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Ending up on top of Isley was nothing she'd object to, following his cue and finding herself straddling his face. With her loose shirt sliding down to the bend of her arms, she ran her fingers through his hair and continued to undulate her hips against his oral attentions. She rode his face, and she allowed herself to indulge in his attention - tilting her head back and sighing deeply. She was enjoying herself more than she'd done in some time, and on terms quite different than she was used to. However, she was not the kind to merely follow cues, so she grinned and decided to do something more than just sit there, despite how good it felt.

"What if I make it into a competition... just to see if you can make me come before you do?" she said, voice low and sultry as she reached behind herself and seized his hardness with her fingers, starting to stroke him while she rode his mouth. She gripped harder, milking his length more firmly, to emphasise her point.

With her antennae writhing in enjoyment, and her loose shirt teasing the front of his torso where he lay beneath her, she continued to let him do what he did for a while longer. Then, suddenly, she got up from his attentive mouth and turned around - shifting her knees so that she could turn to face that erection that she was stroking. Of course, she had no intention of stopping him from his cunnilingus, so she made sure to lower herself down unto his mouth again. But as she did, she could also lean forward and take that pinkskin phallus into her mouth again - groaning at the taste of him. Her shirt was still riding low on her arms as she fellated the prone pilot and rode his mouth at the same time. The breeze did nothing to cool her off, and she realised that it was a loosing wager even before it began. Husker was too good, and as much effort as she might put into her oral ministrations on him, and despite of her having higher ground, she came... and she came hard. She cried out, muffled at first from having him in her mouth, but then she let go with her lips and tongue so that she might groan long and loud in response. "By LorVela... Ahhh..."

Even as the climax dissipated somewhat, she still shivered from the aftermath long afterwards.

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Chris simply continued to perform his oral ministrations on Ida as she gushed in climax above him, effectively licking her clean before he moved his lips and tongue in a sliding motion down her outer lips, glistening with her juices, down to the location of her clit's hood and started to bap and flick the sensitive little bud with his tongue.

Chris' hands where not idle either as he ran them along a specific group of muscles on Ida's lower back just above the swells of her ass before he moved them away so that he could use one of his hands to part her sex and start to pump his fingers deeply into her as he continued his efforts.

"Looks like I've already won round one, Ida. I take it that you will be wanting a rematch then?" he mused before he ran his tongue over her clit hood as he added a second finger to the first one. "Of course I'm taking my time with you right now to set up the actual...match if you will."

As he fingered her deeply, he moved his mouth up to the swells of her perfectly sculpted ass and nipped it with his teeth before he ran the tip of his tongue over the swell before he dragged it all the way back down to the clit hood, "Or we can move onto the next round if you wish, my dear Shen." he teased.

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In the wake of her climax, the way he teased her swollen clitoris was blissful torture. Panting, she tried to shimmy and roll her hips to get some respite for her sensitive sex, but even if she'd easily get out of his hold on her, she did not truly want to. With his pinkskin cock in her fist, stroking it still, she shivered against his mouth, and her uneven breathing hitched when she felt his invasive fingers. Bucking, she hissed her next breath through her teeth, unable to help herself when those fingers stroked her inner walls. He spoke of their coitus as if they were in the sparring ring again, and she did not mind him jesting - not when he made her feel as good as she did.

She found herself rocking against his churning fingers and teasing tongue, finding his mouth's ministrations lacking at that point. She wanted more, and he was already speaking about the next round. She was ready, she found, and given the hardness of the organ in her hand, it was plain that he was too. "You already won the first one..." she said, a rueful smile breaking through in her enraptured features, and as blissful as his fingers felt, they were poor compensation for what she truly craved at that point. She crawled away from his face and felt his rough fingers vacate her. She shifted around on her knees so that she faced him instead, straddling his waist. "Now it is my turn to make you loose your mind."

With her loose shirt still riding low on her arms, she bit her lower lip and reached down between their bodies. She seized him again, but only to align him with her sodden sex - positioning him at her nether lips. They parted for him like doors as she pressed down unto him, more than ready to accommodate for his girth. As slick as she was, and despite how big he'd gotten, she could almost take all of him inside herself from the start. She tilted her head back as she began to undulate her hips, rocking on top of him until all of him  got inside her.

And once she had all of him, she began to grind down as far as she could against the base of his manhood - stroking her swollen clit against his rough pubic hair. Whatever delight was not plain in her face could be seen in how her antennae moved, and her rocking motions made her aching, firm breasts bounce a bit above him. She raked her nails across his scarred torso, and her breathing came to match her pagan dance.

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Chris was happily working on Ida when suddenly she decided to shift the "game" around as she got up and then he looked up at her as she positioned herself above his manhood and then lowered herself onto him.

The moment that the engorged crown of his manhood slipped deeply into her, his hands suddenly went into slight spasms as she worked to get more of him into her..but once she was fully embedded onto him-Chris was still slightly enraptured by the fact that this woman that he had been actively pursuing was now atop of him.

As she began her downwards thrusts upon his cock, Chris brought his hands up to her loose shirt and slowly worked it off of her as he started to meet her thrusts with ones of his own, his hands roaming over her perfectly sculpted azure skinned body after he tossed her shirt aside and enjoying the sight of her like this.

"Make me loose my mind, Ida my sweet valkyrie that would be an accomplishment within its self." he said to her as he slid his rough hands down to her hips to grip them as he caught her on an upwards motion as he pulled his hips down until he was almost out of her before he rammed himself upwards.

"You see if you wish to make this a competition, then one must remember something in that I have a fair amount of stamina as you know from the other day...for a pinkskin." he mused up at her as he started to do deep thrusts upwards as he continued to meet her as she went upwards. "You might be tougher and more agile, but I've got height and experience." he teased her back.

As he bantered with her, that strange feeling of guilt once again hit him with a pang which brought an arched eyebrow in confusion...why was he feeling like this, his time with his two lovers was over months ago and even though his times with both Cir'Cie and Ameyla were short and sweet, this was something that he actually did want as he had an attraction towards the azure-skinned Valkyrie above him.

So why was he feel guilty?

These thoughts were washed away as the two performed an ancient and powerful dance that existed between two beings for all of recorded existence as he watched her glorious breasts bounce with each and every thrust before he reached up and cupped them, caressing them as she rode him.

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Boldly, the pilot did not mean to just be idle, but challenge her aim to make him come before she did again. Ruefully, Ida let him take her shirt away, and she certainly did not mind as he rocked his hips where he lay so that he might meet her grinding movements with thrusts of his own. She might have been a bred warrior, learning to fight since she was a child, but it lent her the dexterity required of a lover. She supposed that she was attractive in the eyes of many pinkskins, barring those who did not like how her toned limbs and torso bordered on being too muscular, but she knew she preferred her males - Andorian or not - to have the body of a warrior like herself. So while she did not care too much about the opinion of others, even though she found males who preferred doll-faced little princesses hardly male at all, she knew what she liked, and she decidedly liked Husker's body in all its grim and marked history as well as his prowess. Riding him, and seeing how much he enjoyed it, she was just glad he did and tilted her head back again. She let the sensations wash through her - soaring up from betwixt her legs and flaring in her mind.

He spoke, of course, always the talker. Isley had talked too, but not like Slayton was talking. She welcomed his words, as distracting as they were from what he was making her feel. She tossed her white hair out of her eyes and grinning a little at him where he lay, emphasising who was on top with a sudden hard, grinding motion with her hips that threatened to break his manhood off at its base. Not literally, of course, but hard enough to make him shut up. "Your height does not matter one whit down there," she breathed, grinding in a circle on top of him, "and as far as experience goes... I will be the judge of that."

Sitting up more straight, robbing his fondling hands from the firm shape of her breasts, she had him all the way inside her. Seated thus, she embedded her fingers into his sides and began to grind her hips back and forth where she sat on him - knowing how the fully enveloped phallus of most men reacted quickly to such quick and thorough rubbing. At such a swift pace, and having their organs stroked from the base to the head with each pass she made back and forth in her seat, she was confident Husker would find it difficult to not shed his seed before too long.

"And... stamina," she said through her teeth, the corner of her mouth lifted in triumph, "means little... when I have already come... and you have not..."

An untruth, perhaps, since she thought she might come again before too long - her second climax building even though she pretended it didn't.

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As Ida flexed her body in a very passionate and impressive manner, moving her womanhood from the base of his shaft up to the crown in an attempt to further him along so that she could win this "contest", he gave her a fierce little smile as he ran his hands up and down the perfectly sculpted flesh. "You make a very valid point, Ida..but I do have a few tactics of my own." he mused at her.

Chris then slipped his hands down to her well toned ass and cupped it but instead he placed his thumbs on a very specific part of the marble smooth perfection there and spread her cheeks just enough that made the thrusting of both parties much more easier and allowed him to thrust his own hips at a certain angle which allowed his own trugent manhood to rub even more against certain spots of her as she stroked him from base to crown with every thrust.

"So..what is the goal of this contest, Ida?" he mused up at her as he met her stroke for stroke, trying to focus on other things as he felt the minor shudders that were creeping through her body as they went. "What will happen when I win or if you somehow managed to make me submit..hmm?"

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Oh,but the pinkskin knew what he was about - the way he altered the vectors in their tezha making him squirm across spots inside her she didn't even know about. Her breath hitched as he did, and her eyes fluttered shut - lips pursing in a silent moan. She heard him, of course, as he enquired what was at stake, but nothing deterred from from continuing to milk his hard phallus. Her pelvic rolling continued, and she ground across the base of his thick girth with each pass her hips made.

"Oh, I don't know," she said, her voice frayed at the edges from what they were doing, "I might decide upon a prize after I've won..."

Saying this, with her hands still resting on the hard planes of his chest, she picked up the rhythm of what she was doing - the pace in which she rolled her hips a great deal faster. Lewd sounds came from the joining of their bodies, wet noises emphasised by the marble that Husker laid upon. She rode him hard and fast, meaning to make him come before she did. Yet even though he'd just made her come before she'd sheathed him inside her, the way he met her thrusts threatened to have her come a second time. Still, she liked to believe she still had the higher ground in their carnal engagement, and she hoped to win even if it would be a close call.

"Do you... have...  a price... in mind... already?" she asked, barely able to smile between her hard movements on top of him, a thin veneer of perspiration beginning to bead upon her blue skin. Whatever he wanted in case she came once more, she might just accommodate it... or even grant him the same if she made him shed his seed before then.

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Chris gave Ida a little bit more of a smile as he showed that he was just another wall of muscle as he twisted his body just a little bit more to add an extra flex to their little "dance". "I'm...sure..that..I'll think of something." he managed to get out as he tried to keep his focus on her and not how he felt the incredibly strong sensation of his own orgasm finally starting to seep through even though he was more focused on giving her all that he had.

He shifted his flexing just enough so that he could bend forward and start worshiping the curves of this woman who almost appeared to have been carved out of a blue tinged marble, licking a bit of her sweat off of her body as he traced each and every sinewy path of her muscles as they ground together with him feeling every ounce and pulse of sexual energy that she was pumping out.

" are literally like an old Earth Titan made manifest." he mused as he ran his hands across her strong back as he felt parts o him grow ever tighter as his first climax of this mating came even closer to him as he suddenly twisted the two of them over with her back partially on the cold floor of the holographic room as his hands where still in place but he used his upper body strength to shift the two of them just enough so that he could thrust at an upward angle, still grinding the girth of his manhood against where he knew her sweet spot was.

" he ground out as he fought his own climax. "" he said as he started to thrust faster and harder into her, driving himself to bring her to one more before allowing himself to have that moment of release..not for the sake of some "contest", but because of what he felt for the azure tigress beneath and before him.

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Just when she thought she had him, that she would be able to make Husker come underneath her, he changed all the vectors by sitting up a bit - making her grind her swollen and sensitive clitoris down against the base of his smooth pinkskin hardness. It tore a rough groan out of her throat as he did it, followed by a breathless moan when he put his mouth to the front of her body. She could not help but pushing her breasts towards that warm mouth of his, enjoying the feeling of his hands behind her back as he rode him.

Alas, the pilot had decided to change the terrain of the battlefield, tipping her over so that he was halfway on top of her instead. Ending up on her back, white hair spread on the marble, she groaned in unbridled passion as he drove his hard phallus into her - the thrust making her aching breasts bounce where she laid. He had spoken to her, she realised, but she was all too caught up in what he was making her feel. Certainly, she felt that she might be loosing control of the pace, and not so certain she'd make him come before she did any more, but at that point, she did not truly care. Slayton knew what to do to please her kind, and she was enjoying that skill to the fullest potential. It was, after all, perhaps the last chance she'd get at intimacy before the mission to Starbase 84, so why shouldn't she indulge herself?

She panted roughly where she laid, each hard thrust Husker made nudging her closer to the precipice of the next fall. But if she was to go down, then she would bring him with her. As much she swore, and she did what she could to make him cross the brink with her. She began to roll her hips to siphon that climax out of him, and she reached out to dig her nails into his hard buttocks. "Come with me..." she groaned, breath hitching when she plummeted, and she threw her head back - a silent scream tearing out of her throat while she convulsed around him.

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The moment that Ida's mouth opened up in a wordless scream of passion, Chris finally felt that he couldn't contain himself much longer and as he bent down to capture the azure beauty's lips with his own, he drove himself deeply into her twisting core and allowed himself to release himself deeply into her at the exact moment of her own orgasm.

As he felt his own orgasm empty his seed into ThanIda, again the guilty feeling washed over him for some reason and he didn't know why as certain aspects of himself was now entwined with those of the woman that lay twitching beneath him-but still the feeling remained and it was a very curious sensation as he broke the kiss that he was having with Ida and gave her several smaller but just as strong ones along the curve of her neck and face.

He discovered that he was still incredibly hard within her even though he had just had one very strong orgasm and he slowly gave her a couple of experimental thrusts to see if she was ready for anything more.

"I hope that you're not tired, ThanIda?" he said, a bit of an accent creeping into his already husky voice as he reached up to wipe a few ivory strands of hair from her sweaty forehead. "Because I believe that while I won this round, I have a good feeling that if you try hard enough that you might win round two..if you're up for it?" he teased her just like he'd been taught.

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In the aftermath of her second climax, Ida laid there on the marble - panting and beaded with perspiration. husker remained on top of her, still sheathed inside her, and she did not mind it. It was only when he began to move again, thrusting slowly into her once more that her breath hitched and she closed her eyes. Sensitive to every motion, it was almost unbearable to feel his thick girth moving again, but while she didn't flinch from him, she dared not make any movement to meet his either. She said naught, unable to do so, until he spoke - stating falsehood.

"Liar," she said hoarsely, turning her head to look him in the eye, and she put her hand to his throat - pushing him back from her as she sat up. Her tone was but betrayed by the humour in her eye. "You did not prevail. I felt you, coming at the same time as I did... So don't come claiming I owe you prizes for something you didn't accomplish."

Saying this, she pushed until he sat back and she could get up on her knees - him having vacated her along the way. At that point, just as she'd made him think it was over, the hand at his throat slid behind his neck, and she kissed him hard - almost possessively. Her nails dug into the back of his head, and she bit his lip a little, only to get his blood stirring a bit. "Try again, Ensign," she whispered against his lips, teasing him wit his rank as he had teased her with falsehood, and then broke away from him. She turned so that she had her back towards him, and bent over for him. She tossed her white hair back from her eyes as she looked at him over her shoulder... and she reached down between her legs. He would see her fingers appear from beneath, spreading her sore nether lips for him, so that he might revisit her... and earn his prize in full.

"Or are you scared I might win now?" she said, feeling a bit bold as she did. She could feel his warm seed spilling from herself, trickling down her knuckles, but at that point, there was no point in feeling self-conscious about it. The pinkskin had her all stirred up, and she was going to take whatever energy he had left in him.

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Chris had returned Ida's possessive kiss with one of his own and when she had broken it and then slid onto her hands and knees before him to offer herself up to him-a rather playful smile on his face crossed his features. "Of course I am always up for the challenge, but the field needs to be altered just a little bit." he said.

Then he reached out and moved her right  leg just a little so that he would be partially straddling it as he slipped back into her but this time even with her holding her swollen, slightly gaping sex open there was a little bit of resistance as he pushed back into her before he gripped her hips firmly and then started to pound into her womanhood once again.

In case this was the last little bit of their romp, Chris wanted to ensure that Ida had an orgasm coming that she would remember as the position that he shifted her down into allowed for the most penetration and depth from behind with each and every stroke as the sounds of their mating echoed throughout the entire chamber as he bent forward and whispered "Can you feel the difference,  ThanIda? Most pinkskins are simply content with mating with you in certain positions that allows them to show how big they are before sending their seed into you.." before he kissed the spot directly behind her left antenna to the left which was another special spot for her people.

He then continued as he kept his deep thrusts into her "While I on the other hand seek to pleasure another warrior equally..true?"

But even as he spoke and was having sex with ThanIda, a thought crossed through his mind that he wasn't expecting which concerned things with Tessa as the memory of how she had made certain feelings bubble through came to the surface as he was currently spending time with the andorian beauty before him..and that made him even more curious then when Tessa invoked the feelings before..

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The pinkskin rose to the challenge, quite literally, and proved just how resourceful he was in terms of intimacy as he pulled her leg back a bit and let her turn over a little, allowing her to lie more comfortably and yet still having him from behind. When he entered her again, she could feel him hit her back wall, and she gasped at how much of him fit inside her. He did not slow down his pace either, pounding her as he had before he came - making her white hair sway before her eyes and her sensitive breasts move in rhythm to his thrusts. "By Lor'Vela...yes..." she groaned, fingers curling against the marble, but she tried to match his pace, moving against him nonetheless.

It was something about the sensation of being so full that irked her, underneath the pleasure gained. She could not fathom what it was at first, lost in the hard rhythm of Husker's human penis pumping so deep into her, panting as she kept up with him. It was the soldier in her that made her think it; that she was being watched. Her blue eyes strayed from him and his scarred body, roamed the cold marble underneath her, and then her hooded gaze lifted to her paintings. As Husker drove into her from behind, it was hard to make out the details of her work, but she knew them all well enough to see every bit of shading with her inner eye. It was when she saw the sketches of the crew that it clicked in her mind: the desire in her draining as she realised what was irking her.

They were staring at her. Captain Ives. Former Commander Edena Rez. Wenn Cinn. T'less. Grayson. They were judging her. Why? It was... It was how deep husker was going, how hard he ploughed into her. The men affected with the Niga virus had all their secondary sexual traits enhanced too, their members bigger, bodies more lean, and they were able to bury themselves as deep into her as Husker was. They stared at her, the way she thought they'd all stared at her after the Niga Incident. She felt unclean, as if the flora on that planet had just assaulted her, pollinated her. The desire was replaced by revulsion of herself, of her being a liability to the same crew she had sworn to protect. Husker fucked her like the infected had fucked her aboard the ship, filling her completely, and the rest of the crew was watching her - judging her with unreadable faces.

"No... Stop..." she aid, pushing away his hands from her hips. She raised her foot to put against his hip, shoving him back before she distanced herself. "Stop it!" She was panting, her sex sore as she covered her breasts with one arm. She was entirely conflicted, pulling up her legs against herself and facing Husker with white hair hanging before her eyes. She hugged her legs, head held high, covering herself as she tried to get her breathing in order.

"This was a mistake," she said tersely, swallowing, raising a shaking hand to rake back her hair from her eyes. "It's not you... You were great, I just... I need to be alone. Please don't come and see me like this again. I need to be alone."

Behind her eyes, still dry and her teeth biting together hard to keep the nausea at bay, she saw slithering vines. She saw faces she could not place, grunting like animals as they rutted with her, and she remembered how she had turned them, and made them into the beasts they were. She remembered loving every bit of it, and now hating it all. Everyone knew. Everyone. They had to think it all the time they saw her. Always. "Please, just go... I don't care to explain."

Always. Husker was not judging her, new to the crew, but the rest? They judged her still, all the time. And Isley... She had been blind to the threat he posed. The guilt mixed with the shame, and she lashed out - her voice a serrated blade. "Get out!"

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Chris was trying to provide as much pleasure to the young woman before him when suddenly there was the flat plane of a foot effectively punching him in the same spot where he had taken shrapnel which had prevented him from taking apart in the festival the day prior to the Vassar Stupidity and then when it flared up during the "Dance" a couple of days earlier.

Chris couldn't help but make a very pained noise as he fell backwards onto the ground as he ground his teeth to keep the sudden wave of pained nausea from overtaking him as Ida's words as he blinked the water from them as they had teared up due to the kick and he saw the look on her face and saw that she was in a very panicked state for some reason but it was her voice that cut him to the very core.

He grunted in pain as he moved into a kneeling position but he forced himself to ignore it as he wanted to go to his friend, crew mate, and see what he could do to help her but instead it was that very last word she said that made him stop as he moved to use a table to help stand with.

"As you wish, Ida." Chris said as he slowly started to gather his discarded clothing-partially due to the kick and partially due to possibly hoping that Ida would stop being in a state of panic and let him help her because even though he was in a deep state of confusion as to what was going on with him and Tessa, he still cared just as much for Ida.

He pulled on his clothes before slowly gathering up all of Ida's and putting them a respectable amount of distance away from her so not to enter her zone of personal comfort and tried to look her in the eyes. "I apologize if I did something to hurt you, ThanIda..if...if you ever want to talk about it then seek me out, otherwise I will respect your wishes." he said to her gently before standing up and slowly making his way out of the holodeck, unsealing it to allow him to leave and then re-sealing it to give her the privacy that she deserved.

The moment that he was on the other side of the doors how ever, he closed his eyes tightly as a mild wave of pain ran through him as he started to make his way towards the nearest turbolift..hoping to come up with a way to explain this injury to the people in sickbay so that it wouldn't come back to haunt Ida because that was the last thing she needed at that moment.

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Sitting there, Ida hadn't looked towards Husker that much while he got dressed, instead focusing on herself and her inner turmoil - keeping the nausea at bay lest she'd throw up in front of him. She knew that it was unfair of her to dismiss him so out of hand, but she just couldn't accommodate his feelings on the matter right then. The mix of self-revulsion and shame that had come over her was crippling, so there wasn't anything she could do for him right then. She had said it wasn't his fault, and that was as much as she could offer him right then.

When he left, her stoic glare altered, however, and she lowered her head to lay her face against her crossed arms. As if she wanted to hide the way her tears welled up for Thea - thinking she would see her crying.

Perhaps it was so simple? She had never come over the things that had happened to her, never having let them become her the slightest. Yet with the memories that had come to her when she faced Isley in the sparring ring, it had all returned to her, fragments of the nightmare of the Niga Incident. It was impossible to distance herself now, knowing what she had done, and what she had almost succeeded in doing with the other infected. The guilt of it all was undeniable, even though she knew she was a victim. She was a guardsman, not a victim, as much she'd told herself - never allowing herself to be the subject of the horror.

So she cried, facing the buried emotions at long last, trying to cope with her failure as best as she might.


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