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Given the statement that Shall's bondmate would carry their thei just to scandalize the elders, Shar couldn't help but chucked softly. Probably, she could ended up liking the zhen. Or she would, under other circumstances. If things weren't the way they were then. So she didn't say a word, and kept listening to the chan in silence, leaning her hip against one of the tables, not sitting at all, but not standing up altogether. That way she could leave at any moment if necessary. However, Shall impeded her from doing so, holding her hands and the incubator as he addressed her, his voice heavy and serious.

There was... some kind of logic in the scientist's speech. More than she was willing to give him credit out loud. And the Ops Officer couldn't deny the existence of parasites, not completely. Not after what she had witnessed in Semathal's lair. Shar still had her reservations about the scope of those... things. Of their interest in the Federation and as far as they could influence on it. But for her there was no doubt that they were real. No matter how powerful the Savi's Scions were, the formers Versant's leader shouldn't have endured the punishment they had subjected it to and kept moving around. It had been... unnatural.

A shiver ran through Shar from top to bottom and took her eyes off the chan. He was right. She was trapped in the Theurgy, whether she wanted it or not. Out of place. So she kept listening, realizing, for the first time, the extent to which her presence aboard the Theurgy would have for her loved ones, even indirectly. So far, she had only worried about surviving. Before the borg and the Save, the betrayal of Captain Ives' crew had been a mere event in the news for her, not something in which she was going to be involved, tainting every person with whom she had ever exchanged a greeting.

So she remained mute. Searching for some excuse - some nook or cranny in Shall's reasoning that would allow her to do what she wanted. But she failed to find any. Not without compromising others, or their unborn thei. Finally, Shar sighed, defeated. They were Starfleet officers. As much as she wished to flee that cursed ship and oversee that offspring she never dreamed she would meet, she had to put the needs of others before her own. It was her duty, and what little she had left, aside from that life she held in her hands.

So she did what she had to do. She pulled her hands away from Shall's, quickly, as if they burned her skin. Then she put herself back on her feet, leaving the capsule in the chan's hands, and turned away from him, with her back toward the man, as she walked to the replicator. Hiding the grief she felt. The struggle between what she wanted and what she had to do. She pushed a series of commands into the replicator and, shortly after, it generated an Andorian Padd amid a whirlpool of luminous sparks. Shar didn't turn around, but typed a series of data into the device for long minutes, writing, erasing and rewriting over and over again. Finally, when she was as satisfied as she could with the contents of the Padd, she approached Shall again, in order to handed it to him.

" Info," she explained in a blunt tone, without looking at his face. "The addresses of my family and my keth's household, introduction letters for the Matriarch to take care of delivering the incubator to my zhi. She's a nurse, she'll know what to do."  Her voice trembled a little. "We just need him to reach Thonolan... but I don't know how we can do it without uncovering who sent him, and from where," she added, trying to keep frustration and sadness from leaking into her voice, but not being able to prevent her antennae from dropping lightly to the sides of her head. As Shall had said, the egg in stasis was her blood, but to protect it they had to get away from it. However, the prospect of a journey through non-Federation territories, in the hands of... who knows who, was not a tempting prospect for her.

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[Ens. Irnashall "Shall" Ch'xinya | Medical Lab 1 | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Numen

Shall had seen the look on Shar's face a dozen times before.  No matter the species or background of the poor soul who'd found themselves on this cursed ship it was always the same.  Guardians knew that he had the same when it became apparent that there was no escaping Theurgy, no way to leave it behind, to return home.  He watched her in silence as the shen broke off from him as if he were a leper, deftly sliding the stasis unit into his arms at the same time.  When she went to the replicator for a moment he thought she was getting a drink, something to drown the new horrors with, but in the agonizing minutes of silence she kept her back to him.  He watched, curious as to what she was doing, but also worried that it could be something less than benign.

Thrusting a PADD into his hands, Shar would not look at Shall.  It was a bit of a juggling act for Shall as he tried to look at the information she'd given him, shifting the incubator up to cradle in the crook of his arm.  The tremble in her voice made him look at her for a moment, worried that she might fall apart.  She managed to hold together thankfully, and he returned to the small screen.  A planetary address and some letters were stored within the PADD, recipients clearly marked.  The chan had never been to Thonolan but he knew the colony.  If they could keep his involvement in the delivery a secret Shar's family might just escape the parasites's attention.

"I...have an idea." Shall finally admitted, antenna twitching along with his nervousness.  "Aldea is a border world, traders from both sides coming and going.  I've heard from Jay about how some would be willing to slip items across for the right compensation.  I'm sure I can find one who would be willing to bring our thei to your clan."  Gently setting both items on the table, Shall reached out to take Shar into his arms one last time but stopped himself at the last moment.  Curling his fingers into loosely balled fists and forcing them to his side he fought to allow her her privacy.  "He will remain here until I'm satisfied that the courier can be entrusted with this, and I will not move him a millimeter outside until you give your assent."

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"Are you proposing...." Shar began to say with a gentle, dangerously sweet tone. "... that we should entrust our unborn thei to the first smuggler we find and trust that he will or she will perform their work rather than... tosses the incubator into space on any asteriode field out in the middle of nowhere, or, worse yet, sell it to the Orions or the Cardassians or any other unscrupulous aliens out there?!!?!?!!!" Shar's voice rallied in a crescendo of disbelief and anger. In two long strides she leapt over the scientist, clutching to the fabric over his chest. Her Long hands grabbed a handful of cloth and drew the man closer, until their faces almost brushed against each other. Shar's pale eyes seemed even sharper than usual, their pupils reduced to two tiny dots. "Are you mental? What kind of.... chan are you," she asked as she shook him briefly.

It took her several minutes. A lengthy few minutes. But finally the shen realized what she was doing. When she finally did, she let go of the fabric to which she had clung and backed off, covering her face with one hand. "I..." she began to say. But what should she say? Forgive me? She should suggest an alternative? Grasp the pod and leave that cursed vessel to take it herself to Thonolan? She couldn't. Frustration, fear of losing that baby she didn't even meet yet (and perhaps would never meet), the stress of the last few hours, that unwanted feeling of betrayal, the knowledge of being trapped in that starship whether or not she wanted, and her new branded condition as a traitor... all of this overwhelmed her. It was just too much. Too much to swallow in a single day. In just few hours.

"I..." she started again, struggling to look at Shall in the face anew. She kept her fists tightly clenched at her sides. Not out of anger, but to try to stifle the tide of contradictory emotions that seized her. "I... must trust in your judgment... I have few options left, didn't?" she whispered in a defeated tone, not because she couldn't trust Shall. But because it was hard for her to rely on others. Her eyes bore in his face for long time. There was so much she would like to say. So much that she would like to explain. She would like to curl up in his chest and stay there, while being guaranteed that everything would be fine. Just give up and let others take over for once. Without that constant fear that everything would go wrong. Her body moved unconsciously, only inches away from the tall chan. She didn't even know what she was looking for. Refuge? Affection? Comfort? Maybe all of that, maybe none of it at all. She reached out one hand and rested it on his waist and bowed her head until her forehead touched his chest, her face hidden from view. "'You're the smart one. Don't fuck this up," she warned. Though in her voice it sounded more like a plea than an order. "Don't let that all... all this... has been in vain"

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[Ens. Irnashall "Shall" Ch'xinya | Medical Lab 1 | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Numen

Shall braced himself the moment Shar’s tone changed to that sweetly but deadly one that he’d experience from a few in his own clan.  His attempt to allow her to keep her personal space ended about as well as a Vulcan hiking the Northern Wastes naked, she made her displeasure known quite clearly when her snarling face ended up bare millimeters in front of his own and his uniform front was balled up in her fists, preventing him from running for his life.  His antenna flew back and hid in his hair in fear at the outburst but he didn’t fight back in any way.  For what felt like an eternity but was really just a few minutes Shar unloaded on Shall before she seemed to run out of steam.

Letting go and backing up Shar gave the chan an opening to run for his life, but Shall stood rooted to that bit of deck plating, watching.  The shen was clearly processing her new situation, and he knew she needed the time.  What she’s coming to terms with in the next few minutes is something that few would ever have to deal with over their lives.  Finally, after a lengthy internal debate Shar deflated and declared that they’d do what he said.  Several times while she stared at him Shall’s mouth opened with some sort of response but nothing ever sounded.  Eventually, she stepped up and leaned against him.  He could feel her plea in his chest as much as he heard it in his ears.

Instinct kicked in and Shall wrapped his arms around Shar for what support he could give.  “There are always options, we just have to see them.  And I will not let this be in vain.  We can load the unit with messages and information about us in case he gets separated.  And I will make it very, very clear to the courier that if he fails there will be nowhere they can hide from our wrath.”


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