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The two men quickly began to find rhythm in their sexual intercourse, their thrusts timed in tandem with the others. The force of each buck pushing into the other's motions to amplify the situation, it was truly a magical experience for Vinata, and with his mind still fogged with lust from the aphrodisiac Vinata was not slowing down. In fact Vinata was still holding strong, the craving for release made him feel he had to keep going, and the fact that he was with his superior Vinata could not help but hold back as he wished to bring Lucan to climax first.

With his body caressed and rubbed by Lucan's hand, Vinata kept up with his own handy work, tightening his grip with each thrust so that Lucan's thrusts would go into a firmer and warmer grip to slip through, stimulating him more and helping push him to a climax. It did take some time, and much more restraint than Vinata thought that he could ever muster, but as he found his will beginning to falter Lucan let loose, his cock throbbed and tightened as he began to climax, in an instant Vinata loosened his grip and just held Lucan's cock, he did not know why, but he just held it, letting Lucan splatter him with cum, while at the same time Lucan's tensing body began to tip Vinata over his edge.

Lucans final continued movements helped Vinata lose control and in a show of surprising dominance he reached up and pulled Lucan down onto his cock. With his cock buried deep into Lucan it began to throb before Vinata let out another croak as his cock began to sense up, starting at the base and moving to the tip, as it reached the end of Vinata's cock warm thick cum spurted into Lucan's ass, the tensing cycle repeated several times as Vinata quivered in pleasure underneath Lucan' his commanding officer's cum slowly sliding down his body. Once his climax came to an end Vinata let go of Lucan and dropped flat onto the desk, panting heavily. "W-Wow." A hand went to his breast and slid over Lucan's seed, lifting it up Vinata looked at the glob of spunk and in a haze of arousal brought it to his face where he licked his finger clean, wrapping his tongue around the finger and pulling it into his mouth to be sucked clean. Vinata did not know why he did it, but it felt right.

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The aftershocks had not even set in yet for Lucan when Vinata seized his hips and came inside him. Oh, but he felt the fluid build and rise, before erupting inside him. He knew neither colour nor texture of the male Ovri's semen, but feeling it fill him up, load after load, he it did not matter. Mind addled by pheromones, still breathing hard, he welcomed the way it brimmed him, and his cock still throbbed in Vinata's loosened grip. "By the winds that was good..."

The whole front of the Ovri was covered in his Câroon seed, and both Lucan and the thing within were pleased with the sight, how it decorated Vinata's skin when the light played across him - breathing as hard as he did. As if it was the only thing missing to the perfect view, Vinata tasted his seed with a display of that versatile tongue of his. Chuckling, Lucan leaned forward and put his forearm next to Vinata's head, and he slanted his lips across he Ovri's, tasting him in the aftermath of what they had done - against all common sense, propriety and regulations. As he leaned forward, the alien member vacated him, joint by joint, until it slipped free of his tight and somewhat sore sphincter. Sensitive as he was, the feeling of Vinata sliding out made him shiver, and his breath shuddered between their lips since his prostate gland was given one last stroke in the process.

"Unless I am mistaken," he said in his deep voice and opened his hooded eyes a bit more, looking down into the dark wells of the Ovri's eyes, "I have a feeling this might not be the last time..." The charismatic little grin he gave Vinata was filled with promise, but it was also one of relief, because he had succeeded in keeping the parasite within from ruining the chance to experience the male Ovri. With those words, Lucan moved to climb down from the desktop. The same desk, ironically, which he had taken Vinata's sister upon, three days ago.

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Vinata was surprised as Lucan came in and stole a kiss, the two men sharing an intimate moment as Vinata's mouth opened and his tone lashed out to wrestle with Lucan's, carrying with it residue of Lucan's cum as well as the cocktail of pheromones that filled Lucan's mind with the pleasant tingling haze once more. As the two shared their moment before pulling apart Vinata sighed and chirped happily as he laid on the desk, completely unaware of how both he and his sister had been fucked here.

Vinata had thoroughly enjoyed his time with Lucan, it had been exotic, warm and stimulating in strange ways, A firm thick shaft was quite different from an Ovri cock, it felt smoother and more firm in his hand, Vinata could completely understand its appeal for a woman. As Lucan spoke and implied that they could do this again Vinata's eye lit up a little before he bit his lip and smirked. "I feel so deviant doctor, I-I guess I could do this again, b-but we need to be discreet, professional, I do not want people to think poorly of our actions." Vinata smiled shyly to Lucan as he laid under him.

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"Oh, I share the sentiment," said Lucan as he slid down from the desktop, the taste from the kiss and Vinata's tongue a fine thing in the aftermath. As he got down from the desk, the full sight of the Ovri came into view - his jointed hardness included. Seeing it, it was difficult to imagine that it all had fit inside him, especially when the Ovri's natrual lubricant had made entry quite easy. He could not help but reach out and wrap his fingers around the exposed organ once more, standing next to the desk. With a few finishing strokes upon the slick member, he meant to milk out the last of Vinata's cum still trapped in the shaft, and he did so with a smirk, suspecting that the Ovri - like many other species - were rather sensitive post-coitus.

"I don't think it would serve either of our professional images that we indulged ourselves quite in this fashion," he said and leaned down, not helping that he wished to taste what Ovri semen was like. He swirled his tongue around the head and then sucked upon it quite firmly - hand still rubbing the sectioned shaft. After having a taste, he raised his head again, only his hand remaining around Vinata in the afterglow of their shared experience. "Yet nonetheless, it is something that I would insist upon anew, whenever the opportunity might come. As long as neither of us speak of what we share in private, then there is no harm - no risk that the word might spread. It will just be for us; this means in which we can both heal from past injuries. A method beyond what can be found in ordinary medical practice..."

Offering his free hand to Vinata to help him up from the desk and to keep his balance on his feet, Lucan wondered what the male Ovri wanted to do about the semen decorating his front, but he voiced another query instead. "How are you feeling after the shot I gave you? Has the aphrodisiac worn off yet?"

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Vinata laid on the desktop basking in the afterglow of his sexual endeavor, relaxing and taking long deep breaths. However as his cock was gripped and worked Vinata gasped and shuddered, moaned and tensed as he was milked dry of the last of his thick cum. As his cum dribbled out of his cock and onto Lucan's hand Vinata cooed and then went limp, laying flat on the desk as he began to chirp and croak as he relaxed further. "Mmm Fuck, g-glad you agree, I am also worried how Hylota might react to knowing I had sex with out commanding officer, I fer she might accuse me of trying to get an easy promotion." Vinata chuckled softly as he haid there on the desk.

As Lucan tried Vinata's cum the Ovri did not notice as he laid back on the desk in post sexual bliss, the taste of it was salty and musky, more so than most, it was honestly a bit strong, but it was cut  slightly by the sweet natural lubricant of Vinata's cock. eventually Vinata pushed himself back up and listened to Lucan speak before adding his own thoughts for a moment. "I think you are right doctor. We will be able to help each other greatly through these acts I am sure." Vinata smiled and sighed happily as he sat on the desk.

As he was offered a hand down Vinata smiled and took it as he slipped down from the desk and got his footing before blushing to Lucan's question and coughing to clear his throat. "W-Well I have gotten used to it, and I don't feel as aroused, but I am still really warm and tingly...i-is that normal?" Considering his size Vinata was more dramatically effected by the dose than Hylota had been. "As he stood there his cock was already beginning to go limp, and as it deflated it started to slip back inside of his body a segment at a time.

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While Lucan listened to Vinata's answer about the aphrodisiac, how the male Ovri was still feeling the effect but sated for the time being, he was thinking about what Vinata has said about Hylota. He did not make any comment, the conversation already having moved on, but he made a mental note to address it before they parted.

And as for when that might be, it depended somewhat on Vinata's preference. Lucan would, however, offer the alternatives. He did so after finished his short and naked walk to the computer console on his desk and tapped a few inputs with the tattooed hand of his that was not decorated with Vinata's semen, soon having checked what he needed to. "I would say it is quite normal if it's your first time inoculated," he said, referring to the aphrodisiac, then he looked up at the Ovri and his semen-covered body. "If you like to, Surgical Suite 02 is unoccupied, and we can make a site-to-site transport there so that we might freshen up in the sonic shower. Yet if you would rather wipe yourself clean and leave out the door, that's an option too. If you are still feeling the effects, it might be a good idea to let them abate a bit before returning to duty."

He made the offer without greater expectations, not entirely sure what Vinata might prefer. Lucan certainly wouldn't mind sharing the shower with the Ovri, nor did the parasite, but at the same time, he did not know how guilty the Ovri felt about what they'd just done. In either case, it didn't hurt to ask, did it?

While sated for the time being, Lucan still felt the effect of the Ovri's pheromones, so even if he had to shower regardless after Vinata had spent himself inside him, Lucan certainly wouldn't mind the company. "Unlike on the Harbinger, our showers in the surgical suites have water settings as well, which can be quite pleasant if one is in need of... cooling off."

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Vinata was mostly silent as he listened to what Lucan had to say, there was a lot to take in and a lot to process, and considering how out of it he felt he really didn't want to say something stupid in front of his commanding officer and his...lover? All the same he was not sure what he should do next, but as he was given more clear options on how things could play out Vinata was seriously considering just wiping off and walking over to the surgical suite to get washed off, but as he was informed of the actual water shower that there was in the suite Vinata turned to look at Lucan and he licked his lips. "I think that I would like for us to go with the site to site transport, I want to take a long shower, I have not felt a water shower in so long."

In truth the reason Vinata stopped cleaning himself off was so that he could take a longer shower, he was craving a good long relaxing shower, and if he could share it with Lucan. Reaching up to the side of his head right along the bottom edge of his tympanum. "I-I mean it would be a good way to cool off a bit considering the heat that I am feeling...and perhaps if I were to get...too cold, I could move close to you to warm back up." Vinata' face flushed slightly as he rocked on the toes of his feet, he was so uneasy with this,  but considering how welcoming he was Vinata believed he could be more open with Lucan.

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Immensely pleased that the Ovri wished to share a shower with him, Lucan leaned down to pick up both their garments in one hand - even managing to get boots and shoes. Then he walked over to Vinata where he stood before the desk. "My thought exactly," he said in answer giving him a small wink, and then raised his eyes to the ceiling. "Thea, I could use a site-to-site transport to Surgical Suite 02. Two to beam over."

[Understood, doctor. Energising.]

The familiar feeling of the transport initiating and re-materialising them a short distance away came and went, and as soon as they were in the surgical suite. Lucan walked over to the control panel and locked the door on his authority, scheduling the room for his usage for a half an hour. "Fortunately for us, there are no patients in need of surgery right now, and should there suddenly be such a need, suite 01 is available as well, not to mention the primary surgical bay in my office," he told Vinata as he finished his inputs in the control panel. Then, he turned back to the Ovri and dropped their garments on the biobed, slowly making his way over to Vinata while he gestured towards the sonic shower in the back of the suite. "Right this way."

He put a hand on Vinata's bare back and led the way towards the stall, which was not made of transparent glass but of the black one-way mirror kind. That way, the one using the shower could look out at what happened in suite, but with his or her own modesty preserved. It was ideal for parts of the surgeon team to prepare or leave during lengthy sessions. "Water-setting, please," he said as he stepped inside and then turned towards the Ovri, letting his tattooed hands clear away the semen covering his body with the help of the running water - boldly running over his exotic body.

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As the two medical staff finished their site to site transport Vinata shuddered and took a deep breath before he looked about as Lucan explained how they would be alone and had no risk of being discovered in the surgical suite. Vinata just nodded and held himself as he felt the cum sliding along his skin, making it tingle slightly as the cool air blew over his nude form. As Lucan put his hand on Vinata's back and began to guide him to the shower the Ovri blushed and just went along with it, he truly did not know what to expect from a shower with his commanding officer and now part time lover.

As they got into place and Lucan activated the water Vinata gasped as he felt the warm water rushing over his body, it had been so long since he had had a proper shower, and it felt as amazing as he thought it would. As the water washed over the surface of his skin Vinata closed his eyes and took a long breath before letting out a satisfied croak. When Lucan began to rub his hands along Vinata's figure the texture of his skin quickly began to change. As the water soaked in Vinata's skin began to grow soft and smooth and Lucan's hands slid smoothly along Vinata's body as the Ovri let Lucan wash him clean, touching every curve of his body, from his bosom to his hips. "Oh by the Mother this feels so wonderful."

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It was ordinarily quite rewarding to share a shower with someone, yet sharing it with the Ovri was something new. The feeling of the alien skin underneath his tattooed surgeon's hands was exquisite, the voluptuous body a beauty to be hold in the running water. From behind, Lucan cupped Vinata's heavy breasts in his hands, and ran his fingers down his abdomen, all the way down to where his sectioned phallus had vanished, fingers delving inside as they passed the area and grazing the hidden head.

Lucan could not help himself from laying warm kisses down the Ovri's neck as he washed him, and he could feel his own cock - not so hidden - stiffening once more. He wedged itself between Vinata's buttocks, prevented from rising further, and instead throbbed there - slowly growing harder. Lucan said naught about it though, even if it was so obvious to them both. Instead, Lucan smiled as he reached past Vinata and picked up a bottle of body wash meant to use with the water setting. While his free hand roamed the front of the Ovri, he dribbled the contents of the bottle across the aliens wet bosom, dripping down over his abdomen as well. When there was a lot of it coating the blue and red spotted skin, Lucan put the bottle aside and began to lather up Vinata with his strong hands.

"I take it this is preferable to the sonic showers?" he asked in his deep voice against the tympanum that was the Ovri's ear.

Meanwhile, Lucan could feel how hard he had become, and how his length had become wedged between Vinata's legs. With every movement, it slid across the OVri's puckered sphincter - without revisiting him yet - and peaked out at the front. He could even feel the bubbles sliding down unto his swollen head when it did, becoming slick, and easing the way in which his member slid back and forth between Vinata's legs.

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Lucan's sexual stamina was amazing, as aroused as he was Vinata could not hope to match Lucan at this rate, as his chest was cupped and his bosom groped momentarily Vinata let out a pleased chirp as his eyes closed and he relished the situation, the pleasant warmth of Lucan against his back, the feeling of actual water washing over his body, it was truly a wonderful experience. Of course as Lucan worked his hands down to the opening at Vinata's crotch and slipped his fingers inside Vinata gasped and shuddered as he looked back over his shoulder for a moment before looking down at the situation he was in, his cock was still tender and sensitive, but he had never played with it like this, it was so weird, and to top it all off Lucan's cock was already poking out from between his thighs.

As Lucan began to ask some simplistic questions Vinata blushed and nodded. "Um, Y-Yes it is so much better than the sonic, I love the feeling of the water running over my body, it is so soothing and, rrmmmm, relaxing." As Lucan began to lather up Vinata's bosom and started to wash him Vinata allowed his eyes to close once more as he relished the feeling of the large strong hands of his commanding officer rubbing along his smooth skin, Vinata had not known Lucan for very long, but he already liked the man more than any officer he had served or known yet."

He smiled and took a deep breath as he looked down at Lucan's cock once more as if in deep thought. Vinata watched Lucan's cock sliding between his legs and rubbing against his own asshole, it was all quite arousing and Vinata felt he should repay Lucan for his service. Vinata fell silent for a moment before without warning he pressed his thighs together, trapping and squeezing Lucan between the soft flesh. "Of course I see you are enjoying this far more than I am sir." He let out a melodious chuckle before shaking his head. "You are quite the remarkable male, I honestly have no chance of keeping up with you at this rate, but I think that I can help you find the relief you are looking for." With a smile he worked his thighs, massaging Lucan's cock as it lay between his thighs.

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When Lucan felt Vinata close his thighs around his throbbing hardness, and began to massage it as well, Lucan could but catch his breath and chuckle - surprised as he had been by the heightened sensation. "Oh, I think you can too," he said under his breath and began to thrust his length in rhythm to Vinata's motions - his slightly pointed head sliding across Vinata's puckered sphincter in the beginning of the motion and ending up nestled between the folds of his slit. Lucan could almost imagine feeling his sensitive head brushing across Vinata's - as if it was a clitoris on a woman. "And I m-must say, you are quite a remarkable male as well..."

With the slow rhythm of his thrusts, and Vinata's shifting motions, Lucan's tattooed hands fell into the pagan rhythm as well. Their dance transcended species and culture, shared across the galaxy since the beginning of biological life, and Lucan let himself relish the sensation of skin shifting against skin, continuing to lather up Vinata. All the while, he was feeling the slick soap ease the friction around his member, becoming a lubricant for his hardness as it massaged Vinata's anal opening and the swollen lips of his slit. Lucan found himself kissing the Ovri's neck anew, his warm breath teasing the tympanum of his ear. Eventually, he reached down again, and slid his middle finger inside Vinata's opening - brushing the fingertip across the hidden head of his phallus. The rhythmic movements of his undulating hips slowly pushed Vinata up against the glass of the stall, and the anticipation built with each motion made.

Feeling light-headed from the sensations, water cascading over their moving bodies, Lucan leaned across Vinata's shoulder in hopes to kiss the Ovri, but the movements changed all the vectors of their bold dance. Suddenly, Lucan's warm hardness was pushing directly against Vinata's anal opening - easing into him because of the soap. His breath caught at the feeling of revisiting Vinata, and he opened his eyes to stare into the Ovri's big, dark orbs. Then, while meeting his gaze, Lucan resumed his movements - his hard cock working its way into Vinata once more.

Still, his hand had not left vinata's slit, and he made sure to gently rub the hidden, sensitive gland - teasing the cock in hope that it might reemerge.

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Vinata shook his head no. "No I cannot, by the mother I wish I could, but I cannot get it up, I am just so tender and tired sir, please no more, it will just be wasted if we keep doing this." Vinata shuddered and clenched his jaw. "Oh by the mother you are just making things so tempting...b-but I dont think it is worth continuing." He sighed as he continued to be rubbed and teased by Lucan, there was nothing he could really do, he was totally flaccid, he was not able to get it up and Lucan was still ready to go like a beast, it was truly beyond his capabilities right now.

"I am sorry sir, this just seems to be the end of the fun for me, heh, but do not think you have to stop." Vinata smiled as he relished the sensation of his bosom being massaged. As things progressed he chose to take charge of the situation and made a move himself, pulling his hips forward he slipped Lucan's cock from between his thighs and then pushed back. Things were unclear at first, but as he worked Vinata began to work Lucan's cock between his ass cheeks and then against his asshole.

"I want you back inside me, give me a little something to remember you by after we part." Vinata chuckled at first, but as he lowered himself onto the cock he began to hiss and coo before he began to moan as Lucan's cock slid home inside of him.

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Lucan might have heard the laments from the Ovri about being spent entirely, but before he decided to end the continuation of their intimacy, Vinata did accommodate Lucan to continue. While Lucan had thought he accidentally pressed inside Vinata once more, it seemed by the Ovri's undulating movements that it had been entirely on purpose. The Ovri wanted to please him, enjoying him inside him even if he was spent, and for this, Lucan was just as grateful as he was intrigued.

"It would s-seem," said Lucan and shuddered from the ecstasy that coursed up his spine - feeling his hardness sheathing itself inside the exotic alien, "that you have grown quite comfortable with me already... I can but pray to the winds you will come to me again... when you want another treatment against your plight... I do know that I might need one too, after the mission to Starbase 84."

Their shower did not end until much later, when duty finally called.


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