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DAY 04: Obligations & Priorities [1305 hrs.]

DAY 04: Obligations & Priorities [1305 hrs.]

[ Dr. Nicander | Surgical Suite 02 | Sickbay ] Attn: All characters in Sickbay

The victims that had come to Theurgy's medical personnel had quickly been sorted out depending on the critical nature of their injuries - those suffered at the disruptors of the Romulan ground forces being more severe.  On the Black Opal, the medical bay had been under attack, and several people had been on the verge of dying before put into stasis in wait for critical surgery on the Theurgy. Six - or seven counting Skye Carver - had not made it. The bodies had already been moved to the morgue to make room for those that still retained the spark of life.

Therefore, the surgery of Mistress-at-Arms Ryuan Sel had been postponed since her life had been deemed out of immediate danger. It was not until after the Black Opal had been destroyed that it was her turn, and the silent detonation in the vacuum of space had been witnessed on various monitors just before her surgery began.  Chief Medical Officer Nicander glanced at the bright flare on one of those monitors, merely in passing. Since yet again, Sickbay was bustling with activity, the staff quite used to the the aftermath of battle at that point. The past months had been hard on his medical officers, with their own losses and the burdens suffered, and yet they had become a finely honed apparatus in the process.

When Lucan stepped into the surgical suite, he did not know if the newly promoted Ensign that he'd had an intimate encounter with had been awake at some point since she had been beamed back on the Theurgy. All he knew was that she had been unconscious upon arrival, and that after he had seen to her immediate medical needs, her surgery had been delayed by the arrival of people riddled with disruptor burns. He had sedated her before he had her moved from the surgical suite, but that had been hours ago.

Present was Doctor Lahkesis Saugn, who had returned to duty after what she'd been through during the mutiny. Seeing the Teslyliac Duplicate with the reddish pink hair reminded Lucan about what the parasite inside him had almost made him do, back when she had been on the verge of death in his office. He had done what he could for her, perhaps saved her life, but he had taken it in the next breath.

"Good to see you back on your feet, Dr. Saugn," he said and gave her a quick smile - maintaining his impeccable professionalism despite it all. It was easier than people might think, because he was still telling himself he truly cared for none of them. It was a brittle conviction, of late, with all that he had ended up doing for the crew - going out of his way even as a medical officer to preserve Ives' foolhardy mission. It was a struggle to maintain perspective, always, since he did not entirely know which views were his own any more.

"What can you tell me about our patient?" he said next, already wearing surgical garb but having to step into a corner to sterilise his hands and his entire person in yellow antiseptic light.

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[ Lahkesis Saugn | Surgical Suite 02 | Sickbay ] Attn: Auctor Lucan

Though her mind was still troubled greatly, it was the advice the the ship's counselor that she return to work. Thus Lahkesis had arrived in sickbay to help with the sudden onslaught of wounded from the Black Opal. Something about seeing the disruptor burns disturbed her more than she normally would have been. She did her best to simply push it all aside and get on with her work. She was grateful when the Dr. Nicander asked her to assist as it got her out of the Intensive Care Unit.
She'd put on the surgical uniform and headed to Surgical Bay 2 to get things prepared for him. When he arrived she did her best to maintain herself as professional like as she could manage.
"It appears that the 5th thoracic vertebrae has been fractured. The most recent scans detect a number of bone fragments in and around the spinal column. The bone itself has been mostly repaired, however the bone fragments remain," she reported mutely as she put the latest scans on the wall mounted displays. Her tone was purely clinical, not a trace of the inner turmoil. "There are also a number of smaller fractures in the 4th and 6th thoracic vertebrae, though a simple direct appliance of the osteoregenerator should tend to those."

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[ Dr. Nicander | Surgical Suite 02 | Sickbay ] Attn: Absinthe

Listening to Doctor Saugn, Lucan nodded in quiet understanding of what was at hand. Sometimes, the highest stun setting on a Type III phaser could cause some damage, but in this case, he reckoned that one of the bored guards on the Black Opal had been modifying his rifle so that it might carry a concussive, kinetic load as well. It had a tendency to happen when Security had too much time on their hands, he'd read, and it was the most plausible explanation for the kind of injury that the ravishing Bajoran had sustained.

"All right. Thea, begin surgical log. This is Doctor Nicander and the patient is Ensign Ryan Sel. Assisting me is Doctor Saugn. The patient will be treated for a heavy stun beam to her back. Details can be found in Doctor Lahkesis' entry into the patient's journal.  We need to clear the area of the patient's back from her uniform and we have to turn her over. Doctor Saugn, please enter the anti-grav sequence for it," he said and nodded towards the control panel in passing while he went to get the tray with assorted exoscalpels and regenerators that one of Nurse Vojona's personnel had prepared for them.

When Lucan spoke next, it was to Lahkesis and not for the benefit of the log. "We are opening the patient up just enough to extract the fragments, so I need you to be my extra set of eyes on the monitors. To begin with, however, you can use the osteoregenerator to treat the vertebrae that is still damaged. It is these fragments that will take some time..."

Having begun the surgery, Lucan watched as Lahkesis made Sel lift from the biobed in the surgical suite, and once elevated. It was time to shed the obstructive clothing, which he left Lahkesis to do as well.  As gratifying as the sight might be, he was watching the Teslyliac Duplicate instead, pushing the images of her bare, damaged and wet body in his office from his mind, only to have the thing inside remind him as soon as he thought he had suppressed the imagery. 

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[ Amelya Duv | ICU | Sickbay ] Attn: Anyone else in Sickbay

When the last person aboard the Opal was beamed out Amelya followed as she got beamed back to the transporter pads. She thanked O'Connel for the great job and also thanked the security detail that had probably saved their lives when the Romulans had attacked. After that the Trill made her way back to her trusted environment as she walked in Sickbay through the back corridor. She noticed that the Surgical Suite was being used by Dr Nicander and she reminded herself to go and check on his progress or the outcome when he'd be done. For now Duv walked in on ICU.

She went over the charts of her patients and pushed through some mild corrections to blood results or changes in vital signs. She checked each and every patient carefully and with great care before she sat down at one of the station to note her findings and standing orders for the nurses and other doctors who might visit the patients. While doing so her mind drifted away a bit as she could still feel the thrill of being deployed into the field. Sure she had trained with Zaraq to hone her survival skills, yet this was the first real action deployment after Theta. Even though she hadn't contributed in the fighting on Opal, she could still feel the lingering effects of the adrenaline that had run through her when the Romulans made their charge.

Her eyes drifted to the surgical suite no where the mistress at arms was being treated. She hoped that the woman would have no severe side effects from the injuries she had gotten. Spines were oh so vulnerable...

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[ Lahkesis Saugn | Surgical Suite 02 | Sickbay ] Attn: Auctor Lucan

Lahkesis did her best to focus on the job at hand, her mind was still not quite her own and she knew it would due little good now to allow herself to be distracted. She activated the controls and with a a pair of shears she cut away the uniform, exposing the unconscious bajoran woman's back. There was a nasty looking mark where the phaser had hit, a decent phaser burn and a lot of nasty bruising around it.

First things first, she thought. And she pulled out a dermal regenerator to mend to burn. If they cut in now it might be harder to fix later. She ran the small device over the wound, but nothing happened. She checked it and inwardly scolded herself. "I forgot to set it to bajoran physiology," she admitted weakly as she did so. She only hoped that the Doctor would allow her to continue and would not banish her for such a mistake. She moved the dermal regenerator over the wound again and this time very quickly the burn and bruising began to disappear.

She looked up at the doctor. "I think it would be best if I regenerated the bone while you removed the fragments, it would give us both a fairer chance and more access, while taking up the least amount of time," she said. Her voice sounded almost afraid to her own ears. It had a weak shaking quality to it. Her mistake had unnerved her, but she clung on. She had to, she didn't have another option right now.

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[ Dr. Nicander | Surgical Suite 02 | Sickbay ] Attn: Absinthe

Whilst Sel was suspended in the air, Lucan continued to prepare for surgery. He did this while looking at Lahkesis when she stripped the Bajoran from her uniform, and the notion of cutting skin instead of cloth came close to mind with the display. A notion he quickly suppressed, just like the way the sight made his blood stir - images from the phaser range surfacing. Memories of her writhing body, of being inside her, making her scream. Fortunately, even if he might stir some from recalling that encounter, he was wearing surgical scrubs, and the likelihood that the other doctor in the room might notice it was quite remote. Still, he struggled to focus, damning the thing inside from compromising him.

Lahkesis had a lapse where she forgot to calibrate her regenerator, and Lucan returned to her side just as she did. "Easy mistake to make, Doctor," he said and smiled to her with his pale eyes above the mask he had across his mouth. "No harm done."

He watched her treat the phaser burn while standing next to her, and the Teslysliac had a steady hand. Her suggestion was in line what he had in mind, so with good grace, he inclined his head briefly and reached around her back to the tray with medical instruments, picking up what he needed to excise the bone fragments. He scented the creature through the mask as he did, her scent unique to her nature, and he had to quell the demon from wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her close. No... Why this fascination with Lahkesis? Did it want to sample her? To scent the essence betwixt her legs and then cutting her limbs off her as if he was plucking the petals of a flower? Indeed, that was it's very thought.

"Excellent suggestion," he said in good spirit, "I could not have said it better myself. So, tell me, what are your thoughts on the upcoming mission? We seemed to have succeeded doing exactly what was intended at the Black Opal... and when we get the message out at Starbase 84, we might find be getting more allies to fight the opposition. Given what we have all been through the past three months on the run, I'd say it is about time."

Needing a better angle, Lucan stepped around the biobed with medical instruments in his hands, walking behind Lahkesis before coming to stand opposite her - the bare back of Ryuan Sel between them.

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[ Maya | Main Sickbay/Corridor | Sickbay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Amelya Duv

As Amelya considered the challenges Ryuan Sel's surgery was presenting to the surgeons in Surgical Suite 2 the door to Surgical Suite 1 opened and Doctor Maya walked out into main sickbay wearing her crimson surgical gown was followed by a similarly dressed nurse and an orderly who were carrying a stretcher with comatose crewman from the Black Opal facility on it. 

"It's nothing serious, he merely cracked his occipital bone," Maya assured Doctor Duv.  Even though Duv had joined the crew only recently and Ensign, correction Lieutenant junior grade Maya was as aloof and difficult to get to know as anyone from her planet, right now the little Vulcan was talking casually as if she and Amelya had spent hours off duty together.  "It seems that shooting someone with a phaser set on stun is not as harmless as one would hope.  Although a phaser beam on stun can be forgiving, decks and bulkheads are often the opposite," she commented dryly as she removed her gloves and rubbed hands that seemed oversized for her short slender frame.  "You seem invigorated," Maya said as her patient was taken to the recovery ward.  "I would expect that after away team duty you would be all fuckered out," she said with a straight face, not realizing that she had grossly misquoted one of Billy Bob O'Connell's popular idioms.

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[ Lahkesis Saugn | Surgical Suite 02 | Sickbay ] Attn: Auctor Lucan

The moment of hesitation, or rather dread, passed and Lahkesis refocused herself. Once the surface skin was clear of the burn marks and bruising, she took a laser scalpel and began to cut the lightly tanned skin on the back of the security officer. Her hand was undeniably steady and the incision was flawless, despite her own troubled mind. Usually she was far more focused than this, her ability to separate her feelings from the task at hand had been undeniably compromised.

"I cannot say that I am very comfortable with the idea of attacking Starfleet outposts and ships, but in his case I believe it is necessary and unavoidable," she replied as she set the laser scalpel down and gently opened the incision a little wider with a small clamp as to give them more access. Luckily due to the nature of the laser scalpel there was very little blood to obscure visibility in the wound.  "Mind you I fear that even if we are successful, it will only put another red mark on the collected Starfleet records of the crew."

It was an unspoken fear she had, and she was certain others had as well. That no matter what they did, no matter how hard they tried, they would never be able to return to life as it had been. Most of them, she was quite certain, would find prison cells waiting for them on the other side. Desperate times had forced them to be more brutal, more lethal, and far more violent in their lives. She had seen it first hand, and she had seen it through the eyes of her friend. And in the end she had done it herself, killing a man she could have stunned. She had broken the Hippocratic oath and she knew she was going to have to live with that knowledge for the rest of her life.

Without another word she took the osteoregenerator and began to fuse the bone back together, carefully moving along the smaller fractures first, to increase stability for when she worked n the fractures with missing pieces.

OOC: I figured some in depth look at exactly what's going on in her mind would help flesh out the scene a bit and explain why our dear little plant girl is so troubled.

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[ Dr. Nicander | Surgical Suite 02 | Sickbay ] Attn: Absinthe
Hearing Lahkesis express her concern while he collected bone fragments out of Ryuan Sel - using the guidance of the monitor at the head of the biobed to see them -  Lucan realised that he had ended up in a situation where he had to encourage the Teslyliac duplicate, advocating the Captain's moronic crusade for the truth. A tedious and volatile exercise in futility again insurmountable odds, he thought it to be, with a course set straight into the Federations penal colonies. That was, if the cattle aboard the Theurgy would even survive. Perhaps it was for the better that they were all likely to die in a couple of days. Lucan already knew that the odds of them actually managing to oppose and fight his kin, and drive them out of their seats of power... oh, there were no odds of that. A dance with death for a cause already lost.

"You know, for a while, I thought so myself," he said to her instead, smiling with his eyes over the mask before his mouth, "but with the victory against the Romulans today, we have managed to restock the ship to hold our ground while the Captain's message is spread across the Galaxy. We have records of Ensign Acreth and what she has said in the Brig, and we have our tactical logs showing that we rather tried to disable our pursuers than destroy them when we fled Earth - our hand forced when we did end up having to use lethal force."

With a sweeping motion and a flick with the tweezer-like instrument in his hand, Lucan dropped another small fragment into a metal bowl. "We have been through a lot, and the Captain still fights on - stays true to our mission no matter what. Overcoming mutiny and temporal incursions, we are still here, refusing to give up, and at this point, we have passed the point of no return, and I can't see what else we can do than to carry on... seeing this through to the very end."

That's right, one last dance before it is all over, and the music stopped.

"I have great faith in this crew, people whom have seen so much hardship and still refuses to give up. As I watch the people around me, and we discharge our patients from Sickbay so that they may fight once more, I take heart in our present course - hoping that we have treated enough crewmates to close this last distance to our goal." Rhetoric and charisma were his weapons, and he simply applied them for the gain of someone else than himself. "For once we have the ear of the Federation, we will let them hear the truth, and rise with a host of allies - retaking the fleet from the compromised admirals that set the hounds of war upon us."

Removing the last fragment, the sound of it hitting the bowl emphasised his claim. "The winds know that the nightmares will end... and we will clear the storm," he said to Lahkesis and met her eye. "We will set a new course. For victory, at last."

Odd, how it didn't feel like an act, all that he had said. Did he truly believe it?

And if he did, did he do so out of fear.... or hope?

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[ Amelya Duv | ICU | Sickbay ] Attn: DocM

Duv noticed how the Vulcan doctor appeared in sight. A faint smile crossing her lips as she saw her look at the other surgical suite and commenting about how much damage side materials could inflict after a phaser impact. She followed the comatose crewman till he had reached his spot in recovery for further observation before she turned her head back to Maya. "Who would've figured bulkheads to be that dangerous, right?" she replied with a jokeful tune in her voice before walking up to the fellow doctor.

The next comment made Amelya frown a little as it was weird to hear such words spill out of a Vulcan. Yet she laughed a little and shook her head "I'm not sure if I'm all ... Fuckered out..." she still found those words to have a weird ring to it. Especially since she wasn't sure what they entirely meant. "It might still be the remaining adrenaline rushing through me. Away team duty can be rather intense at times... Yet it's also... Invigorating on itself to be there amidst the chaos." she said with a soft tone. She blinked a couple of times before she looked at Maya "I heard you got to call Ensign Carver on arrival... How are you dealing with that?" she asked with a light concern in her voice. As ACMO she still felt like looking after her crew like a CMO would do. The reflexes from aboard the Harbinger still there as she cared for everyone aboard the ship.

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[ Maya | ICU | Sickbay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Amelya Duv
"I heard you got to call Ensign Carver on arrival... How are you dealing with that?"

"How am I dealing with what?"  Maya narrowed her large hazel eyes, frowned and cocked her head to the right.  "I don't understand the question," she said in a subdued tone that could have been puzzlement.  "Oh," she blinked as an epiphany came to her.  "I forget that you did not know her," she continued in a calm conversational tone as she removed the surgical gloves from hands that seemed oversized for the little Vulcan's short slender frame.   "Like many of the pilots she was..." her eyes narrowed again as she searched for the correct word, "...spirited.  She broke up the monotony of the disciplined Starfleet routine by behaving in ways that my people would find erratic, but I was assured was within her species'' norms.  As a matter of fact, her squad mates found her a boost to their morale.  She was described as 'the life of the party'.

"I regret that our temperaments were not more compatible," the little Vulcan continued as she tilted her head to the left instead of shrugging.  "I really didn't get to know her very well," she admitted as she massaged her long spidery fingers absently.  "To be honest, I hadn't considered mourning her, but now that you mention it, there are a number of people I am mourning.  Would you like to talk about any of them?"  From the way she was talking, Maya could have been offering Amelya a drink from a selection of beverages.

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[ Amelya Duv | ICU | Sickbay ] Attn: DocM

Amelya Duv watched Maya over as she removed her gloves and thought about the question she had posed. It seemed that the Vulcan had trouble understanding the question before the epiphany hit her. Amelya had to smile faintly as it was a bit of a funny thing to see as the Vulcan rethought her reply and spoke up once more. "She was indeed a more feisty pilot or so I've heard from some of the nurses and people I've seen so far. " she added to her colleague "I can only imagine how hard it must've been for the flight deck crew to get her body out of the fighter..." she murmured before she shook her head "Anyway, good job you were there already so they didn't have to wait too long before she could be called." she continued and gave a gentle tap on the shoulder of the Vulcan.

As Maya continued Amelya nodded and couldn't help but frown a little as she let her hand remain on the shoulder of the Vulcan "Hmm, which people are you morning about?" she asked as she took Maya a bit more in private, away from the nurses and patients laying around them. She had no idea who she was referring too as she hadn't spend that much time with the doctor yet.

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[ Maya | ICU | Sickbay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Amelya Duv

"Since the Theurgy was forced to flee Starfleet, all departments have taken casualties," Maya replied clinically.  "The medical department is no exception.  If I had to estimate which losses were the most personal I would have to say the loss of Counselor Garen Nelis and Cadet Amikeia Neotin were the most unsettling," she admitted.  Although her voice was calm, the little Vulcan seemed distracted.  "Cadet Neotin was just a child and Counselor Nelis was one of the few people who truly understood me."  The greenblooded physician's large hazel eyes became focused again and for a moment her body language seemed more casual.  "I've been told that I can be difficult to get to know."  Her confession didn't seem the slightest bit bashful or conciliatory, it was more as if the little Vulcan was sharing something unexpected, even surprising.  "Connor Mathews' passing was especially disturbing.  He was such a special young man before suffering a massive neurological overload and to see him point a phaser in the direction of those of us in sickbay..." Here she paused.  Her large hazel eyes had glittered when describing the belated brig officer, but now they narrowed and the little Vulcan assumed the severe countenance her people were famous for.  She stood perfectly still, and blinked twice before allowing herself to relax and resume socializing again.  "My apologies," she said in a conversational tone as she assumed a vaguely conciliatory demeanor.  "I hope I didn't upset you with that unseemly outburst.  Apparently I had unresolved feelings for Mister Mathews.  I suppose that we all need to grieve," she finished breezily as if they were discussing something of little importance.

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[ Amelya Duv | ICU | Sickbay ] Attn: DocM

While Maya spoke the Trill doctor kept a close eye on her colleague, noticing that she was different than a normal Vulcan would react to such events. Amelya nodded as she stated that it was hard for people to get know her. Yet she didn't interrupt the Vulcan as she continued speaking. She noticed the somewhat harder transgression in her nature and voice as she spoke of Connor Mathews, a man she didn't know due to her position on Harbinger. She laid her hand on her shoulder and gave it a soft squeeze "It would appear that you indeed need time to grieve. Yet I suppose that goes for a lot of people aboard this ship." she spoke with a soft and supporting tone. "There is no need for apologies however, yet I do think you might need some downtime at some point." she continued. "If you'd like though, I would enjoy to get to know you better as we're both be seeing each other on a more regular basis." she added carefully "I mean, I like to know the people I'm working with and not just on the professional level. If that's alright with you of course? There is no pressure or obligation to comply to my request." she concluded as she pulled her hand away from her shoulder once more.

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[ Maya | ICU | Sickbay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Amelya Duv

"Not at all, I am honored," the little Vulcan replied with what could be... it was hard to tell.  Surprise?   Fear?   Enthusiasm?   Her large hazel eyes were wide open and her manner seemed animated, with her head cocked to the right.  Maya believed that staring at the person addressing her with her eyes wide open let the one she was conversing with know that they had her undivided attention.  In reality it just made her look strange.  "We should plan a recreational activity," she decided as she unwittingly played into the stereotype that Vulcans weren't spontaneous.  Her large hazel eyes narrowed as a realization came to her.  "Assuming we get leisure time for such things.  With the number of patients we have, it is likely that we shall have to settle for 'office gossip.'  My apologies.  It seems that even the best of us can misplace our obligations and priorities."

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[ Amelya Duv | ICU | Sickbay ] Attn: DocM

"We should indeed, maybe with some of our fellow doctors?" Amelya suggested with a smile as she looked straight into Maya's eyes. It felt a bit weird how she stood there, the eyes all widened out. She did have a point about leisure time and at least one of them would have to sit the event out as someone would have to be on call so to speak. While hearing the apology of Maya, Amelya shook her head and rested her hand on Maya's shoulder "Don't apologize doctor... We're all in this together." she smiled and with a nod she parted ways as she excused herself. "I still need to make my rounds, so please if you'll excuse me." she smiled and walked out of the ICU.

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