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Award Poll: Inner Light Award 2019

Awarded to the main contributing writers in a dramatic scene or situation that stands out way above the norm in terms of emotional impact, keeping the readers on the edge of their seats and wondering what may come next.

The poll will run for 3 days, in which those who cast their vote should take a few minutes to read the linked scenes first. The nominee(s) who get the most votes will receive the Inner Light Award. If you are a Nominee, you may not vote on your own scene.

Here are the nominations, with more information on the nominated writers & threads, which has been complemented by private nominations of additional writers in nominated threads:


Forum Name of Nominee: @BZ ( @Nolan was also nominated but isn't eligible since he has this Award already )
Reason for Nomination: Zephyr Praise
Motivation & Links:
1) 2368: Starfleet Academy: Science Issues
2) Encrypted Correspondence: Closing The Distance
3) [2370] Directors Cut: Glutton for Punishment
BZ has a raw, beautiful and powerful emotional range that she explores through her unique and individual characters, no two of them sharing anything truly alike. Her writing Zephyr Praise together with Nolan, they will destroy the audience with their depth of dramatic delivery and emotional connection. It's honestly like watching the most beautiful ballet of words and paragraphs painting a work of art that is also a film of its own that requires no visual input to share their message and stories with you. The nominator is an absolute fan of the tales these two have spun over the months and years. Taking time out of their busy schedules to feed the hungry masses eager for the next tale of woes and joys, loves and dramas, passions and life. The stories found in these three links absolutely, utterly, completely destroyed the nominator, and they urge you all to read them thoroughly - being surely the best dramatic/romantic interlude ever.


Forum Name of Nominee: @Numen
Reason for Nomination: Extremely characterful and moving writing in several threads
Motivation & Links:
1) The Targ House
2) Cardassian Rhapsody
3) Far From the Tree
To get a full spread and properly demonstrate the range of Numen's writing, she's nominated for the following threads: 'The Targ House' as Khorin, 'Cardassian Rhapsody' as Bila, and 'Far From the Tree' as Seren.  Seeing the usually more comical Khorin become so serious and gentle in 'The Targ House' is really moving, and Numen does a spectacular job of showing us exactly what's happening inside his head.  'Cardassian Rhapsody' is another intense scene exploring both a recent death and Bila's Cardassian heritage, and seeing Bila work through these issues is really great to read. Finally, 'Far From the Tree' is a bit of a departure, with Numen writing the extremely repressed and overly-logical Seren. This scene is great because not only is Numen a master at writing traditional Vulcans, but she's also able to clearly show how Seren is feeling despite his inherent lack of emotion, and the details of how he behaves and thinks are subtle and perfect.


Forum Name of Nominee: @Top Hat & @BZ
Reason for Nomination: For 'Blucote' separation arc & reunion
Motivation & Links:
1) Human Determination & Ingenuity
2) Into Blue Depths
3) Hollow to Whole
4) Meet the Tirans
5) Victuals and Visitations
6) We are the Borg
7) Dropspace
The nominator specifically thought of the threads 'Into Blue Depths', 'Hollow to Whole', 'Meet the Tirans', and 'Victuals and Visitations', but also the moments in 'We are the Borg' and the reunion scene in 'Dropspace'. These threads are emotional, moving, tense, funny, bittersweet, painful, and a real rollercoaster to read.

It is stated that writing with @Top Hat is always a joy.  Every time another nominator have a thread with him it's always a joy to write and completely worth the wait for the beauty of his responses.  They are so real and down to Earth, delving into his characters and really thinks from their perspective and not so much of what he wants to accomplish but what the characters will accomplish.  That's the mark of a great writer. The second dominator's favorite thing about reading his threads is because the characters choose their own actions.  Like, when he was going to fire the thrusters in the Theurgy bay, because he was not coming out on some traitor ship.  They were going to murder his people and he would do anything to protect them.  The fact that he doesn't take any crap from Nicander, the fact that he is so very much Ducote.  He doesn't bend to the will of the site and the threads, he plays the man as he should be.  His intense First Officer moments just resonate well with the nominator. They can see him, hear him, picture him.  From his day to day life, to his work life, everything Ranaan Ducote is just pure magic.  Even when he writes other characters, like his own father Erich Ducote, everything is so very "In" the character that they just work, and they leave you wondering, guessing, and waiting for the next response.

@Top Hat writes less exuberantly and prolificly than @BZ . His characters are more restrained, more frugal in words and actions, but they are "very trek" characters. They are extraordinarily deep and meditated characters that let us see bits and pieces of their soul in very brief occasions but that at all times we know why they act as they do, what their motives are and why they are like that. Without ever losing their subtlety. Achieving this is extremely complex and says a lot about the skill level of the writer we are dealing with. A thread with Nator is a non-Blucote thread is also lauded for being a deep and exquisite moment to a character that's extremely complex both for hir personality, for hir background and species. This is an authentic diamond that has gone unnoticed by most people.

There have been mentioned many reasons why these two should be honored but third nominator affirms how they are brilliant writers, deep, intense and who stay in character until the last consequences. While assisted by two other writers, @BZ is honoured for her writing in Human Determination & Ingenuity. This thread, and no other, caught a third nominator entirely and absolutely on this sim, being one of the first they read. This thread made them want to know more about Blue about her love for Ducote, where all this came from, who these characters were and made them read all the threads and posts that were written in the sim over months. The aforementioned thread has made them stay here and start to feel these characters as real people because of the depth and the feelings it leaks, because there is so much behind it that you can't help but need to find out more. And it must be read by everyone who comes here. This thread is gold.


Forum Name of Nominee: @Nolan @Numen @Fife @Stegro88 @lisavw
Reason for Nomination: Ekon's death scene and the ORE application in "An Open Ending"
Motivation & Links:
An Open Ending
The nominator want to put on record that this thread and how it was developed was not planned at all. It was a thread that had been brewing since the nominator started working with Bila in the ORE, which 'exploded' with the assimilation of Ekon and Lorad (and later continued in Lorad's cure thread) and has had repercussions that still affect many characters long after. This thread has been a bomb, literally, a nuke that has sent seismic waves through the stories of these characters and has marked them deeply and will continue to affect them. It is an important development that has been slightly obscured by the main events but that the nominator think should be appreciated in its measure. Fife drew a tear out of the nominator here and they hate him for it. This only fact need to be awarded. The nominator herself was later also nominated for this thread, namely @Numen .


Forum Name of Nominee: @Brutus
Reason for Nomination: For his writing of Sarresh Morali
Motivation & Links:
1) Bloody but Unbowed (Conversation with Ives posts)
2) Crisis #10 | Thermal Springs (First four posts)
3) The Flutter of a Pair of Wings (In-Character reference to the Butterfly Effect changes)
4) Loss of Devotion (Learning of Sel's death)
Sarresh is a very complex character. He's been in the forum a long time and has suffered some incredible changes and setbacks. The nominator have only been able to witness part of them: his kidnapping by the Savi and the discovery of the loss of Sel, but a second nominator also adds past writing feats in the links above.

Throughout the entire Versant arc, Sel has been, mainly, the motive that has kept this character alive, only to find when he has returned that that love he thought impossible has died. Reading this entire arc has been devastating but, not only that, it shows the skill of the writer to continue developing a character despite the setbacks. The nominator hope that Sarresh will soon have some light in his story and the writer is praised in the level he deserves.


Forum Name of Nominee: @chXinya ( @Auctor Lucan was also nominated by wasn't eligible for the Inner Light Award )
Reason for Nomination: Cinn good-bye
Motivation & Links:
1) Vantage Points (Prophet Vision during Martok battle)
2) 50 Lashes (Last time with Rez)
3) The Battle of the Apertures (Final Prophet Vision post, w. Sisko)
4) Storm Glass (Post with shuttle departure)
5) Battle of the Apertures (Omega Device Detonation)
The nominator imagines that Cinn's death will be nominated in another Award category, but this is not for the final sacrifice, but the story arc leading up to it. Cinn's last moments are glorious and must be acknowledged, not so much his death itself but the escalation and last steps that led him there, which can be found in the links above. Well recommended leading, if nothing else.


Forum Name of Nominee: @fiendfall
Reason for Nomination: Due Triss Liebrecht
Motivation & Links:
[2381] 1 Unread Message
Let's see where I should start. Triss is a background character. She's not even an NPC, she's part of the past of a character who, apparently, only serves as a piece to build the 'main character'. The nominator has English as their second language so a format like the thread pointed out is more complex to estimate than to a native. And, in spite of all these problems, @fiendfall has provided us this thread, which flashes emotion in all its lines, which tells so many things with so few words, with so few pieces on which to build that it is an authentic masterpiece of the written word. Since it's just recently made possible to give Likes to closed threads, do the Nominator and @fiendfall a favour and show your appreciation for this little gem.

Thank you in advance for your voting in this award category!

Best Regards,

Auctor Lucan

Re: Award Poll: Inner Light Award 2019

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@Top Hat and @BZ , for their separation and reunion arc of Blucote! :) Congratulations to both you!

Thank you also to all the nominees for the excellent writing, and there were really worthy contestants for this Writing Award too.


Auctor Lucan

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