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Rory wasn't the only one in the room blushing now. IT seemed to her that his thoughts were mirroring her own. Her blush started with his sweet words as he watched her smile, and only grew deeper at the soft confessions tumbling from between his lips. And of course, the thought of him in a cold shower (not to mention the implications of why he would need a cold shower) sent shivers down Natalie's back. To say the mental image did things for the Lt. Cmdr. would be quite the understatement.

Her tongue was stuck to the roof of her mouth. There was all kinds of things she wanted to say to that, from the sweet to the lewd and everything in between, but she couldn't quite form the words. Stage fright as it where. With all that had happened, here was what seemed to be a geninuely good man trying to behave himself. It was down right endearing to Natalie. And while she couldn't manage words, as he cupped her cheek, she could manage affection.

Turning her head just so, she pressed her lips against his palm, kissing it softly. Her eyes were heavy lidded as she looked up at him, cheeks aflame. One, two, three. A line of kisses along his skin, up his thumb. Four, against the pad of the thumb, lips parting every so slightly, as she swallowed, just as he had, nervous, not wanting to push, but at the same time wanting to say - without saying, apparently - that she liked knowing what he told her. And that he wasn't the only one feeling that way.

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There was a long moment as Natalie looked at him and was silent, long enough to make him worry he'd spoiled things and then she looked at him in another way that made his insides blaze.  Her head tilted and her lips daintily touched along his thumb until she reached the tip, something so natural and sensual that he couldn't help imagining those lips doing that somewhere else.  A soft groan escaped him and she could feel him swell even harder, heat penetrating through his clothes and hers to the point she could feel his entire length like a hot iron against her.

He'd told himself he wouldn't take advantage of her, that he wouldn't do anything on this first date that he hoped would lead to many more.  Yet she was returning his affections, her beauty and sweetness overwhelming his willpower.  A surge of need hit him and he pulled her even closer, not crushing but firm enough that she could imagine the internal struggle and know he was fighting a losing battle.  "Natalie," he breathed, the lilt of his accent giving her name a different and wonderful flavor.  "Ma mhuirnín ... I fear I canna behave if ye keep doin' things like tha'," he halfway groaned.

As he said the words, he was leaning down so that he breath washed over her neck and chest as his lips then touched her cheek and trailed slowly yet unerringly toward those lips.  When they reached hers, he lingered with just brushing his against hers but as time went on became firmer and more heated.  The hand on her cheek slipped down and back until he cupped the back of her neck with his fingers buried in her luxurious hair.  It was then his tongue brushed along her lips, teasing and testing a little before seeking entrance to deepen the kiss even further and reveal his true passion for her.

Ma mhuirnín (pronounced MAH vor neen) means my darling or sweetheart

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Was it wrong of her, that she liked how his accent seemed to thicken when she playfully teased his hand? That her heart and breath quickened when she felt him swell against her. She felt almost like - well, not a harlot, exactly, she didn't feel any shame in what she was doing, after all. But she felt a distinctive thrill that the Natalie of a month ago would certainly not have been capable of. There was a moment of wonder and introspection, self doubt about her own intentions, that were washed away by the sudden breath on her neck. Goosebumps broke out across her skin and she found herself whimpering ever so softly.

Lips worked against her jaw, her cheek, and even someone as relatively naive as Natalie knew where this was going. And she did absolutely nothing to stop Rory - quite the opposite, in fact. As his hand gripped the back of her neck and drew her into a deep kiss, her own lips parted, eagerly. One hand remained splayed on his chest, just above where her own chest pressed to him, and the other reached up and raked through his hair, from the base of his neck to the crown of his head, nails scraping upward and utterly ruining any attention he'd given it before the date.

Hips - well, she didn't quite grind them against her dance partner - but there was a distinctive swirling motion as she pressed even closer to him. Any dancing they did now had nothing to do with the rhythm of the music and everything to do with the rhythm of shared desire. Eventually she broke from the kiss to swallow a breath of air, her lips swollen, gaze heated. "Is this misbehaving, Mr. Callahan?" she teased him, as she leaned in to initiate the kiss this time.

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In his time with the Theurgy crew, he had heard a few speak in hushed whispers about the Niga Incident as well as another with a goddess.  It had left many a scar on people and even as his desire was raging through him, he worried that Natalie had been a victim.  It was enough to temper him slightly, not wanting her to feel like this was all he was interested in and certainly didn't want her to feel uncomfortable so he didn't ask, simply followed the lead of her words and responses.

If ever there was a goddess though, Natalie was one as she melted against him and mussed his hair.  There was just enough sting from those nails along his scalp that he felt another surge course through him, causing him to finally slide his hand down to one of her luscious butt cheeks and grip it while grinding his hardened member against her.  It was throbbing with every beat of his heart and when she pulled back and asked if that was misbehaving, he was absolutely speechless and simply nodded his head in the affirmative looking a bit gobsmacked.

Then she kissed him and he knew he was done for, knowing no cold shower would ever do to cool the fire she set off within him.  "Natalie," he murmured in a moment of breath catching.  "I'm only a mun an' I ... I canna help m'self."  He drew back just enough to look into her eyes and ran his hands up her arms to rest on her shoulders.  "Yer so beautiful an' feel so good.  I want t' kiss an' touch ye everywhere, t' try t' make ye feel how much I care," he continued in that soft, lusty brogue.  He dared to gently push down one side of the dress already dangling off her shoulder to expose just a little more flesh but nothing more.

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At that moment, Niga was the last thing on Natalie's mind. Something inside let her force those memories aside - or perhaps simply Rory's voice in her ear was all it took? No, tonight, Niga was as far away as the literal light years between them. The horrors inflicted there (and re-inflicted by an alien god) were but distant memories. Closer memories, perhaps, were those of her encounter with Lucan Nicander. But even those were faint in the moment, giving her a sense of confidence perhaps, but nothing else. No comparisons now.

He gripped her rear and it sent a shiver down her spine, sent her hips throbbing up against his own. She could feel the heat there - hers, and his, and she mewled with desire. There had been no way someone with a bust like her's could wear a dress like that without some kind of support. Very strapless support, in this case, which was clearly on display as Rory eased the dress down her shoulder.

He'd only pushed it just a bit, but Natalie, with a wicked little smile that was so out of character - but something he'd seemed to awaken in her - rolled her shoulder to let it fall further. The creamy pale color of her skin contrasted sharply with the way the equally blue bra (matching her dress) cupped her bust. Little lace patterns swirled over the fabric,adding a sense of (in her mind) class to the garment.

She let the dress fall more, shrugging her other shoulder, till it pooled in the crook of her elbows, arms having slid down to his waist. She blushed, oh, she blushed, looking up at him, but she could feel how much he wanted her and she wanted him, just as much. She leaned up, and pressed her forehead to his, when he'd settled in to look her eye to eye. "Do not  try and help yourself, Rory Callahan," she whispered softly as her thumbs slide into the waistband of his pants, at either side of his hips. "Show me just how much you care."

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That little mewl of pleasure made Rory growl in response as their pelvic regions ground against each other but when she gave that wicked smile and exposed just a bit more, he looked at the lace covered breast with hunger.  He wanted to bury his face in those luscious breasts, to take her right then and there but she deserved better that him being like a horny teenager ... not that there was anything wrong with it but he was supposed to be mature.

Another shrug and the top of her dress slipped further still and he could see the pale flesh just underneath the bra, revealing the beginnings of her smooth flat abdomen.  His hands continued to knead her backside, clenching just a little more as she blushed so prettily.  He was completely ensnared by her eyes and lips and breasts but then she spoke, her voice taking on a completely different tone and the words she said only fueled his desire for her.

"... show me just how much you care," she purred as she slipped her thumbs into the waist of his pants and completely undid him for a moment.  His arms completely embraced her, lifting her off the ground as he claimed her lips with a fiery passion he'd been holding back.  One hand slipped to support her rear while the other worked at the zipper, drawing the tab down until it was loose enough he could remove it once he got her to the bed.

He wasn't muscular like a lot of the Starfleet guys but he wasn't a weakling and his long legs had them there quite quickly.  Setting her on the floor, he tugged the dress down so it pooled at her feet.  His lips trailed from lips to ear and down to her collarbone while his hands roamed her body but not touching anywhere vital just yet.  "Ye feel so good, so soft an' silky," he moaned as he lowered his mouth just enough to brush his lips over the tops of her breasts.

A bit of the teenager was taking control as again he filled one hand with a cheek and gave it a good squeeze while the other slipped up her spine and in a heartbeat the other unclasped the bra.  As it too dropped to the floor he found himself absolutely stunned by the sight of her.  "Ahhh Natalie ... so beautiful ... so perfect," he whispered in that sultry brogue, managing to bring his gaze up to look into her eyes with an expression that was suddenly tender.

 With just as much tenderness, he traced his fingers along the outer curve but held her gaze as only his fingertips danced in gradually decreasing circles until he reached her nipples.  Ever so lightly his thumbs grazed across the stiffening peaks before his hands cupped and gently lifted both mounds.  Bending down he kissed first one and then the other, lingering on the second to tease with the tip of his tongue.  Drawing the nub into his lips he suckled it with extreme care while lightly squeezing the other with his fingers, soon alternating to give equal treatment.

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There was something about the way that Rory was clearly fighting with his baser urges, to try and impress Natalie, that damn well did just that - impress her. It certainly added a warmth to all of this, both a soothing, sweet glow, and a far more...primitive, needy heat, coiled much lower in her body. Just like the way he gazed at her half bare breasts drew heat to her cheeks.

The meep she let out when he lifted her up though, was utterly girlish. She was caught off guard, and she giggled into the kiss he planted on her, but that soon turned into a far more heated noise. She curled in against his body, and giggles or no, she kissed him back, wriggling as he carried her across the luxurious suite that had been set aside for him by Lt. zh'Wann. Her legs came up, wrapped around his hips and her arms settled around his neck, crossed at the wrist.

Another moan burst past her lips when he set her down, and she flushed red, as he bared her breasts, feeling his lips start to crawl across her skin. But she didn't stop him, far from it, in fact. She stroked his cheek and jaw, fingers dancing, as he peppered a bare breast with his lips. "Rory," she managed a hoarse whisper as he teased. Her hands needed something to do, as his own tweaked her nipples into peaks, and when his lips closed over one, her eyes fluttered shut.

Mewling once more, she raked her fingers into his hair. Oh, she didn't stop him, she let him have his way with her breasts. She wanted him to taste, and tease and play, to take it as slow or as fast as he desired. Natalie purred like a cat, and wriggled, shifting and rubbing her legs together, clad only in the matching lace panties she had picked out before rushing over here. She gripped his hair, then let go, dragging her nails down the back of his neck, around the front. Careful to keep her hands - always so dexterous with tools - out of the way of his hands, and his mouth, she began to work at the buttons of his shirt, deciding that he was far too over dressed now.

She loved feeling his lips on her nipples, and damned if it didn't make it hard to focus on him, but she wanted to feel his chest, the skin under his shirt, desperately.

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"A mun could get lost in the valley," Rory breathed as he went back to the first breast and as she raked her nails along his neck he suckled just a little bit more firmly but was still careful not to bring her pain.  Somehow they moved together, like a slightly awkward dance, to rid him of his own shirt and he forced himself to let go long enough to unbuckle his belt and pants, letting them fall unceremoniously to the floor then shrugged as she tugged to rid him of the shirt.

With his hands free, he touched her again though this time along her sides with feather-light caresses until he wrapped his arms around her again.  Lifting her more gently this time, he set her down on the bed and gently pressed forward, his lips claiming hers again.  "I canna begin to say what I'm feelin', how ye make me want ye so much," he whispered when he pulled back, fingertips trailed over the soft mounds then down her stromach until finally reaching her pretty panties.

He nuzzled her breasts, teasing her nipples more as his fingers slipped under the material at her hips then underneath, lifting her slightly to draw the material down to her thighs before grazing around to the front.  Leaning back, he slowly drew the front down to expose her womanhood then guided her legs upward to bring the material along her stocking-clad legs which he caressed once the underwear joined other clothing items, forgotten as he gazed upon all of her glory.

"Sweet Mother Mary," he breathed as he gently spread her legs and caressed her thighs, gently massaging and slowing working toward that apex.  He looked up into her eyes and that roguish smile returned as his fingers brushed along her velvety lower lips.  "Beautiful beautiful Natalie," he murmured throatily as his fingertips glided over her mons and lips.  "Will ye allow me to taste ye, to bring forth the sweet nectar ye keep hidden away?" he asked with deep longing.


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There was every chance that this man would be the death of her. The sweet, heated, passionate death. All from blood loss. Every bit of it seemed to be rushing to her face, settng her cheeks on fire. not that she was complaining though. No chance there. She let herself get lost in his words, in that sexy, sweet bough of his. She teased at his lips, and mewled when he pulled away and started running his fingers down her body.

Natalie had half an idea where he was going and she thanked God when it proved to be true. She ached to touch him, to have him in her hands, but each of those little kisses to her nipples was like a soft burn on her skin. She lifted her legs as he pulled down on the lace, the (damp) panties sliding along stocking clad legs.

She blushed deeper as he exposed her. Only one other man had done that, and not in nearly such...romantic conditions. Something about it all was so much more intimate than a romp in the Jefferies tube, no matter how erotic that had been. Her lips were swollen and damp, with a small tuft of curls above the folds. She was exposed to him, and how could she say no? Not that refusing him just then would have ever actually crossed her mind. Not at this point.Not with how much she wanted him.

"Please," she finally found words, her voice throaty, deep with desire. "Oh yes, please Rory."

[Chief Warrant Officer Gimli Luff to Lieutenant Commander Stark,] came the voice on the intercom, one of her Operations officers.

"Oh, no..."


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