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She took some of Miles's shampoo and started working it into a lather in his fur. He had done a good job of washing her, now she ought to return the favor. It's much easier with Miles kneeling.

She heard the question, it made her smile. Her face seemed to reveal that she was up to something, but it's hard to say what that something was.

"I guess I am getting myself back." She soaped up around the back of Miles's neck. "It helps that I'm with someone I know I can trust."

She ran her hands down where his shoulders met his neck, suddenly more gentle now.
"Thank you, Miles."

She left a pause so pregnant it could've resembled her a few moments ago settle between them, before starting up again as if the emotional moment had never happened. He trouble-making smile was back in full swing.
"That being said, I was thinking. Do you feel up for doing me one more favor?"

Re: DAY 04: Re-Connection [1600 hrs.]

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Miles couldn't help but relax in the feeling of her hands gently massaging the skin under his fur as they showered together, her hands gentle caresses only added to the relaxing feeling the warm water gave to the both of them as he closed his eyes relaxing into her soft touch.

More than the relaxation though was the feeling of elation he had hearing her words.  He was someone she could trust.  It meant a lot hearing that,  that no matter how at times rough their play might get that there was that oh so important facet to their relationship.  Trust.  It wasn't a trust to not be with another either but a trust to never do anything to make the other uncomfortable.

As she paused he just nuzzled into the crease between her thighs gently hugging her legs with his soapy arms allowing a soft but imaginative smile to come across his face as he imagined how easy it would be to tease her tail, along with a few other prime choices for teasing,  from this position.

Interrupted from his thoughts by her words he looked up to her his eyes meting hers as his head still half rested where her knees came together.  "Oh, and that favor would be?"  he asked inquisitively.

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There had to be an elegant, or at least classy way to ask this, but she couldn't think of one off the top of her head. She stood there, watching Miles's eyes and smiling softly as she thought over her words. Her hands ran through his fur, leaving behind bubbles and more of that overpowering floral scent. Her tail swayed from one side to another, as if to tease Miles.

"Well, don't make fun of me for this." Her smile widened. "I don't make fun of you for using dog shampoo after all." She shifted her weight to her other foot and began again the chore of working soap into Miles's fur. It was easier to make this request while her hands were busy, and she didn't have to look right at him. She didn't want to think about what she was saying or why too deeply. It would ruin the moment.

"I enjoyed today. A lot. I was hoping you'd be alright with using this form every time we had sex. Are you okay with that?" She paused, then laughed, a little nervously,
"I guess that's not really a favor, per se, but I don't know what the word for this would be. A request?"

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He patiently listened as her fingers continued to massage his head and now shoulders.  when she commented about the dog shampoo he softly let out a chuckle.  He couldn't help but enjoy how she so lovingly massaged him as she worked in the cleansing suds.  as she spoke he wondered what could be so strange she might fear he might make fun of her for.  When she finally got to the question he was thrilled at her request.

He looked up at her with a certain gentleness in his eyes upon hearing her request though the gentle softness hid a certain excitement he felt towards their future activities.  "I wouldn't make fun of you for any preferences you have." he said beginning, "Though to be honest, I actually prefer this form for well, this."  He said.  then added.  getting up and embracing her wrapping his tail around her letting it entangle with hers.  as he wrapped his arms around her hugging her lovingly his body and hers mashing together in the shower as he embraced her warmly. "Especially with you." he added.

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He held her, and she buried her face in his fur. Her tail wrapped around his and wagged, dragging his tail with hers. In the back of her mind, she thought about how much extra fur he might leave all over her skin, how she might have to wash again. She didn't mind. Wet Vulpinian isn't that horrible of a smell. She could tolerate it if only to savor the moment. She felt safe, wanted, loved. She felt whole again.

"Thanks Miles." She smiled, her face nuzzled into her fur and she gave him a big squeeze, the strongest her arms could muster. Reflecting on her afternoon, she realized she will walk out of his room in a far better mood than when she walked in. Maybe even a far better mental state. Maybe things weren't as bad as she had thought.

She started to pull herself out of his arms and guide him back into the stream of water. She worked the suds out of his fur with her hands.
"Now lets get you washed up. Gotta keep that fur silky, right?"


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