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Day 03 [0530 hrs.] Ca Sau Ham Tieu Xanh

Day 03 [0530 hrs.] Ca Sau Ham Tieu Xanh

[ PO2 Sithick |  Sithick's Quarters | USS Theurgy  ] Attn:  @Absinthe   @Even Angels Cry

Rituals were important, Sithick was a morning reptile. It was helped that he slept in his special enviroment, to humid and hot to be comfortable for a regular creature he could spend his morning crawling out of bed, and going through a routine of stretches. He was what some people would have described as a mass of muscles and claws, and people often didn't know just how much those muscles hurt in the morning, his bed was either too soft or not hard enough he wasn't entirely sure which.

Since coming aboard the Theurgy he had been taking the  morning shift, but even that didn't really start till Eight. Where Jaya would crawl out of bed in a few hours, and order coffee, he would already be gone by the time she started to go through day. He grabbed his uniform, keeping it pressed and clean, he was too proud of his position for anything less than perfection. Laying it out for the day ahead, but he didn't get dressed right away, instead picking a set of shorts, and off duty muscle shirt. Of course the last thing he added to his wardrobe was the small silver device from his nightstand which stuck to the base of his neck, and allowed him to communicate without the exaggerated hisses and clicks of his native language.

He brushed his teeth, yes he kept them clean regardless of the fact that they would just grow back and he would loose teeth regardless when others wanted to grow in, but he kept them pearl white or at least as white as he could.

Looking at himself in the mirror he did what he always did each morning and practiced smiling. The act was made difficult with the lack of actual lips, Instead he had jaw muscles which could pull the flesh around his teeth, he practiced a few different facial expressions in that mirror, trying to get down ways that he could convey emotions like the humans do. He had long realized it was mostly in his predatory eyes, he could fake crying, he did have tear ducts, but had only really cried once in his life, and even when he was struck low he had never again felt like he had the day he had joined Starfleet. So scared, so alone, and so very happy.

Once he was satisfied with that he went to the replicator, and quietly ordered food for himself,  grabbing several strips of bacon he chewed on them thoughtfully, and then quietly ordered a chocolate bar. He left the sweet where Jaya would find it, with a small note next to it, written in incredibly rough hand writing with a pen.

'Hope you're day brings joy, and conquest, ~Sithick'

Walking out of the shared quarters he stretched again, and started his way to deck 06, at this point he was running fifteen minutes early. The uniform tucked under his arm, he would have work after this appointment after all.

[Gymnasium | Deck 6 | USS Theurgy]

He still wasn't totally comfortable with the idea of being naked. He wasn't sure it was necessary for this whole steam room thing. The thought of being around two women was frightening enough even if he knew both of them well enough. He had too many issues to actually be naked.

His encounter with Martin, and the unreserved first time having sex had helped, but years of being alone had tempered that expectation. He wasn't sure what he wanted when it came to  sex. Martin had been unashamed, willing and fun sure but then it had ended and he had no idea if he was supposed to talk with her or get her flowers, it was just over as quickly as it had happened with no attachment after the fact, he almost felt dirty and used from the experience, and he quickly learned that he wasn't Jaya he didn't want one night stands. It worked well enough for sure, but he felt he wanted something where he didn't feel so alone all the time.

He had spent the night alone, which wasn't something he had wanted, but maybe he was getting his hopes up, and it was wrong of him to want anything? He was confused, something he was hoping that this session would actually help alleviate.

Walking into the steam room he was the first to arrive. He swallowed for a moment, he was clad in a towel, but under the towel he had shorts, and he had no idea how the other two were going to show up. Maybe he should leave? call of this off and avoid Lahkesis for the rest of his life?

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[ PO1 B'Nila Skai & Lahkesis Saugn | Gymnasium | Deck 6 | USS Theurgy]

After her session the day before Lahkesis had spent the remainder of the day in her quarters, much of it spent under her solar radiation lamp. She had so much to process, it was as if her memories had been recontextualized quite suddenly and her mind was still playing catch up. She knew that as her neurons were more rigid than most humanoids once pathways were made they were harder to change, thus the plasticity of her mind was greatly different from others.

She was so wrapped up in her processing she did not even perceive the passage of time and the first she realized any had passed at all her alarm was going off. She moved to turn it off and put on a fresh uniform when she recalled that she had made plans to meet with the counselor and Sithick in the steam room. A jolt of anxiety flashed through her mind, and she did her best to ignore it. She was almost afraid to see him again, despite it all.

But she had agreed to go, so she would go. She pulled off her uniform and standard issue underwear, before dressing in a simple medical department jumpsuit, the type worn in the gym. She did not know what to wear into the steam room, but she figured B'Nila would know.

Once she was ready she made her to the Gym and the changing room for those who identified as female. Being so early in the morning it wasn't overly crowded, which was well enough. Lahkesis had never been overly comfortable being nude around others. She looked around and spotted the counselor, B'Nila. B'Nila stood out quite clearly in the locker room, her stark white skin standing out in a sea of flesh and cool metal hues. Lahkesis made a beeline to her.

"Good morning," Lahkesis said with a tight lipped smile.

"I certainly hope so," B'Nila said with a genuine one. She was seated on one of the cool metal benches by the lockers already wrapped in a white towel that seemed to be less bright white than her skin. "Though I think you won't want to wear that into the steam room."

"I was guessing as much, I wasn't sure what to wear," Lahkesis said awkwardly. "Are you wearing that?"

"I do tend to wear just this," B'Nila said getting up and walking over to a shelf to grab a towel. "I find it is as comfortable as the steam room can be without being fully nude." Her eyes seemed to gleam when she said the word nude.

Lahkesis took the towel and nodded, uncertainty filling her again, but she didn't want to say anything. She took off the jumpsuit and wrapped herself in the towel carefully. She was not certain how to do it at first and B'Nila helped her get it just so. The towel hugged her figure and accentuated every curve of her body, only going so far as to cover her breasts and hanging down low enough to cover her butt, though it did show off her smooth and perfect thighs. If there was any doubt of Lahkesis's genetic perfection, it was no on display then.

For her own part B'Nila did her best not to stare, Lahkesis was beautiful, but there were rules about things like this and she knew well enough that Lahkesis's interest was in another. B'Nila knew her own place, but it was hard to not look.

At last the two of them made their way to the steam room. B'Nila pausing to open the door so that Lahkesis was the first to step in. She wasn't sure what to do next, so she stood awkwardly in the center of the room, gazing down at the towel wrapped around her breasts.

As B'Nila stepped in, her hand moved to the lights and she set them precariously low.  "That's better, much darker and moister," she said as her eyes gleamed. "Good morning Mister Sithick."

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[ PO2 Sithick |  Gymnasium | deck 06 ] Attn:  @Absinthe 

Sithick was about ready to leave, his nerves getting the best of him, when the door opened. Sithick immediately felt awkward, even more so after his experience with Martin after having had a bit of a sexual awakening he was now stuck in a room with two nearly naked women. He wanted to cower, or run, but instead just attempted to keep his face from showing his fears as he walked over to the bench and took a seat, once again he pointed his nose towards the wall, and admired the structure of thea rather than the two women who were here. Feeling too awkward.

Despite the fact that B'Nila had spoken to him his eyes had focused on the wall, and while he wasn't ignoring her he was also incredibly silent. Some part of him should have been excited at the prospect of seeing Lahkeses again, their first meeting had been a delight. He had admired her, but now he was clumsy, he didn't know what to say towards either woman. He was in a word affraid. Despite the assurance from the councelor that Sithick had not caused Lahkesis pain he kept expecting to turn towards her and see disgust or fear on her face.

Some part of him knew he would deserve it. He had caused something to happen, because he had been male, and he should have known better than to think he was worthy of another's attention.Words of task masters past kept crawling back to the lizard as he tried to breath.

It was especially bad that he had been slaves to the Orions, their female cast was the incharge and powerful ones. Sure neither of these women were green, but he should still have known to be benieth them.

His eyes down cast, his body more obediant and down trodden, and his voice spiced with fear when he finall spoke to the both of them, when he did it was only because he realized he had been spoken too, and thus had to reply. "S-sorry. I should have anticipated the lights."

He paused for a moment, swallowing. His eyes wanting to go towards Lahkeses but playing the same mental gymnastics that it had been through with B'Nila. "I..." He honestly didn't know what to say, and instead just shut down a claw going over his face. Blocking his view by closing his eyes and breathing into his palm.

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[ PO1 B'Nila Skai & Lahkesis Saugn | Gymnasium | Deck 6 | USS Theurgy]

It seemed though they had an encounter in the steam room the morning before, to B'Nila's golden eyes Sithick was just as awkward as he had been the day before, perhaps more so given the added presence of a certain plant based Doctor. "There is no need to apologize. They are my own eyes and thus my own desire for comfort, you need not take responsibility for that," she said softly as she took a strategic seat. He seating choice was specific in that in order for Lahkesis to sit across from her, she would need to sit closer to Sithick. In some ways the action was not unlike a move in a game of chess.

For her part Lahkesis said nothing. The warm moist air felt interesting on her skin. She had not ever been in the steam room before and she was not entirely sure how she felt about it. It was far warmer than her quarters and the humidity was higher, though not by enough to be a problem. After having stepped in she could not taker her eyes off of the large Gorn who sat there. She had heard that he was upset, that he too was damaged. Perhaps they both were.

Lahkesis quietly took a seat next to Sithick, her body, though not small for a humanoid, seemed small compared to his as she sat next to him. SHe mustered up her strength and courage and spoke. "Good morning Sithick," she breathed weakly. She sounded more shy than she usually did, but in truth she wasn't sure what to say, where to begin again. She felt as though there was a wall that had not been there before, like she had done something. "It is agreeable to see you again." Her words came out in a soft breath, yet remained formal, almost a default state.

For her part B'Nila watched this early interaction. This was the first time she saw them together and there was some details about them that seemed complimentary. As if they could fit together nicely if they worked through their pain and though she had specialized in one on one therapy, she knew enough to handle couples therapy decently well.

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[ PO2 Sithick |  Gymnasium | deck 06 ] Attn:  @Absinthe

Sithick still didn't really understand the whole situation between him and Lahkesis. He knew he had trigured some sort of mental responce when she had seen his... it was embarassing to think about especially with two nearly naked women in the room, but yes she had seen that, and that had caused the fall out between them. He had half expected Lahkesis to hate him, so when she said that it was agreable he honestly didn't know if it was or not.

He didn't know what their next meeting would have been like, after all the vulnerabilities they had shared the night before he had half expected their meeting to be some tearful affair, or have it devolve quickly into a shouting match between them. Instead he was greeted with a kind of cold agreableness which made him question what his own reply should be if there was even a reply to be had. These were two members of the superior gender after all.

Only they weren't that was an orion thing and this was a Federation ship, he wasn't their attack dog, he was here to try and get help. He took a deep breath and tried to steady himself, but only after a full minute did he realize that he had just been staring at Lahkesis not saying a word. "It.. is.. pleasant to see you as well."

He looked between the two women, trying to find some wall he could stair at that wouldn't lead to him seeing more of either doctor's flesh than was appropreat for him. Considering that he had caused Lahkesis's discomfort it did seem right for him to at least try and make an apology . "I am sorry about the day before... I did not mean to, become..." he was trying to say arroused but the lizard was embarassed and quickly hid his mouth behind a claw, the word becoming barely audible as he spoke it in a tone that while not soft was probably as close to gentle as his massive voice could allow.

"It had never done that before." He said truthfully.

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[ PO1 B'Nila Skai & Lahkesis Saugn | Gymnasium | Deck 6 | USS Theurgy]

Perhaps it was thanks to her years of medical training or even the amount of erotic romance novels she had read over her shorter than average life, but Lahkesis understood. With the gentlest of touches she reached up and took his massive clawed hand in her own, wrapping the long slender fingers of bother her hands around his leathery and scaly skin. "Your body reacted, you could not have known it would hurt me," she said softly, as she scooched a little closer to him, until her thigh touched his leg.

She swallowed and took a moment to collect herself. "I just... I have a memory of a man doing something to me... He was an evil man, a monster..." She said slowly, the words seeming to be quite difficult for her to get out, but she pushed herself forward all the same. "You are not him... You are not a monster..." She gazed up and into his eyes for a long moment, as if she wanted to say more, bout could think of nothing else to say. Instead she could only repeat what she had already intoned. "You're not a monster... You are Sithick... You are a good man..."

As she watched them interact B'Nila continued to say nothing. Her primary job in that moment was to observe and only interject or interfere if she had to. She could see she was barely needed at all. She she decided to watch the interaction unfold and enjoy being surrounded by the steamy air. In her culture watching people bond was enjoyable all by itself, add to that getting to soak in some steam and it was a very nice morning indeed.

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[ PO2 Sithick |  Gymnasium | deck 06 ] Attn:  @Absinthe

The contact of her thigh against his had a visible effect on Sithick, as his spine straitened and he seemed to shiver as he was unprepared and a little nervous about what that touching would insight. He was already in a room with two incredibly attractive females, and now he had to be gald for the addition of his shorts and towel because the embarassement that would have come from being aroused a second time in their presence would have probably destroyed what little ego he had left.

When she spoke of the other man being a monster and Sithick being a good man his brain visibly paused it was like a short cercuit had occured in his brain and he loved it. Sithick's head turned slowly towards Lahkesis finally able to look at her without being completely scared out of his mind, as he felt her hand on his, and his claw gently enclosed around her hand. He looked at her his body still shivering as he tried to work through what to say while also trying to ignore the golden set of eyes that were upon them.

"I never want to hurt you." As he spoke he brought his second claw towards her face, the green leather like palm gently brushing against Lahkesis's cheek. He nodded his head towards her, he had never once wanted to hurt Lahkesis. "You are... precious to me."

"But..." He paused now thinking over the events of the last day, and one of them stuck in his mind as well that was a lot more awkward now than it had been moments prior. "I... did a thing."

It really didn't feel fair to continue this good moment without confessing what he had done, but at the same time he didn't really want to appologize for it. "After my session ended yesterday, i went to work, and on my lunch break... I met a woman." Was it okay to name her? he honestly wasn't sure. "And I violated some rules." He turned towards B'Nila.

"I um... used my codes to shut down a holodeck, where me and the other person... had... the... sex."  Embarassement not so much guilt was running through the face, his blood didn't really flow like a regular mammalian species but the way he lowered himself did seemingly cause his face to become a little more green. "I um... just needed to experience that touch for myself."

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[ PO1 B'Nila Skai & Lahkesis Saugn | Gymnasium | Deck 6 | USS Theurgy]

At that revelation B'Nila could not help but quirk an eyebrow. Of course she knew that given the strain the crew was under a degree of sexual inhibition would be lost. Given how easily any of them could meet their end it was vital to live life in the now and sex was one of the best ways to feel alive. And in that moment her attention shifted to Lahkesis, someone she knew much better since they had joined minds. Lahkesis was the girl who had once been so innocent and had that stripped away in a moment, a careless telepathic connection and the memory of an attack by a vicious man became hers. B'Nila had given her another memory, to provide a contrast, and allowed for a new perspective, but there was still damage. Damage that would not be undone so easily. In that moment it was all up to Lahkesis to react.

And for a long moment, a moment that felt like hours, though it could not have been more than a minute, Lahkesis said nothing. She turned from Sithick and gazed at her hands, as they held onto his. She did not move away, she did not even let go of his hand. She had to think, she had to figure out what it meant, even if she really wasn't sure. She didn't even know how she felt. A part of her felt sad, but another part of her did not. A part of her was glad, and yet another part of her was not. She was not used to being so conflicted over her emotions, though it seemed that since this ordeal on the Theurgy had begun she had been conflicted quite often. Yet still she knew enough in that moment, she knew how she felt about the man whose hand she held.

"Okay," she said simply as she turned back to face him, her pupilless blue eyes gazing up at him through the steam and the darkness. Her tone was not upset in anyway, but rather as if she accepted it whole cloth, with nothing held back. "I don't know what to say about it for sure, but if she could give you comfort in that moment, then it's okay." She gave him the sad sort of smile that showed a level of regret. She wished she had been there, that she had been able to hold him in that moment, and that it had been her body to provide him that release.

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[ PO2 Sithick |  Gymnasium | deck 06 ] Attn:  @Absinthe

Sithick was unsure about what he was doing. He liked Lahkesis like he had said to her she was precious to him. He also liked Vivian she was easier to work with easier to talk with there was no need for a counceling session between him and her, and there was something to the physical and the fun he had with her on that holodeck. However seeing the mix of emotions on Lahkesis's face did hurt him, not enough that he regretted what he did but enough that he was unsure how to proceed with the two most important women in his life.

His thumb gently pressed against her hand, he could feel that she wasn't as warm as her surroundings kind of cold compared to the air or benches they were pressed on, but at the same time delightfully soft. He regarded her shape. Feminine tall, and sleek, kind of cute when he thought about her, and of course she was small when compared to him. She was light and he already knew he could carry her. He liked her. "If you wish for me not to see her again."

His voice was cut off when she said that it was okay, which he assumed unless she said otherwise meant that it was okay for him to continue to see Martin in the future, but it wasn't all about sex, and he wanted to show that. His claw lifted to her chin, lightly bringing her face up to his as he leaned in, and showcased a bit of what Vivian had taught him, as he brought his muzzle gently towards her lips, initiating his second kiss, a quick but chaste movement which broke after only a few seconds and left him with a slight giggle as he moved away.

"It is okay, you need time. I want to care for you, and the sex does not matter to me."
He had liked his experience, but now that he knew what happened, and all that it felt, honestly it was something that he would cherish if the time came, but comparing that to the experience of having Lahkesis in his lap his arms around her, or the moments on the beach where he had just been alowed to touch and explore vivian's body. Those softer gentle moments of affection he had never known possible, he didn't have the words for those moments and he doubted his translator would allow him to speak about them with much ease, so he had no way to convey what had been important to him.

"I want to hold you." He said not realizing his translator had messed up and put it as a request rather than saying that he 'enjoyed holding her'.

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[ PO1 B'Nila Skai & Lahkesis Saugn | Gymnasium | Deck 6 | USS Theurgy]

The moment his lips touched her own it was as if the world stopped for Lahkesis. And though the kiss only lasted that moment it was perhaps one of the most intimate moments of Lahkesis's life, she had so very few moments of true closeness with anyone who was not one of the sisters. When the kiss broke she gazed at him for a long moment, unable to say anything, her eyes heavy lidded and her gaze lost in his, he lips slightly parted as pure oxygen slightly cooler than the air around it came out in slow breaths.

Unlike most humanoids she did not produce much heat at all, so the steam from the air around them collected on her skin like dew on the leaves of a plant and gave her soft skin a moist smoothness unlike that of most mammals. The result was she seemed to have a gleam in the low light.

B'Nila's keen low light vision could see the tiny pinpricks of goosebumps form on the plant based female's arm. The significance of the moment was not lost on the pale counselor, in fact she could not help but smile at it. She recognized the look. It was the look of a woman enthralled in another being, inraptured in the sensation of it all. It would not be inaccurate to call it a form of love. Not quite a fully developed form, but it was where it began, it was the first step, or at least that was how B'Nila had always seen it.

"I want to hold you."

The words washed over Lahkesis like some lost thought, and she realized she wanted to be held. Perhaps more than anything else she had ever wanted, she wanted to be held by him. Without even thinking about it much less saying anything she moved, getting up and moving to climb into his lap, to hang her body against his. Where her body had been touching the smooth seat of the steam room was significantly warmer than the rest of her, so her backside was a raif bit warmer. Let the weight of her bedy rest fully on him, holding herself close to him.

And with that B'Nila was pretty sure she was no longer needed, at least not in that moment. She smiled at the two of them and got to her feet. As she moved to the door of the steam room she gave Sithick a smile and a wink. He was a lucky man. Once she had exited the steam room and stepped out into the much cooler air of the gymnasium she grabbed an "In Use" sign and hung it on the steam room door. Best to give the two of them some privacy.

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[ PO2 Sithick |  Gymnasium | deck 06 ] Attn:  @Absinthe

Sithick paused when he felt Lahkesis's get up from her seat, he felt like his blood was on fire, despite the fact that he couldn't blush he still hid a hand over his head thinking she would just leave, before he felt something small and soft sit down into his lap. It was an oddly familiar scene unfolding around him. With Lahkesis in his lap Sithick felt like he was awkwardly reliving the day the night before last when they had been in her quarters and he had his first experience with becoming aroused.

Now though it was slightly worse as the only thing between their two bodies were two sets of towels. He felt Lahkesis Lounging, and he desperately wanted to touch her, he brought a claw to her body and gently placed his arms over her stomach as he moved back, the awkward shuffling cuasing his own towel to fall away in the process revealing green flesh, and little else to hide his modesty.

He Tried his best to remain rested, and objectiveless. His arms holding Lahkesis, his head resting atop her own, but with his towel gone the majority of her body was pressing into his, and he knew what was happening next, the automatic biological reaction that would of course follow from having a beautiful woman in his lap, causing his cock to expose it's self. He almost threw Lahkesis from his lap consideirng how this hand ended the last time, but the only thing he could think to do as his member popped up between her thighs was to hold Lahkeses a little tighter.

"Please ignore that, I do not mean you harm." This situation could litterally not be any more embarassing if B'Nila had still been in the room, in fact he was kind of wishing he had some way to bring the therapist back because he knew this was only going to cause him more pain and humiliation, even as he held Lahkesis getting his one wish to hold her, he braced for the absolute worst situation, and knew he would just end up hurting her again like he had the first time.

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[ Lahkesis Saugn | Gymnasium | Deck 6 | USS Theurgy]

Perhaps it was that she was not so damaged now as she had been, or maybe it was just how safe with him, but this time when she felt his arousal she did not flee. As she felt him between her legs, only a handful of inches from her own sex, she was aware of her own feeling of arousal. Her mind told her that she wanted more and almost on nothing more than instinct she moved her body, keeping it pressed against him, slowly parting her legs so to wrap them around his waist and so her face was close to his.

This movement pinned his erect cock between his belly and her soft folds. Though she did not produce her own body heat, she was warm to the touch thanks to the high heat of the room itself. Her folds, slickened by the her body's sugary version of vaginal fluid, slide easily against his cock, parting slightly to rub her aroused cliterus to press against his cock. The effect of such stimulation caused her body to tremble and shiver against his.

With one arm she held fast to his body and with the other she reached up to touch his face, gently pulling it closer to her to kiss him. Like all of her bodily fluids her saliva had a sugary almost fruit like taste due to the high concentration of fructose in it. She kissed him with no clue how to do it, only the need to do it. She knew some about how to kiss from her reading, but knew nothing from every really doing it. So her kiss was sloppy and amounted to her licking his muzzle, her soft tongue moving gently over his teeth.

While some might have felt some fear about those teeth, to her there was no fear, no apprehension about kissing him. He did not scare her, she had seen a monster and knew that the one she was with was no monster. She with one hand she explored the grooves of his facial scales as she kissed and licked at his muzzle, and with the other she held onto his shoulder.

In the low light and thick air of the steam room the activation of the bioluminescent qualities in her body. The exact mechanism that triggered it was far from understood by anyone, but it seemed to be a natural response to increased levels of certain chemicals in her body. The result was that the small dense plant like veins that laced their way under her skin began to produce a soft glow, looking almost like lace under her skin. The thin filament like petals that made up her hair also began to glow. Usually the effect was more subtle, but in the low light it was very visible. Thus in the low light of the room around them and with the movements of her body the lights of her hair seems to dance in a myriad of color.

Holding his shoulder as she was provided her a degree of leverage and that was really all she needed to rock her hips back and forth, sliding her slickened sex against the length of his cock. The sticky fluids that covered his engorged cock mixed with with the thin sugary fluids of her own sex making a thick viscous fluid that allowed her to hold his cock against her sex more easily than if it was not there.

The combination of her sloppy kiss and rubbing his cock against her slick sex increased her arousal more and more aroused which made her sex slicker and easier to move, which made her increase her pace of both rubbing and his intense yet sloppy kiss. Her oxygen rich breaths coming out in soft moans and little gasps of pleasure as it too got faster. She was losing herself in the moment and no other thought of the world could bother her.

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[ PO2 Sithick |  Gymnasium | deck 06 ] Attn:  @Absinthe

Sithick had prepared himself for the absolute worst case scenario, he was ready to hail B'Nila and tell her to come back to help Lahkesis if she had another panic attack. What he found however was that Lahkesis not only stayed in his lap she seemed almost active in supporting him for a moment. Her mouth pressed against his with inexperianced yet passionate kisses, as her smooth skin and thighs pressed against his cock.

Sithick's yellow eyes widened in absolute shock as she touched him, as she bounced around against his cock and as she kissed him, but once that shock passed he became bold. He had some experience with kisses now thanks to Martin, but she had showed him more stuff about how to use his tongue agaisnt a female body, which was human... he had no idea how things were with Lahkesis but was hoping that she would show him everything.

AS she kissed him a claw came up to the side of her face brushing her cheek and holding her for a moment as his own mouth opened and he returned the kiss, his longue invading her mouth, unrolling and prehaps in an alien way filling her mouth with his breath and his salivia, tasting her more sugary sweet scent, but in return leaving her with the taste of heavy salt, and mint from his morning tooth brushing.

His other claw went down to her towel pulling it off her body in one quick fling and tossing it away from her as he rested the claw on her now naked ass. supporting her as she bounced against his cock, a single long claw explored the naked folds of her body touching what he otherwise probably wouldn't have been allowed too, exploring her.

From what he had experianced in his last encounter sex had been the simple act of finding a hole and filling it, so when he had found a hole of Lahkesis' his claw niavely pressed against it. His large finger pressing against her asshole, and slowly inserting not knowing what reaction the woman would have to the act, just exploring her body with a natural curiosity as he refused to break their kiss.

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[ Lahkesis Saugn | Gymnasium | Deck 6 | USS Theurgy]

Lost in the passion of the moment Lahkesis's mind was a flood of so many different feelings and sensations. This was unlike anything she had felt before. She had of course masturbated, even had an encounter with Doctor Maya once before, and that didn't even count just the raw memories she had that were not her own. She had thought she understood a great deal about sexuality and the feelings of it. She had done the research and tried to stimulate herself. She wasn't uneducated in terms of the sexual activities of various species, she had to know a great deal as a physician.

Yet this was entirely different. This was so much... She wasn't even sure how to process or explain it. She shook and bucked her hips against his hard cock, grinding her wet fold against it none to gently as she felt his strong clawed hands explore her body. There was no wrong move, no place out of bounds. In terms of feeling it was pure lustful exploration and passionate embrace. And every part of her body seemed to react to it in it's own way. Her hair shimmered and glowed with an increasing radiance, not so bright, but enough so to caste odd colorfully beautiful shadows over both her smooth pale skin and his thick scaled skin. Even her skin seemed to slow, a fine mesh almost like silk under the skin giving off a very soft light. She did not know what to do, so she simply moved her body in a way that felt good, and she hoped he did the same, though she did not know if she made him feel good or not.

And then she felt his claw trace over her sex and she almost froze, her body stiffening as she felt unlike anything she had felt before. She scarcely dared to breathe. Yet she could not stop herself ong, she needed more. So slowly she began to work her hips again. And then she felt his claw slide back to her anus. Again her breathing slowed as did her hip movements, as her focus moved back to the clawed fingers tracing over her tight anal ring. She had moved down her kissing to kiss and lick at his thick muscled neck as he had begun to explore her body.

In all her life Lahkesis had experimented with a wide range of foods, yet very few proved edible to her, most proved to cause more problems. This is significant because she had never actually gotten the chance to bite into anything as meaty as Sithick's neck, yet as her anal ring slowly opened to allow his thick finger inside of her body she could not help herself and she bit down on the scaled skin. She did not have the jaw strength or teeth sharpness to do much, but the bite along was all that kept her from screaming out.

It was not exactly painful, in fact she could not describe the feeling simply. There was an element of pain to it, yet the pain felt good, and then there was more than that. There was the feeling of fullness as more of his finger slide deeper inside. Because of the nature of her bowels there nothing much there and she was quite clean, more so than most other animals, yet she had never done anything sexual with that hole. The whole feeling was new and different and it made her all the more excited. The shimmering lights of her hair gleamed in the low steamy room, in fact she was now giving off more light herself than the dim lights above them were, and her light was infinitely more colorful, even if it did stick to being very magenta and red.

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[ PO2 Sithick |  Gymnasium | deck 06 ] Attn:  @Absinthe

Seeing all of Lahkesis body was a treat, watching her work his cock between her legs and feeling her body slide up and down against his hips was something he had never imagined. He didn't even really know it was possible, even the thought of exploring her on this level seemed so alien and new.

He loved every second of it.

Soft groans escaped him every few breaths. His finger inside of her moved against the rhythem of her own hips as they bucked against his cock. He felt her attempt a bite and honestly he found it kind of cute. If he did that to another person it would have ended up with a trip to Sickbay, yet Lahkesis's jaw could barely scratch against the rough scales, and he didn't think she was even trying to inflict pain. Rather it kind of tickled as her breath and tongue flicked against his scales.

His free claw explored her back, holding her tight to his body, feeling her breasts flush against his chest as he breathed and moved against her.

and then there was the light show. It was honestly beautiful to behold, like the woman he was clinging onto was some sort of precious work of art, he cherished it. and got a bit of an idea. "Lights, off."

At his command the already dim lights of the room turned out, leaving the only illumination in the room to be Lahkesis's unique biology, as the light danced around them, bringing a soft reflective glow to his deep yellow eyes contrasting with the beautiful dance of red and magenta.

Those eyes were well adapted, and he could still see every inch of Lahkesis' body. Crushed her lovingly agianst him. His tongue moving against her softer body tasting her as he licked her neck, placing hot breaths against her but never even attempting to bite down.

He held her and while his movements were not gentle he still craddled her as she rocked against him, and he could feel the ferver starting to build in those motions. It didn't take him much to be tossed over the edge, and this was all too much for him. SIthick's cock twitched and exploded between Lahkesis' legs his cum shooting for a moment as he leaned back so that most of the contents would find her rather than him. It was almost a reflex spurred on by the fact that he prefered to stay clean rather than some desire to see Lahkesis covered in his sexual juices.

And yet the result was the same with the contents of his cock landing about her breasts and stomach, trailing down between her legs.

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[ Lahkesis Saugn | Steam Room | Gymnasium | Deck 6 | USS Theurgy]


Perhaps of all things for Lahkesis to focus on in that moment it was not the most unusual, but feeling his breath on her body and her own breath in and out of her nose, as she still held fast to his scaly skin with her teeth. Breath was her focus. She was grounded in the moment by the thick and hot air around them, the oxygen flowing from her lungs and into his and the carbon dioxide flowing from his lungs and into hers. The harmony between them engulfed her.

And yet her lower body moved against him. Her slick folds grinding against his hard cock, cleasure streaming through her body, causing her skin to glimmer and glow, even more intensely as she drew closer and closer to her fall. She was so close now, her body yearning to break free from something, stretching some barrier of bliss to the extreme.

The process of blooming, as it had been called by those who had first observed it, was not fully understood. The biological reactions in her body were a mystery, but the results were both visual, olfactory, and sensual. And as Lahkesis broke through the thick viscous barrier it seemed her whole body glowed with a light, not so bright as another more radiant species, yet bright enough that even with the lights of the steam room off, every detail of her anatomy seemed to glow and pulse with an inner fire.

Yet she barely made a sound, her voice muffled as she never let go of him, her teeth and her hands held onto him as she road out the powerful sensation. And then in a final pulse as she felt his cock throb against her she released him and cried out, while his cock sprayed it's thick seed over her glowing skin, falling over her stomach, breasts and even over her legs and groin.

And for a moment all was still as she panted. Her breath escaping her lungs in gasps as tiny spasms still worked there way through her body. The lights of her skin and hair began to diminish, rapidly fading to nothing more than a soft glow. Had it not been for the steam or the low light the tiny spores in her breath might have been visible. Indeed in that moment her body released a special enzyme that converted her saliva, nasal mucus, and vaginal fluid into it's narcotic form, in addition causing a number of the narcotic spores to come out in each and every breath.

Oxygen and pure narcotic bliss with each breath out.

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[ PO2 Sithick |  Gymnasium | deck 06 ] Attn:  @Absinthe

Sithick's breathing calmed down as he settled in from his climax still holding Lahkesis' frame against him, As they both settled down however, Sithick's cock continued to remain hard and tall against his lovers stomach, still dripping, but also still aroused. He held onto her, his finger still inside of her tight asshole as his other hand brushed her short hair. She felt like a toy in his claws, but one he could care for, and protect. He held her and let her ride out the pleasure, he could smell something different in the air, something sweet and calming which made him a slight bit drowsy, but not enough to eb away at the fact that he was still hard, and still wanted more.

Sithick was starting to learn that sex was an appetite, that once he had a taste of it he liked what he felt, and didn't really want to stop. At least not at one helping. Lahkesis was light, and easy to pick up after he felt she had ridden the high long enough. He lifted her removing the long claw from her butt, and as he pulled her up it became clear that his intention was to replace the claw with his still hardened, but now soaked in natural lubricant cock.

Holding Lahkesis while she was still out of it, he didn't really wait for her to reply if this was the correct use of her body or not. She had seemingly loved the claw, so this wasn't that much different, just larger, thicker and now covered in sexual juices of all types. He brushed her hair with a claw, and then gently at first eased her onto the tip of his cock, before moving his claws down to her hips, and pushing her down onto him the rest of the wait.

Immediately Sithick groaned in pleasure as a familiar warmth and tightness greeted him, but he kept his attention on Lahkesis licking her skin and holding her affectionately till she was settled, he remembered that Martin had taken a moment to adjust to him being inside of her, and as far as he had been told this was Lahkesis's first time having anyone inside of her, so he would pay close attention to her as he went, holding her gently and affectionately.

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[ Lahkesis Saugn | Steam Room | Gymnasium | Deck 6 | USS Theurgy]

The air felt thick and heavy against her as she breathed, deep breaths rushing in and out of her lungs. The water vapor in the air clung to her still lightly glowing skin as she thought of nothing but her breathing. She was lost in the moment of pure bliss. And then they moved, she wasn't sure if she moved, if he moved, or if they moved as one. She felt almost like she was floating as he shifted her with easy. The feeling of his clawed finger sliding from her, leaving her feeling somehow empty without the feeling of him there, made her shiver.

As a quirk of her biology, namely the fact that she consumed very little beyond mineral water and sunshine, her bowels were far more sanitary than that of most other humanoids as there was very little that would collect there. Indeed by contrast the weight most humanoids had in digesting food and gastrointestinal microbiota, she had in increased density in her surrounding tissue. The result was that his calw went in lean and came out covered in nothing more than a thin layer of the fructose based clear mucus that lined her anal cavity in lieu of more traditional mucuses.

As he placed the tip of his cock at her entrance she was more focused on wanting to feel full of him again than really thinking about what was going to happen. Her body was stronger, more dense, than most humanoid, and thus stretching took more time. And sudden stretches would be more likely to tear her pale skin, but his cock was well lubricated with a mix of their sexual juices and he was gentle. So slowly, almost agonizingly, she descended, taking more and more of him inside of her body.

It was unlike anything she had ever felt. Having never had a full bowel the sensation was totally unique, and as she leaned forward to hold herself against him, her breath coming in trembling waves, she did her best to focus on it. At first there was some minor discomfort, not quite pain, but she felt as if she was being stretched far to much, filled to to fullest and then filled some more. It felt almost as if his cock was sliding in the hole in her bottom and into her very core.

When she finally came to rest, her slick and now very wet sex resting on her stomach just above his cock, which was now fully lodged inside. For a moment she barely moved, scarcely breathing. Every movement, every tremble or breath, cause his cock to shift inside her and her clit to more against his scaly skin. The sensation was almost overwhelming. She was aware of his pulse, pumping blood through his hard cock, her body offered nothing like that. Every sensation was new and different and every bit of it tingled and made her feel like she was under the brightest sunlight.

The glowing in her skin did not immediately increase, but it began to shimmer and sparkle in time with her breathing and the tremble in it. Her hair seemed to move on it's own, though this was really just the moving of the bioluminescence.

Finally she began to move, a little at a time, moving in a very small circle to grind to cliterous against his scaley stomach, while moving herself up no more than an inch and allowing herself to slide back down slowly. She used her hands to balance herself, one on his chest, the other on his shoulder, even in her current state the feeling of his scaled skin under her fingers was captivating. Every move was slow, and every move made her let out a small moan or whimper, unable to hold the sound in as more and more of her narcotic spore laced breath seeped from her and into the air.

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[ PO2 Sithick |  Gymnasium | deck 06 ] Attn:  @Absinthe

Sithick treated Lahkesis like she was glass, for a long moment, waiting for her approval of what he had done, his claws ran along her back, ticking her flesh, and scratching white lines against the pink soft substance of her skin. But did nothing else as her body squeezed and shivered against the cock which he had inserted into her ass. He lovingly held her until she was ready to start moving, and as she did his moans quickly joined with hers.

Now that he knew he wasn't going to break Lahkesis with her moving around on his cock, he went for the unexpected. He held her by her thighs, and since she was already holding onto his neck for support, he held her as he stood up. Every step he took bounced Lahkesis against his cock and he still had no effort to move, he was getting lost in a wonderful haze of lust. the narcotic in the air which he was unaware of helped to ease some of the concerns he had when he had done this with Martin, and holding Lahkesis as he did while she was light he could feel the strength in her body.

Placing Lahkesis's back against a wall, and her body close to him, Sithick started to move, pressing her between the cold metal of the bulkhead and a wall of heated green skin as he started to thrust against her. Unlike last time where he was subtle and not wanting to affect too much, he was loosing some of that timidness, and revealing the more passionate animal that hid behind his yellow eyes.

His body pressed against her, slapping his cock deep against her ass, and holding her tight, but he was also caring, one hand still had to support her, but the other brushed that light speckled hair of hers, as he moved what constituted as lips for his maw against hers, locking them, and shoving his tongue into her mouth with a hungry need for Lahkesis's approval and moans. When the contact broke and he was able to speak he did so softly. "My lettuce leaf."

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[ Lahkesis Saugn | Steam Room | Gymnasium | Deck 6 | USS Theurgy]

Because her body did not produce it's own heat through ny internal process, Lahkesis was always the temperature of the air around her, and very quickly took on the temperature of any object she held. But she was aware of the variances in temperature all the same. So she felt the heat of Sithick's leathery scales pressing against her, holding her against the much colder wall. It added to the sensations flooding through her brain, pushing her to new heights of blissful delirium. This was unlike anything she had felt before, already she had a first and this was yet another one.

The ship around her had long since melted away from her, all that existed in her universe, all that could, was the two of them and that wall, as even the room now seemed to fall into the inky void the filled in the edges of her mind between each each thrust that would send crimson rushes of rapture through her, whirling through the void like a infinite nebula of lucious euphoria.

As his driving need thrust into her again and again she was no more able to briefly bloom, but her body seemed to open up as it never had before. The sticky sweet fluid that flowed from her loins did so in greater quantity, sliding down his hardness and down his legs, smearing over her thighs. Her filament like petals of hair clung to her head, outlining her features in ribbons of vivid magenta and pale pinks, glowing like the exotic bougainvillea caught in an infinite sensual light. All the while her body pumped more of it's narcotic load into the air through her breath and out of every pour in her body.

The kiss drew her in and she opened to him as the rose to the sun, her tongue moving against his, tasting his raw animal need. Her kisses has taking on a flavor not unlike that of mint and felt cool by contrast to the heat of his animalistic ones. This was because of the high concentration of the narcotic spore in her saliva. The narcotic did not only affect those around her, though she had never pushed herself to such great heights as these in terms of pleasure the narcotic had a very clear impact on her own perception. To her all was lost in the fluid thrusting. The line between them was less defined. Indeed she could hardly tell where he stopped she began and the wall ended. It all melted together into a thrusting, moaning, whimpering, breathless, heart pounding need; and it consumed her whole.

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[ PO2 Sithick |  Gymnasium | deck 06 ] Attn:  @Absinthe

Sithick was a little worried that he could have been hurting Lahkesis in all of this. His body was a lot heavier than hers, so much so that even holding her up as he was felt more awkward than it did heavy. His claws held her legs spread apart, and his cock slammed into her body with force enough to make him worry that he could have been turning her insides into jelly, at the same time every moment that they were together Lahkesis seemed to be echoing pleasure not pain, and it was infectious.

He wasn't sure if he could get used to this feeling of having sex, it was still so completely foreign for him, and he was sure that he was breathing heavily while he went at her. He wasn't entirely sure what was happening around him because everything kept spinning, and in the end with every kiss and lustful slap of his leathery flesh against her soft skin he felt lost to the pleasure as her body clamped tightly around his cock. His claws on her legs were digging in as he held her, what had started as soft white lines as he originally gripped her turned into deeper bruises as he held her too tightly his claws digging into her legs.

When he noticed what he was doing he was appauled, but didn't want to stop. He let go of Lahkesis for a moment, and yet they stay'd connected thanks to her arms around him, and the pressure between the wall and his body. As her legs wrapped around him held Lahkesis close this time pulling her into an embrace his arms wrapping around the woman to hold her close, to fuck her ass passionately as he held onto his lover. His cock deep inside of her twitching and growing hotter. Did he climax inside of her like he had with Vivian? it was hard to know what he wanted to do. She had looked kind of cute when his sperm was on her breasts.

Wait why did that make her look cute?

What was it about sex that confused his mind like that. He wasn't entirely sure, but honestly in the height of pleasure, Sithick couldn't think, couldn't come up with a solution on the problem, and didn't desire to pull his cock out of her ass, so he was set to cum inside of her. His only hope was that Lahkesis was going to reach her climax with him or before him.

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[ Lahkesis Saugn | Steam Room | Gymnasium | Deck 6 | USS Theurgy]

As he moved in and out of her Lahkesis's body reacted, doing what it needed to do to ensure it's well being. Her body was a splendid machine, far more durable than it looked and far more able to react to stimuli than most humanoids. Thus with each thrust the water retaining syrupy fluid that surrounded her organs gave up a little bit more of it's water, quickly converting it into a thin viscous nectar that would seep through the walls of her rectum and providing additional lubrication. All the while the fluid around her rectum got thicker and more like a warm putty. The result was the inside of her body took on a tighter and more textured feel, while increasing in lubrication to allow Sithick's rigid flesh thrust into her again and again. The mechanism was likely to allow whatever was causing her body to stretch as it was to be pushed out, but the result was her inner walls almost seemed to be milking him as he worked his driving need deeper into her.

And all this stimuli flooded her brain with crimson waves of pure agonizing ecstasy. She could feel her heartbeat fluttering in her chest as pain and pleasure swirled in her mind. She was aware, for a moment, of his claws digging into her milky pale thighs, they were already so saturated with her sweet viscous nectar, she could not tell if his grip hurt her or drove her to even greater depths of sexual bliss. She felt as if she were drowning in a never ending crashing storm of ecstasy.

Something was building, her steady stream of soft moans and mewls stopped and only her gasping breaths of need remained. It was close. She was on the edge of something she could not identify, or even put words to.

And then it happened.

It seemed as if the world crystallized into a perfect gem and in an instant it shattered into an infinite number of glorious gleaming shards of light.

Her body tensed and her head fell back as she cried out, a sound torn between to most succulent torment and the pure merciless euphoria. The inner muscles gripping Sithick's shaft, made of complex collenchyma like tissue as they were, began to tighten and release seemingly at random, fluttering around his hardness. Her mind seemed to slip into a sea of deep viscous rapture, leaving nothing of her left on the surface. A rush of liquid nectar poured out over the petal-soft folds of her womanhood and down onto his rigid flesh. Her body and the fine petal like filaments of her hair glowed and glittered in the steam, sending shadows around them, not so bright as if even the lights had been turned back on, but bright enough to show her body in it's most wondrous of detail.

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[ PO2 Sithick |  Gymnasium | deck 06 ] Attn:  @Absinthe

With the ever increasing tightness of Lahkesis ass there was some expansion to his cock, as it grew hotter and thicker inside of her getting ready to cum as he fucked Lahkesis's brains out of her body. Sithick could see that he was enthralled by the feeling, he held her closely and licked her shoulder as her moans became louder and louder, as his own grunts became more quick as his thrusts became more wild and he wasn't sure which would break first his need for air, or Lahkesis under all the pressure that he was feeling from the constant attack against her body as her muscles and fluids tried to push out his cock with no avail.

He reached his own climax shortly after Lahkesis reached hers, his own scream in the more brutish slower and much more grounded voice of his own rather than the translators. He moaned as his cock was milked, and the fluids mixed with her own, some of it pouring out and landing on the steam room's floor, as his eyes opened to the sight of Lahkesis in all of her detail, the only light projected from her giving the faint pink tinge to everything, it was attractive, and seeing her body in all of it's shades, and the steam and sugar like sweat that surrounded her now from all of this activity. It was rare to see a sight so wonderful that he wished he had some sort of recording device.

He felt satisfaction as he slowly pulled his cock out of Lahkesis's ass, gently he put Lahkesis on the floor, and then came to rest next to her. Once he was on the ground he laid next to Lahkesis silently wrapping an arm around her waist pulling her in close to him, so that her head glowing as it was could rest against his chest.

He panted for a moment wishing he could drink some water, rather than the hydrated air of the steam room. But he did not wish to leave this spot, as he sniffed over Lahkesis's Sugar glazed body. His cock still errect, but he wouldn't ask for more. Rather he just wrapped his arms around Lahkesis and held her close. His yellow eyes taking in her luxurious features. His claws lazily exploring things like her stomach and breasts as he held her.

"I do not deserve you." He said softly before kissing her head. He wasn't sure what made the words come out, but it felt right. Lahkesis was soft when compared to him. He was the big brutish thing that people feared, she was the lovely plant that people admired. He didn't know how he lucked into such beauty, but he would not abuse it. "But I do admire you. Such beauty... I wish I could have photo."

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[ Lahkesis Saugn | Steam Room | Gymnasium | Deck 6 | USS Theurgy]

The world swirled around her as Lahkesis's body fell limp. It was all she could do to just breath as the world very slowly began to come into focus. She did what she could to hold onto the details of the world around her, but she could not. She felt like her body was so heavy.

She began to drift in and out of consciousness as she felt him move. She limply held onto him, her head resting on his scaly skin.

She felt him slide out of her, her body and mind at this point to far gone to do anything beyond shiver at the sensation of it. She felt as if she were oddly empty after all of that. She was aware of the slick fluids seeping from her and of her thighs being saturated in fluids. Yet it bothered her not.

And then she was aware of being on the floor, though she was not immediately aware of how she got there. She could feel the warm tiles under her and was aware of a faint ache coming from her lower body. She had never done anything like that before and though her body had held up well, it was clear she would be sore from it.

And as he moved her again, her body putting up no resistance to any movement, she felt herself come to rest against him. His scales pressed against the side of her face as she listened to his internal organs through his skin. She closed her eyes and listened to the sounds of his body functioning, his heart beating, his lungs filling and unfilling, his various digestive organs making subtle sounds. She listened to the complex symphony that was his biological life and she was almost lost in it.

In her dazed state when he spoke she found it interesting that with one ear she could only hear his deep guttural growl of language and with the other she could still hear the translator. In that moment part of her wished she could turn the translator off and simply understand the language Sithick spoke. Some part of her narcotic addled mind felt as if the translator was naught but a barrier between them and it pained her.

"I could take one... for you... if you want one... or you could take one of me," she said softly. She knew she could configure her medical tricorder to snap a photograph easily enough. She had very few pictures taken of her as mementoes over the years. Most photographs were for her file, detailing the information on her life and her growth. She knew some people kept pictures of loved ones, yet no one had ever asked for one of her, at least not until that moment.

Slowly her hand reached down to his still hard shaft. Her long fingers gently wrapped around the slick flesh. Though her grip was not so tight as to be overly tantalizing, it was none the less stimulating. "You're still erect," she said in a breathy whisper. She could feel some strength returning to her, or maybe it was simply that she wanted to do something else knew and thought she had enough strength to manage it. "Give me a minute and I think I want to try something..."

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[ PO2 Sithick |  Gymnasium | deck 06 ] Attn:  @Absinthe

The translator around his neck offered one way communication. When Lahkesis spoke he understood her in her entirety, but his jaws, and vocal chords were not skilled in speaking the Federation common. He had learned how to listen to them, to hear them without the need of something being fed into one of what counted for his species as ears. The language he spoke was actually closer to Orion than actual Gorn, as it was used by slaves and slavers.

His hands kept going over just how soft Lahkesis was, as she was pressed against him, their bodies warmed by the heated room, and panels by which they rested. His deep predatory eyes watched Lahkesis the subtle movements of her chest, the way she relaxed against him. The way she kept her legs open, and was so completely loosing herself in thought as she rested against him, unafraid of him.

His claws traced along her sides, but when she spoke about taking his request seriously. That she could in fact supply him with such a photo he stopped as if he had been hit by a buss. When he had asked for such an image he never imagined that she would actually offer him something. He moved his jaws closer to her neck and licked her in a soft display of gratitude.

"I would be too nervous to take such an image." He barely held himself together with a naked woman pressed against his body. It felt right that she could do this, but his mind kept saying he wasn't worthy of these moments, that he had hurt her, his eyes drifted to her legs, where he had clawed her. He supposed she was a doctor, and thus could handle small wounds like that, but he had been afraid that she would react poorly to it. He had only been trying to hold her.

Than she did something he did not expect, she wrapped her hand around his cock. She would automatically feel his body tense and shiver his breath accelorating as she asked him to have a minute and she could try something. Try what? she had already given him more than he had ever expected to recieve, what did she need a minute for?

His head nodded as he gulped, but admitted that her hand against his cock felt good, and was a welcome addition to his life. It was however slick to the touch with both of their cum still coating the dick as well as both Lahkesis's unique plant syrup, as well as many of the fluids that his own body secreted to help protect his cock when it was held internally.

"What?" Was his unsteady reply, curious as what would happen next? did she wish to consume his seed like Martin had? she was plant, breeding between them was most likely impossible so why would she go about this? One day he really needed to ask a medical proffessional he trusted if it was safe for him to try these things with Both Lahkesis and Martin.

The fact that Lahkesis was a doctor and would be the one he would probably be most comfortable with talking over these issues was lost on him, as his main focus was the fact that she had his cock in her hand.

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