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Day 13 [0900 hrs.] A New Form

[Lieutenant Junior Grade Amanda Ashby | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy]
Attn: @BipSpoon

She had been here before, roughly a week earlier, when Lieutenant Commander Hathev asked her to do a psychiatric examination of a TACCONN Fighter Pilot who was arrested on suspicions of sabotaging the ongoing mission. Back then, she hadn’t been aboard the USS Theurgy long enough to memorize the layout of the massive ship though and, as a result, the blonde-haired Martian eventually found herself so hopelessly lost on Deck 07 that she’d ended up asking for directions. Now, a week later, Amanda immediately asked for directions upon getting off the turbolift and the Bolian whom she’d asked, who turned out to be a Security Officer himself, was kind enough to escort her to the Security Center. Some people would call that progress.

Amanda, always the annoyingly cheerful optimist, was one of those people.

The reason for coming here was entirely different this time though; last week it’d been business that drove her to the Security Center, yet this time it was something of a far more personal nature. Over the last two weeks aboard the USS Theurgy Amanda had begun to realise that their mission was just slightly more dangerous than her average short-range planetary survey missions aboard the USS Aurora. During the Battle of Vector 1, where Lieutenant Valyn Amarik saved her lived on several occasions within the span of a single afternoon, the blonde-haired Martian learned the hard way that, despite being in a side-branch of Starfleet Medical, it didn’t automatically meant that her status as a non-combatant would be respected by everyone.

That was exactly the reason why Amanda found herself in the Security Center this time, seated on the uncomfortable waiting room couch while playing Farmtown on her PADD. During the Battle of Vector 1 she’d been forced to fight, but her aiming with a Type-III Phaser Rifle turned out to be so poor that she’d hit the bulkheads more often than the hostile Klingons whom she’d actually aimed at. As such, Amanda had found herself approaching the very woman who had saved her life and whom she now considered a friend, Lieutenant Valyn Amarik, and in a half-hearted attempt at humour asked the blonde-haired Vulcan to teach her how to shoot properly before Thea would start to take things personal. Much to Amanda’s delight, Valyn accepted right away and that was why the gleeful Psychiatrist, who regarded this to be a friend’s day out just as much as serious phaser training, was now waiting for her friend to arrive.

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[ Lieutenant Valyn Amarik | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nesota Kynnovan  [Show/Hide]
Valyn had received the message from Amanda, and accepted her request without hesitation. Not only did she actually like Amanda, given that they’d fought through hordes of angry Klingons with one another, but she’d seen that the woman really did need some extra work with her phasers, and she wasn’t the sort to turn down a crew mate asking for help. So, Valyn left the intelligence center around 0830 and made her way through the bowels of the ship, until she’d found herself at the security center.

It wasn’t her first time there, hell it had been where she’d been stationed when she’d first come aboard. Before the attack, before the rescue, and before her transfer. Valyn had worn her normal uniform, pressed to perfection, her head just slightly slicked back over her Romulan ears. She greeted the man at the desk, but continued on inside without waiting for anyone, and she was welcome for the most part. She’d lost access to a few areas, but aside from that her access remained the same.

Seeing Amanda, Valyn called out, in that telltale southern drawl of hers, “Ashby!” She shot a smile her way and approached the counselor. “I’m glad you reached out. We’ll make it fun.” She ushered her to follow along with her and wound her way back towards the fire range, fetching a few weapons on the way in. She’d chosen the basics to start with: a pulse phaser pistol, a type-III rifle, and a standard issue hand phaser. Each of them had merits and flaws, and out of the three Valyn herself was partial to the pistol variant.

“Before you even start firing though, we’re going to work on your stance.” She grabbed the hand-phaser and demonstrated, placing her feet shoulder-width apart and aiming down range with one hand on the weapon, extending her arm forward and holding the weapon at eye level. After a moment of showing Amanda the position, she offered the weapon over. “We’ll work our way through the others too, shoot some shit, then we’ll run a course to finish up?” She wanted Amanda’s opinion as much as anything else, “And since we’re on a holographic range, I’ll have Thea give us a few more…entertaining items to shoot at the end.” Valyn knew how to have fun when it came to weapons.

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[Lieutenant Junior Grade Amanda Ashby | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy]
Attn: @BipSpoon

Upon hearing how her name was being called in a telltale southern tone of voice that could only be Valyn’s, Amanda’s blue eyes immediately came up from her PADD to meet the blonde-haired Romulan. Her enthusiasm about this fun (and definitely educational!) morning pastime between friends clearly showed as the equally blonde-haired Psychiatrist stood up, picked up the picnic basket she’d brought along, and presented the Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer with her friendly signature smile before following the woman deeper into the Security Center.

When they arrived at their destination, the holographic range, Amanda looked over the three weapons with great interest. She quite honestly hadn’t fired a pulse phaser pistol since her days at Cape Valencia -the Martian campus of Starfleet Academy- and never fired any other weapons either until forced to during the Battle of Vector 01; and even at that point she’d done so with great initial hesitation.

As Valyn demonstrated the firing stance Amanda carefully watched her and, after putting her picnic basket down on the table next to the weapons, attempted to copy the other woman’s stance. During the fight against the hostile Klingons she had mainly fired from cover, firing blindly at any Klingon in her general vicinity while trying her best to present them with as little a target as possible, and it quite honestly felt strange to take up a proper firing position again. Then again… her aiming had been downright abysmal during the entire encounter. ”I’m not going to lie, I haven’t practiced this since Starfleet Academy and… it feels rather strange to do this again.” The tone of Amanda’s voice was only further accentuated by her apologetic grin, but as Valyn offered her the hand phaser everything began to come back to her quite fast as long-since forgotten Academy training came bubbling back up to the surface. Not that her aiming was likely to improve just because of that, but some people would nevertheless call it progress!

In response to Valyn’s question about running a course to finish up, Amanda just presented the other woman with an enthusiastic nod. ”Yeah, definitely! That sounds like a lot of fun.” With those words, Amanda put the Type-II Phaser back down onto the table and took a hold of the somewhat heavier pulse phaser pistol. It quite honestly felt odd to hold such a cumbersome weapon, especially in comparison to the sleek Type-II Phaser which could be fired by a single press of a button, and Amanda fumbled with it just briefly; taking great care to avoid pulling the trigger by accident. ”I honestly haven’t held one of these since Starfleet Academy either, this will take some getting used to!” As she spoke, the blonde-haired Martian observed the weapon in her hand as if it was the strangest thing in the known Galaxy before carefully putting it back down on the table and turning her attention to Valyn. ”If I may ask though, which one of these weapons has your preference?”


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[ Lieutenant Valyn Amarik | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nesota Kynnovan [Show/Hide]
Valyn for her part looked absolutely radiant with excitement. She took any chance she could get to have some time on the range. Amanda hadn’t done terribly during the boarding but there was certainly things she could improve upon, so a fun day at the range had the chance to become something useful. Her eyes darted down to take a quick glance at the picnic basket, but she didn’t question it just yet, instead just leading her into the range and letting the woman look over the weapons.

She kept a close eye on Amanda's facial expression and body language, “You’ll do fine, I think. Starfleet does a good job of making the training stick, even with officers typically reserved to non-combat specialities.” Valyn firmly believed that each and every Starfleet officer had the duty to one another to be able to hold their own should it come down to it. Space was a dangerous and violent place, the officers of the fleet had nobody to rely upon besides themselves and their crew mates. Often, by the time Starfleet received word of a need for assistance, it was too late. In any case, it wasn’t as if Theurgy could just ring Starfleet HQ up and ask for help. According to the fleet, they were the bad guys after all.

“That’s alright. We’ll get your basics back up to snuff, then you’re gonna be practicing a lot more often.” She smirked at Amanda, not ordering her to practice but leaving it clear that should their lessons be successful, Amanda would need to continue to practice and hone her skills. Watching her take position with the hand phaser, she looked down range. “Computer, begin training simulation difficulty one, no target movement…five to ten meters.” Like magic, the targets appeared down range. There were six targets, scattered between five and ten meters away from the shooting point. If shot, the hovering disc would vanish, then reappear after a few moments, leaving the course open to continued practice without messing with the program itself. “Before you fire, check the phaser, see what setting you’re on. We’ll start with low stun, we don’t need to mess with anything else right now, just workin’ on stance and aim.” If she needed assistance activating the weapon and changing the firing mode, Valyn would assist, otherwise she left her to do it herself.

“I prefer the pistol over the type-II’s.” She stepped forward and reached for her upper thigh, producing her own from a handy thigh holster. “Mimic me.” She took a firing position, one slightly different than the one for the type-II phasers. Where a type two had the shooter standing sort of sideways, arm outstretched to aim with another arm hanging freely at the hip, legs shoulder-length apart, the pistol position changed a few things. She stood straight up, not canted to the side, and she had two hands on the weapon holding it roughly at the level of her head, legs still shoulder width apart. Valyn often fired with one hand, but she wanted to present the correct position and way of doing it first. She squeezed the trigger, and sent a bolt flying down range towards a target, which vanished into thin air on contact. “Give it a shot.” She smiled, holstering her weapon and stepping back to give Amanda some space.

“Of the bunch of them, likely the pistol. Rifles have their place too, but without a pistol on a mission I feel naked.” It was what she was most comfortable with. “My kit is usually a rifle, a pistol, and my knife.” The knife like usual, was sheathed neatly on her waistband, right above her rear.

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