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With tresses of white hair hanging before her eyes, Ida rounded on the chan - holding the staff she'd captured extended in a combative stance towards the fallen opponent.

Though victorious, and the chan showing great promise in his technique despite his unwhole state, winning the spar the way she had was hardly any greater achievement. She was confident that she still had her edge in unarmed combat, even against opponents armed with weapons as versatile as a quarterstaff, but if there was any gratification to be found, it was that she had confirmed her readiness for the upcoming mission to Starbase 84. Confidence in her prowess was assuring, yet of course, she could not let it get to her head. Pride begot defeat.

"You fought well, for an unwhole scientist," she said in mild humour, extending the staff again to him in order to help him get back on his feet. Once he was back up, facing her, she let go of the staff so that he might have it back. She folded her arms underneath her breasts and raised her antennae. "My only advice is that you should remain cautious at all times, not trusting your balance, and not taking any chances. You cannot gamble on your balance. Instead,  focus on offence, striking before the opponent, and gaining victory through unpredictability. In the end, when you are whole once more, this time of challenge will have hardened you, refined your technique."

Glancing towards the area of the gym she had thought to frequent that morning, she took a deep breath. "Thanks for the spar, and I hope I wasn't too hard on you?"

Re: DAY 05: Keeping Balance [0630 hrs.]

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A part of Shall was glad that it was over at last, but another part burned at the idea of losing.  Was Ida a superior fighter?  Of course.  Still, his Andorian blood burned with rage, and he cursed his missing antenna yet again.  If he were still whole then surely he would've beaten her, he had the reach.  Luckily for him, Ida brought the chan out of his moment of self-pity.

The compliment that accompanied the proffered staff raised his antenna high in surprise.  Ida had managed to either counter or turn each of his attacks into an advantage.  The last time he'd ever been beaten so soundly Shall was a youth!  Pulling himself back to his feet Shall returned her small smile, nodding graciously, a motion that waved some of his long hair into his face.

While listening to the Lieutenant's critique, Shall collapsed his staff tucked it under an armpit so that he could try to get his hair back under control.  While running his fingers through it hoping that would keep it back until he could clean up, Shall's palm bumped the spot on his temple that was bleeding.  Coming away slightly sticky, he simply wiped the blood onto his pants.

"I understand Lieutenant." Shall accepted with another nod.  "It's difficult to relearn techniques honed over years of training, but I will do just that.  It will be interesting to see how we match up once my antenna has regrown."  At the last question, Shall lightly touched the spot on his torso where she kicked him.  "You were as hard as you needed to be.  It was my pleasure to be your opponent this morning.  With your permission I better get cleaned up for my duties."

Bowing in respect, Shall returned his borrowed pads and gloves, then threw his vest back on and slung the sash over his shoulder.  Leaving the gym with a smile, he paused one last time to watch Ida for a moment, then stepped out into the corridor, his stride far more sure than it had been just an hour prior.

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