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Ji looked over at Liam as he mentioned Covington wouldn't have wanted them to stand around.  She didn't give a shit what Covington would have wanted.  She wanted one last chance to punch him in the face.  Though, she hadn't wanted him dead, she wouldn't have minded seeing him stranded off in the middle of some back water planet with a backpack, some new boots, and told to make a new life for himself.  Still, she wasn't sure she would actually be able to mourn him.  But, regardless of using Sten's name; Liam wasn't wrong.  They needed to get back to work, there was too much work to be done and the other fighters would likely be coming to land in the bay soon enough.

Brighton took off with Sandstrom to man the large ceiling mounted tractor beams that would enable them to move the ships out of the main landing zone and back towards their respective bays.  She looked over at Liam when he told her to check who was in the Wolf 01, because it surely wasn't Razor, that wasn't his ship. She knew his ship, she had worked on it with him, and that was how they had become friends.  With a nod, she gave a look to Liam again.  "On it."

The ship was already being moved, the green glow of the tractor beam began to bathe the Wolf 01.  She could see the half scraped off numbers and letters on the side of the torn apart fuselage.  It was torn to shit.  Fuck, I do not need more scrap metal on my deck. 

The pilot by now was standing on the wing of the ship with the weapon now being placed back in the ships cockpit kneeling as he was moved along with the ship. The propulsion specialist hoped that he didn't mind, but moving it like this it was the best way.  Who knew when the other fighters were going to need to make a landing after all.  "Brighton!  Take him to auxiliary, until I figure out where he needs to be!" she called into her combadge.  With that, the direction changed to one of the Bays that were used when they didn't have a spot for the ships.

Once the Wolf 01 was settled in its new spot Ji rushed over.  Her eyes ran over the hull and was not pleased with what she saw but she wasn't going to worry about that right now.  Right now, her job was to see who was actually in the damn thing.  She grabbed one of the large staircases and pushed it over towards the fighter before running up it until she reached the man that was now standing on the fighter's wing. The suit was right, the ship was right, but ... she was confused because she was fairly certain this wasn't Razor.  Dark eyes shifted over the suit and she noticed a small hanging appendage from the back narrowing down the likely species this suit was made to be worn by the one that the pilot of this craft should belong to.

"... M..Miles?" she stated in surprise, because honestly, he had been missing for days. Five, if she was correct. But, here he was, maybe, hopefully. She hoped it wasn't someone in disguise.

He nodded in response to her as he sat his helmet's visor to transparent and looked over towards the engineer, "Yea, It's me. and please, don't ask how I got back; it's a long story and I'm betting the captain's going to end up wanting a detailed report on the whole thing. One you'll likely have to have a copy of just to get my bird repaired." he then chuckled patting the Ship's hull a moment, "That's if there's even a chance it can be."

She gave a bit of a whistle. "I wouldn't count on it being more than scrap metal at this point but I won't know for sure until I get into it. Are you coming down?"

He slowly got up from his kneeling position walking over to the stairs and made his way down, "Well what matters is, it managed to get me home, just in the knick of time by the sounds of it. Wait why are you over here instead of the chief? I'm surprised Papa Bear ain't giving me an ear full over scratching up his deck or bringing in a ship in this bad of shape."

She stepped out of the way so he could climb down the stairs and she tucked her PADD into her pocket "Uh, yeah, he probably would have. But, ... in the attack, he was lost.

He looked at her shocked..."Lost, You mean dead?"

She nodded solemnly, not because she missed him, but, because she knew he would. "Yes, he's dead."

He sighed as he looked around it hadn't fully registered.  the old man was well, an old friend.   They had practically known each other since the first prototype of the Valk 3 was Built.   The fact that knowing he was gone was going to take a while to adjust to, still there was a mission to be done. and there were wolves left to land after all "Not to be morbid but, Is anybody going to make sure the bodies are moved out of the landing path?

Ji rose her brow.  "Of course we are.  We got shit to do, I'll have to check out your fighter in a little bit." Ji said quickly and turned to head off now that she knew who it was she needed to check on the rest of the deck and get it prepped for all the fighters.

He nodded in response.  "Since the deck crews have more pressing matters and since I'm already wearing gloves I'll go ahead and take care of the bodies then.  If the docs ask let them that I'm relocating them for morgue beam-out over there by the body near that fighter since its out of the way."

Little did he know at the time, but soon he would, that the very body he was gesturing towards was that of his oldest friend on the ship.


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