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The Chameloid - Breen Connection

Hi there!

I found this on Reddit that I wanted to share. The more I read it, the more I loved it, including the comments.

I am considering making this Theurgy canon, because there are lacking pieces to the theory that our story explains. Like, why did the Chameloids begin to wear suits in the first place? Perhaps it was because of the Savi, since I have already established that the Chameloids caused the latest Cataclysm for the Savi. The encounter with the Savi would not only make the Chameloids hide themselves, but something the Savi did to the majority of the Chameloids caused them to start wearing suits? Just ideas, but in connection to Jien Ives, who was found as an orphan organism on a battlefield, s/he would not have any idea what s/he would be either. Another thing about the Chameloids in my unfinished species page about them is that they are not able to shift into something that isn't an organism. Like, they can't shift into a wall or a chair. It has to be a living being. This also cooroborate with the suits and the ID markers in them, as suggested in that thread.

Anyway, looking forward to your thoughts on this! :)


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Re: The Chameloid - Breen Connection

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I like the Breen theory. I'm in favor of it.
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Re: The Chameloid - Breen Connection

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Specific findings in the comment section that corroborates this theory even further, as found by Cosmos, me and others on Discord:

A) "It could also be a reaction to more and more people starting to "know" what Breen look like. If people capture or kill Breen and then take their suits off, and one group says "hey, we just found out Breen are wolf people!" and another group goes "what? No, we found a jellyfish kinda thing inside" and yet another goes "nah, they just look like your average humanoid", well, either their shapeshifting is discovered, or the Breen could create this "we're a bunch of different races united as one" story."

B) "I thought of something else. In a society like the Breen, where everyone can shapeshift, the need for identification must be paramount. Forcing everyone to wear the same suit with some kind of ID takes care of this fact and enables a rather homogenous society as a result. There are probably dissidents on the Breen homeworld that would refuse the suit in favour of individuality."

C) "Would this also potentially explain why the Klingons had to hold the line against the Dominion after the Breen entered the war? During the failed defense of the Chintoka system, the entirety of the Federation and Romulan fleets were easily annihilated, while an "old" Klingon Bird of Prey was able to withstand the new Breen weapons and continue firing.

Now in the show this was due to a warp reactor modification, though exactly what kind is never specified and it takes MONTHS for the Federation and Romulans to get back into the fight, and even then only AFTER they get their hands on the Breen weapon and have a chance to study it firsthand.

Taken with the OP, it seems reasonable that following the Klingons' incredible defeat at the hands of the Breen they were able to piece together some of what happened, figured out a counter to the Breen weapons, and it became a design standard for their ships. Over the years information was lost, but basic ship design tends not to change all that much, especially with Klingons. They've probably gotten slightly offspec since then which would explain why a modification was necessary to protect the ships, but it was easy for the Klingons, while taking MONTHS for the Federation and Romulans, and even then they still needed the weapon itself to really devise effective countermeasures.

It would also explain why when vastly outnumbered, outgunned, outmanned, and just generally wholly outclassed the Klingon Empire was able to practically single handedly hold off the entire Dominion while the Federation and Romulans got back into the fight. And that despite Gowron's best efforts to get Martok killed in disgrace sacrificing countless ships and crews. They still felt the sting of defeat from these guys.

We all know Klingons love a chance for vengeance."

Re: The Chameloid - Breen Connection

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I like the idea, but for the follow-up that reinforces the monoculture of the Klingons as just "they fight real gud". There's another Daystrom Institute post here that mentions the Breen weapon event too - I reckon it's possible for both views to intersect.
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Re: The Chameloid - Breen Connection

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The only way I can see the Chameloids being related to the Founders is if their beta-canon progenitor created the Chameloids first but failed and then birthed the Changelings. Otherwise I don't see them being cousins.

Ah that's where I reddit! on Reddit. LOL PUNNED YA! I'm for the theory, I mean why not?

The suits could also be for keeping a visual record of all the Chameloid's forms as if one should forget what one used to look like they won't be able to return to that appearance, maybe an internal sensor system does this?

Not to mention protect them from the same fear and hostility that the Changelings experienced before they decided to create the Dominion. "What you can control can't hurt you." -Founder leader to Odo. So they made the suits to keep their nature secret.

Of course all of this is just my opinion.
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