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Holiday letter contest!

Make the Postal Carrier laugh!

Hokay, so we spoke about this on Discord, and I'm extroverted enough to make this an actual thing. So by now you all know I work for the Post office, and we were speaking about funny names and making postal carriers laugh. And so we have the following contest! The contest will be running from November 1st, to January 1st.


1) We are looking for names that will make a postal carrier laugh. We see a lot of stuff like "Seymour Johnson" or "Mister Fister" So do try harder than simple joke names. Come up with Something elaborate and creative! If you can make us giggle, YOU MIGHT WIN!

2) Mail all letters/postcards to

Victor vanVinter (Use a funny/profane name instead of this)
197 East Grove Street, F5
Reno, NV, 89502

3) Make sure that the return address is LEGIBLE, I would like to get you your prize at the speed of the US mail. (7-10 days Domestically)

4) Entries to the contest will be edited into this post!

5) A COMMUNITY Winner will be named via poll to be put up 1 week after the deadline for entries!

6) The Contest will ruin from November 1st to January 1st?  Why not shorter? It's already Christmas season, mail speed is somewhat delayed

7) If you sent me an entry to the contest and I do not receive it, let me know via Forum or Discord PM and I'll add it to the list and you'll be eligible for the community reward

8) Domestic entries that are returned to sender are not eligible


Prizes for the contest are simple. With 1 prize chosen by myself and my Carrier, and the second chosen by the community!

1) A Book of US "Forever stamps" (Minus postage)

 One of two patterns, the OSIRIS-REx or Ruth Bader Gisburg

2) If the Winner is International, a Booklet of Global "Forever" stamps  (Minus postage)

3) If you are NOT comfortable with providing a return address, I am happy to venmo/paypal/ etc the equivalent of the price (About 15 USD)

The winner of the contest will be determined by myself, AND the Mail Carrier(s) on the route that I live on.

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