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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morrali | Ryuan Sel's Quarters | Deck 05| USS Theurgy ] Attn: Ryuan Sel

While all women were different, and they all had their own tells, there were plenty of base similarities, even across the boundary of differing species. As such, even without his mildly enhanced optics, Sarresh was sure that Sel was getting closer to her release. And he wanted to give that to her, that and more, much more. Sarresh wasn't an entirely selfless man after all - far from it, and he wanted to achieve his own release.

The best way to get there was to make sure the Bajoran in his arms did as well.

He rolled his hips under her, and his back and neck arched so that his chest pressed up against her breasts and his head back into the pillow, mouth falling open as she assaulted him with kisses of her own. He liked the feather light touches, and then the deeper, more pressing kisses, the little nips, all over his skin, sending shivers down his spine. His nerves felt like they were on fire, more sensitive than what he'd been used to before the transformation.

With a soft slap, his free hand joined the left one on her ass, gripping her with both hands now, spreading her cheeks as he thrust up into her. He took advantage of the newfound leverage and used it for all it was worth, determined to drive her over the edge as he panted out her name, again and again. His own climax was starting to build and while he wasn't quite there yet, despite the way his breathing increased and how tight his grip on her ass was, Sarresh was well on his way to what he hoped might be the first of many that afternoon, for the both of them.

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[Ensign Ryuan Sel | Sel's Quarters | Deck 5 | USS Theurgy] Attn: Sarresh Morali

Sel heard the slap as his second hand gripped her tight firm ass, spreading her cheeks a little as he pushed deeper inside her. Sel thrust nback eagerly, trying to worm his cock in even deeper if she could, to take every single last bit of his cock deep inside. The natural barrier that restricted how long a cock she could take, her cervix, was being poked and prodded with each thrust, sending spikes of pleasure washing through her belly.

It wasn't long, with such a large rod inside her, and an expert cocksman wielding it, that Sel found herself near the ragged edge of orgasm. Her back arched, sitting up again as she nounced on his cock, driving it deep inside her. Suddenly, with little warning her orgasm washed over her. "Fuck!" she groaned, crying out in pleasure as the first wave of pleasure washed over her body. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

She felt her insides clamp around his member, tugging and squeezing, clamping and milking his cock, her body's primal urges taking over. Her body wanted cum, wanted as much of his seed as it could inside her, fertilizing her. Her orgasm was met by her own cumming, a small flood of fluid bathing his cock, dripping out around her labia, soaking his balls. Riding his now well slicked cock, she wanted to feel him explode in her.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morrali | Ryuan Sel's Quarters | Deck 05| USS Theurgy ] Attn: Ryuan Sel

What Sarresh had said about his speices earlier was quite true - they were a hedonistic lot, and found no shame in such, though the temporal agent couldn't say with any real certainty how he himself had acted. He had an idea, of course, but memories were at best a blur, details fading in and out, just rough impressions of his time on the Relativity. It was clear that he had enough practice in his life to help him make sure he satisfied this woman however, be it sheer animal instinct, or helped along by experience and muscle memory from trysts long forgotten.

There was a pressure against his tip, and it took him a second to understand what he was feeling. And when that clicked in his mind, it set his heart racing. The little moans Sel was making, the sharp gasps and mewls made a bit more sense, and with what little rational thought he had left, Sarresh made himself grind up against the woman from below, rubbing his swollen tip right there against her core with every thrust.

When she sat up on him again, pushing down, her ass pressing to his balls, his cock so deep inside of her, he started swearing under his breath, because it felt that good. A mishmash approximation of his native tongue and Federation standard joined the litany spilling out of his lovers mouth. Instinct drove him on as he felt her ripple across his hard, smooth cock and his body trembled in utter need. The hands left her ass and gripped her waist, fingernails digging into the skin. His balls were wet, and he knew why, feeling her cum around him, bouncing up and down on his shaft.

At that point, the dark haired man was beyond his ability to hold back. He thrust up, hard and used his hands to pull her down, acting on native instinct alone. Holding her firm, his hips jerked up under her, tiny little movements, as his balls clenched and released. The hot torrent burst from from within, shooting up his shaft, spurting out into her hungry core, his cockhead pressed as deep as he could manage at that angle. It flared and spat, filling her with hot cum, even as he swore sharply under her, eyes wide, mouth open in pure pleasure, curling into a smile.

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[Ensign Ryuan Sel | Sel's Quarters | Deck 5 | USS Theurgy] Attn: Sarresh Morali

In a world of pure bliss, her body wrapped around Sarresh's man pole, Sel was in heaven. Just when it felt like it couldn't get any better, she felt his cock deep inside her push up even further. She groaned loudly, swearing in Bajoran and Cardassian as the first hot pulse rippled up his cock. The feeling of his shaft pulse was drowned out by the sudden pulse of cum issue froth from the head of his shaft, bathing Sel's core in his hot potent seed.

Unconcerned about what was taking place, her shots were up to date, she groaned. "Prophets Yess!" Sel cried out as another pulse rippled forth, bathing her already slick and cum soaked insides in yet more of his seed. She'd had to stop moving on his cock as the motion was too pleasureable, and just sitting still, her insides working him, drawing out more of his cum, was enough pleasure that she could handle.

Rocking her hips though, she could keep some stimulation, enough to maintain her orgasm as wave after wave of pleasure rippled from her core, out through her belly and into the rest of her body. This was what she'd wanted the week before, to enjoy Sarresh carnally, driven by desire and not by some sick twisted soldiers idea of a good time. "Don't stop, prophets don't stop" she cried out, not wanting to let this moment pass.

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morrali | Ryuan Sel's Quarters | Deck 05| USS Theurgy ] Attn: Ryuan Sel

She rocked back and forth on his cock and it teased more whimpers and groans past that smile on his lips. Sarresh forced himself to grind up against her, despite how he was nearly overwhelmed. Like most men, his cock became over sensitive when it was cumming, and right now every little pulse of her pussy sent a burst of pleasure right back down to the base of his shaft, radiating up from behind his balls. It was everything he could do to keep from crying out even louder.

It was almost too much. Almost.

Sarresh could hear Sel begging him not to stop, begging him for more, pleading to her gods - gods he was still unsure on if she believed. He was a recluse, but he'd heard some rumors. Truth was he didn't much care at that point. Shuddering under her, he forced his hips up again, as another rope of hot cum spat out into her. His balls were close to being drained but he knew if she could give him a few moments, he'd be able to go again. He'd discovered that on his own, after his transformation. Right then though, she didn't want him to stop, so even as he jerked about under her, he slid a hand from her hips.

Those dexterous fingers slid out over her skin, his palm pressing to her pelvis, the heel just above her pussy, and rubbed, applying pressure as he thrust up again, trying to push down from outside against his cock deep within as he pumped her full of that heavy load. She wanted him to keep going, and right then, he wanted to give her everything he could. He needed it, and the need had nothing to do with Deltan pheromones right then.

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[Ensign Ryuan Sel | Sel's Quarters | Deck 5 | USS Theurgy] Attn: Sarresh Morali

Sel groaned as her orgasm seemed to keep going and going. Small beads of sweat popped out on her brow, her breath ragged as her body continued to spasm around Sarresh's length. And then as it began to subside the slightest bit, she felt his hand slip between her legs, caressing the little nib as his hands pressed against her pelvis. Already peaked, the extra stimulation didn't do much for her, perhaps even push her deeper into her afterglow. Slowly she began to come down of her high, sexually sated for now. What the pheromones would do afterwards she didn't know, but for now she didn't care.

She collapsed forward on Sarresh, feeling his sweat slicked body against her own. Her insides still quivered against him, not as powerfully as before but enough she could still feel his girth mixed with their shared fluids, mingling inside her core. "Mmm." she finally cooed, satisfied for the moment. Kissing him she grinned, "That was fun."

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morrali | Ryuan Sel's Quarters | Deck 05| USS Theurgy ] Attn: Ryuan Sel

It was a physical relief when Sel collapsed down against Sarresh and he let out a soft sigh of contentment as he slid his hand out from between them. He was still twitching about inside of her, just as she was still quivering slightly, and the combined movements did leave him more than a little breathless. They sagged back into the bed, and she pressed her lips to his in a light kiss, one that the former ash'reem was surprisingly willing to return. Pheromone's or not, he was enjoying himself, perhaps for the first time since Theta Endrani IV.

There was something about the Bajoran Security Officer that appealed to Sarresh. Maybe it was simply the sex, his need for it, even if he couldn't remember what he was like before coming aboard the Theurgy. Or he supposed  there was the possibility that it was something more - being allowed this glimpse at the softer side to the hard, fierce woman, maybe? Hopefully he'd get the chance to explore just what, but right then, he didn't push anything. Instead, he smiled up at her - also a first, because it wasn't sardonic or faked - and nodded in agreement.

"Fun is a fairly apt description," he replied, leaning up and kissing again, slow and gentle now as they cuddled close. Am I a cuddler? he wondered idly, and gave himself a mental shrug as he let one arm loop across her sweat soaked back. His left leg rose up, calf gently rubbing against Sel's, causing his hips to shift a bit. He'd gone slightly limp inside of her, but not terribly much. Sarresh could definitely feel their mixed juices coating his shaft, a little bit dripping to his balls. That too teased a smile to his lips, and on instinct, he brazenly leaned up and pressed a kiss to the ridges on her nose. It seemed like the thing to do, in the post coital haze they were in.

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[Ensign Ryuan Sel | Sel's Quarters | Deck 5 | USS Theurgy] Attn: Sarresh Morali

Sel couldn't explain things. The earlier haze that left her with little memories of more then desire was so similar to the week before she questioned if she was still influyenced by those hormones. But what she'd just shared with Sarresh, she couldn't deny the feelings she felt for him. They'd shared something intimate, and maybe the Deltan was the push needed to get things out in the open, who knew. But for now she'd play it by ear and see where this led.

Sel closed her eyes as Sarresh kissed the ridge of her nose. She sought his lips, finding them, this time more of a casual kiss then a passionate lover's kiss. Her body was calming down and she could feel her core no longer twitching. He felt good inside her, a feeling she didn't want to pull away from. Smiling down at him as their kiss broke she smiled, "I'd wanted to talk about us, about our encounter but after that, I'm not so sure I want to question it."

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morrali | Ryuan Sel's Quarters | Deck 05| USS Theurgy ] Attn: Ryuan Sel

Again, he reminded himself that he hadn't come looking for this when he'd left his lab earlier at her summons. He'd had no expectation of anything really, other than the though that he'd probably have to talk about what happened in the life support systems control station. And instead, they'd done hardly any talking, but become swept up in a lustful need, for each other.

It was clear to the TAO that the initial drive had been helped along by lingering pheromones. He even suspected, not that he voiced it, that it was their proximity that triggered the relapse. But, he wagered with himself, they had run their course rather quickly, given how the blinding sensation had faded long before either had cum And neither had s topped after, instead letting the act ride its course to - what he hoped- was mutual satisfaction.

And really, Sarresh, with everything thats been going on, how stupid do you have to be to look this gift horse in the mouth. Just be happy, for fucks sake. The little voice in his head seemed so out of place that it nearly shocked him out of the kiss with Sel. The attitude was out of character for how he'd been behaving, and the former Ash'reem wondered where it came form. It felt familiar.... but after yesterdays...conversation with Ives, and the mess that had been his life since coming to the Theurgy, he had to wonder if he was getting a glimpse, a part of himself back.

Sarresh shut the thoughts out as he looked up to see Sel smiling at him. He'd caught her words, even lost in his own thoughts and made a conscious decision then and there to see where things went. Carefully, he spoke, starting to let his hand drift up and down her back.

"I could spout out a bunch of science," he joked softly, "but regardless of the cause...I'm glad for what happened, just now," honesty was the best policy, right? "And if you want to talk about before...I'm willing. Or, it can wait," he let his fingers tap along, "I've got no where to be till tomorrow's shift."

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