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CHAPTER 02: Cliffside Pathways [2150 hrs.]

CHAPTER 02: Cliffside Pathways

[ Holodeck 01 | Suraya Bay | Cliffside Pathways | 2150 hrs. ] Attn: 1) Cathreen 2) IronFerrox 3) Kurohigi

"Let us find someplace private then," she said and stepped past them, clearing her throat a little. Yet she had taken no more than a couple of steps...

...before they found themselves facing Petty Officer Dyan Cardamone.

Or rather... the creature that had used to be her, now wearing a tail and a white dress, horns sprouting from the sides of her forehead. Even a tail moved in the moonlight. Ida came to a stop on the paved path, folding her arms underneath her breasts - not thinking about the fact that she just wore a white bra on her upper body. She might still look imposing, unless people were distracted by the fact that her uniform jacket and undershirt was tied low around her hips.

"I see," said Ida, appraising the Asurian with Captain Vasser and Selena Ravenholm catching up behind her. "I had only read the report, but I could not give the description any credence until I saw it for myself. So this is what became of our spy..."

Ida measured up the alien before her with her eyes, all thoughts of what had happened between her and the two from the Harbinger behind her forgotten for the time being. As recent events had shown, through the appearance of Edena Rez and Ensign Acreth, Ida had become rather unforgiving when it came to spies aboard her ship - potential threats to the crew as they all were with their ulterior motives and secret missions. To find yet another one in the Security Division had not exactly eased her growing contempt against their kind.

This encounter proved even more grave with the fact that Ida was the Pettty Officer's superior when aboard the Theurgy. Ida eyed her where she stood, waiting for the winged woman to speak up.

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In a voice of cold, almost machine like logic Selena piped up in regard to the statement regarding the "spy".  "By standard procedures used by the Starfleet she would not be considered a spy but merely a pre-first-contact observer.  It is well known amongst many Federation and non Federation but allied species that "duckblind" operations are the norm for observing pre-warp civilizations.  Everything that has been disclosed thus far reguarding her mission would have it fit closer to the mold of one of these scientific missions than any form of "spying".  Though her species may have not been observing a pre-warp culture but a culture of equal or near equal development said mission fits the bill for a pre-first-contact information gathering mission and as such should be deemed not a recon mission as per the security and command departments but an exploration mission per the science divisions.  To condemn her and her species actions as spying would create an instance of the Federation employing a double standard regarding the political fallout of such observances being employed."

Selena sighed as she looked over to The winged lady who had just approached them.  "Sorry, if I intruded and didn't give you a chance to speak first, but I cannot stand idly by as an under-represented alien specie's singular representative is accused of spying for doing something that the majority of member species of the Federation would excuse as mere scientific observation. The double standards that I see in Starfleet decision making has always infuriated me to no end, and sometimes it's just hard for me not to speak freely when I see them being employed.

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Her wandering had been somewhat listless as she enjoyed being in the simulated planet. True for her it lacked some things but it was still better then the stuffy stearl air of the ship. Her tail softly waved behind her. Catching some of the moon light against its smooth obsidian scales. Her path though slowed and stopped as she  found herself almost face to face with Ida as she looked at her. As she crossed her arms Sar-unga would do the same crossing her pale arms over her chest. Her head tilted slightly seeing how her uniform jacket and undershirt where tied low around her waist. Slowly though her eyes moved back up seeing her Captain and Ravenholm suddenly feeling slightly exposed standing before them. Then there came that word. 'Spy'  It would seem even with the help she offered this would be how she was seen. Such silly creatures they where turning out to be but then again was she not silly for offering her help to them?

"I am not surprised that the description was lacking. It is hard talking about what has not been seen before," she spoke softly keeping her eyes on Ida. As Selena spoke up a softer smile would spread on her lips seeing that one seemed to have understood her reasons if not the reason for them. "It is quite alright Selena It is reassuring to know that some understand the reason behind what I had to do," she said before she slowly looked between the three of them. "In truth what you described is the closes to the truth. While the Federation in itself is not a pre warp civilization it does represent a strong military presence even its mission before infection was peaceful exploration and peace keeping. It is this military might which brought concern for us. While many who think what we did was spying," she said casting a quick glance at Ida. "Will not believe what I have said our intentions where fairly straight forward. To learn what a group of people truly believe and how they would treat those different or disadvantaged in some ways it is best to assimilate yourself into their way of life. Kind of seeing how they would act when they didn't think anyone was looking," she spoke feeling as though there where only one among them that would believe her.

"I know you are suspicious of me Ida and you have your right to be. But also keep this in mind. Since this all as happened I help secure Acreth and went through a lot to help 'your' temporal officer. I could have just as easily slipped away back to my people with none being the wiser but I stayed here to help. I have risked more in revealing myself then I am sure even you will understand. So if you wouldn't mind I would ask that you understand I am not a spy as the others are but more like Selena said a silent observer that decided to help,"

Sorry it took so long. Classes have been crazy

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[Declan Vasser]

The captain of the Harbinger listened carefully to what Dyan, or was it Sar-unga, had to say.  She had been a member of his crew, someone who served on his ship, thus h felt responsible for her, had asked Jien to allow him the chance to speak with her.  Funny how his time that was meant to be for relaxing was about getting to speak to the women whom he had business with.  That said, it hadn't been entirely unwelcome, given he had been able to appreciate the attractiveness of Ida and Selena, Selena even providing him with quite a kiss, and now, he had yet another attractive woman in front of him.

"There is one question which eats away at me most right now.  If you will only answer one, please let it be this one.  If you had been revealed earlier, would it have changed things?  Were there crew members whose lives might have saved, bad situations that could have been avoided?"  He wouldn't begrudge her having a secret, but if lives could have been saved by her revealing herself, that was where it would have been difficult to accept.  Beyond that, he would see how receptive she was to further discussion, before he decided how to approach her for answers.

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From time to time her eye would move to her Captain knowing of all he would have the most right to be disappointed in her. She had served under his command and now been revealed to be something she wasn't. In some way she felt as though she had let him down but it was something that she couldn't help. Her eyes full focused on him until he addressed her. It was then he fully had her attention. As much as she fought it she found a soft understanding smile spread over her lips knowing where he was coming from with his question and she knew then need to answer it. "You will find I am willing to answer what is asked of me now so long as it doesn't compromise my peoples security," she spoke softly as her tail lowered drifting down behind her ankles only the tip showing  small amount of movement.

"If I had revealed myself when we found out about the infection in Starfleet it would not have changed the fact that the Federation is in the state it is in now. They only found out about it when we did. I could not have changed the events of Theta Eridani IV or the lives that where lost. If there had been some thing I could have done or could have helped I would have. As it is I was only able to save one," she said knowing that people where going to want answers and more then likely it would mean repeating herself and she had made up her mind that she would do what was needed.

"To save just one it was painful in a way I am sure few have experienced and has left me in a somewhat weakened state. The healing ability that was harvested will not return for another couple days to a week. We have been trying to synthesis this ability but have not had any luck so far. The compound breaks down before it can be effective. If we did have it I would have requested it from my people. On the same subject you should know the other factors that kept me from helping until this point beyond observing the Federation. My people are hidden to the point that in a thousand years with a thousand ships you could not find them. We are isolated to the point the only ones that are exposed to outsiders are the ones who volunteer for missions such as this one. To date none have returned home. Out of the ones who volunteered for this mission I am the only one who is still active. So I had to wait until the need outweighed the risk. In doing so an unknown race has become known to the Federation and the ones that are infiltrating it," she spoke before a faint tint reached her cheeks as she realized that she had been carrying on longer then she had been planing. "I am more then willing to answer what you will ask," she asked as her eyes remained focused on him.

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To hear her explanation was a startling thing.  Starfleet was an organization created to seek out new life, and there had been one such new life form living among them in secret, her form altered, her true identity hidden.  To hear her describe the depths of their infiltration into society, the power of their healing, it was all quite remarkable really.  With her more willing to answer further questions, Declan was able to muster up a few, to try and satisfy his curiosity about her kind, or even her in general.  "So now that your true identity is revealed, which name do you prefer to be called by?  Do we keep calling you Dyan?"  It seemed as good a place to start as any, to get properly acquainted on names.  "Is it your intention to remain as you are now, or do you plan to go back to your disguised form again, for the sake of your covertcy continuing?  I imagine even if you are willing to display your true form to the crew, you might be far more reserved about doping so to complete strangers and potential enemies."

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Her eyes slowly drifted between the three of them seeing how her words would be taken. She knew that this was a delicate time since they where still in a way feeling each other out. "I have been thinking about it for a while. I think for now Dyan will do. It is what most people are use to calling me even if the appearance has changed," she said hoping in some ways if she kept this name it would be easier to associate the officer she was with the person that stood before them now. As he spoke of which form she would be staying in her smile faltered ever so slightly. "I do agree that it would make my life easier if I could appear human again I fear it is not possible at this time. While the change from human to Asurian was done with in a matter of moments it is only because it is reestablishment of original DNA. The change from Asurian to human took far much more. It is a process that takes at best six months to finish then there was the cultural training which I have to admit human culture was very confusing. But in short I would have to return home in order to look human again. For now I am stuck in this form. I do have a question though since we are finding out about each others respective culture there is something mine has been wondering since we came across reference of it," she said deciding to as a question that had been plaguing her people since they learned about humans. "What is the purpose of a rubber duck?" she asked her voice betraying a sense of seriousness. "We have been working on it and have yet to figure out its purpose,"

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Ida had stood with her arms folded underneath her breasts, regarding the Asurian with her antennae angled forth in scrutiny. Not in hostily, for there seemed to be no threat to the Captain beside her, but in pragmatic analysis through the eyes of a law enforcer.

Starfleet law, in this case,  for it was indeed so that standard procedures used by Starfleet marked Dyan Cardamone as a spy , like Chief Ravenholm had so aptly remarked. A remark that Ida took in stride, naturally, because whether or not protocols proved to have a double standard in regard to the Federation's other dealings with different pre-warp species did not matter to her. She did not make the regulations. She just abided to them, and enforced that the crew would also abide to procedures in order to protect them, something which was even more important now than ever. On a personal level, aside from her role as Deputy, Ida saw greater merit in Cardamone's actions and what she had done for the mission, Acreth and Morali included. Yet her personal opinions did not matter if it was found that Cardamone represented an uncalculated risk to the crew and the mission's clandestine approach into the Alpha Quadrant.

Captain Vasser had spoken in regard to what more Cardamone could have done, and it was an important question even if it would be hard to answer. All the accumulated might and might nots from the point the Harbinger left Earth leading up to Dyan stepping forth in Sickbay to help restore Junior Lieutenant Morali were too many to fathom, and it would seem the means through which the treatment was made would have made it even harder for her to heal personnel in greater numbers.

It did seem she liked to keep her human name, though, and that much Ida could respect - reasons quite plain. "So it is still 'Petty Officer Cardamone', then?" said Ida and uncrossed her arms, setting her hands on her hips instead. "I do not know what this 'rubber duck' is, but with the approval from Captain Ives, I will reinstate your security clearance as according to your rank aboard this ship, and have a meeting with your temporary supervisor. I am sure Dr. Nicander will have no argument about me restoring your rank and position in the Security Devision... provided, of course, that Captain Vasser approves that you carry on with your regular duties on the Harbinger too."

It was with a query in the corner of her eye that Ida looked towards the Captain next to her, and with that glance, she realised that with the encounter of Cardamone, it would seem the hedonistic plans that had formed between Chief Ravenholm, Captain Vasser and herself had fallen apart. It was not likely that that the three of them could just continue now that the Asurian had intercepted their path. This also granted Ida the chance to reconsider, and retreat into her comfort zone.

"I think I will bid my leave so that you can speak at length with the Petty Officer, Captain. Thank you for suggesting that I would stay and enjoy the evening, though," she said and cleared her throat a little, glancing to the other two women before leaving. "Petty Officer. Chief."

As she walked, she did not know what Chief Ravenholm - this augmented Pinkskin with civilian background - would decide to do now that the Asurian had appeared, but she was not going to stay and expose herself to further awkward development. To think... she had almost... By Lor'Vela...

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The augmented human nodded as she listened patiently not wanting to interrupt the conversation.  Still with the last question that was made her mind began to wander having never understood the concept of a rubber duck either though she never took the time to look up the information either.  She quickly remotely accessed the ships commuters basic functions remotely and looked up the information.  "Oh so that's why?" she said to herself.  "guess the answer was a bit obvious."   she said shrugging before she looked to the leaving officer.  "I think i will take my own leave as well." she said having an idea of what she could do with the spare time.  "There is someone I have been wanting to meet ever since I came aboard this ship and I haven't had a chance to do so.  I am sure the two of you can keep each other entertained."  she said as she began to walk away.

She found herself walking over towards the amphitheater and spotted the being she was looking for.  To her disappointment she was rather occupied as she was walking with a member of the Theurgy's crew off to behind the theater and into the shadows beckoning him to follow her.  She shrugged as she decided instead to go ahead and leave the holodeck having a much better idea on how to attract the one she wanted to meet.  Besides this method would serve to meet another of her objectives as well.

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"Whether it is your human form or the one you have now, it is quite pleasant."  He didn't mean to flirt, but the drinks earlier and the overall atmosphere of the holographic scenery brought out some of his more youthful times.  When she asked about rubber ducks, however, he couldn't help being a bit amused.  It wasn't all that funny, but in some ways, it was.  A powerful race, so well hidden, and yet the concept of a rubber duck eluded them.  "Truthfully?  It doesn't really have a purpose.  For a lot of kids, it's just the first bath toy, something to amuse themselves with.  Does your species not have such diversions?  Toys with which children play?"  As soon as he asked the question, he was hoping her species was not like Vulcans, in which the closest thing they had to toys were logic puzzles meant to start educating early on.  As valuable as they were as allies, and as well as T'rena had served as his first officer, he couldn't help but think their children, and the adults as a result, were a bit too deprived of simple things.

When Ida and Selena departed, he was left alone with Dyan, their plans out the window.  While the young man in him might have lamented the thought of what he was missing, the more mature part of him did enjoy the idea of continuing his talk with the representative of a species unknown to the Federation.  That Dyan Cardamone was a beauty as well, human or Asurian, helped the consolation.

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She nodded her head softly as Ida asked if it would Cardamone. Somehow after spending so much time with the name it only felt right still being called it. As much as she fought it she found a sot smile spreading on her lips hearing that if their respective captains approved then she would be reinstated somewhat to where she had been before. "If they do approve I think you will find that I will be far more effective now. This form has benefits that the human one didn't," she spoke before Ida spoke of leaving which gave her the first feeling that she had interrupted something between the three of them. "Ida," she spoke nodding her head softly. Her eyes turned to the augmented human as she spoke that it was obvious almost wondering what she was talking about.

All too soon she found herself alone with her captain as her eyes once more turned towards him a faint smile touching her lips. His comment about her appearance being pleasant she once more would find a soft smile touching her lips. "Thank you. I was somewhat worried how people would take this form," she admitted knowing this form was different then most had seen before. As he started to talk of the purpose of rubber ducks her pointed ears stayed in tune with what he was saying. There was a amount of recognition in what he was saying. "We do. Maybe more then we should. The toys he have for the children a little more different then what we have seen of your kind. Most of them are holographic in nature. Much like your holodecks but smaller. They create different words and stories the child can play through. Some are for teaching, others are for pure fun," she spoke finding she was truly enjoying the culture exchange between them. "There are others similar to your stuffed toys and board games," she spoke before getting to something she felt she owed him considering she had done this to him. "Sorry for interrupting your plans for the evening," she said as the tips of her ears lowered ever so slightly. "I think the complexity of your interactions has been the hardest aspect of your culture to get down," slowly she would step a little closer to her captain her head lowering ever so slightly. "If you would be willing though there are questions I would like to ask,"

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For her worry about how her form would be received, she wore it well. The tail and the horns all came together to provide what should have been a demonic appearance, yet Dyan carried it without an ounce of menace.  Along with the pure white of her hair, and an almost glowing presence about her, she instead felt almost angelic to him.  When the conversation shifted to the talk of toys, and she explained how her people used holographic devices, he could help but try to measure their level of technology.  "To be able to use holograms for children toys, your people must be rather advanced.  Do they sit equal or superior to Federation technology?"

Her apology was met with a raised hand, a gesture meant to say no apology was necessary.  "This is a fascinating moment.  It isn't every day that I get to meet a new race of people."  Of course, it wasn't every day one had the chance to get a threesome with an Andorian and an augmented human, both of them attractive women.  He tried to set that thought aside though, and focus on another attractive woman before him.  If nothing else, he could not complain about the company he found himself in as of late.  "getting used to new cultures is always a bit of a task at times.  Since yopu've been so cooperative about answering questions, the least I can do is return the favor.  What did you want to ask about?"

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She had to think when the question of how their two respective races technology compared to each other. "Its somewhat complicated.," she admitted as she looked at her captain. "In some areas we are more advanced. Such as the holograms and our ability to manipulation of DNA and regeneration. I would also say our cloaking abilities are more advanced," she said knowing she could have listed more but it there was still only so much she wished them to know about her people. "In some areas we are equal and in other areas Federation technology is more advanced. We still haven't figured out how to keep one of kind in suspended animation without...complications there are more but much like every other situation. We could both benefit from each other,"

As he raised his hand she would smile seeing he wasn't upset over what would have been an interesting night. "No offense," she said feeling her cheeks paling slightly. "Its not every night that would have happened either," His comment of new cultures made her nod softly. "Thank you. I think one of the hardest part to get use to is your freedom in expressing some things. Our race is very close to vulcans in the level restraint we show in person expressions when in public. It is considered a rather Risque thing to see two people hugging. I was wondering how you do?" she asked knowing it would be a difficult question to answer.

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"Perhaps when this is over, when the Federation is safe from it's enemies, we can work together to make proper first contact between our people.  You say we could benefit from each other, and there is nothing more that could make me happy then to see mutual prosperity between our people."  Spoken like a true diplomat, as a true Captain of Starfleet.  he might have been more of a combat specialist, but that didn't mean he couldn't be amiable with an alien race when it fell to him to try and make first contact.

To hear her talk about the restraint shown by her people, how even a hug seemed like such a foreign thing to her, Declan couldn't help but smile a little more.  That innocence she was showing was just so sweet, it was hard not to be charmed by it a little.  "Explaining it is . . . difficult.  It really is more something you just do.  If it would not be too risque for you, you could always give it a try."  His arms extended a slight bit, offering to share a hug with her, allow her to simply experience it, and let that speak far more then words ever could.

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"I would like that," she whispered softly knowing if after all this was over she wanted her people to benefit from a partnership with the Federation. Maybe, just maybe if the fates allowed they would allowed to end their wandering. "I do agree we both could prosper there is much my people could do for the Federation though there is things we would ask in return as such would be expected," she said knowing that people did not offer things with out their other hand extended. Still she couldn't help but smile at how he had spoke in. "It is somewhat relieving though to find that the current events have not spoiled your diplomatic way of thinking," she said with a slight smile crossing her lips.

"I figured it would be difficult," she said with a soft smile touching her lips. At his offer her smile all but grew feeling almost ashamed that she had lead him into a false sense of her innocence. "I should let you know that while my people are somewhat reserved I have been enjoying my time away from them in.......different ways," she spoke remembering fondly her run ins with Miles and the good doctor. Slowly she approached him her hands slowly venturing out to brush over his waist. "I did not want to lead you into the false belief that I didn't know the human mating procedure nor taken part in it. Quite the opposite I find it to be..enjoyable,"

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"Well, it is something certainly enjoyable," he said, not showing any awkwardness about her from her admission.  Despite saying she had been intimate before, it didn't do much to dissolve that air of innocence she gave off, for that was something that was embodied more by the way she saw the world then by her body.  Her body could have been seen as a quite a sinful little thing, which all those curves in the right places, but an angelic face to entice people with such fervor.  Though he wouldn't call her menacing, he would compare her to a Venus flytrap in the way she could draw someone in, even if her intentions could have been considered less then pure at times.

as she wrapped her arms around him, his own folded over around the back of her shoulders, bringing them closer together.  It seemed like such a strange thing to do in some ways, just randomly hugging, and yet it was a nice feeling, Cardamone having a soft, small figure that seemed perfect to hold in one's arms.  "This is a bit simpler, though I hope you find it enjoyable as well," Declan spoke, trying not to think about how she must have looked when doing far more intimate things with others.  Those were the kind of thoughts that might lead to her softness brushing against something hard.

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"That is what I have found as well," she whispered feeling his body under her hands finding like the other times it was something that in its own right was pleasurable. Humans had it better then they knew. For many races mating was a painful thing. As his arms wrapped around her and she felt him drawing her closer she couldn't help but smile softly. As he brought her in closer her chin softly rested on his shoulder as her eyes closed softly. The pure simple contact was enjoyable in its own right. As her hands softly ventured around his back her sensitive nose caught a scent that was still fairly new but one that she was still close to placing. To her it would still be fun to play with the one that rested in her arms.

"You should know my kind has a highly developed sense of smell. It was thought before we where taken that we where predators of some kind. As such we can smell things that normally wouldn't be noticeable," she whispered making sure some of her breath would brush across his neck before she would continue. "I only explain that to ask this. What where you thinking about a little bit ago. It produced an interesting spike in your scent," she asked before she leaned back just enough to look in his eyes as she smiled softly. "Not that it was a bad change. Just interesting,"

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She revealed that her acute sense of smell had picked up on something that hadn't been voiced.  Whatever physical attraction he held toward her body, she was perfectly aware, and she did not see that as any reason to break their contact.  Was that an invitation, perhaps?  If nothing else, Declan drew back enough to get a look look at her face, to read her expression for more information.  "Well, I doubt I can hardly be blamed for finding a young, beautiful woman able to set off certain triggers.  I'm not so old that I cannot appreciate the female form."  His sense of smell might not have been as good as hers, but he was close enough to catch a scent off Dyan.  She had a fragrance all her own, inviting and soothing at the same time, making one drawn to her like to a pillow, simply wanting to lay your head to her and take comfort, though not for sleep.  In a sign of his shifting mind, the polite hug they shared began to alter, a hand pressing more firmly against the small of her back, the other trailing down to touch upon her outer thigh.

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Her nose flared once more breathing in his scent that was slowly changing with the fluctuations in his hormones. As he leaned back the tips of her ears lowered slightly as the question if she had said too much crossed her mind. He was after all still her commanding officer. Her tail would slowly stop moving all but the tip as she continued watching him. Her expression would betray curiosity and uncertainty. As he spoke her smile would grow as though there was something amusing to her in his words. "I am not sure if I should tell you or not but out of the two of us you would be the younger one," She whispered as her smile continued in a soft manor. "I am not fully certain but out of the two ships I might be the eldest," she whispered feeling his hand drifting down to her outer thigh. "With our healing ability also comes a prolonged life span," she spoke as her tail softly started to coil up his arm tell the tip was brushing over his elbow. "So I guess the question becomes if you are too young to enjoy the form of an older woman," she whispered softly as she looked up at him. Slowly her head tilted as she breathed in his scent once more as she let her breath softly brush out over his cheek. He did have an interesting scent. One that she hadn't been able to truly understand until she was back in her true form.

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Another interesting fact emerged about Dyan Cardamone, whose true age was far more advanced then he would have suspected.  Many decades of wisdom and experience inside a youthful, attractive body, it was about the ideal dream of so many, to take what they knew in their older years and have it in a younger body.  "I could hardly be turned away by an attractive older woman, especially one who still looks to be in her early twenties."  He displayed a greater willingness to her by moving gestures forward, bringing his lips to hers in a kiss.  It was a simple gesture by comparison to other things she would have experienced, but it was a starting point, something to build from.  Indeed, his hands continued to show that kiss as only the beginning, as a hand on the small of her back lowered to grasp at her buttocks, the other brushing fingertips along the back of her neck, looking to send some tingling through her spine that might reverberate through the rest of her body.

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It was true the age of her kin was hard to tell just by their appearance. Something she had always attributed to the regeneration her kinda was capable of. His words though made her smile as she continued breathing in his scent. She was close to answering him before she felt his lips moving closer before hers softly met his as her tail softly wrapped around his waist pulling him closer to her. Now that  he had made the move she would make sure to follow up with it. Her hands softly brushed over his chest before trailing up over the back of his head. Her tail would softly venture over his bottom pushing him a little closer as the tip brushed over the back of his thigh. Her body was still wanting and more then willing to accept another. One hand slowly ventured down slipping under his shirt touching his bare stomach. Her lips continued moving against his as her tongue softly brushed over his lips. As his fingertips brushed near her ears her body would shiver as the kiss would turn a little more passionate her teethe softly nipping his bottom lip.

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The act grew more intimate with each passing moment, as their hands grew more and more free to explore.  Declan allowed his to smooth down the sides of Dyan's necks, across her shoulders and arms, before finally slipping to her hips for a time, pulling her tight against his body until he finally reached around to caress her buttocks with a firm touch.  Their mouths separated, if only for the Captain to ask her, "would it please you more to be rid of these clothes?"  Nothing to get in the way of their flesh, their bodies able to press together without obstruction, hands able to explore unrestricted.  "Which would you consider to be more of a turn-on?  To undress or be undressed?"  Both had their appeal, though Vasser couldn't help but want to stand back a bit and see Dyan strip herself down, allow his eyes to take in the sight of her as she slowly revealed herself to him.

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When she had first joined his ship if someone would have told her that she would be in this situation with her Captain she would have laughed at them. Her eyes softly closed his hands soothing down her sides of her neck and shoulders. As he pulled her body closer to her tail softly wrapped around him pulling them closer together. "I do have to admit that it would. Even though this is a time of relaxation for everyone there is still something almost taboo about doing this with you," she whispered softly as she looked up at him. His question of which he would like she would offer him small slight smirk. "I could undress for you," she whispered as her hands ventured over his chest and down along his hips. Leaning down her lips softly moved over his neck and slowly up to his ear before nibbling softly along his ear lobe. "Which would you like?" she whispered softly in his ear as her tail slowly moved from around him knowing that they would need the room to move.

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The presence of her tail drew his eyes toward it.  He had seen people with them before, but engaged in intimate relations?  That would be a new one, and he couldn't help but wonder about the sensitivity of it.  Reaching out, he let his hand touch the tail, brushing against it first, then wrapping his hand around it, beginning to apply pressure, never enough to cause harm, more like her was pinching a nipple, to gauge the level of delicacy needed with the appendage.  After his tests were completed, he released the tail, and allowed her the full range of her movement once again.  "I would very much like to see you undress, to take a step back and view you from afar before I move in closer."  She was the first of her kind he would see in such a way, so he did want that moment to appreciate all there was to see before they moved any further along.

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A soft smile spread over her lips feeling him touching her tail almost tentatively at first as though exploring something new. He knew there where other races in the Federation that had them so seeing someone with one wasn't anything new but maybe it would be his first being this close to it? As his hand wrapped around it applying a little pressure the scale laden muscles would tense slightly growing firm in his grip. "Its stronger then it looks. There are times my people sleep suspended by our tails. I think the closest I have seen is terrain opossums. Its actually quite restful," she whispered softly before she heard his wishes as she nodded her head softly. Slowly she took a few steps back looking back at him with a soft smile on her lips.

"To be honest when I took this mission this was the last place I could see myself being," she said as she reached up slowly undoing the top part of her dress letting it slide off her shoulders expose pale smooth skin. "I should warn you I do have a few scars," she said as she reached up slowly unzipping the front of her dress exposing the sides of her breasts and the long scar that ran between them. Out of a playful nature then anything else she slowly let the dress slide down her body revealing her flat taught stomach. She stopped just as the dress reached her hips slipping her tail under her clothes hiding her wet entrance from view as she slid her dress all the way off letting it pool around her feet as she looked back at him with a soft smirk on her lips. Slowly she turned around letting him see the firm curve of her ass that wasn't hidden by her tail before she face him once more as she slowly walked towards him. "So which would you like to see first?" she asked sliding her hands up his chest and resting on his shoulders.

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