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CHAPTER 01: Among the Stars [0900 hrs.]

CHAPTER 01: "Among the Stars - Part 1" Joint-Post by Nolan & Auctor Lucan

[ USS Theurgy | Holodeck 03 | Deck 07 | 0900 hrs. ]

The holosuite had been reduced to nothing more than a dark room with the star charts of the KNZ and Federation space mixed together and floating around in the room. In the middle of it stood Simon Tovarek. His eyes glaring at the stars and planets that were around the Theurgy. While they were relatively safe in cloaking and in the KNZ, Simon found it his job and duty to inspect possible getaway routes or alternatives to hide while they came up with a strategy to clear their names. His eyes went over the data Trent had supplied them and he instructed the program to show the presumed positions of the fleets searching for them. They appeared as red flashing dots across the map, making the choice of escape pretty narrow.

"Thea, could you show me how far we could get on full impulse while cloaked if we were to continue through the KNZ before we need to resupply?" Simon asked out loud now in the room. He wasn't sure if she was available at this time though he expected an answer from her within a few seconds. She was remarkable in the matter that she could appear anywhere on the ship by just calling out for her. AIs had always been fascinating like that to Simon yet he hadn't deepened his research about them. The idea that Thea actually was the ship made things even more remarkable.

[Standby...] The reply came out of the intercom, and after a couple of seconds, a golden beam marked the course of the holographic USS Theurgy model as it began to move through the stars - the trace marking the path from the present location in the edge of the KNZ to a position deeper into it. Then, it moved on into Klingon space, then further. And further. [Statistical analysis show that supplies adherent to impulse engines and the EPS power grid will not be depleted unless damaged through lack of standard maintenance. Highest sub-light speed at full impulse: Warp 0,7. ETA to reach Klingon Empire space: 3 months, 24 days, 4 hours, 7 minutes, 3 seconds. Estimated depletion of viable matter for ship replicators to produce nutritional sustenance for the crew: 4 months, 2 days, 9 hours, 40 seconds. Insufficient data to estimate phasing cloak durability or maintenance requirements. Insufficient data to estimate required supplies to keep phasing cloak online. Insufficient data to estimate long-term phasing cloak subspace isolation field integrity. Insufficient data to estimate long-term phasing cloak effects upon critical ship systems. Insufficient data to estimate long-term phasing cloak effects upon auxiliary ship systems.]

There was a sound from the back of the room when the sliding doors opened, admitting the holographic projection of the A.I. that had just spoken. Thea had been walking the corridor outside when Lieutenant Simon Tovarek made his inquiry during his holographic simulation. If she had not been using her new emitter, Thea would simply have materialised in the holo deck. It was of no concern to her, however, for she had grown accustomed to actually walk her own decks and corridors. "Hello Lieutenant," she said and smiled kindly as she walked over to the Chief Science Officer, "Pardon me if I intrude upon your simulation, but I felt that you may lack certain information. The CONN and Command personnel has been briefed that the current course laid in will take us to where we rendezvous with the USS Harbinger. At which point, I presume, the two Commanding Officers will decide upon a new course. Is this why you are running this simulation?"

Hearing the sliding doors open and close again, Simon diverted his eyes to the Ai that stood in the room with him now. "I just want to be prepared when we hit an unexpected bump in the road, so to speak," he answered her query and looked back at the displayed course. "This simulation however might help them in the future when they want to discuss our new course, yet I also want to have a viable escape plan ready in case Calamity decides to show up out of nowhere." He explained his actions while he walked around the Theurgy's plotted course.

The lights of the stars around them shimmered over Thea's teal chameleon body suit, the colour having shifted since she was currently working with the Science Department aboard. She folded her hands behind her back and squared her shoulders where she stood, the optical sensors in her digital eyes gazing out over the chart around them.

Eventually Simon came to a halt when standing before Thea. He was wearing his own teal colored uniform, yet the buttons of his jacket were loosened up to be more at ease. The stars shimmered on his skin and lit his face a bit with sparkles as he looked into Thea's eyes. "It seems like we'll need more information on the cloaking device to see where we can get in the future. What are the power requirements so far for it?" Could you do a simulation what would happen if you were to use weapons with cloaking?" He asked her now and slowly started to circle around her while waiting for her answer.

"Power consumption for the phasing cloak is 43,452 % of all available power, limiting uses of auxiliary systems gravely," she said, turning her head to look towards Simon while he paced. "This holographic simulation, for example, could only be authorised because it is held in the line of duty, while recreational simulations are restricted. Replicator usage has to be moderated. Lighting and heating all over the ship has been reduced as necessary. My prototype program, personally, consume a lot of power all over me because of the sophistication of my hard- and software. Using this emitter, however, helps somewhat. The Harbinger, having the barest of skeleton number of crew, does not consume as much power as I do. They might even have access to limited Warp capability, provided that they can compensate with enough power to maintain subspace isolation field integrity... but that should still leave an ion trail in their wake. As for discharging weapons..."

Thea stepped to the holographic model of herself, knowing the answer already by her calculations but deciding to show Lieutenant Tovarek. "Program, display effects of current cloak capacity while firing two photon torpedoes from the forward launchers and three bursts with the starboard phaser array."

At first, the ship dimmed, as to signify cloaked mode. When the ordinance was fired, the cloak failed, and it looked like half the ship went dark. "If the cloak is abruptly distorted by the sudden energy bursts in the edge of the isolation field, it will cause major system failure. At the worst end of the risk probability ratio," she said, gesturing towards the ship and as it detonated with a silent conflagration, "Antimatter containment failure. Critical Warp core breach."

"Peachy..." He mumbled as he saw the simulation of the weapon discharges. "I presume warping or doing anything radical as such would cause the same effect. And as you mentioned it would leave an ion trail to chase." He thought out loud and stopped walking now while his eyes went over the ship's AI. In the dim light and with the stars around her, Simon only now learned to appreciate the good looking figure of the AI program. He moved towards the destroyed ship on the chart and let it re assemble to show the possible flight paths again. "Any suggestions on how to improve the cloaking mechanism? A way to let it drain less energy than it already does?" He asked the AI now, hoping that somewhere in the vast knowledge of Starfleet a thing or two would be written down about the technology, even though it was highly illegal and forbidden.

"Yes," she said, though she did not sound too cheerful. She folded her arms underneath her breasts and took a deep breath. "There are however, no definite short-cuts in the databases that I have access too. Our cloaking device is hastily jury-rigged to my Warp Core for sake of power consumption, and the subspace field is projected through my shield emitters. Neither were prepared for the installation of a prototype phasing cloak, but Lieutenant Marlowe still managed to do it. Now, we have a long list of modifications that needs to be done, which could take between one to two weeks. Once they are finished, it's entirely a matter of calibrations and testing. The kind of testing that should be done in dry-dock. Certainly not in the middle of the KNZ, hunted by Starfleet... and my daughter."

Cala... Or rather the shadow that had become of the USS Calamity after she had been reprogrammed by the enemy.

Looking down, Thea wrapped her arms around her waist, unsure what it was that her emotion chip was transmitting to her mind...

The statement about the modifications that had to be done to the cloaking device and the testing had given Tovarek a bit of a smile on his face, yet when Thea mentioned her daughter his smile faded. A cold chill ran over his spine as he remembered the last few encounters with the dreadnought and he saw that the chip was abviously sending signals to Thea's mind.  Slowly moving closer to her, he placed his hand on her shoulder, a sign of comfort. "I'm sorry Thea that you have to witness this," he said softly to her, not really sure if it was the right thing to say. "I can't start to feel what you must be feeling now, but I know that the only thing humans would do now would be to comfort each other. Tell them it will be alright, even though they know it won't change a thing."

"It has always seemed redundant to me," said Thea at first, taking a deep breath and looking off into the distance of the stars, "Even non-constructive. Technically, it would be lying, or making promises one can never hold. Yet nonetheless... it seems to the be generally accepted social convention to say these lies. To poorly try and fool people to feel better about their situation despite everything that might have befallen them. To inspire hope for a tomorrow that you have no control over; no means to dictate events already set in motion."

Looking back towards Tovarek where he stood at arms length, Thea could not very well say that his hand upon her shoulder made her feel better, but... "Thank you for saying so anyway, Lieutenant Tovarek," she murmured, smiling a wee bit, "You do manage to fool me, at least."

She stepped forward and hugged the human for his kindness, a quick hug she thought be safe according to the same social conventions she had just mentioned.

Looking at the long haired AI before him, Simon didn't say a thing yet when she stepped forward and hugged him he was a tad surprised by her actions. Slowly he embraced Thea as she hugged him and he slowly rubbed her back a bit and whispered "It's not really fooling Thea... If it manages to make people feel better by doing so, than at least it had it's intended impact." He was surprised that the chip managed to make her feel so much even though human feelings and emotions were such a complex thing. Lin Kae at least deserved more credit for this.

He closed his eyes a bit now as the idea of having such close contact with anyone had been days or even weeks ago. Tovarek was a busy man and barely had the time to socially interact lately on Theta or during the past events. He had forgotten how good it felt to feel someone's posture against his and he tightened his grip around Thea just for a second or two before slowly letting go.

As quick as Thea had meant to hug to be, Tovarek lingered in it... and that triggered the prolonged experience that her new sensory mapping gave her. His male body pressed against hers, and the sensation of bodily warmth upon the front of her body. The embrace and his arms around her. It was a maelstrom of data that hit her and she hesitated when they were about to part - finding her hands to remain behind the Chief Science Officer's neck.

"Forgive me, Lieutenant," she said in a low voice, her big eyes dropping to his lips for a moment, "You are right. You do make me feel better. And..." She bit her lower lip, her capacious digital mind raking through social references for what she might say next. She tried, but there was interference. Jamming signals from her new sensors that illustrated... a unprecedented requirement for further estimations in increasing input levels. She swallowed, slowly taking a step back against the organic.

"And I am running an analysis of how much better... right now..." she whispered, eyes half-shut as she leaned closer. "An analysis that needs... more... data."

She could not help the sound in her throat at the sensation of his lips against hers - kissing Simon Tovarek among the stars.

[ To Be Continued... ]

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CHAPTER 01: "Among the Stars - Part 2" Joint-Post by Nolan & Auctor Lucan

She could not help the sound in her throat at the sensation of his lips against hers - kissing Simon Tovarek among the stars.

Tovarek smiled as she told him that he made her feel better yet he was surprised when she didn't let go of him directly. Looking a bit confused at her as she tried to tell him what her digital mind as up to. He kept looking into her eyes as she told him she needed more data and felt her lean in against his body. Suddenly he felt her lips against his own and he blinked at first, a bit in unbelief that he actually was allowing this to happen. Yet her lips felt as normal as any other organic and with a quick reaction he pressed his lips against hers and kissed her back.

His hands lead down her back and slowly pulled her closer against his body while the stars around them kept moving slowly. The light of the Theurgy blinking at the locations that they could reach with the current data given to them. His mind seemed to slowly grind to a stop as he got lost in the moment. The tips of his fingers now slowly nearing towards her fine yet lean bottom.

The stubble of Tovarek's beard prickled her lips as Thea kissed the human, enjoying how he pulled her close to him. She had scattered and varying experiences with kissing, voluntary or not. As her fingers brushed over the sides of the Chief Science Officer's head - running through his short hair -  she found herself parting her lips briefly from his to look into his eyes... only to slant her lips the other way and resume the oral exchange. She was not quite certain where the input of her behaviour came from, but she supposed it was a consensus between past experiences and techniques she'd learned through the social resources in her databanks.

The idea that she might be doing something wrong as she kissed Lieutenant Tovarek surfaced to her, thinking that Lin Kae and she might have a rudimentary setup of a relationship.  Yet it was nothing they had agreed upon, and no words were said in regard to assuming a traditional romantic relationship, so when Tovarek ran his hands down to her buttocks, the thoughts of Lin Kae became a background process of far lower priority than the analysis she was running. For the touch made her gasp into the organic's mouth, and she grabbed a hard hold upon his collar in order to keep him close - to keep feeling him kissing her. She kissed back for all that she was worth, arching her back to both press herself against him and to present her behind to his hands.

Feeling the soft skin of Thea's fingers run behind his head and to feel her touch made Simon feel somewhat more at ease. The moment she briefly stopped to look into his eyes made him a bit more hungry to kiss her back, but soon enough Thea's lips made contact with his once more. Slowly continuing to kiss her slowly parted his lips a bit to slowly flick his tongue against her lips while he felt the AI arch her body against him. He could feel her hands grasp his collar and his hand dwelled down onto the fine formed buttocks. He could feel her perky breasts pushing against his chest and he opened his eyes slowly now as he looked at her face. "How is the data going?" he whispered into her ear and suckled her earlobe teasingly.

In the meantime his one hand that had cupped her butt slowly squeezed a bit while he continued to drop kisses down her neck. The stars around them provided with just enough shimmering to see what they were doing and he was amazed that Thea would have such a good smell on her. It made him wonder if she used some sort of perfume while she was using her transmitter.

"Inconclusive..." she breathed when he whispered to her, "I still need more." Since her body suit was thin, the warmth and grip of his hands made Thea appreciate his attentions fully - the sheer fabric only robbing her slightly of his direct touch. Indeed, her new sensory mapping took clothing into account, real or projected, so she knew that if she made her body suit vanish she would feel his touch more keenly. The idea to shed her suit at the turn of a thought was irresistible, and yet she did not want to break the suggestive pace they had set.

Her hands went down from his neck and slid down his chest - spanned his waist and ran down to cup his posterior in kind. A male behind, muscular and suggesting hard pelvic momentum if so inclined. It made her blush to think of, lips pursing to let out an unintelligible sound whilst he kissed her neck. The data feed from her emotion chip was a warm maelstrom that filled her whole digital being with desire, and she tried to kiss his neck in turn - wanting skin contact against her lips.

"More?" he repeated to her as his tongue slowly flicked against her neck. He continued to kiss her neck to her collarbone and with his free hand he slowly pulled the piece of fabric away that covered her shoulders. He stopped kissing her shoulder when he felt her hand going down to his own bottom and he smiled a bit as he felt her cup him from behind. His muscles tensed up a bit just out of reaction from the sudden touch.

"Affirmative," she half said, half moaned, into his ear - her chameleon body suit stretching down past her shoulder. His mouth made it hard to keep up with the analysis of the progress, but it was clear that her suit was in the way. Since it was merely a projection, she closed her eyes hard and made it vanish, a shudder going through her at the feeling of his uniformed body against her bare skin - the coarse fabric scraping her puckered nipples. "Much more..."

Idly, her hands began to seek means to open and rid Tovarek from his uniform, a process running in the background of the primary pleasure of what his mouth was doing to her.

Hearing Thea moan made Simon tingle in his lower abdomen. He continued to barrage the AI with kisses on her bared shoulder as he suddenly felt the suit vaporise against his fingers. Feeling the warmth of Thea's rear against his hand made him stop as he pulled his head back a bit and looked at the woman. His hand remained on her rear, stroking it gently while a rising erection couldn't be stopped. "My God Thea... You look... Divine.." He said slowly as he slowly traced his other hand over her chest and around her breasts. Slowly flicking the tip of his fingers against her puckered nipples.

Feeling her hands starting to move over his uniform to shed it herself, he let her do so while his fingers continued to lead their way over her body. Slowly reaching down her own abdomen. He explored her body with his fingers, slowly reaching down between her legs. His eyes remained on her face to see what she'd make up with the new data and he was very curious to the results...

The touch of Tovarek's hands upon her body made it increasingly hard to focus on getting him out of his uniform as well. It felt like she had no processing power to answer his comment, and while that was not quite true, she did not come up with anything important enough to say in comparison to what was happening. She had managed to peel off his uniform jacket and his undershirt by the point he reached down to touch her between her legs - and her fingers dug hard into his shoulders when he did - sucking a breath through her teeth.

The day before the Calamity attacked them again, Lin Kae had managed to finalise the new sensory mapping of her genetalia - making her able to feel like an organic woman when touched there. She had experimented upon herself afterwards, yet this was the first time someone else stimulated her. Her original programmers on the Daystrom Institute had of course given her tactile senses of touch, but it was a vastly inferior version to the sense of touch she felt now - digital nerves having learned exactly what everything should feel like. All in thanks to Lin Kae and his cortical stimulator, reading Ensign Skye Carver's responses and expanding upon Thea's ability to feel like she would.

At his complete mercy, Thea's legs gave out and she laid down - pulling at the organic to join her. She spread her legs... "Please..."

Letting out a soft gasp as he felt Thea's fingernails dig into his shoulder, Simon smiled a bit and slowly ran his fingers against her labia. Feeling the colder air of the room against his skin made him shudder for just a second and he ceased teasing her as she laid down. He maintained eye contact with her when she dragged him down with her and his eyes slowly went over her body as she parted her legs. "Please what?" he asked her softly while he slowly drew circles against her pubic area with his fingers. Not waiting for the answer, he slowly ran his fingers between her folds and looked at her face for the reaction once more.

"Please, contin... Ah!" While her sensors were assaulted by the stimuli, a background thought in her digital mind recognised the jocular nature of the rhetorical question, so she did not answer - primary focus being upon the analysis of what befell her. She looked intensely upon him as her sex was being rubbed and teased by his fingers - the datastream running.

After teasing her for a minute with his fingers, he slowly went down to her breasts and nipped her nipples hard before kissing his way down her belly. He backed up a bit as he pushed her legs wide open, a bit roughly. He looked up at her now as he smirked a bit and kissed her legs, slowly upwards to her inner thighs. Suddenly she could feel his warm, wet tongue parting her nether lips as he took a long haul.

Thea spread her legs oh, so willingly for Tovarek - the Ship A.I.'s breath hitching as his mouth planted fiery kisses over her projection. The imprints eventually led a path up her inner thighs, and soon, she felt him resume what his fingers had begun, and the sensations were far more intense when that tongue of his scooped and rubbed against her swollen clitoris. He had smirked at her, yet this was all too new for her to be confident enough to smile; her genetalia unfamiliar to her after the new sensory mapping. It did not take long for her to recognise a feeling... A feeling that she had only felt so keenly once before... during the Ishtar Incident.

Having been an organic being for a short duration of time, she knew what it was. It was an orgasm, and the first breakers of the climax hit so quickly she could not warn Tovarek what happened. She raked her fingers through his hair and beard, threw her head back where she lay and cried out - thighs holding him firmly to herself as she convulsed. As the spectres of the stars moved over her, she felt her first real - own - vaginal orgasm.

Tovarek let out a muffled groan as she raked her fingers through his hair and beard, yet he enjoyed every moment of it. The groan only adding more vibrations to her clitoris as it did. He continued his licks on her sex, only slower now as he realised she had gotten her climax. Eventually he pulled back away and kissed her thighs tenderly before looking into her eyes once she managed to recover enough from it. "Looked like it was a heavy one Thea..." He said softly to her while his fingers already started to play on her swollen clitoris once more.

She had no heart-rate, per say, yet if she had, it would have been racing wildly during the after tremors of what Tovarek had done for her. Sensitive, because the experience was recorded in utter detail, she squirmed when the Chief Science Officer kept teasing her. Breathing heavy, she scrambled backwards a bit to get away from the hand, but she knew that it was a bit unfair ending what they were doing right then. She swallowed and got up on her knees - chest heaving as she looked upon the organic. "It was," she said, and she got down on all fours to move on her hands and knees to cover the short distance back to Tovarek. "You must wish to copulate... is that a correct assumption?"

Tovarek was a bit surprised that she scrambled back from his fingers. Yet it was logical, any organic would have done the same since the overstimuli would eventually lead to pain. The query about his wish to copulate with her made him chuckle a bit. It was a weird question to hear and he looked into her big brown eyes as he bit his lower lip, he nodded slowly now as she drew closer once more. "Your assumption is correct, though humans would not formulate it like that.." He said softly to her and he looked how she continued to work him out of his clothes.

While she had gotten him out of his jacket and undershirt, he remained clothed otherwise, so while on her knees, she unbuckled his belt and opened his trousers - brown eyes rising to look into his eyes when she withdrew his warm length from his underwear. Her lips drew close to his as she explored his penile erection, kissing him lightly as her hands moved along it. The tactile sensors in her hands came to know it in more detail than she'd been able to otherwise, and she could not help comparing it to Lin Kae's and Commander Renard's beast form.

In Tovarek's case, she knew that his hardness was a complex interaction of psychological, neural, vascular and endocrine factors. Yet she knew that the shape, size and angle of an erection varied considerably in humans, and even more so compared to other species. As limited as her experiences were, at least as far as her sense of touch was concerned, she still could not help but doing the comparison... but the analysis gave nothing more to her than the fact that they were different - having no preferences for either shape or size. "You gave me great pleasure," she said, still reeling from it as her lips brushed against his, "I hope I can give you the same in return."

Simon kissed Thea back as he felt her hands taking his half erect cock out of his underwear. He let out a soft moan against her lips as her hands were down his most sensitive part of his body. He was surprised to feel her hands were cold  from moving over the floor and he wondered how the rest of their little experiment or well data transfer would turn out. He looked deep into her eyes once more as she told him he gave her much pleasure. "I'm sure you c-..." He broke of his sentence now as he felt her hands wrap around his fleshy length.

The meaty shaft throbbed in response to Thea's double-handed grip. "Its would seem I am causing your trabecular arteries to dilate... making your corpora cavernosa and corpora spongiosum fill with blood," she said against his lips, her intercom voice heavy with lust for more input. "You have clearly achieved penile tumescence. Do you wish me to perform oral stimulation while the sensitivity in my own genetalia subsides?"

Hearing the analytical information of what was happening to him due to Thea's actions made Simon close his eyes and he had to moan as he felt his own penis harden up to full length. He slowly opened his eyes now to Thea as she asked him if she could orally stimulate him. "You can test away all that you want with me now Thea." He said soft to her and slowly brushed a strain of her hair out of her face behind her ear. He licked his lips slowly as he saw her naked body and lustful actions while holding his cock firmly.

They were both on their knees, so Thea set one hand against the invisible floor of the spatial vista and lowered her mouth to Tovarek's hardness - brushing her lips over the swollen head. She slipped her tongue out to slowly lick the full length from base to tip. The technique was not her own, of course, but learned through her databases. Teasing start, anticipation rising. Sensual movements. It was all perfectly clear in theory, yet she could but hope her application was pleasurable. Her free hand remained, supporting the heavy hardness and angling it up towards her pursed lips - her fingertips cradling the thick girth while she swirled her  tongue around the glistening gland at the top.

Simon moaned in pleasure as he felt Thea reposition herself so she could please him more with her oral stimulation. He looked down at the long haired brunette as she teased his tip with her tongue and after a while he couldn't help but push his hips upwards a bit. Slowly indicating he wanted his hardness to slide into her mouth. By doing so, he managed to slip the tip past her lips and he let out another satisfying moan as he felt his cock throb of anticipation, felt her nimble hands cradling the girth.

The light thrust of his hips made Thea make a sound of surprise around the head of Simon's organ, yet she got the hint, trying to bring the memory of when she performed fellatio upon Lin Kae from her data storage and adapt to reach the same level of success in pleasuring the Chief Science Officer. Her thumb, her index finger and middle finger wrapped harder around his base, beginning to rub the meaty length. Meanwhile, she accepted more of him into her mouth, applied suction with her lips, making her cheeks hollow as she pulled her head up again. The head was the last to 'pop' out of her mouth, and she sucked in a breath before resuming the action - this time not letting the head go before descending down his erection. Her full lips encompassed the girth tightly, the suction she applied quite hard.

Tovarek moaned a bit louder as he felt Thea's lips slide further down his length and when the suction got higher he could feel it oh so well. He wondered if this was the first time she tried something like this or if it was something she picked up along the way during the sensor mapping. Either way, she was pretty skilled at giving head and Simon slowly moved his fingers through her long hair. Hearing the pop when Thea let his member out of her mouth made him moan once more and when she got back at it he took a tighter grip around her hair.

Since he appeared to be enjoying her chosen technique, Thea continued, only she increased her movements in frequency, and gradually, she came to take more of his penis into her mouth - feeling it at the back of her throat before pulling back. Her hand moved in union with her mouth, and her grip tightened - stroking his magnificent male organ from base to neck. Her analysis still ran, appreciating the fact that she was successful so far in stimulating the human male. She knew, of course, that the same could not be expected if she used this technique upon another species, or perhaps even another individual of the human race.

As Thea picked up speed and depth, Simon felt his cock throb inside of her mouth as she worked him nearly perfectly in sync. He wouldn't hold out long now as she continued at this pace and he whispered with a moan "Oh God Thea, I'm nearly getting there..." His hips slowly started to move up and down with her now as she continued and his grip around her hair tightened. His precum started to drip out of the tip of his cock and the inevitable couldn't be stalled much longer.

Since Tovarek was ready, and Thea still felt sensitive and sore from what he had done to her, she made a decision - a process that took her no more than 0.436 miliseconds. She looked up in into his eyes and set her hand against his chest, begging him to lie down on his back so that she might continue looking at him. And as she did, she continued exactly what she was doing, having found all the vectors and the right rhythm to please the Chief Science Officer. If anything, she did it with more intensity, wanting him to be as satisfied as she had been with this 'tryst' as it might be called by the organics.

Feeling the gentle yet forceful push against his chest to lie down, Tovarek complied by doing so and he looked in to the beautiful eyes of the AI. Feeling her even more as she intensified the bobbing on his cock. He let out soft moans now as his climax was nearing. He whipped his head back as he felt the orgasm rise from the base, rushing his semen to the tip and looked back in to her eyes as the explosion of semen filled her mouth. Thick, warm gushes filled up her mouth and a loud moan could not be surpressed by the CSO.

The feeling of seed pumping into her oral cavity was familiar from when she had performed this kind of service to Lin Kae, and she happily accepted all of it. She had no sense of taste, per say, and she could not smell him, but the feeling of warmth blooming in the back of her throat was familiar - the slippery feeling adding to her tasteless saliva. She continued to stroke and apply oral pleasure upon the human until she judged him completely spent. At which point, she withdrew her head from his male organ with a wet sound, smiling to him across the short distance of his prone body. "Preliminary analysis complete, I'd say. Thank you for the assistance, Lieutenant Tovarek."

Enjoying the little rocks in his body as Thea continued and eventually ended his pleasure, Simon looked up at her. He smiled satisfied and sat up a bit more as he looked at her naked body. "Glad I could help with the analysis... If you need further data for research, you can always give me a call." He said to her and winked. He got up now and looked at the starcharts and the Theurgy's position on it. "It looks like I'll need to head to engineering for further information about the stealth generator before I can continue my work here." His naked body was partly more lighted up by the stars and he looked at Thea. "Thank you for this wonderful experience Thea..." He said softly and kissed her soft in her neck.

She let out a surprisingly human giggle at the gesture, leaning her head in against the kiss on her neck. "Likewise, Lieutenant."

Thea then stepped back from him, and she resequenced herself to show her chameleon body suit while she did. "Good luck with your report to Captain Ives. I am sure you will find worthwhile advice," she said and turned around. She left through her sliding doors, still working on adding her experience with Tovarek to her register - knowing without a doubt that there were results somewhere at the end of the path she had begun to walk.

- Fin

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