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Day 04 [1635hrs.] Sandwiches and Salutations

CPO Victor vanVinter | Spearhead Lounge | Deck 14 | Vector 01} attn: @Scavenger01

Victor was off duty after his morning shift and had gone up to the Spearhead lounge to get a meal and maybe mingle a little bit with some of the crew he hadn't seen in a while if any happened to be in there. When Victor entered the lounge, he found it oddly deserted for this hour, the large lounge only having about a dozen people in it all in different groups and clumps. It might not be a Tuesday, but to look at the lounge it certainly appeared to be one. So Victor straightened his shirt and headed over towards the bank of replicators. Victor was currently in his gym clothes, a yellow gym shirt, and a pair of sweat pants. The latter to hide the scars on his legs caused by that Vulcan sea monster many years ago. The ensemble designed to remind him to hit the gym before he went back to his quarters.

 So Victor grabbed a sandwich from the replicator, one of his personal favorites if he was being honest with himself. It was a large sandwich on whole wheat bread made up of about seven different leafy greens from across the quadrant, tomatoes, and onions finished off with caramelized onions, a few slices of swiss cheese, and spicy mustard for some kick. Victor paired all of that with a fruit smoothie.

Meal acquired, he heads over to a table by the observation windows and takes a seat. While eating his food, the man pulled up his PADD to do some light reading, currently working his way through a biography of a notable Starfleet Engineer from ages past. At least there was some quiet time in here, and he could easily see the door if anyone he knew came in. The others that were in the lounge made up small close groups, a few other day shifters that had finished their shift, and a few night shift people either waking up or drinking far too long into their 'night.'. He'd recognized the type of people even if he didn't know anyone in particular. So for now, Victor sat alone, slowly munching on his garden sandwich and occasionally glancing at the biography of a one Admiral Tucker.

Hearing the doors open to the lounge, and spotting someone that he thought looked familiar, Victor waves to Asra from across the lounge. He speaks up, his voice loud enough to carry but not enough to really cause a disturbance.

"After you get your order, come join me, I could use the company." Victor as always, did his best to be approachable and friendly. Besides, this Lieutenant Tek was new to the crew, and she'd been bold enough to come to the party, so he might as well say hello.

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[ Lt. Asra Tek | Science Lab 44 | Vector 2 Deck 07| USS Theurgy ]| Atn: @Tae

Asra slumped backwards in her seat rubbing at her eyes, a holographic model of the theurgy slowly rotated high above her head the space between it and the desk was filled with small cut outs of the ship interspesed with mathematical formulae and various graphs. Asra reached forward and went to take a swig of her coffee only to pull a face at the cold sludge that hit her mouth, sighing she stared at the holograms a moment more before spreading her arms wide and collapsing all of the holograms back into the station she was working at. Standing she checked everything was shut down, grimacing at the many mugs living on her desk. She tapped at the wrist mounted pad to find where to get coffee, she had been rotating through all the lounges to try and find the best replicator. Confirming the location of the spearhead lounge took moments before she reached down picked up all 4 mugs in a haphazard hold and headed for the Turbolift.

The journey to the lounge was eventful, not because of anyone else just that Asra was not having an easy time juggling 4 mugs, none of which had handles, and still do things with her hands like call turbolifts. Still she arrived at the lounge uniform looking only slightly ruffled by her journey. Focused on her cargo she moved straight towards the replicators starting slightly at the sudden loud voice. Asra immediatly glanced around trying to spot the person who had decided to announce their plans to the whole lounge, rapidly she spotted the scarred bajoran from the party staring at her. A subtle glance around her verified that it was directed at her. She returned with a shy smile and nod, not entirely comfortable with suddenly being the centre of attention, before proceeding to the third replicator.

She had to queue for a bit, despite the 1st and 4th replicators being free but eventually she got to the front and could let out a sigh of relief as her mugs slid down the waste chute. Holding her pad up to the replicator she flicked a new recipe over to it before selecting it. Moments later the replicator chimed and Asra retrieved her steaming hot beverage inside of a frankly huge thermal mug, she paused a moment to take a deep inhale of the coffee-chocolate mix before she turned and headed to Victor's table.

Asra placed her mug down on the table and gave Victor a tiny wave "Hi, thank you for the offer" she sat down taking a moment to actually look at him. Another big inhale from the mug and Asra's shoulders relaxed slightly "So, just finished exercise or about to start" Asra gestured to Victor's clothing with the hand that wasn't grasping the mug

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CPO Victor vanVinter | Spearhead Lounge | Deck 14 | Vector 01} attn: @Scavenger01

Victor satisfied himself with taking a bite of the veggie sandwich and choking the large mouthful down with a sip of his beverage before responding. He was thankful that the Trill had decided to join him, and she seemed new, and he wanted to help her make her home here. The new crew always triggered that reflex in him. So when she joins him, Victor smiles after wiping his mouth and tugging on his gym shirt.

"Going to workout about an hour after I finish this. I don't have an issue remembering, but I forgot my rapier, and I wanted to get some fencing practice. and if I don't dress like this when I go back to get it..." He shrugged a little taking a few more bites of his meal. He looks thoughtfully at Asra's meal for a moment before going back to his own. The sound of the leafy crunching is easily audible as he chews.

"So anyway, You're a Warp Theorist, right? I'd figure that you'd be off in a  lab somewhere or that you'd be on, well, one of the other Theurgy -Class ships they're building. What was it that brought you to Thea? For me, I got stationed here while Thea was still in the shipyard. I was assigned as part of the Fighter Bay crew as well as a test pilot. So I helped to do the shakedowns on the Mark Threes before we left. That was before the Captain told us about everything about the parasites." His tone of voice was pleasant and curious. And figuring that turnabout was fair play, he decided to volunteer his own reasons for being here. His PADD beeps, and he flipped the thing over, the device displaying a low battery Icon across the front of it. The Biography of Montgomery Scott is visible on the face of the device. Being in low-power mode, the book had reverted back to the cover page. Victor's face turned slowly into a frown, and he sighed.

"Must've forgotten to charge the damn thing. That was just getting good, and it was right before Scott joined the Enterprise too. Anyway, you have any hobbies or sports that you do?" Victor grumbled slightly at his PADD, shaking his head, contenting himself with munching on his sandwich more. He still looked over the now severely diminished foodstuff with a curious gaze to Asra. While eating and talking weren't necessarily the best of things to do, the man needed to eat, and it seemed like Asra had a need for caffeine at the very least.

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[ Lt. Asra Tek | Science Lab 44 | Vector 2 Deck 07| USS Theurgy ]| Atn: @Tae

Asra's head quirked to the side at Victor's explanation, she'd met a many people interested in various martial arts but few to the extent of having there own wquipment rather than just using the holographic versions that were part of most programs. Still the man seemed commited so Asra mearly nodded along, taking advantage of the quick break to take a small sip of her slightly too hot drink leading to a hiss.

The next conversation was much more along her lines though it did mentally make her cringe mentally, she was more than just a warp theorist but it's what the recruitment officer had been determined to put on her profile and so it's understandable. Still annoying though. Asra nodded through his story, glad that he added it so that she ecould gauge how much to say. " I got an interesting hint that there were some new exciting technologies and other things floating around this ship so I figured I should come visit. I have a degree is warp theory but most recently I've been working on reverse engineering some of the gamma quadrant technologies that the USS Voyager brought back so I thought perhaps I could help over here." Asra hated talking around the truth but sometimes it was nessecary with her old employer, that being said she was pretty sure that anyone who was paying attention could spot the holes in her story, the hope was that Victor would be to polite to point them out.

Victor's sigh brought Asra's attention to the pad on the table, she didn't recognise the title but the man on the front was well known. She was about to comment but Victor spoke up. "I'd hope that it was enjoyable Scotty was a fascinating man, a true genius, he lived an amazing life " Asra spoke, voice slipping into a tone as if lecturing students, While she had never met the man Tobiar, one of Tek's previous hosts, had a few times at various Starfleet functions. Scott may not have been the face of the enterprise that didn't mean he lacked for exciting stories about strange alien's and alien cultures. "Personally though I'm into climbing and swimming, both much more relaxed than being assaulted by pointy objects" Asra comments with a shy smile one hand miming fencing to go along with the joke. "You said you were assigned to test the MK IIIs, what are they, I presume they are some form of fighter?" Asra's face was overtaken with an expression of curiosity, her review of the Theurgy's technical specification menat that she knew it carried a fighter compliment but she knew less than nothing about them.

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CPO Victor vanVinter | Spearhead Lounge | Deck 14 | Vector 01} attn: @Scavenger01

Victor was happily enjoying his light meal and finished it off at a sedate pace while Asra told her story about her inspirations regarding the trip of Voyager that was full of more holes than a block of swiss cheese. He smiles mischievously and winks to the Trill, chuckling politely.

"Admit it; you want to poke around a functioning Quantum slipstream drive. There's nothing innovative about the Theurgy class's warp field that would bring someone like you to this ship." Victor's tone of voice was light and cheerful as he teased the Warp Physicist. He was reasonably sure that Asra wouldn't have known about the QSD ahead of time, but it seemed like a good thing that he could tease her about without calling her out on anything. Everyone had their secrets, and Victor's posture and demeanor were jocular and casual.

"Yeah, not everyone likes fencing or swordplay. My dear friend Enyd enjoys it. And she was once accosted by a Ferengi businessman. So I made a joke about picking it up to 'defend her honor,' and when I tried it, I liked it. Besides, most of the time, said pointy objects are blunt. Mine isn't because, well, sometimes boarding actions happen. And when you're off duty, you grab what you can. I never got into climbing though. But swimming I enjoy, at least when I'm not being attacked by seamonsters." Victoir's justification and reasoning were honest, not that the Thunderchild had ever been boarded, but he still kept an actual weapon for that 'just in case' scenario that he hoped would never happen. Though as he spoke, Victor realized that he was more prepared than ever for that eventuality, considering the circumstances of his revival. The comment about sea monsters though might prompt questions, and the casualness with which he said it, was he joking? Would Asra even ask about that?

"You said you were assigned to test the MK IIIs, what are they? I presume they are some form of fighter?"

A smile tugs at Victor's face then, and he nods in the affirmative. "Yeah, the Valkyrie mark Three. They're a warp-capable fighter craft. Worlds better than the Peregrines and Mark Ones we had during the war. Infinitely more complex. I'm actually hoping my transfer to fly them goes through. Honestly, we need pilots more than we need mechanics now, unfortunately. And I'm probably the most experienced pilot we have that isn't currently in the Squadron. You're a scientist, so you know how illogical it is to ignore rather glaring data points." He stated it matter of factly, and honestly, this was something that he truly believed. But Victor ends the thought with a sigh, and he'd been over this enough in the last few days.

"Now, back to talking about Captain Scott, or maybe Admiral? I think they might've promoted him up to Admiral as a send-off before his retirement. Honestly, I wish that I'd met the man. The stories that the guy must've had were probably astonishing. Could you have imagined being on one of those old Constitutions?" Victor smiles, looking wistfully at that before regarding Asra again, tapping his chin.

"Ok, I'm kinda curious, are you joined, if so? Do any of your past hosts have stories about the old days?" The line of inquiry was honest and driven by simple curiosity. He didn't know if it was rude to ask or talk about this. But Victor liked getting to know people. So sometimes, he made the mistake of going too far with his questions.

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[ Lt. Asra Tek | Science Lab 44 | Vector 2 Deck 07| USS Theurgy ]| Atn: @Tae

Asra gave a small smile bringing up her drink to take a sip and cover her mouth slightly, " Well I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited, I've been begging for research funding into to QSD drives for several years now. So to suddenly have one here that apparrantly works even when inserted into a new ship is amazing." Asra's voice carried very excited threads, even if she had already known it was on the ship it was clear that none of the "newness" had worn off. As she finished her scentence a distant look came over her eyes "I still need to track down one of those engineers actually" her voice matched her look, and was quiet as if making a note to herself. She came back to the present with a shake of her head and her experession became indignant "I'll have you know there is plenty innovative about her warp field. Creating a variable field geomety while allowing static pylons took a lot of research". Her indignance was well rooted in her experience afterall the mounting and ability to re-shape it on the fly was the subject of her warp theory masters thesis.

Asra listened to Victor's reasoning behind picking up fencing, though she spent the majority trying to put a face to the name, she was sure that she had been introduced to an Enyd at the party the other night. Still she nodded along, smiling at the last comment. There was definitley a story there. Asra was split a bit wether to ask about the swimming incident, Enys or his test flights but in the end test flights won out, there would always be time later to talk experiences.

Victor's description of the Mk IIIs was very interesting, he clearly felt very strongly about how he could best help going forward and was passionate about the spacecraft themsleves. As he talked Asra made a quick note on her pad to look into the craft, it would be interesting to see if any of her recent research might be able to help them, going on Victor's description it sounded like they were a real asset to the Theurgy. Slightly jarred with the move back to Captain Scott she non the less followed Victor's lead,   I think he stayed a captain right to the end, much to his chargrin the man would have been much happier if he could have been left a chief of engineering though no matter what he was as you say though he had many stories."

Asra smiled at the question about joining, non trill were always funny about it, acting as if it was supposed to be a secret or taboo question " Yes, I am joined and I have been for ummmmm, 4 and a bit years now. Yes I do have many stories of the old days but I think we might be here till the tribles come home if I just went through them all" her tone was warm but slipping towards slightly lecturing. " Any particular stories you after? if it's just about the old Constellation classes I think the best descriptor would be bumpy, and small especially compared to more recent ships with their civillian compliments"

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CPO Victor vanVinter | Spearhead Lounge | Deck 14 | Vector 01} attn: @Scavenger01

Victor laughed sotto voce after he finished with his meal and his ramble. He looked at the woman with an apologetic expression on his scarred visage and sat back contentedly, shaking his head with amusement.

"I apologize Asra, and I tend to ramble and take multiple conversational threads. So I apologize for bouncing from one topic to the next. I swear I'm not trying to drive you insane by having to track multiple conversations in one interaction. But I don't know much about the QSD myself. All I know is that we didn't have it when we left spacedock. It's something we picked up along the way." Victor grimaces slightly at that, he'd need to look into it more, but it wasn't a high priority.

He looked at Asra dumbly regarding the talk of warp field dynamics, he understood its basics, but on a large scale, it was too complicated for him. "You're right about that, I used to be the Engine's guy on the Thunderchild, and I'm used to much smaller warp fields. I can't wrap my head around anything this big, much less variable geometry. All I know is, I never want to be near the field coils in bare skin or just my uniform."

"Scotty, though, that was an interesting guy, and his career got away from him. If that man had anything to do with the Constellation, though, he deserves a swift kick. I've never served on one of those, which I count myself thankful for. I've heard horror stories from the engineering crew on those. Frankly, I'm glad they're scrapping them. Not like the Constitution, though. Now that's a ship that we'll keep remaking. It's a solid spaceframe and a very traditional design. Between those, the Excelsiors and the Akiras, we have enough utility. Sure, you'll have your armchair Captains down a gravity well that say that the old ones are the best, and they'll trot out Admiral Kirk and talk about what giving up the chair lost him. and maybe that's true, but you don't get to live forever. Everyone gets old, slow, and fat in the end, and let's face it, Kirk enjoyed his fair share of leisure." Victor gave a twisted smile at that, chuckling politely at that. Yes, he had just called Kirk 'old and fat' something that probably deserved to get him a punch somewhere down the line.

"Anyway, no, I'm not after any particular stories; it's just that I haven't met too many Trill. So I don't exactly know if it's polite to call you Asra, or if I should be calling you Tek. I'm not about to ask for old war stories or anything like that. Prophets know I have enough of my own that keep me awake at night." Victor frowned then, wearing the truth of that statement on his face metaphorically and literally. He went silent for a moment regarding his cybernetic hand then, tapping a finger on the top of the table, listening to the dull metallic clicking of the textured surface against the table. Victor had some issues that he mostly had under control, but even the gregarious man suffered his melancholy moments from time to time.

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[ Lt. Asra Tek | Spearhead Lounge | Vector 2 Deck 14| USS Theurgy ]| Atn: @Tae

Asra laughed slightly at Victor's apology " It's alright Victor, if you think that you're rambling you should definetely meet some more academics, some of them will happily talk your ear off for hours." Asra listened to Victor's speach suprisingly happy that she had decided to take a break and ran into him, It was proving to be an excellent distraction from trying to get to know a  new ship and facilities.

As much as she wanted to be polite Asra couldn't help but scoff slightly at Victor's views on the Constitution, though he wasn't wrong about the constellation " I have to say you have a very strange opinion on starships the Akira's are good enough but excelsiors and constellations are relics. Why would you ever build them these days, Intrepid's are significantly better both with low damage warp drives and you can crew 2 Intrepids and spare for the compliment of a single constitution." All through her explanation Asra gesticulated to emphasise but kept her voice down and a smile solidly on her face. Just because she disagreed with Victor doesn't mean she wanted to drive him away, it had been a while since she could debate the merits of starship design just for fun.

Asra extended her hand as if to lay it on top of Victor's rytmic tapping but stopped just before making contact. Leaving her hand there she leant forwards and spoke in a soft voice " Hey, I didn't take offense to it or anything. I know that war stories are hard, all I can say is that give them time and try not to bottle them up." Bringing her hand back she put on a smile though it looked slightly forced given their previous line of conversation " As for what to call me" she shrugs" Whatever you feel more comfortable with, I tend to introduce myself as Asra to new people if that helps but if you want I respond to Tek as well".

Asra let conversation lapse for a moment taking a big swig of drink before looking down at her pad and at Victor's empty plate" Thank you for the conversation but I should probably get back to work, I only came down for a drink" she gestures to the thermos with a guilty smile  " Plus I think you have an appointment with a sharp metal object no?" She pushed her chair back and stood " If you ever fancy another chat feel free to drop me a line at any time"


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CPO Victor vanVinter | Spearhead Lounge | Deck 14 | Vector 01} attn: @Scavenger01

Victor couldn't help but smile at Asra. He felt an easy companionship with the Trill and enjoyed making a new friend, and this one wouldn't expose him to any dangerous hobbies like fencing or maybe base jumping. That would be all he needed, someone to turn him onto hobbies that would make him accrue even more scars. The thought of having a 'safe' friend made him smile.

"It's the spaceframe that's a good design, Asra. It doesn't matter so much what you put inside of it. But the bones of both of those ships are highly adaptable and have a proven design. That said, I still like the Peregrine Class fighters. You're right about both of those ships, but the equipment always determines the crew complement. Anyway, good to know you Asra, I'm glad that we got to meet. But yeah, I'm doing alright with the pointy objects. Maybe I can convince you to come and have fun with those at some point." Victor winks, enjoying the truly terrible pun that he'd just made. A mischievous grin crept onto his face.

"Anyway, we'll argue about Starships another time Asra. Now I do need to go play with pointy objects." he winks at that and gets up from the table to walk towards the doors. He is more than ready to grab his rapier and have fun with some training.


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