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Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[Lt Reika Sh'laan | Reika's Quarters | 12 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] @Dumedion

“If you’ve not read anything but reports in so long, Gorgeous, you need a little more downtime.  And ya know,” Reika said as she crossed her arms under her chest, “I’m very happy to help make sure you get that downtime,” she said grinning at her new girlfriend.

But then the grin on her face faded as Kino examined her painting of the naked Hirek…The same one she spent a good deal of the night satisfying both his and her own primal needs that had gone unfulfilled - at least for Reika - for quite some time.  It was before she and Kino had hooked up…but… And the Andorian stood there studying Kino trying to guage how she might react to the news as Kino looked at her painting.

“I’d rather have one of you or us,” Kino said.  “There’s some nice locations on the ship we could use, or the holodeck.”

“I absolutely love that idea.  We should do that.  Maybe we can brainstorm ideas as we nod off together tonight - or honestly, this morning together.  What time is it?”  She glanced down at her chronometer.  “Oh.  It’s only 1am.  We’ve got plenty of time yet,” she winked.

It was then that Reika walked over to the collection.  “This one,” she held up an elongated oval with spikes down its spine and a handle on the opposite side, “is called an Ushaan Tor.  I would carry it with me on Andor.”  She set that one down and picked up a twenty-centimeter-long slender flexible blade with an upside-down-u-shaped hand guard.  "This one is called a flabjellah.  This last one, is called a chaka.”  This time she picked up what looked like half a star. It had three pointed edges and the edge between the two outer points was serrated on each end with a smooth cushioned handle in the middle.  “All of them are traditional Andorian weapons.  Some people still use these and carry them in public, though that’s becoming less and less prominent.  But they’re also ceremonial, and are used in different combats on the planet as well.”

But it wasn’t long before Kino called her attention to the picture of two Andorian males and two Andorian females and a human.  Reika’s inside twisted that among all of the family pictures she would choose the one with Barak - Barak who had met her parents.

Reika swallowed hard as Kino wrapped her pale fingers in Reika’s blue ones.  “Yeah.  These four are my parents.” She blinked several times in quick succession and looked up at the ceiling.  It took her a minute before she could talk again. The five were standing slightly staggered with the men in the back and the women in front between the men.  “This one,” she gestured to the tallest of the men, "Is my Thavan - Yintranic.  This is my shreva Trian’ezza.  My Charan, Vesbroc, and my Zhavey, Ni’vral’unna.  And this,” she said, “In case you haven’t guessed in Barak.”

But Reika turned toward Kino and slipped her arm around her slender waist.  “And as soon as we get ourselves out of this mess here on the Theurgy, I’m going to take you to meet my parents, and I’m SURE that they will love you.”  Long white locks shook with her head.  “Like I do,” the Andorian said stepping in close.  She leaned in and rubbed her nose against the pale nose opposite before going in for a gentle kiss.   When their lips parted, she whispered.  “It’s so hard to understand and even harder to believe that I’m this certain so quickly, but maybe after having been in wrong relationship before, it’s so clear when it’s the right one.”  She laid her head against Kino’s just drinking in their closeness and the tenderness of the moment. 

After a little time, she pulled back and looked at Kino. “Let’s get these clothes and a few other things put away so I can take you to bed….again…”
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Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Reika’s Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
“Oh, likewise honey,” Kino grinned up at Reika in agreement, thinking of all the ways they could spend downtime together; having someone to share it with brought on a whole new appeal – once they were away from QonoS (not the Trill’s ideal vacation locale) the options were literally endless, provided they reach some semblance of a safe harbor again, that is. In the meantime, there were plenty of relatively calm places on the ship for them to spend time together.

Her silver head nodded as Reika identified the various blades; curiosity pulled Kino’s bottom lip into a slight frown as she visualized herself wielding them and defending against them. Ultimately, she concluded that more context was required – perhaps another day – maybe they could spar with them, or Reika could provide a demonstration. Kino was always keen to learn new weapons and techniques for her hand-to-hand repertoire.

Those thoughts were dismissed as her blue eyes flicked back to the Andorian, noting her internal momentary struggle. Kino’s brows creased in concern; hoping she hadn’t brought up a sore subject, but also empathetic to how difficult it must have been for Reika to talk about. Such things needed to to be said; they needed to be shared, vented out into the air, lest they fester and poison a person’s soul. Of course she missed her family. Of course she was worried, because they were dearly loved – that much was painfully obvious in Reika’s beautifully lit sapphire eyes.

A blue arm slipped around her, and Kino welcomed and reinforced the gesture with her own.

Holding Reika close, Kino nodded trying to remember all the different names of the Andorian’s parents; while her eyes narrowed at the human in envy. From what she had learned of Barak, he didn’t seem to value what he had; it was difficult for the Trill not to hold that against him – even if the circumstances were very different during Reika’s relationship with him. Well, I sure as hell do, she thought at his picture, brows furrowed, then pulled away from the Andorian’s embrace just enough to steal another kiss. “I’ve never met anyone’s parents before – I’m sure they are wonderful people. I can’t wait to tell them how we met,” she whispered with a smile, just before Reika suggested they finish packing up a few more things before heading to bed.

“Let’s get crackin’ then, before it gets too late. As much as I’d love to stay up with you all night,” Kino smirked, “and I just might anyway, because you drive me crazy – I do have shit to do tomorrow,” the Trill teased with a grin, moving off to scoop up the clothes she’d placed on the bed.

“Drawers, or closet,” Kino asked with a slight tilt to her head, then smiled as she arched a brow at her love. “I’m really glad I got to help with this. It’s important for you to make this space your own, you know. Everyone needs a place to call home; to decompress,” she gestured around the room briefly. “How do you feel about it now?”

Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[Lt Reika Sh'laan | Reika's Quarters | 12 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] @Dumedion

It felt so good with something as simple as Kino held her close.  How can something as innocent as being held close feel so amazing? She asked herself, and while she couldn’t figure that answer out in such a short amount of time why, but it didn’t matter.  All that did matter at that moment was that it DID feel amazing.

“When we meet my parents,” Reika assured Kino.  “I’ll make sure that you’re the one who gets to tell them that story,” the blue lips said as she turned to face the Trill, setting both hands atop of her hips. 

But after a quick kiss and a short conversation, Kino pulled back slightly to help Reika put away her clothes. 

“Drawers or closet?”

Reika looked over before grabbing her own handful of clothes to put away.  “Um…Those will go in the drawers over there,” she nodded toward a specific set.  “Be careful with those panties.  I want you to see me in…well, and out of them at some point,” Reika laughed and winked at her. 

Kino seemed as fastidious about her clothes as Reika was.  Everything was neatly folded and carefully placed in the drawers as Reika started hanging her clothes in the closet.  Some of them were things that you’d expect like her uniforms and others were a little crazy and a couple were even a little kinky. 

Several trips back and forth from the totes that had been on ice along with the Andorian, and things were looking filled out and her totes were looking empty. 

Reika plopped on the end of the bed, placed her hands behind her, and leaned back on them surveying the progress the two had made when Kino asked her how she felt about it.

The Andorian tilted her head just a little as she considered the question.  “Ya know.  It feels good to be unpacked, but what feels even better is having someone to share it with, having someone working alongside me.  And now, every time I look at everything, I’ll remember what a hot woman helped me get everything put out,” she patted the end of the bed next to her.  “How do you feel about the room now?” she asked as she batted her eyelashes at Kino.
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Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Reika’s Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
“Your daughter beat my ass and I loved every second of it,” Kino laughed.

For some reason, folding clothes always put her in a good mood. Given the vast differences between her youth – full of attitude and disorder – where she had practically rebelled against any and all forms of authority and conformity, Kino couldn’t help but grin at herself now. Everything had a place; everything had a purpose. Taking the time to ensure order around her left her with a sense of comfort and accomplishment; after all – when you knew where everything was, that was one less thing to worry about.

And of course, Kino was in the presence of someone who appreciated that, and her.

That makes all the difference in the world, the Trill chewed her lip with a grin.

“Always,” the Trill smirked at Reika’s teasing concern over her panties as she folded them by muscle memory. Her eyes had caught more than a few curious other items during the course of helping the Andorian unpack – all of which Kino couldn’t help but visualize briefly with a knowing smile. Honestly, Reika’s bare, beautifully toned body was more than enough to light her fire on its own; Kino was relatively sure the Andorian knew that much already. Additional wrappings were just icing on an already deliciously sweet cake.

After one last trip to the closet to hang up some additional items, it seemed that were done, for the moment at least. Kino’s silvered head tilted opposite of Reika’s, as the Trill chewed her lip at the look in those bright blue eyes. “Careful, Miss Sh’laan – I’m susceptible to flattery,” Kino grinned at her, then nodded with a gesture to the room. “I think it’s properly yours now, and I’m happy to have helped,” she added, closing the distance between them to stand just before the Andorian.

Ignoring the pat of a blue hand on the bed, opting to slide her knee in between Reika’s before climbing up to straddle her lap carefully and slowly, Kino rested her hands on the mattress just behind the Andorian’s amazing curves. “Now, is there something else I can help you with,” Kino’s lips brushed against dark blues with a smile, tilting her hips teasingly.

Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[Lt Reika Sh'laan | Reika's Quarters | 12 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] @Dumedion

Reika laughed at Kino’s smart-ass remark.  But the laughter was lighter than usual - easy - genuine in a way that she had never completely experienced before.  It amazed her how the right person could change something so simple as a laugh.  And this was just the beginning of their journey together, what would it look like and how would it change her months or years from now?

Reika stopped midway through putting some items onto one of her shelves and just watched Kino as she folded her panties…it was simple, but even in the way she folded them - something in it spoke of her care for the items.  Reika shook her head and returned to putting the items away.

But as she finished and made her way over to the edge of the bed beckoning Kino to join her, as Kino instead placed her knee gently between Reika’s legs, Reika pressed into that knee, her eyes rolling back into her head for a moment until this time, Kino crawled up to straddle her lap, placing her hands just behind Reika, and bringing her face within centimeters of the Andorian. 

“Now is there something else I can help you with?” Kino asked.  Then those beautiful plump pink lips descended, and Reika’s parted to allow the Trills to slip in and around.  Tender, soft, sweet to the taste.

Reika tipped her head back even further exposing her neck to the Trill.  “Well, now that you mention it…I’m feeling a little overheated, flushed?  Do I look flushed?” Reika asked innocently pressing her hips against the ones that Kino was tilting against the Andorian’s.  “Maybe I’m overdressed?  And well, I’m kinda pinned in here.  I can’t move much.  I think I might need,” she said before kissing her again, “some help getting undressed?”
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Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Reika’s Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
While Kino watched Reika ease her head back in an oh-so-tempting gesture, the Trill bit her lip in a grin, loving the lingering taste of the Andorian’s lips – how playful and effortlessly Reika drew her in – and how good it felt to with her. Time had kept right on ticking, but neither one of them seemed to pay it any mind; for her part, Kino’s attention lay solely fixed on the woman that stole her heart.

My Reika…you beautiful blue temptress.

“Oh? Sounds serious,” Kino hummed as she readjusted, shifting her weight back while pulling Reika up into a sitting position. Pale spotted hands slid up the Andorian’s side, up under Kino's borrowed t-shirt, feathering across blue skin. Her lips trailed soft kisses along an azure jawline, then teased an earlobe with a soft sigh. “Let’s get you cooled off then love,” Kino nodded, breathing in Reika’s scent as platinum strands of hair tickled her face.

Shifting back enough to watch, Kino bit her lip as she slowly pulled Reika’s shirt up, then blew softly across the beautiful blue skin revealed. Her silver head tilted down and to the side as her hands paused, rolling up just enough shirt to expose the pale blue undersides of her bust, the fabric pulled tight to teasingly caress the darkened peaks of her nipples. The Trill’s brows twitched playfully as her eyes darted up into Reika’s, lips curled in enjoyment; once revealed, Kino took her time to blow across each one, with strokes of her thumbs in teasing circles, then continued. Soon enough, Reika’s arms rose as the shirt nearly cleared her face, only her eyes and antenna remained concealed. Kino, unable to let such an opportunity pass, let Reika decide to remove it completely; her fingertips trailed back down supple azure skin, lips nipping in their wake. “Think it might be contagious,” the Trill purred between soft kisses, “feeling a bit warm myself,” her lips curled into Reika’s skin, listening to the soft sighs of pleasure from her love.

Kino leaned back to unzip her hoodie, as blue hands felt up her thighs, tugging at her sweatpants; looking down at the perfection that was her lover, she couldn’t stop smiling. The Trill wiggled her hips some more, gyrating in a playful come and get it gesture as she pulled the hoodie from her torso to fall to the floor behind her. Kino shook her head though, still smiling seductively, as she backed away from the Andorian’s grasping hands. “Shorts should go too, I think,” Kino whispered as she dismounted, lowering her lips to Reika’s bare abs. A trail of kisses and subtle licks followed, till her mouth reached the waistband; a combination of teeth and fingers pulled – all the way down those lovely limbs the Trill adored and desired so much – until Reika lay gloriously nude in the soft white light of her bedroom.

Kino stood at the foot of the bed, one knee resting on the mattress; the grin on her face was entirely Reika’s making, and belonged only for her, as Kino’s eyes drank in every detail of her body. “Still warm,” the Trill asked with an innocent head tilt. “I know something that might help,” she winked, then ordered a glass of crushed ice from the replicator. Once she returned a few shards popped in her mouth, Kino let them melt just enough to cool her tongue – while pale hands and fingers played up and down Reika’s outer thighs – before she lowered her lips to blue skin once again. Starting just above the Andorian’s knee, Kino let her lips and tongue push the ice chips up along azure flesh, pausing only to breathe and suckle the melting liquid.

She took her time, pale blue eyes glancing up from her efforts to watch Reika’s reactions. All too quickly, the ice melted away; a quick suckle to the tender skin of Reika’s thigh preempted Kino from reloading. “Feel good,” the Trill grinned as she popped a few more ice chips in her mouth, intent on giving Reika’s other thigh the same treatment.

"Wonderfully so," Reika murmured through the smile that melted Kino's heart, beckoning the Trill up her azure body with a curl of one finger. "But I know what will feel even better."

A dark brow arched over the Trill's cybernetic eye playfully, all thought of teasing disregarded. The bowl of ice chips was set aside before her spotted length prowled up the Andorian's body, trailing feathered kisses as she went.

In the end, the night concluded much as it began; two souls, hearts, bodies entwined - pulled together inextricably by something neither of them fully understood - yet recognized instantly. As they drifted off into slumber, limbs wrapped around each other peacefully, the light of a new day broke over the arch of Qo'noS above them: the planet slowly turned, the stars continued to burn, the universe itself marched to its own unknowable, infinite clockwork.

Come what may, it always would.


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