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Incredulous, Phantom stared at this Doctor Maya with his browridge drawn low over his mismatched eyes. He was still recovering from sating his immediate hunger while she seemed like she had turned into someone completely else - not even winded in the slightest. He could not make heads or tails out of this Vulcan that had come to him, not even after reducing her to her innermost desires.

Her answer had been what gave him pause, though, since she seemed to be under the impression that he was frightened. Moreover, did she truly believe she was in control? Given the superior look she gave him after she'd volunteered her body to be subjected to his every whim, Phantom suspected that the Vulcan might be a bit touched in the head. He could not help but laugh before the great ire returned to him, yet the coughing sound his throat made was as merry as the sight of his face.

"Afraid?" he rasped down to her like the serrated blade that his voice had become, and the former Wing Commander stepped close to the one who called herself Maya - fingers sliding around her throat in a firm chokehold. Loose enough for her to breathe through and not to bruise her neck, yet hard enough to deal pain and fear for one's life. The two-faced stare he gave her did not convey the fear she might have seen in the wake of his assault upon her, but a cold and calm anger that began to roll down upon her like an avalanche. "Who are you to dictate terms, Ensign?"

He shoved her down with his grip - forcing her down on her knees in the water.

"What do I care what you may condone or not?" he barked, his grip tightening and his whole bare body towering above her - eyes wild with the rising fury. His cock was still twitching and hard from their recent joining, and the sight of her on her knees did nothing to let him go flaccid. The way her face swelled and her veins showing around her eyes serving to make him quicken.

"You are willing to submit to me," he grated, teeth grinding together as his other hand grabbed her dark hair in a tight fist, "that is all that hold any relevance about you."

Vulcans were vile and cunning, this he knew, and they may be strong and able to defend themselves, yet this doctor seemed harmless and willing to endure his needs, so why not see if there was any iron in her words? Did Vulcans truly not lie?

Brutally, he pulled her closer with his two-handed grip on her throat and her hair - leaving her still on her knees. He let go of her neck and grabbed the base of his hardness, presenting it to her swollen lips - rubbing it against her mouth. His grip on her hair forbade her to get away, and his damaged voice permeated the rising steam around them. "Prove to me that you indeed accept me as your master... and I may just let you live," he said and forced himself past her lips with his grip - sliding to the back of her mouth, "Prove how good you can be...."

Since he had just spent himself inside her, he did not think she'd be able to stir him much further, and then he could reject her.

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Attn: Leonal

He was defiantly having an effect on her as she found herself looking forward to it more and more. She felt the thrill that came with launching an unknown attack on someone who had a telepathic link to her mind. As she felt him starting to pull away she knew her time to strike had come but when she did she was left in awe and surprised at what her hands had found. She felt him go rigid in her hands but it was his size that surprised her. It took both her smaller hands to grasp him and even then she wasn't sure she was touching all of him. She did nothing to hide the surprise and appreciation over the mental link between their minds. 'Thank you' she responded but his questions and the way his dark eyes bored into hers left her questioning just what she was going to do with him. All her thoughts where quickly pushed away as she felt his strong hands slide down her back to clasp her round buttocks. 'Somethings are worth the fight' she whispered feeling him lifting her with both arms as she let out a sudden cry of surprise. It only took her a second to figure out he was trying to removed her hands from around him but it wasn't going to happen. As he pulled her up she would do her beast to bend at her waist using her smaller frame to maneuver around him keeping her hands on him. The task becoming harder and harder and she had almost let her hands slip until she felt him body jerking under her before the warm water rushed up to meet them. When they landed she found her sitting astride him and her hands slipped from around his cock to run over his back.  A playful smirk crossed over her lips as her hand reached back brushing over his firm bottom before giving it a somewhat hard smack.

His words of their temporary bond brought a smile to her lips. 'You haven't felt slippery yet,' she whispered back to him. As his arms slipped under her elbows forcing her arms up and apart depriving her to the pleasure of teasing him. Still though she felt his arms rippling with strong lean muscles. He felt her small breasts pressing against his back. He felt so strong she was looking forward to feeling what he was able to do. As much as she fought it she let some of the pleasure and want she felt slipping through the link between them. Feeling his face nuzzling against her pert little breasts she could feel them hardening almost instantly. Feeling his mouth sucking in one nipple sucking on it made her moan softly feeling the pleasure. Just as quickly he was gone, the pleasure from his mouth gone, the feeling of his hard hot body gone, Opening her eyes saw his on the opposite side of the pool crouching down looking akin to a crocodile eying a gazelle.

She could read his attitude and the look in his smoldering eyes adding to the unspoken words. Smirking softly her hands softly ran over her neck and down over her small breasts feeling the lingering wetness from his mouth. Her hands slowly venturing own her body slipping in between her legs rubbing her clit softly almost giving him a show. Just as quickly though she sunk down into the water to be eye level with him. Just as quickly she dipped under the water her strong runner legs launching her forward. Her goal to latch onto his hips with her hands and his cock with her mouth.

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When Phantom threatened her, Maya's training and conditioning didn't allow her to see him as a rapist, nor even as a dangerous man who it would wise would avoid.  She saw him as an unruly patient who was acting irrationally, and that made her go straight into 'doctor mode' where she took command and let him know who was in charge in no uncertain terms.  It was, as her former CO aboard the Galaxy used to say, a rookie mistake.  Phantom had to be dominant.  He was like an animal, and when he was challenged, his instinct was to fight rather than submit.

Half of his face was a skull covered in raw meat, the other half glared at her with an expression of confusion often found in higher primates that had not achieved sentience.  He was confused, he was off balance, and his first reaction was to reassert his dominance.

"Afraid?" he growled as he clutched her throat and forced her to look into his scarred visage.  Maya winced, not from the grip, but from the empathic contact she had to endure as she was once again feeling his primitive, savage emotions.  He was gathering his courage by mustering his anger, actively trying to hate her as much as he could.  It was so senseless and self-destructive that it made Maya want to gag.  He had trained himself to feel this way, just as Maya's training and conditioned her to submit to him.  She grimaced in pain as his cold calm anger buried her.

"Who are you to dictate terms, Ensign?" he snapped as he held her down.  This was both fortunate and unfortunate.  It was fortunate because she was now 'Ensign' instead of 'Vulcan'.  To Phantom, a Vulcan was a creature and an ensign was a subordinate.  Maya had won a significant point by forcing him to humanize her; even if he did so merely to reestablish his dominance.  This was unfortunate because a creature wasn't a danger but a subordinate who could place his liberty in jeopardy was a liability that would need to be eliminated.  He forced her down on her knees as if he couldn't decide whether to choke her to death or drown her. 

"I'm a doctor," Maya gasped as an automatic response.  "You're a sick--"

"What do I care what you may condone or not?" he barked as he cut her off by squeezing her throat.  Her large hazel eyes bulged open as her windpipe closed.  He had worked himself up into a killing fury and could do anything!  She couldn't reach the nerve cluster under his pectoral muscle, but she could hit his femoral nerve that that would paralyze his leg and send him tumbling into the water where she could reach the rest of him.  She reached under his inner thigh, to where it connected with his crotch and... 

...felt his arousal.  He enjoyed controlling her, hurting her, using her.  She had fought just enough to make this interesting, to give him what he truly wanted:  Someone who he could break and control in every way.  But when Maya felt his arousal he stopped being a threat and became a patient who badly needed her help before he hurt himself or anybody else.  Her hand carressed the joint under his pelvis uselessly as her mesiofrontal cortex shifted gears.

"You are willing to submit to me," Phantom growled as one of his hands seized her neck and the other grabbed her hair, "that is all that holds any relevance about you."

She gasped for breath as he finally released her neck but shut her mouth as he pressed his swollen member against her trembling lips.  She couldn't rise or turn her head; his grip on her hair ensured that.  And worse yet, with his masculinity forcing itself against her empathically sensitive lips, she was subjected to the full force of his emotions.  She felt his lust consume her.  He was in agony and demanded release, and he wasn't going to take no for an answer.

"Prove to me that you indeed accept me as your master... and I may just let you live," he sneered as his manhood pressed against her teeth.  It was too much.  His irrational need for sexual dominance engulfed her.  She opened her mouth, and he slid right in.

"Prove how good you can be...." he grunted in satisfaction as he forced himself down her throat. 

She gagged as he pushed himself in; he was too rough, too impatient, there was no finesse.  She couldn't work; she couldn't pleasure him, she couldn't give him what his body wanted.  In response, her fingertips caressed his hindquarters before settling on his lower spine where she could make contact.  Telepathic impulses from her fingertips stimulated his pelvic regions, improved blood flow, and increased his sexual hormone production.   In the meantime she moved her head as much as Phantom would allow so that her hot moist mouth could provide the proper friction necessary to stimulate him.

It was likely that if she didn't satisfy the disfigured wing commander he would try to murder her, and even off balanced, he moved faster than expected.  Maya may have had the training, but she didn't have the combat instincts that would allow her to emerge from this unscathed.  Even if Phantom didn't try to eliminate the little Vulcan, if Maya didn't satisfy him he would eventually attack someone else, and they couldn't afford that.  The last thing the Theurgy or the Harbinger needed was more casualties.

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When the Vulcan again allowed herself to be subjected to his brutality, Phantom felt accomplishment in his continued dominance of the woman. Deep down, he might have known that his resentment towards her species came from his upbringing on Cardassia, just like his desire for cleanliness and strict hierarchy; a hierarchy which he had made manifest in the abuse of this negligible woman that had come to him. She was to be but his mere slave, yet despite how low a standing he placed her in, he was still pleasantly surprised with how accomplished she was in her servitude.

Not only did she acquiesce to his will for her to use her mouth, but she used her hands in some fashion that made his blood run hot with desire again. She caressed his behind and pressed her fingers into his lower back - making his engorged organ quicken anew. No longer was he using the lingering hardness since the last time he spent himself inside her, but he felt like her fingers made his manhood swell with new life - forcing a rough grunt of contentment from his damaged throat. It also made him release her hair to give her some leeway in her ministrations, just because she made him feel so good so quickly.

He had thought he'd be able to reject her since she wouldn't have been able to make him stir so soon, yet he had to admit that he could not reject her so easily now - not when his girth throbbed in answer inside her mouth and her hands were so phenomenal in making him content. He could but accept the oral service she provided him, and put his hands upon his hips while she worked.

"Look at me," he rasped with his chest heaving in answer when she fellated him. He wished for her to see the monster she serviced, so that she wouldn't imagine someone else towering above her in the steaming water. Not that he thought Vulcans had much of an imagination, but when their fortifications had fallen, who knew what might rise from the ruins?

Standing there, Phantom realised he was rather gratified that the Vulcan had come to him, even if it had not been by her choice to submit to him. In fact, it only made the victory all the more sweeter. For unbeknownst to him, this particular Vulcan was schooled for his ilk, and might just nullify the vitriol in his soul. Even if the blessed respite mightn't last long, it was more than he would have hoped for in coming to the holodeck that night.

"Enough," he grated with a thick voice when he grew bored of just standing there and being serviced. He lowered himself down into the water and tried to tug her into his lap with a new grip upon her hair. Once he might have her close enough, he'd try and seize her waist and push her down onto himself. There was no kindness shown, only wish to sate his primal needs - the brutality just an effect of how little he could make himself care for anyone anymore.

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ATTN: Cathreen Dawinter

Fedd thought in response to Cam's comment, 'Haven't I?' He smirked at her as she touched herself, lust smouldering in his eyes. 'Looks like you're feeling slippery,' he thought. 'I'll feel it soon enough.' His vow was nearly cut off as she unexpectedly launched herself at him underwater. The move caught him off-guard, and before he could properly react he found her hands on his hips while her mouth wrapped around his-oh. Her mouth was so hot and tight. He had quite the cock, and it narrowly sliding past her teeth and filled her with some to spare.

He faltered slightly, eyes fluttering closed at the pleasure, but then they snapped open and his face stretched into a toothy grin. This was no time to be relaxing, at least not yet. She was taking to this little game like a... well, like a duck to water. So he played along as well, although perhaps not in a way she would expect. He grasped her head firmly, feeling her short hair floating in the water, and his strong fingers looped around the base of her skull. It seemed so easy.

Sjaandin pulled, forcing his manhood into her throat. He felt resistance, but pushed anyway until he had the entire length inside her. He held it there-held her there-for a moment before pulling back. His mouth hung open and he gasped as his cock scraped backwards across her tongue. Yet his hands kept their grip, did not let go of the nape of her neck. He held on tighter, and as his cock's head approached the inside of her gums he pulled her head forward again. He slid along her tongue once more, burying himself in her to the hilt as he lodged his manhood at the very back of her throat. She was small and there was a lot of him, but he repeated this three more times.

All this took place in a span of a few seconds. He let up after that, hands snapping away from her neck. His cock floated free of her lips-or rather stood stiff and throbbing in the warm water. His wrists slipped under her armpits, hauling her up out of the water so she could draw breath. He did not care if she was gasping for air. He did not care if even she held him under the water. All that mattered was the struggle now, and eventual release.

"Cam," he said-no. He growled her name through gritted teeth, an expression of naked need as potent as simply thrusting himself inside her. "Cam," he said again, and it came out desperately this time, almost a whisper. He needed her, needed to do things to her. One of his hands had somehow found its way around to the back of her head again, but this time it seized a handful of her soaking wet hair and yanked her head back. His lips closed on her throat, teeth briefly joining in as well until he left a small red mark.

He would try to tilt her further back, forcing her thighs up on either side of his hips. His goal was to touch that pink bud she had so coyly played with, before diving into the churning waters and applying his tongue to it.

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It was working.  Phantom released her head, allowing her to orally pleasure him rather than choke on him.  His arousal had lowered his guard.  "Mmph," she groaned gratefully, letting the vibration in her throat titillate his engorged manhood.  Now free of his cruel grip, Maya could slide her mouth up and down him for maximum friction.

Look at me," his grating voice ordered as her hot mouth engulfed him.  Dutifully, she peered up and saw his scarred face glaring down at her from behind his heaving pectoral muscles.   "Mmmm," she moaned as she slowly drew back and sucked on him, her lips forming a vacuum seal around him.

"Enough," he grunted as he sat down in the warm, steaming water.  Maya's throat gave a quiet squeak as he gripped her by the waist and lifted her up on his lap before pulling her down onto of him.  Her large hazel eyes bulged open and she grimaced helplessly as he pushed himself into her. 

She was already moist and slippery from his earlier abuse and her body surrendered easily to him.  As he pulled her onto him she gripped his scarred face with both hands and cried out when she felt his lustful brutality.   He refused to acknowledge her!  She was just a holodeck prop!  She grit her teeth as she pushed her body against him.  She was nothing to him, just as deep inside him there was nothing! 

Maya wasn't going to let that stand.  Her sacrifice was going to mean something, if only marginally.  She wasn't going to be just a holodeck distraction or a treacherous Vulcan to him.  She was going to make some kind of impact, no matter how small.  With a feral growl she gripped his shoulders while pumping herself up and down on him with a desperate ferocity.  Her hazel eyes were narrow and blazing as she bared her teeth at him.  With a bobbing,  undulating rhythm, she moved her face closer and closer to his before she ran her fingers over his shoulder blades and pressed her lips against his damaged mouth.  She seized the opportunity of their clumsy kiss to move one hand so her fingertips touched back of his neck.   Gasping and panting, she broke the kiss to run her tongue along his undamaged cheek while his brain registered her hot moist tongue on both sides of his face, even the side that was damaged beyond recognition!

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Atten: Leonal

She liked the way his features looked when he smirked. There was always something about a man smirking that made him look arrogant and self assured. Something she liked. She saw the lust smoldering in his eyes knowing she was going to be in for a wild ride tonight. 'Oh you have no idea' she whispered back into his mind wanting to feel him in her. His cock was so large and so thick. It narrowly entered her mouth but when he did she loved the feeling of having him held there. He had an impressive cock on him and for a few seconds she wondered if she would be able to fit it in her. Looking up at him she saw the way his eyes fluttered closed with pleasure but then how his face took on a toothy grin. She felt him holding her head firmly as her eyes opened a little more feeling his strong fingers looping around the base of her skill. She felt so small in his hands that it was almost thrilling in a way.

His thick cock forced into way into her throat as her hands gripped his legs tightly as it was a new feeling for her. As she felt his entire length slipping inside her throat she experienced a whole new level of pleasure. She felt his fullness as he held it there before pulling back and she would see the saliva sticking to his cock. The feeling of him in her and hearing his gasping only served to arouse her even more. Her tongue softly started trying to move around his cock wanting to bring him as much pleasure as she could. As his thick cock continued moving in her mouth and down her throat she could feel pure pleasure starting to build with every movement. She almost regretted feeling his hands snapping away leaving her mouth. As she surfaced she would feed her hungry lungs as she looked over his hard cock throbbing in the warm water knowing soon it would be in her. Her fingers continued brushing along his cock feeling the hard hot meat throbbing in her hands.

A soft smirk of her own started to form over her lips as she heard him growling out her name. The need tainting his voice matched her own. Her breathing continued to increase as he continued verbally expressing his desire for her. "I want you to," she whispered softly to him reflecting the desire she felt for him. Feeling his hand on the back of her head would pull a very faint moan from her lips as she looked up at him. His dominant nature as he pulled her head back feeling his lips closing on her throat would make her moan softly as she felt his teethe joining in. She followed his guiding with out a fight as her legs wrapped around his hips feeling his cock sliding against her body. Her eyes where almost closed before she would bolt up feeling his tongue working over the swollen pink nub as she moaned out his name. Her hands gripped his head as she pushed his head harder against him wanting the pleasure he was offering her with.

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[ Top Enclosure ] Attn: Doctor Maya

Another shift occurred in the Vulcan doctor, who just had pleasured him orally and obeyed his command to look upon his scarred visage. She had been compliant and more skilled at the task of using her mouth than Phantom had anticipated. Yet as he pulled her into his lap and impaled her on his straining shaft - grinding her down onto him - the slick cleft of her legs did not only make him glide upward with ease. No, she even moved against him without pause; hot and wet in the steaming water. Her breasts skimmed tantalizingly against his chest, and her eyes were fierce as she answered the hard pulse of his arousal. Why?

She eventually sought to kiss him again, yet this time, he did not refute her altogether - baring his teeth to catch her lower lip in the brief exchange. Though it was not the kiss that drew his mind from the passionate rhythm of their bodies heaving against each other. It was the thing she did with her fingers again, making him feel like his face was whole when she touched it. When she licked one side and make him feel her tongue on the other side as well. It gave him pause, knowing that he must have been wearing a confused expression on his face. His lips had felt strange earlier as well, when she'd kissed him last.

What was her intention? Taunt him for his loss? He knew his face could be restored if he gave the word to medical, and since she was a doctor, so did she. A dermal regenerator and an eye prosthetic would get him close enough, even if his musculature wouldn't function too well. If he was to choose between a lazy eye added with a lopsided smile, he would rather wear his scarred face to make an example for his remaining pilots. If nothing else, to strike fear into the ignorant young whelps who thought they knew what cost-of-duty truly meant. So why then? Why make him feel whole again? For sake of his enjoyment? It was not like his mind was in any place to give the matter proper verdict. She was feral in thrusting the juncture of her thighs down along his hardness, and he was of the same mind, hands wrapped around her narrow waist and brutally making her accept him fully with each surge. He said nothing beyond the noises that coughed out through his cheek.

The steaming water slopped over the sides of the pool. He licked and scraped his teeth over her bouncing mounds of pale flesh. Tore her head back by her hair to lick her throat. Raked his hard fingertips and nails over her back and thighs in the heat of their joining. He violated her anal opening with a finger too. A minute passed, and since she had serviced him so well, he found himself about to spend his seed again - her hot and wet pulsing core about to finish him a second time.

The harsh rush of his breath was in her face, and in the end, he abandoned himself to pleasure. Grunting, he kept moving in an insistent and hard rhythm, until he allowed his molten juices to intermingle with hers - flooding himself into her with a cry of deliverance hurting his throat. He bit her then, his teeth clenching over the pale flesh of her shoulder to contain himself. He did not care if it might leave a mark or even draw a bit of blood, yet he had the sense to not injure her too badly. A slight mercy considering the circumstances.

Mercy that he did not show once he was finished with her - letting her go and pushing her off before standing up. Dripping wet and his breath hoarse and uneven, he walked away towards the edge. "Do you mock my scars," he rasped with his back towards her, stepping out of the pool, "or do you think I miss my face? Give me your reason why you'd think my comfort matters... when I just took what I wanted. What is your purpose?"

Was protecting the rest of the crew from his needs her sole priority?

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"Ah..." Maya opened her mouth and winced in ecstasy.  Phantom was finally letting go of his hate and allowing himself to enjoy the moment.  "Mmeeph," she burbled as she bounced up and down on his lap.  She smiled and grimaced as he thrust himself into her, letting go of her amazing self-control and surrendering to the experience.

"Ha..." she gasped quietly as he pulled her hair to snap her head back allowing his damaged lips and rough tongue to play against her naked breasts.  She made strange noises like a monkey as his tongue scraped against her neck.  Then it was animal passion as she tightened her legs around him as her hands gripped and scratched at his back.  The pounding he was delivering to her sex was forcing her to hang on for dear life and she bit his neck when he pushed a finger between her buttocks. 

She was whining hungrily when he released himself into her.  She groaned and writhed in his arms as his teeth bit into her flesh, but she made no move to escape, she only held him closer.

She was still lost in the moment when he stood up and pushed her into the water.  She raised her mental barriers so she could enjoy the moment that was without being subjected to what he was feeling now.   As she sat languidly against the side of the pool, Phantom was beating a retreat.

"Do you mock my scars," the old solder grunted, "or do you think I miss my face? Give me your reason why you'd think my comfort matters... when I just took what I wanted. What is your purpose?"

"To make you happy," Maya replied without thinking.  "You're such a wonderful man when you're happy.  Of course you took what you wanted.  I gave it to you freely.   Why don't you let yourself be happy?  Why do you have to hate those who would be your friends?  I want to be your friend.  Why won't you let me?  Why do I have to be your victim?"

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ATTN: Cathreen Dawinter

Bubbles streamed from Fedd's mouth and nostrils, tickling the insides of Cam's thighs on their way to the surface. She pressed him closer, and for a few moments the world was nothing but water and flesh and wetness. His tongue flicked in and out of her labia, nose and lips pressed to her clitoris even as the hot water churned around him and deprived him of air. For a moment he thought he might happily drown there, pressed between her thighs.

Then he emerged, erupting from the water like a breaching dolphin. His lungs sucked at the air, trying to draw as much in as possible through the water still sluicing from his hair and face. Droplets left trails of beads on his skin as, breathing heavily, he rose and came to bear on her, teeth bared like a shark in mid-strike. His coal-black eyes burned intensely into hers, as raw, screaming, primal need overtook the connection between their minds.

Enough foreplay. This had to end now. Sjaandin's hand wrapped around Cameron's throat, almost of its own will. He lost track of where he was, what he was doing. He was drowning, in a telepathic ocean of their mutual lust. He kissed her furiously, nearly biting her lips off and threatening to cut off her air. Then he pressed her against the side of the pool, arching her spine as his free hand forced her right thigh up beside her waist. His own hips rose to meet hers, and then he was in.

Here it was, what she had so clearly offered him. He stood almost upright, one arm pinning her down by her neck. His hand gripped it, not hard enough to inhibit breathing, but quite strongly. He felt as if he was filling her like he had never filled anyone before, maybe perhaps even moreso than poor Tatiana. With one tilt of his spine he was all the way in, and he hoped she could accommodate his full length. Then he slid slowly back almost all of the way, his cock head hitting her G spot.

His torso writhed like a snake, curving back and forth as he pumped her with his thrusts. Rhythm built until he was pounding her like a piston, the water splashing furiously around them. He was grateful the holographic simulation had made certain allowances, rather than cause the usual problems pursuant to immersion in water.

His right hand remained at her throat, the webbing between his thumb and forefinger tight under her chin. The tip of his forefinger was touching her left earlobe as he loomed over her, teeth bared, eyes almost looking anguished with the pressure about to release from him. Thanks to Tatiana, he felt like he had the stamina of a thousand racehorses. He could only hope he was not using up the entire festival night. Minutes were passing, surely, as his hips kept her arse pinned against the side of the pool.

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[ Top Enclosure ] Attn: Doctor Maya

Phantom gave the Vulcan a sharp glance where she sat by the edge of the steam-pool, her hail of questions irritating him. She remained as perplexing as she had been when he violated her. What do Vulcans know of happiness and friendship?

"We are all victims of war," he rasped with a curl of on his lip as he turned to his task of dressing himself again. "Most likely we are all to die within a day, a week or a month, depending on how quick the enemy is to find us. Making friends makes you soft, loosing them a detriment in battle, battles which are the crucibles of our continued survival. Whether we live for a day, a week or a month depends on how focused we are when we arm our weapons and fly to battle. Affections slow you down, makes you bleed needlessly in the fight. If you fight for survival, you do not loose anyone you hold dear. You fight clean and true, and win yet another day, week or month."

Forty fighter pilots. Eight remaining. Himself included. A single squadron of survivors, the toughest still alive after having flown through the meat grinder of the past couple of months.

Turning to Doctor Maya again, Phantom adjusted the cuffs of his shirt, hard eyes looking down at her. "You do not know me, presumptuous little Vulcan of easy virtue, because you seem to mistake my focus for hatred. The price of gaiety is simply to great to pay when the cost of duty is steep enough as it is. I will bleed and die for the sake of our collective survival."

Stepping away, Phantom paused by the edge of the steam that enshrouded the pool - moonlight playing over his profile as it was filtered through the mist. "If you indeed claim that you gave yourself freely for my sake, then I thank you for it, and I will hold you to that if someone comes asking questions," he grated and vanished through the steam, his damaged voice lingering in the air.

"Good night, Vulcan. I may return to enjoy your generosity some other time... if we are both still alive."

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[ Top Enclosure ]

It was the best victory Maya was going to get.  By refusing to fear and hate Phantom back she had gotten something from him that wasn't respect, but was at least acknowledgment.  Did it change the fact that he had sexually assaulted her?   That it was his intention to cow and humiliate the little Vulcan by raping her?   What if another woman who wasn't trained on Vulcan to treat a male suffering from ponn farr had entered the top enclosure instead?   Did he treat the women on his own ship this way and if so, how did he get away with it?   Or did Maya not count because she was a Vulcan who was not his shipmate?  Phantom's behavior may have kept him in combat readiness, but any woman he victimized would potentially be unfit for duty at a time they couldn't afford to lose anyone.

In the end those questions didn't matter.  Unless she had proof of his guilt Maya had to assume Phantom's innocence, and as a medical professional she had to treat this encounter with doctor-patient confidentiality.   Even though Phantom's problem was psychological instead of biological it was still considered a medical problem and had to be treated as such.  She could only share what happened with the Harbinger's chief medical officer and Phantom's personal counselor.   In the meantime, it was time to make sure that Maya was fit for duty.

The little Vulcan was so good at compartmenting her mind into isolated sections that she was in danger of acquiring a multiple personality disorder.  Since she could control her biosystems with her thoughts a repressed memory could cause serious health problems in the future so it was time to bring down the walls she had erected in her psyche and take stock of herself. 

Maya climbed out of the water and lay on her back.  She closed her eyes and concentrated...

She groaned, and heaved as she allowed herself to emotionally feel the horrific events that she had undergone.  His contempt, his arousal, her humiliation, and her desire to be humiliated all washed over her as every ache and pain from his abuse register on her body.  "No!  No!  NO!" she screamed before her shrieks became unintelligible and she rolled on her side to curl up into a fetal position.   Her face contorted into a painful grimace as the tears rolled sideways out of her eyes.

A few minutes later she was hyperventilating as she staggered back up to her feet.  She closed her eyes and concentrated for several minutes before she opened them again.  Her face was a blank mask.  She donned her robe and tottered to the exit before she stopped and closed her eyes again.  When she opened them she walked out of the top enclosure with preternatural grace and an unnaturally fluid and repetitive gait.

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The bubbles tickled her thighs pulling a couple lustful giggles from her lips as the thought of closing her legs be she knew better. The way his mouth moved over her was nothing short of pleasure incarnate. His tongue flicking over her wanton body pulled long drawn out moans from her lips as her eyes sunk closed in enjoyment. "Fedd," she moaned out his name as her hands gripped his hair just a little tighter. When he emerged her hands would slide from his hair blazing a trail across his shoulders and down of his chest and down along his abdomen. As he egress from the water she couldn't help but notice he looked like a long forgotten see god of old. Through the link that joined their mind she could feel the primal hunger that was taking over both of them and she wanted more of him then his tongue working over her body.

As his hand wrapped around her throat her head rolled back open up her neck for him trusting him in a sense that he wouldn't hurt her. She kissed him back passionately her tongue darting into his mouth where she could as she soaked in the feeling of his hunger. Her body moved willingly with his guidance knowing what was to come and looking forward to it.  Her body was soaking in his primitive dominant nature that was resonating with some part deep in her. As she felt him entering her all she could do was moan feeling him stretching her small body. Her legs opened accepting him in as he hit deep inside her body. His full length stretched her almost to the point of being painful but at the same time it felt as pleasurable as it did painful. When he drew out she felt the emptiness before she felt the head of his cock hitting her G-spot making her small body shake with pleasure.

Her half lidded eyes watched the way his body moved with an unnatural grace as it curved back and forth as he pumped his massive member into her tight tunnel. All the while her moans would spill out as she felt him moving inside her. It slowly increasing ferocity tell he was pounding into her body was being pushed back as he slammed into her. Her eyes by now where closed as she moaned loudly her hands gripping his arms her nails digging into his skin. She could hear their sounds of pleasure mixed with the splashing of the water painting a vividly dirty picture. She didn't try to pull her neck away from his hand as it gripped her a little tighter liking the feelings it brought with it. Slowly her eyes opened as seeing his bared teethe and determined look. Her legs wrapped around him the best she could as she let her eyes close once more. The next time he would thrust into her feet would push against his bottom wanting more of him and him to move harder.

It wouldn't be long before her legs would start to tremble against him as her moaning picked up. Her tight wet walls clenched tighter around him as her orgasm threatened to come quicker then she would like. Sucking her lower lip in she bit her lip hard enough to draw a small drop of blood as she tried to fight it down wanting to last longer.

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Heat. Wetness. Fury.

That was what Sjaandin's universe had dwindled to. The water frothing between them, the impact of abdomen on pelvis, and the tightness of her canal as she clutched helplessly at his thick shaft. He could sense here eagerness and trusting, giving him access. He had all of her now, and he could tell she was going to have to give in to her own release soon enough. He was halfway out of her, most of his length not even entering her on each thrust, his swollen tip striking her g-spot every time.

It was all so different from the Ishtar encounter. That had been unwanted, frightening and intrusive. This was exhilarating, heavily desired and mutual. Until tonight he had not realized just how much pent-up frustration he was carrying. All the violence, all the homesickness, all the feelings of being lost, all were weighing on him with no outlet. Instead he was backed up like a metaphysical sewer, toting around this burden when all he needed was someone who shared his pain; and he had several hundred of those now.

His grip on Cameron's neck tightened as he gasped, mouth open wide, feeling the beginnings of an orgasm wrack his pelvic muscles; but the expected release never came, and neither did he. Some aware portion of his brain sighed and he muttered a mild curse; he had hit some sort of mental block holding him back from climaxing. This had happened before, whether due to distracting psychic noise or simply over-thinking. He did not need this right now. Not now! Contentment turned to anger, as the encounter that was previously elevating him became a cold anchor dragging him down. It was an irritant, a grain of sand up under his eyelid, a splinter in his nail bed. He kissed her again, anxiously, and tasted the blood on her lip. Its copper tanginess crossed his taste buds and jolted him out of his reverie. Had he done that? No, she must have bitten her lip. She was experiencing what he was, he realized. Amongst the cacophony of their intermingled thoughts he detected a chorus of frustration, a desperate need--holding back, in her case, rather than trying to spur herself onward. It startled Fedd. In his desperation to shut others' thoughts out, he had become so selfish and inwardly focused that he was ignoring vital information, or assuming it to be his own.

"Gods," he murmured aloud as he felt her beginning to clench around him, and it pushed him over the edge. He pressed her to the rock, holding her down as he sought a new angle, slamming her g-spot from a different direction as he thrust his full length within her. His muscles seized, and he nearly curled around her as his orgasm struck him hard, uncontrollably pumping his seed into her. He managed to pull partially back but then another spasm nearly locked him into her, driving his shaft fully inside of her to the hilt. Mindless pleasure enveloped his mind and shone out of it like a beacon. Sweat mixed equally with the water on his head and chest as he held onto her. He realized, as the last of his cum spewed its way into Cameron, that he was gripping her throat too tight and let go. His legs turned to rubber and he nearly collapsed, bracing himself with both hands as he leaned over her, looking into her eyes.

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The feeling of his thick shaft ramming into her  forcing her open even more felt like heaven to her. All she could do was lay under him and soak in the feeling of him fucking her. His swollen ti striking her g spot every time was clouding her mind into white hot passion as her legs tried to push him in deeper and harder into her. Anything she could to feel him filling her. She couldn't help but moan feeling his grip tightening around her neck as her head rolled back slightly. There was some unspoken thrill of having someone holding your life in their hands as the passion flared. She was only just able to see him as his mouth lay open knowing he was close to his own orgasm. As she waited to feel his orgasm flooding into her and it didn't come she heard his muttering a mild curse. She opened her mouth to ask what was wrong when she she felt his lips passionately kissing her. She kissed him back tasting some of her own blood on the kiss shared between them.

It wouldn't be but  few thrusts later that her fight to hold back was lost as her tight walls clenched around making him feel all that much larger around her. As the first wave was through her body all she could do was whimper out his name. Feeling his seed flooding into her body made her moan feeling the sheer heat of his seed. As her orgasm slowly died off she could feel him fully in her making her smile softly as her breathing came out in heavy pants. As his grip loosened from around her neck she took deep breath realizing for the first time how much air had been blocked off. Her hands slowly moved out brushing over his arms as she smile up to him. "That was wonderful," she whispered softly to him.

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For all the mad passion and ferocious treatment he had dealt upon her, pouring all his hurt, anger and fury into the act, Fedd was met with a smile when he came to his senses - seeing Cam's face beneath his own when the aftershocks tore through him. She said it had been wonderful, as if he'd made a romantic gesture, and smiled to him with pursed, panting lips. He found himself smiling back to her in a dumbstruck way, despite all the emotions that had raked his soul while they'd had sex. He realised, of course, that with the link of their minds, her gratitude and pleasure was also his own, and he chuckled in contentment as he looked down into her eyes.

Cam's short hair was wet and by half slick against her head, and yet also standing on its end. She lay across the edge of the pool, and he was still fully inside her. She caressed his strong arms, and he ended up raising a hand to rake his fingers through her hair, restoring it to a semblance of order before he kissed her... pulling her back out into the mists of the pool. He wrapped his arms around her slim waist out there in the centre of the pool - not about to let himself leave her slick and throbbing confines just yet while he kissed her. No more the furious way in which he had attacked her lips earlier, but in an easy, enjoyable way - revelling in the taste of her while they fought to regain their breaths. He felt her hard nipples scrape against his chest, and he ran his hands up and down her back while they recovered.

Eventually, of course, his thick phallus escaped her when it became just semi-erect, and with him being so sensitive, he gasped into her mouth when he did, which in turn made him pull back and laugh deep down in his throat. With an easy embrace, he grinned to her. "I suppose this is as good a time as any to welcome you aboard the Theurgy," he said quietly, the stone and glass area giving his words back to them in an echo. "Also, even if being the Captain's Yeoman will likely take up most of your time, with Ives being under such pressure, I hope you can find some time to see me again after tonight."

He kissed her anew, his hands coming to rest around her waist underneath the surface of the water. "It would be a shame if this turned out to be an isolated thing between us, restricted to the madness of this Festival and our last chance for shore-leave, for I would like to see you again off-duty," he said, and then chuckled with his forehead resting against hers, "Problem is... I might be distracted, having trouble shooting things from the Tactical station if you'll be standing there at the back of the Bridge too. Then again, perhaps we should give our enemies a fighting chance... What do you think?"

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Her smile all but grew as he smile down to her as her fingers brushed along his arms as the after glow of pleasure continued spilling over her body. His hot seed filling her in a way that she would never want to end. He still filled her every inch making her remember all to well what had been thrusting into her wonton body just  little bit ago. Her eyes drifted closed with a soft sigh feeling him slicking down the short locks of her hair. As his lips found hers once more she kissed him back with a dying need but still it was need all the same. Her arms snaked their way around his neck as her legs wrapped around him feeling his carrying them to the center of the pool. Every step he took caused his erection to rub against her insides. Her hands slowly and lazily moved up to his hair playing with it softly as her lips continued lazily moving against his. She would whimper softly as his thick phallus slipped from her leaving her wanting once more. Still hearing his gasp in her mouth made a smile grow on her lips before she found herself chuckling softly. "I would say I was already properly welcomed even if it wasn't a traditional one. We will see about meeting up again tonight," she whispered as she looked in his eyes.

She kissed him back softly as one hand softly ventured down his chest. "You better not have trouble shooting things from the tactical station or else I wouldn't be standing on the bridge for very long," she whispered as she leaned forward slightly her hand venturing around to cup his ass as she looked in his eyes with a playful glint. "But I don't see why we couldn't meet up again,"

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Fedd grinned when she touched him underneath the water. "I am glad we are of the same mind, then," he said and leaned down to kiss her again, his hands running down to cup her ass in kind.

He lingered in kissing her, feeling his heartbeat soon return to normal. When he finally parted with her, he brushed the back of his fingers against her cheek and turned away to climb out of the steam-pool. If she followed, he'd help her up too, but soon came to don his clothes again. "Let us see what the night have yet in store, but I already consider myself lucky for getting to know our new Yeoman a bit more."

He might be teasing her, but it was all in good humour. He even helped her dress, even though he could not keep himself from touching her a bit more than necessary for the task. He even kissed her neck from behind a couple of times, unable to help himself. "I think stand corrected," he said eventually with his hands running over her dress, grinning next to her ear, "I think I need the encouragement of you being on the bridge, hopeless as our situation is. Shooting whatever the enemy throws at us will give me the chance to do this again with you. You know... keeping the morale high and all?"

Walking around her, he leaned back and took in the sight of her as if he was studying a priceless sculpture, his grin a mock impression of the artist. "Oh, indeed, the sight of you would be a well needed inspiration..." His jesting over for the time being, he held out a hand to her. "Come, let us see what the night may bring."

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Her own smile grew with his as she watched him enjoying the closes that two living beings could share. "It would seem that we are but what a mind to be in," she whispered kissing him back moaning ever so softly feeling him playing with her ass once more. "But to be honest I don't think you are safe in my mind," she said with a soft smirk on her lips in between the lingering kisses as she soaked in the dying pleasure of their meeting. When they parted she missed the feeling of his body against hers but still she enjoyed the sight of his bare body with the hot water streaming from the muscular planes of his body. Slowly she slipped out of the water as she accepted his help before her hands softly brushed over his hips. "Well I am always here to help the crew when they need it," she whispered as she looked up at him with a slightly lop sided smile.

She couldn't help smile as he helped her dress as she helped him dress allowing herself a few last parting touches. His kisses along her neck pulled a few more soft moans from her lip as she enjoyed the post contact. His whispering in her ear made her shiver softly as she looked back at him "Well if you keep getting us out of those types of situations your morale isn't the only thing I will be keeping high," she whispered back to him a slightly naughtier smile spreading over her lips. The way he looked at her made her smile as she slipped her hand in his enjoying the feeling of flesh against flesh once more. "Well lets try to keep close with your inspiration to keep you motivated," she said as she walked with him.


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"Sounds like a good idea," said Sjaandin as he led the way outside, nodding to a holographic Risian at the door before they emerged in the humidity and moonlight. The warm water had made their body temperatures elevated, so by comparison, the evening was a bit colder to begin with. Therefore, Sjaandin wrapped an arm around Cameron while they descended down the mountainside - leaving the glassed-in steam pools behind.

"I would like to see how well you can dance in the traditional way," he said to her with a rueful smile, "Oh, I know you humans have said that dancing is the vertical expression of a horizontal desire, but since you and I have already had that experience, I think dancing to the music might be even more rewarding in itself."

Little did they know what had transpired between two people in the pools at the top glass enclosure of the cliffs... right above their heads.

- Fin

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