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[ ThanIda zh'Wann | USS Allegiant | Transporter Room ] Sugg. Posting Order: 1) Doc M. 2) Brutus 3) Auctor Lucan or IronFerrox

The damnable ridge-nose was strong, yet aside from her Andorian physique, Ida was determined to not yield her weapon regardless of personal injury. Kalen Jinnai could try and hit her all he wanted, for she would not let go - her sense of duty forbidding any kind of surrender. Her white-knuckled, blue hands were like twain vices around the phaser rifle, and she snarled into the Bajorans face as she denied him the weapon. For each kick and strike he laid unto her, it only made her more determined, and she answered in kind, writhing on the glass surface of the transporter padd so that she could deal him elbow-strikes without loosing her hold, and to drive her knee into his unguarded ribs. The seconds wore on, and the strikes rained down upon her. She could not see anything, be it from his massive frame, the sparks that rained down into her face, or translucent blue blood in her eyes.

[Anti-nadion dampening field activated,] said the disembodied voice of the Allegiant's computer, which held the same voice audio-files as the Theurgy. It was as if Thea should be aboard, but she wasn't. A false sense of safety. The message, however, was not lost on Ida, whom derived the meaning, and the implications. She trusted Thea's ghost... and she let go.

The sudden release of her hold made Kalen Jinnai stumble backwards, falling off the transporter pad and barrelling into Natalie Stark. Ida struggled to get back on her feet, fingers slick with blood, and went after the Bajoran. She did not have time to see how Stark fared, but she saw Kalen raise the rifle he had finally acquired where he laid propped up against the bulkhead. Baring his sanguine teeth, he fired against Ida as she bore down upon him. Nothing happened when he squeezed the trigger. With the dampening field in effect, he might as well be holding a stick. He tried to scramble to his feet in time, but Ida laid the first strike before he was up - her knuckles splitting against his jaw. He rolled with the blow. It was as if he was made of stone, coming around with the rifle - wielding it like a meele weapon and striking Ida across her upper arm. The force of the blow drove the air out of her lungs and sent her sprawling against the edge of the transporter pad. Was her arm broken? No time to tell through the haze and the pain. The blood in her eyes.

She saw, however, as Kalen struggled to his feet at the same time as she did, that Yvette Conway was also bleeding from her face. Yet as if animated by the convictions that T'Rena bestowed upon her mind, she had rolled over and was striking with her fists against Maya in order to get back up. Though when she saw that Natalie Stark had been hit by Kalen Jinnai when he fell, she switched from dealing strikes against Maya to try and strangle her - shrieking like some animal.

[ Meanwhile | Outside ]

[Ensign Abner please report to the bridge entrance security checkpoint.]

Hearing this, Abner was on her feet - already having heard the commotion and the distinct sound of a phaser being fired aboard the scout. "Remain here," she told the people that were with her, and she bolted out into the corridor - heading to the checkpoint as told. She met Aisha just when she appeared from the bridge, eyes searching the Cardassian's to foresee the intent and the orders to be dealt.

"What do we do?" she asked, the commotion from the transporter room still heard through the bulkheads.

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[ Maya | USS Allegiant | Transporter Room ]  Attention: Stark, Ida & S'Iti.

Maya landed squarely on Conway's back, knocking her flat on the floor and causing the human to accidentally push the phasers out of her immediate grasp.  Before Maya could press her advantage she was almost immediately knocked off the compromised human by the kicking feet of ThanIda zh'Wann, who had been lifted into the air as she struggled with the herculean Kalen Jinnai.  Conway darted for the discarded phaser pistorls, but Natalie Stark kicked her in the head buying time for Maya to twist and launched herself back at the prone human.  Unfortunately the Stark's kick had rolled Conway over on her back and the pain ignited a frenzied defense that Maya could barely cope with.  When the greenblooded physician attempted to pin the human to the deck, Conway met her with flailing blows, fists flying in uncoordinated strikes to drive the little Vulcan back. 

'Incoming assault feral and desperate,' the analytical part of the greenblooded physician's alien brain silently observed as the little Vulcan blocked.  'Use her momentum to counter.'

[Anti-nadion dampening field activated,] Thea's disembodied voice announced as a frenzied blow connected with Maya's porcelain face.

In the meantime, the Andorian surrendered the weapon she and the Bajorran were fighting over.  Kalen Jinnai fell off the transporter pad and onto Stark when ThanIda released the phaser rifle, but the green blooded physician had no time to truly appreciate the turn of events as the irrational Conway continued her attack on the little Vulcan.  Maya's training took over as she blocked her frenzied blows before grappling the lieutenant to grip Conway's shoulder joint and paralyze her arm.  No effect.  Lieutenant Conway's environmental hardsuit was a suit of armor.  Maya's thumb went to the interior of the human's elbow joint and pressed down like a vice.  Still no effect other than making it difficult for Conway to strike Maya with her right hand; Conway's arm wasn't paralyzed or in any discernable pain.   Stark couldn't help her for Kalen's body was blocking the commander's access to Conway.  Soon it was Maya who was on the defensive, and the little Vulcan struck a blow at the only unarmored part of Yvette Conway, her face.

For a split second it appeared that Conway was stunned, her glassy eyes glancing sightlessly around the room at everything but her opponent.  Then with a primal scream, she seized Maya by the throat and squeezed it shut.  Maya's pallid face flushed green before becoming almost completely colorless.

Maya's thumbs dug into Conway's wrists, or rather they attempted to.  Instead of involuntarily springing open, Conway's hands continued gripping and soon the little Vulcan couldn't take a breath.

'Arsenal running dry, adjust strategy, target vulnerable areas,' the analytical part of Maya's consciousness thought as her released Conway's wrists to strike at the homicidal human's face, or rather her eyes, a part of the human body that was more susceptible to pain than any other.  A strike at Conway's eyes should be incapacitating and cause the human to involuntarily release the Vulcan's throat to protect her face.  Currently Lieutenant Conway was irrational; there was no reason not to assume that instinct wouldn't trump determination.

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[  Lt Cmdr Natalie Stark | Transporter Room - USS Allegiant | 2000 hrs] Atten: all

Getting plowed into by a muscular bajoran encased in an EV suit had certainly not been on Natalie's list of things to do that day. True, it came with the territory but that didn't make it any easier, nor did it make the impact any less painful. And it was painful.

Kalen connected with her legs as he went down, and took her out in turn, sending her sprawling out behind him. She flailed as she went down in an undignified heap of limbs, wedged between the Bajoran and the bulkhead behind her. It dove the air from her lungs inf a sharp "Whump." The pressure built as she squirmed to the side, and then broke off into a gasping breath of sweet air flooding her lungs again. She rolled to her knees and coughed, then whimpered, sharp pain flaring in her left leg from where the Harbinger survivor had collided with her.

By that point, Kalen was back up on his feet, swinging the incapacitated phaser rifle like a Cestus made baseball bat, connecting with Ida's arm in a sickening thud. Natalie shook her head and looked over, hair falling in her face, towards where Dr. Maya and Lt. Conway brawled. She'd hoped the kick to the other woman's head would have dropped her, but it seemed not to be the case as she wailed on the diminutive Vulcan.

With Ida forcing Kalen out of her way, Natalie worked to struggled back to her feet. She winced as pain again flared in her left leg, near her knee. She didn't think it had been broken, likely just strained, but that hardly mattered. Pushing through the agony of the torn tendons and stressed muscles, the COps Hobbled forward. She watched in horror as Yvette Conway gripped tightly down on Maya's throat, and saw the brunette claw at her assailants face to no avail. With little recourse left to her, Natalie did the one thing that came to mind - she hurled herself at Yvette, hoping to dislodge the armored woman at least long enough for Maya to get her breath back.

She tried not to think about just how much that suit would hurt when she hit the other woman....

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[Aisha S'Iti | Security checkpoint | Main Corridor | USS Allegiant | 2000 hrs] Attn: Abner

She looked to the ensign and shook her head for a moment.  "I am not 100 percent certain what to do myself." she said sighing for a bit.  "So, I asked you here cause you are two very much needed things. One you are the ranking officer among the recovered survivors who are no longer under T'renna's mind control.  As such you have an insight into what it is like to be under her influence.  Is there anything you can think of that had you been told would have convinced you to give up on Vasser's plan?  Is there anything you can imagine that may have convinced you to see beyond Trenna's logic and perceive other possibilities as viable options?  I need to know if there is anything that would make someone brainwashed by that Vulcan witch give up on Vasser's plans and possibly rationalize that Ives and by extension his crew, are not the enemy."  She said explaining that the real thing she needed was to come up with anything that might possibly defuse the situation or at the minimum possibly cause them to question the absoluteness of their convictions to Vasser."

After a momentary pause Abner asked the obvious question, "And the other reason?"

The Cardassian simply stated, "If I had to kick down the door cause it looks like its about to come to that, I wanted backup."

((OOC: Since Abner is an NPC I was hoping you didn't mind me puppeting Abner for the one sentence of dialogue.))

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[ ThanIda zh'Wann | USS Allegiant | Transporter Room ] Sugg. Posting Order: 1) Doc M. 2) Brutus 3) Auctor Lucan or IronFerrox

With the Bajoran back on his feet, he ambled in towards Ida with a double-handed grip around the barrel of the rifle. With the kind of force that Kalen Jinnai could deliver a strike with, the weapon was still deadly despite the dampening field. Ida blinked away both the blood in her eyes as well as the images of him cracking her skull open with his next swing. She had her guard raised, or at least as best as she might with her right arm almost limp and numb. She dared not rake her sticky, white hair out of her eyes lest she'd failed to predict the Bajoran's second swing. He was following her up unto the transporter pad, her edging backwards to draw the Bajoran away from Stark and Maya.

In her peripheral vision, Ida saw how Maya dealt attacks to Conway's eyes - turning the fearal scream into one laced with pain. Whatever ghost of T'Rena that animated her still held on, however, not letting go even as she tried to twist her face away from the small Vulcan's. Gradually, she had worked to put the Vulcan underneath her, but her grip then slipped, likely granting Maya some air. The grip came off completely when Stark barrelled into the Harbinger survivor, knocking her over with Stark ending up on top of her.

Ida then felt the bulkhead against her back, the cramped transporter room not granting her more distance from the greying Bajoran. Through the fiery rain of sparks from the ceiling, he came at her - the swing levelled at her head. She went low, diving underneath, and she drove her elbow into his ribcage. His metallic EVA-boots scraped backwards on the transporter pad with the momentum she gained. Still protected by his suit, he leaned over her and seized  her around the waist with one arm, lifting her feet off the floor. She was able to twist around and deal him a backhand blow across his face before he rammed her down into the pad - driving the wind out of her lungs. She kept her head away from the impact against the pad, her shoulder taking most of the blow - cracking the glass surface. While her endoskeleton kept her alive, it would not be able to take another blow like that, and Kalen Jinnai was already raising his rifle to end her life - the overhead strike about to descend against her face.

In the moment of finality, Ida saw Conway grabbing a hold on a phaser, and instead of firing it - despite how her eyes were swelling shut - she tried to strike Natalie Stark's head with its handle.

[ Meanwhile | Outside ] Attn: IronFerrox

Blinking, Abner tried to think of anything. It was a complicated question and certainly not with any definitive answers close at hand. She had no idea what might pierce the veil that had been laid across the eyes of her fellow crewmembers. With the commotion in the room next to her and S'Iti, it was hard to think clearly too - the urgency in which Stark and the other two needed help cutting her efforts short.

"I got nothing. We should get inside," said Abner after a couple of seconds, regretting that they had no access to the armoury. "Can you bypass the door?"

Standing ready to rush in, Abner stretched her neck and loosened her shoulders a bit, gearing herself for what awaited them.

[ ThanIda zh'Wann | USS Allegiant | Transporter Room ]

The rifle came down.

Guided by instinct alone, Ida rolled sideways and scissored Jinnai's legs as she did. Crying out, she twisted her hip to push against the bend of the knees - toppling the Bajoran over unto his face. The rifle had broken apart against the fractured glass of the pad, and as she crawled onto of the struggling Bajoran, she seized the largest part with bloodied fingers. With bared teeth, she wrapped her arm across his forehead from behind and pulled him towards her chest. He was already rolling over to his back, and pinned Ida against the floor, but she did not let go once she had his head pulled back against her. With no other options viable, she meant to drive the metal part she had in her hand into his throat, but it was stuck between the shattered floor and the bulk of her opponent. She tried to wriggle it free, cutting her wedged hand, but the adrenaline in her veins made her numb to the bite of the glass. She fed on the trepidation - the fear for her life - as she kept Jinnai from getting up...

...and tore it free.

With a fiece cry, she drove the dislodged metal into the Bajoran's throat. Once, twice, and then let go of his forehead so that she could push the rifle part deep into his neck with both her hands. He trashed on top of her, managed to seize her white hair with flailing hand, but she did not relent. Letting go of the metal piece, she wrapped both her arms around his skewered neck, squeezing with her whole body. She just had to hold on, either choking him out or waiting until he died from the blood-loss - his iron-laced redness pumping out over her. She told herself, through the fog clouding her mind, that there had been no other recourse. It had been either him or her. She just hoped that he left behind neither loved ones nor children, people who would lament that she'd not been able to restrain him so that Maya could make him the man he once were.

Once he let go of her hair... she knew it was over, but she had not the energy left to push him off herself. So she lay there, her cramping arms still locked in the final embrace around his neck, and she could but hope that Conway had been dealt with by then.

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[  Lt Cmdr Natalie Stark | Transporter Room - USS Allegiant | 2000 hrs] Atten: all

Over and over they rolled, Natalie's weight dragging Yvette off of Maya's body, and sending both scattering across the small room. Somehow, the Theurgy officer ended up on top, her legs spread down on either side of the would be refugee. She hoped there was enough to her weight to help keep Yvette pinned, but the marred woman struggled as if possessed by the devil himself.

She bucked with the other woman, riding the motion of her hips - it could have been erotic, save that Natalie hadn' really thought of women like that, and the sheer danger to her life at the moment. She tried to push the other woman down, shouted at her to surrender. That wasn't working, not at all, so Natalie tried boxing the maimed woman's ears, bringing her hands down on either side of Yvette's head.

That helped for a moment, but only just, as Lt. Conway thrashed about, clasping her hands and then scrambling for something else, anything - and getting her hands on the phaser. Natalie didn't recognize the danger the disabled weapon posed, until Yvette swung it in with all her might connecting with Natalie's head and causing the Lt. Cmdr to see starts, sending her crashing towards the deck as disorientation and nausea waged war within the brunette.

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[ Maya | USS Allegiant | Transporter Room ]  Attention: Stark, Ida & S'Iti.

Despite the pressure that Maya put upon the Lieutenant's eyeballs, Yvette Conway refused to let go of the little Vulcan's throat.  The EV suit had interfered with Maya's diagnosis, resulting in a fatal miscalculation.  Conway wasn't acting out of instinct.  Instinct was overridden by a fanatic compulsion to fight for a lost cause.  Left to her own devices, Lieutenant Conway would probably collapse but T'Rena's mental domination from beyond the grave would push her victims past the point of exhaustion to their deaths unless countered.

And speaking of death, Maya's vision became blurry and her hearing became almost nonexistent.  Her uncanny control of her body left her as her Vulcan nervous system made involuntary adjustments to her biochemistry in order to keep her alien brain from suffering oxygen deprivation.  Maya's body became weak and clumsy; she was unable to prevent Conway from rolling on top of her.  Maya was forced to use both her large spidery hands to grip Conway's and attempt to pull the homicidal human's hands off her throat.  A momentary lapse of the human's grip allowed Maya a gasp and before Stark managed to tackle Conway, forcing the deranged lieutenant to roll off the injured Vulcan and give her compartmented mind enough oxygen to create a new strategy.

'Mental programming overriding the needs of Conway's body,' the analytical part of the greenblooded physician's alien brain silently calculated.  'Conventional countermeasures ineffective.  Apply Offensive neuropressure to neutralize opponent using vulnerable points available.

Maya's blurry vision cleared enough to the little Vulcan to see Conway grasp a phaser pistol and knock Natalie Stark's off of her with a blow to the head.  Moving like a marionette, Maya rolled off her back to a crouching position behind Conway, snaking her long spidery fingers of both hands into fanatical human's collar, pressing on the trapezius nerve bundles on both sides of the hardsuited woman's neck.  Conway shuddered before collapsing on the deck. 

Exhausted, Maya glanced around and saw Kalen Jinnai lying on top of ThanIda zh'Wann, the blood of both species discernable to Maya's nostrils.  The Bajoran's blood was perfectly visible to Maya's eyes, even though one was swelling shut.  It was obvious that one or both needed immediate medical attention and it appeared to be too late for the Bajoran.  'Common carotid artery pierced,' the rational part of Maya's compartmented mind analyzed.  'Exsanguination extensive.  Cardiopulmonary system shutting down, brain damage in three minutes, brain death in five.  Possibility of Petty Officer Kalen Jinnai's survival:  nil.  Possibility of rendering aid to prevent a fatality:  impossible.

At that moment, the compartmented parts of Maya's mind let down their barriers and the parts of her psyche united into a single consciousness.  The pain from the blows she had taken was crippling.  Her face and neck ached as olive green bruises appeared on her deathly pale skin.  She gasped for breath as she fought to stay conscious and lucid as every whump, bump, and blow registered on her petite and battered body that temporarily wasn't following her commands.  She let loose a quiet moan before closing her eyes and slumping to the deck. 

Maya's going to need a moment.  Now that whatever Vulcans use for adrenaline is wearing off, she's feeling it just like everyone else.

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Aisha S'Iti | Security checkpoint | Main Corridor | USS Allegiant | 2000 hrs] Attn: All

For a moment the sounds of the commotion within the transporter room stopped and Aisha looked to Abner. "There goes any possibility of surprise amidst the chaos" she said looking to the door and considering her options since the option to breech the door and use the chaos of the ongoing fight to at push things into her favor via surprise.

There was forcible entry and not knowing what awaited behind the door, not particularly the best idea if what awaited were two already angry and brainwashed pawns of Vasser.  Then of course there was just leaving the door as is and waiting for word from the inside.  Of course if her fellow crew from the Theurgy or either member of the harbinger crew were injured this would mean leaving people to whatever injuries there were and just hoping for the best.  There of course was a third option.  She could find out the situation via the combadge.  It would provide her with Intel and not force her to enter a room that could allow hostile forces to attempt to overtake the ship.

Tapping her combadge she spoke up.  "S'iti to Stark, what's the situation Commander."  Whether the commander or someone else responded or even if there was no response the results would at the very least give her more information than the silence behind the door that gave her no clues at all.

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[ ThanIda zh'Wann | USS Allegiant | Transporter Room ]

Gradually, the fact that the transporter room lay silent settled into Ida's thought as she caught her breath. It was over, but she had no idea how the others had fared. She half expected Yvette Conway to step into her vision as she lay there, but instead of movement, a sound was heard from Stark's combadge off in the distance. It was Aisha S'Iti, asking for the situation. When Stark did not answer, Ida was compelled to move. To act regardless of the toll the fight has taken on her. For as the adrenaline thinned in her veins, all the pain and the soreness of the beating she had taken was being processed by her nervous system. Her cut hands hurt, and her face felt like it had been beaten to pulp. The Bajoran had struck her torso as well, and she hoped her ribs would be intact, else getting up would be too much to handle. Already, she was light-headed. Any more and she might pass out.

No, she couldn't allow herself the luxury. Hissing a breath through her teeth, grinding them together, she heaved Kalen Jinnai off her, making him roll over face first into the shattered glass of the transporter pad. She rolled the other way, struggling to get up on her hands and knees. She coughed, stilling the vertigo that seized her, before climbing back on her feet. She tapped her own combadge as she did, looking around at the prone bodies on the floor. "zh'Wann to S'Iti, bring that doctor in here..." she rasped, swallowing the bile in her throat, "Computer, unlock the door..."

With slow, careful steps, showered by sparks from the ceiling, she made her way off the transporter pad. She almost stumbled and fell as her feet touched the floor, but she caught herself on the bulkhead with a bloodied hand.

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[Aisha S'Iti | Security checkpoint | Main Corridor | USS Allegiant | 2000 hrs] Attn: All

Immediately responding the Cardassian turned to Abner, "You heard the lady," As Siti crossed the threshhold of the transporter room door seeing and smelling the first signs of the carnage the ensign sent out a call on her com badge ordering CPO Hebert to the transporter room.

The former Maquis ran over to the worst injury she could see and took a knee at Ida's side then looked over at her now unmoving bajoran assailant.  "I'm not a doctor but I know a black tag when I see one."  She said referring to the triage coding system.  quickly she made her way over to the Vulcan doctor and felt for a pulse which was strong though decreasing in rate.  speaking to herself she noted "Strong pulse decreasing just a bit."  she then quickly made her way over to Stark.  "got a pulse but she's out cold.  Wouldn't surprise me if she has a concussion."  Finally She made her way to the other member of the harbinger crew and felt for a pulse she quickly noticed a heavy bruise on both sides of her neck near the collarbone.  Recognizing the bruises for what they were she looked to Ida.  "nerve pinch marks, She'll sleep it off."

About that time Nurse Hebert walked into the transporter room carrying a first aid kit and a medical Tricorder.

"The Bajoran is near dead," the Cardassian advised knowing that what the nurse most likely would need would be a basic triage report.  "I don't think he can be saved." she added  "the wounds look extensive and near irreparable.  Ida is conscious I am unsure of what injuries are sustained, Stark is probably the worst off immediately. She is out cold and my ration credits are on a probable concussion. Doctor Maya's pulse is solid and slightly decreasing, I would say she probably fainted from overexertion, I've seen Vulcans faint like this when they push themselves past their already extreme physical limitations.  The other mutineer has met the bad end of two simultaneous Vulcan nerve pinches based on the telltale bruising near the Trapezius nerve bundle."

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[ Maya | USS Allegiant | Transporter Room ]  Attention: Stark

Maya's hazel eyes fluttered open and closed several times before the little Vulcan finally stood up and staggered to her feet.  She put a hand on Abner's shoulder to steady herself before staggering off the shattered transporter pad to cling to the console.  "Mister Herbert, five milliliters of asinolyathin please," she murmured in a weak and distracted voice.  "I shall be useless to you otherwise." 

Without a word, Herbert filled a hypospray and placed it against her neck.  A short hissing sound was barely audible and Maya let go of the console to stand at her full height one hundred and fifty seven centimeters.  Taking a deep breath she made her way to the fallen Bajoran, who had bled out in the meantime.  "Petty Officer Second Class Kalen Jinnai pronounced dead at 2012, Stardate 57088.1," she announced as she placed the fingertips of her left hand against the back of Kalen's neck.  She rose and delicately made her way to the unconscious Stark.  "Ten milliliters of inaprovaline," she ordered after placing her hand on the back of Natalie's neck.   Herbert administered the drug and Stark's blue eyes fluttered open.

"Are you well, Commander?" the little Vulcan asked.

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[  Lt Cmdr Natalie Stark | Transporter Room - USS Allegiant | 2000 hrs] Atten: all

Blackness swam before her eyes, faint colors of purple bleeding in from the nothingness, swirling in some kind of cosmic dance, only to fade back out once more. And then there were voices, and the sharp pain returned. Red replaced the purple, as she became aware of the sharp, throbbing of her own pulse. She blinked her eyes, focusing on the image hovering over her face. The blur resolved itself into the face of Dr. Maya, dispassionate as ever. She took a moment to process the question, and then slowly replied.

"I feel like I got nailed in the side of the head," Natalie lamented, slowly, slowly sitting up. "Which, all things considered, I'm guessing I did." Her eyes shut for a moment as the room spun briefly, then subsided. Whatever the doctor had administered was helping. "I well as can be expected, Doctor. I take it that," she looked, saw Yvette, unconscious, and the added presence of Aisha S'iti, "I take it we were successful?" She noted the lack of breathing from the Bajoran, "Mostly successful."

With a little help, she rose to her feet, and processed what everyone had to say, and then nodded. "Well done people. Get this cleaned up, and yourselves. Chief, take us home."

[a few hours later]

Captains log, USS Aliegiant. Lieutenant Commander Natalie Stark, commanding.

We have completed our last sensor sweep and are on our final approach home. Perhaps more shaken and weary than anticipated - we've all had a rougher ride than hoped for, to say the very least. We came out here to rescue fallen comrades, to return them from the dark depths of space. Not all we sought survived, despite our best efforts, and I know that will haunt me.

At the same time, I would be a fool to not to admit that there were many places where things could have gone far, far worse. And would have, if not for the actions of this crew. I cannot speak highly enough of Doctor Maya, Lt. zh'Wann, and Chief S'Iti. Nor can I ignore the actions of Ens. Abner and Nurse Herbert, of the ill fated
USS Harbinger. Of all the survivors of that doomed ship, those two shouldered the backlash and rose to the occasion more so than any other, as befitting true Stafleet Officers.

I wish these logs here to reflect that praise.

All of my command crew are eager to return to the
Theurgy, however I cannot say the same for our guests. Dr Maya has done and admirable job of working to undo the mental tampering of Commander T'Rena, but I can imagine just how hard a time many of the Harbinger survivors will face in the days and weeks ahead. If we last that long.

After all, what awaits us back home but the very mission that caused the mutiny in the first place.

No, that's not fair. Captain Vasser and Commander T'Rena bear sole responsibility for the mutiny. It was his megalomania and her adoration of him that lead to the attempted over throw. The planned mission to Starbase 84 was just the match they decided to latch onto, for starting the fire. The blame lies with them, and those few that needed no manipulation to follow along in Vasser's mad quest for a genetically selective legacy. I won't pretend my personal feelings on the matter have not affect on my judgement here - what they would have had of me will be the stuff of nightmares.

What comes next however, is duty. Duty to the people of the Federation. Duty to the core tenements of the oath we took. To every being that lives under our banner, and even those without. We must succeed on this mission. Running away and hiding, breeding an army is not the solution. We must make sure the truth is heard.

I'm waxing poetic. Clearly, I took a bit more of a hit to the head than I realized. Regardless, we have managed to rescue many from our lost sister ship. I can only hope we succeed in our next objective as we have succeeded here today.

End Log

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