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Miles listened patiently weighing the possibilities.  He patiently watched as the Andorian investigator hammered him with questions and accusations.  He listened to the pilot's explanation weighing the likelihood of him telling the truth or not as he awaited the results of his own question into the matter.  As the deck chief spoke Miles had to feel inclined to agree.  Addressing the investigator Miles spoke up.  "I am awaiting word from the doctor as we speak." he said.  "As she has just recently had a mind meld with him I believe that if he were to know he were in any way a Romulan, much less a spy for them her mind meld would reveal that fact to her.  Given that our CMO found the Anomalous DNA readings, I believe there is no reason she would have to believe he was anything but Vulcan unless he had some memory of Romulan ties."

It was about this time that his Padd chimed with receipt of a message which he looked at.  "Investigator zh'Wann, please note on the investigation record that I, Miles Renard sent a message to Doctor Maya stating--Quote--Were there any indications during your mind meld with Isley that he might be anything other than a Half Vulcan who has chosen to not purge himself of emotions per Vulcan custom?--End quote. 

Doctor Maya replied with--Quote--Negative.  Perusal of Nathaniel Isley's memories indicated that to the best of his knowledge his mother was a Vulcan who encouraged him to find his own path and not be bound by her traditions.--End Quote."

Miles looked around for a moment.  Then looked to his pilot.  His expression softened to the still gruff visage of the SCO he knew.  "Given the nature of the results of his mind meld I cannot give my recommendation to try him for willful crimes against the Federation due to a similar precedent established by our Captain's orders regarding a lack of prosecution for crimes Committed under false or otherwise coerced mental states on multiple instances."  he then looked down for a moment, "Isley I am sorry to have to do this though, for your own safety as well as the safety of the rest of the crew I have to recommend that until it can be proven what caused your actions in the previous mission you should be confined to the brig and all ranks and privileges associated with them be suspended immediately and indefinitely." 

He then added, "You and Maya both mentioned your Vulcan mother, Based on the CMO's medical data It is clear you are biologically Romulan, Would it be too far a stretch to imagine that your mother may be the source of your Romulan DNA? 

He paused turning to Ida, "and, it's a stretch but I believe there is a distinct possibility that my pilot's Romulan DNA and the events during the battle may be a very unlikely, coincidence.  Or at the very least his actions may not have been at all due to the Romulan heritage but due to some other previously unconsidered malefactor. Who may have discovered his genetic heritage before it came to the light of our own Doctor.  Of course this is just a stretch of logic but I beg you to consider it as a possibility. That my pilot is himself also a victim in all of this."

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Ida's stare did not waver from Isley as she stood before him, hearing him out. A part of her wanted to believe him, perhaps she even did, but her sense of duty forbade her to put her rational thinking to where her heart was. It hurt, cut her inside, but in her silence, she revealed naught - the risks pertaining to Isley's dubious and unexplained actions being the paramount bit of evidence. It might be he didn't know what he was, and that would be a small comfort to it all, but at the same time, that was no answer to how the accident had come about. So, she answered Isley in no words, just a nod towards the security guards that had accompanied him to the CMO office.

While Reagar stepped up behind Isley to cuff his hands, Ida turned her head toward Covington, and the grizzled, odl pinkskin raised an interesting fact. The Vulcan doctor was in a position where she might be able to cover up any foul play she might have done to Isley's mind. She was Vulcan, like T'Rena, and she had cleansed more than half the Theurgy's crew from the taint of the Harbinger's late First Officer. Ida had no idea what that might do to someone. Again, however, there was the problem with motive... She saw none.

Then Miles Renard spoke of his recommendation, and his thoughts on what might have happened. Another aspect, even less likely than Covington's idea about Doctor Maya. Again, there was the problem with motive, and the lack of it. Who gained by framing Isley? Who gained by killing Ensign Carver? He made his recommendation, but before Isley coudl answer the question about his mother, Ida chimed in.

"More theories, none fitting this picture - motive of killing Carver more obscure. An accident, perhaps... Random outcome," she said, eyes still looking into Isley's as if judging him with her unflinching gaze. "But unless the tricorders are lying, the suspect's blood was clean directly before and after the incident. If Doctor Maya did something to his mind, we can have another empath aboard take a second look. And aye, I think Isley might be a victim of these events, certainly, but whenever the random theories are a 'stretch' - which is quite an understatement in regard of him being framed - the most simple explanation is always the one closest to the truth."

Saying this, she stepped around Isley, gesturing and taking a hand phaser from the security guard next to Reagar. Armed, she looked at Isley's profile in the CMO office.

"The only known fact... is that the suspect is Romulan, and that something was wrong with his mind at the time of the accident. Either he is just a puppet for the Tal Shiar, or he is like Ensign Acreth too. Either way, it might explain the lapse of his memories - whatever possessing him suddenly making him fire against his own. So, until we can have a second opinion of his mental faculties..."

Ida set the weapon to high stun, and with a two-hand grip, she pointed the muzzle towards Isley's thigh from couple of feet away. "I am sorry, Junior Lieutenant, but we have only one way to know if you are like that thing in the Brig."

"Wait, by the winds, this is not a firing range, I will not hav-" said Dr. Nicander, but Ida overrode him.

"I'm sorry, Doctor, but I have fought these things, and I will not risk the lives of my personnel during a prisoner escort, much less jeopardise the safety of this crew." Saying this, and clenching her jaw, she discharged her phaser towards Isley's thigh. The bright flash of the weapon lit the faces of the people in the room.

Ida half expected Isley to remain standing... that he would strike out and reveal himself to be more than he claimed to be...

...until she saw Raegar catching the Lone-Wolf's limp body before he fell to the floor and hurt himself. Lowering her weapon to still keep her aim true, heart beating loudly in her ears, Ida turned to look at Nicander. "We need to know, Doctor, so take out your tricorder and scan him. Is he still conscious?"

Doctor Nicander seemed none too pleased with the barbaric testing method of Ida's, even though he had likely learned about it from being done to Wenn Cinn and Carrigan Trent. The Chief Counsellor had done the scans back then, verifying that the stun beam had been effective against the two who had arrived from the USS Archeron. As unimpressed as he seemed, the Câroon stepped forward and produced his medical tricorder from out of his lab coat. In a couple of seconds, he announced the outcome.

"Your suspect is unconscious, Deputy. Synaptic patterns and pulse are equivalent to what his condition ought to be. In other words, he is not like Acreth..."

Ida let out a breath that she hadn't known she'd kept. "Thank you, doctor."

If Isley was just a sleeper agent for the Romulans, then it would explain the timing of the Valdore-class warbird's arrival, but raise other, peripheral questions too.

"Take him away, and let him know when he comes to." Lowering her phaser at last while Raegar carried Isley out of the room, Ida turned her eyes and antennae to Renard and Covington. "My apologies, but it had to be done."

She handed the phaser back to the second hard before he left as well. "I will keep you posted on the results of another mind-meld, and in the meantime, we will be keeping tabs on Doctor Maya - evidence too circumstantial for hearing at this point. Thank you both for your assistance... I just wish we could have better answers instead of erring on the side of caution. If he is 'Aidoaan'... we would regret doing anything else than we did today."

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"Hey!" Nathan wanted to step back when Ida pulled out her phaser sure he understood exactly why that was being drawn out on him, but that along with the promise that he was going to be put in the Brig. and what if she was right? what if he did have something inside of him and he was just a puppet. Everything about this situation was fucked up, and he felt his breath hitch and tighten like he was being strangled by the fear.

He looked at Ida as she pointed the gun at him, he almost wanted to beg her not to do it. Like not knowing what he was was somehow better than knowing. "Fucking hell Ida!" He couldn't step back as he saw the gun trained at him, and the security at his back ready to pounce on him if he didn't go down in one hit.

What was more that phaser was set really high up. He couldn't tell which setting she was on, just that it was high, and what if that killed him? All those things ran across his mind before he simply shrugged his shoulders seeing the weapon aimed towards him. "Your a cold calculating bit-"

The last of his remarks was cut off when his body was stunned, painfully. He went limp as every part of his body was wracked with pain. When he did wake up he would have one of the worst hang overs he could ever imagine.

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Miles nodded in agreement with Ida hearing her reasoning for the recent actions taken.  I wish there was another way to be sure of his true nature but I agree the stun test is the best method we have at this point to test whether or not someone is compromised.  From this point on though Unless it is absolutely necessary I would prefer to stay out of the investigation."  He paused a moment before adding.  As it stands I have a responsibility to an officer who until just now was directly under my command.  Given the lack of a proper JAG corps aboard the Theurgy I must as his senior officer be his advocate and as such request that we seek to immediately assign him some form of Representation to assure his legal rights are upheld if he is to be tried for Treason or Murder."

"I would offer to assist in transporting him to the brig but unfortunately I have a bit of prepping to do.  I sort of have a meeting in the counselors office here soon and I would prefer to make myself a bit more presentable before hand."  he said having looked at the time knowing he had a few things he needed to take care of before the meeting.

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