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[ K'Ren | Bridge Module (The Versant) -> Transporter Room (USS Theurgy) -> Sickbay (USS Theurgy) ] Attn: @steelphoenix All
She could feel him come back, the pain and anguish dull, his mind focusing on her voice, the bond they shared, the mental link calming down. Her own pain, her own fears began to dominate the link and she felt him tense a little, but his hand reached through the haze, reached out to him and she felt him touch her face, caress the fur on her cheek. He was back in the now, in the present. The sensation however didn't last as a confinement beam, a transporter lock gripped her. The Savi ship faded, replaced with the familiar walls of a Federation transporter room.

It wasn't long before a triage team arrived in the room, one officer seeing K'Ren and Deacon, going over to her. She heard her mate call out for medical help, tell them she was in an accident. She watched the familiar scan was run, the funny blinking scanner that told the medic more about K'Ren then she wished to know. She held onto Deacon's hand as the scan was completed, "Please let him stay with me," she choked out, not wanting to be seperated from him anymore. She needed him by her side, needed him there while she healed.

A second beam, this time quicker, and she found herself lying down on a biobed, staring up at the familiar dull ceiling of sickbay. She couldn't feel Deacon's grip on her paw and she began to panick, only to have that familiar hand grasp her own again. "Deacon," she said softly as a team came over, "Stay with me."

Two medical staff came over to the bed, one glancing over K'Ren vitals as the other began to run scans of her body, this time with a more detailed scanner built into the bed. "Multiple fractures. Several compound. Internal bleeding, lacerations to her back and legs. Impalment with a durasteel rod. She needs to go into surgery, put her #5 in the queue after the others."

He looked down at K'Ren, smiling. "Welcome back Ensign. Your safe aboard Theurgy but it looks like you had a rough go of it recently. We'll get you patched up and into recovery just as soon as we get space in surgery." He pressed a hypo against her neck, "This should help ease any pain you are feeling and relax your body. It may make you a little drowsy but that just means it's doing it's job. Your partner can remain with you while you wait, though once she's in surgery you'll have to wait outside."

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[ Cmdr Ranaan Ducote | Corridors, Deck 05 -> Main Sickbay, Deck 11 | Vector 01 -> 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @BZ @TWilkins

All he could feel was turmoil. Blue was a roiling mess of pain and hurt and fury. But where before she'd been fairly open to his empathy, as much as she was with anyone, now it was like listening to an argument behind a wall. There was some spike when she noticed Shar, but of what particularly, he had no idea any more. Internally, he raged. He had gotten so far!

So he carried her in silence, trying not to look down at the stranger in his arms. Blue stared at him, her gaze boring into him, and his face he recognised just fine under the tiredness and the pain. But the mind behind it was elsewhere. He busied himself with dodging around slower-moving casualties and twisting to avoid kicking anyone in the face with her feet. He didn't know what to do. He didn't even know what needed to be done, or if anything were possible. Was she just... gone now?

As his arms were beginning to ache, they arrived at Sickbay amid the incoming tide of fresh arrivals. The place was full already, with seating allocated to the ones who didn't need a bed, and more than a few extra gurneys spaced out in the gangways where they'd fit.

"Name, rank, ship, et cetera," the nurse made her second attempt. Her frustration he could feel quite easily.

"Lieutenant Commander Blue Tiran, Chief Engineer of the Endeavour," he snapped back, when Blue didn't offer it herself. The triage nurse ran a swift trained eye over her, then decided she was bed-worthy.

"Bed seven; someone will be with you shortly."

The wounds on her palms looked like fingernail imprints. As her sleeve stretched there were others on her forearm. The bottom dropped out of his stomach, again, as he realised what had happened. As long as he'd known her, and from the scant stories she'd told him in the past, he didn't think she'd ever harmed herself before... he took a steadying breath before he said something unhelpful. He didn't get to ask anything before an annoyingly-bright doctor arrived to see to Blue.

Ducote stepped aside when told, thinking that complying with the blueshirts was the quickest way to start helping Blue, but she started to panic immediately. The hybrid looked to the medical staff with desperation, before looking back at his fiancée as she started screaming for him. Cracks appeared in her mental shields, finally letting him in, and he almost wished she hadn't; he all but flinched with the mental impression she left him. Santa Maria, Blue... As the doctor called for sedation, Ranaan broke his discipline and went back to the bedside, stilling her increasingly physical protests with a hand on her crown and a kiss on her forehead.

"It'll be okay, Blue," he murmured, hoping against hope that he wasn't making himself a liar.

The nurse got through at last, the hiss of the hypo a sound of relief for the Brazilian. He held Blue's hand as the sedative lifted her out of consciousness, unable to speak. He held her hand long after her own fingers became slack in his grip.

"... she's going to need help. And a lot of support."

Ducote felt the man's attention on him again. He cleared his throat, making eye contact and nodding. "Whatever she needs. Whatever I can do," he said, his voice rougher even than usual. As he peeled his hand out of hers, he realised her palm had continued to bleed into their grasp and the (re)forming scabs were torn open anew by his departure. He took the offered rag from the nurse with a nod of thanks. "I'm- I'm her next of kin, too, so if she loses her capacity to decide... come to me." The words felt horrible to say. There was more than one way to interpret even a well-meaning declaration like that as a removal of agency from someone. Thankfully, Federation medical code assumed capacity by default, and it had to be thoroughly tested that if they did lose it, any decision on their behalf otherwise had to be in their best interests... but still.

He tore his gaze away from Blue's peacefully somnolent face, and looked at Savor. "Is Doctor Kobol  here?"
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Re: CH05: BL [D06|1120] Dropspace

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[ Vigenary Model I-9 Surgical Android | Another Transporter Room | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus
Travel via transportation was common on the Versant, but V-Nine was not adequately convinced she had processed all the facts of the development. Her database gave her information on some of the subjects of discussion, others less so, but she had expected to no longer stay aboard the ship upon which she had been activated. Not just activated. The Vigenary Medical Android Program had been initiated on the Versant, so her entire chassis had been developed and assembled there as well. Hers, and all the iterations before her. Leaving the ship behind did mean that she wouldn't be deactivated and stripped for parts when a new iteration of her model was made... but it could also mean she wouldn't be getting any further software updates. No more features added to her chassis.

It was odd, because only the hour before she was tasked to help the specimens... she was positive that upgrades had no relevance for her. Certainly not in this input of.... loss? Surely this had to do with what the Theurgy A.I. had told her. Loss of future upgrades was one thing, but not having any access the Synthesis Code research was positively... vexing? Was she vexed? She supposed she was.

In any case, when she was transported aboard the Theurgy, she turned her cranial unit where she stood, and her lens took in the cramped surroundings. For some reason, she was wringing her metallic hands where she stood. "Oh, dear," she said, surprised at the vocalisation of her thought, but she was filled with this... dread for her future patients. If the transporter room was anything to go by, she held very low hopes for the medical facilities aboard. The specimens - or was she supposed to call them patients now? - were looking at her as if they hadn't seen an android before. Eventually, she was being ushered to step off the transporter pad. "Ah, yes, of course. Pardon me."

The one that had suffered a seizure on the bridge of the Versant was shouting, clearly not liking his current location. He wished to be elsewhere, but he wasn't being heeded. Worse, if he was having a seizure, V-Nine knew he needed to be sedated before he injured himself. Positively traumatised. Clearly. She had no idea which one of the organics might be Ryuan Sel, but the patient was not fit to receive visitors. Concerned, she saw the person in the yellow uniform shake his head, not knowing the answer to where this person named Sel was. V-Nine slid up next to the two.

"Pardon, may I?" she asked, tilting her cranial unit at the armed Human, and then turned to the raving patient. She raised her hand, and her thumb and index-fingers split open - her scanners protruding from the digits. The scans were conclusive, and her teal lens focused on the man's face. "You need to lie down. The synapses in your hippocampus are abnormal for your species. Would you accept an inoculation to help you relax?"

She then turned towards the armed Human, who shied back from her when she zoomed in on his face. "Hello. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. My name is V-Nine, and I have been given the task to treat and care for those in need on your ship. It is my purpose. Could you please aid me in taking this patient to your medical facilities?"

"There is a triage team soon here, I... I think they will handle it," said the man, eyes shifting between her lens and the patient.

"Oh, I see." She looked down. Was she not supposed to preform her task? Then what was her purpose? "I... have been programmed with highly advanced treatment methods and surgical procedures... but I will standby for a decision on when - and if - I can assist."

Bereft of purpose, what was she then? The idea to have no purpose wouldn't normally entail this additional input in her processors. This existential... doubt? Was this a feeling she had? She felt she had to run all the diagnostics she could on herself. What had the A.I. hologram done to her?

OOC: Unless it is evident, Sarresh Morali and V-Nine are in a separate transporter room, not the same as other characters that have arrived so far in this thread. :)

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Bridge Module  | Precept-ship Versant ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

The guard was useless, Sarresh determined in short order. He did know know where Sarresh's lover was. Not that it was common knowledge the two were sleeping together. She had kept that under wraps and Sarresh had not cared to inform the crew against her wishes. It was, in short, no ones business but there's. And they had yet to truly define what they were to each other. Beyond the simple fact that for Sarresh, Ryuan Sel was the one personal connection he had on this damned ship.

"If you don't know here she is then get - " Sarresh started to say, when they were interrupted by an artificial voice that inserted itself into the conversation. The time traveler turned, a scowl on his face, only to look up and blink in surprise at the clearly artificial being from the Versant. He had barely registered that this creature - robot? - had been behind him when he'd collapsed in his Engram induced seizure, and had no idea it had been beamed aboard the Theurgy.

"Pardon, may I?" it asked, and Sarresh stared incredulously at the robot as it waved its hand in the air, before speaking again "You need to lie down. The synapses in your hippocampus are abnormal for your species. Would you accept an inoculation to help you relax?"

"My hippocampus is always abnormal," Sarresh fired off, nonplussed as he stared at the strange creature that went to introduce itself to the security guard, the two talking about Sarresh as if he were not there. His jaw tightened up and a nerve at his temple began to twitch on the left side, a clear sign of his irritation. The 'poor little robot' looked lost. Well, so was Sarresh.

"Bugger this. I need to find Sel," he said, making to leave the mess of the transporter room and the artificial doctor - that's what it was, he gathered, based on what she told the guard - behind. His head was throbbing and in truth he would have liked something for the pain, but everything was still swimming around him and he had focused in one small thing that mattered to him. It helped him to keep from dwelling on the fact that there was a Borg invasion seconds away from the Alpha Quadrant, and that he had seen - felt - the deaths of billions a few minutes ago during his last episode.

If he focused on finding Sel, he wouldn't feel the nanites in his skin as he was assimilated, or the cutting beams sheering him apart. Wouldn't experience the ground swallowing him up as his planet was ravaged from above, or the sudden, cold shock of violent decompression as his body was jettisoned out into the depths of space.

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[ Lt. R'Rori | The Versant >> USS Theurgy ] @Triage @FollowTomorrow
The Savi had become more and more aggressive by the minute, likely because their abductees were revealing their habitation ship to the Borg - uncloaked and no longer under their command. R'Rori had been increasingly worried when the Savi did not relent, and for some time, that fright had kept her from leaving her hiding place by one of the alcoves.

Though when the Antes cut their way into the bridge through the deck beneath their feet, and she saw the abductees from the Endeavour being cut down by graviton beams, she wanted to vanish altogether. Only she was a Starfleet officer, and she just couldn't let the officer closest to her hiding spot bleed out on the deck. He was only a couple of meters away, and she knew had to pull him into safety. R'Rori swallowed, her ears flicking, before took a deep breaht and ran out. In no time, she had sized Johan Dhalén - a Chief Petty Officer that took counselling sessions with her - and dragged him by one arm towards the alcove. Unfortunately, Johan was far more heavy than she'd anticipated, limp and leaving a blood trail in his wake. She screamed, trying to muster enough strength to pull him across the deck...

...and then she head the chittering noise of mandibles. Of tripod, chitin limbs clattering against the deck. Eyes wide, she turned around, and a shadow fell over her face - a Scion towering over her. It screeched into her whitened, paralysed face, and raised it's long, clawed hand to strike her down.

Only just it would cleave her open, three different shooters among the abductees riddled the Scion with energy beams. R'Rori threw herself flat against the deck, covering her head - her hands muffling the sound of the Scion's death dance. Only when the sounds ended did she look up, seeing the pale, scaly monstrosity twitching next to her. Somehow, she found her voice.

"Are you okay, Chief Petty Officer?" she asked Dhalén, but there was no reply. His eyes were staring into the deckhead. R'Rori swallowed, her brows knitting in distress. So much death, in so little time. Was she getting numb to it?

When she looked around, she could see that people were being beamed out of the bridge, and it all might just have come to an end. She rose to her feet, looking for Deacon and his hurt wife ...and then her face was lit by aquamarine light.

Something bad had just happened, but she couldn't quite figure out what it was. She felt like she'd lost her balance, but she was still standing up on her feet. Why can't I breathe? When she looked down, she could see her Human hands covered with blood. Her vision blurred, the pain coming next. Her chest, it was punctured straight though - ruptured by an Ante's rifle. The shock made her stagger a couple of steps, and her mind went to strange places, She figured must have been hit close to the heart, because when she finally fell down, she could feel her warm blood pumping over her hands.

It's my turn now...

She didn't see how the light seized her. Didn't feel how she dematerialised, vanishing from the broken deck of the Versant.

[ Hylota Vojona & Vinata Vojona | The Versant >> USS Theurgy ] @Triage @FollowTomorrow
When the Ovri siblings materialised on the transporter pad - Hylota's arms wrapped around the stasis unit - a prone figure was there next to them as well. Vinata crouched down, and saw how it was the counselor from the Endeavour, whom they both had spoken with at length during the time they had spent on the Versant. The male Ovri didn't need a tricorder to determine that the former Caitian was dying - the blood spreading over the glass-like surface below them.

"Lieutenant R'Rori is bleeding out," he chirped, turning his black eyes to his sister, only she was no longer there - already hurrying towards the exit with her egg. Vinata blinked and realised that they were actually on the Theurgy - no longer relying on the conditions on the Savi ship. "Computer! I need an emergency medical transport, now! Two to beam out."

[Energising,] said Thea's voice over the intercom, and as they had appeared on the transporter pad, Vinata then vanished again together with R'Rori. The Transporter Officer didn't tarry after the slight delay, already about to bring another six life-signs out of the buffer.

Meanwhile, Hylota was shouldering herself past other abductees, meaning to get away from everyone. In fact, as soon as she could, and she found the means to do it, she would leave the accursed ship, and take the egg to Dejino herself. No sense of duty can compensate for all of this... she thought, but she knew that it wasn't just she who suffered. She had lost Maal, but she also remembered vividly what the Savi had made her do to that Lone Wolf. No, she wanted to get as far away from the Theurgy and its mission as possible... and never look back.


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