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Day 07 [1400 hrs.] If I'm Gonna Beat Ya, let me teach ya

[ Lieutenant Frank Arnold | Dept. Head Quarter - Engineer | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

Frank had left the meeting about the Jackrabbit a scant couple of hours ago. In general he'd left positive, but while his mind was tired, his body needed the edge worn down ever so slightly. He thought of a couple activities that could wear that edge down, but since the dance, boxing had been on his mind. With all the time he'd spent doing projects lately, he hadn't left himself much time at all. What he had, he'd spent repairing an exosuit with Amelia. Not that he'd minded one bit, but it cut into the time he used to keep himself all wrapped up tight. Recently the threads had started to fray at the seam, ever so slightly.

Since the Dance, boxing had been back on his brain, and so he presumed that's what he'd do. He checked the holodeck reservations for today, to find himself something. He didn't object to working out in a locker with a bag, but he preferred the holodeck these days. As he continued to ascend in his career, comingling had never been an issue for Frank, but today he wouldn't have minded a bit of peace and some company he could choose. The gymnasiums afforded none of that.

He spied an opening, and he marked it with a satisfied smile, and then gave some thought to who to buzz. Andrew came to mind first, but he already took a bunch of his valuable time with the drone. Then he gave some thought to his Dancing partner. She was a novice boxer, but there was a joy in teaching, and she had seemed like she could do with some mentoring. Frank loved to teach, so this was a natural choice for him.

With a groan he pried his ass off the couch, and started to get ready, peeling off his uniform which he deposited in a lazy pile next to the couch. With a thousand sighs and grunts, he meandered to the closet, and took a training uniform, sleeveless and pulled it overhead. The shorts were next, met with a cacophony of cracking joints, too many for a man of his age to have quite yet. Hard work took a toll.

Once he was dressed, he pulled up the inbuilt display in the mirror, and tapped out a message to Lieutenant Enyd. It read, 'I hope you are free. If you'd like another boxing lesson, meet me at the holodeck in half an hour. Wear something loose fitting.'

Once he had fired it off, he waited, and while he waited he figured he'd get warm. He looked himself in the eye in the mirror, to make sure that he still could, as he was so fond of saying, before he took himself to tippy toes. Like a well practiced horse, he began prancing, back and forth between socked feet, shifting his weight as he bounced. He skipped back in the confines of the quarters cubby, and then with well contained hisses, he jabbed out combinations at fresh air. While he did, he dodged the imaginary blows of fifty opponents, each one of whom wanted to knock his block off at one stage of his life.

He was shadowboxing with himself now, warming up his arms and legs, but most importantly warming up his soul for what came next. When he was breathing hard, he looked back into the mirror, to make sure he could, and then nodded. He looked for a reply but none had come quite yet.

With a shrug he gathered his gloves, and shoes, and set off towards the holodeck. If she came, she came, if she didn't, he had a suite of photonic opponents much deeper than his suite of friends.

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[ Lieutenant Enyd Isolde Madsen | Personal Quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @uytrereee

While The Dance and all its physical exertion and pain had helped work out some of the worst of her regurgitated anxieties, it hadn’t been enough. Even with her exhaustion, the night of The Dance had been sleepless, “forcing” Enyd to play through as many levels of the Chief’s training program as her body had allowed her. This had left her with more than a few pulled muscles that the nurse on duty had tsked his way through fixing. The next night had been sleepless as well, and having no late-night competitors for holodeck usage, Enyd had loaded a program for trekking some of the most rugged areas of the Beartooth Mountains back in Montana. After reaching the summit of her first mountain with less physical exertion than she felt was needed, given her circumstances, Enyd had the ludicrous thought of changing the program from summer weather conditions to winter without also adjusting her gear. And that was when she slid down a crevice. The nurse on duty, the same one as before, had been less than impressed when Enyd reported to sickbay with a hairline fracture to her collarbone. Enyd knew the nurse was likely about two return visits away from ordering her to remain encased in bubble wrap in her quarters if she didn’t change her ways.

Enyd finished putting away the last of the tea service she’d just finished before turning to lean against the wall next to the refresher. She wasn’t due for duty the rest of the day, and Victor wasn’t due to arrive for their “date” until closer to 1800 this evening, which left her with far more free time than was healthy given recent events. Worrying her lower lip between her teeth, Enyd pushed away from the wall and sauntered into her bedroom area. Most of the people she knew well enough to seek out were on duty at the moment, and of those who weren’t, likely they’d prefer to do something docile to pass the time. With an overly dramatic sigh, Enyd flopped onto her bed and buried her face into the bed covering. Enyd didn’t need docile and calm right now. She needed a challenge.


Enyd let out a yelp when she misjudged the edge of her bed and rolled onto the floor instead of gracefully sliding off to read the incoming message. After righting herself and smoothing unruly strands of hair away from her face, Enyd opened the message. Within seconds of finishing the message, her lips pulled back into a toothy grin. With another yelp, this one of excitement, Enyd quickly changed into her loose-fitting blue shorts and cap-sleeved button-down exercise shirt. After pulling on her white training shoes and tugging her hair into two quick braids that zigzagged their way down the sides of her head, Enyd nearly danced her way out of her quarters.

She was only a few strides down the corridor when she spied her soon-to-be partner on his way to the turbolift.

“Hey!” Enyd jogged towards him, feeling the ends of her braids bouncing off her back in time with her steps.  Her cheeks pinkened with her little jog, Enyd smiled up at the man who offered her the challenge she craved. “No need to meet me down there in half an hour. I got you here, handsome. We can go together.”

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[ Lieutenant Frank Arnold | Turbolift | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

He made his way towards the turbolift from his chambers. This was a nice frivolity to take part in today. Most of the rest of his day would be meetings, and work. But, at least this afternoon, he got to do something of his own choosing. He'd booked the holodeck for a couple of hours, whether he spent all of that boxing, or some time afterwards in a virtual steam sauna, remained to be determined. He supposed that it depended on company. If Enyd came he'd hardly expect her to sauna with him.

He rocked on down the halls, past familiar bulkheads and many unfamiliar faces. The ones he did recognize were Engineers, or bridge officers, people who lived on similar floors to him that he bumped into on his daily commute. The usual. Except this wasn't a normal walk for Frank, this was warmup. Every so often, he'd turn and look around, and if he was alone, he threw a startling fast combo of jabs into the air, each punctuated by a tight hiss of air as he released the force.

It was during one of these such sessions, in front of the turbolift while he waited, he was surprised. He wheeled about on his heels, and held up his hands in front of his face, before he dropped them and beamed a smile at Enyd. "I was wondering if you'd come!" He exclaimed, "I didn't know how interested you were, but you seemed to enjoy the other night so much, I figured I'd offer." The ulterior motive was, Frank didn't have a lot of friends, so he found much of his downtime occupied by work, or solitude. The discovery that Valyn was aboard was a pleasant surprise, and like as not one that would lead to a few drunken evenings of conversation, but his friend base was small as of late. Frank knew either he did something about it, or continued to watch it dwindle away. "I'm glad you came."

He turned to her, admiring her outfit of choice, his own similar in nature, except sleeveless which showed his python-like biceps, which made up for in size that which they lacked in definition, and ended in ropey forearms, and gargantuan mitts. He was a bruiser from head to toe. They also showed the burn scars on his left arm, which extended clear from shoulder to hand, an ugly array of discolored skin, and rippled burn impressions. He gave a grin and offered, "Well, you wore the right attire."

He smiled as she called him handsome, and offered, "Now don't think if you charm me you're going to get me to go easy on you...." He laughed gently, and would press the key to open the holodeck. With a whoosh the door opened and he stepped inside, presumably with her and thought of a compliment. "...uh beautiful." He laughed softly again, and would say to the turbolift, strangely politely, "Deck Twenty One please."

With that they were off, whooshing towards the deck with amazing efficiency, "Done much fighting?" He asked lightly, and open ended, "I know I told you before, but I boxed in the Academy. I think you said you were a blade fighter?"

The turbolift settled on Deck 21 with a satisfying charm and the door opened, "I've booked Holodeck Six."

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[ Lieutenant Enyd Isolde Madsen | Deck 21 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @uytrereee

Enyd grinned and mimicked the air jabbing moves she’d spied Frank pulling just before noticing her approach.

“Not be interested in getting physical with you again?” Enyd stopped, tipped her head to the side, and with a blushing laugh, shook her head. “That sounded much better in my head. But in a sense, it is true. I needed the other night, and the bout with you was very much appreciated.” She was light and playful about it as she swung out an arm and caught him in the upper arm. “I need more practice if I’m to have any hope of holding my own against the great Valyn Amarik one day.” Enyd winked. “That’s my goal. Or one of them.”

She was reassured of her own charm and wiles, not that she doubted them or really put much stock in them, when Frank verbally tripped over himself with the same grace as she had. The turbolift filled with the sound of her mirth, her fingers coming up to brush at the moisture in her eyes.

“And here I was about to say the same thing about you. Dear Frank, you are a vision.” She fanned delicately at her face, mimicking the landed belle accent on Earth of old. “I fear for my very sanity, Mister Arnold.”

She continued to chuckle as she followed him from the turbolift toward the reserved holodeck, her thoughts darting back over her personal fighting history so she could relay it accurately when he asked.

“Earth styles martial arts, Vulcan and Andorian as well, with the latter two holding most of my blade experience. When I was on Tellar, I had some wrestling. And growing up in Montana, you basically learn to wrestle, or you end up hog-tied the majority of your childhood.” She shrugged as they continued on their way. “I’ve found that when I can pull on some part of the culture of the group we are negotiating with that things run far more smoothly. While a more rational individual may have chosen the baking practices of Rigel VII in connection with commonalities found in other cultures, I went the route of hopology. Perhaps because so many of the moves pulled in fights are like dance moves, and I’ve spent years studying that as well.” Enyd shrugged as they stopped in front of the holodeck. “In either case, the quickstep, tango, and foxtrot all have footwork similar to what I’ve seen boxers pull, so I’m hoping I won’t be abysmal for long.”

She rocked back on her heels to study him with a more serious eye, “What of you? Have you always been a tank with fists, or was there a time when you favored another artform of violence?”

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[ Lieutenant Frank Arnold | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz 

Frank heard her interpret what he'd said, but in a hilariously awkward way. He just snerked, and when she blushed and laughed, he laughed right along with her. He gave a grin, and would pat her on the back heartily, chuckling all the while. He would say lightly, "It was adorable, for what it's worth." He walked with her, and talked while they did, "Of course, I was happy to do it. It was good fun you know? Only thing that was a bit offputting was..." He grunted, "...well I'm not trying to start any nonsense, it's just that fella you were chatting with, right before the match. He seemed to have a real vested interest in how hard I fought." He shrugged, "Real serious guy. So that might come back to me at some point." He was referring to Zark, and what he'd said before they'd started, that he better not take it easy on her. He tried to get off the subject by saying, "But enough of that, let's go get sweaty and physical together." He slapped his knee and laughed as he said it.

At her goal he gave a slow nod, and sucked wind through his teeth as if she'd said something scary or cringe inducing, the sound filled the turbolift until he spoke, "Well Valyn's tough, very tough." Frank knew some about her past from a very odd encounter they'd shared in San Francisco over a half a decade ago. "From what I've seen, and a little of what I know, she's a nasty combination of fast, and calculated, with a very deep well of stamina, and of course because she's a Romulan, she's fucking strong." He grunted, "Usually I'd be more comely with a lady, but in this case, strong by itself will not suffice." He would nod slowly, "That's to say a boxer like me, he's going to struggle to take her square on square. A regulation match with rules, yea probably, a real fight? Only if they're really really good, and really really lucky, and even then, very unlikely. You though, you've got speed beyond your hands, a repertoire of martial arts, if you have the killer instinct, you might have a chance."

As they headed for the turbolift, and she complimented him, he waved a hand, "You're too nice to this knuckledragger. Better not let any real officers see you, you won't get invited to the best parties anymore dear." He had donned a preposterous posh accent, and afterwards just burst into laughter again, having the best time.

As she elaborated on her martial experience, he whistled softly, he was impressed, "You should be teaching me Madsen." He gave a grunt, "I can teach you the finer points of striking, but it sounds like you're almost set." He gave a nod, "If I can see any point of improvement for you, it's for us to figure out how to work inside your size limitations. You've got all the tools."

He smiled at her, "I prefer the Austrian Waltz." He teased lightly, and at her question, he hmm'd for a moment, "If I am honest, I don't like violence. I've tried to be as peaceful a man as others will allow. My profession is that of creation, innovation, and preservation. I have no will to snuff out the light so to speak." He rocked his head back and forth, "I guess boxing was always just a sport to me, I never had any interest in another martial art. I picked boxing, and that's probably because that's what the miners did, so it was the sport I figured to try out for." He gave a shrug, "I'm pretty handy with a heavy spanner in a pinch though" he teased, but followed it up with, "Nope, always just a tank with fists I am afraid. I have fast hands, used to have decently fast feet. Decent broadness, but a tank? I'm flattered."

As they stepped onto the holodeck, he offered, "Computer, Mandalay Bay Twelve." The scene would materialize, a well lit ring, surrounded by an arena, devoid of spectators, "This..." He motioned around and spoke in a tone of reverence, apart from his usual glib manner, " hallowed ground."


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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Turbolift | Deck 10 | Holodeck | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @uytrereee

Enyd smiled, picturing Zark in her head as Frank spoke about her Andorian friend. “Zark knew a bit about what I’d already gone through earlier in the week and given that background, she was afraid I was intentionally putting myself into harm’s way. Which, I rather way, but it wasn’t for self-destructive reasons as she’d been afraid it was.”

The mental image of Zark coming after Frank was an interesting one and one that might require bets if it became a reality. She’d seen Zark fight in the holodeck at their first meeting and knew the Andorian to be very skillful and fierce. Yet, she’d also been at the receiving end of Frank’s expertise and knew firsthand the type of blow he could dish out. Giving half a shrug, Enyd waved away Frank’s concerns.

“I doubt Zark would do anything nefarious to a crewmate. Maybe some verbal sparring and a challenge to holodeck time, but nothing else. Not unless you turned out to be Infested, then you’d likely die. She’s no Valyn, mind you, but I’ve seen her fight, and she’s got quite the wallop packed into her fists and feet. I’d say that like Valyn having the added oomph of her Romulan strength, Zark has the added stamina of her Andorian background.” She gave another half shrug, her cheeks tinting pink when Frank commented on her speed.

Enyd couldn’t help but laugh at his playfully accented jab at the parties brass were often forced to attend. She loved getting dressed up and mingling with people, and she even found the political undercurrents circulating in a room fascinating. But there was the occasional moment when she preferred the earnestness of a friend or even the quietness of solitude. Playing along with his mirthfulness, Enyd swatted at his shoulder as she joined him in the laugh.

Having such an extensive amount of exposure to cultural martial arts was unique, Enyd knew this, and some of that came from what she’d told Zark back in the holodeck earlier in the week. Living so isolated in Montana but pooling their resources, the ranchers had all sorts of instructors and coaches living at Yew Valley Farms for months at a time, and Enyd had been without excuse of any kind to skip those lessons. To those who weren’t aware of this particular fact might hear her list and think of privilege or obsession, but in truth, much of the early years had been either attend class or have nothing to do except muck out the stalls.

“I wouldn’t say I relish violence, nor would I ever describe myself as some who goes looking for trouble.” Enyd inwardly laughed as the image of L’Nari and herself facing down Klingons came to mind before she continued. “But I enjoy movement of any kind, especially dance, and many of the movements in martial arts are like dancing, so I suppose that’s one reason I gravitate almost equally to both forms of movement. And I see my work as a bit of a verbal martial art, or dance, but one that tries to get to the end of the bout with both sides equally flummoxed but accepting of it.”

Enyd quickly followed him into the holodeck, listening to his self-reflection on boxing and his own prowess. Once the holodeck shifted into the boxing ring and arena, Enyd grinned. She felt a similar thrill to what she’d felt at the end of their fight only a few days before. A type of euphoria that came from experience and survival. Tipping her head up to beam her smile at Frank, she clapped her hands together.

“What first?”

Before the end of their session, Enyd had been schooled in both her successes and failures as a pugilist. Ever the gentleman, even when pummeling her, Frank continued to offer her the necessary tips and tricks she needed to be able to "hold her own" against him. Granted, the holding her own would have to come later for by the time Enyd hauled her tuckas back to her quarters, elated from the workout, delighted with the time spent with a friend, and exhausted from the training, she knew it would take a great deal more time and effort before she'd ever be able to best a man of such skill and pugilistic wisdom as Frank.


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