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DAY 03: Upgrades [0805 hrs.]

DAY 03: Upgrades [0805 hrs.]

[ Doctor Lucan cin Nicander| Main Sickbay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: ch'Xinya

It was the day before the ship would reach the Black Opal, and Doctor Nicander was making the rounds in Sickbay.

The patients that had come in during and after the mutiny and the battle with the Calamity had been moved to the Recovery Ward, but more people from the Harbinger had arrived when Lieutenant Commander Stark's SAR mission was completed - bringing survivors from the Akira-class ship. On top of that, there had been a sparring contest in one of the gymnasiums the previous evening, and several people had arrived with bruises, concussions, fractures, broken fingers and the whole palette of different ligament tears. Most had come and gone within a couple of hours, but a couple lingered overnight. Lucan had been there, even if it had been after the end of alpha shift. And a good thing it had been too, since it had given him the opportunity to treat Nathaniel Isley - taking care of his arm and making sure he would be fit to fly once they reached the Black Opal. What the pilot did not know... was that Lucan had found a perfect opportunity in him, and given him a whole lot more than the treatment for his arm.

If rumour had it right, then the first experiment with Thomas Ravon had been a success, although it was hard to tell for certain since the pilot had likely been killed in battle. He simply had to find someone else to make sure it hard worked, and as fortune had favoured him, Lucan had actually found two test subjects.  First Isley, and later that day, he had another phsyical examination scheduled with a young man he had hoped to deal with for a long time. Lucan could hardly wait to seal his fate - long having sought the opportunity to get to him before he changed all the keys.

"Thank you, Nurse Vojona," he said to the pregnant Ovri nurse by his side once they had completed the rounds. Hylota's pregnancy was already starting to show, and quite a bit too, confirming what she'd told him about the Ovri gestation period. At the current rate, she was likely due about the time that they'd reach Starbase 84.  A pity that the clutch wouldn't likely see the light of day... "I will be in my office, but you can show Miss Ravenholm through when she arrives. I have prepared for her visit already, so you can return to the ICU."

With a warm smile to the exotic alien with her digitigrade legs and big, dark eyes, Lucan stepped into his office and removed his lab coat, putting it across the back off his office's chair. As he hiked up his sleeves, he thought about the encounter with Ryuan Sel the day before, and wondered if she had come to adjust to her new duties yet. Perhaps he should pay her another visit? Just to see how she fared, of course...

He had just cleaned his hands when there was a chirp from the door, announcing his next appointment. "Enter!" he called, looking up with a kind smile as he adjusted his sleeves over his tattooed forearms and hands.

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[Selena Ravenholm | Main Sickbay | USS Theurgy]

The office door slid open immediately, letting the visitor enter without issue, at least none coming from the door itself.  As she stepped inside Selena grabbed the doorframe for the momentary support, her cybernetic limbs were still in need of some adjustments so her steps were a bit awkward.  Along with that her vision was still off, the stupid light-blocking visor was still a necessity as there had been no way to recalibrate the occular implants.  Still, Selena did her best to maintain an even bearing despite the current disabilities.

Smiling as she made the last few steps from the door to the visitor's chair, Selena somehow managed to strike a pretty decent figure regardless of her current attire.  Still in a patient's gown (thankfully the long-term type so her rear wasn't on full display) and head wrapped in various bandages, Selena's figure was hidden from view, not that it mattered all that much with this audience.  He was a doctor after all.  "Good morning Doctor." the cyborg croons as she reaches the chair, gripping the back of it while standing behind it.  "I hear you've been keeping busy the past few days."

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"Quite so," said Lucan with a smile and gestured for Selena Ravenholm to seat herself in the chair she stood behind if she felt so inclined, "On top of you who are patients from the battle against the Calamity, we also have the survivors that the Allegiant brought back yesterday. Oh, yes, the Captain had the bright idea to throw a sparring contest in one of the gymnasiums, because why not? By the winds, it's not like we have anything else to do around here is it?"

Chuckling and shaking his head, Lucan picked up a PADD and keyed up Ravenholm's journal, browsing it quickly for new entries in case someone from the gamma shift had observed anything about the cybernetically augmented human's condition during the night. Satisfied that there wasn't anything amiss, Lucan put the PADD away and turned to Ravenholm again. "Now, you pose somewhat of a unique challenge for me, since there are a number of your implants that I have not upgraded or calibrated before, but since you were helpful enough in providing me with the schematics and instructions for them - thankful as I am that you even wrote down what I needed to know about those not entirely legal in Federation space - I have taken the time to review everything last night and this morning. I am a doctor, not an engineer, but I doubt one of O'Connell's people would be able to re-align your limbs with your central nervous system, so I am confident we will be finished well within the hour. After all, you have a meeting with the First Officer on the Flag Bridge at 0900 hrs. Indeed, I was asked to inform you about this a short time ago, but I told the Commander that you'll only show up if you feel prepared for it."

Gesturing with a tattooed hand towards the primary surgical suite in his office, Lucan waked up to it and powered it up. "While you undress and lie here, please tell me about the balance-issues you are having. Thea, lock the door please," he said in a cursory manner in order to preserve the patient's modesty, and he waited for the chirp of confirmation before he directed himself to Ravenholm again. "Your sense of balance should primarily be controlled by the maze-like structure in your inner ear, your vestibular system, but since that is not at fault here, I need to pinpoint the misalignment in the gyros of your limbs. I can only do that if you try to tell me how your imbalance manifests itself. Face down on the biobed, please, otherwise, I can't access that spine of yours."

Adopting a pleasant bedside manner was second nature to Lucan, even though his true nature was something else entirely...

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Gingerly taking the seat after the doctor motioned for her to sit, Selena absentmindedly scratched the ever-present itch under the bandage on the back of her head.  It will be much better once the neural interface was back in place, the skin was trying to heal into the void and it was driving her nuts.  She tried to suppress her grin as Dr. Nicander prattled on about the schematics she provided, this one was certainly a talker.  At least he was to the point, moving quickly to the business at hand.

Nodding, Selena leaned forward to stand and had to catch herself as her legs didn't respond quite fast enough to hold her weight.  Mouthing a curse she tried again, more slowly this time.  "It's not my ears, at least not that I can tell." On her feet she reaches down and pulls the gown's top up and over her head in a single motion, partly to test her arms as well as to finally be rid of the thing.  As normal for patients there's nothing underneath so she's already on full display for the doctor.  "I think there is a timing issue between my limbs and the control nodules.  Sometimes it momentarily feels like my legs are running just a fraction of a second behind or forward of where they should be.  Not enough to be noticeable by eye, but just enough to throw my steps off."  Carefully making her way to the surgical bed, the cyborg used it as a support as she slipped the bottoms off, kicking them to the wall so that they were out of the way.

Without a word, Selena flops onto the table, sliding into place with a small squeak from the material as her skin slides long the top (something that gets a small wince from the woman).  Laying down on her stomach, the long line of black hexagonal panels that make up her neural transducer shine in the light, twisting with every little twitch and turn of her back.  Sharp lines mark the boundary between mechanical limb and flesh, her legs starting right at the pelvic joint, the outsides curving up to just below the hip and down to just below her mound on the inside.  Her shoulders show the line as almost vertical, curving right around the circumference of her arm, going right through her armpits.  The differences between the soft skin and hard machines are striking, if not in color.  Never will anyone think that Selena is anything but a mixture of woman and technology.

"So where would you like to start Doctor?"

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Oh, where indeed? came the unbidden thought, like a whisper out of the dark abyss inside him, yet Lucan said nothing of the sort.

The stark contrast embodied by her, between human and machine, it was served to him in the display of her bare form. The visual impression would likely cause mixed feeling by those who had the fortune to see it. Some would think it unnatural, mistaking her for an Android being, who's rights as an individual could be a cause of contention. Less so in recent years, perhaps, because of the Soong Legacy Project and Commander Data from the USS Enterprise. When again, perhaps more so, because of the Borg. Regardless what might be the popular opinion about someone like Selena Ravenholm, not to mention what anyone might think when seeing so much skin and flesh augmented with military-grade and illegal cybernetic upgrades, it didn't really matter. What would Lucan care for the opinion of others, when he knew he approved of what he saw? After the hours he had devoted to studying her complex anatomical set-up, he might just be the only person aboard who knew her body almost as well as she did.

Which, of course, might become quite in handy some day when he would have to kill her. She was not Starfleet, and entirely too unpredictable for his own taste. While she had only become a little bit less of a liability after learning the exact limitations of her body's abilities, she had become a great deal more interesting in... primal ways since she came into his office. He had to assert control over the thing inside him and remain the dispassionate professional. She was vulnerable in her present state, but not that vulnerable. He could not afford taking any chances around her.

"Excellent, now, I will be opening your spine and scan it with a tricorder, meanwhile comparing the readings to what the biobed is telling me about your organic body. Please lie perfectly still, but you are at liberty to speak as long as you remain as you are."

Having said this, Lucan reached out and ran his fingertip along the edge of two of the panels of her neural transducer assembly - the artificial replacement spine under his tattooed hand. There was an audible click, and as one, all the black panels slowly released their pressure seals and folded out to the sides. Beneath Lucan's pale grey eyes, there were no nightmarish screws or bolts connecting a mechanical spine to ribcage and flesh. No, there were just multiple calibration points that were not otherwise exposed, the risk being that they might accidentally be adjusted by a piece of clothing or some kind of energy source. It was quite a fascinating sight, competing with the view of her overall. Yet instead of reaching down between her legs with his fingers, he retrieved a tricorder and began to scan the metallic vertebrate spinal column.

"Aside from your balance-issues, what ailment do you find to be the worst at the moment?" he asked quietly as he compared the readings on his tricorder with the ones on the display of the biobed, which was scanning everything organic from nerve impulses in the torso to synaptic patterns in the area of her brain. "Thoracic and lumbar vertebrae appear to be in alignment... yet the upper sacrum if off by a 0,9 % response ratio. Aligning it now."

He reached out with his tattooed hand and ran his fingertip over the aforementioned unit, and one of the tiny, carbon fibre scroll wheels that would align machinery with human.

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For some reason, Selena found herself smiling as she lay on the biobed.  Her arms were by her side, fingertips waggling in the air as she waited for the doctor to start.  As soon as he told her to stay still she stopped wiggling her fingers, she knew what could happen if she messed up his work.  "I'm ready." she tells him.  A lot people would assume that her spine panels are just that, basic panels, but they'd be wrong.  As Doctor Lucan ran his finger along the trigger her skin responsively pimpled from the touch.  If she didn't know better she'd think that he was being sensual.

Even more, Selena sighed with content as the panels folded open, each pair sliding to the side then folding up in a wave emanating from where Lucan first opened them.  It was an odd bit of programming to make it feel so good, but what better encouragement could there be to get the regular maintenance in?  Cold air flowed into the now-exposed hollow and the woman couldn't help but shiver from the sensation.  Few others could experience such a thing and it was a unique feeling.

"Aside from your balance-issues, what ailment do you find to be the worst at the moment?" Lucan asked, and Selena had to think for a moment.  "Probably the itching around where my neural transducer used to be.  The implant location wants to close now that it's missing." she responded while he worked.  Unlike when he opened up her spine, there weren't any physical effects from the first adjustment he made to the upper sacrum.  She could feel it though, a slight tingle as the nerves resynced with the neural signal.

"See anything you like?" she asks with a hint of a playful tone.

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Hearing Ravenholm's comment made Lucan pause in his scan, and while his own reaction was cautious, the thing inside stirred at the prospect of ravaging the half-machine underneath his tattooed hands. Of course, it wished to see just how much machine she was inside, meaning to tear the flesh from her to expose every last bit of implants that had gone into her. Then, it would spend his seed inside the shed meat. No, it would be too messy. Impossible to cover up, as intriguing as it might be.

"You are a fascinating patient, Miss Ravenholm, yet as I appreciate what interests you may have, I should draw the line to take proper professional care of you," he said, but his tone was not unwelcoming or court. Many medical officers agreed that nipping the behaviour of flirtatious patients in the bud was critical to maintaining professionalism and upholding ethical standards. Theirs was the obligation to protect the integrity of their profession; to act professionally at all times. When a patient's remark crossed the line from complimentary to something overly flirtatious, it was common practise to either laugh it off or ignore it. Many times, Lucan had not acknowledged the kind of statements Ravenholm just made and immediately moved the conversation into something clinical. After all, if a Medical Officer was found to have engaged in sexual misconduct with a patient, he or she would be sanctioned by the Starfleet Medical board, which could dole out any number of disciplinary actions.

Yet the Starfleet Medical board's leverage was an entirely moot point on the Theurgy's mission, and since he knew the likely fate of the ship during the mission to Starbase 84, it was certainly not something that would stop Lucan from indulging himself. After all, Ravenholm would certainly not be the first... nor the last. The trick was to do proceed in a way that would not be harmful for his public image on the Theurgy. Then there was the bothersome fact that they were short on time...

"As for your question, it ought to be obvious that any male would appreciate the sight of you," he said ruefully and moved on to the back of her head, where the missing implant had sat at the base of her skull and her neck. He ran his fingertips through her hair, brushing it away from the area and baring the hole to his pale grey eyes. "I will make sure to install this next then. Care to tell me how you found a replacement aboard?"

With his free hand, he pushed the edge of the plate he had touched before, and made Ravenholm's spine close itself again.

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Selena couldn't help but chuckle at the doctor's downright clinical response to her little tease.  It got them every time, she just wish that there was a mirror or something where she could've seen his face.  To his credit, Dr. Nicander didn't seem to bat an eye at it, he jumped straight to the rejection then moved on to the port in her neck.  "I never doubted your professional care Doctor." she responded with a hint of disappointment in her voice.  "And not just the males too." she added with an implied wink.

Selena went quiet when Lucan's fingers brushed the back of her neck, the skin was still quite tender around the hole, and it was only thanks to modern medicine that infection hadn't set in at this point.  Before she could answer his questions the Câroon closed up her spine panels which elicited a fresh sigh.  Once they were fully closed it didn't take long for the cold feeling in her back to fade to its usual fleshy warmth, the cavity was well insulated.

"Thanks, I've had to resist the urge to replicate a cheese grater a few times.  As for a replacement?  Well...there are few things you can't do with a replicator and some spare parts."

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"I see," said Lucan and picked up the object in question, the implant that was due to replace the one that had been destroyed during the mutiny. The way he read the report about the incident, Ravenholm had been mind-melded by T'Rena and then tried to convert the copy of the Ship A.I. that had been storied on its mobile emitter to recognising Vasser's and T'Rena's authority. Fortunately for the crew, Thea had managed to resist Ravenholm's attempt, and the dataport had been destroyed as a result. "I will insert it and lock it into place, then you will have to load the software and integrate it into your present systems. I will make sure your biological tissues mend to its frame during the installation."

The new one was either the same issue, known and replicated by Ravenholm, or it was an upgrade made with Thea's assistance. Regardless, the re-integration of the implant was quite simple since the technological framework for the fit was already there, the flesh mended, and the implant designed to fit her perfectly.

"Inserting it now," he said, and lowered the mag-seal spikes underneath the device into the hole. With a few minute motions, the implant was in place, and he put his fingertip against the seal actvation. With a click, the mag-spikes sealed into their sockets, and the area was sealed when the neck closed. Next, he produced a subdermal regenerator and went about treating any residual irritation from the absence of the dataport.

Oh, but Lucan would have cared to 'insert' more into the patient, but he was not quite certain how he'd make it happen. His pale grey eyes sought the way the spinal plating led down to her well-rounded bottom with regret, wishing he could indulge her more. Dared he risk it? "Do you have a habit of flirting with the many doctors that have helped you build this body," he asked idly, as if making conversation while he worked, "or should I feel especially privelaged by your approval?"

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Selena braced herself when Lucan said he was going to insert the new transducer, unlike her spine this was not a pleasurable process.  She answered with a small nod.  "I'm ready."  She could feel his strong fingers touching the back of her neck, a stabilizing force as he slotted the device into it slot.  Eyes screwed shut when the mag-seal spikes clicked into place, and Selena gasped.  Those spikes went right into her spinal column, and that hurt.

Reflexively, the woman started to breath a bit more rapidly, waiting and willing for the pain to die down.  She almost didn't feel the implant retract in and lock down with a click, and if it weren't for Dr. Nicander's ministrations with the subdermal regenerator the suffering would've gone on for quite some time.  As soon as the pain and discomfort faded enough for her head to clear, Selena started the software side of things, other implants already holing the needed programs to boot the transciever.

Selena smiled at Lucan's question, it was almost too easy to get him to open up.  Of course, one of the hidden secrets to being a good hacker is being able to do the groundwork, figuring out the person who you're trying to break through has long been a crucial step in breaking into a system.  "Not all of them, only those I find interesting.  Though I was asking about the implants, a lot of work went into them." she winked.

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"Ah," I see, said Lucan and chuckled, not entirely convinced by her claim because of the way she winked at him.

In short order, he had treated the area around the new transducer with his subdermal regenerator. As he did, he thought of how easy it had been to add a part of his own to the device. With the documentation he had to study, and the replicator letting him create what he needed, it did not take an engineer to know what he could add to it and gain the kind of access he needed. Who knew, perhaps he would have use of it somehow, even if the mission to Starbase 84 would likely mean the end of the crew and the ship.

However, should both he and the lovely miss Ravenholm somehow survive the upcoming mission, it surely didn't hurt to ensure the possibility of back-up plans. He did try to keep one step ahead of everything, and if all it took was a fingernail's size of technology added inside the upgraded implant, who was he to deny himself such a delightful opportunity? Oh, and if - for some reason - the small addendum would be found, a great number of people had possible access to the transducer before Lucan recieved it. Any one of them could have added the sophisticated little device. Surely someone else would have been the culprit. He was in the public eye, after all, just a doctor... not a technician.

"My apologies for getting the wrong idea. I can't imagine what got into my mind..." he added ruefully and put away the regenerator.

Nor can you, my dear.

"Now, is there anything else I could help you with while you are here?" he asked, his tattooed hands in the pockets of his lab coat as he stepped back from the biobed. His smile was warm. "A prescription against rust in your limbs? A full galvanisation of your joints? An oil-change, perhaps?"

Archaic problems with machinery, of course, which made his jesting more ludicrous.

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As bad a joke as it was, Selena couldn’t help but at least chuckle at Lucan’s attempt at humor.  “No, I don’t think any of those will be necessary.” she responds before mentally sending the command for a status prompt on the new implant, momentarily forgetting that she’s not wearing her VISOR.  She’ll have to check later.

Propping herself up onto her knees and elbows first, if Lucan happened to be looking in her direction he’d get a great view before Selena slid into a seated position.  Flexing her fingers for a moment, she studies them as they move.  “Now that feels much better.”  She looks back up at the doctor and gave him a smile.  “With hands as steady as yours some might think that they’re just as artificial as mine are.”

With that said, the cyborg slid off of the table and stretched, arms reaching up and out, legs extending with her stance going to her toes.  It was more old reflex than anything else, artificial arms and legs had no muscles to loosen up.  “Was there anything else you wanted to check before I left?  The sonic shower in my quarters is calling my name.”

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Seeing it all, Lucan was quite grateful for the opportunity to treat this particular patient - not just in regard to the precautions he had taken with her transducer. He certainly did not regret the hours he had devoted to study her unique anatomy and its cybernetic implants the night before, since now, he was able to study more than just her journal and her technical manuals.

"Glad to hear the calibration seems to be in order," he said with a smile as he watched her get up and stretch in front of him - the unique human certainly not shy in the slightest. "As for my hands, they are merely practised, and the winds have favoured me in my calling." It was the Câroon way of saying he had talent, at least if one hailed from the Wind Region, but he reckoned she would understand.

Now, her last question did beg for thought, making him and the parasite alike wonder if there was ought else she was after. Had it not been for the additional comment about her shower, then Lucan might have indulged in some continued conversation, yet he did not indulge himself since it was hazardous to his facade. It did not escape him that she was a civilian - albeit with a provisional Warrant Officer rank - but more importantly, a reporter for the Federation News Network. He knew she might not hold any compunction about spreading the word that he had attempted to fraternise with her, knowing that she had a personal calling towards exposing the truth. While she might have failed to learn and spread the word about Declan Vasser's true nature before it was too late, who could say she wouldn't be more successful in undermining his public persona?

"I believe I have seen everything," he said with a chuckle and returned to his desk, sitting down as he added what had been done to her medical journal. "I would like you to return if you still experience any balance issues, or if any of your implants start causing you any trouble. But as for now, I believe you are in good shape to attend the meeting on the Flag Bridge after you've had your shower. I am giving you the medical clearance to return to your duties, and I hope you won't hurt yourself as badly as you'd done when you came here."

While Ravenholm moved to dress herself, Lucan politely averted his eyes - yet his rueful smile still lingered since the human did seem to fancy the attention. Being on duty, Lucan decided that perhaps if they met elsewhere, later, it might be safe to indulge in a dalliance with the woman, but not right then. Not when he risked more than he gained by entertaining the idea. A pity, perhaps, but he could not premeditate the repercussions of going further than he already had.

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Dressed once more in the typical patient’s gown, Selena stepped up to a reflective surface to study her face, now clear of the bandages and free of the various injuries she’d picked up during the mutiny.  There was one thing missing though, and she mentally kicked herself for not thinking of it at first, probably thanks to the lack of mirrors in Sickbay (the various nurses were far too busy to respond to any request to bring one when asked.)  Her hair was a mess.  Sure she kept it somewhat short as a matter of course, but there were missing patches and trimmed back in other places for various treatments.

“Can I ask for one more thing while I’m here?” Selena asks Lucan, turning towards him.  “Do you have a follicle stimulator on hand?”  Running her hand through her hair she gave him a pitiful grin and walked towards the desk.  “It looks like someone took an old-fashioned weed eater to my hair.”

Standing close to the console, the cyborg had to resist the urge to look at the screen for the moment, there’s bound to be a lot of good information there right now, including any clues on how to get into the medical database.  She wasn’t very comfortable with someone else having a copy of her implants’ blueprints on hand.  Sure it was very useful if they were ever taken out like they had been, but it ran the risk of someone figuring out how to tamper with them, or worse, either slip in a kill switch, or even a way to hack into her own enhanced biology.  When she gets a chance, she’ll have to erase that data from the system, the risk was just too great.

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At her request, Lucan chuckled and rose from his his seat, looking at the state of her hair.

"If you don't mind me saying so, I quite like it," he said and walked over to the area closer to the surgical suite, opening a compartment there while still looking over his shoulder at her. "In Envon, where the winds funnel through the streets and where the altitude thins the air, it's useless to care about the state of one's hair. The hair of all women in the Wind Region is unkempt, some keeping it short or braided, but most just surrendering their hair to the will of Câroon."

Finding what he was looking for, he returned to Ravenholm with the instrument. "Have a seat here on the desk and I will treat the scalp," he said, standing in front of her and running a tattooed hand over her head of hair brushing it back from her forehead to see how much hair was missing after the surgeries she'd gone through, noting the hidden patches where there was mostly shaved skin. Up close, having to stand between her legs where she sat, he felt her breath against his features. Yet he never averted his eyes from her hair while he lit the areas with scalp with the harmless beam from the simulator. He was quite aware how close they were, though, and the thing inside him coiled. "While the growth will come quickly, I will still replicate something for you to use when you take your shower, helping you untangle your quite fashionable hairstyle... Please turn your head."

Pointing, he directed her to look to the side, baring her neck and giving him a lovely view down her gown. His fingers gently biobed through her dark hair, and let him reach other areas that needed hair re-growth. And while he could no longer scent her breath, the way the pale skin of her neck caught the artificial light from the ceiling was utterly tantalising - the baring of her neck so utterly inviting. Soon, he gestured for her to look the other way, the process repeated.

"You can hop down and turn around now," he said and met her eyes with his pale grey gaze, meaning to do the back of her head for last.

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In all fairness it was a request better suited to a barber, but Selena hadn’t heard of any on board, and hair regeneration was a medical procedure so it never hurt to ask.  She was honestly delighted that Dr. Nicander was willing to regrow her hair himself, it saves her a lot of trouble later.  “My mother used to braid my hair when I was a lot younger.” Selena stated as she strode up to the desk.  “It used to be a lot longer back then, going out for a hair cut was a bit difficult.”  With a quick hop and a spin the woman was sitting on the desktop ready for him to start.

After the first few passes, Selena regretted asking for the stimulator.  If she thought the itching around her then-missing implant was bad, this was an entirely new level of discomfort.  It was a stark contrast to the gentle strokes of his fingers as they ran through her hair, always on the search for more patches of shaved scalp.  Trying not to squirm, her eyes closed and breathing picked up in an effort to keep herself under control, but it wasn’t enough.  Mechanical hands gripped the top’s edge and squeezed, material groaning under the pressure.  The itching didn’t last long, but there were enough spots that before the first settled down another was on fire.

It was around now that Selena really started to notice just how close Lucan was, and another part of her mind started to take over. His chest was mere centimeters in front of her nose, his musk unmistakeable.  Her toes started to curl as she had to start fighting the instinct to wrap her legs around his abdomen to pull him even closer.  The direction to turn her head brought the trance to a momentary end thankfully, and with eyes snapped open she did what she was told, looking to the left, and soon to the right.

At last, he was done, at least for the moment.  Meeting his grey gaze with her own grey and blue, Selena gave Lucan a small smile.  “Of course.” she answered, and hopped down as soon as he stepped away, a small sigh escaping her lips.  Going for a bit of fun, she planted her hands on the desk and leaned forward a bit, not enough to make it hard to reach the back of her head, but it mean her rear was protruding enough to be noticeable.  “Is this sufficient?”

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The tension between them was unmistakable, and if Lucan were to venture a guess, he thought she had the same idea as he did while he treated her scalp. Given her teasing comments from before, and the flamboyant way she exposed herself to him, it seemed evident she wanted him to take that first, small step, and perhaps she would reciprocate... or she'd call him out on it. No, he hadn't dared risk it...

...and then she just had to tease him by leaning over the desk a little bit, her bare bottom emerging just enough to be seen from the split down the back of her patient's gown. At the sight, having stepped back a little bit, the thing inside him fought to claim her in a way far more violent than she'd expect. How could he not harden from the sight, the tilt of her upper body allowing him to see the outline of her labia between her legs - where he wished to thrust inside without mercy. He realised he had stopped breathing for a second, until he moved to finish his task.

"Quite so," he said, and he was not completely able to rid his tone from its thickness. Hard as he was becoming, his long phallus throbbing to life, he stopped himself shy of pressing up against his patient - his crotch within an inch from her. Swallowing, he reached for her hair, and began to take care of the area directly above her new transponder, which has been shaved before the removal of the old one in order to treat the area that had sustained second degree burns. And while his hands were steady, his motions gentle and practised, the inner turmoil threatened to manifest itself in actions. So close they were, with just cloth between them and touch forbidden, that resistance was almost futile.

And yet, somehow, he managed to prevent himself from taking advantage of the situation - the stimulator treating the last part of her scalp. Almost finished... Unless she did anything, he would step away and let her leave. At least he thought he could endure those last seconds without happening to reach too far, leaning too far forward...

Re: DAY 03: Upgrades [0805 hrs.]

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Now that she was quite familiar with how much the stimulator itched Selena was able to brace herself properly when Dr. Nicander resumed his work.  The back of her head and neck itched as if they were crawling with fire ants, but some practiced breathing helped to keep her reactions under control.  Chest pushing in and out as slowly as she could, the breathing was just one way to focus on not squirming.  The other method may have helped with the itching on her head, but it didn’t help much with another itch, one much lower.

So close behind her, Selena could almost feel Lucan as if he was touching her.  His presence was powerful, his musk filling her nose like fresh bread in a bakery.  Cursing her innate biology as it happened, the woman’s cheeks flushed, and she could feel other parts responding as well.  Unable to do anything about it, she tried to think of something, anything else, but then it happened.  Lucan probably had no idea it happened, and if she wasn’t already so sensitive from the mounting arousal, Selena probably wouldn’t have noticed it either, but when the fringe of his lab coat brushed her lips, it was like an electric shock.  She bit off a gasp and prayed that he managed not to hear it over the hum of the device in his hand, but she knew that was impossible.

Gulping her feelings down, she stayed as still as physically possible, eyes shut in concentration, but no matter what she tried to use to distract herself with, Lucan kept appearing in her mind’s eye, always with a minimal of clothing and a look that was very, very familiar to her.  After what had to be an eternity (but was really less than a minute), it was done.  The stimulator switched off and the doctor stepped back.  Quickly standing up straight Selena ran her hand through the newly grown hair then turned around to give him a smile.  “Thank you so much Doctor.  I better let you get ready for your next patient.”  Blowing past him she was out the door before the temptation was too great, and made a beeline for the closet with what Sickbay had taken off of her when she was brought in.  The breeze on her lips from moving so fast was cool and did nothing to help alleviate the swelling that had started.

She may just have to run another dexterity test as soon as her quarters were sealed behind her….

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