa seemed to similarly be excluded from the conversation, returning to join them where they’d been posted up at the end of the bar.

Shrugging, Kate didn’t know what to make of it all, but with her friends in close proximity once more, and the momentary comfort of the man she’d clung unto for support having quelled the nerves stirred up by mention of Stellan, she sought to try and resume enjoying the event as it was transpiring. “I don’t know... I guess we just keep an eye out, and be ready to break them up if fists start flying?” Her gaze looking back up to Scruffy, she let herself pull away from him so that they might have a bit more space to enjoy. “As for us...” she spun round on heel, retrieving three more filled shot glasses which she began handing off to Tessa and Scruffy. “...I say we hit the floor, maybe do a little dancing.” Downing the shot, she stepped closer to Tessa, a teasing finger finding the exposed patch of soft skin between her ample cleavage for a short moment, a longingly playful glance cast back at Scruffy as she began to sway her hips from side-to-side in a sultry manner, coaxing Tessa’s body into similarly moving with deliberate motion, an arm slipping behind the other blonde’s slender waist, while the free waved for Scruffy to join them.

[ On The Stage ]

On stage, the waning chord, drums, and symbols of 'Sweet Child O’Mine' echoed out with a finality as Axel and Slash saluted the uproarious cheering and ecstatic crowd before exiting stage left, a diligently programmed holographic crew immediately running out to begin changing it all over to suit the next act in what was to be an epic night of Rock and Roll.

“...wut you mean I’ve got’too fuckin’ perform again later on? Bull shit! No! No! It’s... it’s bull shit! I don’t care! I don’t... what you mean the microphone is live? Well fuck, why ‘innit you say so sooner, you fuckin’ ass!” the voice of Ozzy piped in over the speakers caused the crowd to react accordingly, their laughter and cheers sounding loudly as the man sauntered back on stage. His annoyance clearly evident in his face as he pointed back at someone, mouthing an obvious obscenity before he turned his focus back to everyone. “Oy! Fuckin’ great show so far, yeah?” he held the mic out to the crowd, they cheered. “Lots more ahead... fuckin’ bull shit too... but, umm, oh, they’re ready?” he glanced over at stage right once more, getting instruction from someone, as behind him the crew had finished changing things over for the next act. “Oy... olright, I’ll do it! Fuck you! Erm... let’s get wild! It’s a bird, it’s a fawkin’ superman, no, it’s fuckin’ Aerosmith! YEAH!!!!” the Prince of Darkness screamed into the mic, as from stage right Steven Tyler, his signature scarf microphone in hand came skipping out to stage, while the teasing chords of ‘Sweet Emotion’ began to blare out from speakers, a twang drawing in underneath before his voice hit, the microphone in his hand nearly engulfed by his big lips.

“...talkin’ bout things, and nobody cares...”

OOC - Okay peeps, we’re onto act three, enjoy! Set-list for Aerosmith is as follows...

Part 3 - Aerosmith
1. Sweet Emotion
2. What Kind of Love Are You On
3. Dream On
4. Angel
5. Come Together

...feel free to progress through each of the songs as you’d like, and at some point, down the line we’ll get to the next act, whenever I or @P.C. Haring feel it appropriate to advance. Thanks again for hanging, joining this thread, and please if there’s anyone else out there that’s new to the SIM, and would still like to join in, please do. It’s incredibly free-form, the only real requirement being that your character not be a Chief of any Department.
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