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Re: DAY 01: An Empty Pack [2030 hrs.]

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[Ensign Chris Slayton | Below Decks ] Attn: Tessa

Chris quickly moved to keep Tessa from falling backwards or anything. "If that was smooth then I'd hate to see jagged or even worse, slippery." he said in a jovial tone as he moved to stand next to her.

"So, the ten credit tour then eh?" he said, his tone was still in an honestly jovial state. "So, what kinds of sights does that include..Cardassian Vole juggling, Shaved tribble wrestling, or maybe a race with a Horta and a Vorta around main engineering?!"

Chris then smiled softly at his fellow pilot, "The important thing to remember is never loose your sense of humor, Tessa. I am a completely different animal then my brother as you've seen. Did you have a chance to catch him or my brother Danny together in a holodeck that's scary!"


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