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Day 17 [1500 hrs] Oh Lawd Have Mercy!

[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Upper Gymnasium | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff

Lieutenant Zark was back in the gym.  She'd missed out on several exercises, and she needed to take her mind off how the morning session with Ensign Tos had gone.  It might have been a bit more than the scientist could really be expected to handle, but the medico was trying to make it clear that the galaxy was a whole lot less caring about her safety than she was aware of.  Still it was frustrating dealing with egg heads and their ivory tower outlook.  This was the reason that her hair was in a quick updo, wearing a sports bra, and bicycle shorts in the gym while smashing away at a heavy bag with a pair of well work light blue and black boxing gloves.  A lot of the times, that Zark was in a gym, various crew members would stop to say hi, or just watch.  Especially with her figure, she was easy to watch.  Her attitude at the moment was one of intense focus and controlled fury as she launched jabs, upper cuts, and other combos while alternatively kicking or kneeing the bag.  Only the most socially oblivious would try to pierce the aggressive shell she'd put up.

Or those that had asked her to be there.  Her emotions abated a bit after she launched haymaker that landed with a loud thud at the bag that sent it spinning before pushing some loose hair out her eyes and planting the leather on her hips.  It was an interesting request she had to admit, especially since it came from her best friend's boyfriend of all people.  She thought Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt would rather be spending his time with Enyd.  The same hair dropped down and she blew it out of the way while she was thinking.  On the other hand, they both had duties, and some times those duties gave the other time to spare.  So it made sense.  On the other hand, the request itself was an odd one.  Help in hand to hand and possible other close quarter battles techniques.  Odd,  but in a good way.  If he ended up in a strange situation like the Klingon strip show again with Enyd, but against his will, at least there was a much better fighting chance of getting out of it. 

Zark took a moment to take take her gloves off as she went to grab some water.  She sprinkled a bit on her fingers and pushed the annoying bit of hair out of the way before drinking deeply.  She did feel much better after the pounding she'd given the unoffending bag and exhaled as her thoughts kept going.  In the end, it was good thing that Enyd had one partner instead of being angsty on two.  That was never fun.  One the other hand, it now opened up the brunette to a whole other series of teasing from the sexually comfortable Zhen.  Said Zhen taking a moment to look down and noticing how her sports bra was being a bit clingy to her chest and the very decent cleavage it provided.  Darn human majority ships were always on the warm side, so she tended to wear as little, or as thin as she could get away with.  Looking up for a moment after staring at her girls, she saw the doors to the gym open and the site of a bald man entering.  Hm. she thought to herself.  He is decent looking for a pink skin.  Quite decent looking really.  Let's see what he wants and what he's made of. Lt. Zark thought to herself as she smiled and waved to Mr. Leavitt.

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Upper Gymnasium | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn. @RyeTanker

On the morning of the day that he was scheduled for his combat training, Alistair was having serious second thoughts as he worked. He knew that objectively, his reasons for wanting combat training were sound. They were at war, and the Theurgy was guaranteed to end up fighting more battles. Alistair wasn't just an ensign either, not like the last war; he couldn't hide behind a console this time. He had responsibilities, a duty to go out and do what needed to be done, just like Praxis. Lives could depend on him.

Lives had been lost already because of him.

They were good reasons. Nevertheless, as Alistair worked his Bridge shift, he grimaced at the thought of what was coming. The physical exertion would at least be much easier than the Academy. He was much older, stronger, tougher and wiser now. The rest, though? The rest turned his stomach.

After lunch, resigned to just getting it over with, Alistair glumly walked to his quarters to get changed. Opting to wear the usual exercise gear (a simpe blue t-shirt with the word THEA across the breast, plus some shorts), Alistair double-checked the message that he'd received two days prior. He'd only skimmed the substance of the message at the time, but now he read the entire thing properly...and, very slowly, he started to grin.

Assigned officer: Lieutenant (j.g.) XamotZark zh’Ptrell

"Zark," Alistair said, running a hand over his scalp as he re-read the name. "Okay, maybe this won't be so bad..."

A quarter of an hour later, Alistair strode into the gymnasium, still uneasy, but in a paradoxical good mood all the same. He spotted the sole Andorian in the place immediately, saw her wave, and offered a jaunty wave in return as he approached. The closer he got, of course, the more that Alistair realised just how tight and...minimal...Zark's attire was. He was mature enough not to be distracted or let his eyes wander, but Alistair couldn't help but be a bit dumbstruck all the same.

You could've warned me that she looks this good, Enyd. Wow.

"Hi," he said when he got close enough, grinning awkwardly. "I'm Alistair. Obviously. Well, Lieutenant Leavitt if you prefer to stay professional, but Alistair if you're comfortable wirh that. It's good to finally meet you."

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Upper Gymnasium | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff

Zark offered a wide smile as she arched a well shaped eye brow at the bald muscular man.  Okay, I guess we're not shaking hands. Oh well, to each their own. The Zhen thought to herself as she crossed her arms under her chest and regarded the man for a moment before proceeding.  "Well, we're not really on duty, so I'll call you Alistair, and you can call me Zark.  I don't want to call you Lieutenant Leavitt since it sounds like we're only going to be professional co-workers and not seeing each other in any other circumstances.  Since we both know Enyd, and we're both her very good friend's of different flavours."  Zark's smile turned into a smirk at that one.  "I figure we might as well get comfortable with each other."

Zark gave the ops man a good look over and found him generally wanting in all sorts of exercise equipment. Pursing her lips together as she pushed a Hm out, the security officer decided the first thing was Mr. Leavitt needed to actually get ready. "Alistair, why don't you grab a set of gloves the fingerless ones, some head protection, and a mouth guard from the boxes on the shelf.  I'll meet you by the ring afterwards."  Zark jabbed her thumb over her shoulder in the general direction of the bulkhead near the heavy bags while she grabbed her own bag and carried it to the ring.  When she got there, it was empty as most of the crew tended to avoid the thing since that was domain of brutal physical combat.  More time and space for her and Alistair.  Tossing her bag in a corner, Zark pulled out her own mouth guard and a set of striker gloves she frequently used in situations like this since her opponents generally needed protection from her own nasty punches.

Heading to the centre of the ring, Zark waited for Alistair to join her and motioned for him to sit down.  Having done this numerous times before, there was always a differentiating speech so the trainee knew what they were asking for. "Okay Alistair.  I teach two forms of hand to hand.  There is competition and practical hand to hand.  Competition is the one with formal rules and codified moves with a nice ring and referee.  Examples being boxing, Karate, or Suss Mana.  Practical is what you get when you're coming around a corner and there's a Klingon suddenly and you don't have time to shoot your phaser.  It happens.  That's when it comes down to do as much damage as quickly as possible. At that point, it's kicking in the groin, neck, gouging eyes and all that wonderful stuff.  I had to do that during the Dominion war, so I know it's effective if nasty.  When you know the two well enough, they can be mixed, and that takes practice, lots of regular practice."  Zark let that one sink in for a moment.

"So the question now is what do you want to learn, and more importantly why?"  This question usually took most people by surprise. "I'll go first. I exercise the physical violence in the manner I do to save the lives of my friends and the crew around me.  Doing it as brutally as I do means it is over quicker and with less expended energy that I might need later for something really bad.  As much as I would like to keep everyone alive by stunning them, it's not always possible, and our people come first.  Learned that one after I thought I tried to stun a Jem'Hadar soldier while on a medevac mission on Kalandra.  He sliced me for my restraint, so I put his bayonet in his neck as compensation."  The blue beauty's face was now utterly cold at that admission.  Zark packed that one back in it's box.  It was a well worn box at this point, so it didn't bother her. Her expression softened to it's usual easy warm smile. "So I come back to the question. What do you want to learn, and why?"

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Upper Gymnasium | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn. @RyeTanker

When prompted, Alistair duly set off to find some equipment, more than a little unnerved by the implication that he would need head protection. He had wondered if Zark might take it easy with him given their social connection, but that was evidently not the case. As nervous as Alistair was, he was nevertheless glad that Zark was taking things seriously. It was, after all, a very serious matter.

After donning the gloves, Alistair spent a moment wondering whether he should put the headguard and gumguard on immediately before deciding against it. They looked horribly uncomfortable, even for a man who was at that moment happy that his head was shaved. Upon squeezing through the ring ropes and returning to Zark, Alistair was bemused by her indication that he should sit on the canvas, but he obliged. It was a bizarre feeling indeed to look up at the Andorian as she began her speech, one that she had clearly done before.

Alistair paid close attention, and even considered interrupting Zark at a couple of points since it felt like she was wasting her breath, but he remained silent. She obviously had good reasons for what she was saying, and her brief recounting of the Jem'hadar that she'd killed made Alistair wince. Finally Zark finished with the key question, giving Alistair a chance to speak his piece without fear of being rude.

"I want to...uh, hang on, hope you don't mind," Alistair said as he clambered to his feet. He noted that he was only marginally taller than Zark, banishing any hopes the height would be of any help in the clobbering that surely awaited. "Sorry, that just felt weird. I haven't sat like that since the Academy. Anyway." Alistair made a point to look Zark directly in the eye, matching her prior severity with his own. "I want to...I need to learn how to defend myself, and others. I've been in a couple of situations recently, and I did my best, I know I did, but it wasn't enough. People died, both times."

Alistair exhaled as he rubbed the back of his neck, looking away. "I know, logically, that I couldn't do much against the Infested anyway, not without a weapon. The first one tossed me across the Bridge like I weighed nothing. The second one came at me even with her arm blown off, and she was laughing. Still, I can't help but think that maybe if I'd been faster, smarter, if I knew what I was doing, I might've made a difference. People might've lived. If I do the work now, I might make a difference in the future."

With a sigh, Alistair looked at Zark again, plainly uncomfortable but determined. "What I mean to say is, we're at war. I did my bit the first time, like you, and I'll do it again if I have to. So...uh, please, be as tough with the training as you need to be, Zark. I won't complain, I won't slow down, and I won't back out. That's a promise."

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Upper Gymnasium | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff

Lieutenant Zark knew she was windbag at times, but more than one trainee who had come under her tutelage had made the wrong assumption and paid the price for it one way or another.  Zark watched as the man stood up and this gave her a few insights into his physical state, especially since he was so willing to share the last time he'd had to be so flexible.  A thought flashed across her mind that she would have to watch the more dexterous fighting moves on him. She listened to Alistair recount why he was taking this course of action and at the mention of the Infested, her face pinched as residual hate leaked through from her previous encounter with them.  It very much sounded like how her fight with the thing had gone down when it turned out Mariam Viser, the Federation Ambassador to Breen, was one of them and it had almost cost Zark her life finding out.  It had in fact cost the lives of several Starfleet personnel and the incarceration of Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt on Breen.  At least it was a pleasant incarceration for what it was worth, and she knew they could be killed. 

Nodding her agreement and acceptance at the end of his promise, she changed her mind and would maybe try to mitigate the amount of restraint she would apply.   She would have to test him first since the medico didn't what his limits were and she mentally sought a calm centre so she could approach the human as an open book that he would pen.   "Okay Alistair, let's see what your made of.  Go put your stuff on and I'll meet you in the middle.  I know I talk a lot, it was written all over your face.  Remember, that's what teacher's do, we talk. A Lot.  For this exercise it's going to be really straightforward.  You're going to hit me.  Don't worry, I'll be dodging and weaving so it shouldn't be too serious, but when I say Go, I am not your fellow Starfleet Officer, I am not Enyd's friend, you come after me like I'm a Romulan trying to put a knife in Enyd.  Got it?  When I think it's enough, I will come after you." Zark wasn't really sure if he could make the transition as she watched his response, but it would have to do.  As she went to grab her own equipment, several curious eyes looked towards the ring and a few of the more familiar threw looks of sympathy.  Putting on her head protector, mouth guard, and gloves; Zark met Alistair back in the middle, she saw a trace of something in his eyes and smiled.  "Alistair, if you see an opening take it and don't worry about the consequences.  You're not going to really hurt me, I've been battered and bludgeoned so many times by Vulcans, Klingons, and Nausicans, this is gonna be a love tap by comparison.  Trust me, it won't be that bad."

Marine combat instructors had made it very clear, when your opponent outmassed you, it was guile and manoeuvrability, not raw power that was the lighter Andorian's best friend.  Zark had been smashed around several times before she'd learned that lesson.  The main issue here though was to test Alistair, which meant giving him a fighting chance while not getting hit.  So she could only partially do what a boxer on Earth, one Cassius Clay better known as Muhammad Ali, had done.  Should would have to float like a butterfly, without stinging like a bee.  At least not till later. She would make him to come to her, but she would generally bounce in, out, and around his arms and legs.  Some got frustrated and would try to tackle her, which usually led to them finding out what it was like to be a gymnastics springboard.  Giving the human a smile, Zark put her arms up to touch gloves.  When they did, the Andorian's sense of humour kicked in.  On her Go! Zark's hand flashed out and blue fingers grabbed the human's nose and gave it a twit before the lithe blue athletic alien bounced away.  "Come and get me Alistair!"

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Upper Gymnasium | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn. @RyeTanker

As he put on his headguard and inserted the gumguard, Alistair glanced around, curious to see if anyone was watching. Some indeed were, either openly or covertly, and the manner of the onlookers (including one young woman who flashed him a sarcastic thumbs up) made it obvious what they thought would happen. It was both worrying and encouraging; Zark evidently had a reputation for fighting, which was exactly what Alistair wanted, but it surely meant that an almighty ass-kicking was imminent.

Unfortunately, Alistair's determination to take things seriously was immediately derailed by Zark's smile and cheeky nose tweak. Trying and failing not to grin, Alistair responded with a heavy cross that met only air as Zark danced away. He tried to advance with more punches, but the nimble Andorian outmaneuvered him with ridiculous ease. Alistair's feet were like stone blocks, but Zark might as well have been on a trampoline.

Still, rather than grow frustrated, Alistair became analytical as he tried the same tactic again, pushing forward and trying to overwhelm Zark with sheer volume of strikes. It came closer to working than he expected. Alistair knew how to punch (even if all of his experience was on defenceless bags), and some strikes actually managed to land directly on Zark's guard as she dodged...which gave him an idea.

"Alright then," he muttered under his breath, considering his opponent, remembering how Zark had danced away. Again Alistair pushed forward, this time with more considered jabs akin to a boxer, plainly waiting for an opening. As he threatened to pin Zark into a corner, she attempted to bounce away...only for him to lunge and grab her wrist.

Reacting instinctively, Alistair yanked hard, pulling the off-balance Zark into him. What followed next should have been a textbook hip toss, half-remembered from a decade prior at the Academy, with Zark left helpless on the canvas to whatever Alistair did next while standing above her.

In actuality, the bungled throw resulted in both of them falling to the floor in a mess of tangled limbs and confusion. Alistair ended up face-planting into the canvas with a yelp, Zark's legs mixed with his. Before he could move, he felt Zark kneel on his back; the game was up.

"Alright," he said in bemusement where we lay, "that didn't go exactly as I planned."

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Upper Gymnasium | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff

Uhmmm. Oops.  Maybe that wasn't such a good idea.  Zark's internal monologue fired off to herself as she danced away from Alistair after pulling his nose.  And I really hope this isn't how he really fights. it finished as he flailed at her while she bounced away and kept her distance.  He wasn't really flailing, it just seemed that way as punches were being thrown in her direction.  It was visually impressive for sure.  There were a lot of punches coming in, but most of them were out of range and none of Zark's instincts were to block or do much, except keep moving.  Occasionally, she'd pull her body and head back, but the blue arms remained pretty much around her mid section for the entire first round.  This isn't working. the medico thought to herself. Okay, a little closer we go.  Alistair paused suddenly and Zark sat on the urge to rush him.  There was a legitimate reason to do so just to see how he handled defending himself, but she was more curious to see what he would come up with next.  When he moved, there was definitely more aggression, if not, more willingness to close.  

It took a conscious effort to shorten her strides so he could stay in range and now she did have to work to keep his hands off her.  It was still a flurry of punches, the maxim of throw enough at the wall and something would stick.  The blue head would duck a punch here, side step another punch there, throw her body out of the way then dip under another flying arm.  The cadence of the dance had definitely changed though as she felt the sting on her arms from deflecting a blow she couldn't dodge, or a glancing strike that brushed against her bicep with weave that didn't have enough room.  Still not enough to really hurt, but enough to know that there was a first class brain in that a bald head and it was working over time to figure out the problem of how to connect his fist with her one way or another.  A meaty thwap sounded in the ring as a punch came close and Zark had to swat it away with her own glove.  This was a good thing since it meant that he could learn quickly.  It was a double edged sword though since he needed time to think and that was a luxury that the majority of fights couldn't afford. 

There was another pause and Zark once again sat on the urge to rush him.  Her brain had already lined up the combination and in Alistair's current state, he would probably think he'd run into a hurricane.  He came at her and Zark had to keep dodging to the left.  Her mind absorbed the details of the ring and noted she was being crowded.  This counter relatively easy to get out of if she'd fought back, but at present, her respect for his mind in coming up with this solution increased as she was fast running out of room to run.  Then it happened, he moved quickly at her and the Andorian felt a pair of arms lunged to wrap themselves around her svelte waist.  Zark oofed as her momentum shifted suddenly and a trained reaction took over that doomed Alistair.  As his hip connected, the trained combat gymnast let momentum carry her as she twisted in his grip and grabbed him as she swung her legs around his back.  Muscular blue legs split in front of his chest and grabbed his neck in a scissors as she continued spinning and at a trained moment, her whole body pulled and dropped the halpless ops man on his chest with a thud.  Zark still had some residual momentum and landed on Alistair's legs, almost falling off, but kept her balance just enough to jump onto his back and grabbed his arms then drove her knee into his back.  The Andorian blinked as she'd realized what she'd done and dropped his arms as she hopped off him to sit on her butt.  The residual 'ooooohs!' and 'damns!' from the crowd could still be heard.  Zark grimaced at this "Oh Spirits. Alistair. I'm so sorry.  I didn't mean to toss you, I mean, it was automatic and..."

Zark forced herself to stop blubbering and got to her feat and helped Alistair get to his feat.  She took a moment to help straighten out his clothes before meeting his eyes. "Fighting with me is not a usual sample proposition of who you'd normally face Alistair.  I have years of training in some very unique combat methods that make normal combat techniques not as useful."  She gave him a wry smile before continuing.  "Your a fast learner, and you're on generally the right track, your last toss would have worked against most opponents, but if you're going to use that, use it somewhere confined where they'll hit a wall or something hard.  That's a good way to try, note try, to stun them so you can jump on them.  Doesn't always work since some opponents are just too tough or well trained and have a counter on hand in their muscle memory.  When you first meet them, you're better off doing this.  Get into a ready position.  Hands a bit lower. Good." 

When Alistair was ready, Zark moved in slowly and narrated as she went along.  "There's a lot of power in your legs, so use those to lift your opponent.  Grip their legs, and toss them." Zark moved in and planted her shoulder in his mid section and stopped.  "If you do this, move quick, and toss then fall on them."  The Andorian's arms grabbed around Alistair's thighs and she heaved.  It took a little more work since she had not charged him, but she dumped Alistair on his back and she her head and chest landed on his mid section.  Zark didn't even notice as her ample chest pressed and squashed on his crotch as she was too busy moving up his body and sitting on him to continue her explanation.  To some outside observers though it looked like she was straddling his pelvis with her butt. "When they're down, you have two options, the first one is to hammer they're crotch.  I'm being serious, it's debilitating as hell.  If you've been struck in the balls, you know it hurts too much to move.  The other if you land too far up is to go for their eyes, or hammer their neck.  The eyes are a terrifying thing to have attacked and opponents will do anything to protect them.  The throat isn't as obvious, but if you hit that, no breath and a massive loss in will to fight."

The medico climbed off and offered her hand for him to get up.  "Okay, now go ahead and toss me like I showed you.  Make sure to follow through with the motion to strike.  Don't actually hit me or I'll have to explain to Enyd why you're in sickbay, but go through the motions so you know what to do next.  Remember if you're low, hit the crotch.  If you're over, eyes and neck.  Whatever happens after you land, just start hitting."  Zark got into a much looser ready position and signalled for him to come at her.

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Upper Gymnasium | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn. @RyeTanker

As Zark explained, Alistair paid close attention, nodding when appropriate. Her positive method of teaching was refreshing, providing a stark contrast to his Academy experience. Despite his reservations, Alistair was surprised to find that despite everything, this was sort There was no pressure, no life or death stakes, no old instructor screaming invectives. Much like good exercise, it felt oddly good to stretch out in this way, to

Of course, after Zark tossed him on his ass, resulting in her placing her ass directly on his crotch...well, that was a bit too much fun, perhaps. Watching the buxom Andorian sit atop him was definitely too much fun. It took more concentration than Alistair would've liked to admit to keep his eyes looking where they should rather than where they wanted to look, not to mention stay relaxed in a critical area.

Focus, you idiot. You're doing this for a reason, remember?

Somewhat sobered, and with more focus in his eyes than before, Alistair got to his feet and eyed Zark carefully. Her words caused him to hesitate, however.

"I have to admit, it's not really in my nature to just...hit, like that," he admitted as he raised his hands and stepped carefully towards Zatk. Alistair's eyes flicked up and down her body as he prepared to attack, trying to stay aware of her movements and balance. "I mean...okay, I guess this isn't too different to using a phaser, we go..."

After gauging that he was close enough, Alistair abruptly tackled Zark, his arms wrapping around her thighs, lifting her up before slamming her down hard into the canvas. In his enthisiasm, Alistair had slammed her down rather too hard, and he fell fully on top of Zark, his face burying into her sternum. His blood rushing, Alistair hurriedly propped himself up with one hand before driving a fist into the canvas a safe distance from Zark's throat, but close enough to make the point. He grinned at his success before realisation dawned.

a) he had thrown Zark quite hard
b) he had punched the canvas quite hard too, to the point that his knuckles ached
c) his other hand was now pressing directly on Zark's breast

"Woah!" Alistair exclaimed, quickly removing the offending hand before sitting back, straddling Zark's stomach. "Sor...uh...actually, forget that. Any advantage in a fight, I get it, even if it isn't pretty or nice." Nevertheless, looking down at Zark, he winced. "I hope you're alright, I didn't mean to slam you like that."

Satisfied that Zark was alright, Alistair frowned, making no move to get up. " do you get out of a position like this? During the war, a Cardassian  did this to me, got on top of me like this, and I was...I had no idea what to do. She had her knife out before someone shot her and saved my ass. I...I really don't want to be that...helpless...again."

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Upper Gymnasium | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff

Zark didn't react negatively to being tossed.  That was expected since she'd asked him to do it.  What she did react to was being dropped like a sack of bricks on the ring floor. Her mind realized she was going too fast and came with the appropriate internal response of Oh Shelat! before she oofed hard as the air was knocked out of her from having her back slammed, then she grunted again when the bald head dropped on her.  For a split second, Alistair was in danger of heaving his head caved in by the Andorian's elbow as her muscle reactions tried to kick in.  Instead, the medicos mind forced control on her arms while inhaling deeply to get the air back in her lungs.  Lying there for a bit, she felt a pressure on her chest and as her lungs heaved to bring the oxygen levels back up, she spotted a pale human hand on her breast and quickly traced it back to the bald man on top of her.  If it had been anyone else, she likely would have just tossed them off, but since it was Enyd's man, she looked directly into his eyes and smirked as her eyes narrowed seductively at him.  She didn't have to say a word as Alistair realized what he'd done and let go of her breast, then began blubbering at her.  Raising herself on her elbows, Zark considered her response, and briefly considered punching him in the nuts as a demonstration, especially since they were right there, but that would be too much.  Being in public also forced her to toss out grabbing him by his shaft and making him uncomfortable really quickly.  On the other hand, there wasn't any harm in letting him know what the options were.  "Alistair, first off, don't worry about it, you actually didn't drop me that hard and I've been through much worse.  Next to get out of this, you do have a few options.  If they've paused to gloat, kinda like in the position you are now, I'd hit them in the crotch.  I know you said it's not something you think of doing, but "  Zark's slender finger got close to his member and drew an air circle around it. "It's all sitting there and as you can see, my hands are free, so I can still punch and defend myself." Her smirk faded and she looked dead serious into his eyes. "Alistair, when someone appears to be trying to kill you, your animal instincts for survival will kick in. When that happens, your automatic reactions will go for anything. It's just a matter if you hit the right thing to get out."  Zark smiled once more. "On the other hand, before that happens, you can always do this to get out. "

Zark planted her feet on the floor and shoved her hips up.  Alistair was sent towards her head and she gripped his right arm, and planted her shin against his left thigh and pushed.  With one leg up, Zark's other leg got under the ops man and pushed him off. Alistair was on his back once more as Zark didn't let go of his arm and climbed on top and planted her knees on his arms.  A wolf whistle sounded from somewhere in the gym since it looked like Alistair's face was in the Andorian's crotch and Zark mentally sniggered as she had to bend over to see her trainee's face since her chest was in the way. She bent over to see him as she planted her shapely posterior on his chest.   "Alistair, the main thing for getting out of someone who is straddling you is to keep struggling.  If you hadn't got control of my arms, one thing I would have done was gotten my arms up in front of of me so I could fight while they're not immobilized.   I'd also be jerking my body around like wild worm just to make it hard." The Andorian unconsciously rubbed her butt into his chest to get it settled better.  "if they do get a hold of your arms, stretch them out and twist your body, then fight like hell to get out."  Zark got off Alistair, then pulled him on to her several more times to demonstrate where to place his hands and legs.  Incidentally, her butt continued to land all over his torso after the escape.

After repeating the demonstration almost a dozen times, the Andorian butt crawled backwards on Alistair as she got off his arms till she got to his stomach, rubbing herself on him the entire way.  Placing her hands on his arms to hold him down, she leaned over and gave the human an unrestricted view of her cleavage.  "Okay, Alistair, it's your turn to get out.  Remember to fight to get out, but this isn't life and death, so don't get carried away, or I'm telling Enyd you like to play rough in bed."

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Upper Gymnasium | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn. @RyeTanker

Yep: this was definitely too much fun. The wolf whistle from an onlooker made it clear that Alistair wasn't alone in thinking it, as his face came perilously close to Zark's nethers. If not for some well-founded determination, not to mention a commitment to another woman, Alistair might've had to tap out. There was, after all, only so much close grappling with a gorgeous scantily-clad Andorian that a man could endure before modesty became compromised. Every time that he risked becoming distracted, however, Alistair started to force himself back to that memory on the Pioneer: the impossible strength with which the Cardassian had held him down, the stench of roasting flesh around them, the screeching of phaser fire, the grating red alert siren, the rage in the Cardassian's eyes as she drew her knife, the fear in her eyes when she looked up...

...the searing orange phaser beam piercing her chest. The horrible silence with which she died; no scream, no cry, not even a grunt before her lifeless body fell on his. Irrational though he knew it was, Alistair still grieved for that stranger who had so very nearly killed him. He wasn't just training to protect himself and his crewmates. He was training for her.

Thus, fully focused, Alistair paid close attention, ignoring any potential distractions (Zark's smooth azure skin, her perfect pert butt, her fascinating antennae, the scent of her sweat). He continually re-mounted Zark without comment, taking careful mental note of how she escaped each time, no longer smiling or exuberant. His focus was most strongly tested, however, when Zark climbed down him until finally she was pinning him, presenting a view down her sports bra that left little to the imagination.


Alistair immediately wrenched his eyes back to Zark's, praying that she didn't catch his lapse. His arms were securely pinned by her, adding an extra layer of difficulty, but he tried to look unperturbed as Zark issued her teasing warning. Their faces were uncomfortably close, but rather than became embarrassed (and indeed, his cheeks were blushing), Alistair just rolled his eyes.

"Please don't give her any more ideas," he whispered in exasperation. Before Zark could respond, he pistoned his hips upward, driving her up...and, unfortunately, smothering Alistair's face with Andorian breasts. Not giving himself time to think (or panic), Alistair continued the technique blind, managing to shove Zark off him before he swiftly followed through until he was stradding her torso. Only one arm was trapped, but reacting instinctively, Alistair simply grabbed Zark's wrist with one hand as he held a clenched fist high, ready to strike.

"Woah," he said in astonishment, finally grinning down at his trainer as he let go of he wrist. The escape hadn't been as explosive or precise as Zark's, but even a little slower, it had been unquestionably effective. There was a brief bout of applause from some onlookers, and Alistair's grin turned sheepish as he hurriedly got to his feet before extending a hand to help Zark up as well.

"I'll be honest," he said, still grinning as he rolled his muscular shoulders, "I didn't think that I'd be able to do any of that this morning, or...uh, that I'd enjoy it so much. You're good at this, Zark. I'll grant that it's probably a redundant compliment, I'm sure you already know how good you are, but...uh, there it is, I guess."

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Upper Gymnasium | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff

Zark had gotten her read of Alistair and after she'd landed on her back with a bit of a thud, she smiled.  He'd gotten it and more importantly, he felt he could make a fight of it, which was important since he wouldn't give up or hide like most untrained would do.  And she thanked him.  It was always nice to be thanked.  Thanking this particular Andorian was something else though as she gratefully accepting his arm, she hauled herself back up and threw her arms around his shoulders and closed her eyes to kiss him on the lips.  It was neither a peck, nor was it a passionate attempt to get his mouth open.  I can see Enyd getting used to this. The scantily clad trainer thought to herself as she pulled back with her trade mark lavacious smirk.  A bubble of silence seemed to descend around the ring as on lookers couldn't believe what they were seeing.  Until Zark stepped back, a slender arm traced along the back of his head and long his chin, and the tip of her finger stopped at his mouth in the universally seductive sign to be quiet. As the blue hand fell away and the blue body bounced back a bit waving her hair and chest, she stopped suddenly and spread her legs low and bend over and let gravity have its way trying to pull her full breasts down. 

This gave Zark the three to five seconds she needed to put a about a meter between herself and Alistair, then yelled as she charged him and grabbed his legs and bowled him over.  Only idiots in holodramas stopped to explain what was going on Zark was nobody's fool in combat as she gripped his shirt and rolled hard to one side as she pulled her legs in. Her legs were her next most lethal asset as she let out a high pitched grunt used them to heave Alistair over her head on to his back in another crash of body meeting mat at high velocity.  A collective 'ooooooh' went up from the crowd of on lookers as the acrobatic Andorian stomped her foot on the mat and bounced in a reverse flip and dropped her posterior on Alistair's chest. Hard.  Taking care of winding the man, she rolled the side and put him in an arm lock and pulled his arm to near breaking point before letting go and throwing the arm aside.  The medico stood up and approached the flattened out and no doubt knocked silly ops man and stood over his head so she looked upside down to him.  "Close quarters combat is brutal as it is sudden Alistair.  The second your on the ground, start flailing, it's better than nothing.  Also, if you know you're likely gonna face a fight, keep your senses open since you could be in a scuffle very quickly and need to start hitting."  Placing her hands on her hips, she leaned in bit closer and lowered her voice so only he could hear her.  "Enyd is plenty kinky and doesn't need ideas from me, she just hasn't totally accepted or figured it all out yet, so don't be surprised if her menu starts to change."

Zark stepped back and walked to a corner, unconsciously shaking her hips as she went.  "You wanted training to be tough Mr.Leavitt, so get up and shake it off and let's see how you do.  Computer, generate a Romulan opponent Level 4 for Alistair Leavitt. Best two falls out of three."  A hologram of a typical Romulan Male in military uniform appeared in the middle of the ring.  Zark reached the corner and took a moment to grab a sip of water from the bottle before wrapping an arm under her chest as she held the bottle close to her face.  "Okay Alistair, you still a bunch to learn, but let's see what else you can do.  Begin when you're ready, and remember what I said about balls, neck and eyes."

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Upper Gymnasium | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn. @RyeTanker

The kiss, having come quite literally out of the blue, stunned Alistair just as surely as a phaser shot. After Enyd broke away, he stood there, frozen, mouthing wordlessly as his brain tried to catch up. Thus, when Zark charged him and flipped him around like a baseball, he was still too shocked to resist, not that he could, in any event. Zark's speed and ferocity were astounding, as a dull ache in his sternum now attested to.

After Zark stood up, Alistair remained flat on his back, looking up at the ceiling in a daze. When she proferred the key lesson, he wearily raised a thumbs up, but when Zark added the extra bit of advice, he gulped. Who even said stuff like that!? In public, no less? Then again, if anyone was going to be Enyd's best friend...and heck, it wasn't even bad advice. It was just...late.

With a groan, Alistair got to his feet as the hologram appeared. It was as generic as could be, with drab loose clothing, close-cut black hair and a cranial ridge. The eyes, however, were the critical giveaway, affixing on Alistair with a machine's focus as the hologram dropped into a low fighting stance. The Romulan looked unassuming, but Alistair remembered all too well that they were considerably stronger than humans, which the computer would surely match.

Or would it?

"Pause program," Alistair said with a frown as he crossed his arms. "This won't work. I know, logically, that the hologram won't hurt me, so I'm not afraid of it. That alters my approach. So...oh, I'm really going to regret this. Computer, deactivate safety protcols, authorisation Leavitt kappa 042, and match the hologram's physical capabilities to the Romulan military average."

There was a low whistle from somewhere else in the gym, but Alistair ignored it. Instead he moved over to Zark, smiling sheepishly. "If it looks like I'm about to get seriously hurt, please do me a favour and stop it. Broken bones really don't sound like fun." Alistair turned back to the hologram and inhaled, summoning the nerve to fight and, in all likelihood, get his ass kicked in a painful and public manner. He reminded himself of Betazed, of the Eclipse, of Praxis...this was nothing compared to that. It was nothing. Nothing at all. Nothing. Yep. Easy. Right.

Feeling a sudden burst of daring, and wanting some payback for the kiss, Alistair grinned at Zark. "Oh, when it comes to me, you have no idea."

With that, he stepped forward, mimicking the hologram's stance, legs bent and far apart, hands up, center of gravity low. As he closed the distance, the computer decided that the bout had begun and the Romulan started to side-step, eyeing Alistair cautiously. They stayed like that for a few moments, circling each other warily, before Alistair charged to tackle the Romulan...

...only to end up flat on his chest a moment later, his head ringing, having absolutely no idea how he'd gotten there. Dazed, Alistair  got to his feet, gingerly feeling around the headguard. He was reasonably sure that it had protected him from real harm, but still...what the heck had just happened?

"Don't say it," he said to Zark with a raised finger before getting back into a fighting stance, matched by the hologram. "Two out of three, I'm going to beat this."

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Upper Gymnasium | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff

Zark frowned at the disabling of the safeties.  She understood why he had opted to do so, but White eyebrows bounced up and down at Alistair's remark followed by a "Oh, I think I do." with a smirk.  The smirk settled into a small smile as she took another sip of water and waited for Alistair to begin.  It didn't take long as the two closed and began to circle.  If this had been a competitive match, the Security Officer would have groaned as Alistair tried to use what he'd been taught, but it backfired rather spectacularly, and the blue lips frowned instead as she recorded the little details for her debrief. 

In some ways, it was better that Alistair was fighting a lower level Romulan hologram rather than herself.  If he'd tried that with her, she probably would have broken his face with a very hard knee to the nose.  There were subtleties though that Alistair may not have picked up.  It was fair though since he didn't train in this sort of work often.  "Alistair, you're in a competition setting, not a desperate sudden fight.  When you're fighting in this setting, attack, but don't over commit. Wait for him to make a mistake. Remember the other moves they taught you at the Academy. "

Zark settled against the pad on the corner of the ring, and settled in to watch Alistair got at it again. She clocked the command to freeze the computer if it looked like Alistair was going to get badly hurt. Then one last though stuck before the two recommenced. "Computer, reset the falls." There was a beep. "Okay. Begin!"

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Upper Gymnasium | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn. @RyeTanker

Upon hearing Zark's criticism, Alistair gave her a sheepish thumbs up as he got back into position. She was right, of course, he had been a bit naive to try it, but at the same time, the Academy's hand-to-hand training felt like an eternity in the past. Even then, Alistair hadn't put much effort into it, just enough to get a passing grade each semester. He'd worked himself half to death on the phaser range, of course, had spent long nights looking up tactical scenarios and had trained relentlessly in the simulator on damage control. Amidst the second Borg invasion, hostilities with the Klingons and the inevitability of war with the Dominion, Alistair had prepared well for combat.

He had, however, thought (like an idiot) that hand-to-hand was a waste of time. No matter how hard he trained, how could he fight a Klingon, a Jem'hadar, a Borg in hand-to-hand? It had been a foolish belief, one quickly disspelled by experience, but the memory (plus its attendant guilt and shame) was a powerful motivator.

Once more, Alistair and the Romulan began slowly circling, both in a fighting stance. Most of the crowd in the gym paused their exercise, hushed as they watched, a tense silence filling the room. Alistair abruptly hopped forward with a strong cross but the Romulan ducked and slammed his fist hard into Alistair's ribs, then again, then again. The human cried out in pain, but reacting instinctively, he did the only thing that he could think of: Alistair clasped his hands together and hammered his joined fist down onto the Romulan's skull.

It was the hologram's turn to groan in discomfort, staggering away from the heavy blow. Alistair hesitated despite his aching ribs; it went against every instinct to attack someone who was hurt. Nevertheless, reminding himself that the hologram wasn't sentient, he pushed forward and attempted another powerful cross. The Romulan blocked with his forearm but in a flash Alistair did something quite undignified; he stepped up and drove his knee up into the Romulan's crotch as hard as he could.

The male onlookers all collectively winced. A couple of women cheered.

The Romulan's face turned a nasty shade of green as he curled inward, hands covering his abused groin, whining softly. Realising that he had to finish it, Alistair reluctantly grabbed his opponent's head with one hand and held it as he raised a fist and unleashed an almighty straight punch. The hologram fell backwards, landing on the canvas before fizzling out of existence a moment later. A loud beep rang in the gym, indicating the victory.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Upper Gymnasium | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff

"Hah!" Zark's singular laugh barked out when she saw that Alistair had over come his sense of decency a solid knee connected with the Romulan's groin.  He was definitely going to be an under emergency situations type of fighter, so she wasn't too surprised he'd received a battering first.  There were so many trained instinct reactions he simply didn't have without practice.  The Andorian's mind wandered to Ida's fight with Logan Hale had proved that point since she couldn't just use her fists on the boxing night.  Hale had actually been lucky that it wasn't a free for all.  If Ida had been allowed to use her legs as well, he'd probably still  be in sickbay.  Well, maybe with more practice if they made it out of their next jaunt, Alistair would pick up more skills.  The medic pushed herself off the corner and signalled for an onlooker to grab the medkit.  One of the males brought it over, though he looked to be walking a little funny, and that was understandable as well.

Zark smiled as she thanked him and brought the kit over to the ops man and her face turned semi serious as she lifted his shirt up to take a look at the hits he'd taken.  With the safeties off, she had to treat it like a real fight and that meant checks after fall.  It really was a very nicely defined muscle set the Zhen thought to herself as she began running her hands along his ribs.  The blue antennae twitched when she thought she heard what sounded like a growl coming out of someone outside the ring, but she ignored it as her smile turned to a frown.  "That's gonna bruise and under normal circumstances I'd let it turn black and blue, but you still have two more rounds."  Zark grabbed the dermal regenerator and began hastily repairing the damage, though not completely, just enough to not be too debilitating if he got hit there again.  "I know you were circling, but you need to work on dodging.  When you watch his whole body, you're mind will get a sense that something is about to happen.  It's kind of like how you can read a large body of text, then pick out the important bits.  It'll take some practice, but for the time being, try to keep your distance, and let the fight come to you.  When they make a mistake, they're vulnerable, then you strike.  A mistake can be moving too slow, or over extending when trying to hit and unable to reset in time.  "  Zark finished her critique.  She then injected him with 2cc of a Terakine for the pain.

Zark closed the kit and picked it up then placed a comradely hand on Alistair's shoulder.  "Don't worry about taking time to learn some things here, that's what practice is for.  You can let him strike at you and work on your defence."  Leaving Alistair with that thought, Zark went back to her corner to watch and waved at Alistair to begin when he was ready again.

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Upper Gymnasium | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn. @RyeTanker

After Zark tended to him and gave her critique, Alistair was in remarkably high spirits. A win was a win, after all, even if it hadn't been especially graceful, and his instructor seemed optimistic. The painkiller and dermal regeneration were welcome, but Zark's laugh was the best tonic of all. There was still a lot of training ahead, but if Zark was laughing, Alistair wasn't starting from as big a disadvantage as he'd thought.

Really, given his experience, he should've known what would happen next.

When the next fight began, the Romulan darted forward immediately. Alistair jumped to the side but the Romulan grabbed his wrist and, with his opponent caught and exposed, unleashed a powerful roundhouse kick into Alistair's stomach. The sharp slap was audible throughout the entire gym, with the audience looking distinctly worried as Alistair coughed hoarsely.

Before the Romulan could try again, however, Alistair acted purely on pain-triggered instinct. He jerked his caught wrist bacl sharply, pulling his opponent to him. The Romulan leaned into it, wrapping his arms around Alistair's torso and burying his head against Alistair's side, but try as he might, the hologram couldn't tip his opponent over with Alistair's powerful legs braced against the mat.

They stayed still for a few moments, brute strength against brute strength, Alistair frantically trying to think of what to do next. Zark had advised him to dodge and work on his defence...well, he was defending, but the dodge had failed spectacularly. Instead, Alistair could only wrap his arms around his opponent's torso and hold tight. The two men shifted a bit, grunting in exertion, and Alistair tried punching the Romulan's back, but didn't have the leverage to do much damage.

Wait a minute...

It was surely a bad idea, but there was nothing for it with his feet starting to slip, his knees dipping further and further. Alistair hooked his arms under the Romulan's waist and, with a growl of exertion, pulled up. It took all of his strength but he managed to get some leverage and, with an almighty effort, twist his own body around to hurl the Romulan away to the sound of ripping fabric. The hologram fell to the mat before vanishing as the beep rang out again.

Some of the crowd began clapping while a less subtle crewman wolf-whistled. Grinning rather sheepishly, Alistair glanced down and realised that his shirt was torn in half, some of it hanging limply to the side. Resigned, he simply took the thing off as he returned to Zark. He was covered in sweat, his abdominal muscles bearing a scarlet mark from the kick.

"Okay, know that didn't go as planned," he said to Zark as he rubbed the back of his neck.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Upper Gymnasium | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff

Zark winced when Alistair got hit by the round house, and a fragment of her attention was wondering how she was going to explain to Enyd that her man was coming out in significantly worse shape than when he went in.  The next few moves were really sloppy, it was a straight contested strength contest, but one that Alistair was suited to and she made note of it.  Zark noted what she would have done differently in the same situation, but this seemed to suit Alistair pretty well since he wasn't on his ass getting beat at the moment. With a final heave, Alistair threw the Romulan and Zark laughed and clapped as she blew an appreciative whistle at Alistair's appearance.

Putting the med kit over her shoulder, the smiling Andorian clapped as she made her way over and her curves naturally swayed as she moved.  Alistair's observation was an astute one given his victory and she nodded in agreement. "If it looks  dumb and it works Alistair, it isn't dumb at all.  Your reward for winning the fights is you're alive and can keep going.  Now come on, let's get this new bruise looked over."  The crowd began to disperse as Zark pretty much ended the fight and guided man with the torn shirt to a stool on the corner.  She pursed her lips for a moment in quiet whistle and looked up at the human, giving him the quintessential siren eyed look as she smirked.  Her eyebrows bounced up and down a couple of times to top it all off before she went back to examining the tear and bruise that was rapidly forming.  "Welcome to the Kirk fight club Mr.Leavitt, never left a shirt intact after a fight that one."  The dermal regenerator came out and she began the healing process.

She let that sit for a moment while she worked before delivering her verdict as her smile became more of grin.  "You definitely have the survivors capability Alistair, so as long as you keep your head and use that inner animal, I think you'll prove quite the surprise for anyone you  go hand to hand with."  It didn't take long to heal the wounds.  Grabbing a water bottle, she handed it Alistair, the offered her final words of advice.  "That's enough for today.  It'll take your mind a night to absorb the information.  Now, I'd suggest you try to get in one or two more training sessions before we break orbit.  You can up the level, but "  and Zark waved a blue finger in a universal sign of don't do something. "Don't disable the holodeck safeties.  There may not be someone around to pull your ass out of the crack if you're seriously injured.  I wouldn't worry too much about the pain-lesson factor.  You'll still bruise nicely."  The Andorian tapped her chin for a moment as she worked to remember something, then stopped when it came to her.  "Also, when you get the chance.  Watch a replay of your self after a fight, and ask the computer for alternatives when something goes wrong.  It'll help identify key tells so you know what to do right next time."  Zark smiled brightly once more as she placed her hands on her hips.  "Sound good?"

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Upper Gymnasium | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn. @RyeTanker

Flushed from the win, Alistair happily sat down to let Zark tend to him. He didn't feel especially fatigued, sweating aside, but his muscles ached in protest at the unusual workout that they'd endured. The Kirk reference earned a chuckle; Alistair Leavitt and James T. Kirk shared a species, gender and profession, but otherwise couldn't be more different. As Zark slowly healed the wound, he even wondered how Kirk would've handled recent events. Betazed? The Borg Infested? Praxis?

He couldn't have done better than me. The realisation was startling, but try as he might, Alistair couldn't find the flaw in his logic. There was no winning the fight on the Eclipse Bridge. There was just screaming and no no, not going there...Praxis, right. What else could've been done? Alistair and Scruffy had to get to the bomb, there was no time to help fight the Klingons or the Infested monster. Even the legendary Kirk couldn't have done that faster, or configured the grav crane before it switched off, or saved Scruffy.


Somewhat bemused by his inner ruminations, Alistair refocused on Zark as she started talking, and he smiled with embarrassment at her compliments. It was easy, all things considered, to see why Enyd was so fond of the playful medic. Zark was bonkers, no doubt, but it was endearing all the same, and she had a kind soul. It was, all things considered, fortunate that he'd not sought out training with her before Enyd. Before that carnal release (desperately needed), he would've driven mad by the flirtatious Zark and her ravishing body.

Okay, there's one situation where Kirk would've done better than me.

"Got it," Alistair answered with a grin, holding up three fingers to count down. "More training, keep the holodeck safeties on, study the replay. I could run an analysis, actually...yeah, if I apply a few IPA protocols, link up to the computer's martial arts database, maybe build a model when I have a sufficient dataset, then work on simulations and match the results to my training..."

Seeing Zark's expression, Alistair shook the errant tangent off and got to his feet. He was only marginally taller than Zark, not counting the antennae. "Seriously, thank you, Zark. I'm glad that I finally got to meet you. If this stuff saves my life one day, I'll...uh...owe you. I have no idea what...oh, you get to pick, that works."

A moment later, Alistair realised the landmine that he'd stepped on and raised his hands. "Within reason," he emphasised carefully. "Anyway, I need to go ahead and get a shower, I have a duty shift tonight."

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Upper Gymnasium | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff

Zark continued to work the dermal regenerator and her head bobbed in small nods as Alistair repeated back to her the things he was going to do in the future along with his own analysis.  While her hands were sort of auto pilot, her conscious thought process did hiccup when he offered anything she wanted as a thank you for her help.  It was too ingranied in her as she looked up with those siren eyes and smirked in an expression that screamed Oh really??

Her smirk became a smile when he tried to to back pedal and make it serious by adding limits to what he could do.  Since within reason was subject to interpretation and Zark's range of reasonable could be quite wide, her eyebrows bounced that pretty much told the human Too late. Gently grabbing his head, she turned it to one side to check out one side of his head and furrowed her brows as she moved in closer.   "You in front, Enyd in the middle, and me behind her in a threesome." She slowly and delectably breathed into his ear.  As she pulled back, Zark looked down and probably despite his best efforts, there was a bulge in the right spot as his unconscious made a decision.

Zark pulled back with a giggle and took mercy on Alistair as she placed her hands on his shoulder and looked him eye as her face was a only a few inches from his.  If he looked down, the view would be glorious. "Only if you two really want to Alistair.  Although If I need something fixed, I'll be in touch, but more likely, just keep yourself alive and make sure Enyd can look forward to someone coming back to her. Okay?" Zark's smile went from salacious to warm and caring as her eyes grew wider and mouth evened out.

The medic helped the operations man to his feet and gave him a hard stare as she came to a decision.  The blue head darted in suddenly and planted a quick kiss on the man's cheek, then held open the ropes for him to leave.  A few cat calls and whistles followed to which the Andorian smiled as she turned to face the crowd.  "Oh! you like that?  Who wants to come in here for 10 full contact rounds with me? I promise to try to put you back the way I found you."  The calls quickly stopped and everyone quickly dispersed, suddenly finding the other equipment much more interesting.  One woman, maybe more aggression than sense grabbed a pair of boxing gloves and a helmet and made her way to the ring.  Zark smiled ferally after she let go of the ring ropes and turned to the retreating for of Alistair Leavitt one more time.  "It was a pleasure to meet you Mister Leavitt.  Come back safe for all our sakes." she said quietly to his back.  Heading to her corner to retrieve her equipment, Zark put the last session she had out of her mind and prepared to open a can of whoop ass.


Re: Day 17 [1500 hrs] Oh Lawd Have Mercy!

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Upper Gymnasium | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn. @RyeTanker

One sentence, just a few whispered words, proved much more effective than anything else that Zark had unleashed upon him so far. Alistair could've been knocked down with a feather in that moment. Zark didn't particularly help matters by looking him in the eye with that devilish mischief, only softened by her kind words. She evidently had no idea that he and Enyd were several steps ahead of her, which only worsened Alistair's physical predicament. His shorts made such engorged endowments difficult to conceal (and more than a little uncomfortable), as Zark surely knew.

Mollified by Zark's affectionate kiss on the cheek and parting remarks, Alistair smiled nervously at her before going on his way, waving over his shoulder when Zark added her final farewell. Her taunts to everyone had him chuckling to himself, sorely wishing that he could watch Zark play with her newest toy, but instead, Alistair made a beeline for the changing room. A couple of women were present but (aside from covert glances) paid him no heed, continuing to chat as they changed, much to his relief. His manhood had mostly returned to normal by then, fortunately, so Alistair wasted no time stripping off and moving into the solitude of a shower.

"Water shower, hot," he called out, and Alistair sighed in relief as he felt the hot water pour over his body. Amidst the growing steam, he started to clean himself, thoroughly distracted by the memory of Zark...her smile, her curves, her athleticism, the press of her body against his. She was undoubtedly a very beautiful woman, and the thought of sharing her with Enyd was provocative indeed. Even setting aside the erotic aspect, there was something...fulfilling...about such an encounter involving the three of them. Comforting. Exciting, but also...wholesome?

"These people are going to be the death of me," Alistair muttered to himself amidst the loud shower, frowning as he felt that he was becoming erect once more, even despite the hot water. Having no intention of working a Bridge duty shift in such an aroused state, but similarly not wanting to deal with his erection in a public shower, Alistair sighed. "Computer, deactivate shower. In...uh...ten seconds, reactivate shower at ten degrees for one minute."

Ten seconds later, the women in the changing room were startled by a muffled chorus of "ah ah ah AH!", "fuckity fuck fuck!" and "yeow!" coming from the showers. After a moment of confusion, they shrugged it off and resumed their conversation, both grinning.


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