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Award Poll: The Researcher's Medal 2021

This is dedicated to a writer who mines Stark Trek canon for technical or cultural details, or built an species that truly stand out in originality. To read posts from this writer is to feel as if one is walking in the shoes of a real person in the Star Trek universe. Details should have long-lasting effects on the Theurgy story as a whole.

The poll will run for 3 days, in which those who cast their vote should always take their time to read the linked scenes first. The award should be based on the award criteria and not because you personally like the nominee(s) overall. The nominee(s) who get the most votes will receive the Researcher's Medal. If you are a Nominee, you may not vote on your own scene.

Here are the nominations, with more information on the nominated writers & threads, which has been complemented by private nominations of additional writers in nominated threads:


Forum Name of Nominee: @Tae
Reason for Nomination: "Tae only joined the sim recently (well, ish...sweet merciful donkey balls, has it already been ten months!?). I want to highlight his general commitment to detail and excellent characterisation in relation to profession." Additionally: "In a short period of time, Tae's had a real impact on myself, and the scenes and projects he's brought forward, have driven the team to a higher ground."
Motivation & Links:
Recovery and Repair
Tesla Gunship
"With Victor, Tae has drawn heavily on his real life experience to create and write a character who is...well, real is the best word I can come up with. He consistently keeps up with the lingo and attitude one would expect from a grease monkey, embracing the technical aspects of Star Trek vigorously. That even extends OOC, as Auctor Lucan has been working on the Romulan Stalker project with Tae's help among others. Tae's clear passion for this part of Trek warrants recognition, and I really feel that he has enriched the Theurgy story as a whole." Additionally: "I haven't had the opportunity to write with Tae all that much recently. But every project he's come up with, and scene we've been in together, his real grasp of realistic technical applications, and fine scope, drives my writing to a higher ground, and pulls the team up with himself. I think the way that Tae inclusively, and creatively comes up with ideas that function as story vessels, while being just plain cool, is a real credit to him as a writer. I look forward to seeing what else this mad genius comes up with from here. If there was a nomination for plain creativity, he'd be top of my list."


Forum Name of Nominee(s): @jreeves1701
Reason for Nomination: "Not enough of us are talking about Larrant. This makes me sad. We need to talk about Larrant."
Motivation & Links:
Sabine Crash Site
"jreeves did something bonkers with Larrant and Sithick. They are wildly different characters, and he writes with vigour and adventure, embracing their alien aspects and going absolutely bananas. It's glorious to read at times just for how far jreeves goes. His writing of Larrant in Sabine Crash Site was a great light-hearted diversion, breaking up the more serious action with Larrant's banter with his Klingon...uh...friend? Comrade? Potential love interest? Who the heck knows? Larrant is a noncorporeal bloke in a box and it's insane. It's awesome. I want more."


Forum Name of Nominee(s): @uytrereee
Reason for Nomination: "Uytreree has constantly been killing it with Frank and the level of knowledge he brings to the character. From seeing him with the Intel Drone, to the thread with the Breen, to now the Tesla modification, it's really cool to constantly see the level of work that he puts into the technical knowledge that Frank brings to the table in these threads." Additionally: "Utter insanity when it comes to the detailed relaying of scientific information relative to Trek Technobabble. For being able to relay such detailed Trek Technobabble in a fun, understandable, and totally 'Frank' way."
Motivation & Links:
From Above It Will Prey
Tesla Gunship
"For Frank, it's cool to see the real world know-how that he brings to the table and puts into play for Star Trek. Typically, even in my own writing, it's a lot of technobabble that just 'makes sense' because we accept that. However, I know that he also puts in a fair amount of behind the screen work to not only make it look and sound like Star Trek, but for it to make sense within the real rules of science. It can even be a bit intimidating sometimes, which is amazing and challenging to respond to! Every time I see one of the new tech threads with him in it, I'm instantly drawn to reading it over, and he also does a great job of playing what we know as a 'boomer' in Star Trek, with the son of a freighter Captain. Looking forward to seeing more, Uyt." Additionally: "When AL approved my request to have the Intelligence Department develop a modified version of the Tovarek Drone for use in a ground support role, ala a Trekified Predator Drone, there was one writer I thought of who could really deliver on such an idea, and that was Uytrereee. The guy just knows his stuff, as was evidenced by the incredible depth of detail and research he put into very real, and very sci-fi/trek concepts for the drone. But what really makes Uytreree and his writing as Frank so damned good, is how he manages to take that incredible depth of detail and research, and relay it in such a manner that doesn't leave his partner completely baffled by it. It's like his character, Frank, is the perfect filter mechanism for Trek technobabble, and can take something utterly confusing, but say it in a way that makes a world of sense. You can bring him a simple idea, and he will advance and upgrade it, but do it in a way that feels like a real Engineer would do, which when you consider the writer's background, is natural."

Thank you in advance for your voting in this award category!

Best Regards,

Auctor Lucan

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