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Re: DAY 06: Late Night Liaison [0045 hrs.]

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[ Edena Rez | Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 5] Attn: Arista

It took a couple of hours before Edena's body moved a little. The towels slowly pulled down a little before her eyes opened and she stared up to the ceiling of the room she was in. A light frown covering her face as she wondered where she was. This wasn't the lounge or her own quarters for that matter. Her body moved a little and she could feel her thighs being a little sticky from the lovemaking of hours before. No doubt Cinn's semen had leaked out a little more during her sleep, however it seemed raise a questionable face. The most important question was why she wasn't wearing anything of evening attire.

This solely because it wasn't Edena who had woken up in the body, no Illya had somehow managed to get in control of the body and she looked at the dark skinned man besides her as she rubbed her eyes out and wondered if this was a dream. "My my... You actually got to it..." she whispered almost breathlessly. A slight smirk appearing on her face as she felt proud of the host. The right thing to do now though was to lay back down and sleep, allowing Edena to wake up to Cinn in peace and privacy. However, this obviously wasn't in Illya's nature.

She sank back in the bed before she turned over to her side as her eyes looked at Cinn. Her eyes moving over his nude figure as he lay on top of the sheets. She couldn't help but smirk as she gazed at the muscular body till her eyes found the ridged member that was just laying there on display. "Ooh..." she mouthed silently as she leaned closer and brought herself closer for a better look at it. With her torso half over Cinn's body she could feel her breasts being compressed against his skin, with just the layer of towel between them. She glanced back at Cinn before she curiously snaked her hand from under the sheets and carefully yet with great care ran her fingers on the ridges.

She did this for a few seconds, running the tips of her fingers over it before slowly wrapping her hand around it and slowly starting to pump it. This was probably against every agreement the hosts had made with each other, yet Illya had her own needs to be fulfilled too. Slowly she leaned in further before her tongue slowly encircled the tip of. It didn't take long before her lips pursed around it and her head bobbed slowly back and forth.

Re: DAY 06: Late Night Liaison [0045 hrs.]

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[ Wenn Cinn | Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 5] Attn: Nolan

Wenn Cinn slept peacefully. Enveloped by the blackness he was to content to not dream any dreams. Slowly he felt something tug as his consciousness, so gentle at first that Cinn didn't even realise there was anything going on. Eventually, as nerve clusters burst to life in his brain, he could felt the ministrations in his crotch but it was not enough to fully wake him. Instead, his semi-conscious filled in, causing dreams to push forth.

There he laid, in reality - on the bed of his quarters, but in his mind's eye it was almost as if he was floating on a cloud. The backgrounds and details were not important for he was so focused on the blowjob he was receiving. It felt so real! In his dream, Cinn opened his eyes and looked down, only to find that his mind had filled in, perhaps with some unconscious desire, the blue form of his deputy. Now it was not the first time that he had had a sexual dream about Ida, as all men tended to have the occasional fantasy about their attractive female friends, however something wasn't right in this case. The feeling of lips against his cock was strong, too strong for this dreamlike state.

Furrowing his brow, the worry brought Cinn closer to the surface of consciousness. Was he having the most intense vision of his life, or had the Andorian beauty snuck into his room? What would Edena think? He needed to find out what was going on. In his stupor, he only managed to slightly lift heavy lids. Still barely awake, he could just make out the light of passing stars causing dark shadows to play across the wall. At that point he paused to enjoy the experienced motions cause by the mouth wrapping his member. In slow, delicate motions, he brought his blurry vision down. Against his dark skin he could see pale skin, white towels, exquisite brown curls and spots. He was safe, his dream of Ida was just that. An invisible weight was lifted off his shoulders, allowing Cinn to slip once again further into a dreamlike state and enjoy himself.

"Mmm..." He sighed contentedly, stretching and bucking his hips slightly to get comfortable. He could get used to this. 

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[ Illya Rez | Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 5] Attn: Arista

The former grifter enjoyed the taste of the Bajoran as she used her long lost skills of satisfying a man back to life. No way Edena could please the man like she did. Her eyes darted up now and again to check if Cinn was awake or still asleep. He certainly didn't seem to mind the treat he was getting as his member turned nicely hard and back to attention. She did wonder what the man would be dreaming about while she was working him, in fact, she wondered if the man would even notice that this wasn't Edena.

His content sigh was the first indication that the man was slowly coming back out of his sleep-like state. Illya had to smirk a little as her tongue moved in circles against the tip. Her left hand grasped the thick length as she rubbed her lips against the ridges slowly. Each exhale brought some warm air over the member of the dark skinned man. His light bucking and stretching did show that he did enjoy himself. With her free hand Illya removed her hair that fell in front of her eyes, getting in her way. Her teeth grazed ever so lightly against he ridges now as she moved a little more in the bed, letting the towel drop from her torso and giving her more air to take in. She positioned herself on her knees now as she took Wenn deeper into her mouth, her lips now pursing deliberately against his skin as she took him deeper and deeper. Cinn could feel how the warms kept creeping further on his penis.

She bobbed her head a few times before Cinn could feel the tip of his cock getting swallowed. A point where Edena had choked and not gone further last time. This time however it seemed like the Trill could take him in deeper. Gagging a little as she had to get used to the thickness and size of the man before pushing him in further. Tears had sprung into the eyes of her eyes as she kept herself in that position for a good ten seconds before pulling back a little. She kept the tip in her mouth as she looked at the drool that had covered him.

Re: DAY 06: Late Night Liaison [0045 hrs.]

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[ Wenn Cinn | Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 5] Attn: Nolan

Wenn Cinn struggled to contain himself. Currently attached to his cock was a goddess, and she was insatiable! As he laid back and enjoyed Edena's ministrations, he pondered about just asking her to never leave. Although, he mused, he'd probably would never get any sleep if it carried on like this. What would Jien Ives say if he found out?  Would he even care? As cool, wet lips grazed lightly over ridged skin, Cinn thoughts were brought back to the topic at hand. Whether Ives would approve or not, would Cinn care? He basically considered Ives like a brother, he had a lot of respective for his friend and leader but he certainly didn't get this treatment.

Definitely awake now, Cinn watched as much as he could, only looking away when Edena's work forced his eyes closed. By the prophets she was giving it her all. In fact, Cinn was starting to get a bit of more of a show himself as her towel began to slip away. There was something about the look of the trill on his member, the pale skin against his dark that turned him on even more. His turgid shaft was so swollen that he felt that he could explode there and then.

That was the point Edena decided to try something they had never done before together. Deepthroating him, Cinn felt the inside of her mouth like never before. As she pushed herself further and further down his cock, she gagged, sending blissful shocks all the way down him and up his back. In some part of his mind, he could feel goose bumps rise on his bared flesh, not through the cold but because of her actions. All through the process he moaned his pleasure, unable to keep quiet, the latest time electrified him, he couldn't help but gasp. Cinn wanted desperately to pleasure her back, but there was no way he would going to make the trill stop right now.

"Ahhh..." He moaned between ragged breaths. "You're amazing." The words didn't come out as he wanted. She was seemingly sucking his essence away. Cinn knew he had to try to regain control, otherwise he'd cum, right there in her face. As such, he made a conscious effort to swallow deeply. "Oooh... Edena..."

Re: DAY 06: Late Night Liaison [0045 hrs.]

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[ Illya Rez | Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 5] Attn: Arista

Illya had not a cloud of trouble on her mind as she bobbed her head a little faster up and down on the cock of the Chief of Security. He clearly was enjoying it and to be honest so was she as she savored the taste of him as she wondered how long he'd be able to keep up with her like this. She could see his eyes go shut from time to time from her peripheral vision. Her tongue dragged around his head slowly yet very present as he moaned out between ragged breaths. The name he used however almost made her chuckle on his cock as she realized the man was thinking poor Dena was giving him this pleasure.

Would she have to tell him or would she first bring the man over the edge? She slowly came to a stop as she pulled her lips further back, sucking hard as she replaced her divine lips with her hand, stroking him firmly as she sucked even harder when she reached his head. With a pop she pulled herself away from him as she looked sultry at him, her eyes burning with mischief as she turned over to him, her face still over his cock as she looked him in the eyes and licked his slit teasingly. "Thanks baby... I was hoping you'd enjoy my work." she replied to him before she gave a long slow lick from the base of his member till the tip. When her eyes locked with his though she winked "Though... You're not having Dena pleasuring right now..." She whispered with a wicked grin "And no I'm not Jona either... Illya Rez... Pleased to meet you." she smiled as she sat up more straight, the towel dropping off her and revealing her nude body as she didn't stop with stroking him.

Re: DAY 06: Late Night Liaison [0045 hrs.]

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[ Wenn Cinn | Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 5] Attn: Nolan

Mid adulation, Wenn Cinn was nearly ready to call his prophets, or further to Edena. The Trill was like a goddess - beautiful, devoted and deserving of praise. With the way she progressed, so different from earlier that every evening, Cinn knew he wouldn't last much longer. All at once, she released him with a slick wet plop. The sudden lack of sensation and feeling of air caught him unaware, causing Cinn to involuntarily arch his back. Though it seemed impossible to him, the act of stopped actually heightened his senses and the ecstasy denied flooded through him. He smiled, despite slightly blue balls. He felt like he could fuck the world. That was when she spoke.

It is amazing, really, the variability of the body. While she looked the same, smelled the same, and felt the same, she didn't sound the same. Cinn knew someone was wrong from the very first word.

He shuddered as she licked up his unyielding length, partially to the fact that she teased him so close to the edge, but also in disgust. Even if he wanted to, there was no way he could will the pulsating erection away. He felt betrayed, but at this point, it had a mind of its own and was only responding naturally to the simulation. Simply, there was only two ways to deal with the situation, allow himself to enjoy the body of his lover under control of another woman, or to stop it. He acted instantly, like a gunshot. One moment he was laying on the bed, with her hand on him, the next he had forced her down, straddling over her with one hand across her porcelain neck.

"You do NOT get to be here." He growled. "These four walls are for Edena only. My sanctuary, and hers. You do not get to be here, EVER. Nor does Jona or Kiya..." He trailed off, his grip on her delicate throat loosening. Although the eyes within the trill blazed differently, she still had her face, her spots, her smell.

The whole situation was confusing. As he straddled over both what was his lover and not, his member throbbed, harder than it had ever been, urging him to act carnally.  His anger, which came as a release for the pent-up energy she had built, scared him. For it governed him and gave him an absence of control over himself. Inside Cinn knew that, over the pounding sound of the blood rushing through his ears, he was only one step away from ravaging the grifter. He just hoped she didn't.

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[ Illya Rez | Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 5] Attn: Arista

The situation changed from what seemed like a lovely scene into a rather risky one. Illya's eyes widened at the quick reflexes of the Chief of Security as he forced her on her back. By doing so he had involuntarily made her breasts wobble at the takedown. The airway being obstructed as his dark hand as he squeezed it tight and her legs struggled, trying to kick him, failing miserably against his muscular frame and only resulting in her lower body writhing against his abdomen and legs before he positioned him well enough.

He made his warning and it was a clear one as she tapped at his hand, feeling it loosen up a little as she gasped for air. She nodded quickly as she looked into his eyes, seeing this man meant what he preached and that this clearly was a mistake. "S-Sorry, Sor-ry!" she brought out rather difficultly as he was right on top of her, she couldn't run or fight him, not in the state she was in now. She coughed a little as she felt the arousal of the dark man against her nether lips, the heated tip resting against it, just brushing her really as she wondered what he'd do next. She had probably driven the man mad on a sexual level, yet would he just continue on the path she paved for him, or would he wait till she'd be out of the body that actually didn't belong to her.

Re: DAY 06: Late Night Liaison [0045 hrs.]

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[ Wenn Cinn | Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 5] Attn: Nolan

"Sorry..." Wenn Cinn retorted, scoffing with incredulousness. This woman had attempted to seduce him with the body of his lover and when the whole situation went south, she had the sheer audacity to just apologise, hoping that would make it all ok. With his hand still loosely gripped around her porcelain neck, Cinn leaned in, bringing his lips just shy of her ear. All at once, the fragrance of Edena's hair filled his nostrils and he faltered. No, Cinn reminded himself, he must remain strong. If he couldn't resist Illya now, what would happen when she next surfaced? What would happen if it were to be Kiya or, prophets forbid, Jona? A message needed to be sent now.

"You're sorry..." He whispered with all the sultry he could muster, then his voice turned harsh. "...Yet you are still here" And like that he was done. Releasing Illya from his grip, Cinn lifted himself off the bed and turned away. Inside his body raged but, on the surface he was cool, calm and collected.

He kept his back to the woman as he depressed a button on the drawers built into the wall of his quarters. The drawer responded to his touch and slid open enough for Cinn to retrieve a small pair of grey standard Starfleet issue undershorts. Silently he dressed, careful to avoid facing the sultress in his bed. It was if showing her his twitching manhood would condone her actions. Instead his blue balls would be a testament to his strength. As he slid  his pulsating, turbid member into the seemingly skintight shorts, he repressed a moan. It was still slick with saliva from earlier and felt so good to touch. Cinn had been very close to the edge when Illya had revealed herself.

"I'm going to go repent." He said as a matter of fact, turning, he faced the grifter now. "You will be gone by the time I return." It was a simple order and certainly no request. With that, he headed to the lounge, pausing in the doorway to look over Illya one last time - the grifter in the body of his lover. For the shortest moment, he wondered what she even really looked like before realising he didn't care. "And you will tell Edena about this. Or I shall."


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