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Zark didn't quite breathe a sigh of relief, but the sexual tension was definitely running high and as much as she'd tried to leave the ball in Reika's court, she was more interested in jumping the Shen's bones to be honest.  Still, Jeen's interruption was a little inopportune and the Zhen pouted a bit.  She grinned though at the display that Reika had given of her smooth legs and linked her arm around Kino's. "I'd be happy to Reika."  A hand gestured in an airy manner at the white haired Trill.  "This here is Kino Jeen, explosives Petty Officer extraordinaire.  If there's an obstacle in the way and you want to use straight line to get to your destination, you set her to making that straight line through all the impediments."  Zark gave Jeen a smile then took a sip of her sapphire coloured ale.

"She's also a smooth talker, and that comes from having and unfair number of lifetimes stuck inside her in the form of a symbiote. Technically it should give her an advantage in fisticuffs, but like my bruised self, she hasn't managed to best totally best our esteemed boss yet."  Zark shrugged since this was normal. "The closest we could get in an argument is who got closer to getting a tie."  The medic looked at Kino contemplatively for a moment as she rummaged through her memory. "Yeah, hard to say. I think you're technically ahead though. Was there that one time she sent you to sickbay with a broken nose?  I don't think you've been knocked out yet."

The Zhen continued grinning as she took a bigger sip of her drink. "I think we got carried away since I broke her nose that time." Zark rubbed the tip of her nose in embarrassment. "Anyway, that's not genial to the conversation about Kino here. " Zark turned her attention back to the Trill, but also sparing a glance to to see how Rhys was doing in his darts game.  "So, what have you been up to?"

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