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Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread

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Yay! My boi finally gets to make his debut! *does a happy dance*

Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread

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I was just thinking would any of the Devoted consider renouncing their fanatic faith now that it has been a while and Morali would have proven that he cannot provide them with any knowledge? @Brutus  he did right?
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Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread

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Perhaps the Devoted would care to learn of the one, true, Fanged God?  :D

Seriously though, wondering if there are any counselors looking for a challenge?  Deacon still has quite a few issues he needs to work on, including his PTSD, the issue with now having to wear a monkey face when he was raised to hate humans, etc.  Counselor should be forewarned about Kzinti cultural bias against females, telepaths and vegetarians.  :)  Oh, and he has a bit of an issue with counselors as a concept, too. :)

Anyone up to a challenge?

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Hi Everyone,

Just checking if anyone else would like to join the rescue party. Can be any department. Would love it if I could get at least 2 more writers. Details at the following link:,2688.msg24149.html#msg24149

Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread

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Yo! I'm a bit time tight but i could throw one of my characters if you are in need of more writers @Stegro88 ! I need to check, but probably Khorin or Shar could be availible (due you dont want a scared bajcardie or a counselor there I guess xD)

Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread

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Hi everyone, sorry it took a while to get this up, work life got super busy but it's finally freed up so I thought it was about time I put Cir'Cie here.

She's feeling rather alone and isolated at the moment and is very much trying to resolve the fact she was used as a puppet in two incidents that have harmed the crew and is trying to both come to terms with that and hopefully find ways of putting it behind her and restore the crew's faith in her going forward.

As of right now I'm still learning how to write her and are open for pretty much anything if anybody is interested. It could be something simple as an interaction in the arboretum, studying the Aldean plant-life or anything really as I work to get her out of NPC land and back into full character land, hopefully without her continuing to be the galaxy's puppet in the process, that would be nice :)

If anybody has any ideas and is interested feel free to shoot me a PM and discuss ideas.

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To those writers involved in my Silver Shadows arc but have yet to post in the latest round (@BZ excluded), Please try and do so before Friday 4th October AEST (roughly 96 hours from this post.)

Ghostbusters will have reached 3 weeks by that stage and I want to move it along please.

Shadow Dance will have reached 2 weeks and I would like to be ready to progress it once BZ gets an opportunity to post.

Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread

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Hey @SummerDawn, I know a while back you were thinking about starting/participating in the Hull Repair objective thread. Are you still game? No worries if not; I would quite like to get Nator back off the bench for a while. I'll find a way ha.
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Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread

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@Top Hat if you're still looking to write that objective, I'd love to throw Scruffy into the mix and get to write him in a more technical thread!

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Hello everyone,

This is a bit of an odd post and i didn't know exactly where to put it. I realized today while talking in discord that due in part to my schedule lack of health and poor planning i have been doing the literal bear minimums and most of my partners can probably say that is a generous estimate of my activity.

Now that I am looking to jump back in with full force and vigor i kinda realize that I have Los the script.

I kept detailed notes for my characters on a hard drive that got reformatted. And i i haven't kept up with aldea ongoings.

This leaves me in a situation where all of my characters are blank after day six or seven. And i don't know where to jump in.

Id like to ask if there are any threads or plots that i could join since i don't know enough to direct content at the moment.

Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread

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Does anyone want to tackle this story objective with me?

Klingon Distress Call!
Location: One light year out from Epsilon Mynos VIII - Phaldos - a subspace relay station needs help desperately. NPCs and setting freely picked by the writers. This is very free-form, and could lead to any kind of development you want to write. It could be anything that's amiss, but the Klingon General Chu'vok that's posted in the system would be grateful for an investgation.
In-Character Time: Undecided
Objective Parameters to earn Tokens:
5 posts minimum per writer
Take charge of the development and decide outcome
NPC General Chu'vok.

Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread

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With Hide & Seek in the Beyond wrapping up now, CWO3 Liliana "Meerkat" Walton is again available for a thread.

Anyone want to have her along anywhere?

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About to write a starter for a Story Objective that has 2 slots open, and it's this one:

Anyon Emission Protocol Failure
After the interrogation of Doctor Nicander in Scrying Through the Storm Front, Commander Ducote ordered the implementation of anyon particle sweeps every time someone comes aboard the Theurgy. The subatomic particles were meant to dephase any parasites and kill Infested when either entering through an airlock or being transported into one of the Transporter Rooms. This objective is about a freely chosen accident in relation to these emissions, where one or more characters are either affected or they have to save/help those that were affected.
In-Character Time: Anytime after Day 07
Objective Parameters to earn Tokens:
- 3 posts minimum per writer
- End the thread with safeguards being made to prevent another accident
BZ and I will start up events in the thread, with Ji and Liam being phased out of the Theurgy and wandering a ship void of life (or is it?). We could use the help of two writers working on getting them back into the real Theurgy again? All four writers will be posting in the same thread. PM me and BZ if you are interested in having your character help out with this short adventure! :)


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Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread

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going through my drafts, made an accidental post, don't mind me dskfgjh
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