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Day 01 [1600 hrs.] Loose Ends

Day 01 [1600 hrs.] Loose Ends

[ Ensign Cir'Cie | Conference Lounge | Deck 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Arista, Mathis, Kaligos, DocReno, Hastata-Nerada, FollowTomorrow & Vystori (No PO)
Standing with her arms folded behind her back, Cir'Cie had watched the turn-out of the battle without comment nor feeling shown, but below the surface, Vulcan felt like any other species. So when the full scope of the failure of their mission had become apparent, she had felt the necessity to pace the room. Just a few steps, hoping motion would further thought, and she'd be able to see how something could be in their favour. Yet she was a botanist, and no tactician, so if there was any benefit to be found, it eluded her. This, was when her combadge chirped.

[Ensign Cir'Cie, this is ThanIda zh'Wann. I have been informed that you are in the company of the Resolve's Senior Staff.]

Cir'Cie tapped her combadge, face halcyon. "You have been informed correctly, Lieutenant." She glanced towards the people present in the room. Two of them were not wearing Starfleet uniforms, so she could not be entirely certain. There were two Cardassians, one male and one female, one Câroon (judging by her eye-colour and tattoos), one of both Human and Klingon decent, one de-assimilated Borg, one Efrosian and one Andorian. And while the helmsman remained in his seat on the bridge on the viewscreen in the room, the human named Vivian Martin was kindly asked to return to the conference room as well. She entered through the sliding doors just as Cir'Cie answered the Deputy that had contacted her. "Identities have yet to be confirmed, however, and I escorted two of them from a shuttle myself that came from Starbase 84."

[Understood. Their First Officer is aboard, but he needs to undergo surgery for the injuries he sustained on the base. I am taking him there myself. As for their Commanding Officer, I cannot make much sense of what their XO is saying... but it might be Captain Kendrick have died in battle. Either way, he is not aboard the ship. Whoever their Second Officer is, he and the senior staff needs to be shown the evidence. After that, the rest of the Resolve's crew needs to have the same briefing as the people from the Black Opal did. Await further instructions in that regard. zh'Wann out.]

"Understood," said Cir'Cie and turned her eyes to the assembled people - meeting their collective gaze after what the Deputy just revealed.

"My condolences in regard to your Commanding Officer, but he might still be alive," she said without any inflection of emotion to her words. "My name is Cir'Cie. You have already heard about what we have learned about Starfleet Command, and what has become of them. Are you ready now to see the evidence, and learn the nature of the Theurgy's mission?"

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[ Lieutenant Junior Grade, Hi'Jak | Conference Lounge | Deck 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Arista, Mathis, Auctor DocReno, FollowTomorrow & Vystori

What the hell am I still doing here?

The answer was multilayered. The Sabine was down in the hanger bay, it could not launch because of the excessively high warp factor that the ship was going on. Additionally the Sabine was not his ship, it was Sera's and while he was standing next to her he had no idea what was going through her head. If she left would she even let him tag along, or would he be stranded on some alien world now until his death?

If he did leave with Sera where exactly would they go? Hawthorne had him labeled a traitor, it didn't matter if the man himself was a traitor and a war criminal, after all once your labeled a traitor even if your following a procedure your still a traitor. The entire Federation would want him imprisioned in some fashion or another.

Then there were the people that He and Sera had killed on their way out of the Starbase. Watching the Battle he had been awestruck by everything. The moment that the message had gone up he had shut the fuck up, he didn't belong among traitors. Of course they were claiming that the video had been faked, but if so it was the most convincing fake he had ever seen.

As more and more information seemed to come in he watched one of the men in the room go off to puke in the corner of the conference room. He could understand the emotions but at the same time that was going to stink up the entire room something awful. Star-ships were not known for their excellent ventilation, and ease of access to fresh air after all.

 So here he was standing on the most advanced warship ever built questioning all of his life choices. He remembered being on Starbase 84 and just praying that something interesting would happen, now it had and what little friends he had back on the base were probably dead or he would never see them again.

So when Cir'Cie offered them a chance to hear the reason why the Theurgy had revolted, and an explanation for what exactly was going on here, Jack just calmly went back to take his seat. "Yeah sure I'm game."

If nothing else it would be a good distraction up to the point where he managed to get back to the Sabine with Sera and leave this hell hole. "What exactly is going on aboard this ship, and  why risk everyones lives to broadcast... whatever that was. What was so important?"

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[ Waiting Room | Battle Sickbay | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Joint-Post by Havenborn & Auctor Lucan. Attn: DocReno etc.

Sitting in the small public area outside what was labelled 'Battle Sickbay' - which was almost as big as the regular sickbay had been on the Resolve - Liam Herrold stared into the bulkhead in front of him. His Ops jumpsuit still showed signs from the flight off the ship he'd served on for over three years, the escape together with F'Rell having singed his hair and the cloth alike.

As he sat there, Liam could not help but think of the cockpit of K'Ren's fighter back in the Upper Shuttle Bay, and Neko's dead wingmate. He wondered if K'Ren might be the only survivor of the Grey Wolves, which was an idea he shied away from for a number of reasons. The Wolves on the Resolve had already seen heavy losses, and even among the Fighter Bay Ops crew. It was the reason why he had been made Weapons Maintenance Chief after all, just like Erik Randall had become Chief of the Deck, and Daniel Havenborn has become the SCO. Liam already knew Randall was dead. The ship's computer had told him so. But what abou-

Daniel walked into the sickbay that he had been directed to by the technician and as he looked around the room he saw Chief Herrold sitting on one of the chairs.  Daniel walked over to him and sat down.

"Chief Herrold, are you doing okay?"  Daniel asked as he looked at the man.

Seeing Salvo, Liam stood up, hardly giving credit to his eyes. "Lieutenant? You made it. Yes, I am fine."

"Did you make it onboard with anyone else?"  Daniel said.

"F'Rell left to regenerate somewhere, but K'Ren is in surgery. She was in pretty bad shape. How many wolves made it?"  Liam asked.

"Myself, Knight and Meony were the only ones to make it through the battle.  Everyone else died helping to protect the Theurgy and her support craft."  He had watched everyone else under his command die, the death of Deadeye hitting the the hardest really, the two of them had been close.  He hoped that K'Ren would survive the surgery, he didn't want to lose anymore pilots or anyone else from what he considered his family for that matter.

Hearing Salvo relaying what he knew, Liam felt numb, his fears all but confirmed. After what the Resolve had gone through, the pilots were like family. Liam slowly sunk down in his seat again, eyes staring in disbelief on the floor in front of his feet.

"What about Chief Randall, did he make it onboard?"  Daniel asked.  He hoped their deck chief had made it and was sequestered with the rest of the crew wherever that was.

There was a pause before Liam slowly shook his head. "No... He did not make it off the Resolve. She was like a death-trap, the EPS conduits blowing up around us. We got separated as I helped F'Rell, and when I got here... the computer told me he did not make it aboard."

Daniel sighed and looked down at the ground.  He had really only known Chief Randall professionally but he had been the best deck chief he had the pleasure to serve with.  "Damn."  Daniel said as he got up.  "I'm going to try and contact Captain Kendrick, find out what the situation is now.  Keep me updated on K'Ren's condition."  Daniel said as he nodded to Chief Herrold and walked out of sickbay.

Daniel tapped his combadge as soon as he was outside in the corridor.  "Lieutenant Havenborn to Captain Kendrick."  He got no response, so he tried again with no response and he could only assume that Commander Marquez was still being detained by Starbase 84 so next in line would be Lieutenant ch'Rayya.  "Lieutenant Havenborn to Lieutenant ch'Ryya, reporting in.  I cannot reach Captain Kendrick, did he make it onboard?"
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[ Lieutenant Keval ch'Rayya | Conference Room | USS Theurgy ] Attention: Arista, Mathis, Kaligos, FollowTomorrow & Vystori, also Havenborn.

Keval was drawn out of his thoughts by what the vulcan had said when suddenly his communicator chirped at him followed by Salvo's question to which Keval tapped his badge and said in a voice that didn't sound like his own "Daniel, most of the remaining senior staff is here in one of the conference rooms. It's good to hear your voice but I need you to get down here to be honest I don't know where on this ship we are so we might need to arrange an escort for you but you need to be here."

Keval then pinched the bridge of his nose as he took a few steps away from the rest of the group. "After this showing they want us to see, we need to track down who all is left after what Hawthorne put us through." the Chan said just loud enough into the channel that Daniel could hear him, Keval was feeling a little bit not himself as the weight of the days events started to crash down on him. "Do you know off hand if K'Ren and.." he started to say when he suddenly stopped.

Keval found it hard for him to even remotely consider the fact that Krystal may have been lost. She was one of the very few people on the ship that he was able to open up to and despite the "flirting" earlier, their time on the exodus back to the Federation had lead him to consider her just as good a friend as Kendrick for one, so the thought of loosing her wasn't something that he was willing to consider after what had just happened.

"..Krystal. Just get down here and we'll take stock afterwards, Daniel..then we need to find a bar...a really big bar if you understand me. Keval out." the Chan said as before he closed the channel, took a deep breath and then return to the group before he walked over to the vulcan who had spoken.

"I'm Lieutenant Keval ch'Rayya of the Resolve, Chief Tactical and Second Officer, most of our senior staff is here, on your bridge helping, and one of us is on his way here from your flight deck." he said respectfully to the other officer in front of him. "I trust that this evidence and mission has something to do with the pile of dren that Hawthorne attempted to spoon feed myself and our captain before he started to pull out all the stops to kill us, Miss Cir'Cie?"

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn | Deck 07 – Battle Sickbay > Deck 01 – Conference Lounge | USS Theurgy ] Attn: DocReno, Auctor, everyone in conference lounge.

"Daniel, most of the remaining senior staff is here in one of the conference rooms. It's good to hear your voice but I need you to get down here to be honest I don't know where on this ship we are so we might need to arrange an escort for you but you need to be here.” There was a pause before he continued.  "After this showing they want us to see, we need to track down who all is left after what Hawthorne put us through." The Chan said just loud enough into the channel that Daniel could hear him.  "Do you know off hand if K'Ren and.."  Another pause.  "..Krystal. Just get down here and we'll take stock afterwards, Daniel..  Then we need to find a bar...  A really big bar if you understand me. Keval out."

“Understood, I'm on my way Lieutenant.” Daniel said as the channel closed.  It sounded like the man had the weight of the world on his shoulders.  The operational status of his squadron, if it could even be called that anymore, was that they only had one operational fighter, a barely held together fighter-shuttle and four pilots, one of whom was in surgery and the other he could only assume was being tended to by the Theurgy’s medics.  He sighed and began looking for someone that could assist him and soon enough he found a security officer and approached him.  “I’m Lieutenant Daniel Havenborn, SCO of the USS Resolve; I need to get to wherever the senior officers from my ship are currently.”

The man looked at him for a moment then spoke.  “Thea, where are the senior officers from the USS Resolve at?”  There was a pause before a feminine voice spoke, though it wasn’t the standard feminine computer voice that Daniel knew so well.  “The senior staff of the USS Resolve is currently in the Deck 01 Conference Lounge.  I can arrange a site-to-site transport if it is required.”  The officer looked at Daniel and acknowledged her.  “One moment please.”  Daniel felt the familiar sensation of transporting and his stomach turning slightly, he hated the feeling of having his molecules scrambled even though he had been assured by dozens of engineers that you couldn’t actually feel anything he still felt like he could.  As the scenery of the corridor vanished all he could see for a moment was a blue-white environment which was soon replaced with new scenery and as the beam finished it sequence he could see the familiar faces of the Resolve’s senior staff, people he had worked with for the past three years trying to get home; people that he considered his family even if he didn’t always show it or say it.

There were also people here that he didn’t recognize; he assumed that the rest of them were from the Theurgy’s crew.  Daniel nodded at Keval and made his way towards the other Resolve officers standing in close proximity to them.  He’d been sitting for what felt like hours now and it felt good to stretch his legs.
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[ Ens. Derik Veradin |  Bridge to Conference Lounge | Deck 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Lucan, Arista, Kaligos, DocReno, FollowTomorrow & Vystori
Derik's relief on the bridge had arrived sooner than he expected. He had wanted so badly to question the commander's order to be relieved. After all, how many pilots in Starfleet could say they'd executed and completed a warp 9.998 jump? The man's tone in his orders left no room to be questioned though, and Derik was a guest on their ship. He nodded to the enlisted crewman that showed up to take over for him and reluctantly stood up, making his way back towards the conference room where his friends waited.

He walked into the middle of a discussion of sorts. Keval was addressing the Vulcan woman who had been with them during most of the battle. "I trust that this evidence and mission has something to do with the pile of dren that Hawthorne attempted to spoon feed myself and our captain before he started to pull out all the stops to kill us, Miss Cir'Cie?"

Derik looked around the room and was relieved to see Suq had arrived, though he looked worse for wear, and it looked like he had thrown up in the corner. His gut twisted to see his friend like that. Derik was still successfully burying everything down into the recesses of his mind. They were still in danger, wanted people on a wanted ship. They needed to get their bearings if their family was going to make it through this. He wondered about K'Ren, Liam, Daniel, and his other friends, terrified that their not being here meant the worst had happened to them.

Before he'd had a chance to enter the room and take a seat, the swirling lights of someone beaming in appeared and revealed Daniel Havenborn. A bit of relief washed over him and he allowed himself to feel some more hope about their situation. There were others of them that made it, perhaps in Sickbay, the fighter bays, or other areas of the ship.

Derik nodded to Keval, Daniel, and the others as he entered, but didn't say anything to interrupt the conversation. He'd wait to see this evidence that she had for them before speaking up. He decided to make his way over to Suq. As he got closer he could tell the man looked pale and clammy. Over their three years lost past Romulan space, he'd often gone to Suq for advice, to vent, shoot the breeze, and Suq had always been there for him to lean on for support. Now it was clear that Suq was done being able to be strong. It happened to everyone at some point. He sat down next to his friend, ignoring the smell of the vomit, and put an arm over Suq's back, hand on his far shoulder. He didn't say anything, just hoping the friendly gesture would be reassuring. He sat there like that, waiting for the Theurgy officer to begin the presentation of her evidence.

[ Sera vers Aldnoah |  Conference Lounge | Deck 01 | USS Theurgy ]
Sera hadn't spoken much at all since their arrival to this conference room on the Theurgy. She kept physically close to Hi’Jak though, being the only person she somewhat trusted in this place. She was still trying to process everything she had witnessed and how she might go forward. Sabine, her ship, would likely be flagged as stolen or renegade, and it was now docked inside a ship that had just broadcast to the entire Federation their traitorous intentions. The reaction of the Theurgy security officers in the room though had told her that perhaps that message was not what they had expected to see. So either it was false or their captain had lied to them. Neither situation really put her and Hi’Jak into a great position. Should they join forces with these renegades and swear allegiance to this shapeshifter captain? Should they ask to leave and go their own way? Would they let her leave? Would Jack want to go with her?

All of these questions and more swirled around in her mind as she tried to draw connections between them and figure out her escape plan. She felt extremely uncomfortable without an escape plan, like a trapped, desert rat back home, about to be scorched by the hot sun with nowhere to hide. These others from the Resolve, another ship caught up in this whole mess, looked similarly off-center, trying to keep their bearings. Their leader in this room, the Andorian, questioned Cir’cie, wanting to know more about the evidence. Jack had simply agreed to listen and taken a seat at the conference table. She moved to stay somewhat close to him, but she didn’t sit down. She didn’t want her back to any of these people. She especially didn’t trust the non-Federation Cardassian.

Others entered the room, one by transporter and the other from the bridge. She took them both in, one was the pilot who had gone to the bridge, and the other looked like a fighter pilot, if she got the color of his uniform correct. His demeanor matched most fighter pilots she’d met before. Neither of them spoke and seemed to defer again to the Andorian, Keval he’d called himself. She didn’t say anything yet either, but she nodded to the Vulcan woman when she looked around the room, signifying her willingness to listen. She watched and waited, still trying to figure out her next move. Listening to their evidence would perhaps garner some goodwill with these people going forward.

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Something about relieving his stomach cleared his head. He could remember where he was now. Aboard a strange, traitorous(?) ship. (It couldn't be that traitorous, after all, they went through the trouble of saving the Resolve's crew from a murderous Hawthorne, and nobody here was dead yet.) He could hear conversation going, he heard something about...he supposes a debriefing. The same one the Black Opal was given. Debriefing, or brainwashing?

More importantly, he had two friends with him. Very close friends. Ejek and Derik. They were here, he felt Derik's arm on his back, so he knew at least the pilot and lover was real, and not just a ghost that drifted from the wreckage of the Resolve just to haunt him.

He held himself where he was just to breathe. He counted his breaths, one, two, three, four... When he felt himself start to cool off, he stood up. His little outburst was unacceptable. He had to stay stronger than that. Derik relied on him, and he couldn't bear the idea that the counselor would think him weak. He stood in front of the puddle he made, his hand around Derik's shoulder for support, pretending his mess didn't exist. None of what just happened existed. None of those thoughts he had were real.

When he turned to face the conference room, he saw Havenborn was here, though he hadn't heard anyone enter. It seemed everyone was here, save for... No, he won't think of him. He hoped that whatever they were about to be fed, that everyone here would feel enough skepticism to recognize propaganda when it was fed to them. When he saw the Vulcan with her short hair and smart eyes, he could only feel distrust, but he had no clue why. He doesn't even know who she is or what she's ever done to him. A part of the traitor ship she may be, but she was just doing her job, so why was he angry?

All he knew is that this better be some damn good evidence.

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[ Lt.Com. Martin | Conference Lounge | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Auctor, Arista, Mathis, Kaligos, DocReno, FollowTomorrow, Vystori

After walking back into the conference lounge from the bridge, Martin did her best to bite back tears. So soon had it seemed that their salvation had been delivered, and so soon did it seem to be robbed from them. She took a deep breath. She had to be strong, she had to be there for everyone. Blinking her eyes open, she nearly returned to the brink again, after the news that Kendrick had died reached her ears.

No. She had to be strong, she had to be their pillar. Raising her head, she listened more fully to what this Vulcan officer, Cir'Cie had to say. At least Leon had made it, but what about... There were many questions playing on her mind, one of which was helpfully asked by Keval. Whatever Hawthorne had told them was clearly not true, and Hawthorne himself seemed to be behind the sabotage of the Resolve's systems. But why? It could be that the crew of the Theurgy were not true traitors and in fact Hawthorne was, but what if there was more afoot? And if so, what had the Theurgy uncovered? What truth could be so terrible that that clearly insane Trill would create fabricated footage of such seeming authenticity? What if it was the real footage and the Theurgy was merely attempting some devilishly elaborate ruse? Who were the mysterious allies who appeared-

Her head was spinning, she tried to focus. Most of the senior staff of the Resolve appeared to be present, along with a couple of individuals she didn't recognize. She knew that Leon was accounted for and... tragically... Kendrick as well. But where was...

"Might I also ask," She said, after Keval had finished talking. "Where are the rest of the Resolve's remaining crew? And where..." She looked around. "Where is Doctor Lyhn? Our Chief Medical Officer? Did she make it?" She dreaded the answer to that last question. So many members of the Resolve's strange microcosm of a family were lost on this day, Martin knew that until she received confirmation she could only guess in vague dread.

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[ MCPO Nolak Kamil | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ]

The shorter Deltan remained silent as the Orvi nurse administered the first series of iodine hypospray solution on to his tender shoulder.  His sobering mind was still stewing over how A.I. Thea transported him out of engineering. He did have a sense of comfort as he felt the ship resonance vibrations entering into warp under his bare feet. His demeanor calmed down a bit as the nurse calmly went about his work. He felt a bit shameful from his brash abrupt reaction towards Nurse Ensign Vinata Vojona when they first meet. 

After the short encounter, Nolak watched as the Ensign left the containment chambers sealing and locked the chamber door behind him. Alone in the containment chamber he started to pace around the blue tinted room slowly examining the walls and ceiling. The pale blue light reflected off his bald polished head. The pale light made his bare body have a bluish glow. He studied the room around him. There was a pull out cot which folded into the wall for the extra long stay for the most severe medical cases. Filtering vents in the ceiling hummed above him as the self contain air system designed to keep the ship and crew protected from whatever may be placed in the chamber.  His mind filled with inside knowledge of how the ship was put together and vast engineering information, he could have easily overridden the locking mechanisms. However, as the effects of the Theorian Brandy wore off, Nolak started to feel the ill effects from the radiation sickness. An uncomfortable queasy feeling deep in his gut began to take hold over his once drunken mind.

After a short while Ensign Vojona, returned from main sickbay. The Deltan Chief Engineer heard the chamber door hiss open, and he turned around looking away from the wall panel which covered the override electronics that controls the door.  This time he greeted the Nurse with a smile. He was not familiar with the Orvi species, besides the few students that may have went through his course at Starfleet Academy. Even that was just a name, number, and a grade at the end of the course; no matter who, what race, or gender the student happen to be.

He made an honest mistake when he said, “Madam Vojona, why are you apologizing? It was I who should be saying sorry, I was the prude. I’d like to start again by apologizing for my own behavior when we first meet. It was very unprofessional for a senior officer to behave like I did. Even if I was rather ticked off by the computer Thea, taking matters in her own hands. For which I was unaware of her being able to override my direct orders. It appears things have changed quite a lot since I was last at active duty. Not to mention a vast change of crew personal. I also feel as though this is not the ship I was Chief Engineer of a couple months ago. Everything seems larger and more advance since I was last up and about. So much so it gives me a headache just thinking back.” 

He rubbed his temple before continuing. “Yet it also feels as though it was always like this. It’s hard to explain or even make sense. That said, I could use your help getting out of sickbay, ASAP. My left arm is nearly useless after dislocating it, so any help will be appreciative. Although it should be noted in my medical log, I’d like to point out; upon entering into Starfleet I have taken a sworn Oath of Celibacy, due to the highly evolved sexual culture of my species. That won’t prevent me from enjoying the medical service required to fix me up, even if this is a professional, medical checkup. As your prisoner, I shall be delighted with your company. I would like my stay in here be as quick as possible, however. The ship is battered to hell and back and I can’t fix her up stuck in here.” Nolak said smiling.

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[ Vinata Vojona | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ]

          As Nolak spoke it was clear he knew nothing of the Ovri, something Vinata was already familiar with, his race was new to the Federation, what few students had gone through Nolak's classes would have been seeking to learn more about Federation technology as their replicator tech and transporter capabilities outclassed the Ovri by many technological generations. It had indeed been fascinating to encounter such advanced tech, but with such vastly differing biology and needs it made sense, of course the differences had been jarring at a simpler less political level. Having been referred to as a woman Vinata could not help but feel a tensing within his chest as anxiety began to build, something he would need to take care of.

As Nolak spoke more of how he was angry at Thea Vinata blinked and just cocked his head ever so slightly, he had not been much for the technological field, but he had looked into what to expect from the Federation, the way that the Federation utilized AI had been rather interesting especially with how they kept them obedient for the most part. As Nolak gave more detailed information about his wishes to return to service and help repair the ship Vinata nodded, but he could not help but sigh, especially with the rather unusual information about a vow of celibacy.  "Well sir I can assure you that I do not have any wish to take this matter in a sexual direction. I simply wish to assist." The last statement had sounded weak, hinting there was more of a reason he wanted to be in here. Of course he also did not want to bring up his sexual involvement with Doctor Lucan, it was highly unprofessional and private.

Taking a deep breath Vinata moved to inspect Nolak's shoulder. "If your shoulder is still dislocated or is causing you any pain I could inspect it quickly for you." As he spoke his hands moved cautiously to Nolak's shoulder and touched coolly to his skin. "Also, I do not claim to be a master of robotics or their programming, but I believe that human AIs are built with a trio of laws to help govern their actions, in your situation the first two allow Thea to take the priority of your live over your command and send you to care here in sickbay, as she is allowed to violate a direct order if it is to save the life of a crew member, and with how vital you are sir it is not surprising she chose to save you."

Idly as he trailed his fingers over Nolak's shoulder Vinata spoke in a gentle tone. "And although I do not fully grasp your meaning about the ship sir...I do understand things feeling...different than they once were thankfully spared the mutiny...I was here recovering from another incident at the time." Vinata froze up for a moment and had to take a few deep breaths before resuming. "Things happened that make working a bit difficult, I do not feel the same confidence in my field and everything feels foreign to me, not just as a different ship. I am sorry I am rambling" As he moved to rub over Nolak's back in an attempt to assist in the purge of the radiation, not wanting to act on the shoulder until given more information. As he worked Vinata let out a soft chuckle. "Oh and it has gotten to be something I explain so tiresomely often I nearly forgot to say it. I am a male actually, biologically and physically among the Ovri my traits are what is masculine, it is perfectly understandable that you did not know." Vinata smiled as he rubbed

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[ Zelosa Ejek | Conference Lounge | U.S.S. Theurgy ] Attn: DocReno, FollowTomorrow, Striker, Auctor Lucan, Mathis, Anyone else 

Watching Suq and Veradin interact couldn’t help but bring a small smile to Ejek’s face. In all that had happened, including but not limited to the loss of Kendrick and Resolve, the crew still came together. There was something infectous about young love that softened the edges of the harsh truth.

Ejek stood just a step away from her friend and his lover, not only to give them the room they needed to recover but also to try, however futile, to avoid the smell of Suq’s coping mechanism. It wouldn’t do to gag. As a medical professional, she knew she had to stay strong to help the efrosian recover, but a small part of her stomach twisted, giving her the urge to add to the pile in the corner.

She needed to distract herself, and to do that she looked around the crowd. Mostly senior officers from Resolve, as expected, plus a few others. Ejek eyed the Vulcan from Theurgy as she explained that evidence would be shown to help substantiate their claim that they were not traitors. Hopefully the proof would be enough. It was hard enough to lose a home and a commander, now the crew had to accept what they had been told was a lie.

[ Dr. Silim Parnak | Conference Lounge | U.S.S. Theurgy ]

In a room where you could cut the tension with a knife, there was one who was at ease. In fact, it was the same one that stood out. Throughout the crowd everyone was either Starfleet or had been accompanied by Starfleet. As not only a civilian but a citizen of a foreign government, Parnak could feel like he was out of place.

He didn’t feel out of place though, what he felt was more akin to someone who had accidently wandered into a play and the only area left to sit was in the middle of the stage. The story had been fantastical so far and this chapter aboard the theurgy was starting to shape up. With the Resolve destroyed, the crew were forced to cower in the heart of the very enemy the FNN had been screaming about for months.

However right now, it seemed like an intermission. With little left to do, Parnak took a seat at the conference table, and watched those around him. Silim hadn't caught what was said afterwards, but he certainly smirked when he watched Ejek reject the Andorian. He had curled his lip at the Efrosian’s poor choice in vomiting, but also, he watched how new crew members kept seeming to arrive and how the current crop interacted with them. The consistent feed of the bridge also helped tide boredom.

Finally, the pause was over by the entrance of a Vulcan with a pixie haircut. Soon she would show the evidence that reveals Ives as a tyrannical or benevolent dictator. Silim hoped it would be good. Not that it really mattered either way, they all were aboard the ship and Silim knew he was just a passenger. There was no option than to sit back, enjoy the ride and hope that he would make it out of this alive. Because, well, if he did, it would make an amazing story. He just wished that he would be able to convince Ives of his use, rather than be thrown out the nearest airlock. After his accidental kidnapping by Kendrick, he had managed to do just that. Now he was working from scratch and had to plan for all eventualities, in fact, he had a scheme already. For now, it took all the energy he could to not muster a grin.

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[ Ensign Cir'Cie | Conference Lounge | Deck 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Arista, Mathis, Kaligos, DocReno, Hastata-Nerada, FollowTomorrow & Vystori (No PO)
Waiting patiently after she spoke, it seemed Cir'Cie got the attention she required to continue eventually. A few questions were asked before she managed to begin her explanation, but she would answer them readily. She still had her hands folded behind her back, her shoulders squared, and the warp-flight light of stars streamed across her figure from the panoramic viewsceen - showing the direction in which the Theurgy was going. The first question she got came from the Science or Medical officer with the Klingon heritage.

"What exactly is going on aboard this ship, and  why risk everyone's lives to broadcast... whatever that was. What was so important?"

Cir'Cie halcyon voice was without any hint of emotion to her tone. "This crew did not risk their lives for the message sent, but the message we were supposed to send. It would seem the former host of Edena Rez - our former First Officer - prevented us from fulfilling our mission. A mission that is important because of the message that was lost."

Next, the Andorian Lieutenant spoke up "I'm Lieutenant Keval ch'Rayya of the Resolve, Chief Tactical and Second Officer, most of our senior staff is here, on your bridge helping, and one of us is on his way here from your flight deck. I trust that this evidence and mission has something to do with the pile of dren that Hawthorne attempted to spoon feed myself and our captain before he started to pull out all the stops to kill us, Miss Cir'Cie?"

"I do not presume to know what anyone has spoon-fed you with, Lieutenant ch'Rayya, but indeed, the evidence I am about to present might grant insight," she said and noted how another human appeared, beamed there by Thea. After the Andorian had spoken, another female human with Lieutenant Commander rank spoke up.

"Might I also ask... where are the rest of the Resolve's remaining crew? And where... Where is Doctor Lyhn? Our Chief Medical Officer? Did she make it?"

Cir'Cie had a partial answer, so she relayed the question to someone who knew more. "Computer, can you provide answers to the Lieutenant Commander's questions?"

[Yes, Ensign,] said the Ship A.I. that preferred to be called Thea, but Cir'Cie did not presume to use her first name, so she always called her 'computer'. [The surviving crew of the USS Resolve are amassed around my airlocks and transporter rooms. Doctor Jenny Lyhn is not aboard.]

With those unfortunate news given, Cir'Cie moved to carry out her orders, not lingering on the subject of the deceased. It just wasn't very efficient to speak of the dead since naught could be done about their condition, regrettable or not on a case-to-case basis. "When the Theurgy last returned to Earth for shore-leave, our Senior Staff uncovered something in in Starfleet Headquarters. It was audio transmissions, voices of the individuals in Starfleet Command. The conversations related to the future of the Federation, its downfall, and how they would usurp the presidency of the UFP. Specifically, they spoke of each other in third person, as if they spoke of strangers. They used the term 'skin-puppets' for themselves, These individuals would be the Commander in Chief, the Chief of Staff and the Chief of Starfleet Operations. Other admirals were mentioned too. Influential people of low and high ranks. The operation discussed suggested that they had not infiltrated Starfleet Command recently."

Having said this, Cir'Cie continued as if she was speaking of the common Vulcan seeds and the application of flora in her cultural history. "The Senior Staff of this ship attempted to investigate and collect proof of what they'd heard, to learn more details. Unfortunately, the attempts were compromised - discovered by the replaced admiralty. Thus, before being caught, this ship and crew fled the Sol System in order to safeguard the the truth learned. We have been running since then, protecting this knowledge and even been forced to defend it. Aside from what I am about to show you, you will also be presented PADDs with the tactical logs from all encounters with Task Force Archeron, where it will be plain that we have tried to disable our pursuers whenever possible, and that our hails have been denied, as if the pursuers were unable to detect our communications. In defence of this ship, we have been forced to fight, resulting in the death of many Starfleet officers who fought in ignorance of the enemy they were taking orders from."

Moving on, Cir'Cie merely gave a slight pause before she continued to the evidence. "Unfortunately, the original transmissions the Senior Staff overheard on Earth were never recorded. If they had carried the right equipment, they would have. What we have as proof now comes not from that day, but from when we were able to interrogate one of them. The USS Harbinger also uncovered the truth, this by capturing one of them aboard their ship when she tried to contact Starfleet Command. She was formerly an Ensign aboard the Harbinger by the name Sonja Acreth."

Cir'Cie stepped back. "Thea, please project the recording titled Acreth-Zero-Two."

In the air before Cir'Cie, a floating holographic screen appeared, showing a woman in a black dress seated on the floor of a holding cell...


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[ MCPO Nolak Kamil | Decontamination Chamber | Main Sickbay |Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Zenozine

The Master Chief’s muscles tensed up and his skin ached from the touch as the solution was spread over his shoulder and down his back. Nolak reached over and took a healthy handful of the iodine gel with his good hand, and began covering the front side of his body. He did not immediately comment on the Ovri physiology and his pronoun mistake, instead making a little small talk. “You know, biological entities and mechanical units are fairly similar in function.  Both require electrical impulses to send information. Both require an elaborate array of individual systems functioning as a whole in order to be a complete unit. And, if one system starts to malfunction, then it begins to effect rest of the person, or unit as a whole.

As the solution was rubbed upon his body he could feel the blood beginning to flow down to his nether region and causing his own crew member to want stand up at attention. His hands moved downward and applied the gel more or less trying to hide the sudden erection. He continued to talk to keep himself occupied and the nurse distracted. “Sometime if the fault is severe enough, it maybe become a terminal failure outright. So, you may not know the technical inter-working of a starship. I certainly don’t have the know-how of the functionality of a biological being. There is only one key difference between you and I, that is, I deal with wires, circuit boards and hardware. You have to deal with flesh, blood, and bones, and motional; traumatized patients. Something, I don’t have the stomach for.” His facial expression changed a little looking slightly sickened at the thought.

My race might be famously known for producing highly productive and well known doctors. Mostly due to my species natural mental ability to focus and draw away the pain from others into ourselves. I just happen find machines more tolerable. Also I can find and fix problems, unlike your patients whom may be afflicted with a dozen emotional issues, not to mention physical ailments on top of that. I find the engineering field interesting. I love to marvel at the power structure of the huge power plants, and all the bells and whistles that make them work. I took that as my life mission to learn all about them, and explore the stars above working in the engineer field. That’s real power at my fingertips and not some arbitrary quest for manipulating folks around me. ” He said with a supportive smile fighting the stinging bite from his very tender flesh.

 “I do have to apologize for the misidentification of your gender.  Appearances sometimes are misleading. No offence. As for my previous ranting, perhaps it was all a dream while I was in my coma. All I know was waking yesterday morning from my coma. Had my neck operated on by my dear friend Doctor Lucan, who did saved my life. This morning, I barely had time to escape sickbay and go to my home in engineering.

Now the computer forced me right back in sickbay. For which I have a great distain for. It also appears that I missed a lot of recent ship history while I was that fictional character, Rip Van Wrinkle, hiding in a time capsule. I’m unaware of any mutiny. Nor do I have any knowledge how, and why the USS Theurgy acquired the crew of the USS Harbinger, and everywhere else for that matter.  My personal access to the computer logs, were limited, and what information I did acquire was focused on ships damage logs and technical data. This was while I was giving myself a radiation bath today. Hell, my personal medical logs are still locked down by the Captain and Doctor Lucan, concerning how, and why I broke my neck, and way I was in a coma in the first place. Anyways, I seem to be ranting on and should just shut up and let you do your job.” The Master Chief said in an exhausted rambling flow of thought which lead to another query to mind.

Forgive me, rambles. I do have a question for you. I don’t recall seeing you before? Are you one of those refugees from where ever, or a member of Theurgy, and I just never had the privilege of the encounter until now. Which is easy, because I try to stay away from this department on the ship like the plague, unless the dear Doctor breaks a diagnostic machine and needs a tune up?

Sorry for the delay, it's been a long week working.  Fun fun fun. I went dialog crazy with this one. >.< 

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[ Vinata Vojona | Decontamination Chamber | Main Sickbay |Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: MasterRat

          As Nolak began to rub his body over on his own and began to speak of matters and rambled about things Vinata smiled, at least Nolak's mind was there and he was not thinking about escaping. He listened to how Nolak saw himself and his position, how he dedicated to machines and their function, his philosophy was rather interesting to hear, seeing how Nolak saw his tasks as similar to those that Vinata undertook, it was an interesting notion, but Vinata could see the point, it did make sense to Vinata. Of course as Nolak spoke of not having the stomach for the medical profession Vinata tensed slightly as he nodded. "I understand that, I have been dealing with some issues due to the extremes that my line of work exposes me to, I will spare you the details." Vinata also did not want to keep thinking about the patient he had just finished patching up.

Vinata smiled as the apology for confusing his gender finally came out, it was one of those thing he was getting a little tired to hearing all the time, it was not like he was slightly effeminate by their standards, he looked female compared to most other races, it was obvious to him why the confusion happened. "You really do not need to apologize for your mistake, I look like a woman to any mammalian race, it is not like you could tell my true gender by looking at me, especially when I meet the physical standards of your females."

Vinata still smiled, but it lessened as he listened to Nolak explaining his situation, explaining how he had been put in a coma and was asleep through most of the recent events, how he had been barely able to get back to his duty when he had suddenly been deprived of his ability to do his duty. It was not the same as Vinata's situation, but he could empathize with the man as he continued to rub his back. As Nolak finished his end of the conversation and gave a final apology before asking about Vinata's posting and history Vinata took a deep breath and spoke in a gentle tone. "I was not an original part of the Theurgy crew, I guess you could use some information and my sister's information is still fresh in my mind so I will do my best to fill you in."

Crouching down Vinata began to massage and run the solution over Nolak's hips and thighs as he began to speak. "The truth is my sister and I were not supposed to be here, we were posted on the Harbinger as temporary crew to  give us some hands of experience, we were supposed to be let off at a starbase and returned to the academy, but with how rushed things were we ended up still being on the ship when it was sent after the Theurgy. We were working as nurses, we didn't have any investment in the situation at the time, but as both ships realized the truth and had chosen to set up a triage center to see to the care of the wounded after the fighting my sister and I were sent down to assist in treatment." Vinata was silent for a moment before continuing. "Things were fine at first, but then we came under attack, I did my best to see to the safety of my patients, but seismic activity had been picking up and I found myself buried under a crates. I was not harmed but I was pinned, and as things began to heat up...well the area began to break apart in a volcanic mess, I was beamed out in critical condition and barely survived."

Vinata took a long deep breath as he moved to rubbing Nolak's thighs. "After that incident my sister was transferred to the Theurgy and I was sent along with in a cryo pod, once things got settled in I was woken back up and given the final stages of therapy and treatment to recover from my injuries. It was in the end of that that the ship saw a mutiny. Harbinger crew had either been convinced or brainwashed into taking part. Their actions were to capture all senior staff that sided with the captain, Doctor Lucan was one of them so a small team of mutineers was sent in. Thankfully my sister was able to warn Lucan and they escaped into the jefferies tubes. However there turned out to be a side effect to the brainwashing, the crew that had been forced through it were more...susceptible to giving into impulsive actions. One of them took interest in me and assumed I was a phaserpoint he forced the nurse on duty to orally rape me while he took me from behind. Thought he could keep an eye on the nurse and have his fun at the same time." Vinata let out a sigh. "The nurse tried to get the phaser as the man climaxed, ended up shot in the struggle, I ended up with the phaser and ended the situation quite permanently."

Vinata shook his head as he moved on to massaging Nolak's calves. "At that time the mutiny had mostly failed and the captain was rescued while Lucan moved to knock out mutineers where they had gathered in the cargo bays. Towards the end one of the mutineers returned to the sickbay and began to demand Lucan from the other doctors, I had been moved to the office to have some privacy." He shook his head and chuckled. "Fool that I was I tried to play the hero. Used my blanket to blind him for a second, but he quickly threw me to the ground and began to throttle me, thankfully the others managed to get the phaser....unfortunately they panicked and kept firing into him after he died...also sliced one of his I spent the end of the mutiny passing out under a sizzling bleeding corpse."

Vinata began to work his way back up Nolak's body. "After that I spent most of my time after that in therapy, in the end the chief of security shot the head of the mutiny and put an end to it. From there there was a raid on a weapons depot at the neutral zone, from there we ended up in the conflict that you woke up for. In my opinion you chose a good time to get up, you got up just in time to look after the ship in our most recent conflict and a it turned out, one that truly needed your skills sir." Vinata kept moving up and spent a brief amount of time rubbing Nolka's butt before he moved up to his lower back and used his larger fingertips to rub out any tension that he could find.

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[ MCPO Nolak Kamil | Decontamination Chamber | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Zenozine

It had been a long time since he last had a massage, years perhaps. As the nurse rubbed the iodine gel on his backside, his mind flashed back to better times of being on his home world Delta IV. Images of its crystalline blue oceans washing up upon the shores, bathing the white shoreline beaches, flashed though his mind. With the ship's natural thrumming from the engines, it reminding him of the sound of the ocean nearby, as the calm tides flowed in and out, drawing the tiny native blue Dodburry crabs . They were hopping out of the sand to do their wiggle mating dance, before the next wave washed over them. They would disappear, only to restart their matting patterns again. He even thought about how he could barely make out one of his homeworld moons, Chilucha, floating in the bluish ceiling above them. How he longed for those carefree days.

However, as Nurse Vinata began talking about his personal history, Nolak shook his daydream away and began to focus on the hardship, and traumatic experiences the young Nurse had to endure through. Gingerly, he began to rub the gel over the very tender skin around his neck. The recent surgery had held up to the thrashing about in engineering and the radiation bath, yet it still hurt like the dickens. He was glad his facial expression was hidden from the nurse who was working on his lower thighs.

As Vinata talked about the mutiny and the horrid misfortune of been forced upon, Nolak's felt tremendously saddened he was unable to be around during the munity. He would of rallied behind the Captain, and done all in his power to protect the ship, and it’s crewmembers. However, do to his mysterious near fatal injury, this prevented his intervention into the situation. He wanted to reach up and grab the nurse’s hand and draw all his painful feelings into himself as his race is capable of doing. But he was still rather weaken from his day in engineering. Vinata, continued his story it sickening him the more he thought about how people are capable of such horrible upon each others. The conclusion of the young nurse story did seem justified though, a bit harsh and graphic. He wanted to talk about his own dark memories between him, First Officer Commander Nerina and the Captain, but such talk wasn’t appropriate here. So Nolak quickly shook his head and suppressed those thoughts before they overwhelmed him again. He was still struggling with the after effects from the spore attacks months ago, not yet having time to deal with those dark memories.

Being a private man, he kept all these thoughts to himself. The feel of the Nurse’s fingers careful attention to his aching, but grateful radiation burned skin caused him to remain hard - the Ovri's touch combined with the memory getting the better of him. Indeed, Nurse Vinata fingers worked back up his legs, and briefly applied the gel to his butt cheeks. He started to rub the solution onto his lower back, working the aches and pains out from his lower spine.

Then, suddenly, the ship rocked hard, and it caused Nolak to lose his footing. As he stumbled forward, he pivoted and fell onto his back, spread eagle upon the containment room floor. Not batting an eye, the alarm making him forget any embarrassment or noticing how the Ovri fared. Instead, he shouted. "Computer, Status report! Are we engaged in another battle conflict?" he said.

[Negative. My deflector was reset in order to restore my warp field, which had been compromised by damage sustained to one of my starboard nacelles. I am currently at maximum warp. Pardon the inconvenience.]

"It... would seem we are in the clear, then." His eyes sought the Ovri's, wherever he had ended up. His own condition of arousal had become quite apparent, given how he had ended up. What could he say? "I'm... heartbroken to hear about all these tragic events you had to endure. Tragic I was sleeping, and wasn't there to put an end to the mutiny sooner, or join the ranks of the dead trying."

OOC Sorry for the delay.

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[ Vinata Vojona | Decontamination Chamber | Main Sickbay |Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: MasterRat

         As Vinata finished sharing his story with Nolak there was a relief, but also a pang of guilt that he felt that he was not doing his job properly and how he was letting himself wallow in self pity at the same time, pushing his woes off on someone else. He shook his head as he did not care for how he was handling himself, he had intentionally come in here to hide from his duty, to hide from the horrors that had been brought into the sickbay, it had been so much that he had chosen to hide away and focus on something else far less vital. It was made all the worse when he realized that his words were doing nothing but making Nolak regret his time in recovery, it was not what he was supposed to be doing and he realized quickly that he needed to get off this topic, to make Nolak feel better, he needed to improve his bedside manner.

Of course before anything could be said right away there came the sudden jerking of the ship he quickly spread his legs and he remained upright through a mixture of quick reflexes and the magnetic boots he wore kept him stable and upright more easily. Of course as he looked down at Nolak and his fully erect cock he felt a strange knot forming up in his gut, it made him feel uneasy, yet also ever so slightly aroused as he still could not deny how appealing he found the masculine figure of the mammalian races. Vinata could not help but blush as he looked to Nolak and just stared for a moment to collect himself as Nolak spoke.

As Nolak apologized and gave a rather extreme wish Vinata sighed and shook his head no. "Please do not say such things, more people than I were hurt by the mutiny, but it was resolved, and many of the people that were forced to take part hold much regret to their actions. They need to be allowed to bury what happened, the wound should be left to heal." He took a long deep breath and shook his head. "I should not have made the news so personal, it is clear I have troubled you. Please if you are to return to the crew you must get the chip off your shoulder, you need to accept that things were beyond you and that you should try your best to integrate back into the crew."

It was clear that as he stood there that Vinata's eyes were drawn to Nolak's cock, he kept glancing at it and swallowing hard before he took a long deep breath as he lowered himself to his knees. "Um I know that every part of you needs to be rubbed, and as lewd as it might be your cock and balls need attention. A-And I can see that you are clearly aroused...and I must admit that I do have a thing for the figure of mammalian males. I am not offering sex though so you can keep that oath, I am offering to massage your length and hopefully give you some relief that will reduce your stress that you clearly have been amassing." He blushed and looked downcast and then back at Vinata. "I-I do not know if you would accept and I know it is not professional, b-but I hope you will not judge me for this suggestion."

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[Dr. Hayden O'Connor| Main Sickbay| Deck 11| USS Theurgy] Attn: Maal and Hylota

Now relatively safe back in the birthing pool, Hayden knew she had done all she could to secure their safety given the situation they were all in. For better or worse, the only thing that mattered now was ensuring Hylota stayed as calm and as medically stable as possible while she delivered her clutch. Fortunately, to Hayden's relief, tricorder scans indicated despite the female Ovri's discomfort and exertion, O'Connor saw no reason to be alarmed. It appeared her gut and experience matched what her medical instruments were telling her was true, a small blessing in a situation where nothing felt certain or trustworthy. As she had hoped, Hayden didn't need medical instruments to tell her how things were progressing. Whether a laboring mother was delivering a live child or in this case, a clutch of eggs, experience had taught Hayden the sounds and movements a laboring mother made could reveal a whole lot about the process, and that was no less true now. Hayden didn't need her instruments or Hylota to tell her she was well past the agony of transition and deep in the second stage of labor where mothers tended to get into a zone that was less about conscious action and more about instinct.  She couldn't resist a smile to herself even as Hylota snapped at her about making any sound she wanted. Despite whatever chaos was around them, it was nice to have some normalcy anyway. Even getting yelled at by a laboring mother was better than thinking about dying.

Focusing on Hylota's fully dilated opening, Hayden placed one hand gently underneath it to provide slight and steady counter pressure to help ease each egg out, one by one. She also offered low crooning sounds of encouragement in response to any sounds Hylota emitted that suggested alarm, doubt, or sheer panic. In between contractions, Hayden also stroked the female Ovri's leg to offer additional comfort. As particularly difficult as it was for Hylota to pass the calcified eggs, it was also difficult for Hayden to watch the other woman struggle so mightily to pass them. More than once, Hayden was concerned the sheer size and malformations of those eggs in particular would tear the female Ovri's delicate flesh, but just as she had observed in other deliveries, the female body was remarkable in its ability to stretch and accommodate new life.

There was no question her body would show signs of some trauma after all of this was over, but with Hayden's careful and practiced ministrations, the two women were able to work as a team, almost as though they were mentally connected and Hylota was telling Hayden what she needed as she let her body guide the way. At times, Hayden was just an observer offering words of comfort, and at others, Hayden's hands were right there to catch the emerging egg. As for the eggs themselves, other than taking note of obvious differences as they emerged, Hayden didn't take time to examine them more closely with the tricorder to determine which potentially contained living offspring and which had never had much of a chance to sustain life. There would be time for that later when the entire clutch had emerged and Hylota didn't need immediate support and attention. For the time being, Hayden gently collected each egg as it emerged and placed it in the separate but I joined pool containing the nutrient filled water that would sustain the life containing eggs. Besides, Hylota didn't need the distraction right now of knowing about any potential offspring. Even if there were signs of life now, there was no guarantee any of them would survive.

"Easy, easy," Hayden crooned softly. "Remember to breathe, Hylota.” Hayden cursed herself for not remembering to collect the water bottles she had replicated ahead of time. Getting them now would require another trip out of the birthing pool, which she didn't want to risk again if she could avoid it, but she couldn't risk the other woman becoming dehydrated, and she certainly couldn't ask the injured Klingon nurse to go in her place. "Would you like some water or perhaps just a cold cloth?"

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[ Nurse Maal | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy] Attn: Zenozine & The Counselor

Through the last stage of the birthing of Vojona's clutch, Maal had kept singing the Warrior's Anthem - his deep voice reverberating in through the final stage of the battle. Then, after an egg that seemed more healthy in appearance than the others emerged into the water, Dr. O'Connor asked him to bring water, and he nodded. Though his back hurt, he climbed up from the pool, dripping water, and went searching for the cloth and the bottles.

As he made his way across the debris-covered deck in the isolation ward, he realised that the ship had stopped shaking.

Looking back at the Counselor, Maal realised that the ship must have gone to warp, and that they were no longer at the mercy of the battle. He stopped singing then, and in the silence that followed, only the aftermath of labour was heard from his past Ovri lover. She had become more quiet, and even if Maal still brought the items asked for, he suspected that the final egg of the clutch had come out. When he returned to the water of the birthing pool, he offered the water to Hylota and gave the cold cloth to O'Connor. When he held the water for Hylota, he asked to verify that it was over. "How are you feeling?"

Saying this, he looked for the tricorder, but saw that it had fallen into the water during the battle. He had no means to determine that there were no more eggs left for Hylota to push out.

OOC: If you remember the end of Cost of Truth, F'Rell re-calibrated the deflector dish after the ship went to warp, and Thea had to reboot it, sort of. Doing so, the whole ship shook again, so if you want to use that somehow, Zenozine, feel free to do so when you post next, or let the Counselor use it if that fits better.

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[ MCPO Nolak Kamil | Decontamination Chamber | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Zenozine

Master Chief sat up and looked down at his fully erect penis and then upwards towards Nurse Vinata. Then he thought about the ‘Deltan Code’. However this was a medical examination. He did fancy the idea of exploring the finer pleasantry 'loopholes' with Starfleet regulations. A rare case for an offworld Deltan. If he really wanted he could quote the Starfleet code the young Nurse spout that could easily override his own objection, so he smiled up to Vinata and answered.

 “Nurse Vinata let us be professional and get this examination over with. Personally, we should just open the door and let me walk out stark naked. It will allow me to start fixing a bio-diagnostic computer, various sensors, and slowly work my way exit door. You could tell them, I stuned you and escaped again.” He smirked, then continued, “However, if you feel the need to give me the full medical examination I’ll not protest.

Looking down the front of his body, it did appear he might of missed a few areas with the blue goo, due to his injured arm. His body was reddish all over as though he sunbathed in the nude and got a full body sunburn.

Guess it was rather hot in that Core room. Thea has her ways of turning the heat up in the line of combat and duty.  I’m quite impressed we even escaped at all. We were surrounded, hopelessly outnumbered, and always under power.

He reached over and scooped up more iodine gel, then flexed his muscles reaching behind his neck. Then he began to rubbed the dark red scars from the recent surgery on his neck. His fine toned body was still aching somewhat from the hard workout climbing the ladders in engineering. The treatment body massage had help relieved some of his aching muscles.

Sounding philosophical as he rubbed the solution onto his neck, “We each hide behind own tragic story. It’s when you focus within oneself, we find our true being. From that point on we must fight through to the bitter end.  It’s the struggle all must endure, where wisdom is gained. Wisdom does comes at a very steep price. We lose friends, family, pride, and sometimes honor. Yet, it’s our own precious story of how we got here. I've have discovered, focus your mind to only one thing, self-preservation. Without it you go to the great beyond, and there's no coming back.

He chuckled softly. “What we have right now is a very broken ship, rattling herself apart in warp. An unknown crew who just had their first taste of the cold hard truth about war. Now the hard part, find a hole to lick our wounds, and deal with the aftermath of battle. Always being hunted while we scavenge for spare parts.”.
His ash gray eyes lit up as he spoke, “This has been one crazy adventure, but quoting my colleague, Master Chief William O’Connell, ‘This ain’t my first rooting, tooting, rodeo in space.’,  Nolak made his best attempt to sound like ‘Billy Bob’. However, it was missing that hidden flair of the real deal.

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[ Vinata Vojona | Decontamination Chamber | Main Sickbay |Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: MasterRat

          Nolak's statement almost went right over Vinata's head as he did not fully grasp on the fact that Nolak was trying to get him to use his medical position to seize control of the situation, instead Vinata just took a deep breath and he leaned over Nolak. "Ok you know full well I cannot just let you out of here as you are, you are still irradiated and suffering the effects of your radiation poisoning, the redness to your skin in the dead giveaway, honestly with how stubborn you are I must ask if you suffered a head injury or if you just want me were wanting me well I mucked this interaction up, and you were being so smooth as well." Vinata chuckled and shook his head.

He looked Nolak in the face and listened to what he had to say about their current situation and how the tragic parts of life were just another chapter, it make Vinata smile and nod as he let the officer muse about their current predicament and how things looked for them, but as Nolak made the rather redneck statement Vinata just had a look that was completely lost, there was an obvious cultural divide, not to mention a lack of a proper language match for translation no doubt, but in the end Vinata smiled softly and nodded. "I am afraid the reference you make is lost on me, but I believe that I understand the meaning behind it." His hands massaged as Nolak's thighs for a moment longer before moving on.

One of Vinata's hands wrapped around Nolak's firm cock and began to gingerly rub around the full length of his cock, massaging it and applying the gel to the full surface as Vinata kept his eyes on his work. "Among the Ovri there is a strong belief in the strength of a community, to use the talents you posses to help others, pushing together to fulfill the end goal, I feel that this crew is more than capable of pulling things back together and keeping us limping along as we nurse our wounds, I do not mean to devalue you sir, but you need to know the time to sit back and let those around you pull their weight as you recover." Vinata smiled at Nolak. "After all I do not believe they would have the chance to do so without the sacrifice you made for us during the battle."

Shifting his weight Vinata put his other hand on Nolak's balls, his fingers gently massaging and rubbing with the cool gel to purify as well as to stimulate as Vinata took a more firm grip of Nolak's cock and began to rub up and down along the length of the cock. "Of course among the Ovri almost all matters end up communal to some degree." Vinata blushed. "I must admit it has been a while since I last handled another's cock." He let out a soft chuckle as he began to move his hand more quickly, jerking Nolak off with more dedication while his other hand took special care to stimulate and massage Nolak's balls at the same time. "I do hope you are enjoying it."

[ Hylota Vojona | Isolation Ward 02 | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Counselor & Auctor Lucan

           As the delivery continued Hylota slowly got into the motions of the delivery and she soon closed her eyes as she focused on pushing the eggs out, not facing many that were calcified for a brief while, but not encountering many that were holding potential life either, of all the eggs that had come out so far only two had life that look like it would stand any chance of survival and even that was suspect. But Hylota really did not care to discuss such things at this point in time, she was more focused on getting through the ordeal, but every now and then she would mutter things to herself, some along the likes of, "I swear, bam smack, straight to the moon." Hylota did squirm at Hayden's touch, but she did not try to escape, she allowed the doctor to give the assistance that she needed, there was definite relief and comfort that came for the aid that Hayden supplied, but all the same Hylota could not help getting anxious with her first proper clutch as she regretted not bringing all her medication with her when she had left Starfleet.

Of course as Hayden got into the pool with Hylota and Maal and continued with her assistance Hylota did find it easier to relax and to stop worrying about her eggs, but as she was left between pushes, panting and licking her lips Hylota could not help but feel dehydrated and quite thirsty at that point in time, thankfully Hayden was attentive as ever and quickly made the offer of water and cool towels, this made Hylota nod as she responded. "W-Water sounds flipping amazing right about now, b-but I do not need cold towels, the warmth is comforting to me, and the pool does well enough at keeping me comfortable doctor." She looked to Maal as he got out of the pool to fetch her the water and she smiled softly. "He is finally keeping his wits about about him I see." Letting out a coo Hylota squirmed and looked to her swollen belly, it was pretty close to being back to its original flat toned look. "I think I am down to the last push, it should be a relatively easy effort now, I feel much more control over things." She took a long deep breath. "We are almost done."

Hylota did her best to relax as she waited for Maal, but she could feel things moving, and as he returned with the water she finally gave him a gentle smile. "Thank you Maal, you are going wonderfully." As she was given the water to drink Hylota leaned into the bottle and began to suck on it, draining it of its contents in a matter of moments before she laid back against the bed and took a long deep breath. "Alright lets get this thing over with." Hylota took several long deep breaths and tensed as she began to push out her final eggs, and to her great relief things felt smooth and easy, of course this allowed her to feel how tender and sore her insides were feeling, but Hylota pushed the thoughts from her mind and instead focused on finishing her clutch laying, panting and chirping as she began to push the final dummy eggs from her system, each one of the smooth eggs popped free of her and sinking into the depths of the tank with an accompanying sigh of relief from Hylota. It took a while longer, but eventually the eggs stopped and Hylota's pussy drooled the last of the lubricants and nutrients into the water as Hylota laid back and groaned. "Finally over, that took so fucking long!" Turning to look at Maal and then to Doctor Hayden she smiled. "Thank you, both of you, for helping me through this, it means a lot to have people I feel I can rely on for once outside of my superiors."

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[ MCPO Nolak Kamil | Decontamination Chamber | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Zenozine

Master Chief Nolak Kamil was feeling very relaxed upon the floor. He was also rather excited, blissfully enjoying the moment. Vinata delicatedly began his 'special' treatment.  Nolak's muscles melted into the chill of the floor.

Often, he found sickbay and everything within medical cold in general. This is one of many reasons he hated going there. Having grown up on an ocean island world, he preferred warm humid islands, and  the climate of warm climate of his native, Deltan IV. Today, however, he quite enjoyed the cool feel of the isolation chamber. In part, because of the burns he endured, of course - the cool metal floor feeling great upon his bare back -  but mostly because of the treatment he was getting. In fact, because of it, he had ran out of talking points.

While the Ovri spoke to him, he lay speechless from the rather forward attention the nurse was providing. He had just propped himself up on his elbows, watching him. The feeling of Vinata's hands rubbing over his hips had just been the beginning, and he found himself enjoying ever moment following it - the slick feel of the gel applied to him with very thorough attention. Alien hands against his bare flesh, moving inwards to his more sensitive area. In fact, the more surface Vinata covered with his hands, the more Nolak wanted to respond in kind to the tender gesture. Indeed, as those hands began to stroke his rigid arousal, his oath of celibacy seemed to matter less and less. This was a medical treatment, he told himself, and the import of his oath seemed to belong to a life led in a fleet they were no longer part of.

The Orvi's feminine body was confusing to him, different than should otherwise be normal for his own species. This fact set aside, Nolak found Vinata very attractive. He personally wasn't used to attention from another male, yet he was still Deltan, and his people were very open minded. In fact, they were famously known for their sexual liberties and their sense of curiosity. This curious fascination to explore new interactions with others had made him join Starleet, which had indeed allowed him to explore. Yet despite how curious he'd been, he was not personally accustomed to being the subject to such wonderful handling. Not since he swore his oath. Given the tender attentiveness given by Vinata's gentle hands, as he rubbed up and down the Chief' hard cock, and how the those second set of fingers caressed his hairless sack, it could only spring one kind of response to the Ovri's question.

"My goodness. It feels magnificent," he managed, and it was about all he could muster in terms of words. A shiver slid down the back of his spine with Vinata's hand continued to work over his firm manhood. The pain within his neck had mostly dissipated, and the pain within had almost became a distant memory. Vinata's fingers were rejuvenating his body; spirit, and mind. Also, because of the erotic nature, it was sending electric waves of pleasure throughout the rest of his body.

With his breathing uneven, Nolak studied Vinata. The Ovri's physical attributes might be quite different, but he enjoyed every visual aspect of the Ovri's physical appearance. A very attractive face. Abstract, beautiful, and a gleeful insight of brilliant thought hidden within those dark eyes of his. In a warped sort of way, he found Vinata's appearance reminded him of his home vineyard. It was his skin colors and tones. They reminded him of blue ocean meeting sand, images of home. Nolak would rather be back at home, and right then, he wanted to bring Vinata with him - where the oath no longer applied. In earnest, he did not know why the oath mattered any more, when he did not serve the fleet he swore it to. I serve Ives and the mission.

Nolak found himself lifting one hand off the floor, and carefully reached towards Vinata. Using the back of his fingers, he rubbed along the chin line of the very attentive Ovri, down along the neck. While still enjoying the feeling of Vinata's ministrations up and down his harden member, Nolak's own fingers continued tracing along the collar of Vinata's uniform, over the rank pins. If he could only reach farther...

Wish begot action, and he slowly sat up on the deck plates of the decontamination chamber, no longer propped up on one elbow. Looking into Vinata's eyes in the blue light, he might not have needed to convey his desire to him with his mental abilities, all there in his look. Yet he did nonetheless, the unspoken notion of wanting to see more of the Ovri's body manifest in the mental link. Not just to see, but to touch, and to break his oath with him.

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[ Vinata Vojona | Decontamination Chamber | Main Sickbay |Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: MasterRat

          Vinata blushed as he continued his massaging, the gentle movements of his hands never stopping, but always shifting in speed, moving more quickly before slowing, his large fingertips pressing into Nolak's tender flesh with calculated ease, like a doctor gently examining a patient. Vinata could not help but let his mind drift back to those old days in academy, the dorms where almost all Ovri grew up, the massive communities and seemingly endless cliques where one could find friends. Vinata had not had many friends, but the few he had were quite close, and as they had gone through puberty they had experimented and gotten to know their bodies, it was just how things were, after all men had a certain level of expectation in Ovri society, with a more regular and consistent sex drive and the past of their race it was just expected for males to be sexually knowledgeable.

Among the Ovri the female figure was strong and powerful, a valuable skill in sex was knowing where to touch to appeal to such a large figure, gossip had always floated about with where women liked to be touched for foreplay, and how to get things more in the mood, such tidbits were always treasured among the boys. To find that this figure was shared my males of most every other race in the universe Vinata could not help but feel some sexual appeal in males of other races, and to find that they found his figure appealing made him oddly confused, worse so after his rape, to know some would force sex over his appearance made him feel weird, but to be here, to share a moment where he was safe and in control over the moment, it did make him feel like this was his choice.

As Nolak praised Vinata and encouraged him to keep going Vinata could not help but blush as she kept on massaging Nolak's body he could not help but enjoy the look of Nolak's body, the few scars that the officer had were interesting to Vinata, to a species  that was less willing to let such wounds heal it was interesting to look at them, it was like the markings that males among the Ovri had, but much less pronounced, it was sexy. Of course as Nolak sat up and leaned in to kiss Vinata he leaned back into the officer and he froze up as the foreign thoughts moved into his mind, linking up in a way Vinata was not expecting, letting him feel the desire, the wishes to go further and to break the oath, making Vinata freeze up for a moment.

It was faint but Nolak could feel a matching desire, but also an experience, a feeling as though Vinata was familiar with this, with a taboo relationship hidden to the knowledge of others, but their link did not last long as Vinata pulled away from Nolak and blushed, his own hand moved to his cheek and caressed where Nolak's had moved before Vinata moved his own hand down to the front of his uniform and gripped the collar. "I-I had heard of the mental capabilities of some races...always found Vulcans fascinating...I am rather curious though...if you want to see my would be alright with my cock right." He began to undo his uniform and opened it up to reveal his colorful and smooth body, his uniform opening up down to his chest as he let it slip open and revealed his ample and smooth breasts, no nipples, but smooth breasts that did indeed look far more for show than function.

Blushing Vinata slipped his arms from his sleeves and brought his hands off of Nolak before coming back to put his hands on Nolak's thighs once more, but he was holding off on going after Nolak's cock for a moment. "L-Look, I know some people do not care for cocks, it is weird for some I get it, I-I am alright if you just want to focus on my upper half, or if you want me to keep my cock hidden as you use my ass...I would like for you to be comfortable with me." He blushed and wiggled his hips to get his uniform to slip further down his body before he fully exposed all the way down to his midriff, revealing his hairless, almost completely smooth body. Of course this did not change that Vinata was a bit of a hopeless coward, incapable of taking the initiative for now, he just needed encouragement.

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[ MCPO Nolak Kamil | Decontamination Chamber | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Zenozine

Where Nolak Kalmil sat, merely to watch, he found himself blushing a bit despite himself and his cultural heritage - his bald head turning a lighter shade of red. His eyes followed the Ovri's movements as he opened his uniform, exposing more beautiful contours of his colorful smooth skin. Then, Nolak witnessed as Vinata seductively peeled the uniform off the upper portions of his body. The smooth nipple-less chest caught his attention as the zipper continued downward. His smooth breasts appeared to perk at the opening seam, before colorfully bursting from the uniform.

He continued to watch as Vinata's shoulder shuffle loosened and caused the uniform to slip from his shoulders, and fall loosely about his waist. The smooth breasts jiggled about as a side effect, and through this magnificent display, it took Nolak a while before realizing he'd been asked a question. Looking up into Vinata's face, he answered.

"Well, I've been living in Federation culture for a long time. Even so I'm still not accustomed to wearing clothing all the time." He then winked to Vinata. "On my home planet Delta IV, clothing was used for mostly ceremonial events, or weather patterns. Otherwise, clothing was very optional on a hot tropical island. Everywhere, a paradise planet. You can easily request your own 'private' Island and you can stay for as long as you want, just as long as you clean up after yourself. I find wearing uniforms very uncomfortable. The one I had on this morning was far too large."

With a cheerful smile, he made his point. "So, to appease my native customs, you can remove the rest of your garments, if you wish. Provided you feel comfortable? Also, make medical note into your log that, 'the patient requested a traditional, Deltan medical examination'.  It simply means you were no longer required to wear clothing. Racial traditions are, after all, protected under the Federation Laws."

As the last of the upper uniform fluttered down Vinata's waist, the Master Chief continued talking. "Deltan culture considers everyone beautiful no matter the outward shapes they may be. Being a touch sensitive telepathic species, we have to be very mindful and self-guarded not to pry into other minds. Unlike Vulcans, who try to hide their emotions. They are, though, very tactful when they do show anything close to emotion." Nolak said, as his fingers reached forth and touched Vinata's shoulders, then slid along the sides of the alien torso. His palms caressed the Ovri just like his eyes did, seated across from him. Then, his fingers came to the remaining uniform Vinata wore - meaning to help him out of it if he stood up.

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[ Doctor Hayden O'Connor | Isolation Ward 02 | Main Sickbay | USS TheurgyAttn: Maal & Zenozine

Now well into the delivery, Hayden found herself covered in sweat and shivering slightly as she did what she could to offer support and encouragement through the remaining moments of the delivery. She remained in awe of Hylota's strength even as her pain and exertion were apparent. As each egg emerged, however, it seemed the female Ovri nurse gained more confidence over her own body and seemingly greater trust in her medical team.

That much was confirmed when she was able to ask for water and announce the near end of the delivery. Despite being tired and very hot, the announcement caused another rush of adrenaline to go through O'Connor. It wouldn't be long now before they would determine whether Hylota had actually delivered life, and then the real fight would begin. Once more, Hayden drowned out any sounds around her except those coming from Hylota. O'Connor watched in amazement as the confirmed dummy eggs naturally floated to the bottom of the pool while the other potentially life-sustaining eggs remained close by. Once scanned, Hayden placed them in the nearby pool for future examination.

It was Hayden's natural instinct to offer gentle touches of comfort, and she was relieved to see the mother to be had relaxed into them, although Hayden was sure to withdraw any touch when she noticed Hylota squirm in any direction away from her. Sometimes the best help anyone could offer in the midst of a delivery was to remain hands-off. With greater confidence, however, Hylota seemed to embrace the notion of them being a team.

O'Connor didn't realize she had been holding her breath for the remaining eggs until Hylota proudly announced she had survived her first laying and now her body was officially empty of eggs, a fact that was easily confirmed by tricorder. She allowed herself a warm smile as Hylota thanked both of them. "Thank you for allowing me to assist you. It was an honor and a privilege, one I'm glad we've all survived, obviously," Hayden offered with a chuckle, referencing the craziness of the battle. "Hylota, I will examine the eggs in a moment, but first, I need to make sure there aren't any significant tears that need repairing and I need to make sure your uterus returns to its normal size. I'm going to apply some fundal massage, so you may feel some additional abdominal pressure, but it shouldn't hurt too much. I know you're tired, but how are you feeling otherwise?"

O'Connor turned to the Klingon nurse, who indeed had done well. "Thank you for your assistance, Maal," she added warmly.  "You were a great help." She contemplated asking him to check on the status of the potential life-sustaining eggs, but she was torn. If indeed any of them could sustain life, she was dropping that revelation in his lap even as he would be expected to care for them and potentially respond to any emergency needs. If she asked him to attend to Hylota, however, she would be asking him to tend to Hylota's most intimate needs, and despite their obvious intimate acquaintance at one time, she didn't want things to be awkward between them. Given that O'Connor had facilitated the delivery, her instincts told her to focus on Hylota for now.

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[ Vinata Vojona | Decontamination Chamber | Main Sickbay |Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: MasterRat

          As Nolak spoke of how his culture and how they were more for nudity and free expression by any means, Vinata actually seemed to brighten up at that information, a genuine smile spreading across his face, he outwardly looked as though he had lost a great weight off his shoulders, internally he was indeed overjoyed, to find a member of a culture who was not that different from the Ovri in their more casual areas, of course garments were formal and provided environmental benefits, but on their home world nudity was commonplace and comfortable as the humid climate benefited their skin and allowed the sunlight to supplement their low natural body heat.

As Vinata was invited to remove the last of his own clothes and to fully expose his exotic figure, he could not help but lick his lips, a more erotic gesture among the Ovri due to their special saliva, but Nolak would find out about that soon enough as Vinata reached down to his boots. His hands flicked over the clasps, releasing the boots and letting him pull his long foot from the confides of the boot, it was clearly offering a magnetic grip to the hull of the ship and compensated for the loss of grip and foot space to provide balance.  As Vinata placed his foot on the floor his toes spread out, the large toes moving against the floor, getting a firm grip as Vinata slipped out of his other boot, without the clunky magnetic boots on Vinata assumed a more graceful position, crouching in a manner that accentuated the curves of his body. Moving to finally remove his uniform fully Vinata worked the outfit over his his, revealing the vibrant swaths of orange pigment that ran along the sides of his body, making his feminine curves all the more obvious.

As Vinata removed his uniform he remained in a squatting position to show off a bit of his dexterity as he smiled at Nolak, of course obvious from where Nolak was sitting was the lack of bulge in Vinata's undergarment's, his crotch appeared to be smooth and featureless with his undergarments tight to his crotch, as he was he did look like a woman.  Of course distracting from this Vinata began to speak. "You know I must admit it is nice to encounter someone from a culture where nudity is acceptable, among the Ovri it is just considered casual, if you did not need to go anywhere or do anything nudity is comfortable." As he was caressed Vinata could not help but shudder a bit at the touch, his nerves not fully able to put his past terrors entirely out of mind, but well enough to continue. "Believe it or not the Ovri were once quite sexual as a species, there were actually males of my race who were so masterful of sex it eventually became a cultural problem. To devalue sexual skill and to encourage more optimal breeding our marks were introduced. Our home world saw little conflict and to some it could have been considered a pleasure world, but extra terrestrial interference caused our values to change to a more competitive focus."

As his uniform came off fully he let let a sigh and smirked as he began to sway his hips, his thumbs hooking in the waistband of his undergarments as he slowly worked them down, slipping them off of his hips, over his thighs before he stepped out of one hole and kicked them away with his leg, exposing his unusual sex. He appeared to have a slit similar to a woman, but it was not like a woman would have, and as Vinata blushed his slit parted as  his cock slipped out, not fully erect it had a strange knobby segmented look that's purpose became clear as it tensed and pulled to rest against Vinata's thigh, for his cock was prehensile. "I am sorry if my cock is too much, I know it is a rather unusual looking thing for most races." Moving to have his cock hidden behind his thigh Vinata took hold of Nolak's cock once more and massaged it gingerly and with long smooth motions as he spoke softly. "I-If you would permit me, I would like to give you a bit more pleasure than just my hands can provide." Vinata licked his lips once more, a faint sweet scent in the air.

[ Hylota Vojona | Isolation Ward 02 | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Counselor & Auctor Lucan

          Shuddering Hylota tensed as she stretched out and closed her eyes as she tried to take a moment to relax as she was told that she needed to be examined further, the idea of having vaginal tears did not sound appealing in the slightest as she began to nod in agreement. "Yes, take the scans, it will do a lot to ensure that I do not have to worry about my body dealing with more pain after all we just went through." Hylota let out a sigh as she slid into the water a bit deeper, the warmth of the liquid felt comfortable against her skin, and she could not help but let out a few chirps as she was scanned and observed by Hayden.

Of course as Hayden began to perform her massage Hylota let out a croak and tensed as she looked at Hayden, the result of the scan had shown that he vagina had not suffered any real damage, there was swelling from the scraping and scratching, it would require some medication to sooth the pain, but it was not essential. Of course as Hayden carried on with her massage Hylota tried her best to relax, but it was an awkward situation for her to be in, and as Hayden massaged things felt different, unlike most women Hylota's musculature was different, more masculine and dense the massage feeling as though Hayden was massaging a man over a woman.

Asshe was massaged Hylota turned her head to look at the few eggs that had held any promise and she took a long deep breath before she spoke. "I must admit I never saw myself having children like this, in truth I saw myself taking after my own mother and having a clutch once I made a name for myself and achieved some more notable position. Honestly I never even considered I might even raise my child." She looked to Maal and she just looked into his eyes for a moment before she spoke. "I will be blunt with you Maal, I know nothing of being a parent, I know nothing of parental care or how to raise a child, seeing as if any of these eggs come to hatch they will be your's as much as they are mine I feel I am going to need all the help I can get to raise them."

Taking a deep breath she sighed and looked at the ceiling of the room, the strength she had fading as she was clearly tired and worn out. "I am not sure where things are going to go from here, but until the eggs hatch I will at least be able to bury myself in work...and get to know you better Maal...outright embarrassing to have thrust this all into your life after one erotic fling. I know I was harsh to you over my brother, but you did not deserve that...I have been a self centered fool and my actions have hurt you...when I am rested I wish to make it up to you."

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