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[ Lieutenant Valyn Amarak | Azurite Station ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @UltimaImperatrixia @Brutus @Stegro88 @Auctor Lucan  [Show/Hide]
Valyn glanced at the hypospray as Cir'Cie produced it and her eyes went wide. The exact opposite of an aphrodisiac. Starfleet ingenuity really never failed to impress. "A libido inhibitor?" She furrowed her brows, thinking long and hard about that. While she was by no means actively seeing anyone, nor sleeping with anyone, the concept of a life without orgasm still hung in the distance, like some terrible dark cloud of doom. She drew her lower lip between her teeth momentarily before she looked among the others.

"So we have three minutes to get within range of one another so we can get dropped, before we start droolin' over anythin' that walks?" She grimaced. That was one hell of a narrow window. Her hazel eyes traced their way back to the hypospray, looming before her. "It's temporary right? Apologize for the oversharin' but, I'd very much like to keep my ability and desire to-" She brought her fingertips together, and mouthed 'pow' before splaying her fingers out and separating her palms, miming a firework explosion. Despite the question though, she did turn her neck to the side to allow herself to be inoculated. 

Once done, she pushed herself out of the airlock, giving zh'Wann a nod of agreement. Once they breached the gate so to speak, they'd have a more clear picture of what they were facing. Once she felt the unnatural loss of gravity hit her, she fired the booster in her boots once, aiming at exactly where she wanted to go. Avoiding detection was paramount at that moment, and she had no idea if they'd be able to pick up the small energy reading from their boots, so she kept it short and simple. When the gunship vanished, she swallowed. Though logically she knew that her allies were right there if they were was vast. It was empty. It was lonely. It was dark. Just her and zh'Wann, coasting through the infinite abyss towards a station they knew shockingly little about.

"Got it." She magnetized her boots and crouched near the airlock. "Accident..." She muttered, staring at the innards of the panel as she tore the bulkhead free. The locking mechanism was far more complicated than she'd initially hoped for. "Mother-" She muttered, peeling back a small array of multicolored fibers that likely controlled the power to the door. She glanced over her shoulder, to some of the fragments of the asteroid in the immediate vicinity, and then smirked. "Got it." While she'd planned to try and hack her way in, the far easier answer was one that would look far more accidental to any wandering suspicions contained within the hulking rock they were about to breach. She deactivated the mag-boot on the right side as she simultaneously drew out a laser scalpel. As she dropped the foot as quickly as she could, she snipped a single wire, and the door began to slide open, eerily silent in the vacuum of space.

"Snipped the sensor. They'll know the door was opened but they aren't gonna have a clue why. If anyone tries to look it'll look like rock smashed into the wires." She tapped the mag control on her hip, her boot sealing itself to the deck. "They'd have to come out here and look to get a better idea, and by then I wager we'll be long gone." When they entered, she posted up, covering the airlock entrance...just in case.

The moment the door opened, she wrapped her finger around the trigger...and her stomach dropped. She followed in behind Ida, shoulders and rifle on a swivel as she surveyed the hauntingly barren bay. She turned her rifle towards the ceiling and still...nothing.

"What the fuck?" She glanced at Ida before she pressed forward, forming a line with the Andorian. She shook her head before she lowered her rifle, but only slightly, and made her way to the control panel. Opening the bay door was far easier than the airlock, it was a single teal button. She pressed her finger to it, and the bay door began to split open, this time with a far louder screech, the metal scraping against itself. She shot up, and aimed her rifle deeper into the bay.

Once she'd received her assignment, she gathered her squad. "Stay on me. Don't wander. Three minutes is cutting it a bit close for me. One of us gets infected, drop included." She looked between each of the junior officers and enlisted assigned to her and let out a deep breath. "Tucker, take the charges and cover left. Hughes, take up the rear. Garret, take right. Stay in a diamond and maintain six feet of distance. Someone shoots at us we need to be able to scatter, not trip over one another. Questions?" She glanced between them each, and received nothing but shaking heads. "Like the commander said. Shoot first, ask questions later. Stun unless you need to kick it up a notch."

Her team pressed forward.

They first moved down a hallway. It was dark. Barren. Devoid of life. There was the occasional conduit that had burst from lack of maintenance, a light shower of sparks lighting the way, but besides that...there was nothing. Their tricorders ran on a constant scan, but still...nothing. Not for at least a hundred yards from the bay. They found a sealed door, and for only a moment...there was a blip of something on the scan. Only however, for a split second. Then, it vanished.

Behind the door, there was a clatter.

"What the hell was that?" Hughes offered, looking at Amarik, then to the others.

"Eyes on your sector. Tucker, you do not get into trouble, got it? We lose you, we lose the charges if we need to run. Hughes, open it manually." She posted up in front of the door. Moments later, the door began to open, slowly. Each pump of the lever that hughes produced, inched it further open. What was inside however, made Valyn stop in her tracks. The room was enveloped in a dim, blue light. There were several bodies in the corners, split from end to end with fungus and strange spores pouring from their open body cavity. In the center of the junction they'd uncovered, were two individuals. Two individuals who were in the throws, with the tattered remains of Starfleet uniforms draped over their intertwined bodies. "What in the-" She muttered, and both of their attention shifted to the door.

"Oh shit." She dove forward into the chamber. "Cover!" She screamed, and immediately began to offer covering fire of her own. "This is Amarik, we already have contact!" She called over the comms, voice staticy and interlaced with the telltale sound of weapons fire. One of them fell quickly. The other was much faster. He was a Vulcan male, and he looked to be in a blood fury. He charged Valyn at top speed, and slammed a fist against her rifle, sending it skittering across the floor. The fire from her own comrades had ceased. She and the Vulcan were too close, and dancing around one anothers touch. "Just fucking shoot!" She shouted, as he ducked. A single shot rang out, and he fell. The bolt had flown directly over Valyn's head and intersected with the tall Vulcans throat. In the doorway, Hughes stood with a smoking rifle...and was shaking.

"I-I-I-" Hughes stammered for a moment, "I got him. I didn't shoot you did I?" He swallowed and lowered the rifle slowly.

In response, Valyn shook her head and began to approach her team.

As she moved within feet of them though, there was another figure in the junction. This one, fully clothed but she was laughing...maniacally. Slowly, Valyn turned her head. The instant she locked eyes on the charged.
[ Lt. Asra Tek | Science Labs| Vector 2 On Tour| USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Number6

Asra smiled at the compliment, mentally noting down the comment that followed. She was pretty sure that Vanya was definitely trying to allude to something here, especially with everything said previously. Needing to wear a daystrom shirt also points to the fact that it was not a regualr Starfleet debrief. Other than a look of curious interest on her face however most of this was internalised, Asra was not about to come right out and ask if her CO was an android. But she would look up her file later. The brief silence that followed led to Asra lifting her arm to glare at her empty pad and hide her smal blush at the thought of Vanya naked beofre giving a strong nod to her suggestion " Yes please, it would be a good place to start".

Asra followed Vanya down the corridors eye's mostly fixed on her face to show attention except for the occasional glance forward to not walk into anyone or thing. Giving a small smirk at the humour Asra responded in a low calm voice," I can only imagine how hard it has been for this crew, anything to help them feel at home is good".

As soon as the two were comfortably ensconsed in the turbolift Asra's eyes were glued to Vanya as she skipped the rest of the small talk to get to one of the most pressing questions that the her CO must have. Taking a moment Asra bit her lip before responding " I am comfortable in working on board this ship to any means that ensures the freeing of the Federation from the parasites that seem to control it.. Asra paused for another moment before taking a deep breath " That being said if our path leads us to need to kill large numbers of Starfleet pesonal or Federation civillians in any aspect that is not self defence I may have to reconsider my position aboard. I hope this doesn't cause you any distress or make my presence aboard undesirable?" Asra was resonably certain that nothing she had said would be unexpected to the lieutenant but she still nervously glanced between her and the floor looking for a reaction.
CPO Victor vanVinter | Spearhead Lounge | Deck 14 | Vector 01} attn: @Scavenger01

Victor laughed sotto voce after he finished with his meal and his ramble. He looked at the woman with an apologetic expression on his scarred visage and sat back contentedly, shaking his head with amusement.

"I apologize Asra, and I tend to ramble and take multiple conversational threads. So I apologize for bouncing from one topic to the next. I swear I'm not trying to drive you insane by having to track multiple conversations in one interaction. But I don't know much about the QSD myself. All I know is that we didn't have it when we left spacedock. It's something we picked up along the way." Victor grimaces slightly at that, he'd need to look into it more, but it wasn't a high priority.

He looked at Asra dumbly regarding the talk of warp field dynamics, he understood its basics, but on a large scale, it was too complicated for him. "You're right about that, I used to be the Engine's guy on the Thunderchild, and I'm used to much smaller warp fields. I can't wrap my head around anything this big, much less variable geometry. All I know is, I never want to be near the field coils in bare skin or just my uniform."

"Scotty, though, that was an interesting guy, and his career got away from him. If that man had anything to do with the Constellation, though, he deserves a swift kick. I've never served on one of those, which I count myself thankful for. I've heard horror stories from the engineering crew on those. Frankly, I'm glad they're scrapping them. Not like the Constitution, though. Now that's a ship that we'll keep remaking. It's a solid spaceframe and a very traditional design. Between those, the Excelsiors and the Akiras, we have enough utility. Sure, you'll have your armchair Captains down a gravity well that say that the old ones are the best, and they'll trot out Admiral Kirk and talk about what giving up the chair lost him. and maybe that's true, but you don't get to live forever. Everyone gets old, slow, and fat in the end, and let's face it, Kirk enjoyed his fair share of leisure." Victor gave a twisted smile at that, chuckling politely at that. Yes, he had just called Kirk 'old and fat' something that probably deserved to get him a punch somewhere down the line.

"Anyway, no, I'm not after any particular stories; it's just that I haven't met too many Trill. So I don't exactly know if it's polite to call you Asra, or if I should be calling you Tek. I'm not about to ask for old war stories or anything like that. Prophets know I have enough of my own that keep me awake at night." Victor frowned then, wearing the truth of that statement on his face metaphorically and literally. He went silent for a moment regarding his cybernetic hand then, tapping a finger on the top of the table, listening to the dull metallic clicking of the textured surface against the table. Victor had some issues that he mostly had under control, but even the gregarious man suffered his melancholy moments from time to time.
CM 1 Nara Nueva | 0745 | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | Department Head Quarters | attn: @Number6

Vanya's reaction to her research was about what she had expected, unfortunately, and she grimaces slightly at her research getting sent up to the Captain, but that might work out for the best in his particular case. Still, it would go nowhere if she didn't bring up the critical point. The carefully planned move had gone awry. She should have seen these consequences coming, her research taken from her for the second time in her career. There was only one option left, and candor could not be planned out.

"Lieutenant, I have already suffered the consequences of engaging in that research. It's why I was here on Qo'nos, as far from any research posting as possible. But I would ask that you take a close look at the last few pages. Everything before is theories on how it works and affects organic matter, all of what we confirmed from information gathered after Shinzon's coup. But the final few pages are my theories on how to shield against it. I had moved to practical testing under secured conditions at the Daystrom Institute. I believe that my work on shielding against it shows promise, and I would suggest that you suggest that Captain Ives pay attention to it." Nara's voice was polite and even, though a bit of urgency had crept its way into her cadence, her words coming quicker and nearly into a giant run-on sentence in places. She dearly wanted to be helpful, and her research into this energy that the Romulans had so effectively weaponized was probably the only foot in the door she had.

"I realize that my research will give them ammunition against us, me even being on board very well might. But I believe that this research was illegal to prevent us from developing countermeasures against it like I was trying to do. With the evidence Captain Ives has shown revealing the nature of the infestation and how they're controlling different factions across the quadrant, I believe it is reasonable to assume research into and protection against Thalaron radiation made illegal by the Parasites. After all, you can only protect against a weapon by knowing how it works. Anyway, yes, this is why I got demoted from Lieutenant Junior Grade, but I happened to be right, so Starfleet sent me to Qo'nos doing data analysis."  Nara shrugged slightly at that, still retaining her more formal posture. She'd finally run the other things that Vanya had said through her mind, and a frown turned her lips down, her brow furrowing in concentration.

"I think I remember hearing those rumors at the Academy. I think I remember some of the Junior classmen calling one of their own 'android.' I'm surprised to learn there was any truth to that, but there are always assholes. It being true or not, and there was no excuse for that." Nara frowns again, thinking that Vanya did look vaguely familiar. Nara might have even had some classes together with Vanya since they were only a year apart in their Academy years.

"If there's one thing we both learned in the Academy, it is how to work as part of a crew. I'll undertake whatever tasks you assign to me with my full drive and dedication. Now, Shall we go to the lab? I don't know if I even have access, Starfleet was rather through in barring me from any scientific facilities after my 'court-martial.'" Her tone of voice was dry and adopted a precise professional tone of voice even then. Nara was done relaxing and letting herself slip into anything more casual. The Scientist wanted to prove that she was still worthy of wearing the uniform. She'd certainly gone off script, mildly surprised about a potentially shared past.
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I just want to apologize to everyone who is waiting on me to post. Between school and some issues going on with my family, it has been rather busy on my end. I will hopefully get to some posts in the next few days.

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Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 01 [1900 hrs] New Arrivals
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[ Lt. Vanya | 1930 hrs | Transporter Room| Vector 2 Deck 12| USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Scavenger01

Vanya had to repress a smirk at the sight of Tek in her civilian attire.  Given her own preference for nudity in her off hours, it would certainly raise an eyebrow or two if shed reported in naked.  She allowed herself a moment to reflect on the chaotic First Contact Day party she attended all those years ago. 

"Nice look"  She said to the trill.  Looking at the T-Shirt she was wearing, she allowed herself a small chuckle.  "Oh I remember a time at the Institute when a nervous lab hand was insisting I put that thing on before my first Starfleet Debrief.  I don't think I did ever put one on..." 

She allowed the thought to hang in the air.  She would expect Tek, and all of her new team to be professional of course, however there was nothing wrong with proving that she wasn't an unfeeling machine and really did have a fine appreciation for informality in the correct place. 

"Science labs?" Vanya said to start with.  She gestured back toward the turbolift. 

"We do try to keep things Starfleet around here as much as possible."  Vanya said as they walked down the corridor.  She tried her best to convey authority and dignity while at the same time projecting a sense of geniality.  He allowed her left arm to hang loosely at her side, while the PADD was tugged in her right.    "I think it's probably one of the few connections we have to life before everything went south.  That doesn't mean to say that we cut the odd corner here and there, but its usually in the best interest of the mission.    But we aren't a crew of bickering cutthroats" She stopped for a moment and thought of some of the rumours and stories she had heard before and during her time on the ship.  "Well, most of us anyway"   

The doors opened and she stepped in.  She bit her lip nervously, as the discussion about general ship's protocol seemed to lead to a natural subject.  "If we had any doubts about you, you wojuldnt be here, and I am looking forward to working with you.  That being said, I need to know how you feel if we ever find ourselves in direct conflict with Starfleet or its allies?"   
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 06 [1700 hrs.] The Dance
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[ Lt. JG Logan Hale, callsign "Wraith" | Holodeck 5 | Deck 21 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @BipSpoon @Tae @Stegro88 @Auctor Lucan @P.C. Haring @Ellen Fitz @uytrereee 
Logan laughed at Reggie's comment and imagined the Betazoid headbutting a full-grown Klingon and then, as one would expect, staggering back in a daze. The whole thing was probably roughly comparable to insects hitting the windshield of a fast ground vehicle and bursting there. It was not a pleasant feeling and the pilot remembered what it was like when he had tried it himself once. It had been a female Klingon, but that was all he needed. Logan had a headache for days afterwards. In his ears, he could still hear the laughter of the Klingon woman who was happy at the time that someone was finally giving her something like a halfway decent fight. He wondered what his chances were today, now that his cranial structure had been updated, and he wondered what had become of her. Maybe he should take a chance and look for her while he was so close to Qo'noS?

"Been there, done that." the pilot then said, amused, and continued to tease. "Had been surprisingly easy. So, my chances shouldn't be too bad."
Logan was looking forward to just enjoying the evening. He and his best friend were having fun. It felt good to unwind after all the stress. The mood of the two men was boisterous and relaxed. The pilot grabbed a beer from the tray of one of the waiters and another for his best friend. He briefly asked around if anybody else wanted something to drink as well and passed a drink to everyone who agreed as well.

"That's the first round, Zeke. You give the next one."
"You're very welcome," the other human said with a broad smile on his features.
"How about you, Reggie?" asked Logan then turning to the other pilot. "Are you still fighting tonight or are you giving yourself..." he winked at her teasingly. "...content with the sight of sweaty male bodies."

"Well, I'm perfectly content with the latter." declared Ezekiel Jackson, his smile now rather insinuating. His former RIO's gaze roamed the hall, lingering on many toned bodies. Logan didn't need to be telepathic to know what was going on in his friend's head. He winked at him and laughed. The pilot then shook his head and turned back to Reggie.

Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day - 5 [1430 hrs.] Something in the Ale
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 Lt Arven Leux | Breshanti Colony | Suspect Brewery | @Pierce @RyeTanker @UltimaImperatrixia @SummerDawn

Arven took all of this in stride as best he could. His eyebrow knit together then, pursing his lips tightly. The news wasn't good, and the mission quickly went to hell. If the virus had already infected the team, this wouldn't end well. Arven made a decision and sighed heavily then.

"Lieutenant Chambers, It is my advice that we have someone return to the Robinson to program in a 'quarantine return' protocol. Once we board the shuttle we should program it not to take commands or input except return to the Theurgy. More importantly, I don't have enough anesthetic to sedate Klingons engaged in that activity. I have plenty for half that number with injection. And if we wanted to do aerosol dispersal? I don't have even half of what I would need to make that work." Arven points to the monitor screen and sighs.  It took a few moments to come with what he should say next, and he didn't like where this mission might end.

"Ethically, we should sterilize the facility with the Klingon's help and be here to get 'sterilized' ourselves. So I'm hoping that we're just affected by spores and not the virus. If that infects us, then we're screwed, so with respect to Cir'Cie, I'm going to hope that we're not wholly infected yet. If we are, then after the mission is complete, we need to die to prevent us from infecting anyone else. But we need to stop the production of the virus first. anyone that does get fully infected need to be neutralized immediately." Arven sighs a little at that,  tapping his chin while trying to figure out how they could neutralize the Klingons. His brow knit in frustration then, chewing on her lip slightly. He still seemed distracted, looking at the others with thoughts going through his mind about what the others would look like undressed.

"Well, I don't have enough, but maybe the shuttle has enough anesthetzine? No, that won't work." Arven's voice trails off, sighing heavily, realizing the problem with that course of action almost immediately. Arven realized the problem the very moment that he was proposing the idea. All of what he'd brought was designed for injection, and any aerosol dispersal wouldn't work.

"We'll have to leave the Klingons to their 'fun' then, I suppose. We don't have options for that many in a space that size, not without all of us getting fucked in the process. We could waste our time attacking them, but that wouldn't end well either." A slight smirk tugged at the corner of his lips then, even as he made the terrible pun. Arven looks to Chambers and the rest of the away team with a shrug of his shoulders.

"If I had anything in my inventory that bonds with ethanol, so we don't..." The red hyposprays, the ones filled with the euthanasia agent he'd brought with him. He doesn't pull the caps off, but he does hold them out. Looking to Lieutenant Chambers, Arven sighs heavily. The Trill wasn't sure if he wanted to propose this option, but he didn't have much choice in the matter.

"Tetranatraxalon, it's lethal to Klingons. I brought it along because there are always some people that can't be saved. Sometimes the ethical option is to end a life. It bonds with just about everything, and the dosage only has to be incredibly small. I think If we can isolate the fire suppression system in the room, they're all in.. I'll need Lieutenant Kala's help getting it into the fire suppression system." Arven trails off, unable to find a polite euphemism for killing every Klingon in the facility. His tone of voice had gone distant, and Arven wore a haunted look just then, even proposing the idea took him to places he didn't want to be. His gaze locked on Lieutenant Chambers. It would be up to Chambers as the mission commander if he wished to Arven to do this.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 07 [0900 hrs.] Taking Flight
Last post by Eden -
Lt. JG Callax Valin | Squadron Briefing Room | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SaraKnight @Tae
"Corsair it is though let us keep the piracy to a minimum in the Qo'noS system," Callax said with a wry grin though he did glance in Amissa's direction at the mention of piracy. Orions had a reputation that was not undeserved. "Though, for all we know they might consider it the act of a warrior and offer a commendation. Hard to tell with Klingons." He shrugged and placed the PADD back on the podium.

"To answer your question, Corsair, we'll be shooting at harmless rocks. No risk to the population and Qui'Tu should handle anything larger than a replicator that remains, as you mentioned. Exercise will be phasers only." He cracked the smallest of grins. "After all, we do not want to accidentally cause a diplomatic incident. Now suit up, we only have a narrow flight window."

With the briefing concluded, Callax turned to depart. He entered the locker room and entered the access code on the lockers to retrieve his exosuit. Stripping down to his undergarments, he folded his uniform neatly before pulling on the bulky exosuit. Each joint was tested for flexibility and a quick diagnostic run to ensure all features were running smoothly. Content with the condition, he grabbed his helmet and walked out onto the flight deck.

There was something different about the recycled air on a flight deck that Callax found comforting. As he stepped out into the hangar he took in a deep breath of air to further take in the mood. It was addictive and one of the things he loved about flying.

A short walk later and he was at his Valkyrie, climbing into the cockpit. As the electronics blinked on his helmet HUD activated and synced with the fighter. This would be one of his first flights using the updated interface and he took an extra moment to situate himself, mindful of the clock. Once content, the canopy was closed and the engines hummed to life. He waited for the all clear before slowly accelerating out of the hangar bay and into the expanse of space.

[ Wolf-09. Comms check. ]
Lt. Vanya | 0745 | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | Department Head Quarters | attn: @Tae

Thaleron Radiation.  Vanya hoped that it would be months, years, if ever she heard that particular form of radiation mentioned again.  It had cost the life of her mentor as an Android, and it had been the cause of her last mission, that had resulted in death and injury.  She flicked through the notes.  The formulae were familiar, and from what she could tell there were some interesting starting ooints, but at the end of the day, it was just too dangerous. 

And yet

With the danger that they were facing, the hidden foe, Vanya knew that it didn't hurt to have some help. 

"I am afraid that If we were still part of Starfleet, at least if Starfleet wasn't under the control of dangerous parasites, I would either have to report this now and clap you in irons or..."  she paused as she closed the binder "...or I would be under arrest myself."  She gestured for the crewman to enter the room.  She eased herself down on the couch and  set the closed folder down.   She rested her long fingertips on the folder and tented them above it. 

"Fortunately for you we are not exactly Starfleet.  The day may come when we are.  And there will be some Admiral, or Senator, annoyed that we are looking like heroes, and while they might be innocent of the crimes of the enemy, they are butt hurt that their law and order failed, and will want to come down on us.  Just having this research could give them ammunition. "

Vanya looked up at the crewman stood at attention.  Her age, her bearing and her presentation suggested that she could have been a peer of Vanya's.  Everything except for the black stylised recantagle on the collar, where Vanya had two gold circles. 

And yet.   

"Crewman, we aren't entirely different.  I'm an android, a Romulan Android, a Romulan Android that was designed to kill people the Tal'Shiar didn't like.    I was given free will by my creator, and when the project that I was part of was um, discontinued, she sent me to Federation space.  Once I proved I wasn't the worst infiltration scheme in history, I chose to join Starfleet" 

Her full red lips twitched at the discussion of her difficult days at the Academy.  "Despite graduating near the top of my class, no one trust me  I was appointed as a data analyst on the Morsaka Array.  I had to live with things for a long while."

She picked up the binder.  "This will be your chance  At the moment I am still getting a handle on my predecessors work.  Until then I will need you to support the rest of the team.    I will discuss this with the Captain - if and only if - they agree, I will discuss your research with them.  Until then I am going to keep this sealed up, if anyone tries to access it, the work will be destroyed.  And I must ask you not to recreate it.  Can you do that? "